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How to leverage The Farm Statement Form ?

all right so we're recording I'd like to.welcome everyone to the first Wednesday.webinar of 2018 talking about foreign.financial statements which is really.timely for this time of year upcoming I.think we have webinar scheduled through.the mid summer next would be what is.urban AG divorce and farming we also.have the 2018 mid-atlantic women in.agriculture conference coming up next.month.registration still open for that we also.have the 2018 any project classes.announced so lots going on this time of.year for mid-atlantic women in.agriculture.here in the blue link Wednesday webinars.you can find upcoming events as well as.our past recordings on this website.extension you GED you backslash women.and AG would like to thank our sponsors.for the program they sponsor the women.mag program today as well as the.collaborators for this project so going.ahead and getting started with foreign.financial statements going to talk a.little bit about financial documents the.three financial documents that we use in.farming as well as enterprise budgeting.and then just wrap up the webinar by.talking about tracking costs and.expenses and some of that work or.keeping tips so this is pulled from the.business planning workbook part of the.financial planning section and the three.statements that we want to discuss today.is the balance sheet the income.statement and the cash flow statement so.these three documents are very different.they show different financial aspects of.the farm extremely important when you're.looking at the overall health of the.farm making major decisions on the farm.or talking and working with a lender so.starting off first again important and.necessary component balance sheet shows.solvency kind of that net worth piece.income statement is profitability and.cash flow control liquidity so while.each one of those.shows different types of financial.statements they show a there's a.different reason behind each one of of.them and then we call those that are.planning on or making projections those.are pro forma statements so those are.projection statements projected.financial statements are extremely.important for lenders or farm operations.or other factors may require some type.of projections and that's if you want to.say you're looking at maybe a line of.credit or you're looking at investing in.poultry houses or a green house they're.going to want to see some projections.that's where really having some good.background documents and some good.background data and then being able to.make good estimates moving forward and.to do this reviewing Enterprise budgets.and your financial statements which.we'll be talking about today.so to get started with balance sheet is.the one that shows network and it's the.one when I get my line of credit or I.call and talk to the bank send me a.current balance sheet that that's what.they asked for you guys have may have.heard that before from your bank what it.summarizes is your assets and.liabilities so it shows everything that.you own a value evaluation of what you.own and then what your debt is and they.figure out the net worth by taking the.value of your assets minus the value of.your liabilities to get that net worth.on a balance sheet they're often divided.into three categories or possibly four.categories is your current so what's due.this year so it's less than twelve.months your intermediate which is one to.ten years or two to ten years which.you're looking at some types of.machinery maybe vehicles that type of.thing and then your long-term which is.more than ten years and those are things.like mortgages you know longer-term.equipment or land payments and then.often there are there is that non farm.piece so you have kind of the farm.business and then you have the personal.so often there's an on-farm piece in.there I've seen people have kind of -.balance sheets kind of their personal.balance sheet and then the business.balance sheet and they're able to use.those you know have an on-farm section.on the balance sheet to share their.personal piece all form jobs spousal.income sometimes those are those are.important so really a balance sheet is a.snapshot of the business's financial.position and that's a certain period of.time or a certain time frame so if I.complete the balance sheet today I put.that date on it I save it as that date.when I if I complete it next month it.changes right because I've paid down.another month worth of debt so again.it's that snapshot in time so a balance.sheets.always dated.looking at this is kind when they talk.about the left and the right hand side.so you have your assets those steps are.cash available savings checking accounts.receivable so what's coming in to you.what's owed to you maybe what your.inventory is so those are your assets.you could sell those to have income your.automobiles your ownership of machinery.equipment and property often things that.are leased or that you don't physically.own they would not be listed in the.assets category they will be listed.elsewhere and on other financial.statements where liability is you have.your accounts payable so anyone that.owes you money as your expecting to come.in credit card debt notes payable.mortgages other types of loans and to do.the calculation its assets minus.liabilities equals net worth.and the net worth is where lenders would.make decisions on whether you know how.much they could loan you and what your.lending abilities are balance sheet tips.save the balance sheet by date and.complete at the same time each year if.you want to start making comparisons so.a December 31st balance sheet is often.what many people will do at the end of.the year on those ill balance sheet.December 31st - to look at that years.that snapshot and then compare over.years another tip for a balance sheet.and this is where it's difficult I know.you know when I've completed mine for my.line of credit.finding the current market values and.making sure that you're realistic with.those and we know market I just