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temperatures.everything is good we're just gonna.boost the GPU fan to 100% for this.testing because I don't want the the.graphics card to get hot you know I'm.saying alright we pushing the OpenGL.test right now let's see what kind of.scroll we now although we gonna get.something good you know let's get.something good it says we are preparing.come on prepare faster there we go.whoo you got those two nice cars guys.you get the silver car with the black.car look at that man I wish I had a car.like that but you know are you making.that YouTube money yet so if you guys.want to donate you know feel free to go.down below and donate to me that way I.could get a nice car like that one day.dude I ride a bicycle they should have a.OpenGL test but we're broke bum like me.he's riding his bicycle down the street.trying to ram people off the road.that'll be hilarious.alright looks like we starting to.starting to get to the conclusion of.this test over here woof we got sixty.nine point forty two FPS I'm kind of.satisfied with that there's not too bad.guys.so yeah we got to 602 CB and we had.sixty nine point forty two frames per.second on the OpenGL.now when i'ma do is I'm gonna pull up.the screenshot so you can see what their.final result is just pause it if you.want to see it real quick guys remember.to pause okay 71 fps and was that 27 26.okay now we're gonna go on over to the.Cinebench our 20 test this is the more.modern and relevant test guys alright.let's start up this Cinebench our 20.test let's see what kind of results we.working with now I'm expecting that.these xeon e5 26 97 v2 s would all you.know 24 cores and 48 threads I'm hoping.it's gonna perform really well maybe.even better than some modern processors.but you know let's see let's see how it.turns out look at that Wow.look at all those little squares going.to do you know they're just spinning up.in circles this thing is really a busy.bee man it's really turning out those.tiles like nobody's business.this is this is astounding let me tell.you something I had HP z4 100 before.with the x5 690 and it wasn't spinning.those tiles that fast I'll tell you that.that's for damn sure.all right we almost done here with the.test that was a really quick test guys.so let's see what we got here the final.result turns out to be what is that.five five Oh am i reading there right.yeah that's right.alright guys so that's the Cinebench.hard 20 test now what we're going to do.is we're gonna close OBS studio or a.recording app and we're going to record.it with no apps open at all so we get.the best result and then we're gonna.take a screenshot of the final ultimate.results because the less programs you.have open you know the better your.result is alright so I'm gonna pull up.the better results if you guys want to.see that make sure you pause it on the.screenshot right now so yeah that was.the high result guys now what we're.gonna do is we're gonna do some.virtualization test guys we're gonna.pull up Linux right there's just new.Linux operating system that they came.out came out with called boom boom to.studio is meant for content creators.when boom to studio has you know audio.editing software video editing software.it's got OBS studio it's got all these.apps and programs for a content creator.let's say you're the type of dude but.you don't want to you know wait for.whatever reason you don't like Microsoft.for Intel whatever you want to get you.don't want to use Adobe Premiere Adobe.Photoshop hey guess what there's this.new thing called boo to studio it'll.help you edit your clips for YouTube.it'll help you edit your thumbnails for.your YouTube channel.it can live stream you can get all your.content situated to how you want it and.you'll have the freedom of using Linux.you don't have to worry about privacy.concerns you know you want to worry.about your Windows 10 machine getting.hacked guys so yeah this is the benefit.of using own boon to studio we are.running it using virtualization software.we using VM VirtualBox Oracle VM.VirtualBox that's a free software if you.want to test out virtualization yourself.you know let's say you've never used.Linux before guys you want to try Linux.for the first time you're hearing about.it guess what download Oracle VM Oracle.VM VirtualBox guys it'll install a.desktop and then all you got to do is.you got to download the ISO file for.Linux and then you can boot it and then.you can try it out you know and if you.like it enough.hey you know what you may want to.install Linux on a dedicated hard drive.you know it may be the future of content.creation for you all right so what is.taking this boat to studio so long if.you look on the right-hand side guys.this machine is very efficient at.running