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Instruction of Typable Bill Wyche Jr Memorial Scholarship 2009 Form

Thank you so welcome everyone this is.one of the truly great moments of the.year at Boden and I know all of you know.that that's why the room is always.packed it is so fabulous to have so many.of our alumni back and to have our.students here as well it is also a.remarkable reminder of how Bowdoin.changes lives it's something that I talk.about often when I'm out with alums.almost well to a person each of you has.a story about how Bowdoin changed your.life and today is in a sense a way that.kind of time.evaporates and we're able to understand.how Bowdoin is changing lives today.through the experience of our students.who are here and to those among who are.here today who are our alums and parents.as well who have been so generous in.providing financial aid I want all of us.to thank you so very much for doing that.financial aid is a at the core of who we.are our values and it is what allows us.as we have been able to do over a long.stretch of time to bring the most.amazing exceptional students to Bowden.and continue to do that year after year.after year and it is only through your.remarkable generosity that we're able to.do that and through that remain the.exceptional College that we are so thank.you for that and today is one way of.celebrating that before I introduce.miscellanea I do want to do one other.thing I'd like to ask the seniors in the.room to stand please.congratulations most of you will.graduate in 10 days that was a joke so.it is my great pleasure to introduce one.of our acapella groups I suspect many of.you heard them if not on one occasion on.many occasions but miscellanea they are.the oldest all-female group on campus.formed in the early 1970s not long after.we went co-ed and I was just talking.them about this but they recently.performed and were taped and were part.of a PBS television show called seeing.that thing and did an awesome job.so miscellanea.hello hi everyone I'm thank you so much.to President rose for that wonderful.introduction and for all of you for.being here today at this really amazing.event more miscellanea we're so grateful.to be here and I just want to say on.behalf of myself and everyone in the.group thank you so much to the donors.for your incredible generosity I know.that I wouldn't be here without you and.we're just glad to share in this.wonderful afternoon and we have a couple.songs for you.on a nice like this I could fall in love.I could fall in love with you in this.dark soft and sweet also so soft the way.Oh.on a night like this.Vica my way downtown walking fast faces.pass and I'm home bound staring blankly.ahead Smith make my way through the car.and I need you and I miss you and now I.wondered if I could fall into the sky do.you think time would pass me by cause.you know I'd walk a thousand miles if I.could just see you.tonight so it sounds like these when I.think of you when I wonder if you ever.think of me cause everything's so wrong.I don't belong living in our precious.memory cuz I need you and I miss you and.now I wonder if I could fall into the.sky do you think time would pass me by.cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles.if I could just see you tonight.and I I don't wanna let you know I I.drown in your memory I.I don't wanna let this go I I don't move.Vica my way downtown faces pass walking.fast and I'm home bound staring blankly.ahead just making my way making a way.through the car and I still need you and.I still miss you and now they wonder if.I could fall into the sky do you think.time would pass a spy cuz you know I'd.walk a thousand miles if I could just.see if I could just see you if I could.just hold you tonight.thank you so much we have one more song.for you but again thank you so much for.having us to all the students good luck.on finals and to all the alumni and.donors thank you so much again.stand-in at the edge of the field watch.in the crossroad like it's always done.before nobody lives here the sun's going.down in the Carolina Pines I'm a long.way from home and I miss my love of mine.ok windows empty doors.nobody lives here anymore whistling like.we do the walls and the cracked window.panes and the grass is growing high.around the kitchens or no.my dealers here anymore.the sun's going down in my Carolina.Pines I'm a long way from home and I.miss that love of mine broken windows.and doors nobody this here anymore.once our children and a few hired hands.a hard-working woman and a bone tired.man now that old Sun is stealing across.the dusty floor.nobody is here anymore the sun's going.down in the Carolina Pines I'm a long.way from home and I miss that love of.mine broken windows and doors.let's hear anymore.No.that was fantastic Thank You miscellanea.we have two speakers this afternoon one.of our alum David Morales and one of our.students Phoebe Thompson I'll do a brief.introduction of each of them and then.David will come to the podium followed.by Phoebe David Morales class of 1997.served as the executive vice president.chief strategy officer until recently.for the steward health care system in.Boston Commissioner of the Massachusetts.division of healthcare finance and.policy and before that was deputy chief.of staff and a senior adviser to.Governor Patrick.sorry Duval Patrick in in Massachusetts.David graduated from