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Guide of 258 Form

[Music].shut the [ __ ] up.[Applause].this is believe you me on the gas.digital network.all right ladies and gentlemen welcome.to the believe you me podcast with luis.j.gomez in the house what's up lewis.what's up baby boy.are you [ __ ] ready is everyone ready.their favorite podcast the face.your favorite mma comedic podcast in the.world the only one left i think they're.all.all the other ones are done right.they're falling by the wayside they're.they're falling like.shitty contenders in the ufc trying to.work their way up uh.true we have a lot to talk about today.we have mckenzie doing jiu jitsu phenom.we've had a great.uh performance at the weekend joining us.we're going to give you a recap of all.the nonsense me and lou's have been.doing we're going to try and make you.laugh we're going to inform you.but i guess we're going to start with.this lewis right off the top because uh.it was a big fight tyrone woodley versus.colby covington i mean there's so much.to talk about there.the president [ __ ] calling him he.stops him in the fifth round.did he quit did he break his rib i mean.where did we start.there's a lot to one park lewis uh.you were watching the fights right yeah.of course i was uh i watched me and my.son.this was the first time that he's he.really stayed engaged throughout the.whole night watching the fights with me.right for the main event he ended up.sort of going to sleep so i put him to.bed.um but yeah it was just me and him.saturday night we were everyone was.texting back and forth.yeah main event was you know i think we.saw.i didn't see him stopping tyron i think.everyone called it a decision but i.think we all.convinced ourselves that um.uh tyrone was gonna lose this fight and.i say that and it's not that cold.colby won the fight kobe was really.smart and he was really like he was very.measured and he did a great job.but i just feel like tyron.tyron had to come and fight a different.fight and he didn't tyron didn't show up.i don't want to [ __ ] kick him while.he's down and that's not what i'm trying.to do.i like tyron woodley i've worked with.him for years.i've been in his company many times he's.a good person.i'm not trying to kick a man while he's.down but this is the reason why.i think we all picked him to lose by a.decision.number one i think we said decision.because he is [ __ ] tough and we know.that.and even though i mean what do you think.of this in fact let me finish what i was.gonna say even though with the rib.injury i still don't class it as a.stoppage.you know what i mean do you think do you.class it as a legit stoppage for colby.um.yeah why not because i feel like it was.it was in the two and throw the rough.and tumble the.jigging and the jagging the bobbin and.the weaving the jiving and the jarving.i can't think of any more but i mean you.got to be consistent here it happened.during the fight.you know i i thought when anderson silva.broke his leg.on chris weidman's shin i was like.look yeah it is what it is you know he.lost that fight his body did that to his.body.um and i mean believe colby was already.winning the fight you know um.you know i don't even know what the.judge's scorecards were um.but i'll tell you 14 just before they.even scored that fifth round but they.didn't score the fifth round because it.was a stoppage right.but it was 50 45 on all three score.sorry 49 no 10 20 30..40 35 what am i saying 40 35 on all.all the scorecards right right 40.36. so that means he lost a couple he.lost the 10th round.and everybody's mind all three judges.gave uh the third round a 10-8 uh sorry.pardon me the fourth round a 10-8.so it was a one-sided fight and the.reason when i said it he didn't show up.because he hasn't shown up in his last.few fights we know that he does the same.thing.and once again he skirted around the.back of the octagon.trying to land that overhand right colby.was great he was fearless he stood in.the pocket thrown.shots wrestled when he needed to secure.some beautiful takedowns.and tyron knew he had to be aggressive.he knew he had to start hard.and he did remember the start of the.first round cast your mind back.he came out he was the aggressor he.pushed forward and i was like oh.here we go here we go but it was genius.by.uh colby and i hate to say it because.you know what i mean if him had beef but.i'll tell you this.i sent him a message on instagram.actually i said hey credit where.credit's due man great performance you.can't deny that.anyway he didn't say anything back.[Music].maybe not.maybe not you son of a [ __ ] i'll delete.that message real fast i [ __ ] take.that back.i was like ha psych [ __ ] you just joking.no no um he snubbed you i think that's.hilarious yeah no i don't blame him.but he's like [ __ ] you trying to jump on.my bandwagon i'm like no that was you.know fair play.but what i was going to say was genius.and i don't know if this.is what he actually did but i'm assuming.colby would have known that he was going.to come forward.and in the first round he was and he.used that forward pressure against him.because as he was coming forward.he shot him for the double leg takedown.and it was a beautifully touched really.early in that first round it was really.fast.um i remember that first takedown it was.actually kind of surprising that colby.went that early for a takedown.um but yeah it was just a really smart.fight colby seems to be a better fighter.each time we see him.even with the uzman loss it wasn't like.i mean colby.he was looking good in that fight um and.you know we'll talk about that obviously.the the post fight between kobe and.newsman was great.great [ __ ] television really really.good um.but i mean credit where credit sue colby.did a great job.um i think that he is definitely on the.top of his game.right now um he said something crazy.which was.i think i've cemented myself as the.greatest welterweight of all time by.stopping entirely like okay.yeah yeah yeah let's not get crazy here.yeah slowly roll slowly roll he did look.good though.and to your point he does look better.each and every time out.but uh you know.listen there's not a lot to say he.dominated it from start to [ __ ].finish.tyrone wasn't in the fight i tweeted out.and i've said this a few times so i.won't spend too much time on it.tyrone needs to go forward he needs to.be the aggressor he needs to use his job.to set up the one two.throw a little inside like it one two.sprinkle in a take down here and there.go for a high kick go for a low kick.keep him [ __ ] guessing.there was none of that and then in the.post fight.presser dana was alluding to the fact.that tyrone should retire.uh i don't think he should retire you.know what i mean he's he's.only he can decide that the fact of the.matter is his last three fights.his last three fights and i'm sorry.they've been garbage and he hasn't shown.up.and here's the reason why he won't.retire is because physically.he's still there yes 38 but you look at.the guy he's a physical specimen he's.got the tools.he's got the power he's got the.technique it's this.and i say it all the time the mind.controls everything it's mine's done.he needs to spend time with the sports.psychologist.uh at depth do a lot of sparring and.take some time away from the sport and.come back hungry.or today in this point he needs to.retire.or go [ __ ] dominate and become a.heavyweight champion in bellator.i mean that seems to be the route for.the guys that can't get it done anymore.in the ufc anyway.and i'm no offense i don't want to see.tyron woodley in bellator but the.reality is i don't think tyrone willis.should retire.the fact that he i mean he is you know.he's essentially playing gatekeeper.which nobody wants a former champion.doesn't want to be playing gatekeeper in.his career right.but he is the guy to beat right now and.he's a tough [ __ ] it's not like.tyron woodley is like a slouch and he's.getting knocked out and he's.you know getting destroyed by these guys.he's had some tough beats to the.absolute best of the best in the.division.absolutely and let's look at it like.this as well look at the three people.that just beat him oozeman.unstoppable champion right now gilbert.burns on a [ __ ] roll and just looked.incredible against woodley.knocked out damian maya called before.that and [ __ ] knows the rest of that.car remember.but i know he's looked good and then of.course uh colby covington.who again so they're the top three guys.you know what i mean so maybe.you know and it's hard when you're.somebody like tyrone woodley right.he has an ego right and all fighters.certainly when you become champion of.the world.you have an ego i had an ego and it.takes a while.for that world championship mindset to.maybe just.allow you to take a step back and that's.his biggest enemy right now he's his.own worst enemy if he's gonna fight.again he needs to say to the ufc.well don't give me a [ __ ] title.contender because i'm not getting a.towel shirt any time soon.give me some one mid card give me.someone you know top 15 you know.a fringe 10 12. it's called a comeback.fight it's called.rebuilding you know what i mean give me.someone like that that i could go out.[ __ ] dominate get the knockout get my.mojo back.and then maybe start rebuilding or as.dana alluded to.maybe call it a day yeah uh maybe i mean.you know i think uh that's one of the.things about.uh this sport and dana sort of has.championed that and said that in the.past where it's like you know you don't.really want to tell a fighter when it's.time to retire you know.and a guy that has all the physical.tools that tyron has i mean he looks.tyron debatably no homo maybe looks the.best.out of anybody in the ufc with his shirt.off it's crazy how muscular that guy is.it is [ __ ] wild dude he's jacked.okay and he's super explosive whoa whoa.whoa whoa whoa colby is he better than.you.whoa don't talk about me i wasn't.competing i wasn't in there.i didn't have my shirt off okay and when.i do compete i don't have a rash guard.on.just saying but i'm a fat [ __ ] though if.you're comparing yourself to me.you have bigger problems i'm not.comparing my but you inserted me in the.conversation i wasn't even there.i was sat on my i wasn't even working.the event i'm sat on the account.i'm like i have nothing to do with this.i'm going to say if it called me.that jawline that six-pack that you know.what i mean or.you were trying to compare now colby.call me i mean you're talking about just.like.where's rebecca sexual chocolate yes.come on.is rebecca here right now she's flying.about somewhere rebecca.get a picture of colby hey.rebecca's coming in as we speak but she.knows what they look like but just do it.we just need your opinion on something.right here we're talking about the fight.and of course we've gone off on a.end uh here have that hi rebecca.um lovely and talented rebecca bisping.oh [ __ ].[ __ ] sorry hi hi lewis how are you hi.rebecca.break it down lewis break it down okay.so we are having a discussion.i said tyron woodley might have the best.physical uh appearance physique physique.physique that also is not a great photo.you could have gotten that's an awful.picture.that isn't on the scale is beefed up 15.pounds from cutting weight.listen on this scale you know.on this scale remember i said oh call be.covered in.a sound you know because he's white no.he's i.i know you're just trying to get him to.[ __ ] return your dm by the way.i wasn't saying he was better i'm just.saying also on the flip side you have to.accept that you know there he is take a.look at tyron.he looks better there because he looks.slimmer there yeah that's what that's.the whole point it's the 15 pounds.now give us a colby carve carve because.and then you have to say who's got a.better physique okay but if this is a.physique competition this is not who you.like is a fighter it's not whose face.this is not the same.it's not face it's not talent it's not.technique it's not personality.or physical attributes just the physique.imagine you're you're judging a.physique imagine she's in a a male [ __ ].house.and you just got to pick one of them and.they're going to bang you know.i'm imagining that that's not a good.picture though terrible picture.terrible picture well now she's just.saying who she wants to [ __ ] more which.is fine as well you could still.he's [ __ ] my wife okay call me.stay out of my wife's dmx i would like.to.come on throw it out there all right all.right colby.tyron or both what's the height oh oh oh.they're both very short.but but look at this been getting in.security they're tired.tyler's five nine colby's probably six.four.colby is not six foot you're just saying.that because you want me to say colby.which i.don't want you to say okay.this is hypothetical shouting okay.i'm gonna say that's a better picture.i'm gonna say colby.511 is called white privilege white.privilege that's what's going on i'm.gonna say colby because.he's taller yeah she doesn't like small.people and he's slimmer.yeah yeah he's an [ __ ] tyron's butt's.really big it is and he farts a lot are.you not into are you not into big butts.or you are i'm not not a man no.no that's yeah he's got a [ __ ] dunk.no he's got a massive arse and trust me.i've worked with taran for years.all he talks about is that he's lactose.intolerant if i eat any kind of milk i.start partying and he's like you think.he let him just have it you're what.you're married to her relax.he's like shut the [ __ ] up nobody wants.to hear about your farting routine.okay and by the way it's bad manners so.