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[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].hey everybody and welcome to the 2702.rebels second design challenge.i'm madeline i'm zoe i'm chloe.i'm layla i'm jessica i'm ethan.and i'm michael and we are part of the.2702 rebels.the 2702 rebels are a first robotics.competition team.our community team is comprised of.anyone ages 13 to 18 with a variety of.schools in the kitchener-waterloo region.each year we get six to 12 weeks to.design.build and program a robot to complete a.challenge.today we have a cool little challenge.for you to work on at home but first i'm.gonna.announce the winner from the past.challenge which you guys can check out.after the video if you've not already.give it up for emily the winner ever.intake challenge.if you have any questions throughout the.video there's a google form in the.description below where you can submit.these questions.we'll be answering all questions at the.end of our live stream now take it away.zoe.hey everyone i'm zoe and i've been.building robots for six years.and i'll be telling you about what we're.going to be doing in today's live stream.in this live stream we'll be talking.about tinkercad.our 2019 competition bot research and.brainstorming techniques for building.and scientific principles you can use.while designing your mechanism.for this design challenge we'll be.learning about a fairly common mechanism.needed in frc competitions.a launcher your goal.is to make a launcher that can launch a.crumpled paper ball.into boxes at three different heights.launches are meant to be fast and.accurate.so keep those criteria in mind while.designing your mechanism.this may seem like a big task at first.but we will be with you.every step of the way providing you with.the skills and knowledge you need to.complete this task and others like it.again we will have a question period at.the end of our live stream to answer all.of your questions.about the challenge our robot or.whatever so if you have a question.please fill out our question form in the.description below.thanks zoe today's live stream sounds.jam packed.hi i'm chloe i've been in first for four.years and today i'll be teaching you how.to use tinkercad.but before we start let's talk about.what cad is.it stands for computer-aided design and.it is used the most to design 3d models.on a computer to see how it will be used.in real life.but it can also be used to create 2d.drawings of each of the components.tinkercad is an easy program to use to.design your mechanism in 3d.and to work out any issues that you have.to get started on tickercad first you.need to go to their website.from there you click the sign in button.and join with your google account.once you are signed in you click the.create new design button to start.at the top is a name that tinkercad.generated for you.to change it you just click on it and.type your new one.when counting your creation the flat.blue square in the middle is called the.work plane this is where you build your.3d model.the blue cube in the corner makes it so.that you can see your work playing from.different angles.on the right hand side of the screen you.have a toolbox of all the shapes that.you can use.there is also a drop down menu of.different groups of shapes that you can.use as well.to make the shape different sizes you.drag on the different squares.black squares let you change one side.white squares let you change two sides.at once.and the one in the center lets you.change the height sometimes.they're a bit tricky to get the exact.length or height that you want.so you can just type in the number you.would like as well.many people make super cool projects.like these ones.so just start creating and have fun with.it wow.thanks chloe tinkercad sounds like a.blast.now as you may remember i'm madeline and.i have been in first for seven years.i also have a pet snake today i'll be.explaining our 2019.challenge and robot if you want to learn.about our 2020 challenge and robot check.out our previous live stream where you.can also.check out a fun challenge you guys can.take a look at we are no longer.accepting.intake submissions but we'd still love.to see your designs.the 2019 challenge was space themed for.the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.there were three major tasks the robot.had to complete.and the teams had just six weeks to.build their robots.the first task was to pick up and place.these plastic discs called hatches.which looks similar to frisbee the next.task was to pick up and place these.big orange balls in slots called cargo.bays.and the last task was they climb on what.looked like a set of stairs.there were three levels and the higher.we climb the more points we got.for each match there'd be a red alliance.of three random teams.against the blue alliance of three.random teams and the alliances worked.against each other to complete these.challenges.as a team we decided to build a robot.that can complete all the challenges.presented to us.our robot had six main mechanisms