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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Completing Winery, Distillery And Brewery Licences Pssg Gov Bc Online

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The Stepwise Tutorial to Winery, Distillery And Brewery Licences Pssg Gov Bc

youtube video

Instruction of Winery, Distillery And Brewery Licences Pssg Gov Bc

welcome to Canada's Okanagan Valleynestled between the Columbia Mountainsto the east and the Cascade and coastalranges in the West the Okanagan is partof British Columbia's interior plateauknown for its stunning sceneryworld-class ski resorts and surprisingto those who have never visited theregion it's sweltering summer heat thisis the northernmost expanse of theSonoran Desert which stretches more than2,000 kilometres south to Mexico it'sdry climate and the long summer days ofCanada's higher latitudes combined tomake this region in one of the world'scoldest countries an ideal place forsomething else unexpected winemakinggrapes were first planted here for theproduction of sacramental wines by theOkanagan mission as early as the 1850sbut the valleys chief export for most ofthe last 150 years has been fruit andvast orchards still remain even itsfirst commercial wines were fruit wineswhich are still produced in some areasof the valleybut in 1975 the first commercialvinifera were planted at what is nowinca meme sellers in Osoyoos and overthe last 40 years wine has been slowlysupplanting orchard fruit as theregion's main export local vintners havespent four decades patiently tending toand studying their vines learning whichvarietals do best in the region'svarious micro climatesin international wine circles Canada haslong been known for its flavorful icewines which have won numerous awards atcompetitions such as Siraj amount andthe decanter wine awards but in 2001Mission Hills stunned the world's winecommunity when it won a gold medal atchardonnay Du Monde in burgundy one ofonly 19 gold medals awarded and the onlyone presented to a North American wineryover the last decade these successeshave continued for a widening array ofvarietals and the Okanagan is slowly butsurely coming into its own as not only aproducer of fine wines but a prime winetouring destination as well what does ittake to be a successful wine maker in alittle-known region in one of theworld's coldest countriesFebruary in the Okanagan Valley theintense heat of summer is still monthsaway but the days are becomingunmistakeably longer as the Sun arcshigher and higher in the southern skythe ski resorts will still be thevalleys main destinations for the nexttwo months but runoff from theirsnow-capped peaks is already bringingtimely nutrients to the valley floor thewinters aren't long here norparticularly cold by Canadian standardsbut they still present unique challengesto Okanagan winemakers especially thosetending younger vines we planted thisthis was a pinot blanc and somethinglong it's looking great untilThanksgiving and we had minus 17 thatnight and it just wiped that baby outthis is covert farms perched on aplateau overlooking the town of OliverBC this seven hundred acre property hasbeen in gene coverts family for morethan 50 years in 1959 gene covertsgrandfather who was on the phone withone of his big suppliers which wasSafeway Calgary and they said I gottaget off the phone I've got soft fruitcoming in from the Okanaganhow is this possible how is there treefruit in Canada this is crazy 7 hebasically told his wife I'm gonna go upin a fishing trip and I'm gonna go lookat this thing called Canada and so hecame up here came back home and said bythe way I bought a ranch at this placecalled covert farm for to be covert farmsaid that point this whole area was justthis dusty bowl but at that point theyreally didn't feel that grapes wouldgrow well here of course the Europeanswere right and they grow great the farmhas seen a lot of changes since Jean wasa young boy and this season once again1jean is taking his family's estate down1a new path this year we've two leased1out all of our vegetable organic1vegetable production to a couple of1former employees so now my my entire1focus is growing and exceptionally good1grapes and making great wine from it and1monsieur i'm strictly focused on wine so1that was a very big change1now that's really exciting because i1really see the traction happen in the1market people are able to you know with1our time and effort actually understand1the wines more this is where this year's1vintage begins informed by the winter's1conditions and the emerging flavors of1last year's harvest decisions made in1the vineyard today will set the tone for1the season to come and help create the1wines that will eventually tell its1story basically you're looking at the1year and thinking how do my vine how do1my vines comes through the winter1you know what's their relative bigger1are they are they strong and healthy you1know can i take a full crop where they1you know a little beat up you know do i1have to take a less crop to basically1allow them to build strength up again so1they can make it through to the next1year a lot of it has less to do sort of1like what those wines were tasting like1but more with what's going on1environmentally and you know in your1vineyard and the vineyard health1there's a little bit of eye damage here1and there from cutworms safe like1needles but good like here so far so I1think we're gonna push through all right1not far beyond McIntyre Bluff to the1north lies