go up.and down there's a lot of information.online about how to make those.determinations you know if you have.appraisals that's great you know Kelly.Blue Book if you can pull up things like.that is really helpful you can low-cost.basis or market basis so there's two.kind of ways of doing it for cost basis.you're looking at taking out with the.cause of - depreciation for market basis.you're kind of looking at what that.market is so something like grain and.livestock you would value based on.market on the market.all right so that's a snapshot of the.balance sheet the next is the income.statement and that shows probability.this is a summary of revenues and.expenses for a specific time period it.shows your income which is receipts from.sales government payments dividends that.type of thing.expenses are your production expenses.interest taxes insurance loans so it's.your income coming in your expenses.going out it is different than a cash.flow statement because of the adjustment.section so the income statement shows a.true snapshot of profitability because.in an income cash flow statement which.we'll talk about next.you're not making these adjustments so.for an income statement you will adjust.your inventory values and so if you're a.holding green if you're say a.value-added producer and you've got.something that you have on the Shelf.that you haven't sold yet it also takes.an account accounts receivable so if you.have if you're waiting on a poultry.check or you haven't received a check.from a restaurant yet those adjustments.are made on the income statement which.makes it different than a cash flow as.well as that depreciation and capital.adjustments so there's some some very.big differences between the income.statement and the cash flow statement to.show that true snapshot of probability.to be able to calculate it you take.income one is expensive and you get your.net income and the main purpose is.determine how much income was generated.by the farm operation.you.so here is just an example of what you.would find in the categories the income.would be sales government payments.accounts receivable grain livestock.inventory so if you have those sitting.somewhere and they have a value to them.salary wages interest dividends rentals.other income expenses will be your.production expenses auto expenses.accounts payable taxes due labor.equipment repairs maintenance fuel and.insurance so those third types of.categories that will come up when you.come statement they calculate that you.would take the income minus expenses but.you do an additional calculation to.adjust for your inventory and.depreciation and that will give you your.net income or profit II for the year.some income statement tips so an income.statement is also often called the pl or.the profit and loss statement this.statement is the one that most closely.tied with your farm taxes and the way.that taxes are what I would recommend.and when people start talking about.keeping records the Schedule F I would.recommend going to the IRS website.that's here in blue and download a copy.of the schedule F there's also on this.link schedule F instructions so it gives.you a lot of information about what each.of these categories would include and.then there is a lovely I don't know.maybe publication 225 means how many.pages it's probably about 200 pages the.farmers tax guide and I would definitely.take some time to review those each year.they're definitely changes every year of.course you'll be working with an.accountant talking with an accountant.but this is a great way to help organize.the way that your expenses are and.alleviate some of the time at the end of.the year in pulling your taxes together.so the schedule s your schedule F.instructions and then the publication.225 farmers tax guide are really really.helpful.the cash flow statement includes.liquidity it summarizes all cash inflows.and outflows for a period of time weekly.monthly quarterly or yearly so you can.decide some people want to know weekly.cash inflows and outflows some it may.just be more of a monthly question and.some will extend it to quarterly and.then you can also then pull in a yearly.so across the top you would decide on a.period of time that you would have cash.flow is your checkbook accounting so it.really is what goes to your checkbook.will goes through your bank statements.the inflows and the outflows this is.extremely important because of.seasonality it does help you plan your.income and expenses over the year and.again compared to the income statement.it doesn't take into account kind of an.inventory or depreciation that you will.be including in an income statement to.show true profit II this is just if.you're able to make your payments what.comes in and what goes out for cash flow.we talked about really two statements.you have a projected cash flow to say.you know looking forward this is what I.think is going to happen and then at the.end of the year you have an actual cash.flow so right now you know January 10th.I would do an actual cash flow for 2017.so what were my inflow is what my.outflows and then I would sit down and.as I'm planning for my 2018 growing.season I would make projections going.forward with what I think is going to go.you know is what happens how I think.2018 the inflows and outflows will be.this gets better as your operation.continues as your record-keeping gets.better or more accurate you can make.much better projections and those are.very helpful when you're making big.decisions whether it's land purchase.expansion hiring you know maybe you want.to hire someone maybe you want to quit.all farm job and come to the farm.full-time.having more accurate numbers in the long.run will be very important and helpful.so cash flow statement your inflows.again much like the income statement.your product sales those receives any.sale of capital assets so if you sell.equipment as you most often it's.equipment that you will be you know that.you may have that you sell.maybe it's custom work that you do that.you get paid for and borrowed money so.if you get a line of