that.we call subsystems.and they include the chassis the hatch.grabber the intake.the launcher the elevator and the.climber.many of you are probably wondering what.a chassis is well that's a fancy word.for.frame or base of the robot which.includes.the wheels the gears the chains.and the metal frame which holds the base.of the robot together.the hatch grabber is designed to pick up.and drop.off frisbee-like object called hatches.it uses pneumatics which is compressed.air and uses the pressure to move the.objects.this is kind of like a water gun which.compresses water and uses the water.pressure to spray it out with more force.throughout the video you might have.noticed the hatch grabber opened up.almost.instantly when it came in contact with.hatch this is because a robot uses a.button called a limit switch.limit switches are even used on garage.door openers.and convertible cars when pushed by the.hatch it tells the robot.to automatically open the hatch grabber.the intake which is what our last live.stream was on.picks up the orange balls off the ground.to bring it into the robot.this allows us to deliver into the.target without dropping it.after the ball is in our robot it is.sent to the launcher.which will fire the ball out of the.target this is what your build challenge.is today.the elevator which is sort of like an.elevator.many of you are familiar with is a small.frame of chains like a regular elevator.but it lifts our launcher and hatch.grabber instead of people.this allows our robot to drop off balls.or hatches at different heights.finally we have the climber which lifts.up the robot to get upstairs.it uses the intake and another system we.call stingers to climb up the stairs.the stingers are small poles that extend.out from underneath the robot.to lift the back of the robot while the.intake lifts up the front.the stingers contain interlocking teeth.otherwise known as a rack.and opinion this pushed the rack to one.side and the pinion to the other side.moving the whole robot upwards thanks.madeline that was really cool.hey it's zoe again but this time i'll be.talking about some rules that you can.base your.design off of first your crumpled paper.ball should be made out of a regular.sized eight and a half.by 11 sheet of paper second.your box should be around the size of a.kleenex box.third you have three different levels.you can score points at.the floor is 10 points per ball a chair.is 20 points per ball and a table is 30.points per ball.fourth your mechanism has to be one and.a half meters away from your box.but it must start on at floor level.if your ball can start inside or outside.your mechanism.but 50 bonus points will be awarded for.an intake or a feeder.lastly you have one and a half minutes.to launch as many balls as possible.after finishing the challenge make sure.you share your design within two weeks.through email also if you have any.questions about the challenge contact us.right now in our questions form.posted below we'll have a chance to.answer your questions at the end of our.live stream in about 10 minutes.thanks zoe this challenge sounds like a.lot of fun.hey yo i'm layla i've only been on the.team for one year but i've already been.to four continents.and now i'm going to talk about the.design process.let's say you're at school and for once.the teacher makes you do something.that's.actually fun like building a rocket.now i know it feels very tempting to.dive right into building this thing.but you've got to call your jets first.of all you need to identify the problem.in this case you have to build a rocket.but what does that entail exactly.what subproblems are hidden in this task.think about smaller problems you'd have.to solve in this example.it's a good idea to make a list of.smaller challenges.in the project and keep adding to it.whenever something new comes up.in this case for example you have to.figure out a way to get the rocket.safely off the ground.you'd also have to design the rocket in.a way that limits air resistance so it.goes up higher.also be aware of any limitations or.challenges set for the project.is there a set amount of resources.you're allowed to use.or is there a minimum height you have to.reach with the rocket.once you've established a list of.obstacles it's time to figure out how.you can overcome them.and you do that with research.inspire yourself by what other people.have already done and learn from their.successes and failures so you don't.reinvent the wheel.for example if you have the idea of.using a form.a form of fuel to launch the rocket look.up what other people have tried so you.know what works and what doesn't.research is also often used to learn.about new things related to your project.and its challenges in the case of the.rocket it might be a good idea to look.up some of the physics.involved in lifting something off the.ground.i have an important warning for you.though use research only to inspire and.educate yourself.make sure you don't fall into the trap.of limiting your creativity to other.projects out there.make your design