beautiful sky ha Lake whose1Shores stretch from the picturesque town1of Okanagan Falls north to the city of1Penticton just beneath the climbing1mecca of ska ha Bluffs on the lakes1eastern shores lies painted rock Estate1Winery my first experience with wine was1BC wine in the seventies and and it was1hideous it was hideous1and I was embarrassed by BC wine and in1the 90s when I decided to be a part of1this where I hope to become a part of1this I wanted to be a part of something1that we could all be proud of1while painted rock may not have quite1the same history as covert farms John1Skinner's journey began some time before1he found the Black Hawk 10 years ago1started painted rock in 2004 having1looked for a property for a number of1years I'd been a a wine guy for a lot of1years I've been an investment banker1I thought the BC wine industry was was1really showing considerable the1potential I thought I'd just go to the1Okanagan you know find one of the best1properties and apply the most aggressive1mandate and I was given a book by Robert1Parker and it was a study of of all the1wine regions and all eligos really1comprehensive the more I looked at that1book the more skeptical I was that we1were gonna find a property that was1worthy of a really aggressive Mandy1and I was almost almost gonna give up1and then I found this property known as1the Blackhawk it had been followed for117 years it rated class 1 in every1aspect and therein lies the opportunity1if the goal is to be as good as we can1be1by any measure it means I would never1make a compromise because the person I'm1compromising is my error1it's my children or my grandchildren1that's the confidence that I try to1build with the pain about consumer is1that if it's not a 10 or salmon it's not1gonna have that label on it when we1discovered that there were pictographs1on the back of our property1I thought they the relevance to our1family is remarkable because I spent my1youth doing archaeological digs with my1dad their pictographs their pictures of1red icons and that's the relevance of1the name red icon a stone's throw to the1north of painted rock through the1winding streets of East bantington lies1the peaceful community of nehrim adda on2the shores of Okanagan Lake the southern2portions of the narrow matter bench2stand in stark contrast to the sprawling2fields of covert farms and the pristine2solitude of painted rock at first glance2this unmistakeably residential2neighbourhood may not seem like an ideal2place for a winery but it's suburban2nature is precisely what caught the2attention of Terra Bella winery CEO Rob2Ingram our business plan and where I'd2seen the profitability before and2certainly the long-term profitability2the highest marginal revenues come out2of what you sell out of your own room2and online Perseus is the first winery2you get to heading for the narrow2mountain trail from downtown Penticton2so we should maximize car traffic and2sales that way project the rest of this2here is the black Swift winery now the2goal is to build up to eight to nine2thousand square foot brand new winery up2there with production in it and possibly2a second production building Terra2Bella's second venture lies 1002kilometres to the north on a busy2suburban street in West Kelowna home to2famous names like Mission Hill and2Queen's Gate this area welcomes nearly2ten times the number of visitors is2narrow matter and it's here that Rob2will truly put his business model to the2test2but a new winery and a new brand need2new ideas and a new team and raba2surrounded himself with some of the2okanagan 'he's best2spring comes quickly in this part of2Canada by mid March signs of winter are2all but gone unlike many other forms of2Agriculture fines are meticulously2pruned and maintained through the season2in an effort to mitigate production in2viticulture the goal is not volume but2instead to concentrate flavors and the2sugars needed for alcohol production2into a finite often predetermined amount2of fruit with the possible exception of2fall harvest it's rare to find the2entire team focused on one part of the2winemaking process this is especially2true when a new brand is in the works2black Swift is something that kind of2came up with over copious amounts of2pinot noir one night when we were trying2to find a name that had something that2really related to British Columbia but2also help tell the story of the wines2and what we wanted to do with the wines2was really celebrate not only the2diverse regions of the Okanagan but the2single vineyards within it and so the2thing that makes the black Swift which2is a bird2quite unique because it's one of the2only birds in the animal kingdom or bird2kingdom certainly a single egg at a time2and so we thought the whole you know2thrust behind this project is just2focusing on one vineyard at a time and2really wanted to see you know how pinot2noir grown in aromatic or Kelowna or2Okanagan Falls if we did you know the2same thing with the same vineyard year2in year out we'd actually really get2into this terroir conversation as2opposed to you know just sourcing grapes2from here and there so that's that's how2black Swift became something that was2exciting for everyone to pursue ground2break for the new winery was originally2intended for last fall and construction2is now a few months behind schedule2we've been delayed many times up there2with permitting and2issues and seem to keep getting2surprises so we're gonna start something2simple and work them through the process2starting at a meeting