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I want to thank Sam for sauce.presentation is really wonderful that.was impressive by the way yeah really.impressed with it I think a lot of us as.students we didn't realize how much.actually goes into it and especially.coming from like a tribe that is.actually fairly recognized already.didn't realize a lot of the processes.that went into before and the fight of.what you have to do and speak louder but.I'm sorry for you telling me to speak.louder or were you just oh so I was like.sorry but um yeah so it's really.interesting to have this conference and.that you're all here to support well.thank you so we have Adam and he's come.a long way and we're Alan sorry Alan I'd.read this thing but we have Alan so just.have him go ahead and tell you all about.that he doesn't see if he can help us.and all that we need to know and learn.it so thank you thank you oh yeah I.guess I have to talk them down here oh.hey hi I'm I'm Alan Leventhal I'm a.staff member at the San Jose State.University I grew up in a small town and.the deep south some of you may have.heard of it New York City where they.make pace picante sauce and I ended up.working in Nevada I worked with folks.from the washer shoshoni Paiute tribe's.in the 70s and I came to san jose state.university in 1978 by this time I had.taught about North American Indians at.the American Museum of Natural History.in New York the University in Nevada.when it came to California the.literature was very meager in terms of.contemporary populations of people 78.the handbook at California a handbook of.North American Indians vol 8 California.came out and that was kind of the first.attempt since krogers tome of 1925 1980.there was a woman walking on campus.escorted by two students.who knew about my work with folks in.Nevada and they introduced me to her and.she said she was an eloni Indian and I.said I never heard of your tribe and so.we went to the library and we did the.little index see eloni seacoast on Owen.cochino NC eloni and we pulled out.krogers 1925 bureau of american.ethnology study and principally what was.stated was the coast of knowin group is.extinct for all practical purposes are.concerned so being an intelligent.anthropologists I looked at her and I.said you must be some other tribe.because I've been khobor being the.quintessential authority on California.Indians then she put her hands on her.hips and she said I beg to differ with.you and dr. kroeber that my mother is an.eloni Indian she was baptized at mission.san jose and born on this andale.rancheria and i said hmm and I said what.do you want us to do when she said I.want you to help working with the.families to go back as far as we can on.the genealogy and other information on.the tribes this was nineteen eighty in.1978 as was stated is a little 1978 the.federal acknowledgment project emerged.out of the Interior Department I had.never heard of this until the late 1980s.I met Ron good and I met lallo and they.put together a organization in the round.late 80s called the with association of.unacknowledged aboriginal tribes of.California and so we try to form.strategies about how we can move.processes together for unacknowledged.tribes we met with people such as Lenny.okie who's still in the Senate she's.working with Senator Akaka the.he's the chairman of the Senate million.of Indian Affairs she was then with.Senate in a way and also tadd Johnson.who was with George Miller congressman.Miller at a California about putting.together legislation we had meetings we.even held hearings at San Jose State.University and elsewhere and we.formulated a with them a bill called HR.2144 which was to a federal recognition.bill the Bush administration Papa Bush.decided to hijack the bill and transform.it into a study and the study was to.create the Advisory Council on.California Indian policy take a hundred.thousand dollars study the California.Indians need and and then submit those.recommendations to Congress the.interesting thing is the gather the.economy was tanking and the Bush.administration had no we're not.compelled to honor even if the.legislation passed which it did and.surprisingly bill clinton was elected it.took clinton around two years for his.people to get control over interior so.by nineteen ninety four elections were.being held and I had asked the Bureau of.Indian Affairs in Sacramento for a map.showing the jurisdictions the bureau's.jurisdictions over the tribes in.California because their sub agencies as.well and they said no map existed so for.the congressional Act I am few others.created a map to divide up California to.several 73 districts the district's.essentially represented historical.cultural regional kind of had some sense.to it even though it was fictitious but.the reason for that was that there were.to be seven representatives elected to.represent.drives seven representatives elected to.represent recognized drives and two.representatives from Terminator drives.so the universe at that period of time.consisted of three classified types of.tribes unrecognized recognized and.terminated interesting enough as this is.happening we start hearing getting.information about the good well it's 25.CFR 83 part 83 the federal the seven.criteria okay in 1994 there was changes.going on but I want to just go back to.nineteen ninety-two bud Shepard if.anybody heard of him he was one of the.architects of the criteria he gave.testimony in the Congress stipulating.that they don't work they are fatally.flawed tribes will never get through.these processes because they were.constructed so that tribes would fail.and of course an alert Congress is.listening and really eager to correct.these issues okay the interesting other.one was in 1994 under the Clinton.administration several things happen one.was HR 4180 which was a bill a technical.Corrections bill which provided had.three kind of sections the first one was.to recognize the congressional act.clingy and haida of southern Alaska.these are tribes that historically had.services were federally recognized but.we're no longer recognized by the United.States government and that bill restored.their recognized status the second one.was to speak to paskenta up in.Sacramento Valley to restore their.status the third one was a stipulation.that the Secretary of the Interior nor.any of the Secretary's Asians has the.authority to terminate a tribe with.dross withhold services from that drive.and.only Congress has the authority to.terminate a tribe very clear in 1994.they also pass even though this is.listed here 25 CFR eighty three point.eight previous unambiguous federal.recognition so that was important so as.we're working with a ccip the Advisory.Council Californian in policy we are.called back to Washington because the.Magma's asked for a determination of.previous unambiguous federal recognition.one of the anthropologists there is.holly record who's one of those people.who believes that California Indians are.not Indians they are just Mexicans.pretending to be Indians we went back.she called the tribe to come back mum I.can remember eight of us went back to.Washington DC rosemary asked for the.letter Holly says I don't have a letter.for you so they went to see ADA dears.aid she was then assistant secretary.she's Menominee and said why would we.call back we asked for a letter of.determination previous recognition when.we got back for more lunch Holly record.could not sit down pardon the expression.or s is smoking she was hopping mad and.she said to the leadership of Malenko.you want a letter you want to let our.federal previous recognition I'll give.you a letter but you're not gonna like.what it says thus begins the delicate.warm relationship between the Magma's.and the interior staff this was november.when we were there in November we had.turned over and I have to make a an.acknowledgment here a brilliant Native.American scholar legal scholar a Logan.Slagle systematically laid out much of.the baseline legal history for.California's since passed away in his.passing is one of the greatest tragedies.I will cause other people equally great.in the Native communities have passed.also but in this case and so my work was.basically building upon his efforts and.because you know what happens when you.pass away you've almost become invisible.but I don't want to become invisible so.we took archives that he found in the.record group 75 the Roseburg files and.he had copied and gut certified copies.of the Roseburg files with Californian I.think 1909 on and we showed it to george.roth another anthropologist working in.materia and what this thumbing through.700 pages and he says well where did.this come from and it's sittin well.record group 75 and so he said you have.more of this documentation we said