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what does.this say you don't make you're not gonna.pay me a dime that should say that's.there should be a P there if you see I.was doing this fast I was excited you.don't pay me a single done this is not.something where at the end of this I'm.gonna say hey you know normally it's.$3,000 but yada yada yada and then I'm.gonna ask you for $1,000 like other.people on webinars do it's not that at.all okay not that at all you're going to.be amazed I'll say right now okay it's a.simple 87 dollar a month investment so.right now if you're not willing to.invest 87 dollars a month in yourself.for the coming year save yourself the.next hour go out and find yourself.another opportunity that's all gonna ask.for you from today is an eighty seven.dollar commitment to yourself and then.Lee and I are going to be there to guide.you through everything in 2020 and we're.gonna be there to take you a hold your.hand give you all the resources you need.even be there as your coach your mentor.and hold you accountable Lee am I saying.that all right you got it all you've.left out one big thing though yes sir.what's that recurring income building a.recurring income that's gonna stick you.know there's recurring income and.there's recurring income guys you know I.mean you you think you've got recurring.income but then people drop you know you.light like your client drops out after a.month or two something like that we're.talking about building a serious.recurring income that's going to stay.with you month after month and year.after year so that's a really big thing.here the steamed out that was actually.the big thing that caught my attention.you're right and it deserved to be here.but so I'm really glad you said that.absolutely okay and speaking of.recurring income that means I told.here's an eighty seven dollar investment.that means that right away when you.start earning your recurring investment.your recurring income which we want to.help you do in your very first month.it's going to more than cover your 87.dollar investment so really this.platform becomes free for you and an.automatic instant profit month after.month after month thank you for bringing.it to my attention it really is one of.the critical bullet points may be number.one.all right mirepoix folks I don't need to.show this slide to you but it's in my.permanent slide deck you know who I am.many of you have followed me for the.better part of a decade as I've been.talking about flawless follow-up it's.all about the follow up businesses they.need follow up I got started talking.about this with my program called the.backend blueprint through the years all.these products that I've been developing.it's always been about flawless follow.now the really cool thing is remember I.told you 500 million businesses all.around the world folks we've never lived.in better time so we could reach those.businesses look at that circle the top.right.my screen this shows you I've got.clients I've got customers buying my.products paying for my services in a.hundred and fifty two different.countries folks I don't say that to pant.myself on the back I say that to show.you what the possibilities and the.opportunities are and I will show you.what you need to do to get the word out.there and to open up and unlock doors.everywhere okay because businesses.everywhere they want this and they need.this this has been what I've been.talking about for two decades I have.always stated there are two missions.that I have and the first one is to help.businesses succeed businesses are.failing because they're leaving simple.money on the table and it's because they.don't follow up and they don't know how.see the businesses they don't know the.process and see what the thing is if I.teach you the process you can go help.those businesses and you know what you.could earn that recurring income that.leah was talking about just by showing.them what they don't know that's all.there is to it it's that simple you see.what people don't realize they think the.technology changes everything.it doesn't technology changes nothing.but it improves everything now what that.means is people are still people people.still buy for the reasons that they.always bought be still you know you.still get people's attention the way.even Richard Sears got people's.attention in the 1800's when he started.the Sears catalog I could tell you that.story and the things that he did really.were the same things we do today it's.just that his technology was different.the technology he used to remit to to to.reach people in remote locations it.wasn't the internet it was a steam.locomotive that was the newest.technology that allowed him to reach.people in targeted locations as fast as.possible but you know what back in the.1800s as fast as possible meant you had.to wait till you know the 6:16 I'm.Thursday PA you know Thursday afternoon.in order to reach these people you don't.have to do that now you could do it.instantaneously and most importantly you.could reach people all around the world.but you could focus in on them with.laser-like precision and you can get.feedback that tells you right away.who's ready willing and able to buy and.that's why you could have.so much success now I first alerted you.to this with my first product back in.2011 called the backend blueprint and.look this is actually a screenshot from.my sales letter back in 2011 you know.we're talking about almost a decade ago.and look what I said here it's exactly.what I said about the two missions in.our mind number one you can earn income.you can create three Yourself twenty.thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars.per month if you were to execute my.business plan that's exactly what it.added up to let me state what I always.have to state here I'm not promising you.you're going to make anything all I'm.showing you is that I laid out for you a.plan to achieve that if you executed the.plan the plan added up to that if you.don't execute it I can't promise you.will I can't promise the success you'll.have then I can't guarantee you the.results you know I have to tell you that.alright but the bottom line is you can.create a business for yourself by.helping businesses how to make fifteen.hundred twenty five hundred dollars a.pop selling back in optimization is.needed by every offline business in your.town if you look at the bottom right.hand corner here this was actually from.like chapter five or six of the product.and it shows you look this is what you.have to do for the first five months you.open up new accounts you you charge them.for setup you charge them to maintain.them and then you generate affiliate.revenue that affiliate revenue is the.recurring monthly income Lea and I were.speaking about I had it completely right.back then there was one thing I didn't.emphasize enough you know that is I know.Lea knows what that is rightly I'm I.don't know what it is I'm kind of.curious do I know what it does well I.did not emphasize enough the affiliate.revenue the recurring and a part of it.okay the reality is all this is played.out and it's played out for lots of.people but you know what affiliate.revenue you know much bigger than I then.I realized back in 2011 now I've been.teaching people how to do this since.that time right now I've got my offline.funnel mastery group that is really.really evolved on the backend blueprint.back in 2011.hundreds of people well over a thousand.people have come through my program and.I've taught them how to build these.offline funnels for busy.says the offline funnels you know what.they do they create flawless follow-up.forever.it's what businesses need you're looking.at people there that were able to change.their lives you're looking at look at.this.Jay Jay Harmon was paid $24,000 by a.business when he introduced him to my.flawless follow-up and he brought them.three new clients worth over three.million dollars and Jamie Jamie was able.to leave his job at retail he was in his.40s he said Steve I got to get out of.here when trying to escape retail.forever and I can't do it I talked Jamie.how to do this he went on to huge.success so much so that he went he.started a very successful company in his.native Australia and then he shut it all.down because he moved to New Zealand to.marry the woman of his dreams and raise.a family and he was able to start a.brand new business in New Zealand.because business is there wanted and.needed the exact same thing you see.businesses everywhere they want and they.need it here's proof of that here's.proof of number one one company that.paid me $6,500 in cash it's not every.day that somebody goes and walks into.their safe and gets out sixty-five $100.bills and gives them to you in form of.payment so I figured I had to take a.picture of this but that's exactly what.I do what a jeweler did for me because I.put together a flawless follow campaign.that created $40,000 worth of Revenue I.said how do you like to pay me I take.credit cards and charity said now here.it went is an intuitive safe and he.brought out $100 bills 65 of them and he.handed them to me.Bablu cigar company we've more than.tripled his business just by putting.these funnels into place and then you.see mark Edmondson from Southern.shutters and and blinds okay we found.for him $50,000 of potential new.business in less than four days how did.we do this we brought to them marketing.automation marketing automation.marketing automation that made sure that.once they met somebody the first time.they got into this funnel so they could.follow up with them bring them back to.buy from them over and over and over.again now 2013 entrepreneur magazine put.out this infographic and they said that.marketing automation is the killer.process of businesses are going to need.it's going to.4.8 billion dollar industry and you know.what they said by 2020 Main Street.America businesses them small businesses.around the world not just ministry in.America but small businesses around the.world they're going to need this but at.that time like all new technology it.always starts with the big companies.adopting at first because it's expensive.and it's difficult to implement it.happened with fax machine from fax.machines came out in 1982 it costs.twenty thousand dollars to get a fax.machine twenty thousand dollars thinking.that folks you would all I mean well I.went to work for the Samsonite luggage.corporation right out of college in the.early mid 80s and they had a fax machine.I'd never seen one before and they said.to me it would pay about ten thousand.dollars for this thing was huge and it.sat on a table all by itself and it was.quiet it wasn't even on I said well why.isn't it working they said yeah well.none of our customers can afford their.own fax machine to send us orders so you.know we hardly ever get any orders on.this right now in 1986 because nobody.else it's a big department stores as one.on there it well what happened by the.early 90s by the early 90s there was a.complete shift in the way people did.business right and fax machines were.exactly the way everybody conducted.business now you need to understand.something imagine that if you were the.person that in 1989 okay you were the.person that first got a hold of.inexpensive fax machines that every.small business you ran into would want.and need because they saw all those.other big companies have it but you were.the one that had it at a reasonable.price and you had the supplies and you.could now supply it to all those.businesses can you imagine the position.you'd be in and how much money you would.make because lots of money's you think.you think about companies you think.about sharp you think about can and you.think about all these companies that.made these fax machines affordable and.and and then small businesses jumped on.the bandwagon and what happened well.folks we are exactly there right now.with marketing automation.here's some more stats from 2014 just to.prove my point.in 2014 Robb associate said marketing.automation right now the big companies.are doing it 60% of the big companies.over 500 million dollars in revenue 60%.of them are using marketing automation.well you get down to smaller companies.five million dollars and less and it's.3% now I got to tell you even the.smaller companies the ones that you're.probably calling on every day those they.call them micro companies the ones a.Main Street companies that we're talking.about we're talking about hair salons.we're talking about you know auto.mechanics we're talking about.restaurants we're talking about boutique.shops they probably do half a million to.two million dollars a year you know.that's about where my my cigar shop guy.was before we got him into marketing.automation or tripled his business right.well probably less than 1% of those.people are doing any marketing.automation at all except it's about to.change I want you to think of that from.this point forward I need to go ahead.and get a sip of water here but I want.you to tell me what how would you like.to be in a position that you became the.exclusive person in your area to deliver.fax machines and supplies in 1989 to all.those small businesses tell me how that.make you feel like in a sip of water.here Lee did you want to say something.no I'm good I'm good so guys Lee just.you know leading talking about what.Steve's saying how would you like to get.at the forefront of essentially a.revolutionary change in in what's.happening in the local business.marketing arena and the forefront in a.way that again is going to create true.recurring income essentially passive.recurring income for you without you.really having to do much work at all.we're not talking about without with you.doing a ton of work per client we're.just basically talking about very very.minimal work yeah you you may even be.overstating when you call it minimal so.but I was sitting here thinking about.that I'm saying you're thinking what the.hell do they need to do right let me.like nothing Burt.so we'll get that one second all right.so let's just finish our history lesson.look the reason for the history lesson.folks is you need to know a couple.things you need to know I have been.steady as a rock before for a decade.those of you I see herb here her herb.knows he bought my back in blueprint he.knows from 2011 I've been talking about.the same thing the problem is it's.always been expensive it's always been.complex so Main Street America.businesses have been kept on the.sidelines the reason I'm so excited.today and the reason you're hearing it.in my voice is I'm excited for you.just like 120 people that already got on.board with me in the past few weeks and.and Lee alright we don't want you to.miss out on this and that's why I'm