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Comprehend How to Fulfill the Dd 1348 Form

chief Garcia and I'm gonna be talking to.you about the Department of Defense form.one three four eight tech one alpha.more commonly known as the GD form 1348.as well as some of the basics about.military standard requisitioning and.issuing procedures male strip I'm going.to be referencing the naphtha p40 nine.the mill strip mill strep death guide.and again mill strip as we scroll down.stands for military standard.requisitioning and issue procedures and.mill strap stands for military standard.transaction reporting and accounting.procedures so first let's look at our DD.Form 1348 and you will notice that it is.a pretty simple looking form you can.tell you're working with the correct.form by looking over here to the bottom.left and there you see DD form 1348 Tech.one alpha the TAC one alpha is the.version with the barcodes so the first.block is the document identifier block.and if you're not familiar with any of.the blocks that's why we also have the.NASA P 4:09.open and I like the way the mill strip.mill strap the nav sub-p 4:09.is presented because it's presented.according to the number of the mill.strip for instance and as we scroll down.past the Julian date for non-leap ears.and then for leap years you will see.that Part A is the mill strip and the.document identifier which is record.positions one through three and if you.look back at our 1348 you will see.document identifiers for extra positions.one through three so we're going to use.these two.Green's together because they're gonna.help us understand what we're doing and.again let's go back to the p40 nine and.you will notice document identifier is.our first three positions so first we.need to figure out what it is we're.doing with this 1348 and a lot of times.when you're ordering material it's.normally going to be a 0 1 or a 0 a so.alpha 0 1 or alpha 0 alpha so what is.the difference between alpha 0 1 and.alpha 0 alpha well let's look and as we.scroll down we'll see some of the.different positions here and a lot of.people say mistakenly AOA or a o1 now an.al 1 is an aviation ordnance Minh first.class and a 0 1 is a document identifier.you will see the difference between the.letters and the zeros so an a 0 a.requisition domestic shipment with the.innocent a 0 1 overseas shipment so if.you're in Port in Norfolk Virginia San.Diego wherever your home port is if it's.a domestic shipment within the United.States of America it's going to be a 0.way when you go overseas on deployment.on a ship or with your squadron or unit.and you're no longer in your home port.when you're overseas you're gonna use a.0 1 so that's how we fill out the first.three positions here of the 1348 your.routing identifier okay where is it.coming from that depends on what your.standard routing identifier is for your.command meaning where you're trying to.get this material from so we see the.different document identifiers you have.your a and your B.series that's gonna go in alphabetical.and in numerical order let's talk about.routing identifier so we know that the.document identifier was the first three.positions of the 1348 1 2 3 and now we.see 4 5 & 6 are the next positions up so.write an identifier code is a.three-digit code used to represent the.address of the recipient of the document.here's some standard routing identifier.codes depending on where I'm ordering my.material from you're gonna use one of.these codes and we're in the Navy so.we're gonna use Navy codes if you're in.the army you would use army codes some.common ones are listed here.November Uniform Zulu for people in.Washington State.November November Zulu for people.stationed in Norfolk and then you will.see some of the sierra codes which is.your Defense Logistics Agency DLA these.are some standard routing identifier.codes and continued Department of.Defense Marines Air Force Coast Guard as.listed and now we're gonna have our.median status code and record position.number 7 so once we filled out a.document identifier and who we're trying.to get the material from median status.code meeting status code is how you want.to receive your status and you can see.it here in the 409 unit of issue pretty.easy to figure out and here's some.common median status codes alpha being.the most common.I'm not gonna go over each code because.I'm very confident your ability to read.through thee that's the p40 9 so our.unit of issue let's look at that that.comes next so we're gonna go skipping on.our mill strip all the way to record.position 23 so we want to go down to.unit of issue which is our record.position 23 and you'll see your stock.number is your 8 through 22 and we're.gonna talk about stock number in a.minute because the way the 1348 1-alpha.works your stock number is down here.with the barcodes or in the barcode.section this is your barcode section.let's talk about unit evasion now unit.of issue should be a fairly simple thing.to talk about or understand however you.can mess a lot of stuff up mess a lot of.stuff up if you get it wrong you want to.make sure that you get your unit of.issue correct funny story that I usually.have when it comes to unit of issue is.one of my sailors that was working for.me decided to order a drum and you will.see the code for drum is Delta Romeo he.ordered a drum when in fact he only.needed a gallon so you see the.difference between a gallon and a drum.is an enormous amount of material and a.drum did not fit in our storeroom we had.to offload it it was a bad day remember.the difference between each a hundred.thousand because if you only need 15 of.something and they come in packs of a.hundred or you don't want to order 1500.because you're gonna get a lot more than.you need so again remember hotel Delta.100 the most common one you're gonna see.is echo alpha which is each but you will.see listed here in the 4:09 there's