tomorrow morning2and take a different approach but Rob's2new team is making the best use of their2time turning their energies towards a2renovation at Perseus and exploring2alternative options at Black Swift in an2effort to take at least some advantage2of colonna's busy tourist season once2the permits come through just hopefully2in like a week or two at the most2basically we're good to go we're gonna3turn this little garage into a you know3the rustic and tech down at the build3will probably be you know three weeks to3a month we'll do a bottling of our first3black Swift labels screamin fancy labels3probably first week of July let it sit3for a bit3hopefully by August first we'll do a3soft opening I'm picturing kind of a pig3roast and a party and a lot of people3are3it's a really a vehicle to just get the3word out a little bit and and show3people how we're doing something a3little different even without branding3and construction to occupy their time3there is as much activity behind closed3doors that painted rock as there is in3the Sun soaked vineyards last year's3Chardonnay is maturing well and will3soon be ready for bottling making sure3you know bottles and boxes are made make3sure I have enough people on site you3know all the supplies are in after3bottling it will slow down a bit I can3you know take some time yeah just get3things organized you know get things3clean and just ready for harvest but3yeah lots of downtime in the summer I'll3take some holidays maybe four harvests3just to chill out for a bit and you know3get ready for though it's like the calm3before the storm I guess this is bud3break when the dormant vines spring to3life now that the first tiny shoots have3broken through the vines we'll see3exponential growth requiring more and3more attention and maintenance as the3days grow longer and longer this is the3earliest bud break we've ever had like3it's it that's really we're starting to3get some maturation in the in the vines3we're at tenth leaf now so yeah it's3gonna we're full steam ahead right now3bloom is still weeks away and it will be3an entire year possibly two depending on3how the wine is aged before the fruits3of this year's labor are ready for3bottling but last year's harvest is3developing nicely and right on schedule3essentially we have a series of3different blends that we produce Eric3over firms so we have to blend all of3the wines together we have to filter the3wine and we have to bottle it and make3sure that it's it's stable and ready to3be put into bottle as the year kind of3progresses the wine also progresses and3matures and ages and changes a part of3my job is understanding essentially why3it's transforming and how it's going to3transform and and how to essentially3transform it to our benefit I'm kind of3like the the wines shaman I guide it on3this journey through life until it goes3into the bottle and gets shipped out at3painted rock as exciting as the early3bud break is it will have to take a back3seat the bottling truck has arrived and3the 2013 Chardonnay is ready3the Okanagan is home to dozens of3microclimates3and differing weather conditions can3create vastly different growing3conditions from one Sun appellation to3the next in the southern parts of the3valley the spring has been warmer than3average putting the growth of the vines3a few days ahead of where they were at3this time last year3jeans team keep track of schedules3inventories and sales online nowadays3but long before computers jeans father3kept detailed records the old-fashioned3way3you know are we on the cusp of a great3big burgeoning brand new wine experience3in Canada I think the weather is gonna3play the factor in that we're seeing3climate change in a way that it was3unanticipated what if that's a word you3know it's it's we've got records back to3the early 60s and if we had the3temperatures we had in the 60s in this3farm everything would be dead these3volumes provide some invaluable insight3into the history of the farm and the3weather patterns of the region I think3what's gonna really change in the future3in and direct our quality of winemaking4is these these new weather patterns and4we see them I mean this is an incredibly4hot and early season and wet but you4know after a long steady cold winter4that we just had I'm unsure how the4summer is gonna go Derrick Kulemin was4originally hired as a chef for covert4farms but now plays an integral part in4the inner workings of the farm and the4vineyard conducting farm tours promoting4and selling the wines and cooking the4farm-to-table dinners for special events4both here and at various locations up4and down the valley for me as in the4market as I'm selling something I'm4still always promoting the brand of4covert farms and the diversity of what4we are first and foremost I always talk4about how you know the wines are4available locally as well as the produce4and how what an experienced someone can4have by purchasing both4some of our you know favorite4restaurants in Vancouver and Victoria4will feature for example in August where4our Tomatoes are online our roses and4whites alongside with with tomatoes as4special summer features and I just can't4think of a better experience than that4so we're a salmon certified farm this4means we don't affect the rivers we4don't take anything out of them we don't4put anything back in and it blows my4mind that we're actually able to be part4of this you know connectedness in the4desert lose parents of lovely wines for4us tonight we started off with a4Sauvignon Blanc Semyon4we