yes I.need the back step another little bit.here prior to this period of time the.Interior Department having professional.historians and anthropologists would.help right legal ethnology 'he's legal.historical narratives as part of their.professional capabilities for tribes.that's why the burden was much less come.the bush years they said the Interior.Department would no longer do any.research on behalf of drugs okay hmm so.in 1995 we get a letter and the letter.was from Holly record and george roth.saying can you muack be' turn over the.universe of policies bia policies from.1902 1934 in order for us to proceed we.will not look at any of the California.petition and we will draft up a report.and that report will benefit the.California tribes through the ACC IP.this is completely outside the.regulations so by March we submitted.what was called um it was exhibit F an L.Logan slight will put in his volume.called unfinished justice in May.twenty-fourth 1996 two tribes received a.determination a previous unambiguous.federal recognition one was saloon when.council which is the South Fork Cooper.tribe and the other ones magma so.previous unambiguous federal recognition.was issued to the tribe prior to that.that you heard I own was restored.administrative Lee as a historic tried.by a 2 d.r magma said if we have.previous unambiguous federal recognition.how will we legally terminate and when.we use the word terminated they said no.you would never terminate it the world.decided we will want to deal with you.anymore and we asked how is that a legal.process though so we'll get back to you.they did the same to sandwich sandwich.havasu of the washington state they were.fighting tooth and nail with Scott Key.they sued an administrative judge.remanded them to be restored because.they couldn't get a square deal from.these professionals working for bar bar.was then the branch of acknowledgement.and research which is now hold ova.call it before but ok so what had.happened in nineteen ninety six to.nineteen ninety eight we had submitted.in six linear feet of documentation we.put in like I said six linear feet we.only had to demonstrate since 1900 they.agreed that the tribe was federally.recognized at least from nineteen.fourteen to nineteen twenty seven which.I'll show you on some slides in a minute.nineteen ninety eight that were placed.on ready status because they were told.the only way you can become federally.recognized even if you previously.recognized and never terminated was.through the 25 CFR process magma.consistently wrote and asked to be.treated like I own in 1994 that the.Assistant Secretary has the authority to.restore the tribe which falls under this.by the way 25 CFO 1.2 which means that.the assistant secretary Secretary has.the authority to waive the regulations.if it is to benefit a tribe they said.this doesn't exist that the Assistant.Secretary has no authority this is scott.key and his buddies i'm saying thats.system secretary is no authority to.restore tribe so in 1994 i own and then.as we mentioned at the end of the.Clinton administration in two thousand.Kevin Gover restored actually three.tribes to Alaskan tribes and lower like.koi lower lake by the way was also named.in legislation with the magma in 2004.proposed restoration or reaffirmation.okay so what I'm going to do is take you.through my summer vacation here.which is since 1980 I want to point out.that in the process that went to try to.submit in their petition it goes from.the tribe to now the office of federal.acknowledgment under the more weapons.when they submitted the baby Bush.administration came in and Neil McCallum.harming became was nominated assistant.secretary his specialty in indian.affairs was architecture he had no.background in indian affairs and he says.would you expect i'm a happy i have no.background in indian affairs so i will.rely and rubber Stan anything these.dudes say office of federal.acknowledgement Lee Fleming became the.branch chief scott keep was the major.solicitor so the tribe has no way to.cross examine the determinations made by.the office of federal acknowledged minh.and they have no access to the decision.maker in fact the first time a decision.maker the assistant secretary ever.looked had a chance to look at the.mek'leth petition materials was last.year when Larry echo-hawk we met with.him in the Interior Department he was.astonished that she says it's all this.stuff in your petition and we said yes.and more and we'll show you what some of.that is ok so with that you're going to.lose me so this is a case study and.you'll have to excuse me because it's.going to be a little bit of history of.California then narrow down to more of.the mission period Chris a lot of tribes.did not really involved in the mission.more than drives and interior tribes and.then it will focus down into the.Monterey San Francisco Bay and then into.the San Francisco Bay Area so this is.some of the evidence that we presented.this was put together with the.leadership of the molecular tribe.sampling of evidence and of course how.you spell American Indian in Washington.DC es is Code of Federal Regulations oh.okay so you already heard about the.seven mandatory criteria the position.has been identified as an American.Indian entity on a substantially.continuous basis since 1900 and evidence.that the group's character as an Indian.entity has from time to time been denied.as been as the denied shall not be.considered to be conclusive evidence.that this criteria to thought in that I.don't want to read it to you but anyway.they tell you can use newspapers.anthropologists historians and other.scholars dealing with the county parish.local government relationship with state.governments which I find very.interesting they slammed schaghticoke.because the argument was that they used.too much state evidence and the way to.say can't use too much data and okay so.be a predominant portion of the.petitioner groups comprises of this.thing community and this exists in this.community from historical times into the.present and this a lot of kind of 82.weaving of possibilities and this will.be made available and it's almost I see.the petitioners maintain political.influence or authority over its members.as an autonomous entity this also deals.with things such as informal leaders.leaders do not have to be elected.leaders can be acknowledged by heads of.households.critical decisions there are lots of.your children beeping now I had ten cups.of coffee so if I go too fast a copy of.the group set as a governing document.including its membership right here in.the absence of written document print.edition must be / must provide a.statement describing it full info its.membership criteria okay the government.II is one of the most critical criteria.it's really the petition is membership.consists of individuals who are.descended from a historic Indian tribe.from that starting or from his for.Canadian tribes that combining function.is a single autonomous political entity.this is like around the missions and.other areas to other communities as well.Church in schools after David's and.anyway so this becomes an important and.you have any questions yella f the.membership of the petitioning group is.comprised principally a persons who are.not members of any other knowledge North.American Indian tribe meaning that.you're not enrolled in any other tribe.and that neither the petitioner words.members are subject of congressional.legislation that has expressly.terminated or forbidden the federal.relationship this goes to speak to the.lumen of North Carolina okay our buddy.Grover no Cooper was a product of his.time he was not an evil man but he was.not very sympathetic evil he was trained.as an anthropologist he was not an.evolutionist even care that Indian.cultures painting time he wanted the.pure stuff before contamination by.either Americans by Spanish by the.Catholic Church or anything else and he.wrote the coastline group is extinct so.far as all practical purposes sorry even.though he acknowledged some individuals.were around essentially we demonstrated.how scholars in anthropology history and.archaeologists who stepped behind his.statement of extinction.and this would reach a head in 1989 when.Frank norik who is the principal curator.of the TV a person Hearst museum at.Berkeley would go to the newspapers and.the key thing here is that he says we.don't have all of the East Bay Indians.were the few Indians that happened to.survive workshops followed up and.exterminated by civilization by the.latter part of the head injury right and.the reason why he was doing this is that.the Magnus before nagra claimed 550.burials from Stanford at the time of the.enema and they Stanford and green.acquiesce three return the burials he.went ballistic so he said