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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Completing Ohio Sworn Statement Form Online

CocoSign facilitates your business by helping manage document workflow and optimizing business processes. Keen to know more about the Ohio Sworn Statement Form ? Read on to find out how to create and complete your form easily.

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The Stepwise Tutorial to Ohio Sworn Statement Form

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Must-knows concerningOhio Sworn Statement Form

[Music].hello my name is Ariela Wagner I am the.founder of sunray construction solutions.and today we have another fabulous.webinar today's topic is how do I.respond to a request for sworn statement.of account and can I send my own this.fabulous webinar is going to be.conducted by board-certified.construction attorney Alex barsa if you.have any questions throughout this.webinar there is a wonderful little pan.panel on the right hand side where you.can enter in your questions right there.if you're nervous and you don't want to.put your questions in there we can all.you can always send us an email without.further ado I'd like to introduce Alex.barsaat thanks Ariella everybody good.morning my name is Alex Barnett I am a.board certified construction lawyer here.in Florida and today we're going to talk.about how do I request.a sworn statement of account and how do.I respond to a request for sworn.statement of account and can I send my.own so let's get started let's take a.look at the agenda of what we're going.to cover today so first we're going to.talk about what is a sworn statement of.account what happens if you don't.respond how do you respond we're going.to break that down we're gonna spend.quite a bit of time on that and then.we'll talk about the type of documents.you can request from the owner once you.record a lien on a project and again as.Ariela mentioned we'll answer any.questions that you have use the little.chat box on the go to webinar function.and then we'll answer all the questions.at the end please make sure not to.include any names of folks or companies.in your questions so let's get to it.what is a request for a sworn statement.of account in short it's a written.request sent to you as the lien or for.certain information this is a document.that is prescribed by Florida's lien law.that can be sent to you and it's.typically sent for two reasons one.reason is to learn whether or not you've.been paid how much you've been paid and.what you are owed another reason and I.would tell you it's as common as the.first reason is in the hopes that you.don't respond because if you don't.respond you will lose your lien rights.so this is what a.four sworn statement of account looks.like and we're going to break down each.of the component parts of this request.the key is going to be the warning and.the manner in which you respond so so.let's break it down but before we do let.me be very clear about what happens if.you don't respond you will lose your.lien rights if you fail to properly and.timely respond to a true and I emphasize.true request for sworn statement of.account and I want to talk about what is.a true request for sworn statement of.account my guess is that you receive a.request for sworn statement of account.and you think that you are obligated to.respond and you you probably don't have.to at the end I'm going to tell you you.probably should anyways but once we go.through this presentation you'll.understand why some of them you can.ignore so how do you respond so the.first thing you need to know is is the.request that you're getting a true.request for sworn statement of account.and the first sign that it is is that it.has this warning the warning says.warning your failure to furnish the.requested statement signed under oath.within 30 days or the furnishing of a.false statement will result in the loss.of your lien so if you receive something.that looks like a request for sworn.statement of account and it doesn't have.this warning if you don't respond then.you will not lose your lien rights this.warning is required to be given if the.other side wants you to respond the.failure of which would cause you to lose.your lien rights next it must be sent to.you via certified mail to the address.listed on your notice to owner now you.may get these requests for sworn.statement of account via email and not.via certified mail again the fact that.you receive it via email means that if.you don't respond timely or don't.respond at all.you will not lose your lien rights.because the obligation is on the person.sending it to you to send it via.certified mail now I would suggest to.you that you should always respond even.if you get it only via email and even if.it doesn't have the warning to avoid any.issues in the future about whether or.not your response was proper even if you.have a legal right not to respond it may.become an issue in a in a legal case and.if so it's just better to say that you.responded rather than rely on the fact.that they didn't comply with the.obligations of the statute now assuming.those two things have happened.you have the warning and you received it.via certified mail they're gonna ask for.seven very specific pieces of.information but let's take a look at.what they are and what you need to.provide they're gonna want to know the.nature of the labor or services that you.performed this is past tense and it's.only labor or services so if you are a.plumber you are going to answer that.question with plumbing services if you.are a plumbing supply house you will.respond none because you provided no.services now the next question is the.nature of the labor or services to be.performed if any that is the work that.you have yet to do that's the work in.the future again notice