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thank you very much Chris and good.morning everybody.can I start by am just reiterating.Steve's apology for not being able to be.here personally he would have really.liked to be here the reason I just was.is worth explaining.Oasis works in 10 different countries.around the world and about twice a year.the leaders of all the different Oasis.countries get together and as you could.imagine the and that that date is set in.the diary normally six seven eight.sometimes a year in advance and that.that's what's taking place today they've.got all the global leaders of Oasis over.for a day so Steve does need to really.give them his input in time and.direction but it was he was very sad not.to be able to be here one of the great.ironies is as Chris was saying I've.known Steve I've known Steve quite well.since I was 17 which it's good to look 2.or 3 years ago now I'm not quite sure.about 20 and I'm at the moment find that.I'm often standing in for Stephen things.that he can't make particularly what the.topic is something to do with this and.other we've seen there's a great irony.in that and Steve is one of the people.that really helped teach me not to.apologize for Who I am but yet most of.the time I introduced myself I'm.apologizing for not being Steve.but hopefully I'll do an adequate job as.a standing in you can all feed back to.him robustly if not I'm going to talk as.as Chris was saying as Steve alluded to.in the video about the open church.charter and why or what it is and how a.racist has got to a place where decided.to be part of a wider group of people.pioneering such an initiative and as I.go into some of the slides I've.presented and you know you know what.it's like whenever you get into work.mode and you prepare something you get.very into the facts and you get very.into the figures and you get very into.looking at something in an objective way.which is which is all good and it's.important to do those things often to.make a credible case to the outside.world but it's so easy to get into that.and and forget or not be conscious of.the fact that actually you're not.talking about stats and you're not.talking about figures but you're talking.about human beings and their lives and.it's interesting that for as long as.Steve and I have been working in this.particular space for which is about 6.years that we've been intentionally.putting out research and and writing and.broadcasts on the issue of the church.and LGBT engagement it's so easy to see.it as your job and as a part of what you.do and for me even to forget how tied up.it is in my own personal story as well.so I just wanted to take a minute to.remind us and I'm sure you probably.don't mean much reminding this so of the.human faces that sit behind everything.we're talking about today.the Oasis Church in Waterloo which has.been going for about 15 16 years in its.current incarnation has has always had.may a vision to be 24/7 to be open all.the time so it's a constant place of.sanctuary for people it's made huge.progress in that area but it's not quite.there yet.although hopefully that will change.there are people that always want to be.inside the doors of the church building.there are people who when they at the.moment as they do have to leave at.certain points say on a Saturday.afternoon or depending on what.activities ago.at that point in time who are actually.quite distressed emotionally and to an.extent you can see how it's impacting.that their physical health as well.people actually struggling to walk while.leaving the building because the thought.of being by themselves until church.starts the next morning which might only.be a matter of hours but can feel like.an eternity is quite overwhelming we are.not the only Church in central London.many of these people will be going home.to their homes normally either in the.immediate local community or perhaps.somewhere else in South London and they.will pass a huge array of churches who.will be running SAS evening clubs who.will be running other activities or be.having other kinds of informal.gatherings if these people were.heterosexual and of a gender identity.which society can easily understand to.make its peace with it would be very.easy to just simply make them aware that.these other churches are available and.are open and might be a place of.fellowship and a place of sanctuary over.the next few hours because many of these.people are lesbian gay bisexual or trans.or of trans heritage we cannot know for.a certainty that they will receive the.Welcome that they should and even if we.had a good inkling that they might it.would be unreasonable to expect people.who have been so hurt themselves to put.themselves to the mercy of people that.they couldn't a hundred percent couldn't.be a hundred percent sure wouldn't make.their individual situation the distress.they're currently feeling even worse.than it is and therefore that's one of.the reasons that we feel so personally.motivated to introduce the open church.Charter and help identify a really.robust network of churches that will be.able to help people were in sometimes.quite acute need whatever their.background is whatever their sexuality.is and whatever their gender identity is.so I think it's just important to frame.it in our in our own lived experience of.that before diving into this let me just.give you a tiny bit of background about.away so some of you will no doubt have.heard of Oasis going back many years.others of you may never have heard of.Oasis before so a latest was started.1985 by Chuck called Steve chalk there.he is there I imagine I'm I found that.picture on the internet she I don't.actually know what I don't know what.year it's from but it might well.actually be as Steve was starting away.this or possibly even a little bit.before but Oasis started 1985 by Steve.chalk whose Baptist minister and really.in a nutshell it was and still is all.about Christians making a difference a.strong belief that heaven wasn't just.something people had to wait to get to.when they died but heaven and the.principles of peace and love and justice.should be things that the church are.trying to make happen in the here and.now and that has meant that over the.years.Oasis has been involved in all kinds of.projects to combat social injustice and.to make communities stronger so that.everybody whatever their background.whatever their starting point can be.part of a flourishing community and it's.always been so motivated from a a.Christian a Christian perspective and to.be to be frank from from from a a.broadly evangelical Christian standing.point historians will debate at what.point kosis became LGBT inclusive to use.that phrase journey's don't happen.overnight do they and I think probably.each person in this room will be able to.would would give would would give more.than a one-word answer to the question.when did you evolve your attitudes to.and in terms of LGBT inclusion to the.place that it is now and it will no.doubt be something that happened over a.process and that's what it's of course.even more true for an organization where.there's a number of people in a number.of opinions in a number of voices.involved in a journey and but certainly.by the time that an oasis established.the Oasis Church in Waterloo in 2003.that church was very much open as a LGBT.inclusive and affirming Church which I'd.previously have been involved with the.Oasis.and never would have stopped being and.certainly by the time I start to go into.that church I was in my early 20s then.and was just about confident too.and to be open with people about the.fact that I was gay and the church was.was