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it means that.the plants that give the ocean its green.tint aren't doing well scientists say.that because the ocean has been getting.warmer.you.for all his fame and celebration William.Shakespeare remains mysterious figure.with regards to personal history there.are just two primary sources for.information on the bard his works and.various legal and church documents that.have survived from Elizabethan times.naturally there are many gaps in this.body of information which tells us.little about Shakespeare the man.you.those of you who've never heard of the.term neo Latin may be forgiven for.thinking it's a new South American dance.craze if you're puzzled when I tell you.it has something to do with the language.of Romans take heart over the years many.classes who have confessed they are not.really sure what it is either.some have assumed that they are.so-called late latin written at the end.of the Roman Empire others have supposed.it must have been something to do with.the Middle Ages or perhaps it's that.pseudo Latin which my five and seven.year old boys seem to have gleaned from.the Harry Potter books useful for spells.and curses that they zip one another.with makeshift paper Ashwin's no in fact.neo Latin is more or less the same as.the Latin that was written in the.ancient world classic Latin so what's so.new about it.you.the effect of the first difference is on.the one hand to refine and enlarge the.public views by passing them through the.medium of a chosen body of citizens.whose wisdom may best discern the true.interests of their country and whose.patriotism and love of Justice will be.least likely to sacrifice it to.temporary or partial considerations.under such a regulation it may well.happen that the public voice pronounced.by the representatives of the people.will be more consonant to the public.good then if pronounced by the people.themselves convened for the purpose.you.that brings us to the CEO.second duty building everyone or more.accurately building the senior team all.the executives report to the CEO so it's.the CEOs job to hire fire and manage the.executive team from coaching CEOs I.actually think this is the most.important skill of all because when a.CEO hires an excellent senior team that.team can keep the company running when a.CEO hire poor senior team the CEO is up.spending all of their time trying to do.with the team and not nearly enough time.trying to do with other elements of.their job the senior team can and often.does develop the strategy for the.company but ultimately it's always the.CEO who has the final go/no-go decision.on strategy.you.a majority of us high-school students.say they get bored in class every day.and more than one out of five has.considered dropping out according to a.survey released on Wednesday the survey.of 81 thousand students in 26 States.found two-thirds of the high school.students complain of boredom usually.because the subject matter was.irrelevant or their teachers didn't seem.to care about them.you.many different types of barcode scanning.machines exist but they all work on the.same fundamental principles they all use.the intensity of light reflected from a.series of black and white stripes to.tell a computer what code it is seen.white stripes reflect light very well.while black stripes reflect hardly any.light at all the barcode scanner shines.light sequentially across a barcode.simultaneously detecting and recording.the pattern of reflected and non.reflected light the scanner then.translates this pattern into an.electrical signal that the computer can.understand all scanners must include.computer software to interpret the.barcode once it's been entered this.simple principle has transformed the way.we are able to manipulate data and the.way in which many businesses handle.record-keeping.you.to figure out these counter into.findings the researchers conducted an.experiment in a hotel room they rounded.up some lizards gave them a perch and.then used a leaf blower to mimic the.effects of high winds they set up a net.to catch any lizards that lost their.grip as the artificial wind blew the.lizard's moved so the perch took most of.the airflow but their hind legs would.stick out and if those rear limbs stuck.out too far they acted as sails.eventually those back legs were blown.off the perch and the lizard's were just.holding on with their front two legs and.they could only hold on like that for so.long as the wind speeds increased.further and further until eventually.they were blown off the perch and into.the nets.so shorter back legs gave a survival.advantage a trait that might be passed.on to the next lizard generation.you.Crow's she says are what's known as.partial migrants every year some members.of the population migrate between.breeding grounds and their overwintering.grounds like parking lots but others.just stay put.so Townsend and her colleagues wanted to.know if that urge to migrate was.something individual crows can turn on.and off to find out they captured 18.crows from overwintering spots in.California and New York they fitted the.birds with little backpacks satellite.tags and tracked them for several years.overall three-quarters of the birds.migrated an average of 300 miles and.more importantly if they migrated once.they did it every year suggesting.traveling is not a habit they switch on.and off the researchers also found that.migrating crows returned