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dr. Steven Crocker board chair of ICANN.from 2011 to 2017 Steve thanks for.taking the time to talk to us let's get.right to it I cans relationship with the.US government is very long very complex.what would you do as it's most.problematic points in its history.problematic points is indeed um.different different people have.different respect to a time line we.operated until last fall under an ionic.contract now there were actually total.of 2016 2016 yes thank you and and as we.know there were really two parallel.relationships there was the ionic.contract and then there was another.relationship which was first started as.the memorandum of understanding and then.transformed into a drug project.agreement and then transformed yet again.into affirmation and commitments and now.the affirmation commitments have been.swallowed up into our new bylaws that.sequence was aimed at general properties.of ICANN of accountability and general.oversight.I found the IANA contract however which.was a more cut and dried ordinary.contract of you know we are hiring I can.to do the following things and here's.the list and you execute that and we.evaluate you and if we don't like what.you're doing will tell you about it and.if we really don't like what you're.doing we may move it and so forth I tell.all that to be much more problematic and.for reasons different from what most.other people found the eye on a contract.served as an irritant to on a.international stage.because it made very clear that the u.s..controlled the IANA function and that.was somewhere between uncomfortable and.threatening to depending upon which.countries were talking about I had the.privilege of seeing all of it from the.inside and seeing how it all operated.and I found it uncomfortable.for sort of lesser or more subtle.reasons in that it there were aspects.where we couldn't be forthright about.some of the details we couldn't publish.all our procedures we couldn't be.forthcoming about how long it took.various things to happen and so forth.and those are very very small points.which you can work with and as we did.over time but it's corrosive it.unstraight unbalances the relationship.and it put us I can in a very awkward.position of not being able to be as.forthright and as transparent as we.would like to have been as we should.have been so for an organization that.utters the words accountability and.transparency every third sentence it.seems like it would be incredibly.problematic if it was for exactly.everything it was incredibly problematic.and and just just to emphasize it it was.philosophically as you're suggesting it.was completely contrary and so you know.the sort of deep irony that we had to.operate under that despite what we were.saying and then even if that had not.been as big an issue just any.organizations operating like that it's.very unbalanced people who are in the.position of providing that service and.interacting with the government find.themselves having two masters they have.the internal management structure and.then they have the external government.oversight and sometimes those are at.odds with each other why was that in the.contract why were these non-disclosure.factors built into the contract I don't.know I had in my earlier life when I.worked at DARPA being in the same.position of overseeing contracts and we.took a completely opposite position only.if there was a very specific reason.having to do with classified information.basically would we put controls on our.contractors mainly we wanted them to be.as open and as forthcoming as possible.we've put very few restrictions on so I.don't want to speak for them I can only.speak for what I saw as they.dolt the effects and that I that I found.inappropriate and wobbling in a way and.I am just absolutely delighted that we.have gotten past that point an.interesting question is whether there.will be some different set of things.that get in the way but hopefully not.when I interviewed your good friend.Vince sir yep and asked him to.characterize the US government.relationship with ICANN he said not very.supportive and problematic is that an.overstatement it's not an overstatement.and I know why he said that he was.focused on yet a different aspect which.was there are there were there are there.were and there continue to be some very.specific intellectual property questions.and sort of legalistic questions that at.the time he was looking for a strong.help in disposing of certain issues and.government was not willing to do that.and so those issues have to be fought.out separately I don't want to get into.it because I have not spent the same.amount of time as he did but our domain.names property are is that kind of catch.catch phrase question that comes up and.you have people suing for damages.against the country and winning a.lawsuit against the country and saying.and their top level domain ought to be.something that I can have and take away.from the country and say oh my god.that's a very Paulo matic you mentioned.the the stewardship transition so let's.deal with that for justice now.Strickland announces that March 14th yes.2014 how much back and forth had there.been between ICANN and NTIA or other.branches of the US government for that.matter prior to that announcement quite.a bit you know I could joke and say oh.just.that's obviously not the case the.there's a long and the shorter view of.it.it had been a open question for a very.long time when I can was formed in 1998.late 98 it was expected that that.contract would expire within a couple of.years year 2000 was kind of mentioned as.nothing well here we are more than a.decade later