so.excited so let me quickly go through you.and tell you that I saw this opportunity.in 2015 and I tried to take advantage of.it with a company called lead outcome.but we were too early and lead outcome.didn't have the resources we saw the.vision but it just didn't pan out so.then I hooked up with active campaign.starting in 2016 and still till today I.still operate a white label version of.active campaign under the name funnel.kits and what funnel kits has allowed us.to do is allowed us to replicate some of.it to make it available to more people.but funnel kits as active campaign.really only handles one aspect of it.that's the email automation you see the.full marketing automation package it.needs a lot more you see businesses they.need a website they need a blog so.they're gonna need WordPress they're.gonna need hosting maybe they're gonna.need a GoDaddy account everything I've.put up on the screen right now requires.another login account another monthly.payment okay whatever it is it adds up.to thousands a month after they get.their website they start realizing hey I.need to put up landing pages and funnels.so they invest in click funnels that.might cause some three four or five.hundred dollars a month then they say I.need email marketing so they get.Infusionsoft where they get funnel kits.or active campaign and that's going to.cause them several hundred dollars a.month if they want to advertise they.gotta pay Facebook and if they want to.do social media syndication and they.want to do it the right way they're.gonna have to get an account with a.company called HootSuite you look at.this right here and look at everything.you see on your screen and the companies.have already spent thousands of dollars.a month they've got multiple.counts multiple technology that they.need to learn and if you want to be the.person to supply that to them guess what.there's two things they haven't even.done yet what's that.the first thing is after spending a.thousand or two thousand dollars and.everything you see on the screen.they still haven't paid you so now.you're gonna go to them say look I want.to be paid for my services I want a five.hundred dollars I won a thousand dollars.I want twenty five hundred dollars a.month they could say but I can't afford.that because I have to have all these.accounts and then on top of that nobody.has addressed the hardest thing yet you.know what that is it's content creation.who creates the content for the landing.pages for the emails for the blog post.and the social media and the newsletters.who's going to do all that who who's.going to do all that work pay you pay.for all this and now you see what Main.Street America business is I keep saying.America Main Street businesses around.the world have been kept on the.sidelines it's too expensive it's too.complex and they couldn't get involved.they couldn't take advantage of it until.now that's why for 2020 we're kicking.off the next generation of marketing.automation and it's with a company.called royalty I am so excited to.introduce you to the royalty and I want.to give you an overview of what they do.but you need to understand that you are.now in the position of being able to go.to all these businesses 500 million.businesses small businesses.professionals entrepreneurs solopreneurs.around the world you no longer have to.worry about just who's in your backyard.introduce them to something and get paid.an affiliate revenue every single month.who would like to receive an affiliate.revenue every single monstrous by making.one simple introduction today let me get.a simple water I want to know if you're.as excited about this as I am and I'll.show you why royalty is so special who.wants to see behind the scenes of.royalty let me know a couple of things.guys twice while Steve's getting some.water.number one I'm putting a link in to the.website so you can click on that because.royalty has spelled a little differently.from the way the word is normally.spelled in English but.we're talking it's there's so much here.instead of cobbling together all of this.stuff is Steve that's what you've done.for years it's what I've done for years.it's what you do for years spending all.of that money and and then you get.everything fixed and then one of those.platforms that you're used using changes.something and then you got to start all.over again.I think the huge huge huge thing just as.you said is the content that ongoing.finding of the content the sourcing of.it the creation of it the curation of it.that was always the huge Bugaboo and.guys we're talking about all of this.stuff done for you even the content done.for you but you're not the one doing the.content with the royalty platform the.content is done check this out the.content is actually done by artificial.intelligence it's truly amazing Steve.take it away yeah exactly I know you get.excited about a lot like I do.okay so folks here's what we're saying.online marketing it is the number one.source of customers worldwide look at.that marketing interactive calm says.it's even bigger than TV but 99% of the.independent business owners they don't.do it the way they're supposed to do it.that's what I've been saying all this.time and the reason why is because of.what we've been talking about it's too.expensive and it's too complex and it's.kept all those businesses sitting on the.sidelines because they know they needed.to master websites and SEO and.advertising and social media blogs email.marketing CRMs and even analytics now.royalty it does it all so I know it.seemed complicated before it's not.anymore let me show you a royalty is all.about I'm gonna show you in the back end.here.what royalty does look at that a in that.I house different colors that's what.we're talking about it's the first.all-in-one marketing powered a platform.powered by artificial intelligence the.artificial intelligence look it's got.20,000 daily users that are using the.platform over 196 industries its.analyzed in collecting data from 1.1.billion and.and social posts that's what makes.artificial intelligence intelligent.right it gets to analyze all this data.and it gets to predict what the right.content for you is to put onto your.website to include in your email.newsletters and everything else you.won't have to worry about it the AI.engine just gets smarter every day.that's what it does so that's why.royalty says you're marketing for the.first time it's all done it's all done.for you and when I say you I'm talking.about businesses that are your clients.so now you can go to these businesses.and you can say look maybe you couldn't.afford two thousand three thousand four.thousand dollars a month before but look.I've got a program now it's a drop in.the bucket and it's powered by.artificial intelligence would you like.to see it who could do that let me ask.you you tell me right now just say me.who could walk up to a business and say.would you be interested in a bin in an.all-in-one marketing platform where all.the work was powered by artificial.intelligence and it's less expensive.than anything you've ever seen before.who could say that to a business Martin.says yes herb says yes the Eidos excited.Martin Martin number two is exciting.Elliott's excited beautiful Jay.beautiful yeah.it's literally that easy you'll see how.it works.taking to the backend let me show you.something in fact where's Lee's link let.me show you what happens you guys can.start signing up for this right now I.mean who would like to be a part of this.we're going to talk about the fact that.you're gonna make money recurring.monthly income by doing this click on.Lee's link that's in the chat area which.is easy profit software.com slash.royalty look what happens you're gonna.be taken to this screen right here I.want you to only see pretend you're a.business just getting started for the.first time in fact you don't have to.pretend because you are a business just.getting started right go here where it.says get started now just give the name.of your business so for me what to say.Steve's Steve's flawless follow-up and.folks you don't need to worry about this.because you could change it any time.okay and we're going to say that I am in.the.digital marketing business and I am in.let's just call online marketing I help.businesses make more money by following.up flawlessly okay that's it I'm just.going to say that about my business I'm.gonna pick a font for my website Ariel.is a good traditional font and we'll.just go with a nice blue color that's.kind of purple let's go back here.there's a nice blue color okay watch.what happens when I push this button.everybody watch hey if you're not paying.attention your screen right now come on.back let me get a hundred percent.participation because you need to see.this I feel that even you you actually.do need to be watching this okay.in fact let's wait okay we got we got a.couple more people I'll start naming.names if you're if you're if you're if.you don't have the screen active I know.who you are alright so if you don't me.to call out your name come there we go.good that does it hundred percent.participation way to go guys beautiful.I'll even give you a little your chin.for that alright so watch this I'm going.to create my marketing campaign watch.what the screen says where it's building.your website it's selecting your search.keywords it's designing your email.newsletter it's setting up your blog and.your analytics it's building your social.marketing and your marketing is done.it's done folks.all that thing is done for you now you.choose which platform do you want you.want the $87 a month the small business.or the marketing agency folks let me let.me give you a little hint here okay if.you're on the call today unless you own.a brick-and-mortar business alright but.if you're on the call today and you are.somebody that wants to introduce this to.businesses just for the sole purpose of.building your affiliate revenue just go.to the eighty seven dollar a month.that's fine that's where I am that's.what Lee is now on the other hand if you.are business if you if you have a.clientele and I'm talking about.thousands of people all right then you.probably want to go for a minimum of the.167 but probably even the 327 and you.want to know if some folks remember.businesses they've been they've spent.thousands of dollars on marketing before.and been burned.look at 3:27 a month later say that's a.drop in the bucket that is a cup of.coffee that's exactly the line of.business owner said to me yesterday I.had a mastermind group with some people.on a Sunday morning and I meant with.some businesses he said are you kidding.he says I've spent as much as $20,000.3:27 is that is a cup of coffee I'm in.I'm in okay and he's in he's a member of.royalty now so you just go and you.choose the $87 a month and this is where.you create your account and now you've.you just enter your billing information.so while I'm doing that who's already in.when you're in I'm gonna give you a to.change you put your name and you say.that you're in Martin's in I know of.your Martin's in excellent Diego you in.alright.yeah Diego of course you're okay Diego.it sounds like Diego's in alright in.addition to their monthly fee it's.eighty seven dollars a month that's it.okay that's it.alright now hang on one second here not.a problem Diego Diego not a problem at.all I don't know what your situation is.but that's not a problem alright and if.you have any questions you can contact.me offline about that all right so so.that's it Jim.it's 87 dollars a month now let me show.you what's going on here in the.background in the background all right.let me open up my account I'm going to.show you what's going on.all right um here's what's being created.all right they have created social media.posts for you these posts you can put.them on your website you can put them.into an email a newsletter it's gone out.what it's done using artificial.intelligence it has gone out and found.the most popular websites this is the.type of thing that HootSuite might do.for you okay but you'd have to pay.HootSuite every single month and have an.account and then you can syndicate it.under facebook under Twitter on the.LinkedIn you could put it on your.website and the cool thing is when.somebody clicks on one of these posts it.actually takes them to a forum and asks.for an email address to show you the.information so the key thing here folks.you know what I'm all about this this.helps you build your list if you don't.have a list if you've had trouble.building your.before this is the best way to build.your list it's gonna take a look it's.going to put them right here in the.context look at this okay already one.second.107 contacts it's already building a.list this is a brand new platform but I.already have 107 people on my list in.this brand new platform if you don't.have a list it's gonna start building.the list for you.you could have landing pages now what I.want you to see something here here are.some landing pages or great looking.landing pages I'm gonna show you.something in a minute my ignition funnel.that I'm going to share with you but I.want to see these are really good.looking landing pages for instance if.you have a restaurant here's you got a.client as a restaurant here's something.Joe's diner okay great looking landing.page just like you'd expect from a.typical you know html5 landing page.looks great.look here form capture most businesses.they're not building a list so you're.helping them right there build a list.you could feature videos here everything.is done for you is just drag and drop.simple no WordPress involved no HTML.coding involved you simply drag out the.blocks and you build it now here's the.best part.watch here if you have a landing page.that I've got this one let's say you.know Martin comes and joins us today I.could take Martin's email address and I.could share this template with him okay.I just put Martin's email address in.there and I share it now Martin has a.template so folks I want you know.something I've got all these templates.here I got my DFW flawless follow-up I.got Joe's diner like a digital marketing.I've got all these I've got seven great.landing pages plus my ignition funnel.that I want to share with you they're.built they're ready to go I'm gonna give.them to you free of charge when you get.started the reason why now you can go.and you can sign up a business today.sign up a restaurant and just share that.with them they're all ready to go all.they got to do is change Joe's diners.name to whatever their restaurants name.is if you're a digital marketing when.they give you a digital marketing so all.that is done for you guess what.there's also email campaigns right I.said this would eliminate the need for.like a click