[ __ ] off speaking of [ __ ] off.go on off you pop thank you darling.uh great segment intelligent yeah my.wife wants to smash colby covington.great.we're gonna have so many arguments over.that later you know i'm going to get.drunk this week and go ah.look at you staring at colby comments.and longingly.i knew it i knew it all right so what's.next for colby coughington besides your.wife apparently what is.yeah i'm all at his right now i don't.know whether i'm coming or going.uh so all right so listen gilbert burns.is fighting kamara uzman we know that so.so probably uh what's his face.oozman so oozeman covington should fight.mas vidal.simple as that leon edwards should fight.masuda leone edwards should fight.usually.leone edwards should fight tyron lee and.edward should be on this.pose on this show today but he's in.milan.okay he's m i a so he's out of z.m-i-l-a-n yeah no sorry he's in the.that's pretty good lewis i like that.he's m.i.a he's out of the.picture he's not even on fire island.which they're all back on fire island.costa this weekend talk about that later.um.yeah he he should fight mas vidal night.we gotta fight each other they hate each.other they're talking all that [ __ ] but.once again then uzman and [ __ ].covington get into it in.uh post fight as well we got to talk.about that that was so.heated that it made me want to see a.rematch between them.and i'll tell you right now uzman got.under covington's skin.you saw it happen and covering didn't.handle himself all right.for if you're gonna get angry at the.very least compose yourself and still.control your words so he did that he was.still sort of good in the moment but you.could tell he was legitimately angry.and usman was just laughing in his face.yeah he's like me earlier i was on the.phone.to a car dealership i need new brake.pads.for the range rover okay and it's coming.in as a lot of money so i called up.and like i can't help because i start.winding myself up especially when i.think.i've been ripped off because i called.the ranger all the range over dealership.and they were coming in way cheaper than.the other place.and just for the record when we traded.in my range rover and we got a new one.the guy told my wife when she dropped it.off to have the brake pads done.oh yeah by the way i lost 15 grand.uh on your range rover just saying and.i'm like oh.really what about the maserati i lost 50.on the maserati so technically.i'm still 36 out of debt than you are.and then these crazy bills coming in for.[ __ ] brake pads i called the ranger.over dealership.they're going to break pads for a range.rover well uh for front and back.and a service 2 700.yeah that's as much as the the car that.i'm driving costs.i know i'm like what the [ __ ] so then i.called up the ranger of a dealership.they're like yeah 1.99 for your front.400 for your back plus labor i mean how.much do you charge for labor you.wouldn't give me a shout out on labour.he wouldn't give me a quote i'm like.what do you mean you must know what you.charge per hour.and then and then i was on the phone to.the other deals anyway point of the.story.i was close to losing it i was close to.shouting.no michael bisping will just drive his.car into a lake to prove a point to them.i like just stay calm don't swear number.one don't swear stay.tuned take a deep breath and i did and.when i put the phone down rebecca was.like michael.that was good you stayed nice and calm.you were very mature very i don't like.anyway that's what you're saying about.colby colby should have done that and he.did.as you mentioned not swearing it's so.funny because that's such a great tip.for when you're dealing with customer.service like i [ __ ] around with.furniture recently.and they really [ __ ] up like multiple.times it was crazy like telling me it's.gonna be there a certain date the order.wasn't even put in.it was like months waiting for furniture.it was [ __ ] wild.and i call it and i'm not even being.shitty to the guy i'm just going i was.like you know what it's real [ __ ].that it was this and he's like sir.sir if you're gonna use language like.that i can't.and then that sets me off where i'm like.you can't [ __ ] handle big boy words.really.you can't and then he hangs up and then.it's like yeah you know.they have the moral high ground because.they can say you were being abusive you.were swearing you were.you lost your temper you're using foul.language sorry i'm a minimum wage i.don't need to take this [ __ ] of some.guy.uh belittling me and abusing me on the.phone and then they're right.they're right so but i do the same thing.i'm like what the [ __ ] are you talking.about we're grown many.you're older than me i'm just saying.what the [ __ ] this is.hearing the word [ __ ] you [ __ ] [ __ ].[ __ ] oh i hate them so much yeah.[ __ ] raymond flanagan uh we must.uh take a moment and talk about one of.our incredible new sponsors which is.geology skin care products it's it's.men's skin care reinvented.a lot of people including you including.you have been complimenting my.complexion recently.and saying how vibrant my skin looks.before we get on air every show bisping.he gives me over the top.compliments to the point where i get a.little uncomfortable and i'm going to.tell you right now it's not natural.you're right listen men that are.listening to this podcast we know.you've got to take care of your face 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corona virus from people.touching your face.don't say that but as they touch it.they're gonna be wow it's soft.it's silky it's smooth it feels like the.back of a baby's bum.it feels like the scrotum of a child.so smooth.[Laughter].how do you know anyway you're rubbing.your face against you like this is.exactly like child scrotum it's like the.crow's feet feel like the wrinkles in.the scrotum.anyway lost you lost a plot there but.listen geo log dot i.slash bisping and user called bisping 30.off okay anyway colby yes.colby got angry but he stayed composed.he didn't.allow himself to go over the edge and.make himself look.stupid but usman if you guys if you.didn't see it it was.they started going back and forth guzman.just had that ace in the hole.which he kept on saying good no i'm.gonna say do we have that video boys.because i think i sent it through yeah.yeah let's take a look at it here let's.have a little.you know a little bit of a multimedia.input.that's so sad you saw it boys look at it.you get a call from freaking your little.your little tribe they give you some.smoke signals for you.[Music].okay news.nobody cares about you no one cares.about you you're pathetic you care about.me no yeah because you got the worst.decision in the history of this sport so.many bad decisions.oh yeah no you didn't i stood right up.there wasn't your question.no marty fake newsman you're i broke you.didn't break my face i got right up and.protesting right away that was a fake.stoppage.fake wait till i see you next time wait.till i see you next time.you're dead i pause it.that's the moment he loses he got to him.i broke your face he kept on just saying.it.because he did he did break his face he.did break his jaw and he did beat him.and it wasn't a decision and he did god.full schizo.but i love it i mean that is the best.promo it's awesome.that's gonna sell uh big time but dana.you know he's saying gilbert burns is.next and i love that i love that just.because.you know you that that will be a big.rematch and everyone wants to see and.the first fight was sensational.i love the fact that they're not letting.him skip the queue.um and we'll talk about this so i'm.sorry i'm gonna cut you off but.it's as it relates so mosvidal versus.covington.also massive fight massive massive.massive fight so.i think they should make that in lieu of.diaz versus.uh maz vidal too right you need this.huge and to be honest with you.no offense to mos vidal i think.covington can win that fight with what.we've seen out of covington the past few.fights.i think he can win that fight um and so.essentially covington sets him up for.bmf title if that's real or not i don't.even [ __ ] know either way that.doesn't matter just a massive fight.massive payday.sets himself up for a huge rematch which.everyone will say he.without a doubt unquestionably deserves.after coming back with two huge wins.yeah 100 percent him versus mas vidal is.the fight to make simple as that for all.the reasons you just said [ __ ] the bmf.title okay there was a little gimmick.they had for him and diaz cool.you know those types of tiles behind me.the only ones that really matter.bmf it's cool it adds a little fun to a.little sprinkles.a little something you know what i mean.maybe mas vidal versus connor they can.do that that might be interesting but.really no one cares they just want to.see the fire.but what about zip president donald.trump donald trump.calls colby covington live honor.on the post fight show i gotta say you.know and i.even tweeted this outside but then i.deleted it like a little [ __ ].because i don't like to get political.but i uh i don't agree with a lot of.what donald trump does.but i gotta say you gotta you know you.gotta give it to the man.third place saturday night he calls up.colby coverton.obviously he's watching the fight and.then he calls him up to congratulate.and he's not doing that because he's.trying to chase clout or get on tv he's.the president of the united states of.america.if he farts it's on national tv he's on.tv constantly.but he took time out of his day to call.colby and i said i gotta say i respect.that a lot.and you could see the smile and kobe.covered his face i mean.it's not emotional you could tell he.almost got emotional in the moment and.almost.i get it and i'm not a fan of trump i'm.not a fan of anybody politically.um but i don't you know i i completely.get it that is a.big moment right where you just won.you know maybe the biggest win of your.career.really important win right against tyron.a lot of emotion involved in that win as.well leading up to it they really didn't.like each other.you know you're already sort of on cloud.nine you watch fighters break down.crying in tears after just a win not.even that.big of a win right they just sort of.like you you have that emotional dump.or like nicole price i think he brought.down in tears out of draw.we'll talk about that later some people.are really emotional.i'm an emotional wreck but continue of.course so.you have him you know i'm sure he's.already just sort of on cloud nine.roller coaster of emotions what goes.into being a professional fighter the.months and months of coming back.having your jaw broken questioning your.ability to come back.coming in against you know a top top.contender there's a lot of things that.are going on and then the president of.the [ __ ] united states.i'm also i'm 38 years old okay i grew up.if i meet the president i would say.nice to meet you second hand big [ __ ].young people these days like he's.[ __ ] racist i'd spit at him you're.like.i just didn't grow up that way it didn't.matter what party the president belonged.to you were like holy [ __ ] i'm at the.white house that's the president.there's just a weird level of respect.there that i think is lost on the youth.today.um you just saw it on his face the level.of emotion where he was like.oh [ __ ] like that's that's a really.crazy thing.absolutely and i fully agree and you hit.the word the nail.on the head with the word you chose it's.about respect because.and again we're going to stay away from.politics and i agree with some things i.don't agree with some things we'll leave.it at that.but you know it is the president of the.united states of america and if i was to.meet any world.leader any world leader the prime.minister of the uk or or.through the prime minister of canada or.whatever whatever you know.you have respect you shake the hand and.you speak to them accordingly and the.fact that the.president of the united states called.colby is [ __ ].huge now of course dana's mates with him.so that probably helped a little bit.but still fair play to colby covington i.i think.that's got to be at first right we've.never had the president calling.a fighter after a firefighter i don't.think i've seen.uh any sport can people look at how big.football is baseball is.i've never seen anything like that it.was pretty funny because megan will.leave.boxing even in boxing like yeah.yeah george foreman or mike tyson nobody.got a call from the [ __ ].president not on air yeah and you saw.megan o'leave he was sort of like.uncomfortable she was like uh.you better tell him yeah tell him.because i think you have to technically.i don't think he cared.fortunately he didn't say anything bad.okay because we didn't imagine he was.like he was like thank god you beat up.that black guy am i right.that wouldn't be good but like you know.like listen trump can be a little.uh controversial with some of the things.that he says like oh yeah great job.tonight what you're gonna do you're.gonna go get some [ __ ].or whatever do you you know what i'm.saying take it take it.colby it's yours the world is yours i'm.gonna set you up over at trump tower.tonight i'm gonna send some girls over.for you from spain.right now knock yourself out young girls.every color that you want is on the way.just get yourself over there colby.kept chinese because they're gross and.they got the china virus.okay okay okay wait i'm on air.oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] uh just take that bit.out yeah no he's [ __ ] live.do you know what i mean so he should.have said by the way mr president fyi.cheeky little fy a little bit of info.you lied.to the world but he didn't you know of.course you know he didn't want to.interrupt the president so i'm not.slagging kobe off there but.wow that was huge man it was that really.was pretty wild.and uh yeah it's it's definitely.unprecedented it also shows you how big.this sport has gotten.you know it is it is grown.i mean you gotta understand like.exponentially i think of.when i started watching the sport i mean.much less than when you started.substantially.uh super califragilistically.magnificently all right.beyond the wildest dreams it has grown.to a place where i mean you had us.senators calling it human cockfighting a.decade and a half ago.and now you have the president of the.united states calling up saying i rushed.home.from a rally to watch this fight and.congratulating the winner of a main.event on air i mean.it's it's really crazy to sort of watch.how it's not even just like.it's really remember they were listening.for forever like could the ufc be the.biggest sport in the world could it be.i still think there's that potential i.think people think it's crazy because.soccer is so big.but you gotta understand it's like.everybody is into fighting.and the way that the ufc has grown and.you just watch just the trajectory of it.it's like if it continues to.exponentially grow.it could surpass any of these sports.it's pretty wild where it's grown from.here.1993 to where we're at now it's it's.crazy it's night and day.yeah and the the reason is simple.because you all know if you're walking.down the street let's say you're going.for a walk.you want to go buy a newspaper if a.fight kicks off on the street what are.you going to do.you're going to stop and watch it it's a.simple everything if you're late even if.you're late you've got somewhere to be.you're on a hot date you're like.i'm [ __ ] watching this you get this.oh sorry about that you're not gonna.believe what happened.it kicked off to [ __ ] so why wouldn't.you want to see.the best fighters the best trained the.best athletes going at it so yeah.there is still a potential for that as i.said at the start we've got mackenzie.dern joining us shortly.uh we've got some other mma stuff and.we've got a bunch of non mma topics that.we're gonna get into dr dre's.uh divorce settlement which uh was.mind blown his wife saying that she.needs two