it's still going on and on.there have been a lot of attempts to.revisit it to understand why and that's.a way a number of things came together.in the few years just prior to that date.Fatih shaadi was hired as the CEO I had.been chair for about a year when we.brought him on board and so this was.very much on my mind and he was kind of.person that as a change agent and went.about trying to position I can so that.it status was appropriate for.believability for credibility for B.castles in other works ternal events.there was wicked WCIT in 2012 there was.the Snowden revelations different people.will give you different estimates as to.which of those and maybe other events.were sufficient to trigger willingness.within the US government to think that.it's now time to distance ourselves from.this relationship because the US.government was being treated as they.talked about as if they were exercising.a great deal more control than they were.and so this was you know like a.millstone around their neck so Steve if.you hadn't had those things if you.hadn't had body Shahani CEO you hadn't.had Strickling sterling else as NTIA and.he hadn't have had the Snowden.disclosures as a backdrop would it have.happened so that's an unknowable.question of what do you think.I don't think it was a given that it.would happen under all circumstances so.and in fact you know taking that.question and moving forward in time even.after it was announced in March 14th and.2014 when the community went through an.enormous amount of work right up to the.very last minute it wasn't 100% certain.that it was going to happen did you.think between the and I post this.question to - several others that we've.talked to did you think between that.that March 2014 announcements.and when the contract would ended in.October 2016 did you ever think this.puppy is not going to fly I was always.quite optimistic frankly I recognized.where the pessimism where the concerns.came from and I could see that there.were the possibility that it wouldn't.happen and when you're in a position.like that javis lab to take the next.step and say oh what are you going to do.if it doesn't go so you start to think.about Plan B or you start to think about.alternatives and we did it a certain.amount of that and I certainly did some.mental preparations I did not want to.wake up the next morning and be.destroyed and you know so I kind of knew.what I was going to say if I if that was.the way things played out and where we.were going to try to steer things after.that but I didn't genuinely believe that.that was going to happen I always.believed that this was gonna fly later I.can understand exactly how close it was.what does that mean.well there was some last-minute.struggling within the US government in.Congress about whether Congress was.going to force nti to continue the.contract the sort of backwards situation.it wasn't nt I had the authority to let.the contract to expire Congress would.have had to take explicit action to.direct them to extend the contract which.they could have done and this was tied.to the budget which was not passed and.so there's a continuing resolutions all.inside baseball for the US budget.process which is as bizarre as anything.and there was last-minute haggling about.whether to put a rider on there and some.Republicans wanted to put it on and they.didn't and then there was yet some more.skirmishing afterwards it didn't matter.very much.we laid run later how close it was that.it didn't get put on there we let's talk.about the legislative branch and Hill.pronounced a couple of minutes since you.brought it up that last hearing which.senator Cruz chaired but for the.transition yet was proof where he laid.in pretty heavily to both Strickling and.to our CEO you are in Harvey yep.did that send alarm bells ringing for.you no we just sent flowers afterwards.because they were subjected to serious.abuse Steve the community decided to.launch into accountability as an element.of the transition which was not.originally proposed by Strickland.correct was that problematic well it was.problematic in a couple of different.ways one of the big and most obvious.things is that cause a whole year's.extension in the process it caused a lot.of people to be involved in discussions.that were somewhat distant from the.original question about are we and up.and running organization are we doing.our job are we structured right to carry.out the IANA function and so it was sort.of layered on multiple other issues and.as part of that it also triggered.political discussions about is the u.s..giving away the Internet and so forth.which is not really relevant because.then we didn't have the internet anymore.but it did let's stay at that point for.just one second if we could it appeared.to me that throughout many of the.hearings on the hill not just toward the.final days dealing with the transaction.they all never really got ICANN didn't.really understand I can is that.incorrect I think that's right and I.think it's right in varying degrees too.pending upon whom we're talking about of.course some some you know did will.really understand it it's also not a.whole lot of mystery because I can is a.funny peculiar odd duck in the in this.spectrum it is serving a global purpose.serving the entire world and yet it is a.non-governmental organization it's just.a you know just a California nonprofit.corporation so that discrepancy.challenges a lot of preconceptions we're.a multi-stakeholder operation and so.people say yeah but government should be.in charge and the answer is no.government should be participating they.should be involved government people.typically have a hard time understanding.things