classical high.school in Lynn Mass he was a sociology.major here played football served on res.life the student executive aboard and.graduated magna cum wad your busy guy he.was awarded the Franklin Delano.Roosevelt Cup for the student whose.vision humanity and courage most.contributed to making Bowdoin a better.College and the Andrew Allison Haldane.cup for a member of the senior class.without standing qualities of leadership.and character he served on the Alumni.Council from 2002 to 2006 was a member.of the president's committing committee.from Oh nine to twelve and was elected.to the Board of Trustees in 2012.Phoebe Thompson class of 2018 an earthen.oceanographic Sciences and Hispanic.stubbing Studies double major from.whipple Ohio a Serra and bone.James Bowden scholar admissions senior.interviewer leader of the Coalition for.expanding the reach of earth science.member of the multicultural coalition.Bowden queer Straight Alliance and the.operations coordinator for the Office of.events and summer programs also a.teaching assistant for oceanography a.researcher at the Scripps at Scripps.Institution for oceanography and a.proctor in Howell house you are an.underachiever Phoebe.a couple of fun facts about Phoebe her.parents her dad is here with us today.our writers and birders he is the editor.of bird watcher I believe do I have that.right a bird watchers digest and I.confirm this a bunch she is named after.a bird the eastern Phoebe and not.surprisingly you were the recent.champion of the Bowden bird athan so.well done and hot off the press but.yesterday while she was out with.professor Bressler as a teaching.assistant and oceanography at the giant.steps she learned that she was awarded a.Fulbright scholarship and will be.spending next year teaching in Spain so.Bravo Phoebe's.David all yours.it told Clayton and Scott that I was not.up for this and I'd I would absolutely.get back at you guys and I will I will.well first of all Thank You president.rose trustees senior staff.administrative leaders for faster.students Dining Services who I remember.very fondly.thanks for the log today alumni donor.and friends and parents I'm honored to.speak at today's scholarship luncheon.today we celebrate the generosity of our.alumni and friends as well as the.profound impact of our of your financial.support on the lives of our former.current and future students my personal.journey to date illustrates the power of.urban education the story of how I.arrived to the United States is probably.similar to many of your story in this.room I was fortunate to have parents who.prioritize their family and who worked.tirelessly to pursue a better life for.their children I grew up in Puerto Rico.until the age of 11 who lived in Dorado.the town in the northern part of the.island I was blessed to have grown up on.the mountainous part of the town on.weekends my father my two brothers and I.used to climb the hill in the backyard.to find Joe Thea yuca plantains etc the.hillside was essentially our grocery.store as it supplied our weekly fruits.in root root vegetables our protein was.made up of crabs are fish that my father.caught or Ickes for my chicken coop in.the backyard my parents work multiple.jobs to make ends meet during the.weekday my parents were out working from.early morning to late at night and my.sister Diana who was 10 years my elder.was my second mother she managed the.chores cooked our meals prepared my.clothes mainly hand-me-downs for my.brothers and kept my brothers and me in.line every night sometime in the early.1980s my father left Puerto Rico to find.work that could improve our family.situation I remember to this day how.much I missed my father in fact I still.own the notebook where I wrote a bunch.of poems about my father.wishing he was home no one standing the.financial challenges my time in Puerto.Rico laid the foundation for.today in 1986 my mother my siblings and.I joined my father in Lynn Massachusetts.a small city north of Boston my father.picked us up at Logan Airport in a blue.Ford Pinto and brought us to our new.home.a modest two-bedroom apartment on the.third floor of a rundown triple decker.and Henry Avenue at the time Lynn had.one of the highest crime rates in.Massachusetts per square feet empty.liquor bottles and crack vials littered.the sidewalks in the playgrounds Lynn.was certainly a tough city and have many.personal examples of how Lynn.contributed to my grit and my resolve.one such example took place a few days.after we arrived in Lynn Harrington.Elementary was about two and a half.miles from our house and my mother and I.had to walk there to enroll in school as.we walked to Harrington three boys.started picking on me and throwing rocks.at us I didn't speak a word of English.but I quickly communicated using my.fists that morning unfortunately in.those days altercations were part of the.Norman Lynn I attended breach in high.school looking back I wasn't the best.student but I wasn't the worst either.I was only suspended twice from junior.high school I'll spare you those stories.my seventh grade math teacher mr. Smith.routinely told Gregg a friend of mine in.front of many of the other students.almost daily that we would end up.flicking Burke flipping hamburgers and.McDonald's and boy how I got back at him.years later for high school I attended.link classical a public school located.in Westland the roughest part of