faithfully to.the same breeding grounds every year but.they were more flexible on where to.overwinter which could be a good thing.you.Brooklyn or colleague mark Newman.studied who swapped messages with whom.on a popular online dating platform in.the month of January 2014 they.categorized users by desirability using.PageRank one of the algorithms behind.search technology essentially if you.receive a dozen messages from desirable.users you must be more desirable than.someone who receives the same number of.messages from average users and then.they asked how far out of their league.do online daters tend to go when.pursuing a partner I think people are.optimistic realists in other words they.found that both men and women tended to.pursue mates just 25% more desirable.than themselves so they're being.optimistic but they're not there they're.also taking into account their own.relative position within this overall.desirability hierarchy and the study did.have a few more lessons for people on.the market I think one of the take-home.messages from the study is women could.probably afford to be more aspirational.in their may pursue.you.well in 2004 we integrated ticketing in.southeast Queensland so we introduced a.paper ticket that allowed you to travel.across all the three modes in southeast.Queensland so bus train and ferry and.the second stage of integrated ticketing.is the introduction of a smart card and.the smart card will enable people to.store value also to put value on the.card and then to use the card for.travelling around the system.you.hi everybody this is Joe Biden guy.delivered a report to President Obama.laying out how far we've come since he.put me in charge of the cancer moonshot.that was back in January and to lay out.a real vision for where we need to go in.the immediate future to to do in five.years what otherwise would take ten to.inject the real sense of urgency into.the fight against cancer and to change.the culture and reimagine our system in.order to be able to win you know when.President Nixon declared a war on cancer.in 1971 he had no army he had no.resources and no clear strategy but.after 45 years of progress funding.research training scientists and.physicians and treating millions of.patients we now have an army and we have.tools powerful tools and with the.moonshot we now have a clear strategy.for the road ahead.it matters folks because there's a.consensus now that we're in an.inflection point with science medicine.technology all advancing faster than.ever and offering real promise we can't.play by the rules of 1971 we didn't have.this working for us.you.hi everybody this weekend we'll dedicate.the newest American icon on our National.Mall the National Museum of.african-american history and culture.it's a beautiful building five stories.high and some 70 feet below the ground.situated just across the street from the.Washington Monument and this museum.tells a story of America that hasn't.always taken a front seat in our.national narrative as a people we.brightful II passed on the tales of the.Giants who built this country but too.often willful or not we've chosen to.gloss over or ignore entirely the.experience of millions upon millions of.others but this museum chooses to tell a.fuller story it doesn't gauze up some.bygone era or avoid uncomfortable truths.rather it embraces the patriotic.recognition that America is a constant.work in progress that each successive.generation can look upon our.imperfections and decide that it is.within our collective power to align.this nation with the high ideals of our.founding.you.there are a couple different stories you.can tell about our economy one goes like.this eight years after the worst.economic crisis of our lifetimes our.economy has created jobs for 71 straight.months that's a new record unemployment.has fallen below 5% last year the.typical household saw its income grow by.about $2,800 the biggest one-year.increase ever and the uninsured rate is.at an all-time low.all that is true what's also true is.that too much of our wealth is still.taken by the top and that leaves too.many families still working paycheck to.paycheck without a lot of breathing room.there are two things we can do about.this we can prey on people's worries for.political gain or we can actually do.something to help working families feel.more secure in today's economy count me.in the latter camp and here's one thing.that will help right away making sure.more of our families have access to paid.leave today having both parents in the.workforce is an economic necessity for.many families but right now millions of.Americans don't have access to even a.single day of paid sick leave.you.when the time comes its peers should.follow suit of these the European.Central Bank faces the trickiest.challenge because it has acted as in.effect the backstop to eurozone bond.markets a mechanism that otherwise the.currency bloc still lacks but the main.safety valve lies elsewhere with banks.and investors bitter experience has.shown that debt funded assets can.magnify losses causing financial crises.for this reason banks must be able to.withstand any reversal of today's high.asset prices and low defaults that means.raising bank capital in places where it.is too low especially the eurozone and.not backsliding on strenuous stress.tests as America's Treasury proposes in.the end however there may be no escape.for investors from the low future.returns and