absolutely and most certainly a.place of of love and affirmation however.it was not till 10 years later and I.think I think and the reason and I.worked with with Steve on this at the.time that we felt the need to to write.the article that Steve wrote a mat of.integrity which is where he made if you.like made public to use use a slightly.crude phrase his support for same-sex.relationships just literally looking at.that aspect of the LGBT issue and I.think the reason that we ended up doing.that was not because we'd had a sudden.change of heart and we thought everyone.should know about it I think we had.thought for many years the most helpful.thing to do was to talk about the.principle of inclusion and to talk about.how it was born everyone godless of.their own starting point was fully.included and we felt that we exhibited.that and demonstrated that in the work.that we did but we kind of realized that.nobody had noticed that that included.LGBT people and and and that's why and I.think where she made the point very well.inclusion means so many different things.to so many people then in 2013 Steve.decided and to write that article.because he realized there was ambiguity.and he realized that it was a statement.that needed to be made and it was a.subject that needed to be dealt with in.and of its own right clearly just.talking about inclusion hadn't worked so.that's um so then we published in 2013.and then roughly a year later we were.thrown out the Evangelical Alliance who.decided that we weren't always better.together.and oh a sis's membership was was.removed which was which was not.necessarily a bad thing we'd obviously.like to be united as possible but I.think as Steve was was alluding to.himself it was not unhelpful for Oasis.to get some organizational experience of.the rejection that so many LGBTQ people.themselves had faced and to be able to.even in in a tiny tiny way feel a sense.of of connectedness to that since that.time we've been doing a number of.different things to try and make the.church the bits of the church to listen.to us as LGBTQ and inclusive as possible.we've held to open church conferences in.London where we've explored issues.around the Bible human sexuality as well.as some more practical issues about how.you make a church more inclusive more.recently Steve's taken on the issue of.trans inclusion and trans affirmation.again realizing that that was a very.very important matter that shouldn't.just be dovetailed in to the.conversation around same-sex.relationships which often happens it.deserved to be treated in its own.writing in there so merits and earlier.this year he brought out a short paper.and a video where he made a biblical.theological case for the full acceptance.and full affirmation of people who had.identifiers trans or with trans heritage.and he's also we've also be doing some.wider work around to how you read the.Bible we think it's clumsy and unhelpful.to take a very traditional conservative.evangelical mindset to Scripture but.then say a but we found a get out clause.for a few verses on same-sex.relationships or be any other issue what.you need to do is work out why your.method of reading scripture was getting.you into trouble in the first place and.causing all the problems and to to go.back to first principles and and.actually look afresh at how a reading.scripture which interestingly we did.this before the Evangelical Alliance.removed us from membership they didn't.actually have a problem with that they.only had a problem with us applying the.method to saying that it was okay.she being a same-sex relationship our.actual fundamental rethink of the way we.interpret Scripture was not something.that they they took issue with so I.thought that was a detail which proved.how toxic but this debate can become.within aspects of the church and how.hurtful that can be to the people though.for very understandable reasons find it.hard not to take personally.and recently we've packaged all that.together informing the open church.Network which is primarily a digital.platform at the moment what people can.come and talk about theology in an open.way and as a particular focus on.promoting resources around LGBT.inclusion what we tried to do about 18.months ago was launch this open church.charter a place where churches who were.who were clear in their inclusive.credentials could sign up and stand up.would be counted and almost serve as a.kite mark of surety for people who are.LGBT to be honest just with one thing or.another we didn't do it very well and as.a result we've decided to relaunch in is.actually going to officially be.relaunching next week and so we'll be.giving people a new opportunity to go.through a very brief application process.and we'll be giving it more publicity.and hopefully giving it a new lease of.life so this is what the Charter is.going to look like we are an open church.and there will be churches will be able.to choose between the standard a rainbow.variant or a less colorful one it's.entirely up to them we know that.printing costs can sometimes be and can.sometimes be a barrier so why are we.doing this well the first reason that.we're doing this and I'll come a little.bit to talk about the depth of the.Charter in a minute is really and this.is the primary reason to give LGBT.people certainty in surety that when.they go to a church they are going to be.welcomed and there is going to be no.question about that they can be as open.as they want to be or they can they can.take things a step at a time but they.don't have to go with that fear of when.I go in and when I when I mentioned that.actually my partners are the same sex or.I'd like my partner to be the same sex.actually my gender identity might be.more complicated than other people's has.been it's going to be an instant.acceptance they're not going to have to.go through that horrible which is the.hormone which is at best awkward and at.times very painful a feeling that they.have to give an account for who they are.or lie about who they are and the second.reason is slightly more societal to use.the posh language we have done quite a.lot of work in establishing a link or.recognizing that there is a link between.the way that church some church groups.and probably the predominant Christian.voice speaks about LGBT issues and the.direct undermining of the mental health.of LGBT people as a result and for I'm.actually going to be talking more about.the research we've done in that space in.the breakout that I'm hosting and in a.little bit so if you're coming to that.one I can give you a bit more.information if not there's more.information online and of course one of.the reasons that some Christian leaders.are able to stand up and say same-sex.relationships are terrible terrible.things moves to liberalized laws on.making easier to transition your gender.a terrible terrible things is because.they're playing into a media stereotype.that that's what all Christians believe.now we all know that that's not what all.Christians believe and actually on the.issue of same-sex relationships where.there has been quite a lot of research.done it's actually about 50/50 in the.church which would certainly not be what.most people think it is but the more we.can build a network of people who are.easily identifiable as churches that are.LGBT inclusive the easier will be - if.you like break that power base that some.prominent church leaders have they can't.go and say I stand up and speak on.behalf of the church in this country or.globally they can say that they speak on.behalf of some churches and some.Christians but it starts to provide a.ballast and a counter to all of that so.how does it work