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How to Fulfill the Quincy College Transcript Form in the Folliwng Steps on the Computer?

CocoSign supports each user to simplify the workflow and foster work productivity by having a better management of the files. View the below steps to have a better understanding of how to revise Quincy College Transcript Form more proficiently.

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  1. Access to the vacant form and click to look up the whole document.
  2. Run over the whole document and figure out which part you need to fulfil.
  3. Put down your personal figures in the blank form.
  4. Pick a form field and write down a check mark if you see a demanded blue box.
  5. Peruse the whole form once again to see if there's anything you fail to include.
  6. Select the sign tools to write down your signature or initial at the end of the form.
  7. Save the document by picking "Done" button.
  8. After revise the document, you are free to print, download, and send the form.
  9. If you have any misunderstanding, please communication with the support team to acuqire more details.

By deploying CocoSign, you can fill in Quincy College Transcript Form and write down your digital signature soon. It will definetely foster your productivity and make your life much easier.

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How CocoSign Can Let You fulfil Quincy College Transcript Form

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today we're going to go over Excel.project 3 and that is your graduation.transcript I have two purposes for doing.this assignment one specifically for the.class we need to learn a lot about.copying and a lot about vlookup and.putting in formulas the main emphasis.here is the capping okay the second.function is I would prefer that you use.your real live what you hope to graduate.with transcript.I will not check them if you invent all.of the classes and they're just.reasonable classes you will get your.correct grade for this project you won't.be marked down for using that but we.have found that Ferriss students are.graduating with a lot of debt and one of.the reasons for them is because they.take courses that they don't need to.take for their graduation or they have.things out of order and they get messed.up and have to stay longer and there's a.lot of reasons for that.what if you can do your graduation.transcript it will give you a plan so.you know exactly when you're doing what.that's why I like you to do that so you.would predict if you're a freshman this.year you would put in your classes.you've taken this year then predict your.sophomore junior and senior year classes.now the key element to this is making.sure you have the first semester correct.most of the work is done on the first.semester so first of all we'll go up.here to the stop it's the top and it.says.that we're going to create a couple.tables then we're going to create some.headings so let's create the tables.first so I'm going to go over on sheet 2.and just so it's easy for me to find it.I'm going to right-click on that and I'm.going to rename this tables and what I'm.going to do on tables is up here at the.top I'm going to put in a letter to.number table and over here I'm going to.put a number 2 letter table now in the.letter to number table what we want is.in the first column going down we want.all of the possible letter grades.starting with an F and in the this part.we want the numeric equivalent so I'm.going to go put caps lock on hit F hit.d-minus now when I hit D here it guesses.I want a - so I have to hit a backspace.and then enter then a D plus C minus C.backspace C plus B minus B backspace B.plus a minus a backspace those are the.grades and then here an F get zero.points and a D gets one OC gets two.Abby gets three and ages four from the.one we would subtract point three given.me point seven for a d-minus we add.three point three for a plus giving me.one point three again the same thing.here for C minus we subtract point three.for C plus we add point three for B - we.again subtract point three for B plus we.add point three and for an A - we.subtract now I have my letter to number.table now a number two letter table I.want the same numbers so I'm just going.to highlight them copy them and move.them over here for my letters I'm going.to highlight them copy them move them.over here now if I tell you I want if.you want to look up here and I tell you.agreed like see you go down here until.you found to C then over here you could.tell me the number if I tell you a.number like 0.9 you can go down here and.see okay that's between these two.that's a d-minus 0.24 well that's above.this but below this so it's a C plus a.three point eight and it's above this.but below this so it's an A - so that's.what we're going to have them do in the.project later on so now what I want to.do is highlight the letter to number.table not the title and I want to give.it a name so I'm going to call it letter.-.number it doesn't matter what you call.this as long as you remember the name.that is so that rather than referencing.this as tables a to : tables.b13 I can just say letter to number in a.ma that will make it an absolute value.of that address so now I want to do the.same thing here so I had like this click.over in the name box and name that.number to let so now I have two names.over here a letter to number number two.letter all I've done is create the.tables now now I'm going to go back to.sheet 1 and here I'm just going to.rename that so that it makes sense to me.this is where the transcript is going to.appear okay so up in column a I'm going.to type my name.okay and now I'm supposed to go and that.I was in row four not row once and let's.get it were supposed to be broke one.now it says go over eighteen cows so if.I start here two three four five six and.notice in the left there it says row one.and it has my column number and somehow.that just went away.so it's appearing here just below my.cursor fifteen sixteen seventeen.eighteen and it asked me to format that.so I'm going to format the cells.alignment so that I merge the cells and.I'm going to Center it vertically and.horizontally now my name is in the.center okay now the second row I want to.put in Row two I'm going to again take.the eighteen columns