like that.so the model of what I can is is not a.standard you know yeah we've seen many.of these we know what they look like so.that's so doesn't be it doesn't create a.lot of surprise that congressmen and.Senators would not have an instantaneous.recognition of what we're talking about.how much did the affirmation of.commitments the AOC set up the.transition ultimately that's a very good.question I'd simply don't know the.answer what the affirmation of.commitments clearly did is it got rid of.that other layer of formal relationship.and that was a that was a big step.forward it was a clever insightful move.Paul to me and I'm Paul Evans set that.up and rod Beckstrom sort of signed the.deal of that and it it set in motion a.useful set of reviews a little bit of.heavy weight in some respects but Weiser.that's fine you can deal with that.throughout your tenure not only as chair.but your total involvement with ICANN.for getting the transition for a moment.sure what was the most problematic or.troublesome interaction.with the US government that I can.sustain I got involved with I can.through the security stability Advisory.Committee my good friend ven term you.mentioned was chair of the board and the.this security stability of ivory.committee was created in 2000 late 2001.early 2002 as one of the as a response.to the 9/11 aspects and Vince and said.asked me to come in and chair it for a.little while and so I know what a little.wild meant and I'm still here.and so that was my entree into the.organization and that was my focus for a.good period of time and I got more.involved with the board level stuff and.for a while I was doing both things and.then gradually moved over but anyway.that that's my background and that's.where my focus was so the kind of things.that I found troublesome were the way.things relevant in that area got handled.compared to the way they should have.been handled at least by by my lights so.for example the critical function that I.can carry down is publication of the.parameters for the top-level domain in.what's called the root zone and the.related Whois information the ethic for.that is it got to be absolutely perfect.absolutely perfect and and because that.is dependent upon by everybody around.the world and if there's any hiccup in.that that ought to get first-class.attention not just you know like we'll.take care of it but that ought to be a.fire like the alarm going off so as it.happened a small but nonetheless.distinct error happened more than a.decade ago and I watched closely to see.what the reaction was and what I.expected to happen were two things I.expected that the specific problem would.get fixed quickly and it was and then I.expected that there would be focused.effort on understanding what went wrong.how that came to be.we call the root cause analysis and a.fixable lab so the fire alarm went off.but but the cause of the fire was never.addressed yeah not very well I mean they.sort of looked at it in my view they did.more of a cover-up and a patch and so.what and sure enough about a year later.a second event very similar for.essentially the same reasons happened.again and that caused a bigger reaction.but nonetheless still done under under.wraps no documentation no insight no.review and that's just not the way you.run a first-class system that is a.critical system that people are going to.depend upon you got to have it why.wasn't there a full aridity why wasn't.there greater depth well now we go right.back to whether I want to say why other.people chose to do what they did or what.their attitude wasn't I.I don't know but I'm sure you must have.raised questions all I've raised it more.than once here along the way one came.back you basically just fluffing it off.I'm just saying you know and and I think.this goes back to the point I made at.the beginning which is I think the.approach to dealing with ICANN was to.keep things hidden from view from the.government point of view so that it just.wasn't a lot of questions asked and you.know I think we're fortunate that.nothing enormous ly terrible happened.but as I said not the way that I was.brought up and not the way I would.expect to run it is you're well aware.there was a lot of talk around when the.transition was being debated yeah there.was a lot of talk about ICANN's.maturation it was more mature now so it.was time to let it go in point of fact.could it have could the transition have.occurred much earlier oh yeah one of the.markers are very straightforward very.you know no big surprise is is the.organization financially healthy so in.the very.early days peculiarly it was organized.with no funding model and so the first.year or two years were a little bit.difficult sort of raising money by.contributions and so forth but after a.while there was a funding model there.was money coming in and we went from you.know several million to ten 20 million a.year and that felt pretty good you can.run an organization that size now we're.up much bigger numbers but I can't.imagine any reason we couldn't have been.on our own five ten years earlier was it.a matter is the reason that we weren't.on our own earlier does it have to do as.much with politics the administration's.going from the Clinton administration to.the Bush administration to the Obama.administration how much variance was.there in our interactions with each of.those administrations so I'm pausing.because there certainly were big changes.there and at the same time when you.interact with the US government it's one.thing to be interacting at the White.House level another thing to be.interacting at the cabinet level another.thing to be interactive with sub cabinet.level and