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Xd10 Form: Customize, Finish and forward

Hickok 45 here we've got the XDM 5.25.we've shown you all this firearm in.nine-millimeter and this one I think is.a little different it comes with an.extra millimeter or something like that.so I'm gonna take a shot and see if I.can tell what they're talking about.nice let's go ahead and smoke some pot.see if it gives us any insight let's.shoot that target yeah whatever that.extra millimeter is it goes through.paper okay drop see stop sign I barely.even hit the gong yeah it does that too.ha ha what else about a holding pen yeah.this one comes with an extra millimeter.of some sort and I look in the.instruction manual and see what that.means okay and you know if Seinfeld were.probably out of business if I hit the.circuit right you know what it is it's.the XDM 10 millimeter the these firearms.have been out in various calibers in.fact we have done the I should have.looked it up but we have done because.I'm pretty stupid bad memory but see we.did the nine we did the 40 and the 45 I.believe in this in this exact firearm he.had a couple of them at the same time.and I still have the because I bought.the a 5.5 this is back in gosh the dark.ages would get T&E guns.you know tested evaluation guns from.manufacturers occasionally and we don't.do much of that at all anymore cuz you.know get the help from buds but they.wouldn't you know send them back and all.that list borrowing but but I'm Indian.and we could buy them who wanted I.bought that I really like that nein.I mean to tell you John does too and I.say that I throw that in usually if it's.true because John sometimes it's harder.to please than I am with I don't know.he's just different you know he's.different tastes that kind of thing a.lot of his tastes are similar to mine.but when we both like a guns while.trying to say we both like one a lot.it says a lot for that gun okay because.we're both experts right okay but we're.both pretty opinionated so anyway I like.these things and so you all been.requesting that we get one of these and.so I did requested this one from buds.buds gun shop comm and they helped us a.lot as you know so hope you keep that in.mind and this will go back for you knowi.gunner but I requested the 5.25 please.like this like this lengthen and it even.in the nine I mean if it's not gonna be.a carry gun it's kind of a why not.because it's not really any heavier you.know with the cut out it's about the.same weight as the shorter version and.you get that longer sight radius so I.just kind of like it you know especially.a 10 millimeter and a big old gun like.this it's not likely to be my everyday.carry you know sorry folks in other.countries and the non free states in.this country you know you know you know.what's everyday carry me yeah I think.you talked about wallets but uh so.anyway I got the long version and it.comes in a four and a half inch you know.slide about the same way it doesn't have.the adjustable target sights on the back.the front sights the same I think and.you know other than that it's about the.same same pistol just a little shorter.doesn't have the cutout and doesn't have.the adjustable target site like this but.I just like these big long when they're.kind of fun where they're the same.weight I.I guess the four and a half would be.kind of cool too if you thought you.might carry it a fair amount maybe if.you're in the woods or out outdoors a.lot with it maybe you would want the.shorter version so I can see the appeal.of both so it was totally try win shot.looked at a Springfield for a long time.and ten millimeter is kind of making a.surge isn't it it has been doing that.it's always been popular among a certain.segment of the shooting population and.in recent years it's it's growing.it really is there's no doubt about that.you know the major manufacturers and.federal of course was there one maybe.the the major risk factor I don't know I.know that there's a loading and just.about anything.and we're a good test case for that.because we have so many different.firearms we need ammo for but from all.the manufacturers now have ammunition.you know there's there's just a not only.ten millimeter being loaded but a.variety of ten millimeter you got like.your range ammo kind of like the.American Eagle and you got hotter stuff.your hunting grounds and and then the.manufacturers of firearms of course so.many of them now we've done some lately.and there's several still out there I.get a lot of requests to the AEA witness.you know there's some others that that.we'll get around to that or making a ten.millimeter and they're very popular so.and we course we appreciate federal and.if you're not an NRA member go to the.link in the description or our website.Hickok 45 calm and enjoy