credit that you.draw from your outflows would be.production expenses so see fertilizer.feeds things that it takes to grow your.capital expenditures so that your.utilities your fuel repairs taxes and.rent also includes your loan payments.and then living expenses often on a cash.flow statement you'll have like an.owner's drawl or something that you'll.use for your living expenses I've also.seen on cash flow statement all form.income included sometimes especially.when you're getting started that's the.only way to make the net income positive.so you could include all farm income in.the inflows as well that calculation is.income minus expenses gives you net.income.some tips for the cash flow statement.decide on the increments you want to.track so again whether you want to do.this on a monthly basis bi-weekly basis.quarterly basis and then look at the.categories of income and expenses that.you need haven't mentioned it yet but.there's a ton of templates online anyone.that's working in Excel I've seen a.number of record-keeping books where you.can just you know you can print them off.and do it by hand any of the ways that.works best for you to put these.documents together is extremely helpful.so you can decide on the categories of.income and expenses that you need and.you know say you're all crop will you.download a cash flow statement it may.have feed or livestock expenses on there.you can remove that and customize it for.you it will show when the cash is coming.into or leaving a farm and when you may.need an operating loan so that's really.helpful especially the seasonality of.farming or you know maybe you're.planting one year and you're not going.to have a harvest for two or three years.depending on you know grapes.it could be grapes or livestock.sometimes that's pushed out it'll help.you to know when to schedule loan.payments or to make capital purchases.and again projected at the beginning of.the year and actual at the end of the.year and making those comparisons is is.really helpful.one thing I wanted to say about cash.flow and really modifying it so you.understand really where expenses are and.how exact that you want to be you can.break those down into so you have a farm.cash flow statement but they you have.multiple enterprises within it you could.break it up by spring summer and fall.crops you could break it up by say the.greenhouse and the outdoor maybe it's.green and poultry so you know I've seen.a lot of cash flow statements where.product sales won't be just one lump sum.but it would be product sales and then a.subcategory underneath that would be.poultry revenue or you know farmers.market revenue maybe it can be divided.so many ways I think it's just really.important to decide how you know what.are you trying to measure and then if it.matches with the outflows.so something like green house failed you.could then pull out the production.expenses associated with the green.health pull out capital expenditures.with the green house maybe it's a.livestock and a crop Enterprise you.could split those out on however much.you want it takes some more.record-keeping but that really helps to.decide within a farm what enterprises.are doing well and what maybe aren't.doing so well that kind of takes me to.the enterprise budget and sometimes I.start with these slides today I'm.finishing with these slides but I'm a.big proponent of enterprise budgets I.think it's helpful to look at your crops.that you're growing and understanding.the variable cost the fixed cost and the.income related to each one of those so.that enterprise budgets an organized.listing of your estimated gross income.and costs for a particular enterprise so.it could be hey it could be cut flowers.it divides the clothes and returns for.each of those.and it really does help determine the.productivity of an enterprise and.whether it's something that you need to.continue with the change or to modify.whether it's beneficial to your farm.enterprise budgets on a per unit basis.so sometimes I've seen them often in a.per acre or you could go down to a per.bushel a ton a per square foot per 100.square foot per hundredweight per head.any way that you want to divide that out.into a unit and then you can start doing.some calculations this is very helpful.to do a cash flow statement so we've.done a number of case studies and the.only way to get say our feed costs is to.put together these enterprise budgets.and then we can add up our feed costs.for each of the enterprises so that's a.great way to be able to complete your.your enterprise budget and to then move.to the cash flow statement and to do a.projected cash flow statement.so on the enterprise budget it's divided.a little bit differently you do have.your income and then you have two types.of calls one is your variable costs and.these are expenses that vary with output.within a production period so an example.would be the more animals you have the.more feeds you need the more land you.have or crops are growing the more seed.that you need so they vary with the.level of output that you need fixed.costs are expenses that don't vary so.you owe these whether you're growing you.know all five acres or just one acre.you're building close your machine or.your taxes that your insurance and your.mortgage so those are separated most.often when people are getting started.they're looking at just covering their.variable costs making sure that they can.break even or cashflow that crop and.then they look into covering the fixed.cost.so to get a net income from an.enterprise budget you take revenue minus.variable cost minus fixed cost and that.gives net income again it helps you.determine your expected income whether.you're covering your variable cost so if.it costs me you know say I'm growing.asparagus.am I at least covering the amount of.seed fuel and a lot of people don't.include labor but labor that it takes to.to grow that and then you can look at.income over variable and fixed costs and.then make a decision based on that.enterprise just a little bit more about.enterprise budgets and pulling those.together