virtual machines we've only got.four percentage on the CPU utilization.we have 11 gigabytes of RAM being your.total on our machine ok the GPU is using.oh we got some Harris here oh it's heavy.it still gonna boot anyway we're just.fine what we have is we have the boot to.studio is so that I downloaded from the.website and we're booting it as a live.CD because the way this Linux operating.system works is that you can burn it on.a CD or you can boot it from a file.and you can play Ally like you don't.even have to install it to a hard drive.you can play it just like that just to.test it out or if it's actually fully.featured if you run it as a live disco.guys.okay so we are at the desk top of this.bhutesu studio now let's see if I let's.see if we give it a little try hmm do.you see me look at my stats real quick.hey memories good there we go we on the.desktop now it's got a beautiful.background you have trash filesystem.home mbutu's too you can actually.install it from there well and this is.my first time using this guys I've never.used one boon to studio so I'm using it.for the first time with you guys I'm in.some games mines and Sudoku let me see.we got audio production okay we've got a.bunch of apps there.I've heard of audacity I'm not too.familiar with how to use it so we won't.be testing in our graphic design you got.your new image manipulation I am.familiar with [ __ ] okay let's see video.production you got OBS studio I know how.to use that that's what I used to.livestream actually used all be a studio.to record some Windows 10 you can open.shot video editor Firefox this thing is.really feature pack guys you got all.kinds of features if used if you have.never used Linux before here is the.perfect opportunity guys try it out on a.virtual machine if you really like it.hey you know what you can install it to.a harddrive let's see how the Internet.Explorer works by using Ubuntu studio on.a virtual virtualized machine and you.know this is our benchmark of the.virtualization machines on this machine.if you'd if you didn't know so if you.want the best performance from your.virtualized machine guys what you want.is you want better memory I was told.that these virtual machines are memory.harms ram hogs so that's why mines has.128 I think technically this motherboard.can go up to 512 gigabytes of RAM and.that's what I recommend you want as much.RAM as you can afford I would say the.minimum you should have is 128 gigabytes.and what I found because I only have a.thousand 66 megahertz of RAM and I.overclocked it to a 1003.in 33 megahertz it works it works good.in the virtual machine but it would be.faster and more like you know it'll be.more snappier if I had faster RAM so.keep that in mind if you want to build a.dual Xeon system with a virtual machine.guys you wanted to have the fastest RAM.of ddr3 that you can afford and you want.you want it to be high capacity high.capacity Ram and you probably want an.1866 megahertz alright so we're just.going to skim through this video real.quick.let's see YouTube does work and it works.well through the virtualized machines.I'm able to hear myself and see the.video in good quality.okay let's see what are we gonna do next.here.okay so next up let's see I'm not too.good with these I'm not I've never.really edited a video on Linux before so.we're gonna try something else I do know.how to use [ __ ] but bear you know bear.with me because I literally have not.used [ __ ] in my 10 years the last time I.used [ __ ] was on our early version of.Ubuntu I don't boo to studio like Joe.Realmuto I used [ __ ] on a long long time.ago you know all right so we got some.mushrooms I think they got a nice little.icon here mushrooms Moss all right but.my understanding is gif is very.functionally similar to Adobe Photoshop.so that's what we gonna do we gonna.start a new project here okay you're.gonna do should we do 1920 by 1080 you.know what we'll do a will do a 720p I'm.thinking because you know I want to.stress the virtual machine too hard.though you just want to guess I'm thrown.up on a canvas here all right so we got.a nice little white square I should make.the virtual machine larger but hey you.know what this is good enough all right.so we got some tools hey okay we could.draw with the paintbrush all right let.me see can we delete it I'm familiar.with the magic wand from Adobe Adobe.Photoshop can we press delete if I don't.we can delete it straight from here all.right.but wait we'd find the eraser was the.eraser huh there we go.I would guess some little wiser.networking holy cow so this [ __ ] is not.too it's not really intuitive but uh you.know you do have to learn how to use it.so yeah my recommendation is before you.use [ __ ] you want to look up a tutorial.but I'm feeling we can