funnels because you won't.need a landing page builder.well email campaigns you won't need.Infusionsoft you won't even need.activecampaign all right it has a.built-in autoresponder here is a great.email campaign with 11 emails already in.it you know I'm gonna do I'm gonna share.it with you I'm gonna give you 11.professionally written emails so you.already have follow-up emails in place.remember what we said how the content.creation is like the most tedious part.that always gets bogged down not anymore.I'm going to give you the content I'm.going to give you the landing pages I'm.gonna give you the emails artificial.intelligence is going to get you the.social media content build your your.page build your blog it builds your.email newsletter it's all done for you.if you want to do ads you can do online.ads from here look at this ties into.Facebook and it also ties into another.Display Network I don't know if it's a.Google network or what it is but it goes.out to millions of websites and you know.what you could simply set up an online.ad here and with each one with each.membership here they give you a credit.let's go to royalty com look slash.pricing and you see eighty-seven dollars.a month you get a $25.00 a month.advertising credit business is at one.hundred and sixty-seven dollars a month.you get a fifty dollar credit and the.marketing agencies at 3:27 they get $100.per month advertising credit so built.into your price is an advertising credit.you want to buy more advertising you.could do that as well it's entirely up.to you this is put this is tied right.into Facebook and to the display ad.network so you could just make the ads.in here you could do them in whatever.format you want you could do you could.do square ones for like pentagram and.for Instagram and Pinterest you could do.the sixteen by nine s and the other.formats that go into Facebook and the.other social media you could build it.all right in the backend it's all right.there so think about this how businesses.that are doing nothing they've been on.the sidelines the entire time now.they've got all this at their fingertips.at most it caused some three hundred.twenty seven dollars a month.they're used to spending thousands they.have it for 327 and you are going to.earn recurring monthly Commission who.signed up an easy profit software.com.slash royalty let me get in noticeable.water leave what do you think about all.this you know this thing's just amazing.I mean just to put into perspective I.pay a what a Weber just a Weber more.money than this and that's not even the.my main email platform I just pay them.money to house all my emails but I pay.them more than eighty seven dollars a.month so you got that I mean in other.words you've got the incredible price on.this thing you're talking about a.business at three hundred twenty seven.dollars a month I easily pay that to.that actually my main autoresponder just.for that one thing but here Steve you've.got you know you've got the the page.builder you've got the email the content.creation part is huge and guys that that.is one of the big things that's powered.by the artificial intelligence so you.noticed when you signed up you were.specifying certain keywords and.information about your business every.day.the artificial intelligent engine.suggests content for you to post and by.the way the posting of it takes.literally all of two clicks I just for.my own website I do this sitting in bed.in the morning I wake up I grab my phone.it says you know your content is ready I.you know I have an app I touch the app I.go there I click this I click that BAM.I've got content everywhere for my.business it's very amazing and all for.this price is pretty much insane guy's.done for you driven by artificial.intelligence and Steve I think the most.exciting thing is that what would you.figure I mean it's maybe one percent.literally literally that this is a real.number I was listening to a video of the.CEO of the company whom Steve knows by.the way but I was listening to a video.yesterday of the CEO of the company.talking about royalty it is actually.about.99% of businesses who do nothing who do.none of this stuff they're having too.much trouble just keeping the doors open.and putting down you know putting out.all the fires the plumbers are busy.doing the plumbing the the roofers are.busy doing the roofing the you know the.the cosmetic dentists are busy doing the.cosmetic dentistry they know they should.be doing this they're doing none of it.it literally is statistically this is a.proven number only about 1% of.businesses that are doing any of this.stuff that leaves millions upon millions.upon millions of businesses for you to.take this to and just show that to them.to them the thing sells itself there's.no maintenance on your part you are.literally getting paid to show something.to someone they're gonna fall all over.themselves signing up for it they're.going to just thank you all day long for.turning them on to this and guess what.you get paid and don't have to do.anything after that you're not having to.do the content you're not having to.build their pages for them I mean if you.want to you can charge them more money.on top of that to do that that's cool.but you don't have to do that you.literally are getting paid for showing.someone that this exists and building a.recurring income doing that Steve that.that's just it's it's amazing to me I'm.gonna show the recurring income part of.it right now.Haseley mentioning I'm glad they're.mentioning somebody mentioned you know.royalty has been around a couple years.ago and they evolved they evolve from a.technology a couple years ago where they.were selling these Bluetooth beacons and.they were kind of before their time and.they took it they took advantage of kind.of a well a little bit of a whole in in.in Google that Google had kind of left.something exposed and them and three.other companies there are four companies.out there that came up with his.Bluetooth technology that allowed people.to do these proximity ads and an exploit.a vulnerability in Google and well what.does Google do when they discover a.vulnerability they close it up okay and.when they close it up the other three.companies they they didn't plan for the.future they thought this was going to be.their future and they're out of business.what.he was smart enough to be adapting they.knew that the Bluetooth beacon that that.vulnerability was with short term and so.at the time they were developing this.entire platform that we have today.and sure enough Google came and closed.that up put other three out businesses.out of business.royalty evolved into this and they're.much bigger than they've ever been more.than twenty thousand users already.twenty thousand users is a drop in the.bucket remember we're talking about five.hundred million businesses on the.marketplace they expect they're gonna be.two hundred thousand by the end of this.year that is that is their goal for 2020.is to grow ten times from twenty.thousand users to two hundred.that puts you where right where you want.to be it's just like I said if you were.the person you know what if you had an.exclusive to get sharp fax machines in.1989 and sell them for 200 bucks to.businesses that had before had to pay.$10,000 for fax machines now all of a.sudden you had new technology that.brought this to those Main Street.businesses for just a few hundred bucks.plus you had the supplies so that he had.to keep coming back and buy it from you.month after month after month people got.rich from that that's exactly where we.are with marketing technology now let me.ask you a question here I see people.like hey Darren I'm glad you made it.because I know that this was spur of the.moment for you I see Darren I see herb I.see Jan I see people that I recognize.that have that that have they have real.agencies with with clientele I'll tell.you what I want you to put a number in.the box here let me know how many.clients you have do you have ten or more.do you have five you have zero it's okay.if you have zero because what I'm gonna.show you from this point forward I want.to show you how to make royalty work for.you whether you've got zero clients or.50 clients I'm gonna show you why you.want to take advantage of this today let.me know how many clients you have martin.says five all right uh who else who else.could tell me okay excellent Timmy's not.seven what's that Steve yeah blow their.minds and show them about how they can.get paid well okay that's where I'm.going but okay you're just being afraid.of that I'm just so excited I can't I.can't wait because.you know I was literally you remember.when you told me about this I was.walking my dog in after I got over being.grumpy and started listening to you and.you told me this I thought and there's.no way that could happen that that just.can't be like that.well guess what guys it is like that and.Steve's gonna show you what is like oh.you got free Laurie right absolutely.okay no I mean I'm I'm doing exactly.what I'm telling these guys to do all.you got to do is show this to people it.takes care of itself.so okay once again I have to state.people get nervous when I start talking.about income because I'm not promising.anybody anything I am gonna show you the.comp plan and am I'm going to show you.how numbers add up that's all we're.doing this is just a math exercise okay.but this is the stated compensation plan.pan right the plan right here this works.up to eight levels deep as you see here.this is affiliate Commission of the.eight levels deep and what happens is.first you qualify for a certain dollar.volume when you take all your customers.that are on the first two levels and you.add up the volume then what you come up.with is you get your monthly income here.this is every single month this is a.recurring now folks keep in mind.something while I'm not guaranteeing you.I will share with you right now look.what I did in my very first month this.is me this isn't you.okay but this is because I know the.message for businesses and I'm gonna.give you the message so just I want you.to see something this is my back office.right here there's my very first.Commission right there are three.thousand three hundred and sixty seven.dollars and twelve cents this is my.first month folks right there okay view.this statement you'll get to see it all.I got a three thousand dollar income why.because my total volume was to show my.volume my volume was nine thousand six.hundred and thirty nine dollars I know.that I just don't know where it is on.the statement okay.so I earned $3,000 here I also earn.these bonuses because other people made.money you see all these other people.made money also these are people below.me that all made money so I got paid a.portion of their money that's the way.this works so my very very first month.in the program I made three thousand.three hundred and sixty seven dollars.and twelve cents.now that put me at what they call the.Jade level see Jade I was just like less.than $400 short of pearl I was like 9600.$39.I was just short of pearl I would've got.another thousand dollars all right this.month of course I'll make pearl for sure.I'll probably get the Sapphire now why.why was I able to make that money.because I know what businesses want and.need and we talked to those businesses.businesses professionals solopreneurs.you name it people all around the world.that need marketing help and they need.help with their flawless follow up I'm.gonna give that all to you so you can.take my message and give it to them so.they want to get this from you now.when you get just three clients and you.add up over $250 you're gonna get paid.$100 per month.that's why Lee and I have a stated goal.for you it's called the 3 client Club we.want to help you get your three clients.so you're getting a hundred bucks and.it's paid for now folks I want to.remember something this is called.residual income its passive monthly.income you don't have to do any work you.make it referral this is Commission if.you do nothing else you're going to make.this income when you achieve these.levels so look what happens here let's.say you do what we say let's say you.sign up three businesses and let's say.you just get them the middle income 167.what's gonna happen you're gonna be in.501 dollars that's gonna make you bronze.right 501 makes you a bronze all right.and you're gonna get $100 a month each.and every month.$1200 a year who'd like an extra $100 a.month with three businesses you can get.there now we always say you take these.three businesses and you know what they.have friends they have other people they.know that are in business just tell them.look would you like to have yours paid.for you when you like to have it would.you like to get yours free all you got.to do is make referrals they're paying.167 a month so they're gonna they're.gonna need to probably get five friends.involve us and they have five friends at.167 all right now you've got this on.your second line two thousand five.hundred and five you add these two.together you're at three thousand and.six dollars you are now gold.you've skipped right over silver you had.gold you are now making $1,000 a month.all you've done is sign up three people.and you told them just get five of your.friends because you want to get this for.free and they are now at that income.you're there if everybody now does this.at the next level watch what happens now.those five people each of them tell five.people all they're doing is trying to.get it for free that's all we want to do.is get it for free.you are now at look at this you are now.at your your your three thousand dollars.in income on your first two levels but.now you're getting five percent of this.you are now at six hundred twenty six.dollars now the key here is to actually.try to grow this and go wider on your.first two levels let's say you want to.get from from here up to five thousand.dollars so now what you're going to do.is let's say you increase this let's say.that you now bring this up you doubled.as you make the six now look what.happens now you're at six thousand.dollars and you're at a $2,000 per month.income plus you're getting another.twelve hundred dollars off of these.people down here and you can see how.this grows if it keeps repeating itself.which is what happens in these.businesses look what starts happening.you can get yourself up to look at this.twenty-eight thousand dollars a month.now this is where I say this is not a.promise of income this is just how the.plan adds up and the more you do this.and the more you introduce it to people.and they start doing this and it takes.on a life of its own and you need to.know that Lee and I we are there.providing for you everything you need.all we're asking