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How Do You Get Application To Be A Qualified Employer RPD 41248 Form and Sign It On Phone?

hello and welcome to the session this is.Professor farhat in this session we're.going to be looking at general business.credit and to be more specific within.the general business credit we're going.to be looking at the rehab and Work.Opportunity Tax Credit because there's.no such thing as a general business.credit a general business credit is.composed of a number of credit combined.into one credit now in this session.we're going to be looking at two of.those credits and the next session would.look at additional credits so this topic.is covered in an income tax course the.CPA exam regulation section as well as.the enrolled agent exam as always I.would like to remind my viewers to.connect with me on a professional level.which is on LinkedIn account or you can.connect with me via Facebook like my.Facebook page and connect with me on a.personal level you want to make sure you.subscribe to my youtube this way you are.up-to-date please like my videos if you.do like them share them put them in.playlists so other students can benefit.if you know anyone might be interested.in damn email dump email them the link.or inform your classmate this is my.Twitter account and I do have a website.where I organize all my lectures by.course and a chapter so today we're.going to be looking at the general.business credit.now the general there is no such thing.as a general business credit a general.business credit as I mentioned a minute.ago it's composed of a number of.business credits so we're gonna have.maybe 8 or 9 of them and what we do we.can bind them into one and that's called.the general business credit so that's.what it is now the general business.credit is limited it's limited to what.it's limited to net income tax reduced.by the greater of so we're gonna look at.our net income tax and we're gonna.reduce by the greater of the tentative.minimum tax and this is what we're.talking about is the alternative minimum.tax and this number is gonna be given to.us this number will be given to you the.alternative minimum tax or 25% of the.net regular tax liability that exceeded.twenty five thousand well basically.we're comparing two numbers let's look.at an exercise to see how this works.Alicia's general business credit for the.current year a seventy thousand her net.net income tax is fifty thousand one.hundred and fifty thousand and the.tentative minimum tax is.thirty so the tentative mid tentative.minimum tax is 130 okay.and her income tax is 150 so her net.regular income tax liability is 150.minus twenty five multiplied by twenty.five percent so we have to choose the.greater between this number and this.number one one thirty or the net regular.tax liability minus twenty five thousand.multiply that figure by twenty five.percent okay so so our net income tax is.150 minus the greater of 130 or 150.minus twenty five multiplied by twenty.five percent thirty one twenty five.thirty thirty one thousand two hundred.and fifty obviously one hundred and.thirty thousand is the greater of one.and two so therefore one fifty minus 130.equal to twenty thousand now remember we.have $70,000 of credit we are only going.to be using twenty thousand for this.year what's gonna happen we're gonna.have a carryover of fifty thousand.Alicia now holds a fifty thousand of.unused general tax credit that may be.carried back or carried forward to other.tax years so we can carry it back one.year and we can carry it forward a.twenty years so we don't lose this.business credit we can carry it for the.next twenty years if we happen to go.back and amend the return of the prior.year we can do so now when we carry back.I'm sorry one week yes when we use it.when we use any carry forward we're.utilizing using FIFO a FIFO method is.applied to the carry back carry over and.the utilization of credit earned during.the tax year and you will see what we.mean by FIFO first and first out we're.gonna be used the first credit first.this way they don't expire by using the.oldest which is the first one credit.first the FIFO method minimizes the.potential of loss of the general.business credit benefit due to the.expiration of the credit carryover so.using FIFO it's gonna reduce the chance.of you losing the credits losing the.credits and will work an example just to.show you how life or work that's just.what couple examples because I know.this is a fairly not a common topic for.accounting students so we'll work couple.examples just to make sure you are.comfortable with this okay so Carlson.general business credit for the current.year is 84,000 his net income his net.income tax is 190 so his net income tax.is this is 190 okay now we're going to.be reducing this by that general.business credit the out the tentative.minimum tax I'm just gonna put.alternative minimum tax equal to 175 and.the net regular tax liability is 185 so.we're gonna - we're gonna do is gonna.get the 185 thousand reduce it by 25,000.and multiply that this figure by 25.percent because we're gonna take the.lesser of the AMT I'm