get this if I try.hard enough me see there we go I.selected the background with the magic.wand click delete and that raised there.right we're gonna draw something again.and let's see what we can come up with.guys okay so oh my god we got all these.little tools and brushes that's actually.interesting what is this this is like a.Sun brush Sparks and we could similar.color very nice just just try to draw.Abbi.oh my god that is not to brush out my.and literally produces tiny Suns ha.we gotta yeah let's change that we got a.ball here okay here we go.and we're honest a relatively straight.line okay we got B we got a oh my god it.was like a glitch there with a line just.shot across to the hell I get that bowl.hold on we got to pull a race on we got.to we're gonna have to erase some of.that originally I wanted to show a.benchmark of me actually editing and.editing one of my youtube thumbnails but.you know because I'm so new to this this.Linux you know I'm just not able to do.that I am gonna do a separate video guys.once I learn how to really use this Ubu.to studio I'm gonna do a full tutorial.on how to use Ubuntu studio how to edit.videos on it.how do it is your thumbnails have a real.full tutorial I haven't utilize this new.system for content creation that way you.don't have to be stuck in you know.dependent on the Windows 10 or Mac you.know whatever system that you currently.use okay alright so I'm thinking we can.open this open shot video editor we're.gonna give that a whirl we're gonna see.what that's about I literally have no.idea how to use this software so don't.blame me if I'm if I can't guess I'm.going Missy I just skipped a tutorial.probably shouldn't have done a new.project you see nothing happens okay.got all of these tabs let me see if I.can throw up some effects maybe there's.like an maybe there's like a demo.footage that I can edit somehow they.could give me like just one piece of.startup footage and.import files I can't import any files.cuz I'm running a live disk in a.virtualization software ok forget that.you see all right so I don't I don't.think there's any test footage or.footage that comes with the software I.mean let me see if there's any video.files that comes on this installation.you know what I don't think I don't.think there's any video files that come.with this this software I think it's.just straight all the apps and literally.nothing else it's a very bare-bones.operating system it doesn't seem to come.with any images or videos ok that's all.right so we really won't play with the.open shot Video Editor much but you know.what there is this virtual keyboard.which is pretty cool if you want to make.some music.I suppose that's nice there's various.effects and as if there's a fully.functional keyboard so if you'd like to.make music that's fine there's also an.audio production software there's a.couple of those you see games games.there's a game here we go games we might.try some mines on sodoku hey you know we.can try I don't know what Sudoku is guys.but we're gonna try and we're gonna see.what it is easy oh my god how many times.I gotta click it oh you know what I.don't have a feeling I'm gonna be able.to do this I don't even know what all.those numbers are let's try the mind.minesweeper dude I remember minesweeper.from back in a day we got 99 Minds no 10.lieutenant let's start out of 10.okay so I exploded in I'm assuming the.numbers mean that there's this you know.things the mines nearby it okay that's a.- oh I exploded no try again okay there.we go okay.oh shoot okay you know what let's try.the 99 just for fun.yeah I heard this one is like crazy hard.okay we got a one boom oh no all right I.think I'm done here with these mines.that was kind of interesting but you.know it does get a bit old I'm just.gonna briefly scroll through ahead.through all of the applications and.various options in case you guys are.really interested in this this operating.system you see it I don't even know what.half this stuff is to be honest but I.don't I don't question that'll be good.for content creation because that's.where they sue boom Zeus to do is get.tokijin live I heard that you got we got.version we got a LibreOffice which is.basically like a version of Microsoft.Office for your work your work needs.okay so we're gonna close that out we've.tested the virtualization software guys.we've tested it we gave it a little a.little test run this works great you.know I have it had no issues no real.slowdowns like I said if you want the.best performance you want high capacity.RAM and you want it to be high speed.probably 1866 or higher all right so.we're going to be moving on now to the.next portion of these tests are you guys.ready yeah you were guys ready okay.let's move on out to the next section of.the testing here.okay guys so we are now on Unigine.Heaven 4.0 we're gonna begin this.benchmark we're gonna see what kind of.okay I want to make sure I have the GPU.at a hundred percent fan speed so we.don't get too hot okay everything seems.to be good temperature is good fan speed.is maxed all right we're gonna start up.this test guys enjoy yourselves.if you don't want to see the Unigine.test feel free to skip on over because.following this is going to be more tests.including for night Call of Duty warzone.and so on okay.