million.dollars per month just to survive we're.gonna break that down for you but uh.yeah i mean she would if she won the.draftkings super prize pack four times.over.that's how she needs every month every.month she needs to win it four times and.that's just to survive.that's not to have a good one right.that's not her you know what i mean like.like really living it's like no that's.just me covering my expenses.okay california's expensive bro i get it.i completely get it.go on sorry i was going to say speaking.of mackenzie i mean we're talking about.like the impact of mixed martial arts.and fighting sports and all that other.stuff.i mean it's the only sport that has.transitioned over where we've gotten.dudes interested in the female versions.of it and i know tennis is pretty big.with females as well.yeah but i i think that like that's.maybe the only other example where like.you really.see it but where where do you see guys.being as interested.in the female version okay no no you're.right i agree i'm joking when i say.careful because it's absolutely true.the reason being as well and there's.nothing to do with a sexist approach men.are just bigger stronger.they get faster times they hit with more.power things like that so therefore.it does make it more exciting of course.we had that whole movement didn't we.remember from the.american female or the women's uh.soccer team they wanted paid the same as.the men.you see the wnba i think they're up to.something similar.uh and yeah you know you do see that.certainly in the ufc you've got women.like amanda nunes ronda rousey some of.the big stars.they've made an absolute fortune i'm.sure amanda's bank balance is beautiful.but in other sports you're right tennis.is one of them i think you picked a good.one there lewis tennis.is probably just as popular i'm not sure.if it is maybe harrington just google or.brian.uh serena williams.worth and and and uh.yeah roger federer do you lost you.network do that but also do.also just simply google was more popular.because that maybe.serena's also like really [ __ ] famous.and i have no idea like how many women.also just google.just google how can i stop my wife.wanting to be covered okay just google.those three things right there's no way.just try it just try she's [ __ ] never.leaving this house again.we went to kobe's fight against usman in.december no [ __ ].surprise there brian i got uh serena.williams at 200 million.i got roger federer at 450 million.i mean double bubble geez.double bubble roger fed fed.my god yeah listen at the end of the day.football.or sports all sports it's supply and.demand.that's how it works it's supplies about.how many people want to watch it.how much of those tv deals worth right.and and how and.when they pay for those tv deals how.many people are going to tune in that's.how it works with the ufc that's how it.works with all sports and unfortunately.and it is a shame for women i'm not.saying this from a male chauvinist at.some point it is just a reality.that more people watch men's soccer.more people watch the men's uh nba.uh so therefore they garner more money.maybe i'm missing something here but.that's kind of how it works i'm not.missing anything we have this sort of.like uh.and what it's a lot of young people they.have this attitude of like but come on.you got to make it fair it's like life's.not fair you definitely shouldn't be.getting into.the world of uh professional competitive.sports.if you're if you want life to be fair.right if that's what you're looking for.is just sort of like a fair shake well.guess what you might not be born the.strongest fastest whatever it's not fair.you have to be.it's people get lucky with certain.things right so i just feel like.um you have that attitude i even take it.a step further because in comedy you see.the same thing.and people be like oh well you saw this.chick what didn't make as much as this.guy for a netflix special and you're.like.well it doesn't have to be equal if more.people are tuning in for this guy it's.as simple as that.yeah sure but comedy is a good one.that's a good example i feel because.the physicality is taken out of it and.i'm sure just like everything.and this is what it boils down to.popularity right if a female comic.is just as popular i mean all right.let's put it like this.and no disrespect to yourself guarantee.amy schumer.has made more money through comedy than.you have.no way of course i'm just throwing it.out there louis.right and no nobody would objectively.watch amy schumer's comedy in my comedy.and say she's funnier literally nobody.in the world.it really is true i mean she's somebody.who's widely regarded who kind of stinks.at this point right.so i think that um yeah that's a great.example now i've never.once been like dude you know i mean come.on now we got to make this fair we got.to spread that money it's like no.she serves a purpose it it is what it is.you know the.yeah if people need to be focused.specifically just.on what they're doing just what you're.doing and your success and if you're.really focused on that path.you'll get yourself there i think people.need to put blinders on a little bit.more.yeah well amy schumer sells out stadiums.and [ __ ] like that she has a lot of fans.she does a lot of big name movies so.therefore that helps generate the.popularity.uh so yeah there you go what was the.deal brian what.what did mckenzie say she coming in at.155 45.probably 55 because it's 48. 55.should be right okay okay all right well.well uh let's just quickly run through.the car because mackenzie during did.beat i think he was.brandon marcos at the weekend what did.we what else did we oh yeah johnny.walker versus ryan spann did you see.that one lewis.yeah i saw i saw the whole card except.for the first fight on the main card i.was just uh getting back from the.supermarket at that time.yeah um what was the first fight hold on.i forget i forgot it was the one that i.got wrong was the british gentleman um.oh darren stewart versus uh.kevin holland yeah um close fight good.fight.uh what was it kevin holland won the.fight 29.28 i believe was the right posting.harrington are you there was that the.one with eye pokes i'm getting a little.confused there i'm getting old maybe.i've got dementia.look at you just because you're losing.weight by the [ __ ] second.coming on chiming on with a big smile on.his face he's got a groomed beard my.word harrington spilled the beans.things are looking up man uh no the i.pokes were nico price versus.donald cowboy cerrone uh the kevin.holland fight is the one where in the.third round stewart definitely took over.and holland actually apologized saying.that you know he ran out of gas in the.third round there.yeah that's right no thank you for that.you know uh yeah and then afterwards.kevin holland went up to dana white and.said nah man i didn't want.i didn't win that fight let's run that.back and i gotta say.for kevin holland to do that that takes.so much [ __ ] balls.right because to go out there fight at.the highest level.fight somebody like uh darius dude he's.a very very tough fighter i actually.chose him to win.you guys all picked kevin holland uh and.we'll get into the bimcoin later your.pranks in fact brian i think is the.the only prick but uh but for him to go.up to dana white.right because we see this all the time.we see a lot of close fights.right and and it's easy to just like you.know even though maybe you think inside.that one was lucky i flew to that one.but you say nothing and you slide on by.you go up in the rankings.you get your next fight for him to go up.to dana and be like yo no [ __ ] that dana.[ __ ] that i feel like i didn't win that.fight let's run that back.that's awesome that's like you going to.a comedy club lewis.right selling it out right and doing a.[ __ ] set.and saying ah you can all have your.money back have your money back that was.[ __ ].yeah uh that's psychotic and uh.words yes it is an honorable thing to do.is it was kevin holland you said that.did that.yes it was if i'm kevin holland's.manager.i am livid i'm like what the [ __ ] are.you doing.move up in the rankings you idiot just.sell yourself you don't have to say it.let this guy make that argument and.maybe get that fight back late he.he should be fighting to get that fight.back later on devil's advocate.devil's advocate so here's the thing.though the manager might say.you know what gangster move love it your.popularity points just shut up.they usually shout out by 12 points.among the masses in the age demographic.of the 18 to 36.they're feeling you right now man you're.on the front page of all the websites.man that was a great move solid play and.we know you'll beat him in the rematch.man because you're the g.maybe there was that i hope i hope.stuart knocks his head off in the.rematch.i hope he wins and this is the worst.decision he's ever made in his entire.life.ten years from now he looks at this and.he goes why did i.ask for a rematch with this guy i was.just on a trajectory i was coming up i.had all the heat behind me.yeah but bro we can look at himself in.the mirror and he can sleep at night you.know what i'm saying.sleep in that shitty old bed yeah with.no heating on.and a [ __ ] crappy little car outside.you know next door to harrington.you know harrington nightmare you can.hear him through the shitty walls.uh yeah there you go so kevin holland.did you know and darren stewart shouts.out darren stewart good fight good.opener.johnny walker back to winning ways he.didn't look good got back.yeah got dropped got dropped and then uh.rallied to get a much.needed win yeah it was great uh yeah it.was awesome but it was also a fun.exciting way to win the fight you know.um you know what what exactly i don't.i'm trying to remember the details of.what happened i remember it was like.back and forth.really really quick yeah yeah no so it.started off i think uh walker got.dropped he got clipped with like a punch.he went down he got some.hits took some shots then he falls back.to his feet and then ryan spann was.trying to get the take down.and again we talked about this does the.finish.against woodley really can't and in fact.we need to talk about that some more i.think.because we saw in the tower on woodley.fire helwani tweeted out a picture.of his ribs his rib was snapped did you.see that did you see that picture.into the picture now yeah his rib was.broken and listen a broken rib is.absolutely [ __ ] devastating and that.will be very painful.i mean yeah there it is i mean first of.all look at the pain on taran woodley.there holy [ __ ] i mean if that a picture.paints a thousand words and you see the.pain and then on the right.you see the old snappy poopoo i mean.look at that snapped.break clean done do we know when that.happened in the fight i don't remember.well i'm gonna say fifth round.i'm saying did the break actually happen.in that moment or did it happen earlier.in the fight.well tyrone said he felt it pop earlier.i don't know if i'm buying that.right okay i don't know yeah no there's.no reason to.to assume that he's embellishing a.little bit but he said.he felt something earlier but it but the.fifth round.that must have been the snap because you.did hear him scream howling in pain.yeah when a [ __ ] rib snaps like that.i've never had it done but i can only.imagine.the grotesque pain well i mean i.remember.when you fought gsp you had a bruised.rib.and i did that took you down to you know.22.michael bisping it took me down to the.levels of a mere mortal.you know what i mean i lost my.superpowers but never mind all of that.here we are mackenzie dern big smile on.her face she's got the surfboards.behind her every reason to smile because.she's coming off an amazing victory at.the weekend.mackenzie thank you for taking the time.out you're on with my co-host.louis j gomez welcome to the believe you.me podcast how are you doing today.hey guys thanks for having me i'm so.happy of course and i had a great um.saturday so i'm glad to be here and.talking with.some of the best of the best ah you're.too kind you too campbell thank you very.much.before we talk about the fight uh.obviously you just started training with.jason pirillo for this one.uh you know talk to us about that.because jason's the man i love.jason not only from the physical side of.the training but you know he really.works.on the mental aspect but yeah talk to me.about that a bit.yeah definitely i think a lot of people.can kind of feel the difference.um just from my social media and my.interviews.and leading up to the fight you know.just seeing all the training going on.and how.um just confident i was and i think a.big part of that was.with uh coach perrillo being working.with him.uh was kind of in the middle of my camp.i got him and i talked to pat you know.from the ruka.i know him from a long time i know of.jason you know.i've seen all the work he's done i have.four weeks left for a fight.um would he want to train me you know.then he said okay come down and we had a.good connection from the beginning so.he's fun he's definitely we we popped.some champagne after the fight.and we were having fun we're definitely.excited i'm excited to see like with a.full camp with him how how much my.striking's gonna really approve.now let's be honest mckenzie you say you.pop some champagne off the fire.i'm sure there was more than just a.little champagne probably a little.whiskey.if i know jason but i'm assuming you had.a good time.yeah my husband was there my daughter.was there we had like the.my father there you know my whole family.is basically part of a camp you know so.um they're of course they're on the.other other hotel they're across the.street.but we are we were all able to celebrate.everyone together and we're excited.about that 50.50 000 bonus you know so that that's.great that's a.extra thing to be happy about well.congratulations on.the bonus and the win obviously you know.you just mentioned your daughter being.there.you brand new mother which is incredible.you took some time off.just talk to me a little bit what's it.like balancing now being a fighter and a.mother because it's night and day.we're we're both fathers here we talk.about it regularly on the show night and.day difference your night.or your life once you have a child so.what is it like now.training and also being a mom yeah this.is my third fight since she's been born.you know so she's 15 months.uh thankfully i've gotten a lot of.fights in you know in the in the small.amount of time but um i think just every.fight is getting easier.you know the camp and everything like.starting to kind of get the life of.being a parent you know in the beginning.was definitely a little bit harder but.um since in the beginning like my first.loss was after she