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so we're doing the external assessment.and these are the topics we're going to.look at resource-based view versus IO we.touched on the external forces you don't.need to go over that one again you look.at Porter's five forces model you just.go through that briefly but to be.largely you're gonna focus on these two.tools which I gather will be new to more.students other than you are repeating.the course and we talked about the eye.on RB v last week so for those who read.ahead you know what it is or my friend.here yes sir what's the industrial.organization approach but those who read.ahead and everybody should have a.tentacle two females on that my friend.right up front.anybody industrial organization approach.needs domain nobody read ahead so you.all don't believe me clean you know.you're a trump you never say never what.if a news.I will lady right there so so the.emphasis then but you think the most.critical resource in the RBV if it is.the internal resources are more.important my friend what's your name yes.neither so if we argue the internal.resources are critical to developing.strategy then you look outside which.resource you think is most critical then.instead humans why pick the right point.me here don't borrow my mind.you better believe it folks the human.resource for me is the most important.you do anything but I believe people are.the most important things in human.existence on earth so there's nothing.that's more critical than human beings.not saying that profits are not.important or financial gain.but she said you could have all the.beautiful plants and strategies and you.could have millions of dollars invested.in your business but if when you try to.implement workers are dissatisfied and.they're don't think they're treated well.your organization has problems so the.internal resources the treatments.fashion and that's what Harvey P P.adaptation to the vision which you treat.the people who work within the.organization so let's look at the.university day and right in the back is.woody what's your name sorry Jim so.there's a kind of University of the West.Indies.what's the customer service relationship.here are their customer service.relationship tell us about a University.of the West Indies where you are.sorry.be your Rene we're kind of not hot in.the university tell us about the.customer service relationship.well Human Resources yes let me come.back today next to you what's your name.yellow or green in Toyama.yes what's your name sorry litany yes.tell us about the customer relationships.in University.so you're saying it's Chile's are the.external customers and the internal.customers to be stuck you know how many.people you think you need that so in the.school who is a customer student how.many people you think believe that you.think in the university of your eternity.of the customer are seriously you know.folks are you see as important customers.or students who interrupt busy stuff.administer academics like me do you say.which other do you think people see as.an interruption in their busy work do.you get excellent customers do people.treat you special you think it could be.on the call to please you that money.paradoxes of Education well they may be.a promise of I said to you you are my.customers they thought you I don't have.a job so I try hard to make you feel.that you're my customer the only.difference is when it come no to.December there's a part of their you.know the paradox and example huh what's.the part of in December Jamie on the.pressure but the paradox is folks in.December I know how poor my customers.that I give you an exam but I said to.you sit this exam and do well in the.exam but even then is a customer service.relationship but they can send a few.times so unreasonable and so hard that.is very difficult for most students to.get in there but you know that is not so.because for any statistics I showed you.I said easy exam is hard it means that.the average children well not.but anytime you have an exam where.students can get in and a minuses and.their pluses and be passing it means it.can be a hard and down but that's God.did you understand right it was.difficult even the practice students.will have a challenging yet useful work.but not brightness but the students will.work steadily hard will not be able to.do well but these are two critical.concepts folks that you need to pay.attention to so three phases we touched.on the five elements of the five forces.are things you need to know the issue of.bargaining power we touched on and.everybody here should know the.difference between a vision and a.mission so somebody who hasn't spoken.don't tell me now.yes right so what a process the.formation of a vision what influences.the formation of a vision.it's not visual thing what makes even.worse to determine these are great.quality next 50min here what incomes is.that sorry but that's what was in what.happened to determine the things that.this should achieve the question is what.determines the angle.anybody else wants to try what eternally.division what influence is this vision.you're close.sorry the music is the standard.what do businesses exist you're sure to.make a profit just create Chris job.opportunities anybody else they need to.pop into the pro body what's your name.right here yes and looking back yes.sorry your agreement what they are safe.see it too big appropriate create job.opportunities to make transactions.easier sorry.your applause folks in bottom line is.any organization any business it's.created to serve people and in serving.people you make a profit you breathe.employment to create profit is by God.how would you create profits yes right.so you have to offer goods and services.how do you determine the goods and.services based on the needs of them how.would you determine the needs of the.customers which is what we're doing no.posts you understand what we are saying.here here is the organization that is.responding to pressures so here.customers needs to determine we need.some services provided you understand so.you realized that people were.complaining they need housing and you.set up a company to build houses people.were company to need more education.