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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Bir Form 1801 Online

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The Definite Guide to Bir Form 1801

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[Applause].[Music].everyone welcome to another episode of.town training today I will discuss to.you how to compute file and pay estate.tax under the training load this data is.a tough imposed under Section 84 of the.National Internal Revenue Code on the.net estate of the decedent with a.resident or non-resident of the.Philippines under the Train law what is.changed is only the rain.okay so status it's a tax imposed to the.privilege of passing over all the.transmission of properties of the.decedent to the ears or beneficiaries it.is governed by the law of succession.under the Civil Code so we must know.what is the meaning of the gross estate.in order that we can determine what is.the proper amount of stay trust that we.are going to pay because later on I will.discuss to you about the filling up of.the estate tax return and how to fill it.up and it will give you some tips on how.to fill up how to compute and how to go.about the documentation of the estate.tax non-resident dissident what the time.of the death was not a citizen of the.Philippines only that part of the entire.gross state which is situated in the.Philippines shall be included in the.gross State for Filipino resident all.property at the time of death really.personal tangible intangible wherever.situated if you are a Filipino citizen.then all the properties are subject to.estate tax net the state under the Train.law gross estate of US citizen or.resident less the - was allowed under.the trailer so what are the deductions.allowed from the gross estate in order.to arrive at the net taxable estate so.we have deductions allowed we have.standard deduction five million.we have claims against the estate as per.contract or tour by operation of law it.depends on the amount on the claims.against the estate.claims of the disease against insolvent.persons if the receivable of the.decedent really cannot be collected.because the prisoners no capacity to pay.unpaid Martius taxes and casualty losses.there are allowable deductions property.previously tasked transfer for public.use family home of 10 million amount.received by years under a public a 49-7.then this is the retirement net share of.the surviving spouse in the hon jewel.partnership or community property.there are also deductible conditions for.the allowance of family home as.deduction from the gross estate this are.the conditions in order that the family.home can be deducted from the gross.state the for minimum must be the actual.residential home hope the decedent and.his family at the time of his death are.certified by the Ribera a captain of the.locality where the family home is.situated and also the total value of the.family home must be included as part of.the gross estate of the decedent and the.allowable deduction must be in the.amount equivalent to the current fair.market value of the family home as.declared or included in the gross state.or the extent of the decedent interest.whether conjugal community or exclusive.property whichever is lower but not.exceeding ten million computation of the.next state of a dissident who is a.non-resident alien of the Philippines.the standard deduction is five hundred.thousand us against the resident.Filipino citizen which is five million.proportion of the total losses and.indebtedness which the value of such.beers to the value of his entire gross.state were ever situated nurses and.indebtedness shall include the following.so the computation of the net state of a.dissident who is a non-resident alien of.the father of the Philippines we have to.compute the claims against the state and.the claims of the deceased against.insolvent persons where the value of the.interest therein is included.the value of the gross estate so the.unpaid mod idea stances and casualty.losses the allowable deduction under.this subsection shall be computed using.the following formula so the formula for.non-resident alien was property in other.country you have to compute the.Philippine gross state divided by the.word gross state multiplied by item.number term meaning the claims against.the state equals allowable deduction.here in the Philippines it is prorated.based on the actual and paid much ages.in relation with the other and paid.monthly just in other part of the world.and then provide it with the mortgages.or that should be claimed in the.Philippines equals that allowable.deduction here in the Philippines the.property previously tasks the transfer.for public use and the net share of the.surviving spouse in the fungible.property or community can also be.deducted from the gross estate of the.non-resident decedent so unless.otherwise provided the rules for the.availment of reductions in the preceding.section shall apply so the proper.presentation of the family human.standard deduction as deductions from.the gross state is the following we have.some illustrations why because under the.Train law the deductions for the family.home is now 10 million as compared to.the previous standard deduction for.family which is only 1 million and also.the standard deduction of 1 million now.family home is 10 million standard.deduction so illustration number 1 that.they said and is unmarried the family.home is more than 10 million example.real and personal properties is 18.million family home is 20 million the.gross state is 38 million less.deductions ordinary deductions and paid.real estate tax is 3 million the special.deductions family home and standard.deductions of 15 million plus the 3.million real.state asked and paid three million so.eighteen million and net taxable estate.is twenty million the decedent is.unmarried.meaning single another example is the.decedent is married the family home is.conjugal the property is more than ten.million so the conjugal properties.family home is a virtual property 20.million real and personal properties 18.million exclusive properties 10 million.total 48 million the gross estate so.less ordinary deductions conjugal.ordinary deductions 3 million so.subtract it from the total conjugal.property of their date million we have.net conjugal estate of 35 million.spatial deduction family home is 10.million standard deductions 5 million.total deduction is 18 million so the net.estate is 30 million less one-half share.of the surviving spouse seventeen.million five hundred thousand a so net.taxable estate is twelve million five.hundred thousand decided this marriage.the family home exclusive property more.than 10 million so we have the hair.daily sample conjugal properties real.and personal properties 18 million.exclusive properties 20 million the.gross estate is 38 million conjugal.ordinarily - owns 3 million so net.conjugal estate is 15 million specialty.