was born.i didn't know how much different my life.would be like oh.okay life will get more organized you.know you don't know what to expect you.know it's new for you so.um now she's like she's walking and she.understands yes and no she's not.breastfeeding.anymore so some things are easier but.now we're in different phases of life.too like you know the teeth.the teeth are coming in so a little bit.nights are not.you know you're not sleeping again and.um.you know just starting to get more.active and being careful with the corona.she's going.to swim swimming lessons and gymnastics.so she's with all the other kids now.trying to keep her.with her social life but without getting.like without getting corona for.for the ufc you know so um it's good.it's definitely getting more.organized and she just every time gives.me more inspiration you know to like.be a be a good role model and try to.like show hey.we have good days we have bad days you.have to keep focused and.be like more professional well obviously.you were born into jiu jitsu and i'm not.sure what age you were when you started.but it was very very young is.is that something that your daughter's.going to do and sorry what's the name of.your daughter but.when do you think she'll start because.i'm assuming she's in the gym already.yeah all the time her name is moa and.like noah you know.and um i started was three but like i.said it's like a lifestyle you know it's.not.like um like here it's you see it's.coming like oh to do baseball or.basketball but it's like a season you.know they have baseball season.basketball season so it's maybe a couple.months you just know it's all lifestyle.you do all year round.it's like eat healthy you know and just.kind of.practice it in your life so definitely.she already has her first gift she's in.the gym you know the ruka gym all the.time she puts my gloves on.you know i see her wanting to punch all.the time so i'm kind of like oh i want.to bring that back more to the jiu jitsu.side you know she's not doing so so much.jiu jitsu but i think.uh soon gonna be uh wanting to do more.more just.i think when i stop my camps you know.like i have a couple times to think.just go train for fun you know then i'll.be able to push her a little bit more.and start to teach her but.she loves it she watches me fighting all.the time jiu jitsu mma everything she's.always watching and she's definitely.gonna be.uh interested i think in the in the and.it's she just is so good for the self.defense you know i think especially for.a woman you know too.so even though she doesn't want to be.competitive in it you know i want her to.least know how to protect herself.um eventually in the future if anything.happens.would you uh would you use jiu-jitsu to.discipline your child at all because.that would be my.main thing when my son's getting out of.hand i just get a little choking put him.to bed if he's acting up.maybe no i mean my dad actually did that.a lot to me though like.when i was in trouble when he got in.trouble you know he said hey let's go.train and they know.like okay what his training is you know.like and i knew and he was mad so we'd.be training that on like knee on the.stomach you know.choke you know hold a couple like five.seconds extra you know you're like.you know oh gosh you know so definitely.um.i've been through that but i don't know.i hope she i hope she won't need to i.hope we don't need to go through that.you know but definitely it's.it's like that kind of way let's go.shane come on and then you know you can.you can give her a heart training but.we'll see we'll see what happens.you know you mentioned something now.mckenzie and i want to just ask you and.i apologize if it's a weird question but.obviously you talked about.from a self-defense purpose for a woman.and i'm always telling my daughter and.my wife.listen jiu-jitsu for a woman is very.important and of course.you know a man wants to get into the.guard if they're trying to do anything.stupid you know so.without getting graphic so for for a.female it really is one of the best.defenses you could ever teach.um have you ever had to use that in real.life have you ever had to use jiu-jitsu.as.self-defense like out on the streets no.never thankfully i think um i i think.i've been lucky enough to not have gone.gone needed to use it you know but like.you said it's definitely the most um.like realistic you know in the guard or.back take or things like that you know.to.people to attack you i've actually like.i had to use jiu-jitsu more from my.following.from learning how to fall you know in.jiu-jitsu we learn like brick falls and.you know how to fall to not get like.whiplash and all these things.i've taken some big um i felt like kind.of on a little mountain you know and if.i didn't know jiu-jitsu for sure i think.i'd get way more injured you know i.i did like a big back roll and you know.over my shoulder.my neck didn't hurt i had like my arms.open so i was everything good time.i've used it a lot in that sense you.know and just knowing.the right way to fall and how to not get.the least amount injured.possible yeah i was uh i was running.from my friend's house around the corner.to my house back in england.and it was pouring with rain it's always.raining in england and there was like.these big rocks and it was dark.and i'll be honest i'd had a few drinks.and i didn't see the rocks and i was.running though because it was raining.and i.shoot and i fell over right bad because.i was running full speed.but wow i just did a rolling break fall.right back to my feet.wasn't her at all and just carried on.running and i was like [ __ ].yeah i wish somebody saw that because it.was badass you know so anyway there you.go brake balls.okay brenda marcos you go out there.right you throw a kick you slip you land.on your back.and then she comes and plays jiu jitsu.with you on the floor you must have been.thinking this was christmas day.yeah definitely i mean i i sometimes i.think maybe it's like grounding pal i.know what everyone says oh like a black.belt is a black belt you know but when.you start to put in the punches they.become a brown bat you know and then you.punch a little more they kind of become.a purple belt so.i definitely know that uh with punches.involved and everything you can't just.do a jiu-jitsu jiu-jitsu max you know in.the mma but.um so i thought maybe she's going to try.to ground and pound but kind of she went.into a triangle you know it wasn't even.like a straight um guardian i was able.to kind of close.the triangle um straight away so once i.was there.i said okay now i'm i'm good you know i.have like her hands kind of controlled.everything's controlled and i'm not i.wasn't slippery you know i was kind of.really fast in the fight.um i wasn't tired so i couldn't have.asked for like a better.um a better situation so early in the.match you know like with.without being sweaty no no one's.slippery and no one's tired you know it.was good.do you like faster fights or do you feel.like you put in all that work you wanted.to get no no no.no she wants a back and forth battle.where she gets beat into a bloody.pulp for 15 minutes sorry mackenzie go.ahead.no i mean definitely you feel a little.bit like man i feel like.i didn't even show that much you know i.really wanted to show my.even i think like on the video you can.see i i went and talked to jason you.know.like in the ring i'm like oh sorry i.didn't say like yeah.oh sorry coach you know i really want to.show a little bit more of my strike you.know and.the little striking i shot was like my.kick that i slid.you know i just threw my cake with.everything and totally fell so i was.like that's so embarrassing you know but.hey it was was a 50 000 kick i guess.we have all slipped okay i do it all the.time.uh physically and mentally so i slip all.the time um.i saw on the internet you were talking.about you wanted to finish with it what.was it a choco platter yeah the.chocolate.what the hell is a joke on plaza i'm.showing my.ignorance here but i don't even know.what that is no it's funny because with.all these.um jiu jitsu is like the world of making.up for names you know like one gym they.call it whatever banana split the other.game.the other gym they call different names.everyone has different names so.um we call it the choco plot it's like.um.at the same time like with the it can be.with the ghee or you can do them.like kill the lion mata leo you know.yeah yeah and you're getting choked at.the same time.so you kind of like roll with them and.then you get the choke in too.so you don't know if they're tapping.from the with the shoulder.the neck or what but they're pretty like.has anybody else pulled off a chocolate.platter in the ufc or you're going to be.the first.oh i'm going to be the first first okay.good yeah yeah yeah that's good.that might be the first in mma because i.remember nick diaz back in.pride yeah he got the go-go play was it.the go-go place.yeah the foot on gomi yeah yeah.i did the choco plot in my uh legacy.fight was legacy.um in mma so it was actually like.nominated for.the best submission one of the nominees.for best submission of the year you know.i didn't get that the title but it was.one of the nominees and i'm.but it's like everyone is a different.level so to be able to do it on the ufc.level you know i know it's it's.even more of accomplishment you know so.i'm i was looking for that in my fight.with randa.you mentioned that you're you're you're.sort of getting into striking working.with perella parilla is the man we love.him we've had him in the show multiple.times obviously you know bisping's.mentoring coach.for a very very long time are you are.you falling in love with striking we see.this a lot with grapplers where you.start to fall in love with striking and.this is something that you want to.to go to um you know are you falling in.love with striking do you see yourself.becoming more and more of a striker.yeah definitely i'm following every time.more and more.in love with it in my dad he lives in.arizona and i live in california.and my wrestling coach is in vegas so.basically.me and brother we see each other most of.the time you know so even though i'm a.jiu-jitsu girl you know.my day-to-day training that i'm working.on so much is always.striking striking straight he's striking.i see him man most of the time of the.week so.i definitely i think i see myself.getting a knock down.or knockout soon um and just.trying to show that a little bit but no.i'm in no rush i'm not in a rush to show.it you know i know on the.and when it's um the right time maybe i.won't be able to take the girl down or.maybe we won't.it's a fight i won't be able to get too.much ground i'll.be able to show my striking but i'll be.ready i don't want to force it on it.well yeah as soon as you came to the ufc.though you came to the ufc and it was.all the hype it's like wow mackenzie.dunn's here.she's the best submission girl yadda.yadda i mean.i was just looking at your wikipedia.page there because lewis was talking.just to to make sure i say the right.thing and it's just gold medal gold.medal gold medal.but when you came to the ufc and you.were swinging you.swing hard [ __ ] hard if you don't.mind me saying.but i'm like so so now if you work with.perilla once you tighten that up a.little bit.um so you've you're nine and one six.submissions and of course the only.losses to amanda hebass.and amanda's doing fantastic there's no.shame there but i'm assuming you want to.clean up that striking and trying to.avenge that loss down the line at some.point.yeah i think i think i think me and her.end up seeing each other definitely for.sure because.i see both of us with potential to be.the champion you know so.uh i mean a lot of things can happen for.her in the future especially with the.corona.like people are fighting back to back.and all these things.um and a lot can happen for me too so i.think that definitely will end up.fighting each other.again but i think you'll be for the belt.whether it be she'll have the belt and.i'm challenging her.or if i get close to the if i get a.chance at the bell first and.i get the belt that she challenges me.but i think i think.we definitely will see each other again.in the future because man when you're so.tough you know.that the tough girls they go for the.there's only one goal you know.everyone's.after the same thing so um i'm just.excited to see.me climbing the the ranking and see.where where i'll be and how soon i can.get to the belt.yeah well i've got to think that next.fight is going to be a big fight you.know it's going to be one of the top.contenders i mean your division right.now is absolutely.stacked i mean you you straw away right.so zhang wei lee.sorry pardon me because you dropped you.used to be a featherweight right no no i.always say that.sorry i i i didn't make weight before so.i said okay.uh a flyweight enough well you gave me.an excuse for being wrong so thank you.very much but you know.january lee i mean she's a she's an.incredible fighter but i'm assuming you.know you feel you've got what it takes.to.take the throne one day i'm assuming uh.i don't know i don't know about right.now you know i think if it goes to the.ground for sure.but uh to be able to stand up and get it.until i get to the ground.i don't know if right now is the if i'm.ready for that you know of course she's.the bell she has i don't know.how many fights maybe like i think she.has 19.and one you know i'm i feel like i'm.still a little bit.new in the whole mma world you know with.my 10 fights you know so maybe i.i think in a couple fights i'll be ready.for for whoever has the belt by then you.know but.uh definitely she's a beast and i watch.her fights i tried to get some of her.her style in my game you know and try to.bring that to my striking.and um yeah i'm excited that's very it's.very honest for you to say i think most.fighters.the instinct is to i was going to say.the same thing i was going to say that's.better i'd have been like yeah line her.up i want the title shot.sorry luke go ahead no but i mean.honestly i just commend that because i.think that you know.especially right now everyone just likes.to talk [ __ ] and they they want to.create that moment for yourself.but you definitely come off as a.legitimately nice.and good person is that that's kind of a.weird dynamic because you're going in.and you're doing one of the most violent.sports in the world.do you ever struggle with sort of how to.to.i don't want to say market yourself but.sort of how to like present yourself.because you come off.really really nice which is not how.typical mma fighters come off.yeah it's always surprising for me you.know because um like one we're.the best or the best you know anyone in.the division you know so