right-click format.the cells and again I'm going to Center.and merge but this time what I want to.have in here is freshmen.and the year so let's say it's freshman.and it's the 2014 school year so that's.2013 fall and then spring and summer of.2014 and pause for a second here ok so.we've got our two headings here now it.says to keep go to Row 3 and take 1 2 3.4 5 6 right click that and also merge.and center ok and what is supposed to be.in here is the words fall word fall then.we take the next six two three four five.six and again we format the cells and.we're going to Center and Center and.merge and then one more time we have to.do one two three four five six merge and.center and in these two we're going to.put spring and summer we ignore winter.so we could put in your spring. caps lock outside spray summer.and fall or autumn okay now we're now to.Bro three I'm sorry we're now to row.four we're taking one in two we are.again formatting those so that we merge.and center okay and here we're going to.put the word course you know you are SD.then it says in the next one in.we have column one and column one and.two we of course column three we have.credit column four and five we again.need to merge this seems really tedious.here and that's why I only want to do.this one time so I want to make sure.this is absolutely right and I've got.this formatted correctly okay and.everything typed in here correctly so.now I've in four and five and in four.and five I'm going to put the word grade.now the last one I'm going to put in.here is the word honor now what this is.now we'll find out in the next column.row okay in course we have two parts to.course one we have is the course number.now when I put that in it's on the left.so that would probably look better if I.centered it next I have the course name.that may or may not look better Center.that's kind of up to you but with course.name it might be better to have a wider.cell because that's more information in.there maybe we even need it over there.and maybe course number that looks about.right now credits it would be nice if we.made that a little smaller credit we.have credit hours and this is whether.you're taking one two three or four.credit class next we're going to have.the letter grade and I'm going to just.make that ltr' because that's a fairly.small thing and then I can shrink this.cell so it would appear better if you.printed this out and grade is the same.thing it's a fairly small so I could.shrink that and put in here again the.number sign if I won and I could do that.a couple of ways one would be just to.put a space number sign because this is.fairly small honor is honor points and.it looks like I could shrink that a.little bit also now I've got this.formatted so it looks fairly good okay.and I'm down through row five now what.we do from here is we're going to put in.row six seven eight nine how many.courses could you take in a semester.I'm going to assume that the maximum you.would take is sex if you're going to.take more than that you need to go more.so one two three four five six so in.seven what I want to have in there is.the I'm going to put in here a total so.one two three four five six seven and.eight.I'm going to put in the semester total.and in 14 I'm going to put in the.ferrous tote now in this I also want to.merge the cell but I'm not going to.Center at this time same thing here I'm.going to merge the cell that way if I.for any reason type anything in to be I.can't type anything in to be 13 or 14.now what goes in here this is the.critical part credit hours well first of.all course number you have to put that.in some number course name you have to.put in that send some name credit hours.you have to put that in it's unique.normally you get a letter grade but do.you ever see your number grade no well.what number grades should go in here.what we need to do here is look up the.letter in the table so we see this as an.A now I wonder how many number points I.should put in go over the table we go.down here we find the a and we see it's.4 so we would put 4 in here we don't.want to do that every time we want it to.happen automatically we'll put in this.but we want the computer to do this how.do we do that go up here to the function.or we go over to formulas either way we.go to the lookup and reference and we do.a vlookup vertical lookup.what value am i looking up it's the a I.want that to stay relative because if I.copy this formula down here I want it to.look up this letter grade here this.letter grade here this letter grade so.on the table array I want it to look up.in is letter to number and if I type.this correctly on the right here it will.show the table column index number means.I always look down the first tower the.table could be 200 columns wide when I.find a match on the first column I need.to tell it which column to take the.information from to put in here.so in our tables they're only two.columns wide so we put in the two the.range lookup is do we want an exact.match or not if I put in an a colon here.and a comma and a asterisk what should I.put over here.I should put error I want an exact match.only the things that are in the lookup.table should be used so I need to type.in false here and if I click OK and I.did this correctly it will show a four.and it says right here it's going to.show a four so it's okay so now I can.put in here B - and it changes it I can.put in a C and it changes it I can put.in a F and it changes it I can put in a.a - and it changes it so every time that.is corrected that is correct.now honor points is something students.have a.difficulty with when we calculate your.grade the total grade is the total.number of credit hours you take divided.into the total number of grades so in.order to figure out for this class how.many on approach you have so I can.divide the credit hours into the honor.points to get this I need to multiply.credit hours by number grade to give me.honor points so I have equals credit.hours times number grape and hit enter.now what I could do you won't do it.quite this way well what you would do.now is copy these down here and then you.would put something you would put the.classes you took here I'm just not going.to bother doing that and then you would.have different credit hours for each one.so as I change these to different grades.it