- own family home 10 million standard.deduction 5 million total deductions 18.million net estate is 20 million less.one-half share of the surviving spouse.7,500 with which is one-half of the net.conjugal state of 15 million so we have.the net taxable estate of 12 million.500,000 the certainties and merit the.family home is below 10 million so real.and personal property.14 million family home is.9 million gross State is 23 million.ordinary deduction is 2 million.spatially - ian is only 14 million why.because family home is only 9 million.the standard deduction is 5 million so.total deduction 16 million net taxable.estate 7 million they said it is married.the family of his conjugal property and.is below 10 million so we have the.family home of 9 million real and.personal properties 14 million exclusive.property is 5 million so we have that.total of gross state of 28 million.composed of 23 million conjugal property.and 5 million.exclusive property so less ordinary.deduction and conjugal deduction so we.have net Portugal is say 21 million and.the specialty - is our family home 4500.standard deduction 5 million total.deductions 11 million five hundred.thousand net estate 16 million five.hundred thousand less one half share.surviving spouse 10 million five hundred.thousand net possible estate is six.million why is it here that the family.home is only 4 million five hundred.thousand special deduction instead of.the 10 million allowable why because the.family home is conjugal and value of the.family is only 9 million 1/2 of that.owned by the decedent so only 4 million.five hundred thousand because the other.1/2 4,500,000 belongs to the spouse with.the surviving spouse so it is not.included in the estate of the husband.the assailant is married the family home.exclusive property below 10 million so.conjugal properties real and personal.properties 14 million exclusive.properties family home.million so gross estate is 23 million.conjugal ordinary deductions 2 million.so the net conjugal estate is to help.million special deductions family home.here is 9 million why because it is an.exclusive property of the husband so it.is all taxable for estate tax purposes.so standard deduction is 5 million it is.they the doctor deduction 16 million at.state is 7 million less one half share.of the surviving spouse 6 million so the.net taxable estate is 1 million so these.are all the illustrations for the.computation of the gross state the net.possible estate will arrive at the net.of Cibola state and how much is the rate.now under the Train law multiply the net.taxable estate by 6% and you get the.estate ask you we have explained give.examples on how to compute the state ask.you now how to feel the estate tax.return in order that you can pay your is.they attached you and I will give you.some tips on how to fill it up and how.to maintain documentation for estate tax.purposes free Jabir form number one.eight zero one or 1801 this is the.estate tax return enhance January 2018.ANC is version number one is the date of.death date of death the supporting.document for this is your death.certificate and for the death.certificate the requirement is it should.be coming from the National Statistics.Office or the ps8 today the Philippine.Statistics authority it should be.certified by the Philippine Statistics.Authority or the date of death it is.coming from the death certificate and.for the death certificate.you must have at least three copies.certified copy in order that it can be.attached to the documents in the B air.because the original will be to the.taxpayer.line number two amended.yes or no if this is an original return.and you have not yet filed another.return then you said yes but if you have.previously filed a return then this is.nope number which it's attached.alphanumeric task code we have es 0 1 0.taxpayer identification number or team.for the transfer information so we have.done nine digits because the last digits.aren't for the bronze and the audio code.for the task identification number.remember that you can accuse the tin of.the decedent when he was still alive the.barrier will issue another does.identification to the state because the.past identification number of the.decision we are still alive cannot be.used in his state tasks because the.state is another taxpayer no longer the.taxpayer when he was alive line number 7.we have taxpayer name in state of why it.stayed up because this is not really the.person when he was still alive this is.already the state because the what you.are talking here are only the property.of the descendant or the person who have.died so residence of dissident at the.time of death remember that there is a.source document for this and where is.this this said an address or residence.at the time of death this is very.important this is coming from the death.certificate so that if the death.certificate has a different address then.you have a problem why because if the.residence of descendant and the time of.death is different from the actual.residence at the time of death with the.residence as written in the death.certificate then the residence at the.death certificate will prevail ok so.what is the problem the problem is if.the decedent died in another place and.in the death certificate it is placed.there the death of death.and the residence at the time of death.when that the surgeon will file an.estate tax return at the place of.residence so that if he has to claim a.family home in another place then that.will not be allowed he can no longer.claim a residence family home in another.place especially if the resident home is.situated in another place so that can be.a big problem because the family home.now is 10 million so he cannot claim.that as a deduction from his processing.and then there is a question in line.number nine non-resident alien yes or no.if the decedent is a non-resident alien.then what is our rule the non-resident.alien is possible only on properties.situated in the Philippines and where.are you going to file the estate tax.return of the non-resident alien in the.audio