who are you.going to believe Bay Area me with a PhD.an anthropologist for these fake people.claiming to be alone the Indians this is.one of many but I like this one to be.taken so as you know California is one.of the most complex areas of world.people have tried linguistically people.have tried to put together you know kind.of linguistic boundaries so don't always.believe what you see but generally at.the time with Spanish contact the area.of Costa knowin is pretty much where I.presented approximately and you can find.your tribe in there as well in fact I.don't see the others did too bottle just.wonder but just to cheapen herself up.uncle okay so flying over clear day in.San Francisco Bay and you can see that.the bay was a clear when they were.holding my heels out the head making.pictures but it was a very rich.environment the land of the alone ease.these were painted for mission dolores.an 18-16 by tourists that although they.were baptized they were still allowed to.go.regalia and entertain the distinguishing.the distinguish European guests Randy.Milliken did a wonderful tribe truck job.in trying to reconstruct the major.tribal village groups that surrounded.the San Francisco Bay and we can pull.back mawag m'a to a variety of these.villages we have actually nailed down.the village through the mission markets.one of the good things the missions did.do and of course we know the world would.change when this handsome dude who was.the Duke of Naples was named king of.Spain and Charles the third in the House.of Bourbon does he drank ordered the the.public notice in 1769 to come into Alta.California into your ancestral homeland.in order to prevent the Russians the.English and there was rumblings on the.east coast at that time period as well.so we know that the explorations of the.Pattullo board allah and father Ron.crespi and later on the famous Anza.expeditions in order for them to.establish their presence then counted.tribal groups there's rich descriptions.about them the East Bay people one of.the earliest missions was Mission.Dolores San Francisco so both the people.of penicillin and east bay went in there.and after being there and notice how.happy they are life expectancy in.missions range obviously some people did.survive but I read some accounts up to.24 years and if you will point at the.mission of your child would be dead.within a year so the mortality rate they.became vectors of various diseases ed.and again we were allowed to entertain.distinguish visiting Europeans mission.santa clara as you can see this is an.old photo i took with 1777 in the Santa.Clara Valley and Mission San Jose was.established very close by to Mission.Santa Clara mission.outside Quibbler de san jose they.couldn't go up to Oakland you know why.they couldn't go up to Oakland because.the Indians up there had enough of the.mission from Mission Dolores they.threatened to kill the priests and the.Indians building this mission they.couldn't go further up the East Bay the.Siq lon the how team and others were.threatening to destroy this mission.these are the dudes just two of them.okay so also Langsdorf in Mission San.Jose so we get some of the symbolism and.in santa clara the priests use some of.the Indian names the place names but.they are rancheria mother santa clara's.at the airport and they knew they were.going to build an airport there so they.moved the mission to other times but.they named him after various saints my.Spaniards we do and of course when.Indians ran away they were rounded up by.military expeditions 1834 with the.edicts coming out of Mexico to.secularize 1830 1436 several of the.Clara knows the Indians for mission.santa clara actually obtained land.grants from the governors and here's.mountain view Moffett Field military.base in Zee Inigo reservation was that.really a reservation it was literally a.land grant and essentially he lost it to.American squatters and other ones appear.up here yuly stock this is Los Altos.Hills not far from Stamford pretty.prestigious Aires and the Rancho of the.pigs Roberta Valley me know the world.would change again when this handsome.dude no it's not Russell Crowe it's.charles fremont but the John Fremont.anyway his father-in-law senator Benton.sent him to seize California and we know.about the Bear Flag rebellion.hostilities broke out and he's the last.of the governor's governor Pio Pico he.was part African part Native American in.part Spanish he signs the end of the.hostilities and then more formalities.occur between Mexico and the United.eight and this is the area seeded by.Mexico in the treaty of guadalupe.hidalgo which guaranteed the rights of.native Californians and Californios at.least in california then of course the.famous 49ers at the football team but.some people estimated up to 300,000.non-indian men come flocking into the.Golden Gate and you know rush is on and.they watered down the Sierra they.prevented tribes from burning the land.land management hunting on their lands.and we really have very detailed.documentaries about the impact and.really the genocide to use kaylene's.term which she's not wrong at all of.California Indians California becomes.state in 1850 which is very interesting.warfare is going on and between who's.going to the argument is who's going to.pay for it the feds or California State.so part of the issue is what do we do.with the still around 350,000 there is.some estimates now that revised.California's population between 1.million to 1.5 million Indians in 1769.by 1900 there around 20,000 or less.Indians left it is devastating so even.the word genocide may even be too soft a.term so Millard Fillmore for whose.famous from the fillmore west and the.fillmore east he in Congress passed.allocate $100,000 in 1851 1852 to treat.with the California Indians this kind of.its it so the three commissioners come.out Mickey Barbara and.both Steve Wozniak that's what what.anyway anyway the point though is that.they decide because California's such a.humongous state to divide the state up.into 18 districts and have them quit.claim ownership click claim their title.this is only way the confederal going to.take land from native peoples even if.it's by force is through treaty so.100-120 to tribal groups signed up and.down the state this is considered desert.and of course you have the upper areas.of the Sierra so the treaties went back.to Washington DC the newly elected.representatives from the Senate argued.that Indian should get nothing and the.treaties were submerged into secrecy in.the Senate archive I'll buddy here has.schools named after him he in his speech.said a war of extermination will.continue to be waged between the races.until the Indian race becomes extinct.must be expected I think kaylene would.disagree with it well this warfare is.going on at mission san jose mission san.envira the movements are being baptized.and only being baptized they are still.like ambrosia is listed as in India.Indian and this is Rosemary's.great-grandmother a ballina karnad days.parent parents was Maria punctilio a.long day and they're listed as M Dios.Indians as the world is collapsing there.is a religious revitalization movement.happening in Nevada that spreads.throughout California through the south.coming up from the south and all the way.up to Oregon coming back as the.Roundhouse dances the bully maroon this.is a world renewal ceremony in the.revitalizing languages religion and.building Christian beliefs this is.Benton who's pomo security photo but it.ends up at pleasanton so when the.anthropologists from berkeley interview.the.Builders amongst the Sierra me walk the.my do and the coast me walk they asked.where did the dancers come from where.did the teachers come from and they.pointed back to pleasanton we even know.their names they said mission san jose.that goes from you i said we had to buy.the dances we had to buy the regalia.from the cacos people at Mission San.Jose but the anthropologist didn't quite.know what to do it because prober just.didn't but they were kind of extinct.whoo soo was revitalized which was.widespread high lineage regalia this is.from Craig Bates's wonderful book on.power of feather regalia this is.actually from the Sacramento area of.1847 these are up in st. Petersburg we.believe that these ancient pendants.going back to around 900 AD in the.molecular territory represent the big.heads the big head dances this is 1917.again from Craig Bates and cook soup so.there was a religious revitalization.movement and as our gentleman said.earlier in 1890 1891 as a result of the.1890 go stands who was like the Indian.Offences Act which essentially outlaws.Indian religion and many of the much of.the regalia could be confiscated and.destroyed they revitalized round houses.the last of the round houses were up at.pleasanton