unique you decide what.it looks like not the internet.now for the most important part.brainstorming.now you can go crazy on your rocket.design come up with as many ideas as.possible no matter how crazy they are.and make sure you sketch sketch and.sketch every idea you get.sketching often reveals flaws with your.idea that weren't apparent to you at.first.also if you're working in a team.sketches help you explain your idea to.your.teammates no idea is bad or crazy.i mean people in the 18th century.thought that washing your hands was.ridiculous.look at us now.make sure you address every problem on.your list while brainstorming.and make your sketches clean and.organized so your idea is clearer.feel free to do research while.brainstorming.now that you have your ideas choose the.best one.make a list of pros and cons of your.most realistic ideas.and based on these lists choose the most.advantageous design it doesn't have to.be complicated.sometimes simple is better now you can.start building a prototype of your.design.at this stage it doesn't have to look.pretty it's just a model to see if your.idea is going to work the way you expect.it to don't get hung up on the details.because if you find out it doesn't work.after all it will be very frustrating to.have to throw all your time and effort.away.so keep it simple once you have your.prototype built and tested you'll likely.have encountered several more obstacles.you didn't think of.add these two checklists and modify your.design.there might also be some problems with.the prototype itself.as in it didn't work the way you.expected it to.make sure you solve these problems as.well while redesigning your project.then build another prototype improve it.and repeat.once your design works flawlessly as in.your rocket is going straight up.it's not exploding and it's meeting all.the requirements that by a contractor.or teacher you can build your final.product.now you can put all the effort into.making it look cool and pretty.and you won't have to worry about things.going wrong.well except maybe in the build process.so the design process involves.identifying the problems related to your.task.and researching potential ways to solve.these problems.then based on your research and.imagination.brainstorm as many ideas and solutions.to these problems as possible.and pick the best design then build a.prototype.improve it and repeat as many times as.possible.until you have a final design you're.satisfied with.then at last you can build your final.product which is bound to be.awesome after all the effort you've put.in.now go apply these concepts to your.launcher.hey my name is jerome and this is my.first year on the team.i love soccer and programming and i'm.jessica.i've been on the team for three years i.love bubble tea and differential.equations.now we will be giving you an.introduction to basic scientific.principles which you can use in your.laundry systems.first i will be talking about material.science material science is a.combination of physics and chemistry.that studies the properties of materials.and how we can best exploit them.some of these properties include.strength hardness.brittleness malleability ductility and.elasticity first we have strength.the ability for materials to withstand.an applied force.which includes pushing or squeezing and.pulling or stretching forces.an application of this can be seen when.using an anvil to forge tools.all of you minecraft enthusiasts out.there know what i'm talking about.next we have hardness which is the.measure of how easily a material can be.indented or scratched.for example diamonds are hard to scratch.so they're considered hard.these materials are often used for.construction and cutting tools.brittleness is the measure of how easily.a material can break.where materials that don't break easily.are considered tough.like simple clay pots if we were to drop.a clay pot.it would shatter into pieces here's a.big one.if an object is described to be.malleable.then it can change its shape or form.with ease like copper and gold.then we have ductility it is how easily.a material can be drawn out.into something like a wire for example.copper and steel.and finally we have elasticity it's.common in our day-to-day lives.by definition if an object can return to.its original form.after force or load is applied then it.is considered elastic.a common example of this is the rubber.band.if you were to take a look at objects or.mechanisms that use this.the ever so popular slingshot is a.perfect example thanks jerome.knowing what are the right materials to.use is important.and knowing what to build with them is.going to be our next step so let's.return to our simple machines.last time we talked about the ramp and.the lever it would be a good idea to.revisit them by watching our previous.live stream.as they might be useful in your laundry.design.this time i'm going to be telling you.about the wheel and the axle.i'm sure you all know what a wheel is.those round objects that you.roll or spin their partner the axle.is the rod