you to do is make.referrals we'll do webinars just like.we're doing today to close the business.for you.this Wednesday when you sign up today I.want you to know something.a couple of things I'm jumping ahead of.myself when you sign up today you're.going to get a hundred percent.commission until January 15th alright.this is very important so if you sign up.for somebody for one hundred and.sixty-seven dollars a month guess what.you're gonna make Commission leak what's.one hundred percent of 167 that's right.gee whiz teach math this one's hard 167.bucks.that's right but here's the thing by the.way that's on top of the normal income.so it's really it's more than a hundred.percent income okay now that's for your.fear you for the first month you're.gonna get a hundred percent income they.actually split that up over three months.to keep people involved that's okay.you're going to get a hundred percent of.that as income now to help you do that.here's the other thing you need to know.I'm gonna give a webinar on Wednesday.the webinar is going to be focused on.businesses today I'm focusing on you.your marketing consultants you're.interested in making recurring monthly.income on Wednesday I'm going to talk.about businesses and why they are.leaving money on the table this is what.I talk about this is why businesses.listen to me this is why they pay me.thousands of dollars but I'm going to.show them you don't have to pay me.thousands of dollars you can get into.this for 3:27 and you know who what you.got to do you go back to the person that.introduced you to it and you buy it from.them so folks I'm gonna sign up people.I'm gonna try to get them to pay three.hundred twenty seven dollars you're.gonna get one hundred percent of that if.you sign them up you need to have three.people to qualify for Commission and.you're going to get one hundred percent.of the Commission who would like me to.close a sale for them on Wednesday.who would like 100 percent commission.you just put people on a webinar with me.on Wednesday and I'll close a deal with.you who would like that let me know.sounds like a sweet deal to me sort of.sort of talking about that very thing.bill Hall has an excellent comment and.it's really a question he says how do we.list the benefits to our customers.you're speaking at warp speed and I am.at Ground Zero guys my answer to bill.was the following I said Bill don't.worry about remembering this stuff we in.other words Steve and I have a proven.way of selling this you don't have to.remember anything just use our videos.and our other assets also when you get.somebody interested Steve and I will hop.a Steve or I will hop on the phone with.you and close the deal this is very easy.for you in other words guys we're.throwing a ton of stuff at you I'm sure.it looks just totally cool and I'm sure.it looks really different and you're.thinking well wait a minute I don't know.if I can do that guys there's nothing to.do except point businesses in our.direction that's really all we're asking.you to do we're gonna build this thing.for you point businesses in our and.direction have them will show you all.this after you sign up but have them.look at the videos we tell you to have.them go to the webinars like the one.Steve was just talking about when it.comes time to get them on the phone and.actually close the deal.you're not even closing the deal you're.just introducing these guys to me or.Steve we're closing the deal for you you.make all of the money that's how this is.gonna work this is literally going to be.the easiest thing you've ever done in.your life Lee well put and Bill thank.you for the question bill I got to tell.you I'm it's so good to see you bill.because I remember back with my LinkedIn.dominance you invested in my LinkedIn.dominance and you sent me a testimonial.the very next day he said Steve this is.the best LinkedIn training I ever had.I've been on LinkedIn for a long time.and I got my very first client and I.just watched your video yesterday you.remember saying that right bill because.I show that slide a lot my LinkedIn.dominance is one of my favorite.testimonials and I thank you for that.you need to understand this is the same.thing my friend okay I would the reason.the LinkedIn dominance worked for you is.because I'm a process guy I know the.processes that work and just as I.figured out there this is my main thing.is my flawless follow-up and let me show.you what I've built for you bill and.everybody else that gets on board today.so you don't have to speak as well as I.do you know why I'm gonna give you my.voice I'm gonna give you my funnel.here's what I'm talking about this is.going to be released this week I've been.doing this it is I'm putting a putting.the cherry on top of the whipped cream.as soon as I'm done with today's webinar.all right the three client Club Lee and.I are committed to getting you your.first three clients why so that you.never come out of pocket for this is.free because we know this if you get.royalty for free you'll never quit.you'll never quit because now you'll be.making money every single month and you.won't have to pay anything for it of.course you'll never quit and you're not.going to want to stop there you're going.to want to grow it so that's why we're.committed to that now.the message Steve check out what Diego.said because he's talking about exactly.the same thing Diego says do you have a.script to get someone at your level to.get on a meeting with you in other words.I just said that all these guys need to.do is point people in their direction.and Diego's saying well d can you teach.us how to point people in our direction.Diego the answer is absolutely yes we.have a completely proven very easy way.to do this once you sign up we're gonna.hop on you know hop on zoom' Skype.whatever trained you it's going to be.amazingly easy if you will do exactly.what we tell you to this is going to do.two things Diego number one it's going.to work for you you're going to be able.to get people to sign up under you but.also you noticed later on in the.compensation plan that there were many.levels that this compensation plan is.really quite deep so Diego you're also.going to be able to essentially.duplicate what Steve and I are doing now.without you having to create all the.stuff that especially Steve has created.recently for this you're just gonna all.you will need to do is do again we will.tell you exactly how to make the people.below you turn into little Diego's.selling the crap out of this thing all.over the place and making You Diego a.ton of money so guys we've got it all.figured out it is very easy there's.nothing for you to there are no wheels.for you to reinvent all you need to do.is just do what we tell you to.furthermore what we're gonna tell you to.do is going to be really really really.easy to do Lee let me let me just.demonstrate it here I'm gonna do it one.better for ya go okay I want to play for.you what exactly what I've built for you.and Phil this answers your question -.Phil says does this work with businesses.with existing websites absolutely and.here's why folks this is a funnel that.I'm building out I'm about to give to.you.all right it's going to start with this.it's gonna start with a squeeze page it.says internet marketer reveals the.multi-million dollar secret kept from.traditional business owners.okay this is gonna be a squeeze page all.you're gonna have to do is show business.as this what are they going to do.they're going to want you to tell them.the secrets they're gonna push the.button when they push the button they.have to fill out a form now here's the.secret see businesses they spend all.this money on advertising these are.traffic sources that they're spending.five hundred a thousand two thousand.dollars I told you one business that I.was talking to spending twenty thousand.dollars a month on traffic sources and.what do they do they say go to our.website you see they don't know what you.and I know you people are marketing.people like I'm a marketing person you.know you don't spend that money on a.traffic source and send them to a.website you take them and you send them.to a squeeze page and you build their.list folks businesses don't have a list.that's their big problem that's a secret.that's why they can't follow up.flawlessly they're not capturing the.information or they don't have the.emails in place so now I teach the.business as this say don't send them to.your website send them to a squeeze page.and guess what I'm going to give you a.squeeze page and after they fill out the.information they're gonna go into a CRM.II you know what then you send them to.what's called a bridge page before they.go to the website we're going to pre.sell them we're gonna sell that we're.gonna show them a powerful video and.that powerful video is going to convince.them yes I want this then we'll send.them to the website and they're gonna be.pre-sold they're gonna be precondition.to buy the conversion rates that are the.way up but even if they don't we have.their name we have their email address.now we're gonna drip on them five.messages I call it the ignition funnel.this whole thing is called the ignition.funnel I've been setting up for.businesses for years I've been teaching.it for years in my offline funnel.mastery this works and it's always work.the process works all they need is the.process royalty is going to be the.technology and you know what we're going.to give them that process and the.royalty platform you know we're going to.charge them for it we're going to give.it to them for free as long as they sign.up with you for three hundred and twenty.seven or one hundred and sixty seven.dollars so you now have recurring.monthly income so Diego get this you.don't have to know my words because I'm.going to give you a video that teaches.them all about this I'm going to give.you.your own funnel with your own squeeze.page just like I said internet marketer.reveals a multi-million dollar secret.long kept from traditional business.owners this will be ready this week and.I'm going to send it to you and then the.bridge page is gonna have a video would.you like to hear the video you're gonna.love this video Lee you wanna hear the.video I would love to hear the video.that's the videos awesome here it is I.got it I got a term rice I got to turn.my microphone around this isn't the best.way to hear it but there's only way.we've got right now because GoToWebinar.is not playing nice with us let me turn.up this volume listen to this this is.going to be your video so Diego this.answers your question undoubtedly you've.seen these online influencers as.seemingly generating boatloads of money.meanwhile you spend thousands of dollars.on advertising and expert advice it.still struggled to make sales and grow.your business what do they know that you.don't well my friend I'm here to let you.in on the secret my name is Steve Rocha.and I'm one of those online influencers.I also have a passion for helping.entrepreneurs and small businesses just.like you that's why I created flawless.follow-up forever to level the playing.field to take away their unfair.advantage and give it to you let me.explain a simple trick you can do this.afternoon that will have the biggest.return on your sales and return on.investment for years to come but first.you'll have to fix a critical mistake.you were making in your marketing in.your advertising you see most businesses.are guilty of one-and-done messaging.whether you pay for ads online or direct.mail or you find packages radio TV.billboards or any other form of.traditional media.you have to stop directing your.prospects to your website or your phone.number here's why marketing studies show.that most websites convert prospects.into sales at less than 3% of the time.that means they fail 97% of the time and.visitors to your website they often.bounce off at 7 seconds or less now.what's it mean to you if you spend.$1,000 per month advertising your.website that means it up to nine hundred.and seventy dollars to the thousand.dollars being flushed right down the.toilet are people that go and they never.come back that's why it's called one and.done so here's the multi-million dollar.secret reason.here's the simple trick that will not.only increase your conversion rate but.also give you the magical ability to.create push-button sales whenever you.desire it's my proprietary ignition.funnel the ignition funnel and.eventually gets you better results.because it improves both your immediate.conversions plus it builds your contact.list you can contact over and over and.over again literally at the push of a.button here's how it works.begin by directing your marketing to a.squeeze page the powerful headline that.evokes curiosity about the results your.product can deliver require your visitor.to opt in give you their name and an.email address to receive the information.which is delivered on the next page.that's called a bridge page your bridge.page focuses our attention on the.results they can expect by using your.product or service simply doing this pre.sells them on the desired outcome so.that when they do visit your website.they're more likely to be ready willing.and able to buy from you right now so.now it's time to send your excited.prospect to your website to buy your.product a scheduled appointment or.whatever call to action you'd like them.to make but it doesn't stop there.remember by opting in to your squeeze.page you now have capture the content.information and you can begin your.flawless follow-up forever.start with your ignition funnel it's a.series of five specific messages.delivered over the next 14 days I bet.you can already see the improved results.you're going to get immediately with.your ignition funnel in place instead of.throwing gobs of money on marketing.without any trackable results you'll.immediately be able to see measure and.actually know the names and contact.information of people that are.interested in your product just imagine.how easy it's going to be for you to.follow up with them and if you have slow.periods in your business yogi it will.send out messages and the push of a.button to drive new sales now that's.just the beginning you see the.multi-million dollar secret that.internet marketers know then they have.selfishly kept from you is that the.money is in the list and the fortune is.in the follow-up which is exactly why I.created flawless follow-up forever so.that you can bring work.your business starting today if you.would like flawless follow forever for.your business start by setting up your.own squeeze page a bridge page and a.five message ignition fund of course you.need the software skills and budget to.do all that or simply tell a person that.showed you this video that you would.like flawless following forever and take.advantage of our new special.introductory offer for the royalty.all-in-one system that could do it all.for you for one incredibly low price.plus my gift to you when you sign up.today with the person that showed you.this video I will give you my.proprietary ignition funnel I normally.charge seventy five hundred dollars or.more to set this up for my clients but.my bonus gift to you when you get.started today and join boil D from the.person that showed you this video don't.worry I have much more information and.resources to share with you to improve.your flawless follow-up forever so that.you can turn more looky-loos into paying.customers and bring them back to buy.from you over and over and over again my.name is Steve Rosenbaum and I look.forward to seeing you inside of royalty.and helping you follow up flawlessly.