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To Fill In Form I129, Follow the Steps Below:

Draw Up your Form I129 online is easy and straightforward by using CocoSign . You can simply get the form here and then put down the details in the fillable fields. Follow the guides given below to complete the document.

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With the help of CocoSign's CocoSign's electronic signature app , you are able to get your document edited, signed, and downloaded in an instant. All you have to do is to follow the above process.

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Form I129 Claim Tips

[Music].hi there this is Prem from visa.tutor.com in this video together we'll.fill out the I 129 F petition for an.alien fiancee which you can download.from the USCIS website to start off keep.the following few things in mind number.one is to make sure that you've got the.latest edition of the form the USCIS.will reject your case if you use an old.form the most important is the addition.date on the bottom left not the.expiration date on the top right the.USCIS tells you which Edition date.they're currently accepting number two.is to make sure you sign the petition in.ink on page number 10 and to clarify.something you can type in your answers.right here in the PDF then print it out.and then sign it you can also save it on.your computer and resume working on it.later if you prefer you are allowed to.print out a black copy and handwrite.your answers but this isn't really.recommended because handwriting can be.misread and cause errors so to avoid all.of that I generally recommend typing up.the answers on a computer this form gets.repetitive at times so I will show you a.few examples in each part and you can.follow along and complete the rest on.your own and a final note before we.begin is that this is just a general.video about the main points I don't go.too deep into details here on each.question and the way to answer them for.different situations for that you can.join my course the i-129f step by step.where go through everything line by line.and really dive into the nuts and bolts.of putting together a complete i-129f.packet but for now let's go over how to.fill out i 129 F form in general scroll.down to the instructions in part 1 in.general part 1 deals with the u.s..petitioners information alien.registration number may or may not apply.to you depending on how you obtained.citizenship if you are a citizen by.birth then most likely you do not have.an a number if you are naturalized then.you had an a number at one point so use.that the USCIS online account number is.given you if you've petitioned online in.the.ask if you have one then enter it.otherwise leave it blank enter your.social security number here in question.for a you're going to check that you're.filing for a k1 visa in six a to six C.enter your full legal name here no.shortcuts and no nicknames your full.legal name as shown on your official.documents such as your passport or birth.certificate in other names type in other.names you may have used in the past.either for divorce a legal name change a.legal nickname or even aliases down here.enter your mailing address this is where.you'll receive all written notifications.from the USCIS regarding your fiancee.visa case be sure it's correct so the.mail can arrive at your doorstep safely.in care of is anyone who is authorized.to receive your mail on your behalf if.you don't have anyone and then leave a.blank is your current mailing address.the same as your physical in most cases.it is in some cases it may not be your.physical address is where you actually.live on a day to day basis so check the.box appropriately depending on what.selection you make this will turn on or.turn off the next section if your.mailing address isn't the same as your.physical addresses then list the details.for the last five years let's say that.John Doe has lived at this mailing.address since 2010 that's more than five.years ago so there's no need to fill out.the next address section even if he's.lived at other places before 2010.question 13 216 B deal with your.employment write down your details of.your present employment situation first.again provide details for the last five.years let's say that John Doe works for.sample company incorporated at this.address since 2010 he started here more.than five years ago so there's no need.to fill out the next employment section.now before we go on I want to bring to.your attention this question here 16 B.where it asks for your employment and.date notice how it says present and the.question about the physical address yet.it doesn't say the same here why not.there's no way to say that you currently.work with this employer which is the.situation for most of.so we currently work for an employer you.can try to type in the word present but.you'll get an error message here because.the PDF only accepts a date you may ask.what if I write today's date well this.will tell them that today was your final.day with the employer.well how about leaving the field blank.what makes me uncomfortable to do that.you make delayed by an RF II do an.incomplete form or your case may get.rejected we don't want to risk any of.that so what do we do here.this technical problem is one of dozens.and dozens of problems I've documented.with the AI 1.9 F form itself I've.recognized them and then actually went.out of my way to find answers to these.problems they're all fully explained in.my course and to be honest with you I.don't have the time to explain all of.them here in this quick YouTube video.next select gender and select your birth.date your marital status will be.anything besides the married option for.the k1 visa for the sake of an example.let's say that John Doe is divorced.enter your city of birth then province.or state and country this can be a US or.foreign city or state be as specific as.possible now the next section deals with.your parents and summer their biographic.information fill in the details in any.order mother or father first and this.example James Doe is the u.s..petitioners father let's say that James.was born in France and lives in Austin.Texas repeat the same steps for the.mother let's say that Jane was born in.Australia and lives with her husband in.Austin Texas if any of the parents are.deceased you may write deceased here.questions 38 to 39 are applicable if.you've ever been married in the past if.you're single and never married and.skipped this step in our example John.Doe is divorced so he provides the.details of his previous marriages and.when it was