number 39 South Kayson City why.because all the foreign transactions are.filed in that district because are do 39.has the jurisdiction of the national.office.so all transactions abroad or foreign.transactions are being processed in our.do 39 line number 10 name of execute or.administrator last name first name.middle name for individual or registered.name for non individual line number 11.Dean of the executor or administrator.and the quantum number what is the.difference between executors and.administrators executors if the decedent.lived a last will and testament and.administrator if the TAS the decedent.has no last will and testament why.because the executors what executors.will do is just to execute the last will.and testament after it is being probated.in court but the administrator has to.administer the estate because it has no.last will.and testament number thirteen email.address of the administrator or executor.number fourteen are you availing of tax.relief under special law or.international authority yes or no in.fears specified line number fifteen mark.applicable box fifteen a has an.extension to file return being granted.yes or no 15 B has the estate min set of.judicial a yes or no 15 C has an.extension to pay that has been granted.yes or no 15 D has an installment.payment been granted yes or no monthly.quarterly semiannual others specify line.number 16 net possible state line number.17 applicable tax rate number 18 is they.asked you for the applicable tax rate we.only have six percent but prior to the.trial in law we have graduated rates and.what is the role of the tax rates the.tax rates prevailing at the time of.death of the decedent will prevail line.number a then we have estate tax Joe.line number nineteen less thanks credit.payment for an estate tax paid.especially if the decedent has property.abroad and has to pay also estate as.abroad if a Filipino citizen with.property abroad and paid estate as.abroad then that estate tax payment.should be deducted in the estate tax.payable here in the Philippines but it.is limited only to the amount or to the.value of the property that he paid in.the in a foreign country past paid in.return previously filed if this is an.amended return whether what do we say.about amended returned it is the.original return profile but since we.have some connection or we have some.property to add on the estate so we have.to file again another is theta so we.call it as I mean.so if this is an amended return then you.are going to attach the seraphs copy of.the previously filed return so the total.and then the tax payable less portion of.tasks allowed for payment by installment.of a paid on or before we have to put.the they notice payable first.installment item 20 less item 21 and.then line number 23 we have to add.penalties if the payment of the estate.tax is already late and what is the the.deadline of the payment of state tax now.under the Train law is already one year.previously it is six months so what are.the penalties we have the sole charge.interest and the compromise then we have.the total amount payable and this return.should be signed by the executor or the.administrator under the penalties of.perjury meaning under the penalties of.perjury you guarantee that the.information in this return are true and.correct if it is signed by us agent in.the accreditation number or by if.attorny the attorneys role number the.date of issue and the date of expiry and.we have part three details of pain okay.so pain stove they state has to return.we still have information of the task.identification number and we have the.taxpayers name in state up okay so part.for the computation of the task we have.been particulars line number 29 the real.property stood in family home why.because the family home is segregated.because we have to determine the amount.of the deduction application of the.deduction resistant million so we have.real properties whether exclusive or.conjugal and then the family home the.personal property is the taxable.transfer the business interest the.business interest is the ownership of.the decedent in business.then we have the gross State we have.less ordinary deductions.he stayed after ordinary deductions then.the less special deductions for the.special deductions we have the standard.deductions five million for resident.citizen and there are five hundred.thousand for non-resident alien for the.family room we have ten million which.ever is lower why because if the family.home is only five million then the.allowable deduction is only five million.and not ten million the other space.specify the total deduction total.special deductions and then the net.state let us share the surviving spouse.and then they're not net taxable estate.so this an assessable state would be our.basis for the payment of the six percent.is the attached for the schedule Europe.do make a schedule and this is that.guide you have you have to make a.schedule order summary of or details of.the property included in the gross state.so we have the real properties and what.are the information required for the.real properties we have original.certificate of transfer transfer a.certificate of title the condominium.certificate of title number we have the.tastic literation number we have the.location lot improvements the area and.the classification area is very.important why because the area is the.one used multiply it by the zonal value.per square meter in the area and we have.now the zone and valuation also area is.very important fair market value of.protist declaration fair market value.per ba are zonal value so where can you.get this on a value from the website of.the var and how can you locate your.location in the zonal value based on the.tax declaration so your location in the.zonal.on the fast accleration will be the one.to build up a thin additional value in.order that you can find the proper sonal.value of the area or location of the.property fair market value whichever is.hired exclusive or the conjugal property.why whichever is higher because when we.compute the gross estate we will choose.the higher value between the fair market.value and sonal value details of the.family home so you have to supply also.the original certificate of title.transfer certificate of title or the.condominium certificate of title number.the task declaration location area the.classification fair market value.patterns declaration fair market value.personal value of the BA R and then we.have the fair market value exclusive or.conjugal