[Music].checking out the last slide okay you.said I'm doing here folks this video is.for you and the squeeze page I built is.for you and the bridge page I built is.for you and five follow up email.messages for you all you have to do is.introduce people to this and if you want.even get them on a call on a three-way.call with me or with Lee or somebody up.above us okay will help close that deal.for you who's excited now who wants to.have that video and that funnel all they.have to do is show a business that video.and know that Lee and I who've got a lot.of experience of closing deals from that.day forward you're gonna have recurring.monthly income now who's in oily yeah.not only that but guys let's say you.want to approach a business.all right you know you're thinking about.a certain business made bits of previous.client of yours maybe it's somebody that.you just met it like a network meeting.well guess who's going to get on the.phone with you and help you just sort of.figure out what to do next hash it out.you know work out your plan of approach.me and Steve we got you covered guys.this is literally gonna be the easiest.thing that you've ever done and highly.likely Steve the most lucrative.especially when you count into the mix.that you're not just selling a one-off.we're not just telling you how to go and.there's nothing wrong with this but.we're not just telling you how to go off.and sells you know sell a business.something for a couple of thousand bucks.I mean that's a great thing but guess.what that couple of thousand bucks gets.spent pretty rapidly right and then you.got to do it all over again we're.talking about creating a real income.that's gonna come into you month after.month after month after year after year.after year.exactly Steve this is exactly what you.and I've been talking about for years.and it it's got it all put together the.whole thing all of the technology the.payment structure everything it's.exactly what people have been looking.for one of the things that we the other.thing they've been looking for Lee and.this is the other thing we've been.talking about for years and years the.coaching the mentoring the.accountability I am Snyder slept in the.leadership I've stopped accepting.one-on-one coaches and one-on-one.coaching relationships and it would cost.you $5,000 to start to hire me as a.coach I'm not doing it anymore I'm gonna.be your coach I'm gonna let you coach.with me and I'm not gonna charge you a.dime see I'm gonna get paid from my.commissions and royalty and that's why.we started Lee and I started this group.called the royalty follow up fanatics.and this is a brand new group you can.see there's like a hundred and forty two.people in here these are the people that.are in royalty below beneath us and we.are here helping you every single day we.are in here posting on here every Sunday.we've got a live workshop this workshop.last night look at all these people here.but you need to know this weren't like.four pages deep all these people here.live sharing best.says they're building royalty and.helping you build your royalty you need.to know that we are here to help you.we're gonna have live training events.we're going to have online virtual.summits it's going to be exclusive for.people that are in royalty this is where.Lee and I are focusing a good part of.our time because here's what we know.your success makes us successful we've.got a vested interest more than ever of.making you successful everybody else.that gets on webinars their success is.by selling your stuff not us our success.is by making you successful you see this.is where our success is conditional more.than ever on your success on anything.else and I can't stress that enough so.Lee and I are spending the time to make.sure that this time it's different for.you this time we're going to give you.all the tools we're going to give you.the resources we're going to give you.the training we're going to give you the.accountability everything you need now.I'm starting to lose my voice here what.I want to know is I want to give some to.chains out here who's in with me with.royalty right now tell me you just.signed up go to the link the link is.what easy profit software.com slash.royalty right yep I will put it in the.chat again for everybody tell me who's.in I'm going to call your name we're.gonna give you a church in I know.Susan's in I know Martin is in its chain.Kasane okay who else I know Rodney's in.there we go who else who else am I gonna.call out here if you have any trouble.sign up you'll let us know um Tom are.you in let me know Tom I want to give.you a picture chin bill how about you.you were talking Darrin how about you.are you in Diego you've had lots of.questions here I hope you're in Greg I.know you're in excellent excellent Dean.Dean is in alright David I know David's.in beautiful beautiful who else who else.is going to join us right now.Robert how about you Phil how about you.all right John waiting waiting waiting.waiting alright Lee I'm losing my voice.my friend Oh Nelly you take over say.anything you want.anything just joking.so guys yeah I mean that's the deal.right I mean we've been on here for an.hour in 15 minutes I think we've shown.you the deal the the the things that.struck me when Steve told me about this.and Steve told me about this literally.about three and a half weeks ago was all.of the technology in one place I don't.have to screw around with technology.I don't have to hire somebody to do the.technology it's all done in a platform.this is I I could tell just by looking.at it that this would be so needed and.desired so beautiful looking to anybody.that I showed it to there would be very.easy to sell turned out to be exactly.that and as I especially loved the.recurring income thing you know guys.have been doing this kind of stuff for a.long time I started making money online.in 2007 I went full-time in 2010 I've.done a lot of remarkable things I have.to say that where I miss kind of missed.the boat though was the focus on.recurring income had I had to do it all.over again I would have focused 95% of.my effort on recurring income and that.would have been even cooler than it was.so there we have it do we have any.questions from you guys so Steve and I.both sat here and talked to Bruce what I.got a specific question okay we we've.called off the people that I know are.already in royalty I'd like to know you.still with us who've been in your hunt.we've been there an hour and 13 minutes.all right or 13 minutes all right I'd.say 2/3 of the people are still here so.if you're still here but you're not in.royalty please let me know why please.let me know what is keeping you from.from getting you in because chances are.we've just overlooked something.just like I overlooked on the first.slide that Lee you know chances are this.fits the bill.Paul Jen way to go Tom listen thanks.very very cool uh bill yeah well there's.that bill.yeah if you have any specific questions.like guys this sounds good but fill in.the blank you know we're not we can't.make you do anything we don't want to.make you do something because frankly.you're joining a team right I mean.you're you're gonna be working with us.we're not just here just to sell you.something and then just move on where.the this is basically a team effort yeah.that's a great question you you you see.that question there yeah why don't you.take it and I'll just chime in okay well.let me okay that yeah so let me first.jump to Phil because he's signing up and.having some difficulties still just put.your name that will get changed in a.later time that's not important Phil's.just asking what can do I have to put in.a business name so you just put.something there you could change it in.any time can a husband and wife do this.together Dan absolutely.all right so Dan says look I'm a network.marketer I understand comp plans was not.the process can you expand on that.please I don't understand what I really.am interested then let's say this if if.in our excitement were you know we're.not making it clear if you are familiar.with the network market and then you.understand that that the key to success.is in replication you know that people.before you have done the hard work.they've been the pioneers with the.arrows in the back they have figured out.what works and what doesn't and the key.to success is giving you a done-for-you.process that does work so what you under.what you need to understand more than.anything done is we've done that okay we.want to give you a done-for-you process.that you could easily replicate so that.we do it for you I'll tell it to you.like this then what do you do for a.living are you a marketer are you do you.help out businesses because this is.here's the process businesses small.businesses in particular now I'm talking.about a hair salon I'm talking about a.dance studio I'm talking about a martial.arts studio I've done but you look.around you in fact let me put the slide.up on the screen you look at anybody.that advertises in Valpak or on.magazines these are where the.opportunities are anytime you see a.business near you on Facebook or social.media radio TV newspaper Direct Mail.okay SEO this opens up doors through all.those services because those people they.might have a website but they don't have.a marketing process they don't have a.marketing machine they haven't put it.all together the way we've showed you so.the process is simple you just ask them.would you like an all-in-one marketing.machine that is going to help you grow.your business and if so we can even give.you the templates and the funnels and.the emails to do it for you and how.about when you watch a video or get on a.phone call with Steven Lee and they.could explain more that really is the.process and you can certainly do this.with your husband and wife together for.sure I've got my wife in the business.Lee you want to add to what I said no I.was actually just sitting here typing.out an answer to Phil's question we'll.fill out a very specific question I'm.just sitting here looking at dense.question I understand your comp plan but.not the process can expand please I'm.not entirely sure exactly what that.means I can guesstimate though so.basically what Steve just said the.process okay so guys let let let me just.back up a little bit okay this royalty.for those of you who just you know know.me and Steve through internet marketing.through local business marketing and.stuff like that.royalty is it looks a little different.to you for one thing there's this eight.level payment plan what's that all about.right how does that work well I think.the percentage is kind of explain it but.mathematically but what does that mean.to you well royalty is slightly.different from let's say you becoming an.affiliate for a Weber way to go buddy.are you becoming an affiliate for a.weber if you.coming an affiliate for activecampaign.or something royalty is what you call a.direct sales company it is also we also.call this a leveraged sales company Phil.it's very similar to that it's it's it's.a it's a it's kind of like a modern.version of that right now having said.that they're two things going on here.guys and you probably picked up on this.but this may be confusing you a little.bit so you have royalty the platform.right which you could walk up Steve just.mentioned hair salon you could walk up.to your local hair salon who's probably.doing zero in terms of online marketing.and you could say man you're running a.great business I know you know just you.know if you're like all the other people.I talked to you probably really.struggling with the online marketing.thing yeah we are well let me show you a.good solution to that you can show them.royalty considering the price point and.what it's and what it can do it's going.to look very very good to them both in.everything that it can do and the price.that you're asking for it so that is.selling royalty to an end user in.addition to that you have royalty the.opportunity the opportunity to be an.affiliate of royalty just as Steve and I.are affiliates of royalty to be enough.to be an affiliate and to take this.affiliate opportunity to other people.and say hey you may or may not be an end.user but look I mean if you you know.like you might take this to somebody.that you know who knows a lot of.business people a lot of you guys and.I'm glad you do but a lot of you guys go.to Chamber of Commerce meetings a lot of.you go to meet up meetings and stuff.like that so let's say you you've met.someone who's fairly well-connected in.the business world maybe they don't need.royalty themselves but they would make a.phenomenal affiliate - phenomenal and.Elias top org way to go Elia good.service that no that's okay you you can.interrupt me with those key chains all.day long so you know someone who would.be a good ambassador to royalty so so.here you're telling them.about the opportunity which is obviously.related to but slightly different from.Tim Lynch and Robert are on board.welcome guys welcome guys by the way.guys now that you're getting on board.you're gonna get some onboarding emails.from me and Steve do all that stuff all.of the trainings there we've got it all.outlined for you read the email do what.it says contact me and Steve and let's.hit the freaking ground running and.number one step one is to get you your.three we get you your three role t is.free for you but anyway back to the.ranch you can sell you you can sell.basically three things you can sell the.product.okay royalty in the website and what it.does you can sell the opportunity in.other words hey why don't you go out.there and build a big team for royalty.and guess what these guys that got me.into this lien State they're gonna do.all the heavy lifting for you a lot of.the businesses that you sell the you.know the end user businesses that you.sell to they're gonna become hip very.very fast to the