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How to employ The New Equipment Request Form Herberger Institute For Design And Herbergerinstitute Asu ?

[Music].[Music].oh.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].so.[Music].good afternoon fellow sun devils and.welcome to the herberger institute all.institute.welcome my name is dejuan dj porter and.i am a senior studying theater here at.asu and i also will be your host in mc.for this afternoon.i hope you're all well hydrated and safe.in your space.because as you can see for the safety.and protection of everyone we are coming.to you live on youtube.i think i speak for all of us here at.herberger when i say we are so excited.for this upcoming year.and even more excited that you decided.to continue your educational.personal and creative journeys with us i.won't take up too much time but once.again i would like to say thank you.and welcome to begin our program we.would like to acknowledge the land that.arizona state university.occupies arizona is home to 22.indigenous tribes arizona state.university's campuses are situated on.the homelands of many tribal nations.in particular the autumn and pipash.and acknowledge the many indigenous.communities who reside in this territory.skigeek is the autumn ward that is now.known as phoenix.which was settled in 1881 by occupiers.the ancestors of the atham.the huhukum created canals and utilized.surrounding rivers that are the basis of.the current irrigation system.that feeds skagic today these waterways.have always been the foundation and.livelihood of the residents within the.valley.throughout the past 500 years the impact.of colonialism.have been detrimental to indigenous.lands and languages.affecting their livelihood many people.who live in the southwest.are unaware of this history furthermore.asu's indigenous student community.consists of over 3000 strong not.including faculty.staff and alumni who continue to thrive.educate and advocate for the.strengthening of indigenous ways of life.as the autumn call it himdak the way of.life for the autumn.encompassing their culture traditions.identity and being.as authentic and indigenous peoples our.identity is tied to the land.like our own bodies we must respect and.care for it.and we urge everyone to do the same we.challenge you to educate yourself about.the history.and the communities who continue to.thrive today.moving forward it is vital to honor and.respect that you are always.on indigenous land thank you to nora.cherry coordinator in the school of.music dance and theater for that.introduction.and now let's welcome and hear a bit.more about the institute from our dean.of the herberger institute stephen.tapper.welcome everybody um it's great to.have you all here we've been waiting for.you so.last march you know things went from.normal.to weird to crazy in the blink of an eye.and here at the institute just imagine.this we moved a thousand.courses to remote in just five days and.we had no idea how long that would take.or what the fall would look like and.since then we have spent.months and hundreds and hundreds of.hours trying to figure out.how to conduct classes and still stay.safe.we've worked to modify our classroom.setups our studio time.rehearsals performances critiques and.we've been listening to you the whole.time we know that you want access.to spaces to equipment to our faculty.to advisors and we know that you want to.do that as safely as possible and we.know that your families want that as.well.we are committed to maximum flexibility.for those of you that are here on campus.with us.uh doing everything we can to keep you.safe and for those that are joining.remotely.uh we are gonna accommodate and make.sure that you can advance in your.learning.look we're all in a game uh and none of.us know the rules right now.we don't even know what the parameters.of this game are we are constructing.this experience together.in the truest model of design in the.arts we are.iterating and iterating as we go we're.learning how to.build a community together in new ways.we're trying to figure out how to make.that work.and we need to hear from you we need to.know what is working.and what is not working remember.as we go forward this fall creativity.does not exist.in a particular tool or a particular.technology it's in.it's in us it's in whatever idea that.you can conceive.and imagine and bring to life it's even.uh and even when we cannot share.physical space.with each other we can still engage.around ideas.we can engage with each other with.faculty with one another.you can learn you can collaborate you.can continue to evolve your ideas.and your vision the theme for this.fall welcome is feeling seen and.feeling heard you're gonna be thinking.about what makes.you feel seen and or and heard and i.urge you to keep thinking about that.as you move through your time here at.asu.whatever your answers are we are.committed to helping you.express your full humanity in our spaces.whether that's physical or virtual look.in these difficult times you need to.make sure.and check that you do not fall into a.pattern of isolation.you need to reach out i've been in touch.with people.i've never thought i'd talk to again.over the last few months.and i'm grateful for those conversations.you have to force yourself.to connect with someone every day a.fellow student.a faculty during office hours i'm here.on campus every day.with my bow tie come see me um.uh reach out