it's only labor.or services so if you are a plumber and.you have a contract to do all the work.in the building and you've done half of.it then the nature of the labor or.services to be performed would be.plumbing services to complete the.project next I want to know the.materials you furnished if all you.provide is labor you would indicate in.this section none if you are a material.supply house you would put in the.materials you supplied so if you are a.roofing supply house you would you would.say roofing materials if you're a.plumbing supply house you'd say.plumbing materials next it wants to know.the materials to be furnished if known.again this is the materials that you.have yet to provide so if you have a.large order and you've delivered half of.it you would indicate the other half.would be you would indicate in here that.the other half needs to be delivered so.you would say plumbing materials to.finish the project now if you have no.pending orders at this point in time.then you would put none or not.applicable now they may decide to order.more materials in the future but if you.don't know at the time you respond to.the request for sworn statement of.account that you have an obligation to.furnish those materials then the answer.is none mmm next the amount paid on.account to date that means as of as of.this moment in time when you are.responding how much have you been paid.to date on your account that's going to.be $1 the amount due and the amounts to.become due if known as of the date of.this statement so let's take a look at.those last three in a little more detail.the amount paid on the account it's.pretty straightforward so if you've been.paid a hundred thousand dollars to date.on the account that's what you would put.there if the the next one the amount due.maybe you're owed fifty thousand dollars.you would put in fifty thousand dollars.as the amount due the amount to become.due if known as of the date of this.statement is the amount that you are.that you have left to bill on this job.so excuse me so if you have a contract.and it's a five hundred thousand dollar.contract you've done three hundred.thousand dollars worth of the work then.the answer to the last question the.amount to become due if known would be.the remaining two hundred thousand.dollars left to bill on your contract if.your contract or agreement is such that.you only provide service.our materials as they are ordered then.and you have no obligation to keep.working on this job you would indicate.on that last section none so now we know.what you need to provide the question is.how do you provide it so it needs to be.notarized you need to sign this document.before a notary and under oath that's.why it's called a sworn statement of.account it's not just a statement of.account.it's a sworn statement and that means it.has to be under oath you need to send it.back to the person requesting it it has.to go back via certified mail and I.would suggest to you that it go back at.least one other way whether that's fax.or email so if the person that requested.it sent it to you via certified mail and.it has the warning your response needs.to go back via certified mail to them.and again I would suggest you send it.also via fax or email they need to get.it back within 30 days so you should not.delay in responding to requests for.sworn statement of account if you get a.request for sworn statement of account.it should go to the top of your to-do.list so you get it done right away you.can always provide more information.you just cannot provide less information.so if you want to expound upon the work.that you've done or work to do maybe you.have a complicated scope of work maybe.you have some detailed accounting and.you feel compelled to provide that you.can do that as long as you provide at.least the information I told you that.you need to provide under oath so now we.know how to respond to a request for.sworn statement of account we know what.a request for sworn statement of account.needs to look like the next question we.get is well if I have to respond to this.request can I send my own request and.the answer is yes you can.so if you are a lien or you can send a.written request for certain information.to the owner of the project um you can.only do that if you want to invoke the.penalty and we'll talk about the penalty.because just like there's a penalty for.you if you don't respond there's a.penalty for the owner if they don't.respond you can only get that penalty if.you send this sworn statement of account.to the owner after you record your lien.now you can still send it send this.request before you record a lien but.just know that if they don't respond.there's no penalty associated with their.failure to respond so any owner who does.not provide the statement of account.within 30 days after your demand or who.provides a false or fraudulent statement.is not the prevailing party for the.purposes of an award of attorneys fees.under the lien statute that is the.penalty that the owner will suffer if.they fail to respond to a proper request.by you to them so that means you send.them a request and we'll talk about what.it looks like they failed to respond.they respond late or the response is not.under oath or it includes false or.fraudulent statements then their failure.to respond means that if you file a.lawsuit on your lien and you don't.prevail which means they would be the.prevailing party and they would be.entitled to legal fees from you they.lose that right to recover their legal.fees from you because they didn't timely.or properly respond to your request to.them in my opinion it is a far less.significant penalty for the owner than.it is for not responding than it is for.you as a lien or if you don't respond.but that's what the statute provides for.so let's take a look at what it it looks.like