fact William William is.in just keep interrupting me with the.catching Steve they're going to become.help very rapidly to the fact that oh.whoa wait a minute this is working great.from a hair salon you mean I could.create another income on the side just.by telling other business people about.this yes you can so I'm saying that.because number one I think if you're not.really familiar with these kinds of.businesses that may be sort of a.sticking point it may be a source of.confusion but also understand that.markers in and Israel's is in yes we.always did welcome everybody absolutely.mark needs the this is another mark who.means the actual link here I just.thought that.so guys understand that there's a lot.here there's a some of which maybe some.of which may be a little confusing don't.worry about that look at the big picture.get in on this Steve and I will.unconfessed sin you something and.walking away it's not even like we're.selling you something and guess what if.you got to get whole.of us then you got to put in a ticket to.our ticket system now granted both of us.run really quality businesses and you.can get that answered forthwith but it's.not even like that you're gonna be.working hand in hand with us if you.build a big business guys now check this.out this this is this is the real key.here if you build a big business Steve.and I make more money check that out if.you bill you got in bill as we help you.build a big business Li hua is gonna.make more money as Li makes more money.Steve makes more money do you see guys.that all of our little freight trains.are running all in the same direction.getting to the same place.everything is moving in the same.direction so in other words we're here.to help it's not just like we want you.to succeed but let me tell you something.we really want you to succeed because.when you succeed not only do we get the.benefit of seeing you succeed which is.cool but we make more money so any other.questions I think I think I kind of sort.of explained that and maybe made it.harder than it actually was but then.there were all those damn Catchings.gonna I was gonna say I didn't make any.free with all the coaching's.no I'm just messing with you I think we.got it so guys you know you need to.think well you know if you want to you.need to think you need to think wow.those of you who have there you know.Steve said well how many clients do some.of y'all have and you know we had a.bunch of people with a bunch of numbers.this is so confused I'm still confused.okay there's too many people that are.still here there's too many people that.are still here.that haven't signed up but they're still.here why are you here that was what you.said that I was gonna say oh Jesus this.is gonna sound like something I would.say all these people are still here but.they haven't signed up so it's either.for you or it's not for you but you're.still here so here leave I'm gonna put.those Liam I'm gonna really upset you.here because I'm going to.get you two something Gordon Asti tell.me the hike okay all right let me look.at my schedule I want to see something.let me look at my schedule.can I ask people if they're still here.but they haven't gotten in on this why.now here here okay here's tomorrow.morning okay tomorrow morning hold that.thought hold that thought because Dean.has a great question.Dean says if I choose the 87 dollar plan.and my client to affiliate chooses the.bigger plan will I still earn from them.absolutely yeah of course that's the.whole point Steve another thing because.we had another question that was that.floated by while you were doing all this.so let me address that and then then.then you can put me on the hot seat yep.another thing guys if you are familiar.with direct sales companies or leverage.sales companies you know that in some of.them not in royalty but in some of them.you have different compensation plans or.different levels of compensation.according to how much you are paying per.month or you buy a package or something.like that none of that crap with royalty.so you get it at 87 dollars a month.guess what.it's 87 dollars next month next month.next month next month you have the same.compensation plan that Steve and I have.okay you sell this to a business and the.business decides to become an affiliate.that they're paying three hundred twenty.seven dollars a month they don't get a.bigger compensation plan than you do you.still have the same compensation plan.they do.there's no way to buy your way into.higher levels and I know there are a lot.of companies that do that and I'm not.saying there's anything unethical about.it I actually understand it but I'm.saying that this is brain dead simple.that compensation plan that Steve showed.you that is the one and only.compensation plan so Dean and everybody.else you get in and what you get into 87.your compensation is based on the volume.that's being created on those levels so.Dean if you're selling a bunch of these.at 3:27 on your first level ie the.people that you're selling directly to.well you just get you get compensated.bumpin sated let's say let's say you.sold that to ten.ten businesses that's 3270 bucks your.compensation is based on your revenue.that you bring into the company at three.thousand two hundred seventy dollars so.folks it doesn't matter what level you.buy in it so I think one of the.confusing things is a question that I've.heard a couple times is well by sign up.for 87 does that mean that I only get.paid up to 87 dollars no not at all you.get paid on your based on the revenue so.you know if you sign up at 87 but you.sign up a client at 327 your commission.is based on that clients revenue all.right.not your revenue their revenue so they.don't that means you could sign up.people in any level and you're gonna.combine all all of it alright so let's.look at it this way let's say let's go.back to the comp plan here let's say.that you sign up one per let's say you.sign up three people okay one person is.at 87 one is at 167 and ones at 207 so.that's going to be or I'm sorry 327 so.we're going to average that so we're.gonna say that's gonna equal that's.gonna equal eighty seven plus 167 plus.three 27 divided by three alright I did.something wrong here I did something.wrong here I know I forgot I forgot a.parenthesis alright so you're at five.hundred and eighty one dollars all right.folks your that's now let's get rid of.all this for now you're at five hundred.and eighty one dollars so you are at a.bronze level you're not quite silver.you're gonna get a hundred bucks.let's get you up to silver let's make.that five sales let's make that six.sales okay we want to get you over a.thousand dollars now you're getting.three hundred sixty-five dollars okay so.anytime you make a sale they're going to.take your total volume your total volume.here is 1162 okay and you're going to.get that and now but it's your total.volume on levels one and two so let's.just say you sign up three people and.just for argument's sake we say.they do the same thing $194 now you're.up to you combine these two all right.now if there ever if their average sale.is 327 you saw them all 327 now you're.up over $7,000 so all I'm trying to do.is focus show you that your sales grow.with the revenue now hot seat timely.because I don't understand I don't.understand why we've got so many people.still here obviously questions so here's.the thing I've got I've got a pretty.full day tomorrow you can see my.calendar is is pretty pretty mobile here.okay I brought rubber just got them.Robert does do this do the catching I.just did rob out do it again Robert all.right anybody else lines in today here's.what I'm gonna do I'm gonna have a.workshop tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m..you can do it with me Lee yeah I've got.a call at 8:00 with one we're filling up.stand central you so your your fun right.yeah yeah yeah right as I go I got a.call with one he you know the guy I'm.talking about a Harris Australian.affiliate who's just burning he he he is.literally igniting the entire outback.with this thing that's a little bit of.an oz joke there but anyway no no III.need to ice in there think he got that.joke sake but anyway I'll work on that.guys but yeah yeah I can definitely do.that absolutely all right Lee and I.tomorrow we're gonna have a new news for.people that sign up right now we're.gonna do a live workshop tomorrow we're.gonna help you get going so you could.start with your hundred and and a.hundred percent commission right away.we're gonna do a live workshop with you.at 9:00 a.m. Central time 10:00 a.m..Eastern time tomorrow now that Lee and I.are gonna work with you hand in hand.tomorrow who's in ID so bill asked this.question bill it's a great question how.do I explain to my wife who was burned.by network marketing okay you know.network marketing does get a bum rap.sometimes.because there are a few bad apples of.spoil it for everybody bill first of all.understand their network marketing.companies have been around for a long.long long long time there are there's.probably more people in network.marketing than any other profession out.there and especially bill at our age.baby boomers and higher okay this is.where we're going to probably make our.income from this point forward.especially if you like the ideas of.leverage and leverage means compounding.and exponential growth if you try to do.a linear bill you and I don't have the.time or the bandwidth to make it work we.don't we need leverage we need.exponential we need it to work we need.proven systems that can be replicated.over and over and over again I'm sorry.you had a bad experience our experience.here first of all has not been bad.second of all if you you're you're also.investing in Lea and I and we are going.to Shepherd you and lead you the way to.success that's my mission it has been my.mission for 10 years now I've got the.ability to do it and here's the final.thing when you say you've been burned a.lot of network marketing companies that.are that are product oriented they make.you go out and spend hundreds or.thousands of dollars on product and.inventory they make you be a user you.invest when here is eighty seven dollars.the most you're going to get burned for.if everything we say is BS bill you'll.know in one month and you're out eighty.seven dollars nobody is going to lose a.house over that nobody's going to lose.their savings over that okay you're.gonna invest in something and try it for.a month.see if you get those first three clients.all right you know can rely on a couple.of things to this when you get chance.please do bill also personally I love.network marketing myself this would be.the fourth company that I've been up and.it's it's by far wildly just-just-just.incredibly the most of the most.successful but most of those businesses.and I'm not so I'm saying I'm not.knocking the whole business deal by the.way I look this up the other the other.day guys globally the network marketing.industry is a two hundred billion with a.bee industry globally and they're doing.something right they're not just saying.around scamming people.you know you don't have a 200 billion.dollar with a be global industry just.built on scamming people okay I mean.Bernie Madoff didn't make that much.money but my point being this built most.virtual II all of those businesses if.not all of them are business to consumer.businesses in other words you're selling.juice you're selling gold you're selling.pall there would definitely be a replay.Bunny you're selling juice you're.selling gold you're selling it you're.selling health supplements and stuff.like that all of that is really really.important but now think about this bill.think think about this bill who do those.companies sell to do they sell to.consumers now god bless the consumer god.bless all seven billion people on the.planet bill but they are not.entrepreneurs they don't think like.entrepreneurs they don't hang around.entrepreneurs they don't have that fire.in the belly that you have because I.know you very very well Steve knows you.well they don't have that fire in the.belly that you have that I have the.Steve has and that everybody on this.call has in other words when you walk up.to somebody and say hey here's this cool.skin cream that can make you look 10.years younger and by the way you can go.tell all your friends and family about.it and make some money doing it you're.you're asking a person who is not a.business person not an entrepreneur to.go out and be something that they're not.and that's totally cool I'm not hating.on anybody but Bill here's the deal.royalty is for everything from a.solopreneur entrepreneur solo.entrepreneur laptop lifestyle person.public speaker author those types of.people I personally Bill you know me.well I would fit into that group right.it is everyone from their to your your.your auto body shop with with an owner.his son that works there a couple of.mechanics and a couple other guys it's.it's for that spectrum of businesses the.point is you're always talking.to entrepreneurs so this is for.entrepreneurs this is for people who.understand business already they're in.business they're looking for businesses.right with the b2c thing with a lot of.those companies yeah the skin cream may.be cool and people may love sitting.around dreaming about the Lamborghini.and all that crap and by the way he.we've never told you about a Lamborghini.we're just telling you about reasonable.income that over time would change.things greatly for y'all you know but.people they think about that dream but.then they don't they don't understand.the reality of it the people that you.talk to about royalty are going to.absolutely understand the reality of it.as a matter of fact they're not only.going to understand this bill but they.will have already been looking for this.the business end user the girl running.the hair salon that she started five.years ago with a couple of hair stylists.and and a couple of part-timers sweeping.up the floor that kind of a business.they're looking for this they've been.looking for this they can't afford any.of the other solutions I mean I got a.good friend who owns a hair salon I know.where their margins are like okay they.can't afford anything else you come up.with a $327 total solution to everything.that really makes sense to them they.have been looking for this already bill.you walk up to a friend of yours who's.maybe okay you've been in network.marketing before you know people who.want to make this thing work who would.love to make this thing work you walk up.to them and say hey I got something this.is different it actually will work.you're you're talking to someone who's.already been looking for this you talk.to other market it every single one of.you is