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hello everyone welcome to global.compliance panels live webinar on GMP.expectations for phase one products my.name is Johnson and I'm going to be a.host for today's session on behalf of.the global compliance Powell team I'd.like to thank you for being a part of.today's event today's webinar will be.presented by dr. Steven s Kawara dr..Cora PhD is the founder and principal of.GXP biotechnology LLP a consulting firm.that works in the areas covered by the.GL p and GMP of drugs biologics and.nutraceuticals dr. Cora has over 30.years of experience in supervising.Quality Control laboratories including.an animal testing facility and in.performing GLP and GMP audits of.internal and external testing.laboratories dr. Clara is participated.in development of drugs and biologicals.through all phases of clinical research.and final product production we are.honored to have such a distinguished.person such as dr. Kawara returns to.present today's webinar before we begin.I'd like to inform you of the program.outline for today's training session.this webinar is for 90 minutes duration.first dr. quarrel will take you through.today's webinar highlighting the areas.that will be covered and he would then.share with you this presentation please.be informed that all our participants.once part of the teleconference have.been placed on mute and will remain so.until eternity begins towards the end of.the webinar we also request you to hold.your questions back until a Q&A window.begins ten minutes of time is allotted.for the Q&A if for any reason you get.logged out of this training session on.teleconference please follow the same.procedure to join in again now that.we're ready to start I request dr..Kawara to take it from you dr. Kumar.okay well thank you dancing on.I am going to talk about something that.has been poor major pain for a lot of.people and this hits those of you who.are working in development areas.especially um there has been for a long.time maybe and I emphasize the word.unique in the industry that in early.page work you don't need all of the.three other week on this is not true it.was it was a myth that was created by.the fact that there are certain parts of.the main GM weeks that are not.applicable to the work that you do in.early case our studies however this does.not mean that you can not use EMPs at.all and that's what we will talk about.here now early phase studies as sort of.as we find here is some well they're.after the non-clinical GOP side and.they're before the formal phase one.study not I will want to be formal phase.one study is when you actually get in.and you know you get permission to go.into a small number of usually normal.human being now the problem here is that.before you get to this this stage there.are many well I guess they're sort of.referred to as many studies where you do.investigations youths are quite often.with so-called micro doses and other.small amounts of material and they're.considered to be fairly safe in that the.dose you give is not likely to be toxic.in all this but at the same time if you.go into humans and and this is the.important thing to remember the law the.Food Drug and Cosmetic Act sense that if.you.into human you must have produced the.material on through the use of the GMP.and this is the whole patch here now.we're we're looking at the area between.GOP studies and the formal or including.the formal page one study but after you.conclude the page one and go into a.place to study on you have to go into.the main one now these studies that I'm.talking about usually involve things.like for P case studies and normal.people um and aadmi studies again and.normal and some of this thing is going.into sort of a mishmash um here's the.catch I mean you know you will get.laboratories that test material from.clinical studies and tell you that well.you know they they're using GFP.principle now DLP itself has some.problems because there's a clinical dmg.LPS or pharmaceutical GL fees and then.there's environmental geo fees and a.whole bunch of odd gops that are out.there and some of the testing.laboratories claim to be GLP compliant.but they're not GM you compile um from.my point of view the whole thing sort of.ridiculous because people who are afraid.to the GMP studies will then do.so-called GOP studies when in fact the.effort needed to do both properly is.about the same so you really don't save.much by going to GOP studies at this.level but you know that confusion is.awful so now let's take a look first of.all q7a here is our the GM means for API.your active pharmaceutical ingredients.level two the bulk drug and this has.been around since office 2000.one so it's quite well is level and.there is a section in q7 a of section 19.which covers a P is for use in clinical.trials so the minute you go over into.clinical trials even the raw material.that you use in other words the bulk.drug arm has to come under GMP and these.are the GMP s as given in q7 a now.people will tell you that q7 a in the.United States is nothing more than a.guidance document which is true what FDA.has said that everything that's in q7 a.can be found in the main GMP in 211 210.211 and the catch here are 21 CFR and 11.are the mangy MPs and you can look at.the API G MPs and you can sort of see a.correspondent now it turns out that in.early clinical trials especially the.material of that you manufacturer your.manufacturing procedures usually do not.need to meet full GMP for various.reasons and so I'm showing you here a.table on it's a table of contents.actually of what in section 19 of q7 a.and we'll cover these sections pretty.much quickly but notices this you know.it stated that not all the controls of.our appropriate for manufacturing equal.I remember this API is under the.Bellevue api's are considered to be part.of the GMP have to be made by BMP and.the specific guidance here of is what we.will talk about shortly.but notice this statement down here one.struggle one development regional stage.will be API is useful drug product.invented for clinical file on you the.manufacturer have to make sure that the.API we use are in now suitable facility.using appropriate production or control.procedures on that statement there.covers a whole area of work actually.so let's let's go ahead and talk about.this now the first thing is is that you.have to have a quality unit and again.the quality unit should be independent.from production and now some of the.testing functions commonly performed by.quality units can be done in other.organizational units now later on you'll.see that allowance is made at the API.level for the idea of having some of.your manufacturing people do QC testing.for instance but there's you know a.bunch of conditions attachable now what.you're going to find is that q7a came.out way before the GMP for page 1.product and what has happened here is.that the arm which would the GMP so.we'll talk about later have been set so.that they sort of match up to the GMP s.into seven eight.now again quality measuring system for.testing of raw materials now one of the.things that take let's take a look at.this only one where they talk about.control of raw material this is not the.raw material that goes into your final.pharmaceutical this is these are the raw.materials that are used in producing the.API so this is you know one of the.important distinctions here so we eat we.not only have to check the raw material.that goes into the finished.pharmaceutical but also the raw material.that goes into the manufacture of the.API now this can be a problem for some.of you because you are contracting with.other organizations to make api's and.this means that you must make sure that.that organization has control over the.raw materials that is music and and this.can be a problem because in some.countries and some types of products are.especially biologic establishment of the.quality of the raw material can be a.real problem now you have to evaluate.all of your process and quality problems.and the labeling like that off or use an.API should be appropriate and control.now I will suggest to you that you know.your controls here are GMP control and.there's no point in saying that well.this is the MP for the Eifel we don't.need to do this and then oh this is the.RTMP for finished products or wounded.will be that difficult actually.why don't you just go through one system.it saved you a lot of rescue and bother.you along your equipment and facilities.have to be controlled and including.things like small scale facilities you.know in the early stages of your work.and especially when you produce material.for page one clinical trial.you may be making small packets and.these are batches may be made in a.laboratory setting rather than a real.manufacturing setting but even then of.these in your small-scale facility you.should have procedures in place to make.sure that you've got equipment that's.calibrated clean and suitable for.intended museu otherwise known as.qualified on now