so.written demand must include the.following warning just like they have a.warning to you you need to give a.warning to them and that warning looks.like this warning your failure to.furnish the requested statement within.30 days or the furnishing of a false.statement will result in the loss of.your right to recover attorneys fees in.any action to enforce the claim of lien.of the person requesting this statement.that warning has to be on your request.and your request must include a.description of the property the name of.the contractor and your customer as so.if your Valene or your customer as set.forth in the leaners notice the owner so.if you are a sub subcontractor on a.project you will list you will include.the warning you will also include a.description of the property the name of.the contractor that's the general.contractor and the name of your customer.which is the subcontractor all of that.has to be in your request for the.request to the owner to be valid so what.can you get from the owner you can.request the amount of the direct.contract under which the lien was.recorded when it says direct contract.that means the contract between the.owner and the contract the contractor so.what was the amount of that direct.contract they have to tell you so if.your contract is five hundred thousand.you can request the value of the.contract between the owner and the.contractor the dates and amounts paid or.to be paid by or on behalf of the owner.for all improvements described in the.direct contract so one of the reasons.that you may want to request this.information is you may record a lien and.the contractor says well we haven't been.paid and you want to verify that.statement this is one way to do it by.sending this request for sworn statement.of account to the owner because.the owner will then have to tell you all.the amounts that they've paid or have.yet to pay the contractor for all of the.improvements on the direct contract they.also have to say what the reasonable.estimated costs of completing the direct.contract under which the lien was.claimed pursuant to the scope of the.direct contract so any additional cost.from this point forward they will list.in their response to sworn statement of.account and if known the actual costs of.completion now here's what it looks like.generally but you don't have to worry.about getting it here if you go to the.lien zone.com that's our blog and go to.forward slash forms we have a whole.bunch of forms there that you can.download in Word format and use so you.don't have to type it the its the liens.own com forward slash forms so if there.are any questions we'll go ahead and.take a look Ariela.can you see any questions I don't see.any on my chat box here so far.I see let's see hold on one moment for.me there's a great question that was.asked and before I answer that or asked.that question in the sunray application.if you are one of the sunray customers.you actually can request and do all of.your sworn statement of accounts in the.sunray system it's actually a form it.will populate the owner it will populate.the services and or materials furnished.so anyone who has any questions on where.to locate that in the sunray system.please feel free to send an email after.this webinar and I'd be happy to walk.you through that and this really great.question that was asked is can the.request for sworn statement tool be used.for both public and private projects or.are we talking about private projects.only on which a lien be placed can you.cite the statute please.sure so the request I assume that the.question relates to the request for.sworn statement of account to the lien.or so that exists on public and private.projects so if I am a lien or the owner.and contractor on a private job can send.me a request for a sworn statement of.account and on a public job where it's.bonded the bonded contractor can send me.a request for sworn statement of account.the converse which is the request for.sworn statement to the owner as a lien.or only applies to private projects.because there are no lien rights on.public jobs and as you recall I said.that this right from a lien or to the to.request information of the owner only.exists after you record a lien and that.can only be done on a on a private job.and and you wanted the statute it's.seven thirteen point one six is the.statute that governs request for sworn.statement of account any other wonderful.nope I do not see any other questions.okay so if you have other questions.about the lien law we wrote a whole book.on the lien law you can go to the lien.zone.com./e book and if you need help calculating.your notice to owner and lien deadlines.you can go to the lien zone.com forward.slash calculator and we'll send you one.of these calculators but if you prefer.to use the computer you can go to the.sunray web site and they have an online.calculator right there for you.our next seminar and webinar is as.follows we have a three-hour deep dive.into liens bonds and contracts all.focusing on securing your right to be.paid and that is going to be the next.one is.on September 19th from 8 to 11 in Naples.we also have another webinar which we do.every month which is what is a.contractor's final affidavit and when do.I need to send one and that is on.September 21st from 9 to 9 20 and you.can go to sunray notice comm forward.slash education to sign up for these as.well as all future events and I know you.did a great job thank you very much.thank you very much everybody for your.attention today I hope you learned.something and can put it to good use.have a wonderful day.

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Ohio Sworn Statement Form FAQs

Read the below common problems about Ohio Sworn Statement Form . Speak to directly if you still have other queries.

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