around 1897 to concoct is.what a round house is in the choten will.only language Phoebe Apperson Hurst.mommy of William Randolph did not like.living in San Francisco so she moved to.Pleasanton and bought the Rancheria.belonging to the Californios Augustine.Bernal and she built a Hacienda de cosas.de Varona now remember norick.represented the Phoebe Apperson Hearst.Museum at Berkeley she was the Dowager.she was arrival of Stanford she funded.the anthropology department at Berkeley.and invited prober to come down and.interview the upwards 125 Indians living.in the.some of the families that we know about.Indian women also had to formulate.strategies of survival so Susanna.Nichols married a white man named.Charles Nichols and her for her kids.here or its school in niles another.rancheria in 1891 nice having the photo.of the kids the little yellow arrows.show Frank Charles flora and Joe Nickell.ill the boys and here in Berkeley in.1895 was the poll tax and notice who was.exempt remember getting ready for.elections paupers insane persons and.Indians now we all know that Indians.should be classified along with the same.people because they were viewed as.incompetent yes insane persons this is.from Berkeley right that the university.so krob arming York it decides to say.he'd be willing to bet his methodologies.a PhD anthropologist I'd be willing to.bet they could not even give you a.semblance of a lineage account that was.Aboriginal again who you going to.believe um PhD anthropologists from one.of the most prestigious schools in the.United States all these women of color.claiming to be California Indians Loney.engines so when we dealt with the Bureau.of Indian Affairs we submitted in.evidence starting with the 1900 Indian.population census not all the Magma's.were listed here this is in miles.Washington Township miles by the Niles.rancheria but in order to be listed on.an indian census you had to be what ah.indian yes and then for pleasanton was a.smaller according because most of the.Indians lived on the adjacent ranches.the hop fields and stuff like that and i.just wanted to point out one person or.two people unselect Carlin's is angela.colos will meet her later and her son a.grandson is joe carr CC his name is Joe.Garcia so the non-indian person doing.the census had a very bad ear for.listening to both Spanish and Indian.pronunciations but at least they're.they're not all of the tribe are listed.on these two senses interesting enough.the criteria says you have to use you.know back to 1900 the bureau would not.look at this census I'll take away so.these are the houses that they lived in.the closed loop casitas and near the and.then Charles Kelsey some of you might.know they've done told street in san.jose they should make a monument to this.guy he was secretary of the Northern.California Indian Association this was.published by a hyzer through berkeley.and i think 74 and they produce the.schedule showing where all the landless.and homeless Indians were 1904 it was.presented and incorporated in the 58th.congress written to President Roosevelt.while kelsey is back in DC working with.a Senate clerk they wanted to see about.anything about California onions and.they find these documents that have a.seal of secrecy so Congress votes to.remove the Senate does to remove the.seal and lo and behold what do they find.and it wasn't a box full of chocolate it.was the 89 ratified treaties and they.said we have a problem the problem is.that these treaties were negotiated for.Californians to quit claim their.ownership of California they would never.ratified they never gave up their.ownership but native Californians have.another home they were not US citizens.they were equivalent of the same key.right so Congress moves to make named.Charles Kelsey special Indian agent for.Northern California Northern California.is from the Los Angeles border to Oregon.picture self 1905 you are now named a.special agent there are no super.highways you don't have a Ferrari you.have horse and buggy horseback and.you've got a now track down.all these Indian bands and others that.you listed in 1904 to be placed under.your jurisdiction so this gal Avelina.Rosemary's great-grandmother she was.baptized in 1864 she died Mission San.Jose she's buried at the eloni Indian.cemetery in 1904 ok she dies in 1904.October healthy and this is the roseburg.files hey nineteen oh nine this is the.original manuscript of Kelsey and we.always thought that Kaiser or others.from Berkeley went back and found the.Roseburg files no they were never.touched out Logan slagle looks like he.was principally the first scholar to.ever get these Roseburg files Kelsey.gave kroeber a duplicate copy of his.special indian census that Heiser would.publish as a kind of a you know as a.professional courtesy so Kelsey makes.and not everybody's listen to hear 1905.1906 but the important thing is that.avelina died in 1904 ok so while he's in.the San Francisco Monterey Bay Area he's.called back to Washington DC and he does.a partial census of Pleasanton and miles.and there we see Angela colos and.grandson it was one point that out the.Marines they would call this as Mandy's.relations it would be her.great-great-great great-great.grandmother anyway they were not.residing on these two rancher ease at.the time we find that when some of the.Indians listed there died under death.records he's listed as Indian mission.san Jose's where he's buried now.remember noric said I'd be willing to.bet they could not show you a semblance.of a lineage account that was Aboriginal.so Kelsey comes out actually this is his.second map from my.1813 but essentially he is charged from.Los Angeles to Oregon to find all of.these bands living at pleasanton or.Paula and maria reyes droid santos san.pellegrino Phineas on Niles and again.some of the kids Diane Isles they're.buried at the Indian cemetery mission.san jose the list of his Indians again.today week later the other baby dies.living in aisles at mission san jose.lawrence nichols he's baptized as an.indian at mission san jose church.records and then we submitted this I.gotta stop here in 1989 the tribe.submitted in their documents six linear.feet but I'm ready status the tribe is.sitting there with the only.determination of previous unambiguous.federal recognition and we calculated.based upon the bureau's movement of.petitions up which to 24 years before.they could look at the tribes documents.so what do they do they sued and the.same five people Scott keep Holly record.John debrun the historian from Stanford.the same time people fought against the.tribe in the federal court and lost and.when the court remanded it for an.expedited determination with the same.five people to receive the documents and.they said we never lose there is nothing.you can submit that we will accept this.is called an impartial process this is.the realities through the looking glass.I was naive I thought if you're an.anthropologist you know fairly.prestigious university san jose state.maybe not as prestigious lisbon we could.get help lend voice but it was through.the looking her everything's going to be.wrong so during the court case they.asked a legitimate question the question.was demonstrate how one more time.previous recognition how is the current.membership.and there was around 500 and rolled.descended from the previously recognized.tribe well there was no formal tribal.list so you need to create a tribal.proxy you know you have to use documents.to show who was alive with census.records and because Kelsey was involved.beginning in 1905 they originally kind.of hinted you couldn't use the 1900.senses and you couldn't use the census.from the California Indian.jurisdictional act from 19 28 to 32.because they said the tribe was a.dropped from the list of recognized.tribes in 1927 so they also wanted it in.the technical assistance leather quote.we are concerned that there are members.enrolled in your tribe who are members.of of mission san jose but not members.of the historic previously recognized.tribe okay so we knew who they were.talking about they were talking about.the descendants of Avelina marine.because she died in 1904 and so as we.responding to this which we did a.genealogy for every single person in the.tri 500 we submitted in the nineteen.hundred indian population census which.may never saw on it was mercedes marine.the daughter middle daughter of avelina.her son Albert marine who is a year and.a half Mercedes older brother dario.marine who is there actually relations.of mandy and Dario's wife Katherine.Peralta who is married to and his.daughter but the Marines were listed.John debrun from Stanford said this is.not proof that they were members of the.community that they were just probably.visiting that day.normally the bureau would get