[Music].people set up schools there are private.schools they are public schools before.any business that is set up a scared.honest a get passed in your name because.that's the correct logically thing if.there is no need you said.what's gonna happen when there's no knee.but putting on a play father bridge.that's what are you understand you.minion.I mean electro said quick universe here.committee of daughter so Quinn gets the.million dollars I need some of business.but Queen it is no need.what's he problem you have no customers.I'm here here create the need but you.don't be talking to it up it's still.taking a chance.why is he taking a chance to try to.create a need right so you need you need.to convince people you need powerful.companies created me and they don't have.to sell it to you you really need this.right like Apple no your queue up with.XR on ten are right no coming on the.Felton and something us so it's a care.about 3,000 so didn't want to spend the.next seven years telling people you need.this I born you're not gonna catch with.all the people do but what do you think.Apple would be able then to convince.people that he did when wake up on the.market people should know that their.doctor get customers to come for this.new thing status that could be part of.it to be able to create this need this.product but we already passed market.research successful you know Apple you.know Apple is most about more about in.the most countries in the world.younger uncle is more wealthy than most.countries the GDP of most countries in.world 1 trillion.well it's cool to have so what Apple has.that allows it to be able to give no.sleep.so let's come home.Flo did you sell Han not all you talk.about floor.I know people who have too low numbers.for the last 15 years and they have no.intention of changing but it was Cable &.Wireless at that time they have no.intention of changing I know when they.tell me I know a name they're not.learning all this but I love slow it is.commitment they just love flow so your.memory the years when Flo was a monopoly.who had the bargaining power so we have.some the highest rate I turned off York.I remember busy cells will form Disney.so forth we're talking about five forces.here because by a competitor coming in.do but not on top of the prices that.you're talking strategy a new competitor.came in the market because that's all.you're going to examine you do well you.take the theory on a plate in practice.so from next week.we have taken the fighting forces of the.textbook I'm putting in red light you.understand what we're saying your goal.for this class right to purpose a real.body that you can set up a business and.use on the skill from this class when.the exam is secondary to you getting.knowledge and understanding everybody.here this marketing brand loyalty.invented brand loyalty folks because the.trust and trust me they're part of their.brand loyalty.so because we purchased a player they.can convince you but in uniting and they.can convince you to buy something.companies so you are saying I'm sorry.but it wasn't my birthday birthday.understand playing something legally but.he's social media things like but if you.Robert wrong time you know what these.things to me to go pop up and say happy.birthday but I know a lot of you give.them all of your.so they actually quake you to your knees.because I hope you all understand what.is happening when you go anywhere and.you start to search we actually created.a profile to interview so they come down.all of the special mystical functions.that we have would be able to determine.it for each person what their.preferences might be clothes food.problem so when you book a flight online.there's a history on the airline before.you type on race places you prefer an.agave today and I'm challenging you to.tune into the international discussion.because there's a big international.debate know whether or not it is.violating people's freedom and rights.for companies give me how they created.databases on you before getting your.permission so they have masses in the.basis on each of you without your.permission and they are actually selling.it to other people.so it's a really a big big debate in the.international business area all they.know so I suggest you can read up on it.it is anything I say that you're not.clear about feel free to put your honest.a change it up sure could you go home.now you realize the external assessment.is with opportunities and threats from.your SWOT analysis you know then the.altie are the external factors.I mean SWT internal dole in you are.doing your kisses and I'm going for.debate you have to analyze the.environment of the company in the cases.you have to determine the external.forces and the internal forces and then.you need to dis separate what the.opportunities and threats are and the.strengths and weaknesses and each.problem a number of students have they.get opportunities and threats mixed up.with strengths and weaknesses it seems.simple so when you do the pencil you can.then determine which factors would be.able to determine and strengths and.weaknesses so I want to reiterate the.point folks.here on your SWAT is not very you get a.thread this opportunity it is going to.go right into your ESP that we will