gonna call this.the tentative minimum tax I'm just gonna.call it AMT for short and between those.two so let's go ahead and perform the.computation 185 - 25 thousand times 0.25.that's 40,000 so between 40,000 and.175,000 clearly 175 is the greater so.we're gonna take 190 - 175 thousand what.would going to be left with a we're.gonna be amount of the credit allowed is.15,000 whoops amount of the credit.allowed this 15,000 remember we have.84,000 of those credit we used 15 we.used 15 therefore 84 minus 15 what's.gonna keep us it's gonna keep us with 69.thousand of this credit that we can go.back one year or we can go for would.third ten years ten years let's take a.look at another example.we have Evelyn generated attended.tentative general business tax credit of.42,000 for the current year a regular.net the her net regular tax liability.before the general business credit is.107.so that's 107 is the.liability tax liability regular tax.liability her tentative minimum tax is.88,000 okay and what's gonna happen now.we're gonna take her tax liability mine.- the 25,000 they're multiply it by 25%.to find the greater of these two so if.we take 107 - 25 multiplied by 25% so if.we do this computation we're gonna come.up with a number around twenty thousand.or twenty thousand five hundred so the.alternate the tentative minimum tax is.eighty eight the other computation is 20.to 500 the greater is eighty-eight.thousand therefore 107 - eighty-eight.thousand we can use $19,000 of our of.our tax lyall business credit we can use.42 of the forty - we could use 19 and.what's left is carried over let's take a.look at this example you remember about.Katie back and carry forward so this is.an example that would illustrate this.concept Oh corporation holds the.following general business credit carry.over so they have some carryover from.2014 2015 2016 and 2017 a total carry.over a forty five thousand the folk.general business task tax credit.generated by 2018 activity is equal to.thirty six thousand so they had we have.another thirty six thousand so for 2018.that's another thirty six thousand and.the total credit allowed during the.current year sixty thousand now we could.use up sixty thousand what amount of the.current general business credit and.carryover are utilized against the 2018.income tax liability well how are we.gonna use the sixty thousand guess what.we're gonna start with FIFO we're gonna.start using FIFO using the oldest credit.first therefore what's gonna happen.we're gonna use the twenty fourteen the.$5,000.the 2015 $15,000 the 2016 $6,000.in the 2017 $19,000 and that's gonna all.amount to 45,000 guess what we have.60,000 so that's gonna that's not gonna.be enough now we're gonna be using the.2018 and from the 2018 we have 36,000.we're gonna be using out of this amount.an additional 15,000 okay so 36 minus 15.what were left with this 21,000 so they.carry so basically they carried forward.now is 21,000 from 2018 okay so what we.did is we used up all of those and we.used up 15,000 from the 2018 15,000 from.the 2018 so what's left is now now if we.look at their schedule next year but the.total carryover so if we're looking at.next year the total carryover is 2018.21,000 21,000 now we're gonna start to.look at the first of those general.business credit we're gonna be looking.at the rehabilitation credit or.rehabilitation expenditure credit now.the reason I chose those two credits.because I happen to work for a client.that he had those two credits at the.same time in the same year so the first.one is gonna call this credit rehab.credit just kind of for short so what is.this credit this credit is designed to.give you 20% of expenditure made to the.census substantially rehab a certified.historic structure so if you own a.historic structure in a downtown in a.city what's gonna happen the government.said you spent some money on that and.you you make this historical structure.looks better we're gonna give you 20%.okay.prior to 2018 a 10% credit was allowed.for the non-certified structure.originally placed into service before.1936 this was repealed by the tax cuts.and jobs acts of 2017 okay so before it.was non-certified now it has to be.certified historic structure okay.this credit is taken credibly over.five-year period starting with the year.the rehab three you rehab the building.displaced and serviced.building displacement service now you.have to understand that the basis and.the structure must be reduced by the.full amount so whatever by the full.credit so when you get the credit let's.assume we have a building that's worth.just a million and they give you any.happen to have credit of 100,000 your.basis and that building goes down to.900,000 so your basis and the building.will be reduced by the amount of the.credit okay.why because you need to recapture that.credit when you sell that building okay.to qualify for the credit building must.be substantially rehabilitated meaning.qualified rehab expenditure exceed the.greater off so what do they see whether.they mean substantially the adjusted.basis of the property before the rehab.expenditure so it has to exceed that or.