even losses that high asset.prices imply they and regulators should.take a leaf out of the intelligent.investor and make sure that they have a.margin of safety.you.so a lot of the research on happiness.starts with the basic question how happy.are you and we're psychologists so tell.us on a scale of one to ten where five.is average ten is SuperDuper the most.common answers interestingly enough are.high there are seven or eight um it.turns out that most people think that.they're pretty happy this question has.been asked all over the world and it.turns out that there are slight.differences depending on how old you are.there are slight differences depending.on your place within a country.California versus New York there are.slight subtle differences between men.and women at different points somewhat.paradoxically although women are more.vulnerable to depression the men still.on average women are slightly happier.than men.you.the role of family in society the.families are always related to the.economy the politics the culture of the.society in hurting society's young.people go out when they're ten or twelve.years old and they hang out with the.sheep or the goats or whatever the hurt.is that produces a kind of a loose bond.between the pre-adolescence and their.parents in industrial societies we tend.to keep kids in school for longer and.then college is that point when they.might break or after college depending.on what they're doing in agrarian.societies families have lots of kids and.put them to work they structure.themselves as large families and put.them all together in one home the main.point is that families are not separate.from the society families and the.economy and the politics are all wrapped.up all together.you.a really good illustrative example of.the poor.I want to make is the book journey cake.ho by Ruth soya based on a traditional.folktale teachers often read this allow.to their classes showing the pictures to.the children as they do so they are of.course using the words of Ruth Sawyer.and presenting the story just as the.artist has visualized it but other.teachers do it differently instead of.reading they tell the story from memory.this gives the children a much richer.experience they can freely use their own.imaginations visualizing the story the.characters and the scenes in their minds.I in any way they like and this is much.closer to the way in which folktales.were passed from generation to.generation orally without any words or.pictures to restrict the imagination.you.we'll look now at a very interesting.study it was carried out by a researcher.who works in two countries Scotland and.Italy and it involved children from both.of these countries aged around nine or.so half of the children from each.country spoke only their national.language however the other half spoke.their national language plus another.language during the study all the.participants were given tests and.quizzes which looked at a range of.skills including vocabulary.understanding problem-solving creative.thinking and arithmetic the children use.their national language to complete the.tasks which involved things like copying.patterns of colored blocks orally.repeating a series of numbers and giving.clear definitions of words the results.were quite clear the bilingual children.were significantly more successful in.the tasks.you.people rarely translate another person's.unique way of saying things with any.degree of accuracy this is because when.we learn the meaning of words we pick up.their broad meanings but we've added.subtle shades of difference which we get.from our own personal experiences if you.grew up in an aggressive household the.phrase I'm angry with you had different.associations then for a person from a.family where people talked through.problems we're left having to work out.meaning from our own experience so.despite the fact that say Bob and Gina.are both speaking English Bob is really.speaking Bob English and Gina is turning.that into Gina English and the.translation is never going to be perfect.you.we miss communicate more commonly than.we communicate accurately often the.words we have or at least somewhat.inadequate to express how we feel the.first words we think of are often poor.reflections of what we really mean we.might at times even want to take our.words back for a second attempt but once.those words have left our mouths our.partners are already replying to.whatever we've just said most.conversations happen too fast to allow.us to figure out what we really meant to.say.you.it's been a challenging decade for the.music industry with a significant.decrease in sales.for years little action was taken.against illegal downloads with few.effects for downloaders however two new.approaches are seeing positive results.firstly the industry is working with.Internet service providers to slow an.illegal downloaders connection secondly.it's working directly with digital music.websites in Sweden three out of five.illegal file sharers have cut back or.stopped with half of these people moving.to legal websites supported by.advertisements.you.for the first time Japanese researchers.have conducted a real-life experiment.that shows how some traffic jams appear.for no apparent reason they place the 22.vehicles on a single track and ask the.drivers to cruise around at a constant.speed of 30 kilometers an hour at first.traffic moves smoothly but soon the.distance between cars started to