do.shortly.I want it goes into your efe you come.right down.so once it comes into your efe it's.going to impact on the various parts.with your analyzing and your analysis.they may be flawed and it goes right.through your case so that's why I'm.spending so much time on this model of.the simple model of the environmental.business I hope you read ahead because.for the next two to three weeks.introduce you to now these are tools.that you do not memorize because for the.cases you have to present in class and.in the exam you get similar cases many.cases you need to know how to analyze.the matrices interpret what they're.saying and then make some kind of.recommendations but first you need to.understand how these matrices are.structured and the reason why these.matrices have been created by the author.David so we'll spend this week and next.week.going through understand maybe three.four weeks down we will then apply ten.break coming class and I give you a.sample of an IFC or CPM and in class we.do a comprehensive analysis.interpretation on statistics there you.have ratings you have negative scores.and total veggie scores so I hope you.would have read ahead if you did not.read ahead and you're seeing it for the.first time you're going to generally.loss and you leave here wondering what.should I do the students who read ahead.and have a basic understanding of the.structure of the efe and CPM not that.you know it perfectly when you leave.here today you've got a link either yes.I think I understand this generally and.then in tutorials we'll get to clarify.it for you a little more deeply EFE are.the responses so they are going to be.three key matrices that look at the.internal and external so you will have.ESP the external part evaluation matrix.the CPM the competitive profile matrix.and the internal fat evaluation matrix.the ratings vary according to the matrix.and again the challenges students have.as they try to learn by Road they get.the ridges mixed up which means the.analysis of the statistics and results.will also be excused so in the earpiece.case there are four basic ratings that.you can have for which is a superior.response 3 which is an above average.response to an average response and 1 a.poor response.so my question now to the dire I did.about here waiting for the external.factors valuation matrix we call it.responses what's your name yes Yuki why.do we call it responses sorry my friend.here is her name in where do you think.they call it responses it's an external.so the key thing here is the direction.what did it put the others in the.directions because the principle of the.environment of business is the external.these are forces generally beyond the.control of these forces are constantly.putting pressure on business so economic.forces it can put negative pressure.above the pressure but a lot of money.that will be the economy either so.economic factors of directing a business.social or cultural factors somebody give.me an example of a social and cultural.factor could impact on a business yes.right.so you say in any India beef is the no.more because of a secret so because of.that business but I think were you don't.want to talk to you because it's really.kind of a Socrates we're talking about.your religion technology negatives.environmental changes physical.environment otherwise cultural factor is.changing.okay the shifting culture is there maybe.an example okay let's shift in culture.name depart on a business being negative.[Music].is his opportunity also depends what.does he spend on mom resources no we.made one big assumption about the.businesses remember here talk about a.cultural you are making the.assumption that all of the business are.homogeneous on your business are not.going to be religion but you could have.business persons who also of their.religious beliefs so for the ones who.support Islam they're not seeing it as.an opportunity if it's a Christian.so this important pinkie here depending.on the case is right and the best way to.do it folks you see what we do just know.that is the kind of interruption you.need to have in your group question.getting into groups and discussing.different scenarios.utilizing these various models so the.critical thing we are saying in response.because the environment is pushing on.businesses and as Ian Wright and Ian.said the external environment is pushing.so you have to you are responding.together it is a positive push or.negative push so even in terms of.economics it could be positive interest.rates of reason with you so if interest.rates are reduced my friend in IG any.interest rates are reduced what's the.impact on a business sorry.you get more sales eventually.so if interest rates are reduced first.one disable this course trying to follow.the sequential step don't jump right.so if interest rates are reduce what.seems to be one of the first logical.steps.sorry borrow watch if you wanted to do.new products you couldn't consider dank.boring or you have to borrow first.because if interest rates are reduced.what does it mean I have xx cash to DJ.especially especially if the interest.rates might relate to loans or things.like that so if I help out faster more.cash I might not need to get it on so.what I do then I might use the.additional cash I have to provide water.better goods and services to my.customers so I may be able to offer them.a better price so it's as a result of.offering a better price you see the.difference another we saw prices.customers purchase more and then when.they purchase more does it mean increase.profits.my friend here what's your name.so because of increase revenue increases.does it mean increase profits why not.because they now have to manage your.cause and next week we're looking