so this is the new.slightly revamped although not very.romantic just because we actually.thought the words of it were pretty good.you might not be able to see this so I'm.just going to read through this now this.is what we would be asking a church to.sign up to.so firstly we actively foster a culture.of inclusion openness and safety for all.LGBT people ensure that their voices are.recognized sort out and hurt.so there's proactivity in that this.isn't a passive thing it's about a.church saying not just we're going to.say you can come but we're going to go.the extra mile to make sure you feel.included I should just say is well Chris.very generously said that you'd borrowed.some of the text from us I should say.this is not something we've put together.an isolation by any means a number of.different groups and parties have.contributed to this and we don't think.this has to be the final work either so.if anyone thinks there's something else.from their own experience that could be.added into here just let us know because.we think this needs to continue to.develop every individual is encouraged.to be as open as they desire about the.nature of their sexuality gender.identity and relationships knowing they.will find acceptance and welcome so it's.not about saying that people have to go.in there and tell everyone every single.thing that's ever happened to them in.every single facet their life story it's.an atmosphere that says whatever you.want to tell us about you is going to be.okay all people within our church.community encouraged to participate in.all sacraments offered by our church or.denomination and this is trying to be as.nondenominational as possible.so there'll be it might be appropriate.for some churches to expand on that a.bit more in terms of what that means but.we all know and Chris again alluded to.this inclusion means different things to.different people we're saying inclusion.has to mean you're entitled to do.everything that everyone else is able to.do so you're not barred from.participating and by sacraments that.includes marriage now different churches.some churches see marriage as a.sacrament some don't but we'll let's be.clear on this this includes marriage did.do and all decisions about service and.leadership within our church made based.on ability gifting and vocation so not.about sexuality not about gender again.lots people say of course we include gay.people lesbians bisexual people trans.people we just feel that where they are.in their journey at the moment this.probably isn't the right time for them.to be serving in a leadership capacity.that's not inclusion inclusion is you.treat everybody the same regardless of.any.a factor we're committed to Africa.active sport to couples within the same.sex match there's a danger this bit.could sound ambiguous and I think we're.gonna carry on thinking about that if.you're and I'm not an Anglican so.Anglicans can jump in if you're a Church.of England Church at the moment I.believe you are not legally able to.offer same-sex marriage we don't feel.that every angle can church should be.excluded from this Charter because of an.act of Parliament which they have no.direct power to influence whatsoever.that's why that that bullet point.there's potentially ambiguous but this.doesn't mean people should be offered.same-sex marriage and when Anglican.churches apply they and all need any.other Church they all have to show how.they're gonna be able to square that.circle it might be that it's some kind.of blessing done off site which is they.very clear in the community they've.deemed to be the same status as a.marriage we'll have to do that in a.case-by-case basis but same-sex marriage.is part of this actively innocent.feedback this has been shaped by LGBT.people I think that's important to say.this hasn't just been written by church.leaders with no experience of it we want.to carry on doing that and we want.churches to be engaging and getting.feedback from LGBT people and then just.finally really a point to say this isn't.just something we're doing as a tick box.we believe this is both an expression of.what we want God what we believe God.wants us to do and in doing this we will.get to know God better as well so.there'll be a straightforward.application for church is the one to be.part of it first of all they have to.show that they affirm the entire Charter.and then explain briefly in their words.how they're going to go about being as.positive as possible in implementing it.how they will overcome denominational.barriers to the Charter being observed.what we mean by that is we know that.there'll be churches who won't sign up.whose denomination governance structure.wouldn't want them to or who do create.some structural problems.we're not things that Church don't sign.up we're saying we need to just work out.how we identify what those issues are.the most obvious one is the Church of.England of marriage and then what we.think the right response is so that will.just be teasing that out between us.how they'll speak to their church.congregation about the adoption of the.Charter you don't have if you're going.to sign up as a church it doesn't mean.every single person in your church is.going to agree with it because that's.not realistic but you do need to have.thought through how you can have that.conversation and how you're going to.guarantee an atmosphere inclusivity even.if not everybody's on board with it and.then really importantly how they would.respond if an LGBT person came to them.and said look I know this isn't your.fault the leadership but someone said.this to me at coffee I found it really.insensitive.my partner's very upset about it what.would you do and just hear how they.would handle that situations even in the.most inclusive Church in the world you.can't guarantee that somebody isn't.going to say something helpful but we do.need to guess dear for what a response.to that would look like and then if the.application is successful they will have.the privilege of having the logo which.they can put on their website if they.want to they can put on other printed.materials and signage and we'd ask them.to print the text of the Charter on on.their website and by all means to evolve.it so it's appropriate to their their.local context a denominational context.their liturgical copy works they'll.they'll be added to a list of inclusive.websites also inclusive churches on the.open church website and they will be.able to get additional support from us.as well in terms of speakers and.training and resources particularly they.need to take their church on the further.conversation if we feel that the chart.is not right for them at the moment or.to use the slightly corporate language.if their application is not successful.we can speak to back so I've expected to.bounce all week which is probably why I.ended up writing it like this so sorry.about the cold life day that seems a.little bit corporate but if we feel that.maybe a church needs to do a bit more.work this is this charter is not a.statement of aspiration it's meant to be.a status that has been achieved however.we're sure that anyone is applying for.it we'll have a good status of.aspiration and we will be very clear.with them about why we don't think it's.right for them yet what we can do to.help them go a little bit further on.that journey so this week hopefully.Monday you will see information about.this on this web link open Church.Network forward stroke charter.perhaps we can we can follow with an.email with that link as well and it'd be.great if you could all help spread the.word in your own churches and in your.own communities I think that's it for me.[Applause].