really want to exemplify the wine so4in this case you really see the true4natural flavors of the vineyard come4through and you're eating strawberries4growing right next to the Pinot Noir so4for me that's always is lovely true in4dining in place experience like when4it's side by side you can really taste4it so welcome to the strawberry patch4enjoy much like tastes in cuisine4appreciation for wine can be very4subjective4when quality is your mandate and your4mission is to help put your community on4the world stage measuring your progress4in gauging your success is important I4put my wines into competitions for one4reason one reason alone it is validation4of what we're doing and if I'm doing4something wrong if my staffs doing4something wrong if my equipments wrong4if something those competitions you know4I don't put them into all of them I put4them in the ones I think are the most4respected put them into the left-handed4governors awards I put them into wine4align that and I put them into sirata4monde and decanter those are two big4internationalist and then it's not about4competing with my neighbors it's about4competing with the world if you don't4win you learn I say it all the time the4competition makes you better I would say4since 2005 was for me the year where4things were really starting to4accelerate in terms of the quality we4were getting from a wider number of4wineries and it's it's been going very4very strong ever since and we've just4we're just in the middle4of judging now there's been so many4interesting new wines the the number of4wines that are flawed or questionable or4average as Justin plummeted like the4overall quality has has really gone up4and you know in terms of sort of gold4categories you know which is kind of a490 point threshold we're getting lots of4them this year and that's all about4viticulture and so we're really not4judging region to region4we're just judging wine and quality and4that's what's improved so much quality4doesn't come quickly nor without a great4deal of dedication and hard work Rob son4Scott manages Tara Bella's vineyards and4lives on the 'black Swift property with4his wife Colleen and their son Alex it's4looking like this year we'll we'll make4some good stuff out of here for sure I'm4very excited about the whole process4that's coming and I love living on site5here you wake up you roll out of bed and5you're you're off to work Scott he's my5son he's he's dragging us all down no5you know Scott I didn't even know that5he liked wine he shocked me when he5signed up for the viticulture course a5year later I found out that he actually5aspires to be a winemaker so Jason's5taken him under his wing but Scott's5worked for me before and he's probably5one of the hardest-working people I've5ever had work for me in my life he he5went into a warehouse once where there5was three guys and they laid two of them5off because he just works I don't push5him but I'm hoping he starts looking5over this inside one day they think he5the vines are growing fast now under5Mae's warm Sun and will need an5experienced hand to guide them on their5journey through the hotter months the5official start of summer is weeks away5but it isn't uncommon for temperatures5to reach 30 degrees Celsius this early5in the year so we're turning to doing a5little bit of training here some young5plants and we're also shooting some of5the older ones that are productive right5now and so shoot thinning is basically5removing excess shoots and crop load5that are going to decrease the quality5of the final wine and also leave the5plant more susceptible to disease if you5have too much canopy in it everything's5all crowded together very little airflow5through here5great high humidity situation inside the5canopy and more likelihood of disease5the wine industry in the Okanagan has5accentuated the cultural diversity of an5already diverse region families from5northern India and the Mediterranean5have been farming in this valley for5decades and in many ways the Okanagan5bares a striking resemblance to their5ancestral homes last year we got good5crop from here more than more than five5tons per acre but the flourishing wine5industry has helped create an even5richer tapestry attracting families from5Italy France Australia South Africa and5many other wine producing regions adding5to the cultural diversity much of the5seasonal work is done by travellers and5laborers from Quebec and Mexico many of5whom have been making the Okanagan their5second home for years but honestly I5like so much this town called Bali is5very nice5yeah Culver Fox is good5there's no no boring for me because5every all the time you found this5something different we are doing5attacking now this is fast tracking in5first Quechua5there are three catch words first second5and third I really proud of my wine5pride of my painted rock and my owner5and manager our wine is very good5quality we produce good quality we got5too many awards these are young vines5some only two or three years old the5oldest was planted when John arrived at5painted rock only a decade ago the5oldest commercial vines in this region5have been here for almost 40 years5but even at 40 years of age these5vineyards are still in their infancy by5old world standards vineyards in France5have been producing wine for centuries5how can a young relatively untested5region hope to compete with hundreds of5years of knowledge and experience you5hire a guy who has winemaking in his DNA5like I did with Ilan Sutra Wow5to be simple I'm coming from a