at.value chain analysis so I'm saying to.you offer a full value chain analysis.per year it's nearly every aspect of.this course so I'm suggesting to you in.time for next week's class start reading.note on value chain analysis for some.students it's a challenge to understand.it at first but value chain analysis.gonna be linking but almost everything.when I mean linking it can be linking to.everything and you will be tested on it.in the Excel it's one of those topics.that is all-encompassing you need to.know these ratings very well know and.understand the ratings so let's look at.the efe seven also opportunities and.then you have your threats right you.have your opportunities you have your.threats you have your weight you have.your rating and you have your score and.you will see here we have our total.weighted score so my question to you.then we know the ratings so a four is a.severe response three above average to.average on one four so we know the.ratings why do I need to put in waves.somebody who hasn't spoken so far this.morning why do I need to put in bits my.friend here yes sir.second point you guys yes.why do I need to operate in this matrix.sorry excellent.what's her name done rod so the question.is how many other people to hear what.their part is important for what an.important to know that information in.making a decision especially when I'm.ready.what does the way to do in a matrix like.this what little bit do is define what's.in it.get on it yes get on where to be.important in the matrix.you know the emphasis should be a.strategy for evolution I like to.reclassify more people work in secondly.is exceptional responses you see you.need to find in other words you have.seven items or I'm not equal so if you.treat all are equal before the way you.know it's gonna skew your results with.both of their folks growing numbers so.over all before this was for the beta 5.vs. 4 so be it.you see before but this weighted scores.go behind him but if I take up the way.it's assuming their booty call.so when you make a decision you want to.put emphasis on your own areas so you.paying attention to technology.technology because if you lose anybody.somebody so if you want me to go over.this is important this is important no.officiator for your hands up with norman.is not on this time anybody wants me to.go over all comfortable going array.you're comfortable okay so we know folks.that when it comes to this they.determine importance so certainly help.you to determine where you should put.the emphasis when you get to planet.everybody with me.everybody with me I wanna get your.feedback forth and talking not you this.is an interactive discussion so you do.not want skewed results because every.part on your sound and why is and struck.a decision make it now a similar thing.here for threats you have your base are.you bid for threats assumes it is more.important which means your emphasis.should be on first uncertainty among.consumers and travelers due to the big.economy that's where I put my emphasis.in my threats and the second one there.would be my imposition beyond second.area of emphasis sorry the the economy.number one causing a drop in consumer.disposable income because that is point.zero seven so in analyzing and EFV or.CPM of IFE matrix the first thing you do.you look for any opportunities you look.for the highest waves especially under.exam conditions but we give you some of.these in the exam that you have to.analyze so you can determine here three.items point zero eight thanks those are.the three most critical so for purposes.even for the exam and my analysis I'm.going to put an emphasis on areas.causing entry barriers to be difficult.so first what I want to pay attention to.and you look at these tools remember I.said we are building a foundation so.straight away if you know number three.what condition concept is this linked to.this foundation concept of to.commodities later sorry Porter's five.forces model so if you don't understand.Porter's five forces model here then you.read this.wondering what they're talking about.yeah it's called it and true bars to be.difficult but you need to understand the.whole concept of barriers to entry but.if you don't understand the concept of.first entry at four states you will be.reading numbers I'm not really.understanding if you look at number four.you see again substitution some.businesses can defy forces model and you.can see the factors coming out.technology they have a market which one.is this devaluation factor is economic.factor so the same thing for your.threats you look for the highest which.you put your emphasis on in terms of the.exam now there's one of the things about.the base it means total one it was total.one so when you are developing your efe.for the case that you will present in.class four marks you have to design it.from the beginning you have to determine.the opportunities and threats you need.to determine the waves so from reading.the case you might not have seven I.normally tell students between three to.five maximum you are you really the case.I will give you you have to determine.which of these external factors the.threats are more important than others.so you determine the base and ice they.tell students the best way to do it is.to do a simple ranking well you don't.have your.if you have quite right from one to five.this davidic is number one which is.number two three four or five I'm based.on that you can then how to get the.weight and a similar thing for.opportunities you do a ranking first in.your group which you think is number one.in terms of importance and for emphasis.and you write from one to five and then.you can go into other kids any numbers.with ships so because this is a seven.you would how