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].alright guys so we now gonna be testing.for tonight are you guys ready okay I.got 1920 by 1080 resolution you see that.144 FPS and we're gonna have all the.settings on epic guys epic epic epic.epic epic epic we're gonna run at max.settings we're gonna see if this machine.can process this okay we got show FPS on.we got the video card at 100% fan speed.and this is a Red Devil RX 570 okay so.we're going to start this matchup one.thing I want you guys to remember before.we start this test is I do a hide I do.have a dual monitor setup and my mouse.is my mouse is set up so that I can.switch from multiple pcs I have this.program on my PC where the mouse once I.scroll the mouse off the side of the.screen it actually moves to a different.screen so due to that I actually won't.be able to fully play the game and then.like actually kill people but I will be.able to test out the frames okay so.we're gonna test out the frames what.you're seeing up or right-hand side of.the game but we're not gonna actually.try hard and kill people all right so we.running at an average of around 60.frames per second I want to say and this.is on the highest possible settings we.got your boy Sheldon vivace vivace snow.and king boy goat okay we can do this oh.wow I'm actually able to pull off some.shots in the game just looks amazing at.this quad everything is like epic I.don't think I've ever played four night.off fully epic settings before and to be.honest with you haven't even think it.was possible on an Rx 570 which is old.graphics card so we're running at about.15 16 % of CPU utilization the graphics.card is pretty much at 100% utilization.and we running it around what does that.say 52 degrees Celsius on the graphics.card okay how ping is around 15 okay not.bad maybe better look around see the map.so we basically going to land pretty.much anywhere we're just gonna run.around for a little bit we're gonna try.to get ourselves blasted you know once.we get ahead blast it off we're going to.switch the settings to more competitive.settings and we're gonna see if we can.push to maybe you know 144 frames per.second guys okay let's get ourselves the.landing here.okay guys so what we can try to is we.try to get this helicopter because I.believe when you sailing through the.skies in a heli that that really tests.your frame rain oof.somebody just got a helicopter no took.my helicopter you bomb so if we're.running around you know 50 something 60.frames per second it's not bad.considering we're running at epic.settings come on can I can I break his.helicopter down oh he's gonna land us oh.these are his buddies over here oh my.god I'm stuck on the any button no no.get out of it get out of the edit button.holy crap and then I head down I just.move the mouse off the screen so I went.to my other PC haha oh my god I'm.failing so hard you surely be guys this.should be how they'll get it get in the.helicopter flip it flip it.Oh get okay I'm getting in boys I'm.getting in roof I'm getting away look at.that we still got excellent frames per.second can i Ram them no they hit in the.building all right I'm gonna come up do.it I'm gonna get out of here we're gonna.fly away you know I'm gonna try to do a.spectacular crash i'ma try to crash into.the building and destroy the heli can we.do it guys oh no I I messed up at the.last minute that's okay though we.believe about to go down right now can I.find an enemy hole if not don't edit.don't hit it all right there we go and.as you see the frame rate is still.excellent and it looks great.you know I should I should have hooked.on my controller to really play and try.hard but hey you know what it is what it.is you know we got a little shotgun here.okay we're gonna test out the shooting.and jumpin shoot this feeling snappy it.looks good and and Oh someone's trying.to blast me pop I'm about to go down oh.no no no I'm dead all right so we did.pass away so now what we're gonna do.guys is we're gonna run on a series of.different settings.we're gonna run ourselves on a more.competitive set of options here okay we.can take the prop the post-processing.down the effects down the textures you.know we'll keep them DISA quality and to.your licensing off