lots.of different types of unit of issues.foot again if something comes in a six.foot section you don't order one if it.comes by foot you want to order.six pair pint packet lots of different.types BT is for bottle how big is that.bottle you're gonna have to go into fed.log or web Flis and see how big the.bottle is and what it actually is.contained and what you're ordering so.your individu.simple but very important quantity very.self-explanatory should be its positions.25 through 29 and if you're only.ordering one each of something you would.put echo alpha and then you would put.zero zero zero zero one so you have lots.of possible positions here but if you're.not gonna use all of them don't just put.a one you want to put zeros leading up.to the number that you're going to fill.out okay now we're gonna skip ahead to.record position 45 not too far away.which is our supplementary address.beginning from 45 going all the way to.50 so service code what does that mean.most Shore facilities are gonna use the.service code November most ships on the.west coast are going to use Romeo most.ships on the East Coast are going to use.Victor.so supplementary address if you're.trying to send your status or if you're.trying to send the material to a.supplementary address you're gonna use.supplementary address now why do we use.this enhancement a lot of times ships.are gonna use a sub address which is a.short way of saying supplementary.address to use as a sort of internal.code where you want to send this.information out to the supply system.with your mil strip data however you're.telling the supply system don't pay.attention to my code because this is.just for internal use only so if it.starts with a Y or Yankee and the.service position then the supply system.knows hey this is an internal code.normally you're gonna see it here in.supplement address Yankee November and.then it's probably going to be a.storeroom location for the.to the supplementary address so that's.what you're using the SUP address for.also if you're ordering has met directly.for a division you want to identify it.in the SUP address so you would use.Janki November and then you have enough.positions to put in the works in our.code for the work center that it's going.directly to now remember if you order.has met you want to make sure that you.receive it and the has Mundson which is.your hazardous material minimization.center and then you want to record it in.your supply system and you want to.record it in your hazmat recording.system and then you can turn it over to.the division that order it but an.example would be Yankee November and.then let's say the instrument order it.so that would be echo alpha zero one.that your works in our code now let's go.to signal code which is record position.51 signal code you want it to ship to.the requisition er normally you're gonna.use code alpha but here are some of the.others as listed fun code that's how.you're gonna pay for it on ships and.squadrons they have different fun codes.to account for what type of money is.being spent for different types of.materials fun code is going to be up to.your type commander your Issyk even to.your unit some standard fun codes that.we use on small ships begin with a.Sierra bigger ships use Delta West Coast.ships use other fun codes the second.position is usually the similar one that.everybody has in common for example you.have d3 dr DC on surface ships on the.East Coast you have SRS cs3 so that's.your fun code now let's look at.distribution which is the next codes.and here we see fun code again you can.refer to the nafs' up papa tac-45 vol 2.appendix 34 fun codes distribution 54 to.56 dual purpose you can enter that code.there here's some distribution codes as.listed.and there are a lot project code project.code also going to be coming from the.NASA p45 vol 2 for listing of project.codes.that's 57 through 5957 through 59.priority now we talked in some of my.classes about why can't i order hazmat.as a high priority ssin or high priority.requisition or a kasra because we have.to be proactive when we buy hazmat so we.have to think ahead and we're not.allowed to order has meant normally high.priority or Cass rep because we're.supposed to plan ahead and hazmats not.gonna move very quickly because of what.it is it's hazardous material it's very.hard to move quickly anywhere so you're.normally not gonna see parties 1 through.3 for the requisition for hazmat.normally it's gonna be 12 14 16 on down.the line depending on what type of unit.you are but here your priority 1661 you.can see it as we come down here your.priority designator now you have your.urgency of need what's going on 1 2 3 is.gonna be your high priority requisitions.and then you're gonna see 4 5 6 9 10 11.12 13 14 15 so normally your has met.it's gonna be here around the 13 most.units in the Navy are gonna be these.three numbers here 3 6 and 13 sometimes.2 5 and 12 I've never been at a unit.that had 1 4 and 11 but I know they.exist.I've never been a part of one though but.normally your requisitions are gonna.fall here and your hazards and.requisitions are normally going to be.priority 13 so you would enter 1 3 here.required delivery date that's up to you.starting with position 62 required.delivery date if you're ordering as rep.it's 9 9 9 there are some other standard.required delivery dates but what you.want to do here is enter an actual.Julian day.eight that you need this material by it.doesn't automatically mean that you're.gonna get your material by that required.delivery date but it is something that.you can put in there again.Julian date advice code it's the next.one 65 and 66 also dual purpose code.there are lots of different advice codes.I'm not even going to go over the most.common ones because there's so many.again refer back to the 4:09.to figure out if you need an advice code.and we have your intra Navy we know we.have the