for the personal properties or.the shares of staff you have to supply.the name of the corporation the.classification is listed or not listed.the star certificate number the number.of shares the fair market value or book.value per share total fair market value.or book value exclusive going to color.communal schedule to a other personal.properties particulars fair market value.exclusive or conjugal or communal.totally scheduled reasonable transfers.we have particulars no fair market value.also exclusive and conjugal business.interest such as net equity and other.not classified above so the trade name.or business the registered address the.RTO code and then the exclusive or.conjugal or communal properties you have.to disclose all so what are your.ordinary deductions claim this is very.important in the filing of the estate.tax return earn are the mandatory.requirements and what are this mandatory.requirements so for the mandatory.requirements we have.certified throw copy of the death.certificate certified throw copy coming.from the Philippines that's the.authority number two we have the task.identification number this is it should.be the BA are you have to fill up form.1904 and then bring it to the.registration of the bear so that they.will issue a tax identification number.for the state you have to bring along.with you the other documents to support.your estate tax clean so number three.notice of death only for death prior to.January 2018 eurydice by the B air if.gross possible estate exist 20 million.for death occurring in January 1 1998.after December 31 2017.Bruce exceeds 3000 for death occurring.prior to January 1 1980 so 3,000 for.original copy of any of the following.affidavit observe adjudication or did of.extrajudicial settlement of the state if.the state has been settled.extrajudicially or court order if set of.judicially or seventy creation of all.properties of the is the number 5 a.certified copy of the schedule of.partition and the order of the court.approving the same within 30 days after.the promulgation of such order in case.of judicial settlement number 6.validated returned and original official.receipt deposit slip as proof of payment.for down payments return or copy above.management receipt return file through.Oba EBA or forms 7 proof of claim tax.credit if applicable.number 8 sip a statement on the itemized.assets of the decedent itemized.deductions from gross state and the.amount you if the gross value of the.estate exceeds 5 million.basis for dissident death on or general.body on or after January 1 2018 or two.million pesos for dissidents death from.January 1 1998 to December 31 2017 this.is before the trainload of effect number.9 certification of the banana campaign.for the claim family home if the family.home is conjugal property and that's.nothing said ten million the allowable.deduction is one half of the amount only.number ten Joline authorized promissory.note for claims against the estate.arising from contract or not number.eleven accounting of the proceeds of.blown contracted within three years.prior to death of the decedent twelve.proof of the claim property previously.tasked but this property previously.vastness are the banishing the - on.north are this vanishing the national.about this is one hundred percent of the.first year of the death of the previous.owner of the property before the.decedent died on the second year the.bunnies in the - in is 80 percent on the.third year sixty percent on the fourth.year eighty percent and on the fifth.year twenty percent that is now one is.vanishing deduction for the property.previously tested proof of the claim.transfer for public use if some of the.property of the decedent were.transferred for public years.example transferred to be used as right.way to be used as roads or any other.public use so it is transferred to the.government then the proof of the claim.for real properties if any photocopies.of its document through copies certified.through copy of the transfer or regional.condominium certificate of title of real.properties if applicable certified.through a copy of the Declaration of.real properties at the time of death if.applicable.certificate of no improvement issued by.the assessor office were declared.police have no improvement for personal.properties if any additional toke up.photocopies of its document or retain a.copy of certificate of deposit or.investment or indebtedness owned by the.decedent and the surviving spouse if.applicable certification of registration.of vehicles and other proof showing the.correct value of the same if applicable.proof of valuation of shares of stars at.the time of death if applicable letter A.for shares of stars not listed not.traded audited financial statement of.the issuing corporation nearest to the.date of death of dissident with.computation of the book value pressure.what is the formula for the computation.of book value per share total.stockholders equity divided by the.number of shares outstanding letter B.for shares of stock listed or traded.value at the time of death or closing.rate nearest to the date of death for.club shares transaction value of the.date of death or nearest to the date of.death as published in the newspaper.certificate of stock if applicable and.proof evaluation of other types of.personal property if applicable other.requirements Julie notarized special.power of attorney if the person.transacting processing the transfer is.not a party to the transaction and/or.CERN statement if one of the heirs is.designated as executor or administrator.certification from the Philippine.Consulate.if document is executed abroad location.plan vicinity map if zonal value cannot.be readily determined from the document.submitted.certificate of exemption or behavior.only it should be the Commissioner of.Internal Revenue or its authorized.representative is NASA exam be era probe.requests for installment payment of the.estate has to be a are appropriate for.partial disposition of estate and such.other documents as may be required by.low rolling or regulations okay so all.background information must be properly.in doubt okay so I have discussed to you.the mandatory requirements for the state.task and the sample computations and.forms how to fill out the forms property.so this is all for today and hope you.have learned about the state comes to.depend and stay tuned for an hour other.episode of past range please like share.and subscribe and share to others in.order that they or we also learn thank.you.[Music].