the.city student body at Cooley high as we.call it consisted of mostly low-income.and working class students on the wrong.side of town that distinction meant that.many of us had a big chip on our.shoulder which often manifested itself.either on the school grounds and fights.or in the football field I signed up for.tackle football my freshman year in high.school football literally transformed my.life it kept me off the streets helped.me to channel my frustrations in a very.positive direction and ingrained.teamwork discipline and tenacity in my.DNA thanks to a lot of work and.mentoring I became an all start all-star.scholar athlete in the region my.football coach at the time David Dempsey.played a key role in that part of my.journey a no-nonsense.a person coach Dempsey was a mentor who.always found time for his team on and.off the field.in fact coach Dempsey personally helped.me identify colleges and universities.and drove me multiple times to area.colleges to make sure I understood that.there was indeed a next step for my life.after classical in December of 1992 I.experienced a transformative moment.which I hardly rare share with people.late one night I found my father sitting.at our kitchen table I asked him why he.was upset my father would not make eye.contact with me for contacts my father's.my hero he's a veteran who embodied.respec or Gothic and integrity yet he.was my hero sitting at the kitchen table.vulnerable seeing him in that condition.was mind-blowing to me at the time I was.240 pounds very athletic and my father.was a very tough guy my father told me.he'd lost his job and that he wasn't.sure how he was gonna pay the rent or.the bills or keep the apartment I told.him not to worry because I would skip.college and find a job I had a plan I.always had a plan.my father's response changed my life he.sternly said there's no way you have to.go to college I do not want you to be.like me I followed that day to do.whatever necessary to help my family.transition out of poverty.the next day I told coach Dempsey about.my conversation with my father I needed.to find a job College was not in the.plans right now his response was.immediate you're going to college and a.discussion I'll call your parents.because of my low SAT scores the coach.and I were not sure any school would.admit me.Dempsey suggested that we focus on a few.Ness Catskills with Boden in particular.for three reasons.and this was his rationale at the time.Boden didn't require SATs Odin had an.exceptional reputation and Boden who had.a need-blind financial policy I remember.receiving my acceptance letter to Boden.my parents were beyond proud cause MC.and I were relieved although I have to.admit my parents had no idea about Boden.my mother asked me how I was going to.commute to Bowdoin on the to the Blue.Lantern in Boston.I didn't have a car I said to mom we'll.figure it out.arrived on campus late 1993 August for.football camp I own two pairs of shorts.two pairs of jeans bunch of t-shirts and.a pair of sneakers I also had a triple.fat goose coat which I owned for like.six years at the time I was an odyssey.students my age driving brand new jeeps.and sobs as well as weird-looking.footwear I'd never seen before.Birkenstocks and LL Bean shoes I'll.spare you the details when my first.semester was a culture shock as well as.challenging that was accustomed to Lin's.neighborhoods where my peers book.multiple language languages or had.varying shades of skin color well not.here I put on a good face publicly but I.didn't fit in and I struggled.academically my first semester I had two.pink slips from professor Kaplan my.faculty advisor I had been in two.off-campus fights and my driver's.license suspended and I had very little.common with most students on campus.toward the end of my first semester.Bowen stepped in to help helped me with.a student mentor early Roseman.asian-american woman and my classmate.became not only my tutor but also to.this day one of my closest friends.I'll not detail my four years at Bowdoin.but suffice it to say this small College.transformed my life and enabled me to.blaze a pathway out of poverty Boden was.also a catalyst for deep personal change.critical thinking skills a rigorous work.ethic as well as a burning passion for a.mission-driven life moreover Bowen.exposing with people from all sorts of.backgrounds and places that would never.have been exposed to also Boden also.gave me an opportunity to leverage.experiences like football fraternity.life.campus life as a student in a proctor.build a blues band a Latin music radio.show among a host of other things I was.able to experience here Boden also.handed me another wonderful gift lasting.relationships with professors and alumni.that continued to deplete deeply.enriched my life professor susan bell.penny martin craig McEwan Kent Chabot.our John turn and many friends who to.this day I consider brothers and sisters.like early Roseman Tim Ryan he asked me.not to mention his name but I did.Brian done only take Sierra Dave bass my.lamb Toby McGrath and many others Joel.Sherman etc finally Bowen has played an.instrumental part of my career because.of my Boden degree the chairman of ways.and means committee in Massachusetts.selected me for my first job as a budget.analyst out of 70 applicants since that.first job my Boden education has enabled.me to serve two governors one Democrat.one Republican