do you know define fear of.AIDS but what if you use about three or.four you might find this they like one.zero five two zero one two five you.might determine one thing is worth three.zero and any others could be broken down.into finer finer ratios but it for your.group to determine the extent of.importance if you think something is.extremely important you can give it a.bit of point zero five what remember is.for the total matrix that it was add up.to one and you might just need to do.some different combinations and adjust.your numbers in your ranking to make.sure it eventually comes to one in the.analysis you pay attention to the.ratings so this tells you what when you.look at the ratings for the threads what.do they tell you in ratings for the.threads what does it tell you yes madam.right so when you look at this one.you're analyzing what do these numbers.the ratings tell you now you look at the.ratings for these ten threats what do.they tell you sorry sorry what do you.think.well this is based on the environment so.I have a saying where you you are.looking at the ready so I'm saying what.would be your conclusions from the.regions that are given here but nobody.but you have to make any generic I.wanted to analyze these numbers and tell.me what these numbers are telling you.sorry sorry but you were still generic.you see folks yes sorry why but hold I.have known he's saying that you put.emphasis on one on five because the ID.higher ratings any other response you've.read sorry but you're still being.general writing about.is here so you have to consumers to be.hesitant going to public places what.that has the potential to do before.shutdown has the potential to decrease.seals because customers if they are not.present unless they buy online so has.the potential to decreases and what says.that decrease what else is decreased.revenues and then eventually you.condemned into some kind of problem for.the company.you understand folks I'm here so what.does this tell you.is their problem any opportunities right.so superior response above average so.you say keep on doing what you're doing.this one's so in terms of this efe what.your advice would be you need to be an.engine sakes even these one tools so it.means that the company seems not to be.responding appropriately to the various.threats no significant on his folks that.the company has not been responding.about to a threat now need to have three.hours then folks you understand your.partner making it suggest that this.company has several threads but it has.not been responding well to the threat.which means it needs know to look for.strategies to deal with these areas that.it's not because if it does not it could.impact on the business negatively but.that depends in an area where there's a.lot of in terms of tourism most of you.know in Caribbean it's really hungry.when it comes to hurricanes but they are.stated to tourism on the beaches are.important but but you make so much money.when the weather is good it is about.time these.you can identify Bob because you would.have made so many pinion from tourists.but we are in a high-risk environment.against territory it's a major global.issue for the Caribbean in terms of.rising tide so I say it depends on how.much you get and if you remember your.financial management course the higher.the risk higher the return of a policy.risk and be possible concurs so in cases.that you would have you would need to.read what is the background to the case.and that's a very good question that.would help you to form those kind of.decisions you see yes sorry not you know.you he said where do you have to do a.risk benefit ratio you will be required.to do that in this class.so I want to go onto the CPM I remember.we said before it's the ratings that are.important and the ways in relationship.to the weights and we're saying here.this tool looks at the firm's major.competitors so in terms of preparing.your cases for presentation you need to.determine who you consider which company.you consider to be the most credible.competitor well it could be three not is.your choice now the difference between.the structure of the efe and CPM relates.to the key success factors and in terms.of the ratings the language of the.ratings also changes so you would have.therefore is a major strength in 3m -.strength to minor be based on one major.weakness so students get this mixed up.sometimes look at it carefully right for.Jeju strength 3 - strange one - sorry -.minor weakness and one major weakness so.the numbers are not sequentially writing.from 1 to 4 so they said you need to.know these ratings very well so let's.look at the matrix so we have Walt.Disney CBS a News Corporation we have.the critical success factors we have the.critical success factors we have rich.rich innovative scored as the efe so the.two different things here would be one.you have critical success factors on.three different things you have critical.success factors you have three companies.and you have ratings that are different.you have written that are different.pay attention folks to the critical.success factors price competitiveness.global expansion which is an external.structure eternal employee morale.internal technology from the same.internal customer loyalty external.market share external but could be.internal for the company advertising.internal fraud equality and turnover for.an image internal financial position.internal so as opposed to just looking.at opportunities or threats or strengths.on big face you look at the factors.considered necessary for the company to.become committed its competitiveness or.advantage and you have to complete the.SW and ot and the SWOT to be able to do.this if you don't do your SWOT analysis.you will