notice this when it.says procedures they're talking about.SOPs which means somebody better get.down low and start rolling off of these.for your equipment at facility on again.in your facility you have to make sure.that the material example in a way to.minimize risk of contamination or cross.contamination for people who do prep at.the lab scale one of the problems here.is that a lot of times in your.laboratory you're going to have people.that are doing other kinds of work and.there is always the possibility that.their work or the material that they use.could contaminate the material that.you're preparing for the clinical trial.so you have to make sure and especially.if you go out and evaluate your API.matter factual all you have to make sure.that the handling and procedures.minimize the chance of.cross-contamination from other world.your raw materials here are at the API.level should be evaluated now by testing.which you know is the usual thing or you.can receive it with the suppliers.analysis otherwise known as a.certificate of analysis but remember C.obeys by themselves are never enough.you must have additional identity tested.and you know the identity tests are.fairly simple and straightforward but.that has to be done you can't just.accept on a CEO they are long and this.is true for finished product raw.material as well as for API gamma cool.now.if the raw material is considered.evidence then you can go on the seal.they along the suppliers analysis but.remember that when you accept on a sea.of a the testing that is shown in the.sea of a must satisfy the requirements.for your product so if the sea obey you.know for instance if there is a one of.one of the better examples here is that.you have a requirement for low levels of.heavy metals or specifically say for low.levels of lead or mercury or something.like that and the certificate of.analysis doesn't show that does not show.analysis were heavy metals or something.like this then the certificate of.analysis alone is not enough.you must do additional testing and you.may have to send the thing out for heavy.metals testing if necessary and on top.of that you still need to do the.identity pasty.now some cases you can determine.suitability and this is also true for.tenet product from raw material you can.do it by use testing in other words you.test the material in your process at.small scale and this is used testing and.if it's acceptable when that kind of our.work then you can proceed with you to.net for your actual manufacture.production should be documented now at.this stage you can have documentation in.laboratory notebooks or batch records.and it says other appropriate means this.would include electronic records that.you use our documents include.information on use of the production.material equipment processing in.scientific observation so this is pretty.much like a regular battery walk.expected mules are allowed to be more.variable and less defined and here's the.thing investigations in reveal.variations are not expected in other.words if you have a OS or out of.specification result of and the.specification would be a yield.specification um you don't have to.identify in and investigate if there's.yield variation and this is at the API.level remember this is not of the.product law.process validation is normally.inappropriate remember this this is at.the API level because they're talking.about small number to leap god battery.now here's the thing if you go on to.batches produced for commercial use.in other words when you know by the time.you've got a licensed product on then it.refers you to perception 12 now we're in.nineteen this is 12 section 12 of q7a.talks about process validation and what.is expected for a PRS so you need to go.to that when you reach the point where.you're going to commercial production.but not necessarily when you're dealing.with clinical trials changes are.expected you see this is a thing in your.early clinical trials you know you may.discover things that will cause you to.have to change some of your.specifications your procedures and all.of this especially when you're going.through scale-up and now remember this.is talking about all of your clinical.trials not just the page one and so as.you go from phase 1 to phase 3.especially your soap opera typical.trials.you're going to start to make larger and.larger box of material and sometimes.when you're doing that scale up that's.when you discover that there are some.problems with scale-up and you may need.to adjust your procedures and processes.you all go along with it however.remember this every change in production.methods specifications or test.procedures should be recorded.the laboratory controls on now here's a.tattoo and I want you to remember this.statement in cue 7 8 it says that.analytical methods to evaluate APR for.clinical trial may not get be validated.nonetheless they should be.scientifically song um you know it's one.of these statements that sort of self.contradictory because how did you.determine that they're scientifically.sound well one of the ways you do it is.by validation of the Sidra.now the assumption is made here in this.part of the our regulations that at this.stage you may be while producing api's.and action because you're in early.stages the api manufacturer may not yet.be well developed and your test methods.may not get be well developed and so at.this stage you may not have fully.validated analytical method but remember.this your analytical methods are part of.your senses as you know they're your.eyes and your ears this is how you know.whether or not you've got good material.and if you are.analytical methods are not quite up to.snuff on this is like going around with.bad eyesight.for instance or bad hearing I mean.you're going to tend to miss things now.a system for retaining reserve samples.of all Patrick's and and this is very.important for anybody on working with.material at this stage keep retention.samples now I admit for some of you.especially in early stages the material.you're using is could be very expensive.and keeping retention sample is going to.be expensive for you but I will tell you.that in the long run you will be glad.you kept this retention sample because.without these samples later on it may be.very difficult who that the material you.use in your early phase studies had the.same characteristics as the material.you're going to use in your bulk.um nutball um in your pivotal clinical.trials in your full-scale clinical.trials.you should keep for an appropriate.length of time after approval.termination of discontent of an.application so we're talking about IND.at this at this point.expiration and retest dating applies to.existing API using clinical trials and.it does not not 11.6 is the section of.q7a that deals with stability testing.and expiration date and it says for new.api's however you may not have the.information and so 11.6 does not apply.in early stages of clinical trial okay.so this would be where you're first.starting to make the API you may not.have have these retest and exploration.things at that point but when the API is.become sort of established you should.have exploration or retest ad on the.material.documentation.remember document everything is the.whole business sort of floats on a sea.of documents and you should have a.system in place make sure that your.information is documented and it's.available on development and.implementation of the analytical methods.or should be documented system for.retaining production and control record.tributes and other you better have.archives or at least a documentation.system that retains all this information.on there's a couple of captures here.because.in this early stage when you're first.starting to develop your product you're.going to find that a lot of the quality.by design our efforts in what is known.as q8 and which is the development of.guidance document for my CH a lot of.these provisions of God and the impact.however may not be may not hit you until.you get into later stages or add you.actually file an IND for instance or I.mean rather an NDA you file or ble were.you filing for a license on the problem.here is that this documentation may be.for very early work that would be many.years before you filed the big.application and yet if you screw it up.at this stage later on when people are.preparing the license application and.everything if they can't find the.documentation that's needed there can be.many problems because you got year.before that and check so you know I.really told you that at this stage make.sure you've got a good documentation.system okay that ends q7a now that.talked about the api's that you're going.to use to make the product reviews on.clinical trials now FDA came up with a.license it's an amendment the DMV.basically um that says here and and they.this was published the direct final rule.of it came out in the Federal Register.in 2007 and basically the summary was.this um they concluded that the full.cgmp regulations arm should be exempt