to your advisors make a.conscious effort.to be self-directed and assertive in.reaching out for people.you cannot hide we cannot hide in their.pandemic shadows.it happens to me it happens to all of us.it is a natural state.of feeling like you want to close in but.you've got to.connect we need that human contact and.look.if you're not feeling it if you're not.feeling connected if you're feeling.isolated what do you do.you have got to feel empowered to talk.to faculty they are there for you.rely on all the support systems of this.university that we have established to.support.you figure out who you trust who you.respect.join together as a group there are more.than a thousand student clubs at asu.the menu of spaces where you can connect.is absolutely.unlimited if the first one is not a good.fit you've got to keep going.work with us to start something new.because if you need something that's.missing here.other people probably need it too look.all.universities and institutions are going.through an overdue awakening.racism and injustice that have been.ignored for far too long.are at the front and center and they.require our action.now in this moment there's extraordinary.opportunity to transform.our institutions and their relationships.with the communities.they serve who sees a space where.herbert institute can be better.and more just we're here to work with.you we are committed.to action look we live in an unjust.world.we just do but i believe that all of us.and you in particular through art and.design through music and film through.dance and through digital culture.that you have the power to bend the.world towards justice.and we your faculty your advisors the.staff of the institute.we're here to support you as you.strengthen your voice.and you focus your vision so.forks up mess up we will.get through this together.thank you for that amazing welcome dean.temper and thank you so much again for.joining us.as we move on into the rest of our.welcome sun devils i want you to know.that with me.you making this decision to be a part of.our amazing programs.you've not only made a commitment to.yourself to continue your education.but the herberger institute dedicates.itself to making sure every student of.every background has a rightful seat at.the table and in the conversation.here to tell you more is our herberger.institute associate dean for students.stephanie etheridge woodson.thank you dj fall welcome is our.opportunity.to create an experience welcoming our.new students.and inviting and including them in our.community this year all our fall welcome.programming has a theme related to being.seen and heard.demonstrating both our pluralism and the.ways in which we all use creative.practices to feel.seen in this time of physical distancing.we know it is more important than ever.that we come together within our.herberger institute community.and celebrate the ways in which you are.all unique.and diverse creative people so we have a.creative challenge for you.we invite you to respond to the.following questions with.video music imagery words or any other.medium that speaks to you.what so here are your questions what's.something we should know about you.so that you feel seen and how do you use.your creativity to make your story.life and community scene we have some.video examples to share with you and.then in a minute we will post a link and.explain how you.can upload your own creative piece.[Music].so.[Music].what's something you should know about.me so that i feel seen.when the space around me is empty i have.a part in it.but so do you i try to tell stories that.are very very grounded and very very.authentic.and stories that are you know told from.various perspectives.it's because uh it's not a true story to.where you're at.you know it doesn't mean it's not a true.story somewhere else so my whole.creative process.has become centered in storytelling my.creativity revolves around the act.of empowering ourselves through telling.stories that are necessary to who we are.what makes me feel seen.is knowing that there's a mutual.understanding that there's always.more beyond what we see about someone.that when i decide to paint that doesn't.undo the fact that i'm a dancer if i.express by moving my body that doesn't.take away the power of my words.that who i am and who i appear to be.will never be the same.and it's the same for you and there is.always more to learn about each other.as a creative and a hispanic woman i use.my creativity to incorporate my.upbringing and my culture in anything.that i do.whether it's the music that i sing and.dance to or the stories that i make.i like to make stories that are family.and culturally wholesome because that's.what i know that's what i grew up with.and by doing that i shine a spotlight on.the latino community.i feel really seen in.a work environment when the.