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What should church bylaws include?

Some of this will depend on your state of incorporation, because different states allow companies different degrees of latitude. You will definitely want procedures for making decisions by unanimous written consent without a meeting. You'll also want procedures for participating in meetings electronically, if permitted in your state. You'll want full indemnification of officers and directors. How about giving the board the ability to amend the bylaws, without going to the shareholders? How many board members will you have?

What are constitution and bylaws?

I have not heard the term "corporation constitution" but I think you may be referring to the the difference between a corporation's Bylaws and its Articles of Incorporation.

What is the difference between church bylaws and constitution?

By laws are a type of subsidiary legislation generally enacted by a body authorised by Parliament to make such laws. In effect Parliament delegates its power to make laws to a subsidiary body generally a Local Government Council. Constiyution is a written over arching set of government principles that generally is difficult to change. In Australia Constitutional change can only occur after Parliament has passed a law to change the Constitution and it this law is endorsed by a referendum with both a majority of voters and a majority of states voting in favour of the Constitutional Change. No law Continue Reading

Are church bylaws a legal document?

Yes. In Nigeria, bylaws are public documents. Here's what the Evidence Act, 2011 says: ? Section 102 of the Evidence Act 2011 defines public documents – Documents forming the official acts or records of the official acts of – The sovereign authority; Official bodies and tribunals, or Public officers, legislative, judicial and executive, whether of Nigeria or elsewhere; and Public records kept in Nigeria of private documents.

What is a church charter?

I doubt that, because why would they then use a prayer like this you have to admit that there are no god Faithful Creator, whose mercy never fails: deepen our faithfulness to you and to your living Word, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Our social media community guidelines | The Church of England

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