and things change rather and.at the newspapers you don't see below.the cabinet level if you see that so I.don't know exactly.certainly a lot of things had to be.lined up IRA Magaziner was very.important in the structuring of ICANN he.goes away is there the same kind of.focus and insight later in years and not.so much and the intention of alumina.ICANN wasn't a top-level priority in the.same way that it had been in its.formation since you brought him up how.do you view Magaziner in his concept I.your your buddy Vint Cerf is often.referred to as the father of the.Internet is it fair to characterize.magaziner as the father of I can.probably that's fair.actually and nobody's ever suggested.that and I don't know how he would feel.about it and there was certainly we.calculate me felt pretty good about.anyone has he but in fairness and and.invent yes does get called father of the.Internet or sometimes more appropriately.a co father or one of the fathers along.with Bob Kahn but for the internet for I.can for all these things as a lot of.people involved and there's a lot of.people maybe several people it's not a.lot of people who play very very key.roles and who don't ever get much.mentioned but they're so magaziner.undoubtedly played I wasn't I wasn't.directly involved I wasn't involved at.all actually during that particular time.magazine obviously played a pivotal role.in getting things going but I don't.think it's due just to him alone based.on the things that you have brought up.that that stuck in your mind it sounds.like for the most part there was pretty.broad buy-in to the idea to the concept.that the management of the DNS should be.privatized yep that was true from the.very beginning I realized that as the.internet grew up the DNS was a piece of.this and it was done privately you know.within a university within a research.group that was doing research on other.internet stuff and it was a clerical.detail that grew and grew and grew so.eventually it became problematic to have.it have such a weighty operation being.operated and as an appendage as out of a.back pocket if you will of one of the.researchers jon postel.in a university and it was working at.the university of southern california.and lawsuits were being threatened in.the university said we want what we.don't want to be in this business and so.there was a multi-year period I don't.know exactly but I think it was you know.probably from 94 onward is roughly where.discussions were taking place about how.what this evolution going to look like.and by the time I can was formed there.had been several steps leading up to.that in the course of researching this.project something occurred to me the.internet evolved in a post Watergate era.you guys were part of the 60s and 70s.any sort of anti authority.anti-government no era I'm generalizing.obviously but I've wondered after.talking with a lot of you early pioneers.in the Internet how much of that.influenced what we have today even to a.point where you may not have been.recognized may not have recognized that.you are choosing a course that was.popular at the time I was actually.working I was a government employee.working for DARPA from mid 71 to mid 74.so I'm sitting in Washington and we're.right in the middle of a lot of very.advanced researching and we're building.the ARPANET and the Internet and.meanwhile watergate's taking place right.outside I mean I could look out the.window I can see the Capitol I went to.hearings and watch Samer and Grill John.Dean and I knew what our work ethic was.I knew what our morals were about the.way we handle things we handle.government money we had a fair amount of.authority and and we're very careful.about what we did and meanwhile we just.look out the window we see this total.chaos and a completely different mindset.of how top-level officials were behaving.so we'd still out actually both sides of.it and we saw what we at least I'd speak.about myself the good side of government.acting in a very upright way to foster.the creation of the technology and the.distribution of Technology and make it.finally available and to keep the.government out of people's business and.to keep us out of having too heavy a.hand and then we you know at the same.time all of this going on outside and.the Vietnam War was a you know under way.so it was a lot of disparate factors.were going on all the time.big you guys we're not a John Postell.wasn't exactly a suit-and-tie kind of.exactly know as John was so John and.Vint and I were among others three of.the graduate students of the first node.on the ARPANET at UCLA and we all work.really closely together.John was famous for having a long hair.long beard and for dressing like a.hippie t-shirt and blue jeans and.barefoot or or very lightly I had an.experience where I was working at DARPA.and giving some advice to an Air Force.site in Oklahoma about how to connect.their machines to the ARPANET to run a.technical test and after a couple of.visits I said I got to get John down.here so I called up John I said you'll.meet me Oklahoma City and the question.that I had in my mind which I didn't.tell anybody at the time was for what.reason was John going to be refused.entrance to the officer's club for lunch.was he in fact and and I knew that in.order to get on airplane you have to.have shoes so we get past that point.this is real I mean you know this is.this is 1971 and we're in our 20s and.you know we're right he did not get into.the officer's tab and it turned out to.be for blue teens but we got into the.non Commissioner's Office Club and the.food was just as good as in the office.clubs along with IRA Magaziner told us a.similar story about trying