[Music].people i work with also share my.identity.i also feel very seen when i work.on projects that push the voices.of asian americans because.often i do not have the opportunity to.work on those projects.so it means a lot to me when i get to do.that.the goal of my creative energy is to.capture that longing that lesbians and.trans people know far too well.to create an essence that takes the.lonely and a warm embrace.to remind those trapped or scared that.there is hope.no matter how insignificant you may feel.and the vastness of this endless void.your existence.and consciousness and ability to feel.is nothing short of absolutely amazingly.profound.and you should never let anyone ever.take that away from you.so just as a reminder your prompts.what's something we should know about.you.so that you feel seen and how do you use.your creativity to make your story.life and community scene.click on the link we just posted in the.chat to go to padlet.this is where we would like you to.respond to the prompts given to us by.associate dean stephanie.instructions on how to add text images.and video are posted on the far.left column on the padlet page once you.are done with your message.click anywhere on the page outside of.your message for it to be saved to the.page.it will not show up until it's been.approved by a moderator and submissions.will be approved periodically through.this friday afternoon.you can view other submissions by.scrolling through each column this is an.opportunity to be seen and meet.other new students within herberger.institute just like julie said.you and your creative work is profound.we want to get to know you.and just because we are physically.distant does not mean.we need to be socially and emotionally.distant.that's right stephanie now more than.ever it's so imperative that we build.community guys so join and go ahead and.post on that padlet and get to know your.fellow cohort.i can't wait me either thank you.stephanie.alrighty now here's some advice in an.animation from one of our own.mfa theater students and from our recent.graduates faculty.and staff on how to get the most out of.your time as an arts and design student.sometimes it can feel like this a whole.bunch of people in a big old.disconnected world.but going to college is really more.about this.you it's about exploring who you are who.you want to be.and all the creative tools that are.going to get you to new unexpected and.exciting heights.so as you embark on this epic journey of.discovering who you want to be.we want you to remember three things.this epic journey is about.you the challenges you'll navigate and.the ways you'll develop to thrive as you.work towards your educational goals.it's also about the people around you.cheering you on and support.and it's about how to leverage resources.to get to your dreams and goals.as you navigate your college experience.don't underestimate the importance of.your physical health and mental.well-being.take a moment to decompress take time to.restore yourself with activities that.are not related to your coursework.in other words treat yourself also.please be sure to stay extra hydrated in.case you haven't noticed yet it is.really warm here.whether you are a new first year or a.transfer student one of the biggest.lessons you might learn in your first.years of college is that you can't do.everything by yourself.and that student leaders want to help.you be successful.student leaders go by many different.titles student council.digital mentors creative mentors.community assistants.first-year success coaches but no matter.the title their mission stays the same.to help you achieve success while at.college.creative mentors are your creative and.academic peer mentors.meet with them during their office hours.digital mentors have created some.amazing digital resources on what upper.division students.knew during their first year so check.out their videos and online resources.herberger institute for design and the.arts student council.advocates for herberger institute.student needs by meeting regularly with.leadership.and also developing programming for our.creative collegiate community.community assistants are leaders on your.floor if you live in the arcadia.residential community.and first-year success coaches are your.life coaches and cheerleaders for having.a successful first year.all of these student leaders are so.eager to connect with you to help you.grow and watch you set the world ablaze.as a creative.there are tons of resources for success.and being a creative is all about using.resources to help you.move forward find solutions to complex.problems.and engage with the world so check out.your my asu page.download the asu app connect with.tutoring and writing centers.go to a first year success coaching.appointment tell your creative mentor.what you want to do to make your first.year here.as memorable as possible so remember.this is about taking care of yourself.making connections.and connecting to areas that are here to.support you.even if you don't know how to start a.conversation we are here to help you put.together the questions.after all you're going to be spending.the next four years creating.you'll be creating memories leaving.behind your legacy and impacting others.and as the artist and designers of the.next century you are going to be.connecting with so many people.helping others learn and changing the.world.i wish i knew about all of the spaces.available for undergrads to use in order.to create.their artworks i wish i know about the.resources that asu.offers such as counseling services.financial aid the counselors are always.there for you to help you out with.schooling i wish i knew how many.resources there were at asu.and i wish that i had reached out to.the mentors above me that could point me.towards those resources.i didn't know when i was a freshman that.it was okay to like take a little time.to explore classes i would have probably.done more print making stuff and whatnot.earlier.well i haven't actually done any yet but.you know stuff like that.would have like