$5,000 not not bad not not very.difficult to to meet qualify rehab.expenditure do not include the cost of.the building and the related facilities.or cost of enlarging existing building.so that a special expenditure that you.have to be aware of let's take a look at.an example to see how this would go on.spent $100,000 to rehab a certified.historic structure the adjusted basis.was 40,000 he spent 100,000 twenty.percent the credit is twenty thousand.the creditors claim equally over four.year period so what's gonna happen is.over five sorry five year period.twenty thousand divided by five so you.could you would claim four thousand per.credit one increases the basis in the.building the Kwan then increased the.basis of the building by eighty thousand.one hundred thousand minus the twenty.thousand credit allowed okay.because why why eighty thousand because.he spent eighty that he spent one.hundred thousand but what happened when.he spent one hundred thousand year basis.go up by one hundred thousand but since.you get a credit you would reduce your.one hundred thousand by twenty so you.would increase your basis by a nap of by.a net of eight thousand by an F of eight.thousand okay.let's take a look at an example Emily.here spent one hundred and thirty five.thousand thirty three have a certified.historic building the adjusted basis one.ninety thousand that originally has been.placed in service in 1935 which is.before 1936 compute Emily's credit well.what's the credit it's one hundred and.thirty five thousand times twenty.percent and that should equal to twenty.seven thousand now bear in mind this.this twenty seven thousand will be taken.over a period of I believe five five.years so what's gonna happen it will be.taken up over a period of a period of.five years five years okay and you'll.divide this by five but remember you.also have to reduce a few if you spend.135 on a building your basis will go up.by one thirty five then your basis will.go down by 27 so your net basis as the.difference the net increase in your.basis what Coppertone ET tax credit as I.was telling you the person that owned.some couple historical building in a.downtown he also had a good connection.with the warden the prison warden in the.county so so because of that he also had.access to ex-felons basically people who.are in jail and the Work Opportunity.Credit will and you will get that credit.if you hire ex felon high-risk youth a.thot targeted group so that's why that.individuals happened to own those.historic buildings and happen to have a.good connection with the warden in which.he kind of get get him connected with ex.felons but that's that will keep on so.it applies to the first twelve month of.wages paid to individual fallen within a.target group so when you hire any.individual from the start good group.which we're going to talk about in a.moment the first year you hire them when.you pay them money when you pay them up.to $6,000 of wages you can get as long.as they work more than four hundred.hours you will get forty percent if they.work if they work.at least 120 of service 120 but less.than 400 you will get a credit of 25%.remember only the first $6,000 of wages.okay so you could be paying them $20,000.a year but you will get credit for the.first 6000 how much you'll you get.credit depending if they work at least.400 or at least 125.okay now the duction for wages is.reduced by the credit amount so whatever.credit you get you're gonna reduce your.wages by that amount.okay targeted individual subject to the.high rate of unemployment include X.qualified ex-felons because it's Y.what's what's the reason behind this.work opportunity tax credit is to.encourage businesses to hire target.groups like the qualified excellent.nobody wants to hire them so the.government said if you do hire them.you'll get a tax credit high risk use.food stamp recipient veterans summer.youth employees and long term Family.Assistance recipient those are the.target groups so let's take a look at.few examples to crunching some numbers.to see how this work and January Green.company hires for individuals who are.certified to be member of a qualified.target group now how do you know they.are qualify of a target group.when you hire individuals you get theirs.forms they fill out and if they fill out.this form and you'll ask them if you.know if they choose to say so then they.are considered qualified qualified.target group each employee works 800.hours so they fall under the 40% because.they work more than 400 and it's paid.wages of 8,000 it doesn't matter of the.webpage paint 8,000 the maximum is six.thousand green company work Opportunity.Credit six thousand times forty percent.for each individual times for employees.therefore the Work Opportunity Tax.Credit is nine thousand six hundred of.the tax credit is taking green must.decide it's must reduce its reduction.for wages paid by 90 thousand six.hundred therefore the wages was reduced.by nine thousand six hundred no credit.is available for wages paid to this.employee after the first year so that.credit you only get the first year and.the first year only okay.let's take a look at another