there's not.really.like there's no there's no way for me to.say that anyone is bad at anything.because we're all.here in the ufc you know and the top.especially the top.you know the rankings and all these.things so uh it's always a surprise for.me to be like i don't know number seven.is talking bad about number five and.saying like oh they don't you know what.i mean it's like man.and two it's um everyone has their.strengths of course but like.um if i want to beat someone you know i.don't want to be like someone bad you.know i don't want to be the best.the best so i'm definitely going to say.like how good i think they are you know.like man they're the best in the world i.need to train hard for this fight you.know and i'm just gonna.keep you know i'm never gonna push them.down because then if i beat them i just.beat someone who i don't even think is.good you know so.i'd rather beat the person that i think.is good and uh have that more.credit and uh like.eligibility or i don't know how to say.but like um.legitimacy yeah legitimacy you know and.people say like man.okay she and kind of put the pressure on.the other person.you know i think them i've always been.used to having the pressure on me so.anytime i can have the pressure on the.other people like man her striking is.good and then if i get in there and.submit her it's going to be like.even better you know so yep for me it's.easy to.to be like that you know i don't see.like why to put them down you know.because.yeah of course of course and and you.know let's be honest you're a lifelong.martial artist.right and a lot of people involved in.the sport aren't you know they're the.kind of fighters so.there is a difference there if and i'm.sure you know exactly what i'm talking.about.all right last question because i know.you've got a lot of uh.they've got a lot of interviews today.and no doubt you've got a family and you.want to see.surfing apparently and surfing and your.husband you've got mine i think mine is.in the garage.okay do you surf well.uh so so i'm just watching your video.yes.if you can [ __ ] stand on the board.you're so loud to me crazy.yeah yeah okay high performance board.okay so listen the only way i'm going to.give you a bit of background the only.reason i'm going to ask this question.right because your husband might get.offended is because my.wife was on earlier my wife came on we.were talking about.we were talking about the main event and.we were talking about tyron woodley and.colby covington.and somehow some in some way in the.stupid conversation.uh lewis was asking who my wife thought.was better looking.tyron or colby my wife came on and you.know we had some fun and she said.colby covington so i'm going to ask you.which one is more attractive to you.tyler woodley or colby coverage and.louisiana.there has to be an amendment here.because it wasn't exactly that so i said.that tyron woodley had the best physique.in mma.that's right best physique and then.bisping was like well what about colby.and i was like okay.i guess colby's physique isn't even that.impressive um and then he brought his.wife over and then he said let's cut the.[ __ ].you got to pick one of these guys to.sleep with so it's not just who she.finds more attractive she's a married.lady.stop it have respect this is what your.wife said your wife was also married.lady but i'm just presenting the same.question.my wife's a [ __ ].sorry mckenzie sorry if again this is.what we do we're idiots but go ahead.so you got to bang one no don't put it.like she's married.nothing you know me yeah yeah i think um.definitely i think we're going to say.the better looking i'm going to say.tyrone.oh there we go that's good so we've got.one on one on both sides.i'll also say if you've seen mckenzie's.husband he is also dark-skinned.and you are a pale [ __ ] so.you're the wives are just playing it.safe right now let's get real i know.what's going on.they're both phonies we don't really.know what the answer is.they're just playing it safe to not.offend their husbands well that's good.i think i think uh i think the physio.but i think um.like just being like humble and you know.the personality is i think.way more attractive than like you know.yeah.the attitude i guess so you can see from.kobe so i mean i think that has better.physique.tyler you know like and then on top of.that the personality i think can.is way more better and attractive and um.okay.but we apologize for asking the question.we're just being silly we're having a.bit of fun i know you've got a good.sense of humor so we're just being silly.mckenzie oh one more go ahead one final.i always i always end the the question.uh with this or i was in in the.interview with this you get one choice.world championship or world peace what.do you choose.uh the world peace choose world peace.you can tell.but in the beginning of the interview.there's only been two everyone else at.mma is a shitty person.yeah i had to think though.[Laughter].all right listen mackenzie thank you so.much for joining us.saturday night and i'm not not just.saying this because you're here that was.one of the best displays we've seen.of jiu jitsu in the ufc for a long time.i'm telling you it was.it was beautiful to watch the hard.work's paying off i can't wait to see.what you do with pirillo i hope it.wasn't boring you know it's like.jiu-jitsu sometimes it's hard because i.think can be kind of boring to the.to like people maybe who don't train.jiu-jitsu or don't really understand.what's going on.but i hope people really enjoyed the.jiu-jitsu not at all.because you were advancing to position.to position and you were being very.aggressive with a submission attack so.it was beautiful to watch.thank you for joining us hopefully we do.this again sometime and.we'll let you go thank you so much.mackenzie i hope to see you soon on the.gym.i'll be there soon take care bye bye bye.bye.the great mackenzie dern yeah that was.fun.what a nice person what a really nice.[ __ ] person.she's amazing she's the best honestly i.because we both used to be sponsored by.my protein so our paths crossed a little.bit there and of course you know it's a.small world here in southern california.but uh yeah i'm just a great person an.absolutely fantastic person and uh.yeah a great win okay okay we must.take a moment and thank draftkings which.is one of our incredible sponsors here.on the believe me podcast we love.draftkings.they they've turned the the art of.watching mixed martial arts.into that much more exciting of an event.um it is fantasy.mma if you don't know it's a super fun.way to watch the sport.uh you pick a bunch of fighters you stay.under a certain salary cap 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couldn't give a [ __ ].about that i want to talk about this.i'm scouring the internet last night and.i see dr dre big fan of dr dre.you say that all the time ah me and dr.dre we're homies.you know i'm a big fan of nwa my mom.used to call it devil music when i used.to play it.and literally come limping into my.bedroom with a rolling pin.swinging wildly and trying to get hands.on the tape to rip up the tape it was.bad.uh anyway i'm really against that music.she [ __ ] hate.the devil my mother is very strongly.religious the devil music she used to.call it.anyway uh i'm scrolling social media.last night and i see a story.on facebook or something you know how.you do and dr dre.turns out he's getting a divorce from.his wife which you know.is a real shame it's no laughing matter.but i'll tell you what is.a [ __ ] laughing matter this divorce.settlement that she's claiming.um as we know dr dre saul beats the.right to beats headphones.listen whatever however the [ __ ] guy.is a billionaire with a b.he's a rich man he has a wife she's also.claiming.the rights to his name because they.trademarked dr dre.whilst they were married so that's a bit.of a shitty move by her.but still you could argue it both ways.if you were to say devil's advocate you.could say it.fine mrs dre have it what do you want.what is she gonna do oh she's so.is she saying she gets the rights to.half of whatever his name makes moving.forward.is that what it's exactly exactly.exactly but not only that not only that.and this is where.where i just lost the plot and i thought.we got to talk about this on the show.right because she went through a list.and she wants in the divorce settlement.two.million pounds per dollars two million.dollars.per month two million per month.just so that she can float stay afloat.mike uh sorry brian give us the run down.there.louis look at this just take a look.yeah i'm i'm reading some more about the.uh the divorce settlement okay well i'll.go through this i mean this lady.and nicole young she wants one million.nine hundred and thirty six thousand.which.well she is not she's kind of old at.this point let's get real.all right yeah yeah let's be honest.they've been together a very very long.time.had she been 10 years younger maybe she.would have got this but now.dr j is that no no no [ __ ] you no so she.what she needs.10 000 a month for her laundry and.cleaning.i mean yeah fair enough then she needs.this is a good one a hundred and thirty.five thousand dollars a month.for her clothing allowance yeah.yeah and then what else education okay.60 000 a month let's just remember.unless you're going to.that's 720 000 a year all right this.next one's a great one.entertainment 900.dollars a month on entertainment i mean.it's substantially more important than.education obviously.yeah yeah hold on let's work it out.fifteen times.more important than education yes you at.the back um.is this for her children or is this just.for her i have no idea if they have.children together.yeah but he has two kids yeah they're.probably together but they're like 19.and 23 if i remember correctly but yeah.this is what she wants.this is just for her yeah and then her.telephone bill i mean we all know.come on telephone bills can be expensive.so rightly so.for a telephone cell phone email yeah i.mean that's coming in at twenty thousand.dollars a month.very i gotta be honest with you she can.get maybe 90 bucks a month unlimited.everything.i mean listen let's be honest i mean in.all she says she actually has a monthly.nut of 2 000.sorry sorry pardon me 2 million 530 000.a month but you know she only wants.1 million 936 000.i mean so realistically every month.she's going further and further into a.hole.this woman's a saint she's uh she's.taking a real hit yeah that's it's all.psychotic um.um let's see they as they had a prenup.which nicole said she signed under.duress.she ripped it up several times several.years into the marriage she strongly.denies.that he ever ripped it up or no she said.that he ripped it up several years into.the marriage.uh in their 26 years together there's.never been any hint or claim of.threat under actual physical violence.and the insinuation is an insult to the.actual victims of domestic abuse.dr dre says she's seeing he abused her.blah blah blah.i mean look there's two parts the way.that i feel about this number one.yeah i mean obviously it's ridiculous.ridiculous.okay um the whole thing is just stupid.two million dollars a month is.absolutely crazy if you're spending two.million dollars a month.you deserve to be shot.dead by the firing squad i'm telling you.if anybody i don't care how much money.i've got if i get a wife.if i get a bird i get a little side.piece and i'm sorry for my choice of.vernacular my choice of words.if that [ __ ] is running up two million.dollars a [ __ ] month.step into my office why because you're.[ __ ] fired.it's way cheaper to hire somebody to.kill her.than it is to make sure so here's the.problem though.the reason she came up with these.numbers i get it.i'm on it and i'm going to say that in a.minute but go ahead.the reason she came up with these.numbers is because he allowed her to.spend like a psychopath.while they were together okay so the the.problem was.they get acclimated to a certain.lifestyle um and that changes married to.a basketballer before that.as well oh wow you know.what what goal digger what would i say.maybe listen the reality is they built a.relationship together.they were married just like me and.rebecca we get split we split up she can.[ __ ] take it she can have it all i.don't give a [ __ ].and but she's taking less the whole.amount that rebecca gets is less than.what she's asking for a month let's just.put it like that.well that's the other thing is you're.also hopelessly in love with rebecca so.and you're also you're also if rebecca.left you you'd be in a pile of [ __ ].you'd be drunk in a hotel [ __ ] naked.wanting to kill yourself within a.[ __ ] within three days.so you wouldn't even care about the.money stabbing pictures of colby.covington with a fork.constantly coffee freezer.did you see the little feature on.saturday night it was a colby on the.yacht with all the chicks.you know the next features rebecca's.there that could be rebecca she saw that.and she was like you know what that's.the life i've always wanted.i [ __ ] went after this michael.bisping malarkey the one-eyed [ __ ].