on the list of a bunch of.marketers you're on my list and Steve's.List and a ton of other people's list.guess what those people put their pants.on one leg at a time just like everybody.else and if they don't wear pants so.what it whatever that is they put it on.when one you know just like everybody.else bill you approach those people with.this they've been looking for this - so.bill that's really the difference you.are now my friend you have found the.choir.you you have you you're going to be.preaching to the choir that my friend is.the huge difference that you'll see with.us Lee guess who's on the call just just.joined a couple minutes ago I have no.idea whose own it's what you were just.talking about Eddie Eddie Reeves is on.the calls ah ah Eddie.Eddie's on the call little there he is.all right so bill Eddie is my sponsor in.this I never I didn't know about royalty.and he approached me now Eddie funny.funny things bill Eddie just like you.bought my LinkedIn dominance okay Eddie.is one of my customers just like you I.didn't know Eddie Eddie approached me.one day and said Steve I he happen to.approach me because he lives in Dallas.and I live in Dallas he says you know.there are a lot of businesses out there.that we need to help and I said I agree.I D I'm trying to do everything I can.but truthfully I'm talking to businesses.all around the world and I hardly talked.to anybody here in Dallas right in my.own backyard.Eddie knows people in Dallas so we.started going out in helping businesses.in Dallas and then he says to me then he.says have you heard about this royalty.and I said Eddie I said the same thing.that you said to me Lee I said Eddie I.said look I'm all set I've got funnel.kits I've got ontraport I've got you.know all that they do on WordPress and.thrive themes I got my systems down and.it he says you don't understand you.don't understand two things one.conversation right you just you.understand two things number one this is.the first affordable platform for.businesses because everything you're.talking about Steve I know you charge.thousands of dollars which means that.these small businesses we were sitting.in a coffee shop.he said these small businesses like this.coffee shop they can't afford you.they're not gonna pay you he says but.they need something I said well you're.right about that Eddie I know you're.right about that because I've seen that.for ten years he says here's the other.thing how do you like to make.guess what Lee residual income every.single month bans it okay so show me.what's going on Eddie so he got me in.and now Eddie because he got me in and.Bill Eddie is just like you Eddie it.does not have a list but he's got me.underneath him I do have a list and.Eddie now has all nine thousand dollars.that I have.it now comes in underneath him all right.so he's gonna earn a substantial amount.of income based upon me now you have to.understand the comp plan we will work.with you on the comp plan to make sure.you maximize that okay and and addy.actually is in a situation because I've.become such a whale for him that we got.to bring him another whale to help him.help him equal out a little bit he's a.little lopsided we don't want to have a.lopsided Eddie all right.but we'll fix him all right but.nonetheless same thing could happen for.you bill.bill I hope you can come in I understand.your situation but I hope you can come.in and understand we're talking about.understand we're talking about we are.talking about at most an eighty seven.dollar investment that's at most what.we're talking about all right so you.don't have to worry about dead you got.Lee and I we're going to Shepherd you.we're going to show you the way we're.gonna give you what we have we're gonna.do workshops we're gonna give you.templates um we're gonna show you what.we believe is the path to success and.we've got a vested interest in your.success and you don't have to buy.inventory like all those other companies.where I sure that's what your wife got.burned all right I still can't believe.how many people are here.all right folks what are we missing I.guess we're just entertaining okay the.owner one of the owners of royalty is is.Justin Billa Baba.Justin bila Baba is a very sharp young.man he's he's a Harvard graduate runs a.great company I've got a personal.relationship with him because when I.came on board I said you know Justin you.have to understand something.I've got a lot of people I want to.introduce this to and I want to make.sure it's everything you promise it is.and I want to have a direct relationship.with you and I've got that I could show.you hang on one second here go back to.my facebook I'll tell you what here's.let me show you this well first of all.I'll just show you right here Justin be.so you can tell we are directly.connected and we have a substantial.amount of Facebook communication and.direct one-on-one communication where.we're talking about things all the time.and I've got emails and everything to go.back and forth but we've got a direct.relationship so he is the CEO and you.need to know I would not be getting.involved at this level making this.recommendation without being directly.connected to the CEO and make sure that.I've got that all right there's training.all over the place is what Roberts asked.him when you get on boarded I will send.you onboarding information as soon as we.get up to this call and I'm gonna get.off this call because folks you're.either in or unfortunately you're going.to start off 2020 not as part of what I.think is the next biggest opportunity we.are here we are here in the first full.day of the first full week of 2020 and I.know many of you have been having that.conversation that 20/20 is going to be.better than 2019 well what are you gonna.do to make it different you're not going.to do the same thing and expect.different results right we know what.that's called.so why not put yourself in front of a.significant opportunity that literally.Entrepreneur Magazine wrote about this.six years ago okay.so it's this is not taking anybody by.surprise this is this is just knowing.how to see the clues to success and.positioning yourself so that success has.to go right through you that's it you.just position yourself so that the key.to success goes right through you.entrepreneurs been talking about it for.six years rob associates talked about a.five years ago I've been talking about.it for a decade all right folks this is.it the success train is going right down.the tracks either get on it or I guess.you'll expect different results from.2020 by doing the same thing and you.know what that's called Lee I'm out I'm.out of breath I think I got it I think I.got it Martin and I think Robert or a.few other people had some questions.all hey I'll just give it right here sit.yeah Martin's asking because Martin's in.Martin's in all right.Wednesday I'm doing an open call that.means this that means this you go.approach a business and you just ask.them would you be open to looking at.something that is going to help you.flawlessly follow up and bring back more.customers when you watch a webinar on.Wednesday I'm gonna give that Wednesday.at 2 p.m. central the link to sign up is.this understand folks this is not the.link for you to sign up this is the link.for you to bring businesses here and.you'll get Commission because I'm gonna.give this speech and I'm gonna say.whoever brought you here go sign up with.them now here's the problem folks if you.don't sign up today you can't get any.Commission if you sign up today you can.bring people to this call I will try to.close them for you so that you get a.hundred percent commission you got to.sign up right now put them put the link.in there to sign up one more time and.then leave we're gonna cut it off.sounds like plan buddy how many more.Catchings do I have who who else did I.not call that is in I think we've called.some more well what kind of joking.around about this but does anybody have.a specific reason why you're not doing.this I mean do you not don't take this.the wrong way but I'm serious do you not.have anything better to do than listen.to.well Steve's not old I'm old listen to.an old guy and a and a getting old guy.talk about stuff I mean I I know we're.funny as hell but I mean literally.there's Netflix guys.it has Stevie and I were talking about a.great show that I just found on Netflix.you know there's a there's a Netflix.there's a ton of stuff to do in life.besides hang out with me and Steve so.I'm just kind of wondering.I done I asked to see some examples of.some of the web pages and I put that in.and I put links to that and I to.previous comment of yours as an answer.to a previous comment of yours and also.made that available for everybody so go.click on that and we'll hold off the.ping will have to email you a trending.when you get in I tell you what we will.have a caching for you ok so stay we.could do a caching on dance here we go.because I believe in the law of.reciprocity Jean there you go for you.now the law of reciprocity means that I.know you're gonna sign up within the.hour.thanks Dean we are continuing at Ford so.we're checking it for Dave give the man.an extra caching because I don't think.you can change their words as much as a.present thanks guys in all caps Dean.welcome aboard my friend you made us.laugh thanks for working with you and.meeting you Dean you made me laugh so.you got to contigs there sounds great.guys well thank you so much for your.time Steve I really really appreciate.your bringing this to everybody Eddie.thank you for being on here also my.friend we're here for you hey anybody.anybody here live in Dallas by the way.anybody here live in Dallas because a.week from Wednesday Eddie's going to be.speaking live and you need to see Eddie.speak Eddie is a master speaker and it's.filled excellent Eddie I didn't know.doing next next Wednesday you got a.microphone Eddie can you talk let me see.if I can so Dan when they sign up for.royalty they're going to get the royalty.back-end but in other words they get all.the royalty stuff in addition to that we.have developed or mainly Steve has.develop.actually not mainly 100% steve has.developed landing pages email sequences.and Steve you're just about to come out.with a ignition funnel and you guys will.get this also we have to manually push.that out to you all right so it's not.gonna be there right when you sign in.but we will be manually pushing that out.to you over the next 24 hours or so.just just give us a chance to basically.we have to take each item put your email.address in there and say send and then.then it magically appears in your back.office hey I think we lost Eddie.Dean says do I want to correct you on.something Dean says I hope I'm the only.one here from New York because I want to.clean up me or not.love ya well you love that and and New.York needs a whole lot of cleaning up so.I loved you before before everybody.leaves Dean actually I want to.understand something okay I'm not the.only one in Dallas and and and you know.the beautiful thing is there are there.actually are people in New York they've.got a different focus on this but it's.actually good thing for you because.they're gonna be able to help you a.success in fact I would suggest you even.meet the people in New York and learn.from them there's 500 million businesses.Dean you don't need them all okay you.can't handle them all all right so but.don't worry Dean you're gonna be able to.clean up and we're gonna help you my.friend okay uh what else you got.I think we're good all right my friends.to meet guys for those of you who.wondered if there were to be a replay.because we had some people come in late.yes we'll download this pop it up on a.web page and Stevie won't tell everybody.about what Eddie just popped in there.one second but but anyway we'll pop it.open a web page will mail it out to.everybody who was actually on the.webinar here if you have any questions.let us know this man may or may not be.for you I very very rarely tell people.what to do but honestly you need to do.this.this this is the future again you need.to get on this royalty has 20,000.approximate users right now they I.believe Stevie told me that their goal.is to grow this to two hundred thousand.by the end of the year which I think you.can basically do given as you're given.how fast these kinds of businesses grow.that kind of exponential growth I think.would actually be fairly easy for them.guys you want to get in before that.happens because you want a good chunk of.that 200,000 to be your chunk of that.200,000 see what I'm saying no would you.get your slice of that pie as you as the.pie grows guys you know you get your.slice guys as the pie groves guess what.you have more pie right so you want to.get your slice of that pie sooner rather.than later and you also want really.really really really really want to take.advantage of me and Steve actually.helping you do this that right there's.huge no no joke you you would have to.pay me and Steve an ungodly amount of.money to get the kind of attention that.you're gonna give from us working within.royalty if you wanted to work with us.like this outside of royalty you're.talking about many thousands of dollars.per month why can we do this though.because again everybody's moving in the.same direction the bigger your business.gets the more money we make it's that.simple.okay so that's what economically allows.us to give you the time that we're.giving you hey if you live in Dallas.like I live just south of Dallas Eddie.lives in Dallas and and Jeff McKissack.lives in Dallas we have started.something called third Wednesday in our.first one is going to be a week from.Wednesday so go to third Wednesday.Yvette bright calm 25 bucks we're going.to meet I don't know if lunch is.involved well if they ask anything out.all that but here it is this will take.you to events right look at these three.guys there's Eddie there's me there's.Jeff McKissack third Wednesday Business.Accelerator morning mastermind and we're.going to get together on next Wednesday.I think that's a 15th and we're going to.do this every single month come join.it's going to be excellent once it's a.7:30 to 9:00 a.m. so it's a breakfast.includes a breakfast a deep dive lesson.from an expert in an open idea exchange.for participants Eddie's going to be.there I'm going to be there Jeff.McKissack is going to be there I'd love.to meet you Phil you said you live in.Dallas come join us the link is in the.chat third Wednesday eventbrite.com I'm.going us I love I look forward to.meeting you in person.cool beans I think we got it Steve all.right.well doc you later buddy thank you guys.and again there's a replay that should.be out in a while thank you so much talk.to you soon bye-bye.