away with.this because there's no way to challenge.anything they determine but this was.under court order and the judge ricardo.urbina back in washington DC already.slammed interior about being.disingenuous that means okay.anyway so I'm sorry about that so this.is the baby who's one and a half this is.his uncle Dario marine this is the.houses they lived in until a western.Pacific Railroad or Union Pacific.Railroad burnt down the houses in 1916.so Kelsey's hand-drawn map show Indian.rancher is up here was Verona 30 mission.san jose for the ama mituna was.hollister 40 and for the people down in.monterey it was monterey 50 they became.known as the verona band of Alameda.County the AMA mood soon became known as.the San Juan Bautista band of San Benito.County and the folks down in Monterey.would call the Monterey band of Monterey.County under the jurisdiction so by 1913.there is allocations in 1906 1908 for.the homeless Indian Act to start.purchasing land for homeless Indians.kelsey is added from 1905 or nineteen oh.six to nineteen thirteen when he retires.he is eighteen thousand dollars in debt.out of his own pocket in trying to help.California onions he was a good dude.before Kelsey retired congressman raker.seems to be an also good guy asked in.full of this from the Roseburg files.which by the way disappeared for a while.I don't know if they've been brought.back but Scott keep seems to have.removed them you want to know about the.Indians of California their treaty.regulations reports mate on the.conditions statement of what has been.furnished.the various tribes of California sorry.we're going too fast this is the various.tribal groups that sign the various.treaties that was the black my territory.and then we're going to be moved to the.interior as party of M and E he asked it.to say 18 treaties would never ratified.or subsidiary these agreements were made.said dr statewide stops and measures.have been taken to extinguish the right.said rights to the land is finding the.unread ified treaties so Kelsey and his.formal capacity response none of the.treaties mentioned in the Senate.document would ever run by the.government took everything seated in the.treaties and more for example the.reservations and paid nothing absolutely.no steps of managers hadn't taken to.extinguish the rights of the tribes to.the lens describing the treaties unravel.fide in any way shape or form I'm not.making this up the site writes on my.properly bands of Indians are all nearly.in existence today but in reduced.numbers and I love this one in this.closing the Indian office did not even.have a record of the 18 treaties until.we dug them out of the secret archives.of the Senate special Indian agent for.California so here again here is Alameda.County 30 Kelsey steps down as Barry.Trotz Asbury from Reno become special.Indian agent he's got to pick up you all.says Reno to deal with his agent saying.and the reason why these guys are.highlighted here is I own there's lower.lake there is Verona they were all set.up for a land purchase the reason why.I'm showing this is that the argument we.made is that with I own being restored.reaffirmed to the assistant secretary a.two deer in 1994 lower leg being.restored by Kevin goat over in two.thousand we argued that.onna molecular which they are even more.wet member honor the same were similarly.situated they were equally listed as.stakeholders under the jurisdiction of.the federal government for purchases.purposes so it's a federal action so.while everybody is waiting for land.acquisition at least six of the.molecular men serve overseas in world.war one Golden Gate National Parks our.buddies up there will not acknowledge.that there even buried at the Golden.Gate National Cemetery they served in.the Marine Corps they served in the Army.and they served in the Navy and the.earliest one enlists in 1914 America.doesn't at the war believe in October.1917 that could be wrong anyway so lo.echamos are still dying 1921 listed as.Indian buried at ohlone son lonny.cemetery in Irvington and then we know.that the 1923 the Indians who have no.land in California their jurisdiction is.under the we got the annual report from.Jenkins and he lists several of the.tribes San Benito those of the AMA.Monterey those are the esalen and the.Salina tribes from San Miguel in San.Antonio Alameda Verona 30 they're all.listed of having noted and whatsoever.1924 under Calvin Coolidge Indians.become citizens AHA and California.Indians know about the unread ified.treaties so various groups and lawyers.get together and they plan to sue where.they starts doing the United States.government again in user duck' 9 Martin.Guzman he's the last one we can find it.very at mission san jose at the eloni.cemetery kroeber 1925 publishes the.coast known group is extinct and.lafayette a dorrington this was a great.one that I'll Logan slightly pulled out.Torrington appears was a lieutenant.colonel.in the army he was a prison warden in.the Philippines he akar serrated the.Filipino leadership during the.spanish-american war he was a drunk so.what do you do with drunks you elevate.them what do you do within competence.you put him in position as political.hacks so he was thing by 1923 he is.named superintendent at Sacramento and.he receives a series of directives to.list by County all of the tribes and.bands under his jurisdiction who have.yet to receive land so Congress can plan.for allocations in 1929 that video he.says is one big income in Alameda County.coming knows the Verona ban which.consists about 30 individuals located.near the town of her own he was supposed.to make on-site visits he never visited.anybody in 1926 he was one of the.earliest advocates for terminating the.California tribes the recognized drives.hmm so we know there's no such places.the town of Verona there's ever been and.then he says it does not appear at the.present time there's need for the.purchase of land to establishment their.tribe lished their homes he would then.proceed to go county by county and he.ended up and we'll use the word.terminate with a small T as opposed to.the formal 135 tribal bands and from.from on the radar screen is federally.recognized drives this is what we.presented to office of federal.acknowledgement to george roth and he.wrote up his paper the draft paper and.federal acknowledgement when we asked.for a copy that was promised John debrun.said no copy exists it took Rachel.Joseph to rankle a copy at the end of.1996 from interior but we got so this is.supposedly the last point of federal.recognition.independently from 19 21 to 19 30 this.variant winguist is interviewing the.elders of the tribes one is jose was.mine the other one is weird in los.angeles call us the woman i showed you.on the census she dies in 1930 1929 he.also interviews amongst the armor x 10cm.solon son of a cervantes she passes away.in january nineteen thirty and Isabelle.meadows from the Monterey people i want.to point out this is the cervantes.velasquez conference room is made out.there is concern from his interviews we.find that the entire annuals were much.intermarry with the Chicanos cho-jen use.of the people for mission san jose the.other folks of omission santa clara the.dialects are similar 1929 we see the.word magma but it's not the first time.it's known but we see it meaning la.gente so I hid when we give.presentations people say mawag m'a.molecular we never heard of this fake.tribe called magma that's what they call.themselves so in 1928 the close of the.threatened lawsuits congress passes the.act to prevent the Californians from.suing and they create the californian.jurisdictional act and provided several.provisions one it provided and gave.permission for the state attorney.general Webb to sue the United States.government over the 8.5 million acres of.land to you had to prove that your.ancestors resided in the state as of.1850 23 if your child was born after may.eighteen nineteen twenty eight they were.no longer allowed legally be considered.Indian under the jurisdiction it's like.a form of ethnic cleansing so some of.the movements were full Bloods and half.Bloods Mission San Jose San I don't mean.accounting they're the only tried to use.mission san jose and alameda county.Yama's use mission san juan bautista and.San San Benito County people than.massillon used carmel mission um again.some of the foam blood.try belongs to the mission indian tribe.mission san jose of francesco Guzman and.her kids husband was Mission San Jose.here's some of the families this is.Sheila Guzman she's on the council today.and on the language committee Martin.Guzman was one of the children Francesca.died in 1942 or a race is red Katherine.marine Katherine Peralta again this is.one of mandy's ancestors she was married.to Lucas marine he was half blood