advised a speaker of the.house and a Senate president.respectively implement prescription.advantage and shape the creation of.Medicare Part D play a key role today in.Massachusetts healthcare reform for the.past 15 years craft a life sciences.Senate Center initiative in.Massachusetts which is now a.multi-billion dollar industry in.Massachusetts worked for seven years as.an executive at Stewart Healthcare.building the nation's privately held.health care and hospital company serve.as a trustee to this amazing college buy.a home for my parents and my family and.more importantly share a blessed life.with the most amazing woman my wife's a.man to be a father and a role model for.two amazing boys in closing I thank all.of you.alumni trustees administrators.professors Dining Services students my.former classmates because of you boating.is welcoming unique and powerful to our.alumni and donors and parents thank you.for your commitment to the College your.generosity makes it possible for all.students regardless of their color.ethnicity religion gender sexual.orientation or class to have access to.the highest level of education in.America and an opportunity to build a.future a successful future for.themselves and their families.I urge you to continue your support of.our College and its mission as a country.confronts profound social economic and.demographic change in a highly diverse.and competitive global economy your.generosity and stewardship matters now.more than ever thank you very much.it's a tough act to follow good.afternoon everyone thank you to.President rose for the introduction it's.a big relief to not be announced as.still unemployed and thank you to David.for sharing your incredible story that's.truly inspiring.I also want to thank the offices of.stewardship and events dining facilities.housekeeping and everyone else who's.making this happen today through my.campus jobs I've been really fortunate.to get to know a lot of the people who.work behind the scenes to make this.campus tick I'm so honored and humbled.to be standing up here today I actually.have perfect attendance at this luncheon.so after listening to speakers the last.four years I can't believe that I'm.actually the one up here now to be here.with all of you is a really beautiful.part of my finale at Bowden I finished.classes yesterday I've been penning love.letters to this school in its community.in my head for a while now trying to.make sense of my emotions before I leave.I could give multiple speeches built.around moments that made my heart burst.or funny anecdotes however and true in.order to truly express the depth of my.gratitude for the people and resources.that brought and kept me here at Bowdoin.I need to introduce you to where I'm.from I was born and raised in the Mid.Ohio Valley nestled in the foothills of.the Appalachian Mountains it is rural.it is insular it easily could have been.the model for the portrait painted by JD.Vance and hillbilly elegy breaking news.is often about a meth lab bust I know.people who have lost loved ones in the.heroin epidemic school was called off.several days each year in deference to.hunting season because so many students.would have skipped anyway but attendance.was always perfect on Drive your tractor.to school day.everyone and their mother literally.would line the school Drive to watch the.tractors roll past American and.Confederate flags waving side-by-side.the drivers would park dismount and.carry their feed sacks turned backpacks.into school just as the bell rang at the.end of every school day my little.brother and I would ride the bus through.the valleys and the haulers for roughly.two hours each way memorizing every.single word to every single country song.that played on the radio through osmosis.the bus dropped us off at the.intersection of Stanleyville and Dalzell.roads where my mom waited in her Subaru.listening to NPR on a nice spring day we.might have taken a quiet walk down to.the nearby pond which was always full of.frogs and newts I wrote my main college.application essay on this school home.transition realizing that I grew up in.two completely different worlds.my parents have managed to build careers.around what they love to do my dad among.many things is the editor of a.bird-watching magazine the host of a.bird-watching podcast and the leader of.field trips around the world.my mom equally versatile is a natural.history writer watercolor artist and.volunteer songbird rehabilitator as a.child I traveled around the country with.my family to bird-watching festivals.where my parents were hired as speakers.trip leaders and musicians the years of.my youth were spent chasing sparrows on.the prairies of North Dakota looking for.Warblers in the mountains of West.Virginia or spotting puffins off the.coast of this great state so you can see.where I got my name while my childhood.was unique and rich with these.experiences reality hit home for me when.I began looking at the sticker prices of.colleges to no one's surprise the cost.of higher education was far outpacing.the income associated with professional.bird-watching I clearly remember the.night of my first college acceptance to.a different small liberal arts school my.mother while obviously elated for me.shook her head and held back tears while.looking at the school's financial aid.offer it just wouldn't be feasible then.came Boden's acceptance it was no