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Partybecause Procurement Form Wordpress Wordpress FAQs

Here are the answers to some common queries regarding Partybecause Procurement Form Wordpress Wordpress . Let us know if you have any other questions.

Need help? Contact support

I'm looking for a wordpress plugin that enables my end user to access / download content after filling out a form. Can anyone recommend a form plugin that has file download functionality?

if you are looking for simple solution this can be done using free plug-in called Contact form 7 and can be download from there: Contact Form 7 Simply make a form and redirect on submiting the form. Here is redirection: Redirecting to Another URL After Submissions There is many way to get it done simple things. Thanks,

Does a method exist in WordPress to pass data that a user fills out on a form to pre-populate a word or PDF document?

There is a method. First: Go to google and search how to create a PDF or Word document from HTML using PHP or Javascript. Results from my search below. search text -> php/javascript create word document https://www.google.com/search?num=20&pws=0&gl=us&ei=JV0CWps8zOy8BL_KkjA&q=php%2Fjavascript+create+word+document&oq=php%2Fjavascript+create+word+document&gs_l=psy-ab.12..0i71k1l4. search text -> php/javascript create pdf https://www.google.com/search?num=20&pws=0&gl=us&ei=ql0CWq75CcLlvgTdyKrgAQ&q=php%2Fjavascript+create+pdf&oq=php%2Fjavascript+create+pdf&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0i22i30k1l2.19601.19856.0.20096. Second: Code it.

How do I create a authentication code system with WordPress (no coding)? Clients can enter the code and then be shown a form to fill out. Also have a client side setup to create access codes.

No code? You need plugins, and to make that, and through plugins alone, you are thin-icing it. Call a person, or one better, pay someone to do it. Sounds like you want something somewhat technical, but for cheap? (Autocorrect accidentally said cheapskate but I deleted it… you sound like you ask in earnest). Get a professional. Don’t skim.

Which WordPress plugins could I use to allow logged in users to fill out an order form processed by Stripe, and see current/pending/past orders in a dashboard?

The plugin is called Woocommerce. It’s developed by WooThemes and it’s completely free of charge. Of course, some add-ons are not free but your use case can be handled rightfully without spending extra.

What would be the best way to have a WordPress website connected to a portal on another server where people would fill a form and be redirected back to the WordPress website?

Provide a link to the form from the wordpress site, then provide a redirect from the form on the other server that fires upon completion returning the user to your site. Or run the form inside your site in an iframe so they never leav.

What are some WordPress contact form plugins? Which one can I use to download filled data?

I would, without a doubt recommend using Ninja Forms for this. It has grown very fast and is now used by more than a million wordpress sites. I use it myself for over 30 sites and it’s always the go-to solution. You can use the completely free version, or you can go pro if you need extra functionality such as salesforce integration or take payments via stripe. You can, in the “submissions” tab, easily download all the filled submission data.

What are the pros and cons to look out for form builders in WordPress?

Encryption, customization, mobile friendly, fast loading, theme customization, workflows, approvals, zapier integration, freedom to set elements where you want. With AbcSubmit you can use absolute positioning, drawing mode and grid view to create the perfect forms for you websites. Forget about brick mode form builders, create form as you want not how the form builder force you to build it!

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