[ __ ] him uh no no listen he became a.billionaire they were married right she.wants half the money.fair enough i get that and and and to be.honest you know.in the the eyes of the law that's how it.works.well i said a prenup well if you had a.prenup yeah then she's screwed but.apparently.richard we don't know the truth but if.she wants half the money just say listen.i want half the money.don't bring up these crazy crazy numbers.twenty thousand a month for your phone.bill is that how it works though.can you just rip up a prenup i don't.think you get to go look oh we'll look.here baby we're done.it's a legal binding contract i'm sure.there's more than one copy and there has.to be.well would it have to be more than one.copy there would have to be.one partic potentially logged with some.kind of legal official.but if that is the only one in existence.do you know what i mean that's like you.know if you need a deal you need your.copy.you need you better hang on to that copy.because if that copy's gone.and you're relying on it you know not.that i've had evidence.experience of this in lawsuits but if.you can't produce that contract.you are [ __ ] i would i told my chick.that i'm dating now.that i would con if we ever got married.consider getting a prenup.women don't want to hear that [ __ ] half.of harrington's salary.is on you well here's and also prenup.doesn't necessarily mean the woman gets.nothing the the.prenup if i'm not mistaken can be you.have certain.terms so you say hey you know what.you're not getting 50 but you are.entitled to.25 of what i make since we got married.and those are sort of the terms of the.prenuptial agreement before you guys go.into the marriage.so it doesn't mean you're icing the.chick out completely but [ __ ] that if.i'm.even from dr dre i don't give a [ __ ] how.much she was involved okay i don't know.how much.she influenced him i don't care how long.she was there he was already on this.trajectory he was already world famous.he was already extremely rich.yes did she add something to it was.there support but she got the benefit of.that throughout the entire 26 years of.marriage.100 a lot to unpack that i feel like a.prenup is however you [ __ ] want to.worry.if you want to say listen when we're.done you get nothing great if you want.to say you get.quarter great right but i'm going to say.this.and i'm i'm sorry all you feminists out.there i reckon.that her contribution to the music that.dr dre brought to the world is the.equivalent to what rebecca just brought.to me.on this podcast a cup of [ __ ] tea.okay.and i appreciate that and i appreciate.the support and i appreciate.being able to talk to her and hash.things out and run ideas by her and dr.dre was probably no.no doubt like you know yo what's up uh.uh.the chronic 2001. how's that sound babe.she's like no no no no no.say different give me a line give me a.um.it's the [ __ ] dlwg snoop dogg.nice new dog [ __ ] hell i can't think.of a dre rhyme.but he was trying to run one bite she's.like no baby you did it.no she was not involved in the.artistic creation of any of that music.but they were married.so she deserves it but i'm telling you.something there's inspiration there.maybe she's this muse.i'm just saying dr dre is still dr dre.without that chick being there.that chick what is she without that what.is she without dr dre.i'm gonna be what does she [ __ ] do i.have no idea what did she do what was.her thing do you guys have i don't.know professional widow.yeah professional she also accused him.of hiding assets.yeah she did he's offloading smart man.i'm worth a billion dollars i don't love.her anymore.i gotta get out of the situation harness.the good energy block the bad.he's like okay manager just put that in.the.[ __ ] cayman islands or something you.know what i mean hide that [ __ ].but also if you're as rich as dr dre the.other side of it is this if i have a.billion dollars.i just don't really care about two.million dollars a month that's the other.side of it which is sort of like.whoa [ __ ].not devil's advocate let's do the math.two million dollars a month.24 million dollars a year she's i don't.know what she is i think i saw.40 something right so let's say she's.got 40 more years and she's got 40 more.years.24 times 40 10 is 240.800 960 million.is that yes 24.24 million times 40. yeah yeah so hold.on.24 times 40. 960 million.that's a billion dollars almost and and.let's remember this.this is post-tax money whatever you've.got to earn and that [ __ ] is in.the top tax bracket what is what's his.net worth.right now it's about a billion dollars i.think.i know it's a billionaire but you could.if it's worth 3 billion then it's fine.nobody's not worth 3 billion and she.wants a billion post.tax sorry pulse tax so that's two.billion right so this woman's out of her.mind she's out of her mind.you can get a good hit man for like 25k.yeah yeah and a shitty one for two.get a good old blinky back in england oh.yeah blanket.take this [ __ ] out for me uh brian i.see you we're.lurking the forbes has dre at 800.million in 2019..dog got enough to [ __ ] pay her what a.peasant.what a peasant you can't even afford.your own [ __ ] what did they call it.alimony what did you call.it yeah you're going to afford your.alimony payments i mean how are you.going to send your kids to school.900 000 a month in entertainment sounds.about right.anyway i just saw that and i thought she.was like.she's like he's like he's like this i.have this idea of beats by dre it's.gonna be the biggest thing ever she's.like that's great baby.that was a contribution that was it that.was it listen.i believe in the sanctimony of marriage.i do and if they split up and they spend.all that time together she deserves.we're having a bit of fun she deserves a.lot of that money she does.but just when i saw how she racks up.that two million dollars a month to.justify i was like wow.ten thousand on [ __ ] laundry i mean.what.what are you washing those clothes in.buddy diamond sparkles i mean that's.just.it's just ridiculous it really is but.anyway there you go good luck dr dre.i am a big fan of the man uh all right.let's get back into some of this mma.stuff.hamzat chimayev.i [ __ ] up who did you pick mary.charlotte.yeah here's what happens can i tell you.what happens every single time.it's happened with connor uh this.happened.with oh khabib.any time somebody has all of the hype.behind them.like all of it coming into he's like.this is the next [ __ ] guy.i pick against them every time and it's.stupid.because the reason they have that hype.is because people that are very in the.know.are hyping them up it's not like the ufc.wants to pump somebody up.that isn't good and isn't going to take.it you know they they [ __ ] up once in a.while but usually to be honest the ufc.is right.yeah so you it rarely it's rare that.they're wrong where they start putting.the marketing the push behind somebody.um so i need to just go with the.opposite of that instinct because i just.want to be right i want to be the guy.that plays spoiler and go see what i.tell you.and i'm wrong every time yeah absolutely.i mean i mean.i'm in the ufc push people that they.feel that has potential.you know there's a reason for that and.but i know what you're saying as well.there's also.i don't know what it is part of human.nature whoever's getting the [ __ ].push you know what i mean whoever's.getting hyped like that a little part of.human nature wants to lie i don't know.see them have their role slowed for one.of a better description.but hamza deserves it man but here was.the thing i.said he would win by submission in the.third round simply because.gerald mayr chart tough guy and i feel.for the man because i understand why he.felt a bit disrespected going into that.but i think gerald may charge somebody.quoted at the other day.the fighters that he's beaten inside the.u.s in fact no hamza the fighters that.he beat on fire island.two guys had a combined record and i'm.sorry if this is a little accurate but.you get the general idea.something like seven wins and 13 losses.basically the guys that he's beaten have.losing records.and me and the both of those guys that.hamza beat on fire ireland.couldn't grapple near charlotte's a.legit black belt he can grapple.and he's been around the ufc for a while.so i thought hamzap would beat him.but i thought it would you know he'd be.tested a little bit.but [ __ ] me he just goes out there.drills him with the first shot.one punch first shot of the [ __ ].night.and puts him to sleep like that i mean.that that was special.that was really really special yeah.really scary.um and yeah you see there's nothing else.he could have done any better i mean 17.seconds i think it was or what was it.17. yeah 17 seconds uh just a big old.[ __ ].exclamation point and when people are.going like oh are they looking past.mirshard.uh yeah i guess they were and rightfully.so to be honest with you i mean they.haven't booked against damian maya am i.right about that.they were talking about damie meyer but.then they also said well hold on a.minute we're thinking maybe he needs.someone tougher now.you know and i can see that damian maya.is still ranked at number seven.and damien's a massive name i mean.former title challenger damien.has been you know in the the game for a.real long time i think he's a great.opponent for him.um but who are they talking about.matching him up with no i.i didn't get a name but but you know.they're going to be matching.matched up with somebody probably damian.meyer would have thought if he takes the.fight so.that'll be good that'll be great to see.but i got to say man he's a complete.package he does first two fights.big big takedowns excellent submission.ability.obviously got knockout power has the.aggression has the composure.keeps it all together bloody good dude.and for all those people giving me [ __ ].about.you know we were talking about him doing.that good deed but being filmed.we were having a laugh okay of course he.didn't know that his teammate was.filming him that's okay we are there are.people getting.or people uh actually by the way he.didn't know he was being filmed okay.and i'm like all right whatever double.date [ __ ] it that was all set up i.believe that he paid that guy to film.him.he did he had a film crew on standby and.in fact that dude wasn't even homeless.that was his teammate.they just got his moonshot they found an.old trolley cars in here filled up with.some [ __ ] and just standing on the.corner.uh so yeah listen we're having a laugh i.gotta say though hamza chimaya.one of the most special fighters that.he's ever seen.he said he's very special he said i've.never seen anybody like him and for all.the fighters that dana deals with.i mean for him to say that it's pretty.smart.over 500 fighters on roster just alone.right uh.that has to be a huge confidence builder.for him um.what i got to say very soft spoken.on the microphone that's if i have to.say one downside.to him maybe yes.you know this is good thing because you.know in my in my country.in my culture i don't do this i don't i.don't disrespect i don't talk about.people like this.i try to bring people up i speak nice.brother brother for me.but if i fight you i smash simple as.that okay i smash.i don't even know if it comes i don't.know if that's what he sounds like but.that's what he will sound like forever.in my mind.brother this is what you have to sound.like okay.brother listen to me this is what khabib.sounds like this is what all people from.pakistan sound like he's not from.pakistan from chechnya.okay but i don't give a [ __ ] right.it's all the same [ __ ] okay [ __ ] your.fight could be a city in dagestan i have.no idea chechnya has got some.shady fox i'm just saying she's like i'm.just saying.like a lot of people get invited to.chechnya by the dictator that runs.checks you know i forget his name.and they get paid a lot of money to go.but they also get a lot of pr backlash.because i don't know apparently he's.like.a cold-blooded murderer or some [ __ ] but.brother mcdonald's.come on he's a dictator that's what they.do yeah exactly that what do you expect.me to do.i'm a dictator i do what it says on the.tin a dick tate.yeah first syllable and dictator is dick.i.was born to be one simple as that ain't.nothing.i can't wait to see what he does next.yeah he's awesome he was great really.really cool.um excited to see if he actually fights.um damien mayan x i guess he said he.wants to submit him.and take the title of the best jiu jitsu.in.the ufc i don't think he has the best.jiu jitsu.yeah but i guess we'll see because if he.was to be damien mayor at a jiu jitsu.match then.he'd definitely have a claim to that.title uh i know.we're going to wrap this one up soon but.uh.yeah yeah donald cowboy cerrano taking.on nicole price.uh you know it was one of those fights.that was an eye poke from nicole.twice in the first round that had a.point taking off for nico but you got to.be honest.that first round and nicole dominated.that round.and came close to finishing him and then.you know.cerrone is tough as hell cerrone is the.man he's tough as hell.you know he's one of those an old-school.guy he's an og he knows what to do.but i'll be honest he looked a little.off he looked.a little sloppy and he didn't really.have that snap to his punches he wasn't.crisp he was tough he toughed it out.but dana said i think i saw an article.somewhere harrington maybe you can.clarify.i think dana said yeah maybe he's gonna.have that conversation.with uh cerrone about hanging it up and.the the thing is the amount of time he's.been doing this.and the amount of fights that he has you.know you gotta think all that damage is.gonna start taking its toll soon.yeah and i mean he's a star right so.cerrone and it is a different thing.right so whereas i think tyron is still.really performing.where it seems more of a mental than a.physical thing um.cerrone i feel like cerrone should be.beating guys like nico price still.yeah and i i don't know exactly you know.where he's at he said he didn't show up.in the fight.um but he did it was it was a draw but.it was only because the point was taken.away he was pretty much handily beating.the fight but i will say.if you look at niko price's face at the.end of the fight he was busted up really.good.donald you know as we're talking about.it should he retire she's not he's still.going out and [ __ ] dudes up but it's.not like donald trump is getting his ass.handed to him um he lost the fight.handily.but he was so competitive still went to.a decision no no absolutely right and.i'm not taking anyway.anything away from donald cerrone he has.my respect so.i will always choose my words carefully.i like the guy personally.he's a hell of a fighter and he's a guy.that has helped put this sport on the.map.you know what i mean so he deserves.everybody's respect however.you can't ignore the fact that when.somebody looks like that then you're.gonna start having some tough.talks you're gonna have some tough.discussions you gotta start maybe.discussing retirement now remember at.the top of the show excuse me.bloody cup of tea i love the type of.word of rebecca it's making me burp.that's not what i asked for i asked for.a nice smooth cup of tea uh at the top.of the show i was saying.taro muddling i bet you called me gotta.messing with cup of tea [ __ ].yeah i bet he did god damn uh no at the.top of the show i said tyron right he.lost to.usman then he lost to burns and now he.lost to.colby i said they're all top guys you.know maybe maybe take a step down.and try and get your mojo back right if.you look at cerrone.i mean of course you know he's had a win.last win last year went on a win streak.he was on the three fight win streak.when he lost to tony ferguson he beat.mike perry.alexa zander hernandez and al iaquinta.they're like quintify by the way was.[ __ ] beautiful but then he got beat.off tony ferguson.no [ __ ] shame then he got well he got.tko'd.of tony ferguson but again no shame then.he got knocked out.against just engaging just engage it no.shame then he gets finished.off conor mcgregor right no shame.then he gets decisioned against anthony.pettis that's four in a row.then he drops down in a little bit of.stock let's remember.nico price is awesome i'm not talking.