growing5grapes region which is cognac and I'm5not saying that I was born and Devine5but close to a land Sutra has been an5important part of painted rocks progress5and success since its earliest vintages5Ilan comes six times a year he's an5integral part of our bar of our5operation he's everything from bud break5to bottling I've worked with the land5since 2008 and he's very very important5part of the growth of our home Andy5Pandy drug is a new winery probably'd5has raised significantly the the level5of the quality of the wines in the6valley and creating a kind of6target that the other ones could reach6and now sometimes I hear with my6customers well I'd like to be maybe6something like and rock or you know so6it seems to be not a kind of a model but6something which is achievable as a6target for the people in the valley our62012 red icon had no cabernet sauvignon6it and I I thought you know feel my oats6a little but I thought perhaps there6should be a little bit so I sent it to6him and it was a really fun conversation6back and forth but basically he said6John stop fooling with things you're not6the expert here he's usually a meal at6John and sitting there tasting all the6wines and Al and putting a blend6together we'll taste it see if we like6it you know we see that yeah like6there's something missing or something6be improved well look look back at the6numbers and you know take a little bit6out of here you know add a little bit6more of this so yeah it's like cooking6it away it's been fantastic he's a6wealth of knowledge which is for me6being Noonan history you know Alan's got6an amazing palate and it's amazing what6he can do and like in a day and it would6like take me you know a couple weeks6just to get it done right6just imagine that when you do a blend6like we did this morning you taste and6you add 1% of one batch which is totally6changing the profile of the wine just6imagine that if if you have 10% of the6vines not looking similar in one block6you don't create the same wine at the6end of the of the day you know so that's6the the key thing which is even as in6the vineyard and and then quality of the6production plus raising the bar of that6quality and the Vinit is helping us6because it's aging in any every every6single year if you and on the other side6I'm doing the blends for the bottling6which is in two weeks so we are going to6finalize it just by small adjustments6and with a very very small amount of6different batches that we still have on6the side the difference is between6Bordeaux and the Okanagan don't end with6the age of the vines or how the wine is6produced the old-world culture is more6terroir oriented people are talking6about soil microclimate because in one6place in one specific area like Bordeaux6or burgundy you grow specific grapes so6these grapes are part of the process6part of the area and people are more6keen on talking about terroir which is6creating some differences because6everybody has the same ratio of Merlot6Malbec capsule or Pinot Noir and6Chardonnay our properties so that's kind6of the big difference that you can find6between new world and old world people6come and it's always like okay what is6it get on with harp Cabernet Sauvignon6Merlot so it's it's I found that really6weird because at the end in France you6never know what you like here wine it's6really something kind of precious and6elegant and chic and and you know when6you go to a dinner there is a difference6between bring beers and wine6you know what I mean like6I feel this contrast everybody has6different tests so I always let the6customer just speak about the wine and I6try to share my own experience yeah it's6amazing some customer just become6friends sometimes you can have a very6strong relation with customer and you6can spend one hour half 12 hours with6them and sometimes not and it's6importing knowledge and wisdom from more6traditional wine regions is crucial to6the evolution and growth of the industry6here in the Okanagan but nothing6compares to seeing the centuries-old6practices firsthand in the cellars they6were first conceived in the biggest6thing that I really enjoyed over there6was the unity of the industry6everyone is supports they are all6families right and they just all the6villages support each other they help6each other when there's trouble they7give up what they got to do to help the7next person be the inaugural black7Swiftsure named a bit of a story there7but it's also more interesting because7we're gonna keep those dirty leaves in7there keep the character of the barrel7and that vintage will go into the next7vintage and keep going that way probably7really common over in Europe not so7common maybe over in Canada jessee's I7give him a lot of props because what7he's trying to do is what I just7mentioned about focusing on the growers7and doing these small lot high-end7things and really emphasizing on on7bringing the true varietal out like7working with Cabernet Franc and doing a7real car burning I'm working with the7grower it may take five six seven years7to keep going back and forth I'm working7to dial in these varietals so as a7winemaker it's really really cool it's7early June and the black Swift7construction project is now a full ten7months behind schedule we've had a lot7of people driving by and even the tour7buses if you've come in and us7when you guys open it up what's going on7lots of interest7lots of excitements I'm eager to get the7licensing from the city going and I was7actually building been on hold for too7long so7I would think we