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Do military members have to pay any fee for leave or fiancee forms?

First off there are no fees for leaves or requests for leave in any branch of the United States military. Second there is no such thing as a fiancée form in the U.S. military. There is however a form for applying for a fiancée visa (K-1 Visa)that is available from the Immigration and Customs Service (Fiancé(e) Visas ) which would be processed by the U.S. State Department at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy overseas. However these fiancée visas are for foreigners wishing to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage and are valid for 90 days. They have nothing to do with the military and are Continue Reading

How can I fill out Google's intern host matching form to optimize my chances of receiving a match?

I was selected for a summer internship 2016. I tried to be very open while filling the preference form: I choose many products as my favorite products and I said I'm open about the team I want to join. I even was very open in the location and start date to get host matching interviews (I negotiated the start date in the interview until both me and my host were happy.) You could ask your recruiter to review your form (there are very cool and could help you a lot since they have a bigger experience). Do a search on the potential team. Before the interviews, try to find smart question that you are Continue Reading

How do I fill out the form of DU CIC? I couldn't find the link to fill out the form.

Just register on the admission portal and during registration you will get an option for the entrance based course. Just register there. There is no separate form for DU CIC.

How can I make it easier for users to fill out a form on mobile apps?

Make it fast. Ask them as few questions as possible (don't collect unnecessary information) and pre-populate as many fields as possible. Don't ask offputting questions where the respondent might have to enter sensitive personal information. If some users see you collecting sensitive information, they might not be ready to share that with you yet based on what you are offering, and they will think twice about completing the form.

How do you know if you need to fill out a 1099 form?

It can also be that he used the wrong form and will still be deducting taxes as he should be. Using the wrong form and doing the right thing isnt exactly a federal offense

What is Alphalist payee?

It is not dangerous at all. It is childish to believe that it is all about the idea. An idea is nothing. The first-mover advantage is WAY overrated. It's about your team, the execution of the idea (timing, marketing, usability) and the market size, not about your idea. Your idea can be boring as f***. The investors say: "An A idea with a B team is a C. A B idea with an A team is an A."David Snow's answer to What are the VC industry's most colorful colloquialisms? What would be some good entries in VC’s urban dictionary? A-team with a B idea OR B-team with A idea? Which would you rather invest in? http://www.startupnation.com/A-team-with-a-B-idea-OR-B-team-with-A-idea/topic/ In the grand scheme of what it takes to turn a good idea into a great company, I don't think this is the biggest area of worry. I was stunned at how the partners were really hearing 5-10 pitches on every space. You name the concept, there were at least a dozen entrepreneurs on it. The great differentiator is your ability to execute. Scott Dunlap's answer to Should I be nervous about pitching Angels and VCs with potentially competitive portfolio companies?

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