connected to the center of.the wheel which rotates it.the axle can be connected to multiple.wheels and if you are turning one of.them the wheel or the axle.the other rotates with it.now the first thing you'll think of.about a wheel is that it's for rolling.which you'll notice is much faster than.sliding this is mostly because you don't.have to worry about too much friction.which is the resistance between two.materials that are sliding past each.other.for example there is more friction.between two rubber erasers.than there is between two smooth pieces.of aluminum foil.but for rolling the problem is not too.much friction.but not enough friction or specifically.traction which is like good friction.because it lets you push away from a.surface when rolling.without it you would keep slipping and.just end up rolling in place.in fact that's what happens when a car.gets stuck in the mud or snow.so you may want to pick high friction.materials for the surface of your wheels.the wheel and axle also have a second.function and that is making things turn.more easily.some of you might be wondering how and.some of you might think you've caught on.from last time.and figured there's some kind of.distance thing going on that gives the.wheel mechanical advantage like the ramp.and lever.well smartypants is you're wrong.just kidding you're right there's always.a distance thing the mechanical.advantage in wheels comes from the.difference in their radii.plural for radius which for those of you.who don't know.is the distance between the center of a.circle and its perimeter.the difference in radius between the.wheel and the axle.that's right plot twists the axle has a.radius two.determines how easy turning will be if.the wheel's radius is much bigger than.the axles.turning will be very easy if the radius.of the wheel decreases.it will be much harder to turn the axle.think about how hard it would be turning.a steering wheel if it was really small.last time we also introduced you guys to.different types of forces and energy.the gravitational force the elastic.force and their corresponding energies.there was also the applied force and.kinetic energy.now it's time to see them at work when.you're throwing something in the air.you'll notice it moves through the air.not in a straight line.but in a curve this kind of motion is.what we call projectile motion.it is created by the force of gravity.slowing the object down vertically.to the point where it will stop moving.upwards and eventually start moving.downwards but the gravitational force.does not affect the horizontal movement.of projectiles.and that is what creates this curved.pathway.projectile motion is something you.should consider when aiming your.launcher.i'm sure you've heard the words.compression and tension.they sound like fancy words but they're.really just different forms of the.applied force.compression is when you apply a force.that squishes an object.while tension is what we call applied.forces that stretch an.object interesting squish stretch.doesn't that remind you of another type.of force that's right.good ol elastic force when you exert.these kinds of forces on an object.it stores elastic energy and when you.stop squishing or stretching the object.there's a restoring elastic force this.is an application.of materials with high elasticity so it.would be a good idea to use some of the.elastic materials that jerome just.described.if you want to harness the power of the.elastic force.compression and tension are capable of.creating the elastic force in different.ways.for example you might compress a spring.to gain elastic energy.like the spring in your pen that you.push on to turn on to.open uh to use the pen.and i know you know what i'm talking.about you've definitely taken apart a.pen you little engineer you.on the other hand tension can create an.elastic force when you pull on the.string of a bow.or when you stretch an elastic to shoot.your sibling with.you should consider how your newfound.knowledge of material properties.wheels and axles and forces and energies.can be applied.to help you both understand the problem.and brainstorm possible solutions.all right let's take a breather and look.at what some of our friends have come up.with for this challenge.[Music].[Music].[Music].do.[Music].so.[Music].i want to give a huge thank you to.everyone for helping with our.brainstorming video.and the live stream hi i'm chloe and i'm.back to summarize today's live stream.the 2702 rebels launcher design.challenge aims to test your ability to.use.real world engineering and scientific.principles.while solving an exciting and fun.engineering problem.the goal of this challenge is to make a.mechanism that can launch as many paper.balls as possible.into a box in one and a half minutes the.higher the box.the more points you score for all the.rules check out our pdf in the.description below.like the last challenge you can use.anything you find in your house like.lego paper or cardboard.use anything you want the one where we.have is that it can't be a flammable.material