should show different points over.here if I changed the credit hours it.should show different grades okay.and so you will put in the correct.things over here these should.automatically calculate these should.automatically calculate now if we've got.this all correct we're halfway done now.we need to go to credit hours I want to.know the semester total takes two.seconds to do this you go to the Home.tab and just double click the autosum.excuse me other points we do the same.thing now the numeric grade though we.can't total because it's weighted it's a.weighted average so what we have to do.is we have to say this equals the total.honor points divided by the credit hours.and that gives us our grade now if I go.over here what this equals since this is.my first semester is the same thing as.here right but I don't want to do two.formulas I would just want to do equals.this enter this one same thing equals.this inner and it figured out that since.I'm counting these down I probably want.to copy this formula down so it copied.it down for me now I need the letter.grade how do I find that well that's why.I had a number two letter table so I can.go here.see if while I'm in vlookup I can go.down to vlookup in quite work Chuck okay.value I'm looking up now is the number.grade I'm going to the number two letter.cable and you see that shows here I'm.going to again look up and column one.and take the number from column two big.difference here though there is no like.three point five we have to get an.approximation so rather than false here.you want it to be true that means give.me the low the approximate one and three.point five is three point three it's not.high enough for an a minus 3.7 but it's.higher than a b-plus now all I have to.do is copy that down I'm going to pause.for a second because I need to cough.again.okay resuming now if you have this all.correct we are now really in good shape.we're nearly done we then just highlight.this whole semester copy go over here.and paste.now the only problems with this is that.these columns didn't change their width.so we have to work on that a little bit.but other than that we can make this.look nice okay you make this look nice.now what's wrong with this now if I.change something over here let's change.this to three this eighty nine point.eight here and here.should change if it does this changed.well this shouldn't change but this.fact this isn't right said that I should.I had 78 here and I took got 89 now I.only have 89 I should have my original.78 plus 89 so in here I need to add.another plus the previous semesters.total and credit hours according to this.I should have 49 not 26 so again I need.to add to that the previous semesters.total now if I should take this whole.row and get rid of it because I didn't.take those classes now it should change.here so this is 11 26 36 4460 675 that.looks right over here I've got 14 more.but evidently something stiff.up here I've got 1125 43 54 63 64 78.okay so now if I change this to an a I.don't want a minus m1 an A.okay this is 12 this number went up this.number didn't change but this number.went up we have verified now if I change.this to one credit hour and hit enter.this should go down this should not this.should go down this went down this went.down this didn't so that's showing me.that I've got this correct so I.highlight it again and do a copy over to.the summer I have decided not to go to.school this summer I'm going to.highlight all these hit delete to divide.by zero errors you may or may not delete.those if you want to delete them do it.after you do the copy case you take any.summer classes now we've got our.freshman year finished we've ran our.totals everything's going good so now.I'm going to highlight the whole.freshman year and copy it down here.what's wrong well it's not freshman.sophomore.oh sorry s o P H om o RP o pH I just.misspell that SOP H there there we go.but it's also 2015 not 2014 now I just.go in here delete any places that I.didn't take classes change the class.name the course number and the letter.grades so and do well the semester.together just really hold me down now.oh something's wrong here look down here.our totals those are correct that's.because in our freshman year it was just.the semester totals once again we need.to add here the previous semester total.which would be summer add here the.previous semester total which again.would be summer and now we're.accumulating our average when we have.this done all we need to do is highlight.our sophomore year copy it down.and this time all we need to change is.sophomore to junior and 2015-2016 we.copy it down here and all we need to.change is sophomore to junior to senior.and 2015 to 2017 and we see that we.would graduate with a 3.2 average a B.with 158 credit hours and 506 honor.points we then go back and put in here.whatever classes we need to add then.we're done the key was making sure this.one was completely right before we.started copying and then making sure.when we copied it over here we made the.corrections so that these two numbers.were right when we copied it over here.and then when we copied this down making.sure these were right you need to verify.that your cumulative is accumulating and.you need to put in valid classes doesn't.have to necessarily be the ones that you.are going to take but they need to be.different so you can either use your.real-life example or invent them I think.that completes the transcript and Excel.project 3 thank you very much have a.great day.

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Quincy College Transcript Form FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions along with their answers to clear up the doubts that you might have.

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What is the procedure to fill out the DU admission form? How many colleges and courses can I fill in?

It's as simple as filling any school admission form but you need to be quite careful while filling for courses ,don't mind you are from which stream in class 12 choose all the courses you feel like choosing,there is no limitations in choosing course and yes you must fill all the courses related to your stream ,additionally there is no choice for filling of college names in the application form .

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