secret.that this was the one I'd been.desperately hoping.for I reminded my parents probably a.hundred times that the financial aid was.loan free that I would never have to pay.back anything Bowden gave to me while my.enrollment at any private liberal arts.college was going to be a major stretch.for our family my parents saw how badly.I wanted this on the night we paid my.admissions deposit my dad always the.optimist pulled me aside and promised.that he would do everything in his power.to ensure that I could live out this.dream this was where my experience.diverged from that of my high school.classmates the social and familial.dynamics of the Mid Ohio Valley are.probably best described using the old.metaphor of crabs in a bucket basically.in a bucket of live crabs any one of.them climb out at any time but all of.the other crabs pull climbers back down.to ensure the group's collective demise.essentially the idea is if I can't have.it neither can you when I was entering.seventh grade my parents and I attended.an orientation to find my locker and get.the lay of the land at the high school.we were instructed to find our home.rooms and meet our teachers so we'd be.ready to go on the first day the whole.night is a blur but one moment stands.out clearly I walked into the.pre-algebra classroom with one of my.good friends from elementary school as.we had both tested into the higher level.of math her mom chased after us and.grabbed her in front of everyone the.students the parents and the teacher she.yelled what are you doing in this.classroom you know you can't do this.kind of math you belong in the basic.class this switched to math seven.mandated by her mother despite her test.results changed her trajectory for the.rest of high school ensuring that she.could never take calculus my friend went.on to attend one of the large public.schools in Ohio for a couple of years.until she dropped out and returned to.our area to live at home several years.later in my junior year of high school I.had my first college-related meeting.with our schools one guidance counselor.I knew someone at the time who was a.senior at a rigorous private Academy in.the east and through him I learned the.names of a bunch of small liberal arts.colleges that sounded much more.appealing to me than a large University.in Ohio.when I mentioned Boden to my counselor.she replied well have you heard of.Oberlin this desire to keep the youth of.the Mid Ohio Valley close to home was.pervasive and insidious and I heard it.in the voices of my friends as we.discussed our options for higher.education when I returned for spring.break during my first year at Bowdoin I.ran into one of my old friends who I'd.known since kindergarten in all the.years we spent together he never wavered.in his desire to be an air traffic.controller and had enrolled in a program.at a college roughly two hours away to.pursue his dream I asked him how things.were going and he shook his head and.looked at the ground he said I'm not.like you Phoebe I can't leave this place.so they stay and they build lives of.their own in the spaces carved out for.them by their parents one third of my.graduating high school class of 77.people has children of their own now and.a handful of them have too I recently.saw a post online made by one such.classmate dedicated to everyone turning.20 and celebrating the fact that they.beat teenage pregnancy roughly.paraphrased it read when you're 35 and.awake at 3:00 a.m. changing diapers and.making bottles I'll be sleeping.peacefully while my grown children make.their own food they got me there.it's a different world meanwhile I came.here by virtue of my parents.selflessness and faith in me and thanks.in large parts to the scholarships I.received I'm standing here in front of.you today wrapping up my boat in.education I've learned about oceans and.volcanoes I've learned a Romance.language and a computer language I have.studied abroad and I have learned how to.write and communicate effectively I've.made lifelong friends who I love with.all my heart and I've been encouraged.and supported by brilliant faculty and.staff who are leaders in what they do.a couple of times I've returned home and.tried to talk with high achieving.students from my high school about the.possibility of them attending a college.like Bowdoin the answer is always the.same they're going to stay in-state.because it's cheaper and closer to home.and I cannot fault them for that no one.has given them the boost to see out over.the lip of that bucket of crabs they.don't know that there's generous loan.free financial aid waiting for a student.just like them they don't know that they.can put down roots elsewhere without.destroying the ones they've grown over.their first 18 years to be honest I.didn't fully know that either but I was.allowed to try and I sure found a great.place to land because of you I'm here.thank you.that was WOW and Wow.so the only thing I'm going to say is.two things I'd like us all to thank our.amazing dining staff for making all this.possible today.and to thank our alumni and parents for.your remarkable generosity making all of.this happen times all of the students.who have come through here and to our.students thank you for everything that.you have done to make boat in a better.place thank you for being here and I.look forward to seeing as many of you.after this is over as I can't thank you.