radioactive substance or an.explosive device.when you have finished the challenge.make sure to send a video of it to our.email.we will judge all of them on five.categories functionality.creativity videography appearance and.amount of points.there will be a winner for each category.but we will also pick our.favorite design as the overall winner.each winner.will get a 2702 design challenge.certificate.who knows it could be you.before we get into our q a section we're.going to talk about the six prizes that.we have up for grabs.we have two rebels t-shirts a hat or two.two lego sets.and a stem kit if you submit a design by.sending it to your email he have a.chance to win.now on to our q a session take it away.ethan.thank you chloe sorry about that um we.have all we have seen all the questions.you have sent in to us and now you have.a chance to hear our answers if you have.not yet sent in any questions and you.would like to you can by emailing us.or submitting the google form below our.first question is.where do i start designing my design.layla could you take that one away.sure first thing you've got to do is.look at the problem with more detail.for example for the launcher the main.thing you've got to do.is get the balls off the ground and into.one of the boxes.so the question you have to ask yourself.is what are some ways i can launch the.balls off the ground.and some of the first things that might.come to your mind are.clapping or slingshot but there are many.other ways you can do it.and so work from there be creative and.do your research.thank you very much our next question is.where do i go to research.jessica could you answer this one.i can so there are a lot of resources.available for kids to look at.one of these includes uh fact monster.which is basically like a wiki for kids.it has some good pages on math and.science that covers some of the topics.that we talked about like forces and.energy.another good resource is a youtube.channel called crashcoursekids that.uploads videos that talk about science.and engineering principles.it has a really good series on the.engineering process so if you want an.in-depth understanding of that check out.their channel.and another good resource is called.instructables which is like a website.that.provides step-by-step videos teaching.you how to build a variety of things.from circuitry to workshopping to.cooking.and it would be a great source of.inspiration for your launcher design.all of these resources are linked in the.description so.check them out thank you very much.jessica.um our next question is how do i.research things.chloe could you take this one away sure.you can use any of the links that.jessica talked about.like fact monster crash cars kids or.instructables to find ideas.once you find something that you like.add another idea.to it to make it unique try searching.launcher diy launcher or catapult.or something else specific to make the.search results more helpful.thank you chloe um our next question is.how big can the mechanism be.zoe yeah you can make your mechanism as.big as you want as long as it's still.safe and your parents okay.are okay with it thank you.and our next question is is it fun zoey.could you also answer this one.yeah so not only is the challenge fun.but it's educational.and usually those two words don't go.together but that's the whole point of.this live stream making learning fun.and we have some pretty cool prizes and.i mean like what's more fun than lego.thank you um our next question is how.did your team do in the competition last.year madeline did you answer that one.yeah so uh in the 2019 challenge uh we.did pretty well we went to four.competitions which you guys can check.out in the blue alliance uh there's a.link in the description below.you can go to our team watch some videos.of how robot formed.but sadly in the 2020 season it got.cancelled for september 19 but we hope.to replay it later on.thank you very much um our next question.is also for madeleine can you give more.details about the intake or feeder.yeah so an intake and a feeder is a.self-loading mechanism that you can use.to transfer the paper ball from the.ground to the launcher.and you get 50 bonus points for that.thank you very much our next question is.how many stairs did our first robot.climb.michael could you answer that one yes.so our robot was able to climb onto the.first platform by just driving onto it.and we used our intake mechanism and our.climbing mechanism.to climb onto the second level of stairs.and the third level of stairs.so we are able to climb onto all three.levels.thank you um our next question is what.are some other uses for a limit switch.and are they useful in real life.madeline.yeah so um some uses isn't computer mice.when you click it it tells the computer.that you clicked.um a lot of industrial machines for.safety purposes telling when to stop.um and they are very useful for some.security systems.to let know when something has been.triggered.thank you our next question is how often.do we use 3d printing.jessica well on