example.On June 1st Maria :.a calendar year taxpayer hires Joe a.certified number of a target group.during the last seven months of 2018 Joe.is paid 3500 for 500 hours of work.Maria's allowed credit of because more.than 400 which is the credit will be 40.percent 3500 times 40 percent which is.1400 for 2018 Joe continues to work for.Maria throughout 2019 and is paid 7000.now remember the maximum is 6000 okay.Joe only work 3500 2018 because up to.6000 of the first year wages are.eligible for the credit Maria has.allowed 40% of the remainder which is.the 6000 - three thousand six thousand -.three thousand five hundred which is two.thousand five hundred times forty.percent for 2019 but after that that's.it no more credit okay Joe continued to.work for Maria for five more years none.of Joe wages paid College will be will.make Maria get the credit for that okay.let's take a look at an example during.2018 linking company hire seven.individuals who are certified to be.members of a qualified target group each.employee work in Access of six hundred.therefore they're gonna get the 40% and.it's paid wages of 7,500 well well they.were paid seven thousand five hundred.well the maximum is six thousand I'm.going to take six thousand times forty.percent and that's gonna be times how.many employees seven employees so that's.going to be all in all 16800 remember.you have to reduce your wages by this.amount of you happen to take this credit.Green Corporation Green Corporation.hires hire six individuals on January On.January 4th 2015.all of whom qualify for Work Opportunity.Credit okay three of the central three.of these individual receive eight.thousand five hundred and each.individual more than 4,400 hours during.the year the other three individual each.work are three hundred hours and.received wages of five thousand okay.calculate the amount of.work Opportunity Credit okay.the obviously the 400 hours they're.gonna be receiving this is they're.subject to 40% and those are shocked.subject to 25% okay so because they work.more than 25 but less than 400 so what's.gonna happen is this.so three employees three employees times.$6,000 times 40% and three employees.will be 6,000 did it works the other in.5,000 $5,000 times 25% okay so this is.7200 and this is let me just make sure.this is 5,000 not 5 to comment to put 5k.so three individuals 5,000 times 25%.times 3 employees that's equal to 37 50.I'm doing the computation on the side.10950 so the total credit is ten.thousand nine hundred and fifty if green.pays total wages of 140,000 to its.employee during the year how much of.this amount can green the duct well.what's gonna happen is we're gonna take.the 140 and we're gonna be reducing the.way just by the amount of the credit.remember the credit is better than the.deduction okay when we talked about this.therefore the wage deduction is 129.thousand and fifty dollars we are happy.to do so because we want to get the.credit the credit is worth more where at.least we'll get dollar for dollar if we.qualify for it well the next topic we're.gonna cover is more of this general.business credit and specifically a.research activities now if you're.studying for your CPA make sure you are.familiar with this topic I'm not sure.how much it's involved but you need to.know everything basically now if you.happen to need if you happen to need.more lectures please visit my website if.you happen to do so.please consider donut.

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What is the best way to fill out a PDF form?

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Is there a service that will allow me to create a fillable form on a webpage, and then  email a PDF copy of each form filled out?

Many times while browsing the internet we feel like reading full article,due to many constraints like time, we fail to read so its better get convert the website,article or the facts to PDF file. Usually we use Google Chrome ,for browsing the web.Its most used Web-browser in the world.While you browsing the web using Google Chrome its easy to save the website or article as PDF. Read Full Article on How to convert any web-page as PDF without any software?

Is there a software or online service to fill out immigration PDF forms automatically from a web form?

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What is the best programming language to use to build a solution to have a user fill out a form then generates a PDF?

If it’s for a web application, I’ve found the easiest way is to use CFML (OpenBD is my favorite), because it has everything you need built-in, such as the ability to generate PDF’s.

Is there an existing web-based software or script I can guy to do the same things as Doculicious?  http://www.doculicious.com/  I want to offer form fill with ability to export styled PDF from form data on my own website.

Not really sure if I understand your question correctly, but: With jsPDF (jsPDF - HTML5 PDF Generator | Parallax ), you can generate PDFs on the client side. So it'd be pretty easy to grab the form content and inject it into a PDF.

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