[ __ ] but in terms of star power.and what they mean to the division in.terms of rankings.nico price you know let's just call it.what it is.he's a little bit step down it's what.i'm talking about for tyron.and he gets a draw because of an eye.poke.so realistically he should be on a.firefight losing streak.you know what i'm saying so i'm just.saying he needs to.i don't know think about his next move.very very carefully.the pedestrian was at 170 right correct.yeah i mean palace is 155 pounder who's.fought at 145.who's fighting at 170. it's just yeah he.was a small guy.all these 170 matchups are [ __ ].sorry i didn't mean to cut you off.but the con of this and they said we're.all at once they're all they're all.[ __ ].they're broken.simple you're all lightweight stop.[ __ ] get on the treadmill you're lazy.put the pizza down part of the job is.making weight everyone's like we're not.going to do that anymore.exactly no no but you can't blame them.if you can fight away class up god bless.you and also i don't really have a.problem with 255 pounders fighting at.170.right if it's not for a title who really.gives a [ __ ] obviously making weight is.part of it but.if they're gonna go and compete you know.conor versus nate right.uh mozville versus nate like all these.guys are 155 pounders.that are fighting at 170 they're.fighting they're stronger.versions of themselves that aren't.cutting then you're actually getting to.see a higher quality version of those.fighters.yeah no absolutely totally agree and and.i'm obviously just going off on a.tangent for the sake of comedy people i.couldn't give a [ __ ] waffle.uh weight class people fighter uh so.yeah another great night.of fight cards i'm excited for saturday.night dude saturday's pretty sick.every week though fight after fire after.fight it is incredible they've all gone.back to fire ireland.uh i saw on dana's instagram you know.the w.hotel on yaz island it is one of the.most beautiful hotels you'll ever see.and the building is a it's uh.the the my word's gone.i've lost my words what do you call it.what do you call it what do you call it.architecture the architecture is.fantastic it's a work of art it's a work.of art it's beautiful.then you've got the formula one grand.prix track running through it very cool.they're all out there the first one at.fire island.kicks off this weekend we're talking.about.obviously on thursday we'll talk about.the actual uh gonna get into all that.stuff on thursday dana was showing his.room which is just insane they've got.their own gym in there.he's got a candy station he's got this.station it's sick they roll out the red.carpet big time out there.uh i'm i'm um it's bittersweet i'm kind.of glad i'm not there.but i'm also missing now you're jealous.now that you're seeing the festivities.yeah i mean i'm glad because i feel like.i just got back from there do you know.what i mean.right and you got a quarantine for 48.hours and you can't leave the hotel and.it's not you're not going on vacation to.abu dhabi.well it's almost like when you go on um.and this is you know obviously nothing.to compare but it's like.have you ever taken a vacation where.it's like a really long flight like an.eight or nine hour flight.but then once you get there then it's.another like four or five hour drive.and you're like is this never gonna.[ __ ] end it kind of reminds me of.that it's like you get there it's.already this crazy long process just to.get to abu dhabi.and then you get there and it's waiting.and testing and [ __ ] quarantine.and by the time you get out you're like.god damn it dude that was so much.so much build up that is it even worth.all the the build-up.totally 100 agree in fact that reminded.me i remember when we first moved here.to anaheim uh palm springs.isn't too far away in palm springs the.temperatures are through the [ __ ].roof but it's a nice place.even in the winters it's still nice and.warm so people go there you know for.that winter break for the sunshine and.even though it's still.warm here but still in the winter there.it still look like 90 degrees.and i remember rebecca me the three kids.right.we packed the car up we drive to [ __ ].palm springs about an hour and a half.right and we go to this hotel which.wasn't cheap but the room was [ __ ].tiny.and we're all crammed into this tiny.[ __ ] little room and it's a pain in the.ass.and all we were doing was lying by a.pool.right we have a pool at home we have a.gigantic half.[ __ ] mansion we could do everything.that we're doing here.at home for free so i don't know why we.[ __ ] went there.you know what it is i'm never going back.to palm springs ever again it's [ __ ].yeah once i have a pool it's over no.vacations anymore it's.really to say that because i even now.i'm in the suburbs i'm out in the city.and i'm like i never want to leave home.i just want to sit here i want to make.myself dinner i want to sit in my.backyard.look at the sky this is what i would be.doing if i was on vacation somewhere.but that it's as simple as that it.really is incredible.all right so let's do some questions.real quick let me get plugs out of the.way.yep and then we'll get a couple.questions and then we're going to wrap.this one up thank you guys for all the.support really amazing comments the past.a few weeks on the show we really do.appreciate it uh please go to our.youtube channel subscribe there we are.rounding the hundred thousand.subscribers very soon.i'll tell you right now just if you.haven't done anything else if you're.listening to the show we know how many.people listen.we know that not nowhere near uh as many.of you are subscribed to the youtube.channel it should be so even if you.don't use youtube just go click.subscribe click the notification button.at the very least it helps the show and.it enables people to find the show.go to our itunes page or our google play.page leave us a five star rating and a.positive review that also helps the show.tremendously.and last but not least if you guys want.access to the entire iron demand library.every episode we've ever done ad free.and uncensored go to gas.digitalnetwork.com use the promo code.bym for a 14-day free trial.and a discount if you keep the.membership okay discounts are good.people like a good discount as.uh lewis said earlier thursday show.we're breaking down the ufc 250 thingy.bob whatever it is three i think.253 arasana costa blahovic.reyes we're gonna go deep we're gonna.get into it we're gonna break it down.we're gonna give pics.by the way our picks last week brian.came out victorious.so you owe him 125. i'll win 125..quick i know you got to go but i just.want to say this real fast brian.is the owner of a imaginary right now.250..on thursday we're going to make our.picks again brian if you want to be a.[ __ ] you can cash out or you can.double the quits you can throw it right.back into the batting pool you know what.i'm saying brian that that's what a.[ __ ] man would do.is go and double or nothing 500.big ones i mean we're talking about i'll.tell you right now we will just deduct.it directly from the believe you me.payout there's no [ __ ] you don't.have to wait for a venmo.you're not going to wait for anything.okay you're going to get rich.deal just put the money back in the pot.okay stop being a little [ __ ] out here.uh anyway on that note uh what questions.have we got brian.let's have a look at the first one.please oh i just got back i missed the.last like two minutes guys.we were just saying how great you were.it's totally fine.we actually offered you a raise but.since you missed it yeah my worst pain.is.you weren't paying attention all right.what have we got all right so we got a.question here from george st.pierre's illegitimate son nick.m all right let's take a look how are.you michael how are you lewis.i am gsp's law son from brazil and i.have a question for my kid.and then i have a question for luis mike.card.you were a great example of perseverance.you were a great champion and it was an.honor watching you fight my father.it was a great fight but uh i have to.say that i was disappointed.when you fought luke rockhold and you.you show him the middle finger and you.said.[ __ ] you excuse my language guys excuse.my language i'm sorry.you said the f word to him and then uh.it was not a good example if you could.have go back in time and change that.would you.and my question for luis is if a miracle.happens and he end up beating jason.ellis are you gonna show him the middle.finger are you gonna be.a good example for baby james that was.my question guys now i'm gonna eat some.fettuccine alfredo.it's good it actually sounds authentic.and it could be his son i mean they have.similar looking eyes.gsp has been down to brazil many times.you know spreading the seed yeah maybe.he thought he was uh.probed by aliens but really he had a.drunken night in brazil and impregnated.a young brazilian woman who knows just.for the record we know that's not george.sapir son and we are not accusing him of.having an.illegitimate child in brazil he probably.does i mean how many illegitimate.mma fighter children are around the.world right now let's be honest.and let's be honest he said i am gsb we.gotta go with the fox here.unless gsp calls in to dispute this fact.speaking which we got to get jsp back on.the show we had him on.right before you guys fought at madden.square garden he hasn't been back on.since that's psychotic.yeah i know but he chokes me out.unconscious louis.i know i want to get him on the gloat.about it yes yes yeah i'll tell you what.he did.there i have a documentary coming out.soon.uh and he he's on there he very kind and.gave up some of his time uh all right.okay.question lewis would you ever give the.middle finger uh to jason allison set.about an example to baby james uh.i mean look i am i you guys remember.from my ryan o'neill fight between the.second and third round i was already.winning the fight handily.i had to give him the [ __ ] double.nick diaz's what am i going to do.you know that's just straight up.gangster that's just like.that's who you are i mean it's in the.dna you know.and what was my question what was that.what was mine he was saying you were.disrespectful to luke rockhold.uh i don't want to hear any of this [ __ ].young man you just [ __ ] go home and.eat your.uh uh eat your uh poutine that's what he.should have said he was easy not chicken.alfredo fettuccine alfredo.yeah [ __ ] gsb imposter if you're a.real gsp.you'd be eating poutine brian what do we.got next.all right so this next question comes.from.that guy jamie oh jbj hey michael hey.lewis.i'm jamie i'm 16 i come from london.england up the brits.i have two questions for michael today.the first question is if you could pick.one.up-and-coming fighter who would be the.best brightest star.you've seen either commentated on or.seen and the second question.is what was the best fight you've ever.commentated on.i would love to know your opinions.they're just some questions i thought i.loved the show so so much keep up the.good work i listen every single time.and yeah you're really getting me into.ufc so thank you so much and yeah love.you guys.bye what a great young man.come on do you know what i mean what a.nice complexion not a zit in sight.i mean he did blow us a kiss at the end.which was adorable and it turned me on a.little but.we'll leave that there i missed that i.will just say in future.don't blow me a kiss it's not really my.thing.but uh no thank you sir for the question.i appreciate you listening and uh spread.the word.uh why is that i could never remember i.want to say hamzad he said who's the.best.up-and-coming fighter that you've seen.don't say hamza we talked about him too.much today somebody else.i was gonna say hamza i'm gonna throw.i mean who else could it possibly be.okay oh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ].what was that and then the second one.was what's the best fight that you've.commented on.and i'll make it more specific the most.excited you've been commentating a fight.because you have those moments sometimes.you see when commentators.lose their [ __ ] [ __ ] for themselves.to be professional right and they're.still.you know so i would say that's a better.example not necessarily the best fight.because that's a little more analytical.but.the moment where you're the most like.holy [ __ ] [ __ ] you have to compose.yourself and be professional yeah see.there's a few because like.obviously for in terms of the biggest.one you know magnification of the bouts.would be.uh oozman versus mas vidal i mean that.was a big fight that was my first.pay-per-view i got to call that.but i'll be honest every time i'm.commentating i kind of get caught in the.moment you know and then.when it's a big fight and there's crowds.there and it's normal times which of.course it's not right now.but generally when the second guy comes.out and then the.the arena goes dark you know and you.hear the cheering and just.all around you you can just see.thousands of phones you know what i mean.it's like oh.[ __ ] and it gets you going and the.chills on you know you feel that little.chill on the back of your neck and stuff.i'm like that all the time and then the.producers you know here they're like.let it breathe calm the [ __ ] down.michael michael michael michael wait.wait because you know you want to feel.that moment but i'm like no.i'm an idiot i've got verbal diarrhea i.want to speak.at 100 miles an hour at the top of my.voice.and they're like let it breathe michael.let me believe they say.yeah so anyway yeah they do let it.breathe but uh yeah every fight every.fight feels good that's a cop out of an.answer.i will say hamza because i can't think.of anyone else but because he's stealing.all the hype.he's stealing my train of thought and uh.yeah mas vidal versus usman yeah i was.pretty excited for that one.and that ladies and gentlemen brings us.to the end of our show thank you to the.two young men.sending in the questions uh thank you to.mackenzie dern.thursday show we're gonna break down the.pay-per-view at the weekend.louis what do you got on for the rest of.the day uh nothing much just yeah i'm.gonna go out to do legion of skanks.tonight over at the the stan comedy club.and.that'll be like oh you know what this.thursday i'll be also i'll say this if.you guys want to come out i'll be with.big j.okerson in rhode island providence rhode.island at the comedy connection two.shows if you guys want to come out and.see some stand-up comedy.it's all socially distanced of course.and uh see.of course we'll get big j on the show.sometime i love that let's do it.want to see if we do it thursday bring.him on i would love that.yeah he's the best he's the best i mean.you know we'll talk a little [ __ ].whatever.brian harrington we appreciate you.everybody listening and watching.we appreciate you also look after.yourself see you on thursday.