in.most phase one investigational drug.now remember this they're talking about.phase 1 investigation of growth nothing.else.FDA continues to exercise oversight.another develop regulate you by other.means are mainly through the rules for.the IND and remember this is a 21 CFR.312 that covers the IND process and the.early clinical trial on material the.rule became effective in 2008 on.September 15 and be well you know they.say several reasons we're talking about.the rule here and here here's the catch.they tell you well they're trying to.justify this whole thing and saying that.they still have statutory or control.over the drug even though it's being.used in a clinical trial and it's and.they're exempted you from 3lv now you.know it's kind of strange it does not it.must be in conformity with current good.manufacturing practices because of these.statements in the Food Drug and Cosmetic.Act.remember USC United States Code is the.federal law.this is codification of federal law and.the arm 21 USC covers the drugs the Food.and Drug Act.now second they have a cathartic through.the IND process and they talk now this.is funny 1 CFR 312 is what they're.talking about here not us see this is.the portal Code of Federal Regulations.and it tells you that well you still.have to submit CMC information and it'll.and this tells FDA of what you're doing.to ensure safety and quality of the drug.and remember this on you are subject to.auditing or inspection by FDA of.beginning at the IND level they can step.in and say ok you know are you doing.what you said you're going to do in the.eye and be.and finally here's the actual um.modification of the regulations that the.modification was made in 210 now.remember this G MPs are actually in 21.CFR - tongue as well as school 11 not to.11 is considered to be the main part of.the tree of beef but 210 is the.introduction.[Music].okay now this is to ten point to see.and the arm.modification was made real um it said.it's subject they're described in three.1221 investigational drug they're still.subject to the Food Drug and Cosmetic.Act here however production of the drug.is example compliance with regulations.in part 2 11.2:11 being the actual you know.manufacturing regulation no no however.we always watch out for whoever FDA.stable it does not apply to an eye on me.once the eye on the drug has been made.available for use or by the sponsor in a.page cool things in spotting.so as soon as you cross over into phase.2 and phase 3 study the drug becomes.subject to the full GMP and these.exemptions only apply to a drug that has.never been used in a page two or phase.three study or ever given a license so.remember that this is for early.development work on a new drug that has.not been taken through development of by.you know of by another laboratory for.instance this well okay if you take a.say a licensed group that's out there.being manufactured by a big pharma.company royalty and you're going to make.that broad as a generic and with the.idea of using that for another.indication that's not you know indicated.by the label at all you will want to.step back and do a phase one study just.to establish that it's saved at the. you're going to use and with.the formulation you're going to use at.that point however because the thing was.licensed you still have to do full-scale.GMP for producing the material for this.phase one study.if on the other hand the drug is.completely new it's never been through.Paige smoothly and onward study then.you're exempt from the 211th.that's that's the whole point is that um.but once it's been made available or it.has been lawfully marketed in other word.you know you've got a rifle for this.thing or once that's happened you must.comply with rule 11 now not only.happened by you but happen in the.industry okay so you can't claim that.well you know for us this is a new.product and we're taking it into page.one for the first time for this.indication or if the things been out.there on the market it's still subject.to pull it is now subject to fold VLP.now here's the companion guidance that.went with that previous rule okay here's.the thing here's the rule it's the.amendment to the rule they do to the GMP.now this guidance here was added to tell.you what are the GM feeds that you have.to follow remember that it you are.exempted from 211 but the Food Drug and.Cosmetic Act still says that you must.follow GFP so what FDA did was that it.came back with this guidance document.that says this is these are the GMP s.for phase one bottle and this was dated.November of 2007 but the real effective.date on it was July 15th of 2008.and notice that it comes in from the.drugs people cedar comes in through.Sieber and it's the office of regulatory.affair notice there's no drugs people no.CDRH and there is no CBM neither.veterinary medicine.now here's the introduction to the thing.our guidance applies as part of cGMP.quality control principles to the.manufacturing of phase one from on and.it goes on basically they're just.telling you that okay even though you're.at page one.we still need to comply with good.quality practices and and the light now.this one is important it does not apply.this guidance document of this new GMP.do not apply to first human cell or.tissue product that are solely under 361.of the Public Health Service l or for.those of you who do sell or gene therapy.these products are known as three six.one products and three six one products.do not have to meet the requirements of.the good the GP Peaks that good tissue.practices of procedures that are found.in 21 CFR 1271 and.they they are considered to be a special.class of minimally manipulated cells.minimum manipulation means that well for.instance blood you take it out and you.might even separate the plasma from the.pack cells and then dilute it with.saline or some other physiological.solution and then give the cells back to.the patient okay that's considered.minute minimal manipulation now if you.take those cells and treat them in some.way are including going and boom through.therapy and modifying yourself then they.come under the full-on 21 CFR 12 71 and.and they are not exempt these are the.minimum manipulated self clinical trials.for products some for device approval in.other words devices are things that are.covered by the eighth twenty forty one.CFR a 2050 IND products for page two and.page three.already approve products that are now.being used in phase one.and you know remember this if you change.the indication or a drug you need to go.back and do um new clinical trials for.the new indication and it may be.necessary to do a page one here and then.pet drugs positron emission tomography.growth um there's a curious thing here.is that it refers you GMP that do not.exist yet 21 CFR 212 will contain the GL.needs for pet drugs but this zero this.is going to be published.general guidance Oh again you know.appropriate you see procedures in place.adherence will be true guess what.well-defined written procedures in other.words a whole bunch of SOPs are.adequately controlled equipment and.manufacturing environment in other words.you will have procedures for controlling.the manufactured environment and the.equipment used in the manufacturing in.other words cleaning maintenance all.outfit itself and then accurately and.consistently recorded data for.manufacturing including testing so this.has to be where you have to have a.mechanism for this.your manufacturing environment you have.to consider the hazards associated on in.the environment that could adversely.affect the quality now the main thing.that they're worried about here is here.where you manufacture in laboratory.facilities that are not solely designed.for the manufacture of the drug okay.because you know you have other things.going on on in in a laboratory and you.know this good good chance of cross.contamination or contamination with.other substances that are present in.that working environment and you have to.show that you're controlling they.recommend that the following steps are.to establish manufacturing environment.now notice this when they say we.recommend on if you don't follow the.recommendation you should be prepared to.justify why you have not all of the.recommend Reiter and this justification.had better be good it's you can't miss.it while we didn't feel like or the.equivalent in terms of you know 500.words or less on the thing is if you.don't follow this procedure remember you.have to have a good justification you.have to have a evaluation of the.manufacturing setting and other words.you better go in there and think about.all this stuff on write-up and a.evaluation appropriate actions prior to.and during manufacturing to mitigate or.eliminate potential hazards you know.this is a thing under quality by design.when you get in this early stage of.manufacturing when we bloomed available.you should have done a risk analysis and.here is you know your hazards and law.and all this what did you do about then.you identify now at this point you might.say well.no