tried new things things.that can.enhance my ability to create i wish i.knew that.it's okay to like be that person and.like go out and just like.be a part of like all the activities and.have fun i wish i knew that it was okay.to talk to people.and like just start conversations like.out of nowhere because everyone's trying.to find people everyone's trying to like.find their niche you don't necessarily.have to stay.within your major group either like.interdisciplinary work between like.film kids and design kids and like.there's so much that can like come from.that and like it starts with a.conversation.to get a little deeper into the student.experience join me in welcoming dean.tepper.and josephine ortiz meredith fourth year.intermediate major.david newton third year fashion major.angie valencia fourth year music.education major.gail tommenbang fourth year film major.and myself.we're going to chat a little bit about.some advice that we have for you all as.new students at the herberger institute.for design and arts.please welcome back dean tepper to join.us for our student panel.thanks dj um first question for all of.you.think about when you first came to asu.one worry that you had at the beginning.of that year.and what advice would you give your.first year self knowing what you know.now.advice to your first yourself yeah.well for me um my biggest worry was.pretty much.getting a job outside of college i.didn't really know.what path i wanted or what professional.direction i wanted to go i came in as an.engineering student so i was kind of all.over the place i changed my major.twice so um my advice is to just.stay curious and take unusual electives.because you never know where that will.lead you.in terms of your professional path so.david what's the most.unusual elective you took um.well um i took yoga on a whim like last.minute in freshman year but after that i.took it every other year.so now i kind of want to get certified.as a yoga.instructor so i feel like that's kind of.um shaped.my path because i've always been a.gymnast but i never thought to take it.and.take it at asu or.a class that had to do with physical.movement and stuff like that i just.wanted to stick in my.um my major so that was kind of the most.unusual class.i'm taking a race and relations class.this um this semester for multiracial.experiences so.i try to take the most classes i can.thanks um one of my biggest worries.freshman year.was fitting in as i'm sure a lot of you.can probably relate to.right now um but honestly don't stress.about it the campus is so big and.diverse that you'll find.your little group of people and don't.worry about like the speed at which you.find people if you think other people.are making friends before you.don't worry just put yourself out there.and you'll find people that you connect.with.thanks angie um one of my biggest fears.was definitely really similar to.andrei's.i just i was scared nobody wanted to.talk to me.and i just didn't realize that like.everyone's kind of on the same page of.like you're in this new setting.and you want to make friends and you.just don't really realize that like.people are also hungry to do the same.thing as you so.like andrew said the campus is super.diverse it's super big.and even though you guys are all online.for the most part for this year.um like there's still ways that we've.found to like connect with each other so.just don't be afraid of reaching out to.people it feels scary but.once you do it one time you're able to.do it multiple times.oh no one of the words that i had the.beginning of my first year was about.feeling included also.um truthfully this is a very real.concern that i just not.had but also many students but i think.it's just silly.i usually bound to find people that i.connect with.we're all creatives we all share the.same passion of arts and design.i got involved in many activity fairs.like the ukulele club the animation club.in concilia which is a student latino.coalition.college is also a time to discover who.you really are.and also just like what hair color fits.you the best um.so i tend to plan to meet people who are.just like me.i i believe that my first year my.worry was people weren't gonna like me.for me.similar to what gail and angie were.speaking to.about building connections i was worried.to bring my whole.authentic self to any situation or.social.um aspect that i was bringing myself to.and so my advice to my first yourself is.to just completely throw any doubts away.of people not liking you for who you are.because people who like you for who you.are and who accept you for the authentic.person that you are.have more meaningful connections in the.long run than those who.are friends with you or like you for a.artificial or kind of.composed version of yourself.thank you dj i love the authentic self.um.you know we've got 6 000 people in this.community and 5.500 will love you for your authentic.self so.you should have no trouble finding those.connections um.second question uh what is a.challenge that you had after.covid19 entered our lives and who at asu.helped you with that challenge.for me um my biggest.challenge with kovid was just finding.the inspiration and motivation.to continue with personal projects i.had this very stagnant period of not.doing anything.and it had a lot to do with my routine.and the.way i handled it i stayed inside as you.should but um really take the time to.while doing that.like cherish your social