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To send the signed form, just attach it to an email, and it will reach your others quickly. CocoSign is the best way to sign countless docs every day, all at a low cost. It's time to forget all about signing documents physically and keep it all electronic.

258 Form FAQs

Here are the answers to some common inquiries regarding 258 Form. Let us know if you have any other confusion.

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How do you know if you need to fill out a 1099 form?

It can also be that he used the wrong form and will still be deducting taxes as he should be. Using the wrong form and doing the right thing isnt exactly a federal offense

How can I make it easier for users to fill out a form on mobile apps?

Make it fast. Ask them as few questions as possible (don't collect unnecessary information) and pre-populate as many fields as possible. Don't ask offputting questions where the respondent might have to enter sensitive personal information. If some users see you collecting sensitive information, they might not be ready to share that with you yet based on what you are offering, and they will think twice about completing the form.

How does CBP retirement work?

Hey, I retired partially at 30 and I am basically free from most of the big needs. Retiring at early age was the only way for me to pursue my passion for working in different industries, run those business and try to grow them. Being from middle class family and having the same responsibility like most Indians youth do, It had it challenges. So if you want to retire early to do whatever that you want to do, I might suggest getting these points as early as possible in your life. Note: This is for only one individual. A fully paid home, Even 1BHK is fine. Living a very frugal life, Minimalist lifestyle Continue Reading

How do I fill out the form of DU CIC? I couldn't find the link to fill out the form.

Just register on the admission portal and during registration you will get an option for the entrance based course. Just register there. There is no separate form for DU CIC.

What is the mandatory retirement age for federal law enforcement?

Make sure you know a second language, preferably russian, mandarin, arabic, Farsi, korean, etc. It's not a requirement but it will definitely increase your chances.

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