terminated as an example.Mary exto was his previous partner and.the marriage was fully terminated on.this date shown how you acquired.citizenship is determined based on.whether you were born in the US he were.naturalized or it was through your.parents.in our example John is a u.s. born.citizen and he has never obtained a.certificate of naturalization or.citizenship so he selects no but if he.wasn't US born then he will look at his.old certificates to get this information.the next step is additional information.and it acts for many details that may.become important in your case if you've.ever filed a previous I 129 F petition.in the past then certain restrictions.apply depending on when and how many.petitions you filed you may or may not.have to request a waiver fill out the.details of any previous I 129 F.petitions and be sure to read the rules.again in my full course I'll help you.sort out all this information so you can.answer them correctly questions 48 to 49.ask for information if you have young.children under the age of 18 regardless.of where they live or if they've been.adopted if so write their ages here this.question only applies to the u.s..petitioner the final section in Part 1.asks about your residences since age 18.inside or outside the US so if you've.ever travelled outside and lived in.other parts of the world or the US since.age 18 you must write that down in our.example John lived in Texas for a few.years since age 18 okay now for part 2.is information about your beneficiary.that's your foreign fiancee this part is.almost identical to Part 1 where it asks.information about the petitioner so.let's quickly go through this section.because it gets repetitive here John's.foreign fiancee is an adult your fiancee.may have an a number if he or she has.ever been to the US or has worked in the.u.s. before most beneficiaries don't.have one and it's the same with our.example with Ana she's never been to the.US or applied for a previous immigration.petition so her a number is left blank.in a similar fashion if the beneficiary.has ever been assigned a social security.number and then write it in in our.example Ana has never been issued a.social security number so leave that.blank.enter the birth date she's a female and.she is single she was born and lives in.Brazil she's never had a previous name.or maiden name so leave those fields.blank fill in the beneficiary's mailing.address important to note is that this.will most likely be a foreign address so.be careful when inputting the address as.the format of each country's addresses.are unique be sure to check the proper.format for your fiance's country here is.a generic address in Brazil now you're.going to input the fiance's physical.addresses in most cases this is the same.as a mailing address let's say in our.example the fiancee hasn't lived.anywhere else since birth so the two.addresses are the same the details of.the fiance's work history go here this.will also most likely be a foreign.address so typing the answers and proper.addresses in this section just like.before let's put in the fiance's parents.information it should be biological or.legal parents in this indicate if the.fiancee was ever married if so provide.previous spouse's details and.termination of marriage in our example.Ana is single and never married okay so.the next set of questions inquire if.your fiancee has ever visited or lived.in the US this can be in case of a.student visa a tourist visa or even.without inspection which really means.illegally so be sure to answer these.questions carefully and honestly now.this is an important set of questions.because people get into trouble just so.that you're aware your fiancee will be.asked these questions during the k1 visa.interview in our example ana has never.been to the US so select no next up is.information about the beneficiaries.children if your fiancee has children.input the details here select no if they.aren't any children notice here our.children are included regardless of.whether or not you intend to apply for.the k2 visas in the future in addition.you must include all children regardless.of their age not like before where we.only included the petitioners children.under the age of 18 for the beneficiary.it's all.at any age in this example and it.doesn't have children so we'll select no.once your fiancee is approved for the k1.visa where does he or she intend to live.this will most likely be your address.somewhere in the US however it can be.different if you have some temporary.arrangements so write the addresses and.telephone numbers of the responsible.party here in our case Ana is going to.live with John so the address is the.same as John's next put your fiance's.address if he or she lives abroad.meaning away from home in situations.such as college dorming or other.temporary conditions this may apply it's.best to put the fiancees physical.address here if you're unsure how to.correctly answer this question if your.fiancees name and address are spelled.differently in his or her native.language or alphabet using non Roman.characters you can write them here now.the way to do this is to either print.out the form and handwrite the answers.or you can copy and paste the text using.a word processor okay so the next.question is 51 and 52 and they ask.whether you two are related to any.degree that's because some relations.such as cousins are prohibited from.marriage in most US states that's why.these questions are asked John and Ana.are not related and will select no.question 53 and 54 ask you to verify.that you have met in the last two years.it's one of the main requirements or.filling out the i-129f you must describe.the circumstances under which you met I.highly recommend that you write your.story in a different sheet of paper.instead of trying to squeeze the details.here I suggest you write see attached.sheet and include a separate letter if.you two have not met in person in the.last two years then you must request a.hardship waiver with supporting.documents the next set of questions.apply to you if you've met each other.through an international marriage broker.read the instructions of the I am be in.the special section in the i-129f.instructions to see if that website.qualifies not all websites.we'll qualify on my website I'll explain.to you how to figure all that out and if.it does apply to you then you provide.supporting documents if not you still.must clearly explain that to the USCIS.using a letter in our example john and.anna actually met through a mutual.friend not online and not through an IM.b so this section doesn't apply okay so.the