she.also was married to his older brother.and some of the Marines this is Joe he's.not really of the Uncle Joe he's not a.marine in the real sense but Marvin your.dad and and Lawrence our descendants.there but they also are traditional.dances this is Franklin Pena and then.Lucas Marine the interesting thing here.is that some of them used the term alone.ease this is the only of the three.tribes that historically used the term.Maloney's said my mother is avelina.marine and he says my mother's parents.belong to Mission San Jose this is 1930.this is 50 years before I meet rosemary.and saying that the documents are at.mission san jose these mother was.Adelina fact I'm 1564 another family so.these are the documents we try to submit.but the bureau says you can't use it.this guy who's an elder is very.interesting Jose Urbano go look at what.fred baker writes the applicant is a.full-blooded Indian he's one of the last.surviving members of the mission san.jose indian band it's an entity and the.bureau rejected this is evidenced by.saying we don't know what he meant by.band it's too ambiguous you can't use it.and they also argued that this is self.identification.although Baker was not a moment or Hanks.new California it was a judge and so she.uses along Ian over here this is.Rosemary's mother and uncles and aunts.that's Rosemary's mother and rosemary.who i met 1980 Albert ariano he was the.baby the Lord's marine and got the kids.surfing world with 2 e's in the tank.division he was in the hundred first.airborne division he's born 1922 he was.born in a federally recognized tribe we.went to Washington DC in 2006 we talked.to a non-indian acting assistant.secretary Jason Liz his name I think Jim.cason Hank says I served in 101 Airborne.Division I landed at Utah Beach I was.born into a federally recognized tribe I.come back from the war all my relatives.are told we are no longer an Indian.tribe we are no longer recognized as.Indians can you explain that and of.course being a good Republican he says.sure we'll look into it and in many.cases Democrats are not that much better.so then his mother writes a letter in.1936 asking about the Indian deal they.were suffering they had no houses that.the pressure was on says x ray she's.woke my great-grandfather was chief of.the tribe of Pleasanton four years later.she gets a letter four years later 1940.from Nash superintending she said mrs..Gallin shona on the role of one half.Indian blood but does not have ward.status therefore it's not eligible for.any age and then one of the kids your.granddad is too dark to go to school in.the east bay so as a que they ship them.off to Indian boarding school so what do.you need to be to go to Indian boarding.school you need to be Indian the bureau.says you can't use this as evidence 1931.in 1939 when he gets the graduate.Tim man whose grandmother was pansy pots.she was I guess pregnant nineteen forty.with Lawrence but he enlists in the.Marine Corps treasure island that's him.up there handsome dude he is in every.single major battle from Guadalcanal all.the way to the Ricou use and no.historian will write about these men and.later on women who served overseas.because they're from a landless tribe an.unrecognized tribe and many of your.families also served with honor and.dignity he was I by using he's 108 and.he was in the 82nd Airborne Division in.the 500 Nathe our trip division so some.of the other kids in the 40s go to.Indian boarding school up a chihuahua.cowlitz use as their evidence for.federal recognition kids attending in.the embodying schools these were federal.actions molec may try to use the same.president and the bureau says no we're.still using it now that Hilary Tompkins.who's Navajo senior solicitor of Egeria.basically said that Collier never.defined federal recognition what we have.is evidence of any federal action such.as children going to Indian boarding.schools the Bureau is still fighting.tooth and nail and then after David this.is patrina marine they roll in the Bay.Area in Eden Council 47 the second BIA.enrollment for the heads of households.one hundred and fifty dollars were.issued for the value of 8.5 million.acres of land and Kaylin was right they.deducted every dollar spent to kill.Indians every bullet spent so the 8.5.million acres of land that you see there.in black Cobra changed his mind he sided.with the California Indians during the.claim case in 54.he says the survivors are there may even.be full Bloods racially or biologically.the stock is not extinct but they can no.longer provide the anthropologist.acquired knowledge about the group that.he would like to preserve what pickle.but they submitted in a formal docket to.the federal courts and they used mission.san jose and the other missions as well.for survivorship of 1955 the bureau said.you cannot use this even though it was.accepted by the Secretary of Interior.and the federal courts in the claims.case then here is what the enrollments.look life of the 1950s the tribe started.to save it cemetery it was joined by the.American Indian Historical Society in.San Francisco rubric costo and Jeanette.Henry and all of a sudden the tribe.starts showing up in various.publications and letters Don Edwards.advocated in 1966 to try to put the.protect the Loney cemetery it was being.sold off 4,000 Indians buried there so.they show up in the newspaper stories.written by tribal members and this is.the third BIA applications for the heads.of households and they use alone it also.only tried to use alone the Indian tribe.one guy Ernest Thompson was a guy.Alcatraz and you know national parks no.one here that and his son is who served.in Vietnam era is a tribal councilman.Margaret Sanchez alone the Indian she.just passed away she's Rosemary's aunt.and that's our son and Monica Riano and.then in 1972 there was a settlement for.64 million four hundred and twenty-five.thousand acres of land 64 million four.hundred twenty-five thousand acres of.land and the payment was for six hundred.and sixty eight dollars and fifty-one.sense there's a check that was never.cached one of the relations of Paul and.other family members here uh Tony Corona.would also carry around his proudly show.his check they can catch him they told.here's the money for you on 602 upside.64 million four hundred twenty-five.thousand acres of land but cushioning.you can't have lain what we're going to.do is make you rich 1972 take this money.and build your futures with it right and.so the tribe incorporating they created.the eloni Indian tribe incorporated in.the handbook they show up there Malcolm.Margolin's book the little only way is.absolutely useless that's all he says.never talk to the living people rosemary.now shows up for the eloni Tribal.Council that's her in a mom and then.Stanford returns 550 burials this guy.says I'd be willing to bet PhD.anthropologist from Berkeley when we.went up there to show them the documents.didn't have to look at it academic.freedom rosemary mother said it was.academic fraud this is the reburial 550.burial by OPM and then rosemary gets a.letter the tribes heads in their letter.of petition and they talk about because.of the significance and the word.permanence of acknowledgement is a tribe.once you're federally recognized you're.permanently recognized and only Congress.can terminate that status creates.establishes a perpetual government.government relationship of the United.States this is the response to the.letter petition so anyway Rosemary's.invited by goes to the White House with.other representatives from the.unacknowledged strides at the Clinton.White House in 1996 they get the.pleasanton over on a band of Allen was.previously acknowledged between nineteen.fourteen twenty seven the band was among.the groups identified as bands under the.jurisdiction of the Indian agency at.Sacramento.the agency dealt with the barona ban is.a group and identified as a distinct.social political entity the band was.among the bands proposed by a special.California Indian agent 1944 homesite.land under the Appropriations homeless.act which began 1906 the interesting.thing here is that after magma asked if.we have previous unambiguous federal.recognition how we will be legally.terminated Lee Fleming and Neil McCaleb.said we are going to help Indians we're.going to revise the regulations we will.no longer deal with previous recognition.we will put it at the very end of the.process after you've met all the.criteria the way we want you to meet so.every tribe that his requested previous.recognition has been slammed by Lee.Fleming legislation out of the ACC IP.California tribal status that.clarification act the moments were.listed the southern Sierra me wat nation.of Yosemite were listed and it went ever.went out of committee state of.California march from you