one that has evolved and they then go.on to tell you or what they would like.to see good.first adequate work areas properly.equipment control for the specific.operations of given the diversity of not.all environments may be acceptable for.the manufacture of specific page one in.this case you should be more suitable.Authority now what one of the.things that had a region especially.nowadays where we have drugs that are.getting to be more and more potent um.there are some drugs law that when you.dilute them down into the actual form.that you administer them they're.perfectly safe both offices good example.however in the concentrated form where.you're producing that at the API level.or producing it initially before you.value this all these drugs can be very.toxic and the guys that are working with.the drug may be well aware of that.however if you contaminate the rest of.the lab the other lab workers may not be.aware of the dangers and you know and.could easily get sick or die all that.sort of stuff on it in that case these.drugs it may not be suitable for you to.be manufacturing youth drugs in a.laboratory that's kind of opened with.access by a lot of different people and.you may need a controlled environment in.that situation.contractors basically undersea DMV or.use a contractor.then the the contractor is home.well both guild sponsor manufacture and.contractor are both responsible for.assurance that GMP SR followed in this.case the page one brought assurance is.achieved by the following and again we.recommend that you assess the contractor.you know don't just pick somebody out of.a director and/or you know one of these.things of well you know Joe work with.them at another company so let's try.that on you have to assess them to make.sure that they have proper quality.control.now recommended on cGMP must be in place.manufactures with establish control.based on identified hazards with a.manufactured setting that follow the.practices of the following control are.applicable to manufacture of paint one.find the drugs and in specific.manufacturing situations.remember that personnel again pretty.much what you'd expect or personnel have.to have an education experience and.training or any combination thereof on.now remember this combination it doesn't.mean that you can eliminate one of these.and paper or something else.for instance you cannot say that a.person has education and experience so.they don't need to be trained in your.specific freedom this does not happen.and so all three elements have to be.present.to perform the assigned function in.particular you should have experienced.appropriate experience and prepare.debate one will be familiar with UC.principles and acceptable method you.know there's a lot of people come.straight out of university lab who've.got the experience to make the drug but.are not familiar with quality control.pokemon and you know and and this is the.problem in having a lot of companies.this is what mu is to train these people.in the quality control principles and.the GMP requirements.now notice this as described in this.file okay so you limited the MV for.phase one product.you have to have a written plan describe.roles and responsibilities for PC.polishes well the written plan should.have at the minimum the following thing.responsibility for examining.responsibilities for review approval but.this is pretty much what the quality.function is supposed to be doing in a.regular manner that work setting and.this is you know being brought back into.the page one if you have deep.responsibility for releasing or.rejecting each batch now remember this.manufacturing has sort of an inherent.conflict of interest for releasing.product of course you know they are they.will tell you they always make both.product so they they will tend to be.biased in favor of the acceptability of.the product and this is why you need.this second pair of eyes to verify.responsibility for investigating.unexpected result for error you know.this is this is the old Esprit of.problem the out of specification test.result and remember it's that not just.auto specification test results that.need to be investigated it's any unusual.occurrence that you know must be.evaluated for its impact on the product.now again we recommend that you assign.an individual to perform a duty function.now later on they'll say that this is.not necessarily true but there's always.the but we'll we'll talk about that now.here it is in limited circumstances and.depending upon the size and structure of.your motivation you know if you have a.small say five percent operational board.um you may not have us an individual.that you could designate as a purely.human person so they will allow you at.this stage all PC function may be.performed by the same individuals who.perform manufacture or it may be.necessary to have a person who both men.evacuated you pumpkin now in such.circumstances they strongly recommend.that another qualified individual that's.not involved in a model practice of the.operation or conduct a periodic review.usually this will be a supervisor.not necessarily your manufacturing.supervisor this will be a vice president.powerful who will steps in and at that.stage in the development of your company.are is acting as a QC viewer and this is.this is possible but they do recommend.that you want to leave it in the hands.of these people that you still have an.independent reviewer and again when.activity such as testing are performed.by manufacturing or personnel you should.have adequate control um you know like.segregation of testing for manufacturing.so that you don't have a possibility of.cross contamination or other other event.that can negatively affect this result.facilities.you should have a describe the following.will describe more fairly sufficient.space environment you know this is a.problem for some of you who work in the.very small product company where.essentially what you've done is you.render what used to be a 7-eleven store.and you're trying to run your home.manufacturing or thing in that space.basically what FDA will tell you is that.you don't have enough space to do all.the work you want to do you need to get.it on.you know this would be like somebody.arguing that your university cannot.afford the land therefore your football.stadium is only 80 yards long um they're.not going to let you play football on.that thing and neither will FDA allow.you to work in a area that's cramped and.too small.you should have appropriate lighting.ventilation and Edie and remember these.things some of these things actually go.out of the hands of FDA and cross into.occupational health and believe me.you're going to get checked by OSHA from.time to time especially if you have a.major effort you have to have cooling.plumbing Washington sanitation.facilities our equipment needed to.maintain air cleanliness now remember.this even if your product doesn't have.to be sterile you should still have.clean air um you know the classical one.here is some well in some porn country.for instance there's a steel mill in the.vicinity of the manufacturing facility.and the ash or dust that's produced from.fuel model Factory.it has a high level of mercury and that.ash or dusk and get into your facility.so you need to have filtered air.incoming.and you know all of these things have to.be control you have to maintain your air.cleanliness and then I mean really you.cannot have dust in one manufactory.though and you should have especially.for things that need to be sterile women.who have laminal for words and all of.this.again you will have appropriate.equipment you know it has to have inert.surfaces your not interact with the drug.recommend you identify all equipment.that's used this this is the same as in.the regular via beads where you have.identification of each part or each.piece of equipment including pubic um.that's used in your manufacturing.process excuse me.if you do sterile products or section 6.C of q7a we'll cover that and you know.for making of investigational drugs that.require aseptic processing and this is.basically any parental grow use of.procedural control and the facility are.promotes orally manufacturing and all.this procedural controls otherwise known.as operating as of weak control of.components containers or courses again.you have to have written procedures.otherwise known as SOPs on how you.handle your raw material your components.raw material being components containers.or quotas that are used are in the.manufacturing and you know material.should be control and good you have.examined or tested this is the you know.raw material incoming material SP and.released for use in manufacturing.remember the people that do this work of.the most with all of these people if you.see people.and you must score in such manner as.prevent degradation upon domination now.you should be able to identify and trace.all material use in the manufacture of.each one but from receipt to use in.manufacture or feedback now remember.this these tracing mechanisms