not be able to determine the.critical success factors so folks I hope.you realize what I said last week about.the foundation start that the person.analysis what analysis Five Forces.analysis all of those two will be.necessary before we can begin to.construct these matrices that we are.presenting now the same principle.applies for the CPA when it comes to the.weights and we know the way relates to.importance correct and let me say it's.an area of emphasis in terms of.recommendations for the company but.there's one small and we already know.that the ratings which are different but.there is one significant difference in.relation to the way the buildings or.the CPM can anybody tell me in the nose.what is different about the mix for the.CPA somebody tell me.great ahead then they do break in the.box to the dock and bridge next to you.baby in front the run by what's your.name sorry chin in yesterday make such.it it yes anybody anybody what's.different for the base for the CPM what.different what different between the.construction of the efe and the CPM what.is different other than your agent.what's he significant difference sorry.comparable company right you're looking.at competitive relationships but you are.comparing company where are the EF EDS.with one company the CPM deals with.multiple companies so hey what's the.difference with the ways in the CP n.Homewood the weight and the CPM have to.be different sorry.it shows so we just number the weights.you don't go big this is one company.three companies with hearts so in order.to really make it true set of vintage.scores I read because the results would.be different but when you have a common.way when you multiply by the ratings you.then have standardized the beauty score.pretty soon Christina that's excellent.brilliant Wow so you determine you get a.pass for this course right it's industry.score so when you're developing it you.need to determine then you make that.judgment right holding you you make a.judgement and just justify when you're.doing the weights and again the case.would help you to determine which of.these things are most important in terms.of the industry and we are seeing here.to technology customer loyalty right you.make a judgment based on the context of.the business so if you look here not.what do you think customer loyalty would.be one of the most important success.factors in these companies they're all.well what about the business is will.help you to come to that conclusion.service oriented very heavy in.personalized services very heavy a.personalized services is movie that they.said our entertainment we prefer to say.may be entertainment so folks the.biggest challenge you will have viennese.for the first time it's moving from an.ef3 and CPM and not being conscious or.understanding the importance of the way.I hope the vehicle impact on the.eventual ratings but everything else a.place other than the interpretation of.the ratings so we know that if this knee.go before it was a major response a.major strength almost all major.strengths above our restraints thanks a.nearly perfect for rating then you can.see here why this company seems to be.having a bird or just an average total.weighted score one for structure one for.product quality then other tools a lot.of weaknesses.this company has a lot of weaknesses as.two strangers so I think they said today.we're just basically looking at the.structure anybody wants me to go over.any other thing about the CPM it turns.of its structure and how it works.and after you Anna nice.the most important bits 1 2 to 12 and.the 3 tanks and you can determine.followed by CBS News Corporation to CBS.week News Corporation strong but Samba.story above average.suppose Disney is considering merging.right Disney is considering merging it's.going to look out to competitors it.wants to merge or take over one of these.companies what are what things would you.look up to help Disney and coming up.home to take over to merge with.you don't think about the skill of.analysis in the textbook there's no.textbook that tells you how to do what.we are doing here and so for most of the.course and this is important most of.this course would involve you developing.the competencies and skills to do.analysis that you will not find in.textbooks so when I'm interacting with.you calling a name and get cheaper a.skill building and helping you to.develop the skills to be analytical so.I'm urging those students decided.they're not necessarily more than being.sighted sometimes you you're on the.right track because you might think you.know in your head understood something.but I want to stress the best.and knowledge Easter participate under.the telephone.I have been doing this thing for a lot.of years in teaching I am one of.lectures that is put a PowerPoint notes.and read to you on point to point to.point so you talked about in this course.but I call you up to respond keeping.silent is not to your advantage.I mean I wouldn't force him to talk but.but you want that assignment I will come.back to you every day to be one big.tutorial and then you have these small.tutorials.it's called tiny technique I made all.these skills required to get this work.done but the other thing I didn't.mention if you don't believe me Ochs.any shooter you know that this course.are plastic and I give you the assurance.this is one course that when it gets to.be 12 and 13 you don't have to do much.revision to do well in fact the students.who will get the air plus s and s and M.minus s and B pluses hardly study for.this course in the exam because by you.mix 10 and 11 you have all the knowledge.and cut and capabilities to do well all.you have to do is to keep a steady.revision talking to your colleagues.let me repeat folks