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  6. Once you have done, check the document once again, pick 'Done'.

All these guides won't take long time, and once the document is signed, you decide the next step. You can either download it to the device or share it in an email or using a link.

A significant good thing of CocoSign is that it's appropriate with any mobile device, regardless of the operating system. It's the ideal selection, and it saves cost, it's secure.

How to create an e-signature for the Typable Bill Wyche Jr Memorial Scholarship 2009 Form on iOS?

Creating an electronic signature on a iPod Touch is not at all complicated. You can sign the Typable Bill Wyche Jr Memorial Scholarship 2009 Form on your iPhone or iPad, using a PDF file. You will locate the application CocoSign has created especially for iOS users. Just go to try CocoSign.

These are the points you need to sign the form right from your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Insert the CocoSign app on your iOS device.
  2. Work with your email to put an account, or sign in with Google or Facebook.
  3. Locate the PDF that needs to be signed on the device with iOS system or pull it from the cloud.
  4. Locate the part where you want to include the signature; pick 'Insert initials' and 'Insert signature'.
  5. Type your initials or signature, place them correctly, and save changes to the document.

After signing, the document is ready for the next step. You can download it to your iPhone and share it. As long as you have a great internet connection, you can sign and send documents in an instant.

How to create an electronic signature for the Typable Bill Wyche Jr Memorial Scholarship 2009 Form on Android?

iOS has many of users, there's no doubt of that, but most mobile phone users have an Android operating system. To meet the needs, CocoSign has developed the program, especially for Android users.

You can gather the app on Play Market, install it, and you could start signing documents. These are the guides to sign a form on your Android device:

  1. If you already have a CocoSign account, sign in. If you don't have one yet, you can sign in using Google or Facebook.
  2. Pick on '+' to choose the document you want to sign, from cloud storage or using your camera.
  3. Locate the part where the signature must be placed and then use the popup window to type your signature.
  4. Include it on the page, confirm, and save the changes.
  5. The final step is to fax the signed document.

To send the signed form, just attach it to an email, and it will reach your receiver in an instant. CocoSign is the best way to sign lots of files every day, all at a cheap cost. It's time to forget all about signing document face-to-face and keep it all electronic.

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