the team we use it a lot.for prototyping mostly because it's.quick to.cat things and then print them out in 3d.printing.it's also less costly because design is.really flexible when you're using 3d.printing we use it a lot for many parts.of the robot that need like specific.shapes.but don't need too heavy of a low.because 3d printing although it can be.sometimes if the load is too big and.that would break but that's also the.reason why we will use.3d printing for pieces that need to get.replaced a lot because they get damaged.frequently and we use that for a lot of.prototype prototyping.custom parts like spacers or parts that.are hard to get to sometimes like.a belt pulley thank you.our next question is does anyone here.work on the robot.chloe yeah everyone actually.here works on the robot and.almost every single person on our team.works on the robot it just depends.on if they show up to the meetings or.not.thank you very much our next question is.is the is driving the robot like driving.a car.madeline could you answer that one yeah.so driving robots is not much like.driving car because there's no pedals or.anything but if you've ever driven an.rc car or played racing games driving a.robot is much.more similar to those thank you very.much.our next question is how many parts of.the robot are auto michael could you.answer that one as you helped out with.that.yes so our robot has only really one.autonomous rope.mode that is at the very beginning where.we can get.our we can ah at the very beginning.however after that fully autonomous mode.at the beginning.we are able to have our robot use.computer assistance to help our drivers.aim and score points as they're going.around the field.so that's easier for them to drive the.robot.thank you our next question is how high.does the elevator go up.um so on our 2019 robot uh we had an.elevator.and that went from i believe four and a.half feet.or something similar to about seven and.a half feet.um our next question is does the team go.to florida zoe could you answer that one.yes so i don't think to my knowledge.we've ever been to florida in 2009 we.went to atlanta georgia for a world's.competition.in 2011 we went to st louis missouri.for our world's competition and last.year we went to detroit for another.world competition.thank you um our next question is what.do you guys use to code the robot.so we use a language called c plus plus.and we use.a visual studio as our ide the actual.environment where we.type in all the code our next question.is how do i learn to code.uh michael could you do that one.so learning to code is a lot easier than.you think there are many websites online.where you can go to.such as w3schools or geeks for geeks.just search up any.learning how to code online in google.and you'll come along.a lot of websites but the best way is.just to try things.the more you try the more you learn and.the better you'll get.thank you our next question is what type.of filament.does the team use for 3d printing.michael.uh we use pla as it's as it can be made.from plants and is mostly non-toxic.and for our tough parts that parts that.need to be really strong.we use p e t g or abs.and also some parts that need a lot of.resistance are also such as motor.covers also use abs.thank you our next question is how many.people are on the team.madeline could you take that one away.yeah so we have about 40 to 50 team.members and we have about 20 mentors.thank you um our next question is is.there anything other than tinkercad i.can use.zoe could you take that one away as its.rules yeah sure.um so there's a bunch of other tinkercad.like softwares you can use.uh like fusion360 or on shape they're.kind of.more they're free and they're a little.bit more advanced than tinkercad but you.can also use a good old-fashioned pencil.and paper there's nothing wrong with.that.thank you our next question is how do i.see your robot in person.madeline or someone from the other.outreach team could you take that away.yeah so we do outreach events at some.schools some waterloo region libraries.and some other public events.like aviation fun day.but since coba19 has made it hard for us.to do in-person outreach but you can.always subscribe to our newsletter to.find out about events or you can go on.to our website.and see if you can find events where our.robot has shown.thank you our next question is is the.robot still alive.michael our robot is still alive it's.still.fine it's just taking a really long nap.right now.our next question is does the robot use.gasoline so.it doesn't actually use gasoline it uses.a big heavy battery called a lead acid.battery.um our next question is can i drive the.robot from home.jessica uh short answer no.long answer our robot is connected to.the driving.remote basically through a wi-fi router.but the range is really small so i doubt.it would get to your home.but maybe at outreach events when they.happen again you could drive the robot.there.thank you our next question is can the.robot play battlebots.um it can not pull the battle box.because we're