could play starting all7again sometime can we get it first we7can start the site work can you get to7lock up before kisses yes that's cuz I7think that's the key here to lock up7before Christmas that's when the snows7gonna start falling doesn't matter you7can do on your cheer your work one7advantage that we have saved this over7another construction type project is7we've been working on this for a year7this project has had a birthday already7despite delays and setbacks at home7Terra Bella is pursuing another market7that has the potential to eclipse the7demand they're anticipating as squeals7gates next-door neighbor as far easier7to sell into China than it is to sell7into a burner or Ontario especially when7you're getting government assistance to7travel there but the Chinese are amazing7people they they drink a lot of wine and7they love their wine and there's such7sincere people with good business brains7but we went over there looking for just7to see what the market was like and we7thought we were going to look for six7distributors to cover the whole country7and we ended up coming back realizing7that we probably needed about ten square7miles in one city to buy all the way7that we can buy so we got pretty excited7about it7so this trip we're looking to it's a7much more focus with that distributors7in mind and there's some of them are7already guarantee less orders if if7we'll come over there and be with them7it's very important to meet them face to7face at an ownership level and the other7thing is things have changed the last7couple of years they used to come over7and try and buy the cheapest wines7anyone had and then knock the price down7from there they're actually now buying7certain wineries 100% of the inventory7they have even at the higher ends they7want something is not a every day on the7dinner table but they can send out a7gift7to do it with people enjoying it and the7product is7she wines right of course that's why I'm7seeking for I a middle high level of the7quality wines they want to bring the7wine to China because they want to give7the people the product that's why they7will choose vc-1 instead of Napa Valley7or something else it was discovered I7think in January or February of this7year in this 2014 that my wine7my bread icon blend was found on a wine7list in Shanghai retailing it at nine7hundred and fifty dollars Canadian for a7brand standpoint it was it was pretty7pretty flattering what what most excited7me wasn't that painted rock was selling8at nine hundred and fifty bucks on this8wine list but they they priced it almost8at the same price as a 2006 open Opus8one I mean hello that's a hundred ninety8five bucks on release and it was vintage8mine was a 2009 red icon what happened8was that media got out there people8understood it and I ended up finding a8new partner and I'm selling them you8know as much as I can afford to sell8them meaning I have to have enough wine8to maintain the good relationships that8have with British Columbia so its wine8club first and n restaurants that was8our primary and then after that I sell8lots of wine to China and it's it's8there's no cost of sales associated with8that then I can afford to keep the8prices down on the rest that are bought8to miss domestically so so it's a real8it's a really good fit8despite a surge in production over the8last 30 years the planted area of the8Okanagan is a tiny fraction of what is8found in the world's top wine regions8quantity will never be an ingredient for8success here while this fact does help8make Okanagan wine even more desirable8in some circles it also further8underscores the importance of quality8above all else as an integral part of8the Canadian brand and it is about the8wine first so I didn't want to pursue an8organic agenda and it's compromising the8wine so there had to be a delicate8balance and thankfully I last suture8understood that we've just purchased a8great post so that we're not weed8spraying anymore8we're not organic but there's no reason8we can't be overtime June is an annual8celebration time in the Okanagan bloom8has finally arrived this is the first8sign of the fruit that will eventually8become the vintages of 2014 for me right8now I am just making sure that all the8vines are tucked in under the wires8which keeps it nice and vertical keeps8the shoots all spaced out you get8optimum airflow and sudden light8penetration onto the clusters8tightening it in cuz as these guys grow8longer they become really hard to you8know Bend around the wire so we want to8make sure we get some8now before they get too too long to move8around it will also knock down your8disease presence as well more sunlight8and air flow you get through the canopy8it's a huge benefit to the grape so at8covert farms gene and Derek also have8their sights set on East Asia conducting8their first farm tour for an8appreciative group from China but a new8market often means new traditions and8new challenges we're working on a deal8with a company import-export company8from China so far in this in the deal8we've you know we've we've done barrel8samples and and tank samples and so the8clients approved the tank samples so we8have our blends made up and ready to go8but because of you know delays in8negotiations we've had to push back8bottle engaged a couple times now we8haven't quite got across the finish line8yet it does go through it's gonna be a8great thing8the price is right for us you know going8into a premium market and that's where8we like to be yeah things cost8despite the shift in focus