one for DL our turn in is five.Gulf now we have our routing identifiers.67 68 69 so let's go down to that.there's lots of advise code so as I'm.scrolling through the advice codes.hopefully you're not getting dizzy as.all these advice codes fly before your.eyes and there are a lot of advice codes.and I am still scrolling through the.advice codes okay so we have our other.router in identify err same as we talked.about here depending on where you're.sending information to let's talk about.77.in this case you have your mode of.shipment.well here it's actually our unit price.so that should be pretty easy to figure.out.we have dollars and cents so as you're.entering this information and these.record positions here the last two.positions are going to be since.everything else is going to be dollars.and you can see it marked here dollars.and cents total price your ship from.ship to there's also using your routing.identifier codes marked for some other.information that you want to put in here.item nomenclature pretty easy to figure.out that's the name of the item and then.received by and date received these are.other important information document.number goes here now there's lots of.different types of document numbers and.we talked about the service code for.ships.so a West Coast ship would start with.are an East Coast ship will start with V.and most Shore.sites are going to start with November.let's use one of my old ships Victor 2 1.2 4 7 which is USS Theodore Roosevelt so.that's going to be the beginning of my.document number Victor 2 1 2 4 7 now I.don't want to put dashes in here because.if I put a dash and I go to the next.screen when this becomes a barcode it's.going to include that - in the barcode.so you want to leave the dashes out even.though you see them a lot in document.numbers but the first part of your.document number is going to begin with.your service code and then your uuk you.know an identification code the entire.code combined is called your dough deck.I forget exactly what node X stands for.but it's department of defense.acquisition advice code something like.that but that was what the rest of the.services call it in the Navy we call it.our uuk in this case Theodore Roosevelt.- 1 2 4 7 now you're gonna use your.Julian date Julian date in a document.number it's gonna start with the last.number of the year I'm recording this in.2015 so we're gonna use 5 and then it's.the number day from the year the first.day of 2015.is zero zero one and the last day is.gonna be 365 and a leap year it's gonna.be 366 so let's just call today the.first day of 2015 and let's say it's.January 1st 2015 so that's going to be 5.0 0 1 again Julian date calendar is.provided to you at the beginning or.almost at the beginning of the nav sub P.4 0 9 now here's perpetual and here's.leap here very easy to figure out you.take the day that it is so let's say.it's June let's say it's june 11th and.you draw the lines together and you see.the date it is today if today was June.11th would be 5 193 day let's just say.it's 5 0 0 1 which would be January 1st.2015 and then the last part of the.document number is up to you it's the.serial number a lot of times what we do.we want to distinguish hazardous.material from any other type of material.so we don't want to use codes like s 1.or s 9 you see that sometimes a better.code would be Hotel echo or Hotel mic.for hazardous material you should have a.distinguished separate code that you use.for hazmat requisitions that way you.know even if I have something up here in.the sub address because remember we have.your Yankee November and then we're.sorry and then we're ordering this for a.0 1.so that's in our self-addressed inky.November 0 1 I don't want to put here.echo alpha and then the last part is the.serial number the 0 1 through 99.some people even 0 0 through 99 I don't.want to do that because if I do that.there's a possibility echo alpha.someone's gonna read that and give it.straight to engineering and it's not.gonna go to hazmat first with the.hazardous material minimization Center.so you want to go to hazmat first so.normally you want to use a hazmat.distinct document number so that's going.to be your document number National.Stock number 13 digits long the first.four digits again don't put dashes when.you enter in these numbers first four.digits is your federal supply.classification followed by your country.identification number which in the.United States is zero zero zero one so.I'm going to see a lot of zero zero zero.ones and then it's just going to be.another number after that okay so.there's your National Stock number one.two three four my federal supply.classification zero zero for my country.code one two three four five six seven.and remember that last nine digits of.your national stock number it is yourn.in your national ID enim national item.identification number so one two three.four five six seven eight nine nine.digits that's your name down here some.other information including additional.data not mandatory but that's how you.fill out a 1348 again pretty simple.pretty straightforward but if you're.confused with some of the codes highly.recommend you get your own copy of the.NASA p40 9 you can order it here's its.stock number in this case if I see.Federal Supply classification zero five.three zero Lima Papa which stands for a.publication and here's the rest of its.nin you can order it that way I've done.it before and had it sent to the ship.I've ordered quite a few of these.easiest way to do it though I used to.get on Navy BMR and you can study it.that way it's available on the interwebs.there's your 1348 and some mil strip.mill strap training and I'll provide.some more as needed but hopefully you.can see this video and view it and you.learn something from it any questions.please email me thank you good luck in.the course.

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