not allowed to use weapons.and the materials that we use aren't.necessarily meant.to go against other battlebots so no it.cannot play battlebots.leading from that question could we.attach a saw to our robot.zoe uh short answer no.long answer no.way jose um as chloe was saying it's not.very safe and a big part of this.challenge.and about first is being safe and when.you think about attaching a saw.onto a robot driving at fast speeds.no that's not safe so no you can't.thank you um our next question is how do.you prototype.effectively layla so your best friends.for prototyping.are cardboard and duct tape uh they're.available.easy to use and quick so you can find.out right away if your ideas.can work if they work and how you can.improve them.and you can make changes to your.prototype easily however in the later.stages of your prototyping.you might want to use harder and.more harder um materials like wood.popsicle sticks things like that to make.it more stable.and so it doesn't get damaged.um thank you our next question is.do we use minecraft redstone the cat.jessica.honestly minecraft redstone is more.similar to coding and no we don't use it.but if you show us how maybe we will.thank you our next question is what.language.do you use to what language do we use in.our computing boards.so again we use a language called c.plus and we program essentially a small.computer.uh called a robo rio which is what.actually controls the robot.um michael uh can you answer this one.does your auto go fast like sonic.oh yeah our auto goes zoom as fast as.sanic.thank you our next question is can you.make the robot play video games.chloe um it.kind of could it may destroy the.controller but i know there are.robot simulator games that like first.has.taken out so sometimes we use those in.vr to see how the.field looks and how we could see things.that maybe we couldn't have seen in the.game manual.thank you our next question is can i.join the team.uh leila could you answer this one um.well if you're from ages 13 to 18 you.can join.all you have to do is apply and you'll.probably get in.thank you our next question is as an.adult how do i become part of the team.madeline yeah so that's actually a great.question.um we have mentors as adults on the team.and uh to mentor you can go on our.website email.and we're always happy to have adults.honored thank you.our next question is can the robot.pretend to be human jessica.can the robot pretend to be human can.mark zuckerberg pretend to be human.what does it mean to be human that's a.philosophy question friend.thank you our next question is does 3d.printing cost money.madeline yeah so 3d printing does cost.money we need the money for the 3d.printer and the materials.but luckily we have sponsors and they.are so generous.they donate to our team and we cannot.run without them.thank you our next question is are you.guys.nerds jessica.we would call ourselves robot.enthusiasts no we wouldn't.don't use labels guys that's black.no it's okay you can tell us whatever.you want.our next question is do you use a.raspberry pi and what language is it.coated in.so we don't actually use a raspberry pi.we use a raspberry pi that's.super beefed up again it's called the.robo-rio and we programmed that.in c plus plus all right.and we use something called a banana pie.which is a.less beefed up version but still more.beefed up than a raspberry pie.and we use that for things like our.cameras.our next question is what are the safety.precautions during covet 19..madeline yeah so we're actually not.meeting during copenhagen 19 we're.actually only meeting online right now.um i don't think our team has talked.about safety precautions moving on.because it's all online.but we're definitely probably we're.definitely gonna stay six feet apart if.the rules are and wearing masks.um and if we go to demos it's definitely.gonna be there's gonna be ruling inside.or to keep everyone safe.um thank you our next question is can we.use power tools to build our mechanism.um zoe could you take that away.yeah sure if you have power tools at.home knock yourself.out but make sure that you have a parent.supervising you.and you're safe when you wear safety.glasses and tuck your hoodie strings in.and have close toe shoes and tuck your.laces in.um thank you zoey that is our last.question so that concludes our q.a section thank you all for all your.questions.thanks ethan well this is the end of our.launcher design challenge live stream we.hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for.our next one by checking out our social.media and subscribing to our newsletter.please fill in our other google form to.give us feedback and take a look at the.printed copy of the rules both of them.are available in the description.just a reminder that we have six awesome.prizes.up for grabs we're excited to see all.the amazing designs that you guys come.up with.bye.[Music].me.[Music].oh.[Music].[Music].you.

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Form 2702 FAQs

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