must be.both forward traceable and backward.traceable or reverse traceable in other.words if I go into your warehouse and I.find a drum of sodium chloride filled.with a certain manufacturing lot number.on all I should be able to ask you if I.notice for instance that material has.been beautiful the drum you have to be.able to tell me where that material wet.what was it used for what you know.account for the missing quantity.at the same time if I find a product.that's being say using a clinical trial.and there's a question about the purity.of of that material and I start tracing.back and I say okay where did the sodium.chloride come from.who is it where was it used and who.manufactured it who did you buy it from.from the lot number of the clinical.material I should then be able to trace.it back to the manufacturers lot number.of the material you had or in store it.so all of these things you know you need.to receipt here's your minimum.information for your raw material there.when did you receive it quantity that.you receive suppliers name material Mach.number storage conditions and the.corresponding expiration date now it may.be that you may not have your own.exploration thing in which case you may.just adopt the expiration date that's.given to you by the manufacturer um also.remember this receipt date okay a lot of.times we have people that argue that.okay we on Friday we receive um say one.kilo of material from a certain.manufacturer on Monday we receive.another kilo of the same material same.lot number from the same manapad for the.procedure in well a lot of lazy people.while students equate maybe they're just.sloppy but a lot of people will combine.the two and say that well this is the.same material for we will need to all.know acceptable the rule in.pharmaceutical manufacturing is the fact.that you have received them on two.different date means that they have a.life history you know the two items have.a life history that is different.they're not really the same material.anymore we don't know what happened to.one of the bottle over the weekend when.it was being held.so you within the company for.manufacturing for our purposes you need.to treat these things as two different.bot numbers internal lot number of the.same material and so you know you need.to know all these things um and your.storage conditions a lot of times people.have expiration dates that are based on.stability studies of their final product.but the question is how stable is your.raw material your incoming component of.stable.the you should have acceptance criteria.for the ad attributes of each material.on all relevant attributes or acceptable.multi-armed criteria may not be known at.phase one and this is you know quite.true because at phase one you're still.sort of learning about your product and.it may turn out that there's an.attribute that's important for your.final product.but because you're still in phase one.work you be you may not have seen this.problem or you know you might the.requirement may not have become obvious.at this stage so it's not unusual for.you to add requirements as you go along.but it's it just basically recognizes.the fact that you may not know all the.relevant um acceptance criteria.now all of this is it says it'll be.reviewed in the eye and we yes FDA will.review your criteria are in the IND that.you submit say for your page one study.and again it says a examine the see of a.to meet make sure it reaches your.establish acceptance right for off of.this specific attribute at you know.again we can go back to freedom from.well I remember a company that was.purchasing a botanical as as its raw.material and one of the problems here.was that um it was being purchased from.a country that does not have on say.stringent controls over things like.pesticides and herbicides and every so.often they would get a lot of material.that contained a high level of.contaminating pesticide and the catch.here was of course that the company was.smart enough that it was testing for the.pesticide and it would periodically.rejected but the certificate of analysis.that had brought on the map from the.balsa file did not even mention.pesticide testing so it became a problem.for them and that they had to go out and.test for pesticides in these botanicals.of again documentation should have.information for school and test results.for adventitious agents or you know.sometimes especially with viologic going.to get material index and caring.adventitious agents one of the big.Bugaboo we take all viruses and.especially with some biological material.including things like bovine flash ball.on the light you can be carrying a.undesirable virus and you need.documentation and if that's incomplete.for that attribute you should test for.and for each batch of you should perform.confirmatory identity testing see that.the identity testing part of this is.very important but you cannot believe.you know you can't simply say okay the.label says sodium chloride therefore the.contents must be so tomorrow um you have.to actually perform identically false.that tells you that yes it is sodium.chloride in that fall.Manufacturing should follow written.procedures and processes otherwise known.as a battery um you know your.manufacturing process control procedures.that has a record of the manufacturing.details and everything record of changes.this is the important thing because you.can have a perfectly good batch record.but over the course of time if you have.changes here and changes there after a.certain period of time you're going to.have all the actual procedure and the.batch record no longer being the same.thing and at which time you have you had.better be able to account for the.changes that took place and the.rationale for the chain.your record of microbiological controls.on that have been implemented now the.talking here about production of sterile.process stays one drug now remember this.even for drugs that are not required to.be sterile or say like an oral dosage.well you still have to be able to show.that there is no contamination by what.is known as undesirable organized a list.of undesirable organisms can be found in.the USB and in the EP and the Jaypee.depending upon which pharmacopoeia.you're following however you know you.can't just say that well it doesn't have.to be sterile so we don't need to check.or undesirable organ it or after all.nobody likes to have diarrhea.on the product that they're thinking.and you know you should follow.recommendations and especially if you're.making a parental for a sceptic words.are techniques and the control of.material and all that and that should be.reflected in the record by the whole.laboratory test now you remember the.earlier thing on long queue 7/8 said.that you may not have valid me it's not.a permissive thing it's a conditional or.maybe you don't have of validated.laboratory testing procedures at page.one however notice this if you go.through the testing of material in front.of material packaging or drug product.should be scientifically sound which is.what the other of q7a said well it.doesn't have to be validated but it.should be scientifically sound.now in this GMP it says okay.scientifically sound that is specific.sensitive and equal suitable and.reliable for the specified purpose ah.if you know if you put that all together.you have the definition of a pest method.validation of what is a test method.validation so it becomes kind of strange.here in that in one place they say that.you don't need to validate but then they.put up conditions which basically say.that you should validate on your test.method.you have to have SOPs you have to have.written SOPs on you should maintain.records of all test results procedures.and changes in the procedure and.remember changes in the procedures can.be what may be to you fairly minor but.from FDA from the regulatory standpoint.are there important changes I had a.problem once with an FDA inspector where.I ran out of a potassium salt of a read.and I substituted an ammonium salt of.that same reagent landed I everything.worked perfectly fine but then they said.that on inspection they said that well.you know you change the procedure you.use a new chemical and there's no.written justification for why you made.the change or what its effect was did.you check what is that and you know did.you evaluate.now you perform laboratory testing.p-values quality attributes and those.that we find the following four known.safety related concerns you should have.SPECT and for Phase one investigation of.drug attributes are all relevant again.they say all relevant acceptance.criteria may not know but again the.information will be used in the eye and.beak submission.to ensure reliability you should have.calibrated lab instruments sometimes.this is nothing more than you know the.usual thing of you coming in the morning.first person the H meter checks its.calibration and makes appropriate.adjustments in order and you know sort.of a routine thing that's fine.but if you have especially