this year8jean has never been one to shy away from8new things on the farm with the produce8farming off of his plate he's found some8time for a little more action and8excitement after their barge sank in the8Okanagan Lake last year the AMEX8Freestyle Club is looking for a new8training ground for their young ski8jumpers well we're here because we want8to set up a water ramp facility on the8corporate property utilizing their8irrigation reservoir that they don't use8anymore8hopefully just take about a day or so8just to get the thing initially set up8and then they'll just take a bunch of8cross-bracing and such to get the ramp8settled in it's in its spot what also9has to happen is well we need to fill9the reservoir up with water that's9probably the least of our issues that's9pretty easy around here so that'll take9a day and just make sure that all the9circulation systems are still working9properly9then we just need some kids with some9helmets and skis on more delays at black9Swift ground break is now scheduled for9September a full year after originally9intended and everyday seems to bring a9new set of challenges9everything's changed within the last9week again so you know they've come back9to us as a late surprise and told us9they want a million dollar upgrade on9the road9and it's a lot to expect one business to9do because I can't put back to the9people that are gonna put the mortgage9on and saying it and I need another9million dollars but it's not security9for you so it's really caused us to look9at the whole program I think we're gonna9slow it down and even investigate9instead of a big winery and a smaller9production we might even go at a bigger9production there in a smaller winery9there's a lot of successful models9around you don't have to put all the9money into the building it's got to be9into the wine and then they come9regardless of what your building looks9like and it's got to be into a good9customer experience somehow so that's9really all up in the air again now while9Rob's plans for Black Swift may be9delayed there is a thriving market for9his wines on the eight hours away he's9off to China to meet his potential9buyers a new winery would be a beautiful9addition to Black Swift but it's the9ever-increasing quality and relative9rarity of BC wine that's beginning to9capture the world's attention right now9you know I arrived in Canada for the9first time in 1999 it was in January I9said well I'm pretty sure that we're9gonna be able to do some good wine I'm9not sure that we're gonna be able to do9some outstanding wines and 15 years9after that I can say that the Okanagan9is ready to do outstanding wines like9painted rock there's too much good9quality cheap production that can happen9elsewhere in the world and there's just9no scope for that the amazing wines you9know at the end of the day we have to9make sure that you know our BC brand is9you know a premium band because9otherwise I mean we can't compete in9cheap wine well you think of it like a9Mouton kadai one wine is that single SKU9is bigger than our entire industry put9together so there's just no point in9trying to compete with the yellowtails9or the you know the five ten dollar wine9it's just impossible and the terroir9here is such that we were capable of9producing that high-end products it's9just gonna be you know a long long9struggle and it's gonna be a fun ride9next time on ventures in wine country9Rob returns home from China to find9further delays but just in time to join9John in a fight for the Canadian brand9and covert farms loses an important9member of their team hopefully not for9good9probably the craziest story is it was a9summer after my father had passed away9and he passed away in January so kind of9the balls were rolling for the year and9seeds were ordered and plants were9ordered and the family decided that it9was gonna be business as usual and all9this fly at it so first year at the helm9and our biggest customer at the time was9low blows and traditionally we had done9a tomato ad with them in August and it9was usually around ten fifteen thousand9cases of tomatoes that we chip in a week9as farming has it it's gonna be the9rainiest weekend and so we are missing9every peel coming in like it's like9we're slashing them in half and I'm9getting a phone call from the buyer I9can Calgary him he is this big bald dude9that just likes to rip her ear off on10the phone and so I'm getting my ear torn10off on a daily basis here finally the10weather clears we have a sunny day right10we got the whole crew is out there10they're all sober and they're all10picking and my parents are in the Flying10Club and some of their buddies came10buzzing over the yard area really low10and nails a powerline and crashes the10plane right into the side of our bunk10house catches on fire all hell breaks10loose after that10you know basically everybody in the10field who was picking tomatoes comes10running in to see what's going on10because I see a puff of smoke and10everybody in the yard is running over10there emptying every fire extinguisher10they can on this airplane and keep the10guy from they drag him out of there he10doesn't get hurt put the fire out10so yeah there we are no crew pickin10anymore no power to the packing house10anymore and I'm just like now and this10was supposed to be the perfect day I10really didn't enjoy putting my buyer10that day and saying you know that I had10the perfect day going and you're not10gonna believe just what happened

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