at our discount.okay you know join the movement of.joining all the organizations you.possibly can always recommend you start.with the NRA and you know they're not.perfect as you know just look around the.web there's somebody complaining about.them just like they are any large.organization but you know consider that.and join our link and get a discount but.it was something else I was going to say.and I just forgot what it was so I'm not.gonna say it let's just shoot something.I've got another let's go ahead and.shoot some of this this is the trophy.bonded now when you fire this you know.you're firing a ten millimeter okay and.I've been shooting both for a couple of.days I've not had any trouble yet you.will see how it goes.I don't expect to but you never know I.bet this stuff will take out a 2 liter I.think it did try another one got hit.let's hit the gong with this stuff.[Music].[Applause].notice how fast it gets there - all.right I'll bet it'll knock the cowboy.around a little bit.all right dad what I'll March me let's.try that thing of water right here yeah.buddy.yeah you know you're shooting ten but.you know the firearm it feels pretty.good that's one reason I wanted the.longer what although again it doesn't.have much more weight if any I I have.nothing against weight when I'm shooting.a ten millimeter I'll have to say now.one thing I will tell you in my.practicing practicing in my shooting.with this it does hurt my finger you.know I get that little weird they I mean.my fingers fine I never trouble with my.finger unless I'm shooting farms are.certain triggers some of them if it's.just regular nine-millimeter or any.normal ammo I'll start to get the joint.my finger will will hurt from the.trigger.against it and but it's it's not many.it's maybe like four percent of all the.handguns I ever shoot and so it's.something about the configuration of the.trigger and if it's going to happen it's.more likely with something that has.serious recoil the model 29 Glock which.is 10 millimeter does that to me.the Glock 20 doesn't do it at all also.10 millimeters so it's kind of a weird.weird thing but it does with this this.farm just let you know so I didn't want.to be crying and complaining on camera.so I just ran and put a bandaid on which.is you just kind of it's just a redneck.way to to put a pad on my finger because.it doesn't take much protect it at all.but that helps that we're glad to shoot.and I even think about ok or I could.think about going to but it doesn't hurt.so this is pretty neat this as I say.these retail for about like seven.hundred eighty bucks so I'm not sure.what you could get one for around seven.maybe under seven and I know these.magazines at least the 10 millimeter.don't remember this with the others.gravity messes with you if you stand.them on the table like that they want to.sort of hang up if we get this one in.sometimes but it's super pretty well so.I'll shoot both some of the hot stuff.and range ammo and that that's another.advantage of this farm this caliber.being so popular this cartridge because.there's a lot of ammo and all power.factors and it's kinda like having a 44.Magnum and having 44 special that you.can shoot in it so you can shoot both.really hot stuff.moderate stuff you know a lighter stuff.whatever you want.so I'll just shoot a lot of stuff you.may not want to shoot my trophy bonded.with every round you fire and you know.you got some people that'll recoil.sensitive with you but they want they.want to shoot the big 10 millimeter.where you can put something a little bit.lighter still more than a 40 but you.know it's not the five recoiling stuff.well there did speak to what so you know.the more versatility where's mother.mae-eye Gerdes we still loaded I'll jump.listen off with some trophy bought in.the neck okay we're gonna shoot most.like or at least the trophy bonded after.this well got a bunch of ammo here let's.shoot it you know let me again it.reminds you or it gets too dirty haven't.seen one of these in a while they break.down easily if they're pretty popular.now the spring on this thing on those.that's pretty serious and yeah I've had.a hard couple times cleaned it we go ten.millimeter barrel a if you have had you.know I have kept and bought the.nine-millimeter but I'll have to say I.don't shoot it a lot if you have any of.these these five to five the XDM so as.far as I know there's not a lot of.negative stuff about these firearms.about them giving trouble or you know.maybe there isn't I haven't seen it but.not not that I have noticed so as far as.I know people are still liking these.okay I'll hold my nose right this is a.really stiff spring got it in there.right and it needs to be for 10 min.later yeah yeah notice I didn't have.that much trouble before when the.cameras rolling that's when you have.trouble that's when you become even more.awkward than you already are.so if you have the XDM series or you.have one of these and any chambering you.know you've had trouble or you love it.or whatever share because we always had.good luck with them huh as far as I can.recall I don't remember having problems.and they're good shooters they're good.shooters wait a minute even like then we.have trouble John with a 40-caliber I.think it was a souped up version or.something but the standard XDM so I.don't think we've ever had any problems.but then again it's on video if we did.so correct my memory let's go on over.there and pop an animal maybe I'm gonna.try it red plate on the left.