more.complicated instruments and everything.you have to make sure that the.calibrations are done and the.maintenance is done according to SOP of.now we recommend person over buy.equipment it's in good working condition.for example our analog you know this is.the the rule that's used in a lot of. labs which is that before you use.an instrument like points is a.spectrophotometer agency will HBO feet.before you start the procedure the first.thing you do is to check and make sure.that the instrument calibration it's not.you for a new calibration that you know.it's within its calibration area and.it's within its maintenance period that.it doesn't need maintenance if either of.these are are expired then you need to.do this before you use it in your.testing.retain a representative sample again.these are your retention sample of now.recommend sample consists of one.quantity adequate to perform additional.testing and the example here or instance.twice the quantity necessary to complete.to conduct release test in excluding.testing co-pirate municipal alone that's.because we know that these two are.attributes from change over time upon.store now again you appropriate.recommend that you appropriately store.another you got to know something about.the stability of these things and retain.the samples for at least two years.following the termination of a draw of.the clinical trial or IND.stability you should have and you should.initiate the stability study now the.thing here is this notice.you all you need to do is to establish.the stability of the investigational.drug during the clinical trial in other.words from the date of manufacture.through the date of last administration.now for some of you this can be a.problem when I set up your study work on.longer then you know the clinical trial.will lapse and I'll tell you what a lot.of times people will tell you well you.know we can run this phase 1 clinical.it's only going to take six months and.so what you what happens is that you.manufacture your product say in March.and then they don't launch the clinical.trial until June.now you're going to run a six-month.clinical trial that's going to end in.December and at that point if you only.have six months of stability build your.part your product will expire in the.middle of the clinical trial.okay so what you're looking at here is.your your total time data manufactured.food date of last administration which.is the other problem because a lot of.times they will tell you that well okay.we have a six month clinical trial you.know page one especially but oh gee we.weren't able to get sufficient numbers.and so it's going to take us another two.months and get enough people or get the.right one here in all the fourth part in.which case again you know your product.could all be in the middle of the.clinical trial so make sure that this.ability period that you go for where.you're actually doing the study that.this period is much longer than what.they tell you the clinical trial is.going to go.packaging and labeling again suitable.packaging odd and you should have.procedures for controlling the packaging.labeling and distribution not at this.stage and things one you probably won't.have a major packaging and labeling.operation and what you won't have that.many vials and they will even tell you.that you may need to just go to on.manual filling and packaging and at.which case use you need to do visual.inspection of your labeling and.packaging operation and this would be.your PC view and verification by a.second person especially when you have a.potential for mix-up and will you.princess you can arm and and this has.happened recently in some very major.study where they have mixed up the.placebo with the active drug and you.know in a blinded trial a lot of times.you don't know it we usually for SIBO or.the Apple and if the packaging of the.product was such that they mixed it up.to begin with are you going to get some.very strange clinical trial result so.you know make sure that this whole thing.even at page one that this is carefully.control.finally packaging labeling and.distributing now remember this.distribution includes transport.of the drug covered by the vials moving.through clinical investigator.hmm um.in one case that I had some experience.with what what happened was that we made.the drug and we put it on plane and the.airplane of blue high and lost control.of it beautiful we had a liquid drop a.liquid drug involved and they froze and.upon mine they cracked all the vials so.that the clinical site are received.materials that was completely wild in a.sort of a mess solution had leapt out of.the vial who soaked the packaging on all.the way and the point here was that we.did not do a proper shipping validation.we did not realize that the plane that.we had put things on of did not have the.proper heating and temperature control.in its cargo compartment and this is.this is the thing you are responsible.for this remember this when you make the.product your responsibility goes all the.way to the point where it gets.administered to the patient.so it's part of your job to make sure.that the clinical trial site receives.the product in good shape so um you know.make sure you do your controls and.testing all the way through the final.product site and and our companies are.known for instance to take material at.the ugh at the clinic you know at the.point of delivery they'll take an extra.file and send it back to the company for.testing just to verify that the material.got there and went through all the.handle and everything and was still.suitable for vendor use or when it was.administered to the patient.here's your record-keeping requirements.and again this this is another I think.that I don't know you know the problem.here that a lot of you back I guess in.grad school or something they tell you.you don't have to beat records and you.know those of you that PhDs I went.through our study and then where you.where you have to go and work for four.years and then try and look at your lab.notebooks get you write up your PhD.pieces or you know that there can be a.probable record people well a lot of the.stuff you did in the early stages of.grad school no longer make sense to you.or you as normal on.and this is the problem it said you have.to have this record people especially at.this level because you know let's face.it your phase one study could easily.take place five years before you go to.file your NBA or PLA and in that period.of time or you need to know you need to.be able to check your records to make.sure that nothing much as Kane so all of.these things all need to be in your.record maintenance calibration.manufacturing records analytical test.methods that are results that are.related to those things distribution.record your PC functions and that's in.five B this is five H component records.like a raw material that went into your.product deviations investigation and any.complaints that you got and you must.retain records for the school year after.the marketing application is a flu now.remember this it's at not after you've.submitted it means after it's been a.fool so if it makes you to get this.thing you have to be a for approval um.you know you've got preview it potential.and if it's not approved again two years.after the shipment and delivery of the.drug whole basketful use has been.discontinued and F we will notify so.there are a record retention requirement.okay well thank you very much for your.attention and everything else.Johnson will not take over and we will.entertain questions thank you so much.dr. koala for the wonderful presentation.also would like to thank all our.participants for cooperating with us.it's time now for the Q&A session to.begin in case you have any questions.please feel free to click on the palm.like icon which is small I can at the.bottom of a person's panel so that I can.unmute your lines and you can ask your.questions verbally or you can also go.ahead and post your questions on the Q&A.panel or my chat panel and I can forward.it to our presence at the read out loud.and have them answered in the meanwhile.we request you to sincerely share your.feedback with us the feedback form will.appear right now on your polling pal it.has about eight questions mostly.multiple-choice in nature wouldn't take.more than two minutes of your time to.answer the feedback form will remain.open til the end of the session yes in.addition of I would well Johnson your.extended as I thought but um you know.I've been to webinars and seminars and I.know it's a very common thing were at.the time they say are there any.questions and you shuttle sitting there.not thinking of anything and then later.on say an hour or even a day later you.start thinking gee you know I should.have asked that question well if that.happens to you feel free to send a quite.the question to global compliance panel.and Johnson or one of these people will.make sure that the question reaches me.and I will respond you know fairly soon.if at all possible and