vary.and vehicles clumped together at one.point on the track but the jams spread.backward around the track like a shock.wave at a rate of about 20 kilometers an.hour real-life jams move backward at.about the same speed.you.now as you know already there will be a.midterm exam next week the exam will be.an open book open note and the open.Internet resource exam but you can't use.a classmate or me during the exam many.of the questions on this exam don't have.definitive answers I wish to assess your.critical thinking ability and your.ability to combine ideas a poorly.organized answer will not get the same.grades as a well-organized answer here.are some good ways to study for the exam.first of all it would be better for you.to organize and review your lecture.notes that means you many need to.compile notes and lab test results if.you have not done that already I.strongly suggest that you write trial.outlines before the exam I think it will.make you feel more comfortable just stop.by my office.you.he about the same time was so much.displeased with the performances of a.nobleman's French cook that he exclaimed.with vehemence I'd throw such a rascal.into the river and he then proceeded to.alarm a lady at whose house he was to.sup by the following manifesto of his.skill i madam who live at a variety of.good tables I'm a much better judge of.cookery than any person who has a very.tolerable cook but lives much at home.for his palate is gradually adapted to.the taste of his cook whereas madam in.trying by a wider range I can more.exquisitely judge when invited to dine.even with an intimate friend he was not.pleased if something better than a plain.dinner was not prepared for him I have.heard him say on such an occasion this.was a good dinner enough to be sure but.it was not a dinner to ask a man to on.the other hand he was want to express.with great Glee his satisfaction when he.had been entertained quite to his mind.you.they who beheld with wonder how much he.eat upon all occasions when his dinner.was to his taste could not easily.conceive what he must have meant by.hunger and not only was he remarkable.for the extraordinary quantity which he.eat but he was or affected to be a man.of very nice discernment in the science.of cookery.he used to dis Kant critically on the.dishes which had been at table where he.had dined or sucked and to recollect.very minutely what he had liked I.remember when he was in Scotland his.praising Gordon's pallets a dish of.pallets at the Honourable Alexander.Gordon's with a warmth of expression.which might have done honored to more.important subjects as for MacLaren's.imitation of a made dish it was a.wretched attempt.you.when at table he was totally absorbed in.the business of the moment his looks.seemed riveted to his plate nor would he.unless when in very high company say one.word or even pay the least attention to.what was said by others till he had.satisfied his appetite which was so.fierce and indulged with such intense.Ness that while in the act of eating the.veins of his forehead swelled and.generally a strong perspiration was.visible to those whose sensations were.delicate this could not but be.disgusting and it was doubtless not very.suitable to the character of a.philosopher who should be distinguished.by self command but it must be owned.that Johnson though he could be rigidly.abstemious was not a temperate man.either in eating or drinking he could.refrain but he could not use moderately.he told me that he had fasted two days.without inconvenience and that he had.never been hungry.you.at supper Johnson talked of good eating.with uncommon satisfaction some people.said he have a foolish way of not.minding or pretending not to mind what.they eat for my part I mind my belly.very studiously and very carefully for I.look upon it that he who does not mind.his belly will hardly mind anything else.he was for the moment not only serious.but vehement yet I have heard him upon.other occasions talk with great contempt.of people who were anxious to gratify.their palates and the 206 number of his.Rambler is a masterly essay against.callosity his practice indeed I must.acknowledge may be considered as casting.the balance of his different opinions.upon the subject for I never knew any.man who relished good eating more than.he did.you.this being acquired and established.silence would be more easy and my desire.being to gain knowledge at the same time.that I improved in virtue and.considering that in conversation it was.obtained rather by the use of the ears.than of the tongue and therefore wishing.to break a habit I was getting into of.prattling punning and joking which only.made me acceptable to trifling company I.gave silence the second place this and.the next order I expected what allow me.more time for attending to my project.and my studies resolution once became.habitual would keep me firm in my.endeavors to obtain all the subsequent.virtues frugality and Industry freeing.me from my remaining debt and producing.affluence and independence would make.more easy the practice of sincerity and.justice etc etc conceiving men that.agreeably to the advice of pythagoras in.his golden verses daily examination.would be necessary.you.post-modernism is broadly speaking a.reaction against the movement or the.period or perhaps simply the values and.beliefs of modernism most people even.those who seem to know what it is or was.about tend to define it in negative.terms