interactions.like using facetime or just calling.someone that really.helped me especially as an out-of-state.student student.so when coming to asu this past week i.feel like.my co-workers such as josephine and.gayle and um.just my team has really helped.add difference in my day and that's.affected my whole.self-care routine i think and just.staying positive.it's it's been a huge huge learning.lessons.thanks david one of my biggest struggles.the transition to online is as a music.student no longer being able to make.music with different people.i was still able to make music by myself.but for me the fun in music is always.having that connection with people and.obviously at the time we were all going.through the same thing and the biggest.help for me was just being able to talk.to my professors about all the different.frustrations.and also like ideating with them.different ideas of how we could.try and make music together but really.reaching out to them was.the best thing that i could have done at.the time it allowed me to feel.heard.so right after covet happened i had to.move back home.which wasn't the healthiest of places.especially it just wasn't a place that.really like nurtured my creative spirit.and.um like it was really showing in my.schoolwork too to the point where like i.felt like i i went and reached out to.one of my one of my professors.specifically.to like explain my situation and be like.hey like this is what it's like now for.me like i'm not performing the same way.that i did before and just like.you know professor clusters is very like.understanding.of all of that and you know like if if.you.are vulnerable with your professors and.like most of the time.they'll they'll give you the same.vulnerability and like give you that.understanding so like don't be afraid to.reach out to them.you know some of them are definitely.very scary but like.um emailing is just part of the job.and yeah.um through the coronavirus pandemic um.creatives are facing through really.tough times but i believe that that.does not stop us at all we are creative.we always find a way like we don't know.any limits so as an animation and film.major most of my work is about.collaboration.working in studios having people around.me who like just inspire me.and just give you like great feedback.and that's just like creative.environment and like.energy um so it was definitely a really.hard transition i also learned so many.things that.not just about how life is going to work.after all of this.but also by my identity and who i truly.am.um there were no distractions around me.through all this time so it was a time.for the world just to stop and.rewind and look at our mistakes and how.to be like.better humans and how art can change the.world so i realized that this discovery.opened so.many new doors and paths for every.creative.and it doesn't mean that we all have it.all figured out but we're definitely a.step closer to.each other love ourselves more.i would say that the challenge that i.had after covet 19 was.kind of similar to angie's was the idea.of that my art and everything that i do.when it comes down to my creativity is.all about connections.and anybody that knows me knows a lot of.my art has a specific lens when it comes.down to equity and inclusion.so for me not to be able to have these.physical and actual communications and.connections with people.and be able to sit and tell stories be.able to sit and.swap experiences and talk about.opportunities and different things going.on.in our community it kind of made me sad.and so i had to deal with certain.different.emotional situations because i'm a very.social person i love.like i said to go meet with people go.have lunch go have coffee.and so to have all of that change it may.seem like overnight.it was really challenging for me but.through going to counseling and like.um kind of ideating and figuring out.ways to kind of get around it.i was able to like david said push.myself into.more personal projects and be able to.connect with people again.using the virtual mediums that were.available to it.great thanks thanks dj and gail just to.pick up on on what you said about.um about faculty uh you know i've been a.faculty member for 20 years.and have office hours always had office.hours.and we literally wait for the someone to.knock on the door.like we want students to come see us.we that's we may look scary we are not.we're all.going through exactly what you're going.through right now we feel isolated we.get depressed.we're we're there we have anxiety um so.please see us all in the same boat and.uh and know that we are here because.we want you to reach out to us and it.could be during office hours it could be.sending an email.but the sooner you start building.real relationships with your faculty or.with staff who are working with you.the better because those relationships.will help you throughout college.and they will be there forever so you're.not.you're not only sort of accumulating.knowledge and.creative skill sets but you're you're.really accumulating relationships.and uh and and so you know don't.shortchange yourself.leave with your pockets full of really.strong and powerful relationships with.your faculty and with.obviously with your classmates and with.staff okay so.uh self-care um.you know this is kind of a i mean.self-care is always important but we're.in such a crazy moment with.so much coming at us so much uncertainty.we're going into a sort of a crazy.political