recognized the.three tribes in obtaining recognition.molec Mahama Association of United.States Army for mom would soon and the.esalen and molec ma even Condoleezza.Rice I hate to say before she was.criminal she wrote a letter of support.um and then even the Bureau of Indian.Affairs this is a Michael Smith acting.area director like like the wording on.this one the Bureau of Indian Affairs.Sacramento is ready to assist to let me.counsel mo mo moany tribe in seeking.administrative federal recognition are.the basis your tribes were never.terminated I am NOT making this up I'm.just highlighting it in yellow.and then more recently publications like.donald dolan ervil's book starts.acknowledging the existence of the magma.and other tribes then they sued in order.to expedite under APA Ministry of.procedures act judge said 24 years is.too long two years is too long so they.made a formal determination which was.never disputed by the Bureau that the.magma tribe is a band of a tribe of.along indians indigenous president san.francisco bay area in the early part of.the 20th century the Department of the.Interior recognized the molecular tried.as an Indian tribe under the.jurisdiction of the United States even.when the bureau declined to restore the.tribe they refer to the Magma's as a.historic tribe in the final.determination so the bureau did not even.dispute this AMA has the same almost.identical documentation asthma weapon.and so do other previously recognized.tribes in California Cruz Bustamante.wrote a letter says you know demonstrate.is a trust relationship with the United.States of 1906 to the present Congress.has never terminated use the lieutenant.governor and some of the people through.the 1940s the 50s you know they carried.on their lives their meetings the.gatherings Christmastime at camping and.no one no assistant secretary no.decision maker looked at any of these.evidence until right before Larry.echo-hawk left office and I think we.were there in November of 2011 so these.are just the faces of the next.generation you know the multiplying.Stanford renamed the building in 1986.Lueck mojado means House of the people.we do their own CRM everything I write.about is owned by the tribe intellectual.property and now they were even.proposing to make the language of.northern.called molecular this is Randy Milliken.and now this is was before the courts.and the judge judge Walton slammed.interior in this lawsuit he said show me.an administrative record where you.treated mawag m'a and inform them clear.and cogent evidence that you treated.molecular the same as lower lake and i.own and they failed so we thought we won.the lawsuit someone went down to the.court and said that the molecular tribe.had settled they took the tribe off the.docket for a year and a half as the.tribe was waiting for three years for a.response and then some new Clark.probably some ultra conservative.mcclurkin everything completely ignoring.everything the judge had originally.opinioned reversing it 360 degrees lumps.like what I do nadie degrees that's full.circle and unique aim so then the tribe.went to the federal appeals court when.we were just there in September two of.the judges that's all you need out of.the three slammed interior for this.history of screw-ups of the bureau of.indian affairs with tribes so we now.think and they made some possibility of.negotiations with a Kevin Washburn that.they could kind of control things a.little better if they sell them with the.tribe and say we have an administrative.error take home Don Bakersfield was.restored january two thousand eleven.just before echo-hawk left okay they.used or Linda Locklear used the malekko.lawsuit this one to argue that the.assistant secretary has full authority.to waive the regulations and restore the.tribe Scott keep argued that he did not.have to accept as precedence when he was.Solicitor the restoration of I own the.two Alaskan tribes and lower.he was in charge he controlled the.Gateway he controlled everything since.1973 he's been there okay so they used.the fact that in this lawsuit even.though magma lost it was the fact that.the assistant secretary has full.authority to waive the regulations to.benefit the tribes and they did so they.tested it and no one challenged it with.the tejon ruling it means that there is.a great deal of hope for previous.California recognized drives especially.will wet the wings anyway that's all I.got to do bye okay so there any question.sorry for being long-winded but I try to.take you through a process that we've.gone through and there is a glimmer of.hope so any any question i hope i.answered some questions while talking.night well anyway so thank you and we.want you guys to be able to emulate this.we want you to be able to emulate kind.of the model that we use especially if.the tribe gets a positive determination.either from from interior or the courts.at the end of this you sir yeah thank.you very much out and you just be clear.where you're at down you're basically.under appeal a decision and then you.went in and they provided testimony and.you're awaiting the decision from the.Big Apple in court yes the appeals.that's correct in Washington DC and all.like I said it's a three panel judge two.of the judges looked like they will.favor the tribe and that's all you need.to reverse everything and they would.remand that to try to be restored placed.back on the list of federally recognized.tribes because federal courts do have.that authority and you said you're.expected if I the end of the year you're.hoping yeah we're expecting it because.the clerk's have to go through all the.case case law right up the positions and.everything but in the meantime there is.kind of hints of discussions behind the.scenes with the Obama administration to.move to restore the tribe or reaffirm.the tribe as a federally recognized.tribe they may do it before there is an.outcome because everyone's waiting and.holding their breath with the elections.all right don't look for any bright days.in the future if Romney is elected so.let's say and I'm not a Democrat I'm a.vegetarian any other questions so anyway.that's a case history no tomorrow they.give him the chair right from the BIA.and we also argued and the fact that it.was accepted by the federal courts in.the Secretary of the Interior their.argument is that they went back to the.argument that there is no entity called.California Indians even though that was.seven that there could be an entity that.would be named in the legislation in the.process but they argued that the BIA.represents self-identification we do.have a letter that from Holly record.george roth in debrun via dina magdaleno.in the acc IP that the magma or any.other tribe could use the 1928 census in.conjunction with other documents to.prove that they for their continuous.existence and for identification the.Cherokees in 1909 to sherry yet.Cherokees had a la faim settlement in.1909 that looked exactly like these BIA.applications it's called the guy enroll.the porch creaks from Alabama claimed.wrote wrote filled out plains.enrollment documents and will reject it.but even though they were rejected they.were still viewed as valid evidence so.the Bureau has no standards the bureau.the bureau and knowing that there's.internets and warfare the warfare was if.I can lift this up a second.oh well that sucks ok so the these guys.these permanent staff argue that they.should have the sole authority to make.decisions and the decision-maker should.just rubber-stamp whatever they say.under the Bush administration that's.what happens you remember dave anderson.i think as they was he was family was a.michigan he was famous for flipping.hamburgers that was his expertise as the.assistant secretary under the bush.administration so there was internet in.warfare going on when Kevin Gover was.assistant secretary his staff.independently reviewed on their own.merits petitions and documents where was.rejected here it was accepted here and.that's why they pushed for the.reaffirmation of Lower Lake shunick and.I've had a king salmon i think was.called from alaska but under these guys.are supposedly not allowed to make.decisions and as we found out they're.not even allowed to look at the evidence.that's what Scott keep basically.prevented and then recently under the.Obama administration they did move them.out they got rid of Edith blackwell who.is another loom and then she was a.solicitor and then you've also got rid.of Barbara tones they moved her out but.Scott keep and Barbara were there at the.hearings in September for the moet.McKay's so even though they moved out we.still don't know that they stole they.they weasel their way in back into.positions of authority so it's ugly but.it doesn't have to be permanently ugly.not like me okay.the.