next section is very important here.you're asked where your fiancee wants to.have the k1 visa interview check the.USMC gov website for a list of embassies.available in his or her country select.and input one of them that processes the.k1 visa note that not all US Embassy's.process k1 visas so be sure to pick the.correct one you are allowed to request.to be interviewed in a different country.or city altogether for any reason but.there's no guarantee that they will.honor your request in our example we.check Brazil's.list of embassies and realized that the.US consulate in Rio de Janeiro will be.the best choice as it's the closest to.the beneficiary and it also processes k1.visas so we'll input Rio de Janeiro in.the country of Brazil here we begin part.3 this part is all about the petitioners.criminal information and any previous.immigration petitions such as k1 visas.if you have ever been involved in a.previous criminal incident where you.were arrested or convicted then you have.to provide supporting documents question.one is about restraining orders these.can be either temporary or permanent.restrictions which prohibit you from.contacting or interacting with someone.else this routinely happens following.domestic violence incidents in our.example John does not have one question.to a inquires about your past criminal.history if it falls within your.specified crimes list as explained in.the instructions if you are involved.then include all certified copies and.evidence here I suggest you write a.letter in your own words that helps to.clearly describe your situation be sure.to submit proper documents and police.records now the whole point.is for you to provide enough information.to the USCIS.so they can accurately evaluate your.case taken into account all the facts.trust me they will read and refine this.information so be thorough and be clear.in our example here John has no previous.arrests or convictions within these.categories here's a special circumstance.if you were ever arrested or convicted.but it was due to you being battered or.subject to extreme cruelty then you have.to explain why you acted this way such.as self-defense again provide supporting.document from courts or police if this.applies to you otherwise leave a blank.question for a and for B ask if you were.ever arrested or convicted for breaking.laws other than what you've described.above or outside the US if yes provide.details and again write a letter that.clearly describes the details while.providing all police and court documents.okay so questions 5 8 to 5 D deal with.possible waivers you may need to request.if you're a multiple filer.the definition of a multiple Fowler is a.petitioner who has filed either two or.more k1 visa petitions any time in the.past or it's someone who's filed a.previous I 129 F within the last two.years now if you're a multiple filer.then certain restrictions apply to you.read the instructions for full details.or find them in my web site or courses.you're going to have to check one of.these boxes depending on criminal.history if you have any if you're a.multiple filer.with no convictions then select a if you.have restraining orders or convictions.select 5 B and so forth in our example.John has no required waivers because he.has no criminal history and no previous.records so he selects 5 D 4 does not.apply ok so that concludes the very.important part of the i-129f the.criminal history with multiple filers.waiver this really needs to be taken.seriously because a lot of denials.happen as a result of incorrect filing.part 4 is a small and quick section.which deals with the petitioners.biographic details 6 simple questions.that ask about race at.height weight color and hair color next.up is part 5 which is your declaration.and signature depending on who filled.out the i-129f whether it was yourself.or someone else on your behalf make the.appropriate selection in our example.john has filled out the petition himself.you're encouraged to provide your.contact information such as telephone.number and email enter the date in 6b.notice that once you print this petition.out you can sign this part in blue or.black ink but for now leave a blank fill.out part 6 only you've used an.interpreter to read and answer the.questions for you if yes then write the.information here the interpreters got to.sign and date the form otherwise if.you've completed the petition on your.own then leave this entire section part.6 blank in our example John completed.the petition on his own so he leaves it.blank the next section is for anyone who.has filled out the petition for you.meaning if you had a friend a relative.an attorney or representative then.provide their details they also provide.a signature and date the petition again.in our example John completed the.petition on his own so the entire.section is left blank part 8 is.additional information it's meant to be.a page for you to continue your answer.if there wasn't enough space in one of.the questions or if you needed more.space for more entries this can apply to.your previous addresses circumstances of.meeting employers children or marriage.pretty much anywhere where you had to.write something but weren't provided.enough space so let's take an example.question 49 in Part one asks about any.children of the petitioner under the age.of 18 in our example John did not have.any children but let's say he had three.children now if you look back there's.only space for two masters so I've put.the details of the third child you would.have to write the extra details here in.part 8 additional information and here.is how it would be written page number.four part number one item number 49 the.question asked for age so in this field.we'll provide.age baby dough age 10 this is just a.simple example in my full course I'll.show you how to complete the part 6 for.all kinds of different situation you may.encounter like what if you had multiple.jobs or if you had a long address that.doesn't fit within the question and a.bunch of other reasons but for now that.does it for this video you've completed.the i-129f remember this was just the.form and you obviously need to submit.the entire package with supporting.documents which I'll be glad to help you.out on check out visa tutor.com for a.full tutorial on the k visa process and.good luck.[Music].

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Form I129 FAQs

Here you can gather explainations to the most popular questions about Form I129. If you have specific worries, pick 'Contact Us' at the top of the site.

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