shadows off view.distance you want to be high your view.distance has to be high if you want to.be competitive because you want to see.the enemy before they can see you you.know if you put your view distance.though you do put yourself at a.disadvantage okay everything's looking.good we're gonna try to shoot for 144.frames per second guys can we get it.start praying guys start praying that.this AMD rx 570 red devil can handle the.heat and as you see guys the CPU.temperatures are still pretty good the.CPU package on one processor is around.35 Celsius okay.and our other Intel Xeon e5 26.97 v2 the.package is running around what does that.say there 39 38 yeah it's it's all it's.pretty much all under for DC you know so.we are running some really good temps.not only are we running good temps on.the processors but we're running good.temps on the graphics card as well okay.we OC what is our GPU utilization at.since we dialed all the textures and.stuff back our GPU utilization is.actually less this time around and we're.getting about huh yeah we're going.anywhere between you know going around.anyway from 1:30 244 frames per second.which is excellent that's perfect.competitive I will not be testing you.know above 144 Hertz for this test.because my understanding is you know I.don't think anybody is going to be using.a dual z on 26 97 v2 for release.hyper-competitive fortnight competitions.you know so we're not gonna be doing you.know that 240 FPS we're going up to 144.FPS and that's fine all right we got the.true j-dub we got what does that cost.the girl gave her and we got break waist.okay we can jump down.well our frames did dip a little bit as.we jumped out the bank bus but we got.good frames now so let's see GPU.utilization is not maxed so does there's.still plenty of GPU utilization to spare.we have trial and at the same helicopter.there's only the same thing different.day okay looks like I may have the.helicopter to myself this time I'm lucky.okay I have control of the helicopter.you see our frame rate we did dip a.little bit on the frame rate we're.running in like I don't know 880.something max right now it is taxing.when you and a helicopter but I suspect.once I get on the ground so yeah come on.Ram the tree Ram treat all right oh my.god my mouse is not my mouse is.malfunctioning here I can't fully turn.how I want come on I'm dead.so the frame rate was actually decent it.was all playable you know this this can.get you to 144 Hertz no problems.maybe if I lower down many of the.settings like the texture.you see it's running at 144 Hertz now.okay guys so we are now going to begin.our Call of Duty warzone benchmarks are.you guys ready okay we are running and I.think we have it set to a hundred frames.per second yeah I think we try to lock.it into a hundred frames per second I.don't know but we I am going to show you.what settings I have on this warzone.afterwards so watch the benchmark for.warzone and then following that we will.see what video settings I was using so.let's see we got a nice little squad.here we got a rumble bottom one two.three.dirty guns four eleven and we got monkey.oh my god his clan is himself.dude that is hilarious.alright Ken the duels here can't do see.on system run Call of Duty war zone we.bout to find out right now guys alright.let's spawn into the match by no means.just a comprehensive test for games but.we are going to show that it can't run.games that it can run them well alright.this is the free game test oh my god my.mouse is really malfunctioning and I'm.spinning around like a maniac holy cow.alright so my mouse is is screwing.around the reason this is happening guys.is because I have my mouse set up so.that it can switch between the monitors.of two separate computers so apparently.that doesn't work too well with the game.maybe if I lower the sensitivity may my.help a little bit.have you just popped me he just pop her.to me alright thank thank goodness that.pregame test is over let's drop into a.real match now okay guys we ready for.that real match y'all ready for this.rah-rah-rah right look at your body.Putin this jump boys okay let's do this.I'm gonna jump straight away you know.I'm not even gonna really I'm not even.gonna really play with any cohesive.strategy we're just gonna jump we're.gonna test out the frame rates and we're.gonna try to we're gonna try to get.deleted as soon as possible all right so.we running at a frame rate of anywhere.between hmm when we're up in the sky.we're getting into 70s 70s yet.when we land the frame rate gets higher.then we start pushing into the 80s and.hundreds okay yeah now that we're on the.ground we're getting okay as I'm.sprinting it's like 80s a hundred it's.okay latency around 39 to 40.milliseconds but yeah this is excellent.playable