the history is that.believes 10 and 11 and 12 latest those.students who will do extremely well by.that time have all the knowledge and.capabilities to go in my example and do.extremely well and they will do very.little studying you know this 12 will.shotgun wanna stop on lawn mowers you.don't have to do it with this course.once you follow the suggestion that I'm.making to you and if you don't believe.me ask anybody who would have done it.before and done well right you don't.like that time that's how I have it.structured but what it does for every.week I push you to keep on top of things.right so today excellent I'm really.impressed but I need.or people reading ahead and I need more.people participating and being.interactive that's all I can know.whether I'm really helping you to.understand and if the students I know.who might be having the new challenges.are the ones I want to be able to talk.so again folks there's nothing wrong in.a class by saying and I've had many.classes where shouldn't ask me to go.over it once and they asked me to go.over it a second time for I don't get.annoyed I don't fret if there's a.student in this class who wants me to go.over something for time for I would take.15 minutes to go over it if you want.them to break a cookie to wash them you.can but it means this is a student who.wants to learn and do well so I wouldn't.get frustrated folks and it doesn't tell.me that you are not smart.it is smart that you tell me to go over.it over and over.no understand of any CSA I got it no.article looking I can see you have it.folks but please don't feel shame that.if you put it on and ask me to go over.it three or four times that it means.that you're not smart right please and I.know this I can look in certain people's.eyes I realize there are some people who.really didn't get it yet.but for whatever reason they don't want.to just speak out but I'm urging you.that's the way I teach my closest folks.you might have realized that I know I'm.not a lecture person and the more you.get elongation done I'm going to bring.sample this is what I do.I will bring a sample of a TFE I'm to.the first 20 minutes Amy I was there I.will handle all the copies and I say get.together in a partner to analyze this.efe and then the actioning on the spot.analyze it and make recommendations and.we spend 15 to 20 minutes.you know practicing this particular.approach which actually I'd like you to.come in the exam yes sir they say.anything that comes you're gonna get the.matrix right I thought that's a good.question for the quizzes are not.intended to be matrices and things like.models to analyze that is for the exam.what the quizzes are structured simple.knowledge and recall.quizzes are very simple they're very.more students get nine of the ten most a.lot you get full marks right I can.really course we're gonna show you the.coursework and I'm serious I would bring.you a sample the average student in this.course will get 36 so 240.some people get 30 out of 40 35 go to 44.34 to 40 32 to 40 some student get.nearly full marks so the quiz is not a.difficult place what I do is try to quiz.you for you to read and develop an.understanding and knowledge so the quiz.tests your knowledge of the subject area.so it's anything that comes the week.before but not the matrix so it would.say what are the ways what do the way in.the cp/m refer to or what do the ways in.TFE refer to i want to be able to say.industry where individual ways.I might say to you what in the for for.GBM versus the for fee defea.right so just testing your knowledge and.why do two for the quizzes are intended.to force you to read so little bit.clearer last minute to read so to.prepare for the quiz you have to revise.an indication you have to have some.basic understanding of it so that's my.little trick to make sure you don't wait.TD and I'm crime because honestly I.really want you to do well and they say.for me I don't know about anything my.colleagues when students do well I'm.very well I feel good and I feel I've.earned my money and I'm not telling you.got to make you feel good right but are.you feel good when students do extremely.well when a student come to after me.energy semester after exams I said.Corbin.I get a B+ or I get a I got an a-plus.and they're beaming and they shop for I.love that I feel good you want to down.folks so if I push you you had to take.it tell your folks I push you and it can.be demanding right I repeat I will push.you and I will be demanding and if I.really decided very often I will come to.you when I will come to you again some.people get offended and or come back I.think it's their loss and not mine.I'm trying to help you know if I'm.trying to help you on your run from me I.can't avoid that but in tutorial 4 again.you cannot hide a tutorial if you think.this is interactive and I teach most of.the tutorials right but I generally want.you to do well and I don't want to just.pass this exam I want you to pass this.exam that if you on Broad Street and a.CEO come to you and say I already did.this course and management at university.strategy and you can converse about.issues of strategy and competitiveness.and tools I speak like a professional.so knowledge gaining an understanding in.unreal a sec folks it's very tight keep.this course.alright so folks have a beautiful day.and again I want to tell you folks I am.impressed with this group very very.impressed if you go have a good day next.week.

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CocoSign is a browser based app and can be used on any device with an internet connection. CocoSign has provided its customers with the easiest method to e-sign their Assessment Bsp Form .

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