to get pasta.into some government building somebody.wearing a long robe and the beard and I.think he said it was in fact problematic.really just just another little I had.long hair and a beard to actually in.those days.you wouldn't know it to look at me now.and I reported to work at DARPA it was a.program manager with serious.responsibilities wearing a suit and tie.every day but with long hair and a beard.and I was not philosophically committed.to it I was fully prepared to you know.it cut it all off and what I discovered.was an exact reversal that people took.one look at me and my credibility went.up he can't be here for his looks he.must know what he's talking about but.all of this kind of filters into the.question that I was asking and that is.you're concerned about Authority.everybody was concerned about Authority.at that time I'm just wondering if that.concern about Authority and you you.constantly inaccurately refer to the.government relationship yet I can as.being a light touch I'm wondering what.what that time what that generational.influence did in terms of leading to.what we had you know the it's.interesting just to position because.there was another thing that had the.same shape to it for entirely different.reasons which was the network the.ARPANET may and Internet were built very.specifically and purposefully with as.little control inside the network and.maximum flexibility at the edges so.that's an anti-establishment view if you.want to look at it like that the.telephone system that 80 and other phone.companies around the world were running.were the exact opposite of course they.were 100% control you couldn't have any.addition to the service that was.provided unless they chose to do it they.were very very slow erotic about making.any changes because they didn't need to.unless it was 100 percent guaranteed.revenue and so forth it used to be.illegal absolutely illegal to attach.your own device to the telephone system.and then there were some court cases and.so even things like an answering machine.were a big deal whereas today you know.you can whip up any kind of thing you.want on software or hardware and just.plug it in and it becomes a device in.now we.the internet-of-things were get tons and.tons of devices that are just going to.populate everything so the the that.anti-authority position which you were.asking about from point of view about.political thing was also an.architectural and technical aspect that.was deeply understood interesting let me.ask you one final thing and I should.have asked you this earlier when we were.on this subject was the dot triple x.case when doc XXX was being considered.was there an attempt by the US.government to influence that decision.bygone again I believe there was I it.was first of all let me say about XXX is.that it was a very messy thing I've.looked at several pieces of it I didn't.I wasn't involved in the initiation of.it which in several years took place I.did find myself in the uncomfortable.position of having to cast the deciding.vote after we had a adverse ruling from.indepent review panel and it was the.very first independent review panel.activity and they ruled against us I.said we had denied xxx and we shouldn't.have and they we still have the legal.authority to reject their advice but I.thought it was enormously bad precedent.for us to be in the position of.projecting that Strickling and others.thought that the advice from the IRP was.not very solid wasn't reasoned very well.but I am told in very strong words that.one of the prior assistant secretaries.not circling had tried to convince I can.not to not to permit xxx so yeah that's.another case I mean a lot of stuff and.I'm sure I don't know all of it where.those interactions are just were not all.that visible which again speaks to the.validity of an independent I bet you bet.dr. Steven Crocker thank you very much.for taking the time to talk to us Thank.You Brad.

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  3. Discover the PDF that needs to be signed on the iPhone or pull it from the cloud.
  4. Discover the place where you want to add the signature; select 'Insert initials' and 'Insert signature'.
  5. Put down your initials or signature, place them correctly, and save changes to the document.

Once finished, the document is ready for the next step. You can download it to your iPhone and send it by email. As long as you have a efficient internet connection, you can sign and send documents instantly.

How to create an electronic signature for the Aoc Ky Forms Certificate Of Service 2001 on Android?

iOS has lots of of users, there's no doubt of that, but most phone users have an Android operating system. To fulfill their needs, CocoSign has developed the software, especially for Android users.

You can get the app on Play Market, install it, and you can start signing documents. These are the tips to sign a form on your Android device:

  1. If you already have a CocoSign account, sign in. If you don't have one yet, you can sign in using Google or Facebook.
  2. Select on '+' to open the document you want to sign, from cloud storage or using your camera.
  3. Discover the place where the signature must be placed and then use the popup window to write your signature.
  4. Insert it on the page, confirm, and save the changes.
  5. The final step is to save the signed document.

To send the signed form, just attach it to an email, and it will reach your clients instantly. CocoSign is the best way to sign many forms every day, all at a low price. It's time to forget all about physical signatures and keep it all electronic.

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