frame rates by no means is this.low unplayable you know for me anything.that's average of 60 FPS is playable.we've got some 70s right hands I'm.shooting and walking hey that's playable.it may not be the most competitive but.it is you can work with this and if I.actually go into the stands and lower a.bit I could probably bring it over 200.maybe even hundred 20 oh my god is an.enemy over there and oh my god my mouse.is messing up I'm spinning in circles.I am absolutely screwed eyes I am.absolutely screwed there's no way I'm.gonna be able to defend myself my mouse.is just going bonkers my mouse is.bonkers mental here guys how do how did.that guy not see me I'm surprised I'm.not poof you know like I look up to the.sky apparently that's about all I could.do I can see the enemy on the mini-map.he's got like a red circle oh my god.Kevin can we actually I'm probably not.gonna live more than a minute or two.here guys let me run away because there.was an enemy over there you see that's a.teammate who the teammate is too far.I can't run to him for assistance.you know what let's try to end this as.painless as possible I'm gonna try to.find that that guy and I'm gonna try to.get I'm gonna try to get beat down see.you oh my god the game looks so.beautiful man even though it's just you.know and I hope that even it was just in.the RX 570 where the duels eons like the.game looks beautiful it really does look.nice it looks better than my xbox I can.tell you that for sure guys you see the.running windowed I'll give a brief.overlook of the settings normal textures.tessellation near particle lighting high.it is definitely some stuff that we can.dial it down a bit if we wanted to.increase our frame rate oh my god.they're sure with me guys there's a.whole squad about to get gamed oh my god.there come on god I'm spinning in.circles my mouse won't work.oh my god they're probably like who is.this bot who's this clown they just beat.me down okay.oh my god I'm spinning in circles haha.it looks absolutely ridiculous alright.that was our call of leaving war zone.test guys so one of the things I would.have changed with this build guys is I.would have went with higher speed memory.instead of my thousand sixty six.megahertz memory that I've overclocked.since then to 1333 megahertz what I.would have done is I probably would.about 1866 so maybe a little bit higher.and I probably would have bought you.know maybe somewhere 256 gigabytes of.RAM you know I would have had more ram.it would have been faster you know and.that really would boost my current.machine more - than what it already has.I do have a spare gtx 980ti laying.around if i'm not satisfied with the.performance of this machine I can just.throw in the gtx 980ti.and that'll boost off the gaming.performance you know it'll boost it up.pretty good do I recommend that you.build this dual Xeon streaming PC yeah I.don't know man it there is a lot of.quirks with this Chinese motherboard if.you don't know I'm using a.one on Z X 79 - 16 D motherboard and it.did give me a lot of problems I'm gonna.tell you I've been building computers.for maybe I don't know 20 years now and.I've never had a motherboard give me so.much issues a day in my life for example.when I first put everything together and.I try to boot into the operating system.right I try to fire up the Windows 10.installation USB stick right it was like.I couldn't even I couldn't even get into.the BIOS you know I built a machine and.you know usually the first thing you.want to do is you want to go into the.BIOS you want to tweak the settings it.tries to boot straight into the Windows.installation right away and that's not.what I wanted and it it wasn't like it.wasn't a matter of pushing the right.button on the keyboard the BIOS wouldn't.even show the BIOS screen wouldn't even.show up so I had to look online on the.internet to find what the button was and.for this american megatrends bios it's.usually the delete button and i've.pushed a delete button and i didn't.matter because when you plug in when you.plug in an extra video card into this.machine you will go straight past the.bios so you can't even go into BIOS.because there's an onboard video device.in the system so what I had to do is.actually I have to take a VGA plug I.have to plug it into the mother the VGA.plugs into the motherboard into built-in.graphics right and then I have to plug.that into my monitor and then they're.then allowed me to go into the BIOS I.tweak my fan settings you know be sure.hyper-threading was enabled you know.manage the power settings and all that.you know the RAM timings and everything.but yeah that was that was the first.hurdle I had to overcome I had to figure.out how to get into the BIOS then there.was a series of others issues that went.on