by telling us what it isn't or.doesn't do initially the term had a.fairly limited application and referred.to a new anti modernist style of.architecture but it spread like a virus.to include almost all aspects of.contemporary culture one thing we can be.sure about is that it wanted to get rid.of what were called the grand narratives.by which we explained how the world and.history got us from the past to the.present another feature of.post-modernism is its belief that truth.and reality are human centered and.internal that is the primary source of.truth in the present age is the self.this I believe has now all past and been.thrown in the rubbish bin of history yet.it is difficult to know whether the age.of information technology confirms the.passing of post-modernism or is a.consequence of it.you.there is such a thing as information.overload there is just so much.information out there now that we can't.cope with it or fully absorb it or even.decide which bits of it we want to keep.in our minds or which to discard there.is a similar thing going on with the.range of choices we have as consumers.there is so much stuff out there so much.to choose from that according to some.experts this situation is making us.miserable most of us believe that the.more we have to choose from the better.yet apparently our dissatisfaction with.this wealth of choice or rather the.anxiety it produces is part of a larger.trend it seems that as society grows.more affluent and people become freer to.do what they want the unhappier they.become.you.privacy and the right to privacy are.increasingly becoming hot topics in the.media which is a touch ironic given that.it is often the media that is.responsible for invasion of privacy this.is not just about those whose careers.put them in the public eye but ordinary.people who through no fault of their own.have come to public notice because of.some event that has attracted the.attention of the media it might be that.a member of their family has been.imprisoned for some crime rightfully or.wrongfully or perhaps they are the.victims of some natural disaster some.people argue that those who have chosen.to be in the public sphere and have.teams of public relations people to make.sure they get as much public attention.as possible actors rockstars politicians.and the like have given up their right.to privacy and get everything they.deserve.you.it is difficult to know how to place.Montesquieu if you're the kind of person.who likes to categorize historian.political philosopher sociologists.jurist or if you think the Persian.letters a novel a novelist he was all.these things perhaps a some half he.could be placed among that almost.extinct species the man of letters the.books that make up the spirit of the.laws have had the most influence on.later thinkers and in them as in his.equally great considerations on the.causes of the grandeur and decadence of.the Romans he makes his underlying.purpose clear it is to make the random.apparently meaningless variety of events.understandable he wanted to find out.what the historical truth was his.starting point then was this almost.endless variety of morals customs ideas.laws and institutions and to make some.sense out of them he believed it was not.chance that ruled the world and that.beyond the chaos of accidents there must.be underlying causes that account for.the apparent madness of things.you.however simple or complex the chain of.events in any given situation when.looked into it usually reveals a train.of causal relationships they are seen to.be linked in some way the methods of.analysis aim to establish these.relationships and provide a solid.background for useful generalizations.based on what at first appear to be.separate events the first step in this.process is to collect facts and then see.if any particular patterns emerge.if they do it then becomes possible to.form theories related to the facts and.this type of empirical theory forms a.useful basis for analysis and prediction.however on its own this theory is not.enough the essential second step is to.test it by collecting more facts and by.checking predictions against events.these new facts may mean you have to.modify the theory bearing in mind that.new facts can only either disprove or.support a theory they cannot prove it to.be right.you.there have been many studies in America.of the opinions and behavior of.university lecturers and professors and.of well-known free or public thinkers.who are not attached to a university or.other institution which show that those.who are recognized as being more.successful or productive as scholars in.their field or are at the best.universities are much more likely to.have critical opinions that is to say.that they are more likely to hold.liberal views in the American use of.that word than those of their colleagues.who are less creative or who have less.of a reputation the better a university.is as measured by the test results of.its students or by the prestige of its.staff the more likely it has been that.there will be student unrest and a.relatively left-of-centre faculty.you.the growth of the modern state brought.with it the development of mass.political parties and the emergence of.professional politicians a man whose.occupation is the struggle for political.power may go about it in two ways first.a person who relies on their political.activities to supply their main source.of income is said to live off politics.while