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Utilizing electronic signatures in Gmail is such a easy and simply tool. It is specifically designed for busy businessmen. With CocoSign, and you will surely be among our hundreds of happy users.

How to create an e-signature for the Ucsc Parental Guarantee 2012 Form straight from your smartphone?

smartphones are the most convenient electronic devices used at this age. You must be interested in using e-signature from this most used electronic device.

Furthermore, with eSignature capability on your mobile phone, you can e-sign your document anytime, anywhere, away from your laptop or desktop. You can utilize CocoSign electronic signature on your mobiles by following these tips:

  1. Open the CocoSign website from your mobile browser. Login to your CocoSign account or sign up with us if you don't have registered before.
  2. Open the document you need to e-sign from your mobile folder.
  3. Open the document and drag the page where you want to put the electronic signatures.
  4. Select 'My Signatures'.
  5. Generate your electronic signature and download it to the page.
  6. Select 'Done'.
  7. Get the document or directly share through email.

That's it. You will be done signing your Ucsc Parental Guarantee 2012 Form on your mobiles within minutes. With CocoSign's remote signature features, you no longer need to worry about the price of your electronic signatures and use our product of your choice.

How to create an e-signature for the Ucsc Parental Guarantee 2012 Form on iOS?

Many tools have a more complicated setup when you start using them on an iOS device like the iPhone or iPad. However, you can sign document online quickly with CocoSign, either using the iOS or Android operating system.

Below guides will help you to e-sign your Ucsc Parental Guarantee 2012 Form from your iPad or iPhone:

  1. Download the CocoSign software on your iOS device.
  2. Generate your CocoSign account or login if you have a previous one.
  3. You can also sign in through Google and Facebook.
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  7. Save the changes and save your Ucsc Parental Guarantee 2012 Form .
  8. You can also share it to other people or upload it to the cloud for future use.

Select CocoSign electronic signature solutions and enjoy productively working on your iOS devices.

How to create an electronic signature for the Ucsc Parental Guarantee 2012 Form on Android?

Recently, Android gadgets are handy used. Therefore, to help out its customers, CocoSign has developed the software for Android users. You can use the following guides to e-sign your Ucsc Parental Guarantee 2012 Form from Android:

  1. Download the CocoSign app from Google Play Store.
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  5. Create your e-signature in another pop-up window.
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CocoSign allows you to generate a large number of electronic signatures 24/7. Connect with us now to automate your document signing.

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