like one of the power settings I had.I picked performance and it was like.putting too much power so the system.once it hits light went what's it like.maximum speed the system would go Boop.it just turned off immediately because.it was just drawing so much power that I.just I guess it was unstable at first.you know another issue I ran into was.I think if I enabled hibernation or.whatever in the BIOS whenever I tried to.run these benchmarks let me tell you.something it's real hard to get these.benchmarks running when I first tried to.run a Cinebench r20 the system with it.immediately shut off and it did hit five.times in a row and it didn't matter what.I did I couldn't figure out how to fix.it and so I went into the BIOS I played.around with some settings and I believe.it was when I did when I disabled.hibernation or some other settings that.then fixed then I was able to run a.Cinebench r15 or twenty as well as some.of the titles but yet during a.livestream it turned off during the.Senate venture had turned off and i.really had to tweak things in order to.fix that and get a stable you know to.where I was working and to what I wanted.it to be so yeah you really have to.tinker with this system a lot you will.have to have it you know decent you want.to do some processor in hand you want.decent Ram this motherboard is not cheap.guys you don't want to put a low-end CPU.in here you don't want to put a.lower-end of ramen in you want good Ram.you want a good processor I would say.you want the eight cores the ten cores.or the twelve core Ivy Bridge Zeon's in.him and for the RAM sticks you want to.probably 1866 or higher ddr3 memory.I recommend the Samsung brand which is.relatively cheap nowadays but other than.that guys once you get this system built.and is right let me tell you something.it works like a dream works real whoop.it works really well.this thing is like the Swiss Army knife.of computers man it vibes streams it.plays games it does virtualization and.it's videos like you can anything you.can think of to do with a computer it'll.do it it may not be that specialist sort.of the computer where there's everything.you know exceptionally well but it does.everything and is great as a.general-purpose computer maybe even as.your main machine I'll give you an.example the gaming it's not specialized.at gaming but you know what if you.really tweak it and you want to game on.this system you can get competitive.settings and good frame.I know you can get a hundred and.forty-four on those titles especially if.you had in the video card if you saw.with my benchmarks.I was GPU bottleneck the processor was.no nowhere near being fully utilized so.you throw in a good graphics card in the.gtx 1070 you know our TX 2060 our TX.2070 you'll be good to go man you'll be.gaming at competitive settings on high.quality let me see what else the.virtualization was good I had a good.time with the virtualization sometimes.the the virtualized OS took a little bit.longer to load up but that was a problem.with my Ram Jai Ram is faster the.virtualization will be a snappier.experience ok.the Cinebench benchmarks were great I.actually beat an I 999 hundred K when my.cinnabon scores so that's good you know.this machine can edit videos it can.render you know I can do all that no.problem so my verdict ultimately is this.is a really good multi-purpose machine.you want to make this your main machine.let's say you live in India you know.China Russia whatever these 1rz.motherboards are very popular in Russia.and China and there's a reason for that.because they're really good.multi-purpose machines but it does take.a little more technical experience to.get a configure right as compared to you.know I guess some of them are American.motherboards with it where they make the.user experience a little bit easier you.know so that's it for my video guys.please leave a thumbs up if you like.this video and I beg you to leave that.thumbs up because it definitely helps my.channel grow every thumbs up brings me.closer to being you know promoted by the.YouTube algorithm and please leave a.comment because there helps out as well.if you guys got any questions about the.xeon motherboard let me know down below.and I'll answer them as best as I can.because I now have a wealth of knowledge.about the Xeon dual xeon chinese.motherboards so please come and ask me.the questions because i'm one of the.only americans here i'm probably one of.the first Americans on youtube to make a.video on this dual 1 9 ZX 79 60d.motherboard so I know more than.anybody else all right guys leave that.thumbs up drop the comment and subscribe.if you haven't already because I got a.lot more videos coming guys I'll see.y'all in the next video.

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