[Applause].all right let's try the one on the right.I like that sound and that Turkey on the.top row is just making faces at me so.I'm gonna try to knock him over yeah.he's a smart aleck I'm gonna try that.pig on the left.every time I pulled the trigger I knew I.was off let's put some on the hanging.buffalo feels good that's really sweet.with up with that ammo let's just put.some in here and try something close.here okay yeah like this.all right slow down.actually it's not slowed down so much.it's gonna get a grip get control let's.put some heavy stuff in okay yeah you.know you're shooting 10 millimeter even.with that I'll have to say yeah let's.put some hot stuff in here though so you.know depending on what you've hurt this.bug you with blinking if the range or.whatever you might want the you know.range ammo but then if you want to talk.with it or or you just like shooting hot.stuff and just getting a little.tarnished I've had it walking uh try to.keep the supply of it some people just.like to it whatever they're doing we're.just going out to the range to plink ten.cans or paper they want you know just.enjoy shooting really hot admah it's.just the way it is and that's that's.part of the fun of shooting I've known.people who friend the sheets lost though.she lost 44 Magnum his hand loads and.man that he loads some barn burners up.oh I didn't like to shoot them they were.really really hot and I shoot some of.them I shoot that stuff used to shoot a.lot of it it's just not as much fun you.know unless you need to.so anyway to each his own there's a lot.of choices calibers and everything.hidden namely ten millimeter is a pretty.neat round no doubt about it you saw the.GP 100 revolver chamber and we did.recently and there were people that I'm.not commented on that look why why would.you bother why would you want that hood.you know it's just uh it's just another.option just because a company comes out.with another chamber and doesn't mean.they're saying this is better or if we.do a video on it we're not saying this.is better this is what you need now.forget that old 357.you know or whatever it's just just.another option be able several 10.millimeter firearms yeah maybe like a.revolver in it you know we're one of.these so okay now we're going to shoot.some heavy stuff you can watch me get.beat up alright pretty neat I don't have.a holster for it or I would put it in a.holster.how's that for profound alright let's.this stuff it's pretty appropriate that.we shoot the coffin feels good.very controllable.knock those plates around hey cowboy.wake up.and of course it's commendable if.someone makes a pistol that will handle.you know those are rounds and you know.the beating that it gives a pistol.these black take over a buffalo guess.I'm maybe not even hitting it ok I don't.know the sound I'm getting it sounded.like it's hitting something but didn't.sound like steel don't know if it's.still frozen and not ringing or not and.I think these print a little bit lower.so I was probably shooting a little bit.lower I'm gonna try the RAM got the.other Ram.okay I held up a little bit I'm gonna.put one on the Gong I'm gonna hold on.the top of it nice sound let's shoot.something close here I'll sip it swing.these plates I'll bet it'll swing that.baby alright calm down now hit the.target.got to actually take aim it's amazing.what can happen if you don't use the.sights get a good quick trigger squeeze.squeeze or whatever I was about to say.that okay.I got shoot a couple more of those just.to redeem myself and now let you go so.anyway it's nice that they've got this.out in the 10 and that so many firearms.were being chambered at ten millimeter.now there's more ammo available and it's.just a great time to be a shooter or a.hunter or a collector of firearms or.whatever it's just so many choices now.and you know you may have no interest in.a 10 millimeter you're not interested in.that kind of power you know you're not.it's nothing you would carry and maybe.you let go the range that much I don't.know.but everybody's different how's that for.profound alright alright what was that.oh yeah I want to redeem myself.alright it's not exactly a speed.shooting combination you know this heavy.ten millimeter but I didn't want to I.did want to make sure I knew where to.hold on this plate on the left one.yeah I know where to hold mr. cowboy.