you should be prepared with.specific objectives so I think income.many times especially if you're looking.at direct marketing you know how are you.going to be selling those what units and.what markets are available and how.you'll be pricing that cost for.establishment of crops so types and the.management of them receipts and costs.can be sometimes difficult to estimate.and again as you do projected and actual.you'll get better and better and the.records will get better and better to be.more exact make sure that you contain.receipts for every product and.by-product and that prices should.reflect market values and the.productivity of enterprise resources so.there's some ways to make some.estimations out there.I think AG marketing service ers they.publish a lot of the wholesale markets.you can look locally at what is being.sold MBA has that available it from some.of the farmers markets so trying to get.an idea of your prices is it's helpful.so that's really all as far as the.financial statements and Enterprise.budgets again there's many resources.available online templates to help get.you started an easy search for.enterprise budget with I usually do.extension enterprise budget and then.whatever crop I'm looking into and.there's lots of templates out there.available to help start creating these.budgets and knowing what the costs are.associated with the crops so then you.can complete the cash flow statement and.do some projections.so going to talk and wrap it today up by.looking at resource inventory these are.just some other record-keeping things to.help with having these will help.complete the balance sheet and it will.help work with your insurance agent so a.resource inventory gathers resources.physical or an expertise maybe that's.very important to your form listed here.that I'm going to briefly talk about is.building facility requirements building.in structure inventory and then an.equipment inventory and again having a.sheet of those and knowing the value of.those and assigning a value and having.just specifics of them can help for many.different reasons your accountant your.insurance agent and of course filling.out your balance sheet so building and.facility requirements these are physical.resources that that you have with what.land do you own what are you leasing.your livestock your equipment your.facilities your transportation and and.then what expertise do you have there do.you have access to and that can help you.look as you're moving forward in your.farms expanding as far as you know.there's a lot of people that may say I'm.not great at marketing I want to sub.some of that out payroll I don't want to.deal with payroll it takes a lot every.week to do that or every other week so.they're going to sub that out.so what expertise do you have internally.and what might you need externally so.ability in structure inventory this.would provide it would be a spreadsheet.or a document that has it listed each.building their purpose their square.footage any special features and then.the location of that building structure.the next will be an equipment inventory.the equipment name the model to size.your purchase age condition ownership.maybe what you purchase the purchase.price the book value the market value.again this is valuable information for.your financial statements it also can be.used in in many many other ways you know.you can add ven number to this tag.number.all of those typo systems to keep a good.spreadsheet of what's owned and then.wrapping up just looking at records.Yvgeny track and enterprise cost it's.important to understand the cost of each.Enterprise and there's a lot of.record-keeping software that's out there.and this an example this is a old.screenshot of QuickBooks Pro it's one of.the classes that we do here locally to.talk about financial record-keeping and.as you get better you work with an.accountant to get depreciation and.equipment added you can add payroll it.actually will run reports for you on.these financial statements and it can.even categorize it by enterprise.depending on the the how in-depth that.you want to get or that you need to be.but it will run your profit and loss.reports it will run a balance sheet it.will run your cash flow statement and.it's a great way to organize they do.have a farming and ranching chart of.accounts so when you set up QuickBooks.you can say you know I want to set up a.chart of accounts and it will give you.that information this is an example of.it and again you can create.subcategories and it may be hard to see.but an example here is we have insurance.you know we've separated that out by.crop insurance disability insurance.liability insurance you can do sales you.can pull sales out and you can do it by.enterprise or however keeping those.records is helpful to you.of course you can write checks using.your QuickBooks and it keeps your.vendors it keeps many things organized.you can keep invoices accounts payable.accounts receivable all on that software.farm doc is another great one especially.if you're working with grain to look at.different spreadsheets decision making.tools and and ways to set those up and.this is just the mother fast tool so.they've got the enterprise allocation.formerly and lease analysis machinery.economics again it mostly works best for.grain in corn and soybeans lastly these.are some of the resources that I've used.lots of templates out there and help in.putting them together you can download.them and then modify them how you need.you know to real things you want to.think of is number one what information.do you need and you know how much time.you can keep records on anything there.on the farm but what what do you really.need to make decisions on and you know.time ends up being often the limiting.factor so ways to make it much easier to.keep your records however that may be.here are some of the other resources.that we have my contact information we.will be posting this as well as the.slides on the webinar website so with.that I'll take any questions.you.you.

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