so you know just.because you don't ask question right now.doesn't mean that your block from asking.the question later.thank you dr. Kumar well optically we.have.one question that's come up actually -.okay let's see I'll open my chat panel.whoo okay I have a question is it.necessary slash recommended for facility.to register as a manufacturer with FDA.if engaged only in the manufacture of.phase one drug products which meet the.exemption specified ah yes and no I let.me put it this way my position is that.you should always you know are.registered with FDA and now for instance.there there are certain products on we.mentioned for instance the human cell.issue and you know gene therapy product.that come under three five one of the.Public Health Service Act now three five.one products do not need to follow GMP.they're exempted from this whole thing.however there is a requirement that.people who make on any type of three.part one product must still register.with FDA and must still be on an FDA of.this of benefactors so I would said that.basically to be on the safe side it's a.good idea to register again now notice.this registering with FDA does not mean.that you are immediately.subject gmds or subject to inspection by.FDA on the registration basically says.that hey we're in the business of making.this product and now the catch to it is.this if you lose the exemption for.something say you you make you're making.stuff for a phase one product and then.your customer goes into a page to study.and uses your product now at that point.you as a supplier of component become.subject to the GMP so at that point it.would be good to be already registered.in fact some of your arm your your.customers may ask for princess Dave the.easiest one is to ask you if you have a.drug arm or what you promissed think.it's it's a registration as a person.that makes a drug not a final product.but it's been a register of your product.with FDA and it's it's done in a way to.allow you to keep confidentiality of.your manufacturing methods C otherwise.you have to tell you're at the phase two.level you would have to tell the.manufacturer how you make your product.and you may not want this out in public.so you can file one of these things with.FDA where you tell FDA are you making.the product but you may not necessarily.tell the arm your customer are you.making the product and FDA will review.these things and keep the whole thing.confidential so that your information.doesn't get off now.issue a GMP is it appropriate to issue a.GMP compliance statement with phase one.drug products with or without.registration with FDA are other GMP.ending applied to clinical environments.where the final drug product is prepared.and administered to research subject.keep in mind single batch is prepared.for immediate administration okay um.yeah this this gets into something very.similar to our autonomic cell therapy.oh okay here's the thing.your statement of GMP compliance on you.know remember there is no requirement.for using state that you comply with PLP.so if you do this you are basically.declaring or to the patient to the.clinical people on all this that your.company is following the GMP and this is.not all there's not a requirement under.the regulations however it becomes a.contract sort of between you and your.customer now.this guidance document on the new glv in.your in clinical environments where you.prepare the drug and administer now.remember research some of the term.research subject is the same as a.clinical trial subject under I and D you.know they the I and these are considered.to be permission to conduct research on.human that's basically what we're.looking at there so you say administer.the research subject while you're still.in clinical trial and remember that.anytime you administer a drug to a human.being you are into a clinical trial um.you know people you know you see these.things in the movies about where some.guy goes in the lab and whips up.something and um you know he usually.transfers it to a syringe or without.following these septic procedures or.anything and then goes and stabs a.patient with the thing arm.this is totally uncontrolled and under.Food and Drug law you you know you are.totally liable and you have violated all.sorts of regulations at that point so.the catch to it is this if you're.dealing you know the preparation of that.final drug product.in the hospital or the clinical.environment on suit should still follow.the guidance document or the so called.companion biding stocking up on that we.just talked about you see just because.you know this is the situation of a.small laboratory operation where you're.preparing phase one product and that's.what one of the things that the GMP.would be trying to accomplish was that.it doesn't if you look at it it's not.set up for people with large industrial.operations one of the targets here are.these small clinical investigations for.call where you make product and you know.if you're in cell therapy for instance.it's well known that every prep you make.is a is a new bar and in some cases.your while furnaces the rules for how.many spawn sterility samples you need to.a or all this sort of stuff they're no.longer in the GM Peaks as far as in.stage one product of concern it's not.like you are making a market batch and.going into a study now with cell therapy.studied especially or it's well known.that you may need to administer the.totality of your product to the patient.you have this direct relationship.between the number of cells you give to.the patient and the clinical efficacy so.in these cases you may not have very.much of a retention sample but if you.can't keep a retention sample of the.final product I will suggest to you that.you keep retention samples of everything.else around so that if a question comes.up about for instance disability the.purity of the material that you you.administered to a patient you'll be able.to go back and check these preparations.to see whether contaminant of their pom.pom now you know your your single batch.prepared for an immediate administration.be you know these things are known to.fda for instance there are some.radiotherapy products that are made and.i know of one situation where the.reactor is literally are less than a.block away from the clinic and when.certain isotopes are made they are.literally transported by runner to the.clinic where they're converted into a.form that's suitable for administration.and then given to a patient so these.these things are not they're not new and.fda does have requirements for them.so I hope I answered your question.without beating on pushed but but.basically you yes you do need to follow.the new clinical on the 2008 companion.guidance.thank you doctor well we do have some.more questions couple them on your.screen right now full development of.generic that requires a famous one.bioequivalent study or is if no um now.here's a get a generic yeah let me take.that back a junior means that the thing.enlightened and it's been out there so.the expectation is good pulled GMP.compiled and and well your company.depending upon where you're located or.you may not necessarily be registered.you know this is a thing FDA.registration arm can happen in two ways.one you tell FDA that you manufacture go.for the type of bottle see this is at.this stage if you're just making a phase.one product you if you if it's a.completely new product FDA may not be.aware of its existed until you tell them.or the second way they want to become.aware of its existence is if somebody.your custom opposes mentioned that in an.iron be submittal and in this case with.a generic on the product has been.licensed it's out there so you are you.you're not under these new phase one GMP.you are actually under the full PMP.Thank You dr. Cox just a couple of more.questions just one moment.next question should be on your screen.now okay pay zero similar to yeah um.okay pay zero for a new product today.zero in some ways of what you know this.early phase products that haven't quite.reached the on the I and they face one.IND level and you know a lot of these.studies nonetheless it still goes into a.human being and and that's the catch.here see it doesn't make any difference.if they're normal or Superman or you.know or prisoners should head better um.the the fact that it goes into a human.being tells you that the product should.be GMP quiet now for a new material that.has never been commercialized or even.gone into phase 3 study oh yeah you the.appropriate compliant is with these um.new GM Peaks the ones at a Model T power.family now the problem here is that it.kind of depends upon what will be.binding at a page zero of study and.there's all kinds of studies that will.show up under a page zero but at this.stage I would imagine that perhaps you.haven't formed you haven't yet talked to.an FBI investigator bother or rather.reviewer and so you you haven't gotten.any guidance on this sort of thing and.here's here's one of the big problems.that are encountered by