[Music].they haven't danced around notice.they're you know we've talked about lead.splatter and all that and our video on.steel targets every little piece of lead.came back and just landed on my arm I.noticed there felt something fell off my.head so you do get a little bit of you.know led you know by hacker splatter.around occasionally while you were.glasses and everything it's rare if your.steel is correct see our video what's it.called shooting steel safely okay goes.into a lot of the elements of that and.if you do get something it's not going.to be coming like right back at you it's.just gonna flounder around the air and.land on you maybe might feel something.hit your leg it's not very hard.generally speaking that's what happens.but anyways I'll show you that we have a.video on that though you always shoot.steel thrown at your own risk.okay this has been fun to shoot the.Springfield Armory XDM 5.25 with an.extra millimeter thrown in there ten.instead of nine a lot of power negatives.you know again the trigger hurts my.finger but it probably won't hurt yours.because every time I complain it with.about a pistol hurting my finger people.wonder what's wrong with me okay and.that's it that's a you write a book on.that and there are some people upset in.Italy especially with Springfield and.all that stuff that blew up a couple.three years ago and I don't know I think.it's kind of blown over but be some.people upset about that I'm sure but you.know on that and I don't if something is.deserving is deserving you know.criticism or whatever but then again we.got to be careful in the shooting.community there are some people that.they don't have a lot going on.they're not doing anything worthwhile.for the Second Amendment you know other.than running their mouth maybe and one.of their hobbies is trying to eat our.own you know so we've got to be careful.of that we've got to be careful so more.people making guns the better but but.then again you know it's our right to.say what we think right so anyway the.XDM 10 millimeter 5.25 pretty cool.pistol we appreciate you all coming to.take a look at it and watching us shoot.it I wish you could be here and shooting.it too that was a lie.it sounded good didn't it wish you all.could be here know we appreciate you.watching and we're glad you are here at.least virtually okay so a pretty cool.pistol I think I told you what it costs.and we've done these before but this.one's just a little bit different it's a.little more powerful.life is good do a little spring training.as I do here on the compound often since.I've got you here I want to remind you.to check out our friends over SDI and.Talon grips SDI is a fully accredited.online distance learning program where.you can become certified in gunsmithing.or get an associates degree in firearms.technology that's SDI the Sonoran Desert.Institute go to SDI edu for more.information Talon grips is a company.that makes grips big surprise there.right you can check them out at Talon.gun grips comm they make various types.of grips for various types of firearms.they go over your existing grips go to.the website town good grips calm and see.with all they have over there we.appreciate them and their support and.will help you support the companies that.that support us also while you are on.the internet which I assume you are at.this time go to Hickok 45 calm and check.out everything we have over there we.have links to all of our social media.our merchandise which you can find also.at bunker branding calm we have t-shirts.and hats and mugs and and drink koozies.and different things like that on social.media there is Hickok the real Hickok 45.on instagram it got 45.Twitter it caught 45 on Facebook there's.also a page I have called John.underscore he got 45 on Instagram and.John Hickok on Facebook so please check.out all that stuff out when you get a.chance but you know watch some more.videos have fun out there talk to you.guys later.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Xd10 Form online

You must be drawn to a multifaceted solution to electronic signatures for Xd10 Form. CocoSign will provide you with what you have been Searching for, a single online application that does not need any more installation.

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Here are the basic instructions you need to follow:

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Notice answers to listed questions about Xd10 Form. Find out the most welcome topics and more.

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