season that just makes us even.more.uh anxious um and so.that's so critical what do each.of you do to uh to make sure that you're.uh engaging in self-care and what do you.recommend.uh yeah like you said dean it's been um.very uh a lot of a lot of stimuli that's.affected.um the stress levels we have now so yeah.self-care has been a huge theme in my.life and to my friends it's been.the same um for me i.something that's easy that i've started.doing more regularly.is just going outside and having like.walks every morning i feel like that's.um like it's proven to boost your.productivity and overall mood so if you.feel the same then just take a lap.around asu or something with your mask.um but i think um.finding more so just finding what makes.you fulfilled and uh.brings you joy something that you should.add to your day to day and those.those should be the most important.moments in your.routine because these are what mostly.influences your emotional and mental.health.so for me it's going outside and yeah.i'm curious to see what y'alls are.my biggest self-care tip is just to know.your support system.uh whether it's family friends roommates.know the people you can reach out to and.talk to about your frustration.frustrations and stresses and even.celebrations.um and let them know like what's going.on in your life and.ask the same of them ask how their their.day is having a support system is.really important.something that i highly recommend for.herberger students specifically is to.find a hobby that is not your major.because for a lot of us coming in like.if you're really into painting and.you're a painting major now.you can't you can't go back and like you.do painting as a hobby because now it's.academic.so like as much as it is your passion.you can't keep like you need to have a.variety of things so you don't feel.burned out and like you don't feel maybe.like stuck in a corner with like.just just branch out do other things.outside of like this.this passion of yours and your.creativity will definitely like.go way farther and gail what's up give.us.a hobby what what are some of your.hobbies i'm really into house plants.um i'm in my room and literally just.like.stuff like is it showing stuff like this.is all over it.so i'm a film major so definitely not.the same thing.have you done a film of your houseplants.yet i wish.you'd be riveting.um josephine yeah um.so time management i think it's really.important i.but something that i think it's really.important too for like self-care things.like do make time for social life.um it's really important for your mental.and emotional health.however don't spill them the entire time.just talking about.school but you can socialize with other.teachers make sure you plan to do some.things that will completely distract you.from.school work um also just allow yourself.to say.no to social events that you know will.leave you like really.drain um but do socialize make it.enjoyable rather than just another.stressful list to add onto your to-do.list so like.knock on your neighbor's door be like.hey have like a.socially distanced conversation go get.some lunch um.go on a morning walk or something to.keep you guys active.i think i would have to agree with the.rest of the panel um.really i say when it comes down to wreck.when i recommend self-care to anybody i.say.look in the mirror and stay curious.because when it comes down to self-care.self-care is so important and it's.really about what makes you happy and.what makes.you have that peace in that equilibrium.from the end of the day of a long day.say you had a stressful assignment you.had to work on or anything.do the time and take the time to take.care of yourself whether that means.you're putting on face masks going to go.get your favorite snack.going on like we said going on a walk.playing that video game.whatever you do just make sure you do it.and make sure it makes you happy.because true self-care is not selfish.and it's very critical.thank you dj yeah curiosity.is a is a creative person sort of secret.weapon.for everything it's where you get your.ideas it's how you engage the world and.how you take care of yourself and.we also know from social science.research that walking is actually good.for the brain.if you have conversations while you're.walking they're better conversations.the ideas are better the exchange is.better.so you know several of the of our.panelists have suggested walking.and uh forget that it might be 115.degrees.right now in uh in in arizona.um you can still walk like a cockroach.finding all the shadows on campus.to stay cool um so i want to thank.all of our student panelists you guys.are amazing.um i know you're here to be supportive.so.copy all everybody's names down they.they are there to answer your emails.i also encourage any student to email me.directly i'm also available.i'm here on campus every day.wearing a bow tie josephine i don't know.if i'm ready yet to dye my hair.but i will wear some pretty crazy bow.ties but you might get me by the end of.the semester.to try a new hair color um thank you all.and dj back to you.alrighty now it most definitely breaks.my heart to have to tell you that we are.coming to the.end of our 2020 fall welcome but the fun.isn't over yet.there have been a lot of hands and hard.work that has gone into making your fall.in the herberger institute.now here's some of the best advice.you'll receive all day.[Music].[Applause].