many companies.of Google generics company which is that.the armor the material that is used for.preclinical studies in other words in.your animal stuff when you go into human.in your iron be in your CMC sections of.freshmen you need to be able to show.that the material that is used in.GLP studies an animal is essentially the.same as the material that you are going.to use in your human study so this is.where you know your documentation and.controls and everything comes in and so.yeah um at phase zero if you're going to.go into humans and you know I assume you.are then yes you need to be GMP.compliant but you don't need to be.compliant with 211 but you should be.compliant with the companion guide okay.thank you so much shard of the quad is.one more question.okay.it's on screen now one level of supplier.fog for API suppliers or excipient.survive okay on the level of.qualification gear on an item for API.suppliers I assume that you whoops okay.I assume that at for API supplier you're.talking about the people that supply a.material for making the API right and.then also for excipient supplier now the.excipient go into final product we.doable or are used in the manufacture of.the final product so the level of.qualification there would be the same as.for any other component of the final.product now for the API suppliers on.this can be an interesting situation.because many of the API manufacturers.themselves do not have good control over.the people who supplied them and and.there's a problem here because your API.supplier in in turn needs to check his.suppliers and do the qualification on.the level of support or vacation.really or comes down to what would be.accepted for that particular product for.instance if you are getting sodium.chloride for NZ.you still have to know what the levels.of various contaminants are and you you.know if you can say well you know we go.to a reputable company or well-known.company that sells products um that are.that are used.you know like table salt pencils and.they've been around for years and they.have full testing procedures and they.supply it with a good to the kind of.analysis and all this ah yes you know.that can be sufficient and of course you.still need to do the identity testing on.sodium chloride to make sure that what.he bought it so don't quarrel.really is and let me tell you in my.career I have had two instances where.the contents of the bottle were not the.same as what was specified on the label.in one case this is because the bottle.had been inappropriately stored and the.contents had been degraded and in.another case it was just an incorrect.fill and in both situations however we.thought we were dealing with reputable.suppliers and then when we went back to.the supplier they corrected that you.know the deficiency needed but the the.catch here is to be able to verify that.your supplier has a quality system and.that the quality system was in force at.the time they made the Prado on this now.some companies use a questionnaire um.and it's very interesting because some.companies will not even.respond to a question and I think which.is putting poor you know but they say.that they don't want to take the crime.that it's all not worth their while to.make the effort to fill out the.questionnaire because sometimes these.questionnaires can get you know almost.ridiculously at all.and the other thing that's known about.questionnaire is that people lie they.will say yes we do this when in fact.they don't do it at all and so the level.of qualification for a critical support.for something that is very important to.your product and whether it's an API or.finish product um I would suggest doing.a physical inspection just go there and.look at the place and see do they really.manufacture and clean facilities or do.they have the SOPs and everything that.we claim to have now for exhibit.suppliers are in some cases for instance.if you're using lactose and or a oh one.of these porn star jerks you know you.can buy it from a company that supplies.food grade material and if you're using.the excipient in an oral dosage form you.know at that point you don't need to.qualify the supplier much more than to.verify that it does come from the right.company and you know it's made according.to certain standards and let's face it.food grade standards you know can be.just as extensive as pharmaceutical the.problem that will come up is if there's.an issue with your excipient for.instance an excipient that's used in.your arm in a parenteral drug arm I once.got into a situation where the our.product started to precipitate and this.is a protein solution when we were.have actually added human serum of human.as a stabilizer or to the active.ingredient and when we started to.analyze the precipitant the the.precipitate level are we figured out.that the precipitate contain mostly a.denatured human albumin and the question.became were you know what's causing the.denaturation.and it was traced back to one of the.excipient were we discovered that the.excipient that that we were using.contained an unusually high level of.peroxide and you know this took quite a.while actually in a couple of months of.study and everything and then we went on.and try to find a new excipient supplier.only to discover that there was only one.manufacturer of this exhibit in the u.s..animal and he was supplying three.different suppliers who in turn are.supplied it to us so what happened there.was that not only did we have to test.locks for a peroxide levels but in one.case we actually had to develop a method.of reducing the peroxide because we.couldn't purchase material with more.peroxide that would avoid the.precipitation problem so this excipient.was completely acceptable to people who.are making food products but in the case.of our product this exception was not.acceptable and in fact we have to.process it to make it acceptable.so you still have this situation that.the excipient supplier you know you it's.sort of a level of how much confidence.do you have in the excipient require and.if you end up in a situation where the.supplier is somebody that you really.don't know and it's not really known.that well in the industry well in some.cases is trying to conceal themselves.behind the intermediate supplier um you.really need to start asking questions.and sometimes for instance that you know.a lot of the recent scandals especially.in China and I never have come have.dealt with things like um diethylene.glycol that a beautiful place of bliss.or and what glycerin or thin excipient.and you know all these things are so the.excipient itself cannot be dis.considered innocent and and acceptable.just because it's good you really may.need to go in and take a closer look.anyway I hope that answers that question.it's one of these answers or it depends.okay thank you so much dr. guar.well at this point of time I would like.to thank all our participants for asking.these questions I don't see any more.questions coming up I just want to.remind everyone that the polling panel.is open the feedback forum has about.eight questions mostly multiple choices.in nature wouldn't take two minutes at a.time to complete them it would be open.to the end of the session.well dr. chord do you have any parting.words before I close to doing this.session no I think that pretty much.settles things like I said you know if.you have any questions in the future or.please feel free to send them global.compliance panel horrible to me thank.you very much for being warm thank you.so much I Africa ladies and gentlemen we.are grateful to all of you for having.taken part in today's webinar and if.you'd like to get in touch with us you.can send us an email to ww2 webinars at.global compliance panel comm or you can.also visit our website well we have one.webinar that's coming up by dr. Kawara.early next month you can log on to our.website which is www.hyken.com for more.information or you can call us at a.toll-free number which is one eight.hundred four four seven nine four zero.seven I would also like to inform all.our participants that in case your.friends colleagues team members might.benefit from this webinar we are happy.to inform you that it will be available.in a recorded format we also do have a.collection of webinars by dr. Steven.quire.you can get more information on the same.by logging on to our website or calling.us at one eight hundred four four seven.nine four zero seven we welcome your.suggestions and feedback or ideas and.how we can improve our webinars or if.you would like to suggest a topic or.desire a customized corporate training.program online or on-site we answer.whatever your training Nessa T is it.would be our priority we look forward to.having you with us again sometime soon.and for your continued privilege on.behalf of the Google compliance Powell.team and dr. Kawara we'd like to thank.you for participating in today's webinar.and we wish you a pleasant day ahead.thank you so much dr. Cora.

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