a person who engages in full-time.political activities but who doesn't.receive an income from it is said to.live for politics now a political system.in which recruitment to positions of.power is filled by those who live for.politics is necessarily drawn from a.property owning elite who are not.usually entrepreneurs however this is.not to imply that such politicians will.necessarily pursue policies which are.wholly biased towards the interests of.the class they originate from.you.the spinal cord the link between the.brain and the body is a band of nervous.tissue about the thickness of your.little finger that runs through the.backbone nerve cells called motor.neurons convey electric impulses that.travel from the brain to the spinal cord.branching off at the appropriate point.and passing to the various parts of the.body.similarly sensory neurons transmit.messages from organs and tissues via the.spinal cord to the brain but the spinal.cord also functions without the brain.having to intervene it alone controls.those actions called spinal reflexes.that need to be carried out very fast in.response to danger.you.paper was first manufactured in Europe.by the Spanish in the 12th century.although it had been imported since the.10th century around the Year 1276 a mill.was established at Fabriano in Italy the.town became a major Centre for paper.making and throughout the 14th century.provided most of Europe with fine.quality paper which it has continued to.produce ever since by the 15th century.paper was also being manufactured in.Germany and France and it was not long.before both countries became almost.completely independent of material.bought overseas with the increasing.availability of paper in Europe the.production of identical printed pictures.became almost inevitable.you.before farming was introduced into.Scotland people lived by hunting fishing.and gathering wild foodstuffs this way.of life meant that they usually didn't.settle permanently in one place but were.to an extent nomadic moving about in.search of a livelihood perhaps returning.to the same places at certain times of.the year it is believed that the islands.of Orkney were known to these people but.so far only a few Flint tools have been.found to verify this this is because.coastal erosion has destroyed many.ancient sites and these may have.contained relics of some of these.earliest pioneering colonists.you.it isn't necessary to have a specialized.knowledge of say the intricacies of.counterpoint or even to be able to read.music to understand it usually getting.the point of a piece of music it's.emotional and dramatic impact is.immediate or simply requires you to.become more familiar with it.of course prolonged study of music and.its composition as in any other field.will increase your understanding but not.necessarily your enjoyment now I realize.that it can require a good deal of.willingness on our part to risk new.sensations and there is a lot of music.that will seem unfamiliar and alien to.you on a first hearing.you.to be honest the biggest problem for.most undergraduate students in terms of.academic writing is not only adapting to.a far more structured and formal style.but also learning how to ascertain the.difference between important valid.information and unnecessary or even.irrelevant material in my experience I.would say it takes students their first.year if not longer to appreciate what is.required and to start to implement those.requirements in their writing what they.really should be doing if they are.struggling with written assignments is.to seek help from the excellent support.services which are available at the.University.you.this week we're going to be continuing.our discussion of women in society last.week we looked at a number of issues.relating to women in education if you.remember we discussed women both at.school and at university today we're.going to be considering the roles that.women play in the workplace again we'll.start by taking a historical perspective.and inevitably you'll find that many of.the same events that impacted on women.in education also had a major influence.on their working lives in the second.half of the lecture I'll concentrate on.the situation in Europe today and I'll.invite you to suggest how you think.things are likely to develop over the.next decade ok so let's get started.you.learning a language in the classroom is.never easy and quite frankly it's not.the way that most people would choose to.learn if they had other options having.said that there are plenty of reasons.for keeping languages on the school.curriculum for one thing a fair number.of students go on to take jobs in.business and commerce that require a.basic knowledge of a second language.when you talk to young employees in top.companies it seems that they had a.career plan from the start they were.motivated to find additional things to.put on their CVS and of course language.is one of those added but significant.extras.you.thanks for watching this video for more.updates by career coves don't forget to.hit the like button and subscribe to our.Channel.you.

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You must be drawn to a multifaceted solution to electronic signatures for Treasury Form Fill In The Blank . CocoSign will provide you with what you have been Searching for, a single online application that does not need any more installation.

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