[Music].three two one welcome to the herberger.institute.for design and the arts creativity.thrives here wherever we are.it's thriving i promise you it thrives.right here my name is joanna grabski.i'm the director of the school of art my.pronouns.are she her hers my name is phil horton.i'm the interim director for the design.school and i'm also a member of the.architecture faculty here at.i'm karen schupp and i am the associate.director of the school of music.dance and theater my pronouns are she.her and hers my name is jason david.scott.i am the interim director of the new.american film school.and an associate professor of film and.media production.i am proudly gender non-binary and.prefer they them pronouns.i am pawan turaga the interim director.of the school of arts media and.engineering.the performance i use for myself are he.him his and they them theirs.for the incoming students this year i.wish you many moments.of inspiration and i wish you a.wonderful community.of collaborators and friends in the arts.whether you're in studio.or that you're online find out who are.the movers and shakers of the area that.you're studying.and to seek out new challenges that.excite you.and resonate with you even if the ways.we connect look different.finding new ways that we can collaborate.and grow together.whether it's online or in person and to.see this strange and unusual time.not as an obstacle but as an opportunity.for you to study and make art.that is deep meaning to be creative in a.world that is.ever-changing we need creative people.and designers.to change the world there's a place for.you here you have people like me.who are happy to talk with you you are.part of something that will.help asu and the herberger institute.evolve into something even better than.it would.what it already is one of the most.innovative and transformative.universities in the world that is.incredibly committed to helping you.achieve your dreams.we are very committed to your education.safety and personal well-being because i.hope you will find here the resources.to overcome them and then become a.resilient and resourceful profession.and in the end how wealthy was this.challenging semester we have had.something that i'm excited for this year.is just the amount of.creativity and innovation that is going.to come out of this time.that we are living in the museum is.going to offer.online exhibitions programs and.opportunities to engage with art and.artists from around the world.the opportunity of working with students.over the past 30 years.has enriched my life greatly and i look.forward to a new year.use the space and time the university.experience at.arizona state university to explore.their creativity.that's always a challenge but challenges.are great challenges.um offer us opportunities to the.creatives despite any obstacles created.by the pandemic.and all the great artworks that come out.of your efforts stretch your wings.extend your reach and find the endless.creativity.inside you to work with students inside.and outside the classroom to foster the.kind of community.we want to build together to help me.rethink.what art means to us now.and being a part of their explosion of.growth that inevitably happens over the.first couple of years of them being here.try anything and that's really for.everyone from.dr crowe all the way down to our first.time freshman.none of these words do justice to what.can happen for people.in college finding the people that are.going to be with you your whole life.all of you come from your own.backgrounds you have your own stories to.tell.and i have just always found it so.interesting to get to know you.and of course to help you however i can.[Music].[Music].once again i want to personally thank.you on behalf of everyone from the ones.you've seen up on stage.to the amazing individuals helping.behind the scenes and with coordination.mostly remember you all have the.absolute power potential and creativity.to change.the world even as this welcome comes to.a close then this is only the beginning.remember to click on the padlet link in.the chat and share a little bit about.you.with your fellow students and then i.want to challenge you.ace that exam join a club or an.organization virtually connect to make.friends.make all of the memories and experiences.you can because every single part of.this next chapter.of your story is yours to make now go.and author your story knowing that.nobody and nothing can take that away.from you.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].you.

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What is wrong with the hiring process and how could it be fixed? Endless forms have to be filled out, nothing is unified, and GitHub, StackOverflow (for developers) or Dribbble (for designers) are not taken into consideration.

I’m not sure that anything is inherently wrong with the hiring process. There are many different ways to go about talent acquisition, and some may prove better than others in better situations. HR professionals want to be psychic, sometimes, and (admittedly) they have to be slightly so. However, it is impossible to know if George is going to have a breakdown 2 months after you hired him as your PR person. People fluctuate in all different periods of their lives, and although you can see warning signs of a bad candidate, it is almost impossible to predict their future behavior exactly. With that Continue Reading

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