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How Do You Get Disenrollment Form and Sign It On Phone?

hello everyone out there this is your.girl black and indigenous American this.video I've been contemplating for maybe.two or three years now but I'm at the.point of my life now I really don't care.so I'm going to go ahead and give my.opinion no I am not enrolled in a.Farrell federally recognized tribe.nation what have you but I want to give.you my opinion anyway there's been a lot.of talk about the Cherokee freedmen I'm.not even going to get into that I have.nothing to do with that and it is what.it is but right now I am disgusted with.how some tribes are dissing rolling.their tribal members some say it's.greedy.some say well they don't have enough.tribal blood to be in our tribe she or.he may or their family may be less than.a quarter percent of such a such tribe.but their family lineage is mixed with.other American Indian tribes or in.American indigenous tribes but just.because they don't have enough tribal.blood they're being kicked out left and.right this is becoming a trend and I'm.disgusted I really am disgusted now each.tribe is his own sovereign nation they.do as they please but my thing is the.true members are those tribes you would.think they would see some injustice.going on and they can vote out certain.tribal representation in their tribe you.would think or do they feel pressure to.let things stay the way they are because.they're getting their cut and they don't.want to ruffle any feathers.and be kicked out as well I'm thinking.about this tribe out in California.they've disenrolled quite a few members.in that tribe yet they have direct.connection with the tribe through their.maternal grandmother side of the family.they've been a huge addition to the.tribe they'd be given their time and.things of that nature and that side of.the tribe those family members of being.kicked out.what happened kicked out it's just.disgusting because I'm right okay a lot.of people they don't know anything.outside of the reservation or outside of.their community and for them to be.kicked out shun - almost what about the.next generation now again I'm not.federally recognized by any tribe any.nation and I know how hard it is to.embrace and to understand certain things.within my community and learning this.stuff later in lives culture wise not.the blood but culture wise learning.about this stuff later and life is not.easy and even language for instance I'm.learning my native tongue on my own I.mean that's not easy if you're learning.it on your own and you're not.interacting with other people who speak.the same language yeah it's difficult so.you have a handful of people that got.kicked out of a particular tribal.community.I can't even imagine like being able to.live in that culture and then the next.day you're kicked out what is that.now some people are some people are.blaming it on greed with gaming.I'm sure Potter that has a lot to do.with it some people are saying well.there there are people who are not.legitimate and that's why we have to.kick them out and their descendants I.can understand as well because you have.some people that want the jump on the.bandwagon so they can get a check so.they can get benefits while the real.members of that community are not.getting it and or they're being they're.not getting the full benefits that they.should get because somebody else is.taking it so I get that so there's.different press there's different.perspectives different angles to this.issue but I'm going to speak on behalf.of someone who is disappointed and how.certain tribes are treating their.members who have a right to be.considered a member of that tribe and.they're being kicked out because they.don't have enough tribal blood tribal.blood that's what so many members of.particularly tribes lest if you only.have 500 people in this particular tribe.and you have 200 people in this.particularly tribe and 300 people in.this particular tribe or whatever I mean.it's bound to happen what are you gonna.do Embree forever or are you going to go.to another tribe and branch out and.still be Native American still be.indigenous.to this particular piece of land but.have your offspring having connections.to two or three or even four different.tribes you know in a tribal whatever.what's the issue with that and then I.think about it I think a lot has to do.with the gaming in that particular.situation in that particular scenario.because if you are a 100% Native.American and whatever you want to call.it but you just tribally mixed you have.different tribal connections within your.DNA and then you get kicked out because.you don't have enough tribal blood this.particular tribe versus that particular.tribe yeah it boils down to gaming I.don't care what nobody said and again I.have my opinion no I'm not connected to.any particular federally recognized.nation but I'm gonna speak what I want.to speak this is my channel so those out.there don't want to have something to.say whatever I'm gonna say what I want.to say and from the outside looking in.that's exactly what it looks like it.looks like gaming has a lot to do in.that particular situation when people.who are 100% Native American or.ninety-nine percent or eighty percent of.whatever they have a significant a huge.significant amount of blood but just.because they don't have 25 percent.Native American blood for that.particular tribe that they promise.raised up in from day one okay that's.the particular tribe they were raised up.they know the customs and everything.that was passed down from generation.generation you know and then all of a.sudden oh you don't have enough trial.blood you got to get out yeah.that is so wrong I mean morally wrong.morally wrong and these people are just.being cut off left and right left and.right.people saying oh it has a lot to do with.politics ferrets that are connected to.certain leaders in that particular.nation.family feud's okay this particular.family having a Mon this particular.family maybe it was a generation or two.back and they still bickering and they.have some one in a political platform or.on a political platform that's the voice.of the nation kick them out and then.think about it if it if it's boil down.to the money boil down to the money and.you have a small amount of people that.are members of that community that means.the piece of that pie is bigger and.bigger and bigger so those who actually.getting the checks cut out to them every.month via gaming why would they say.anything why would they say oh this is.this this is a disgrace when they get.fifteen twenty twenty five thousand.dollars a month per family member in.that tribe when they see this injustice.going on within their community why.would they say anything because that's.what cut off their benefits for those.who are turning a blind eye right this.is very frustrating for me again because.I'm just thinking about how difficult it.is for me and for a lot of people in my.particular situation who are forced to.show the paper trail versus someone else.but then you look at that people you.look up hey ain't no doubt a Native.American and most people don't care.whatever not even really thinking about.their particular tribal connection but.then deep you know behind the scenes.you're seeing another layer another.of confusion going on and that's not.have enough tribal blood Knight Native.American blood tribal blood so I would.say maybe about September that's coming.up September be two years since I.attended a session on blood quota and.doesn't really matter and it was at a.local museum not too far from where I.lived and you know the others Native.American blood you know you have the.Cherokee freer and there was a few.represent representatives there who.spoke on behalf of Cherokee freedmen and.and their disappointment and how things.have been within their community but.then then the panel also spoke on tribal.blood and see this I think has been so.far under the radar and not really.talked about in public for the rest of.the United States to understand and I've.seen that on my tribal blood but their.Native American oh but they're not.they're percentage of Native American is.not enough to be a member of this tribe.so if you have a child or let's say a.grandchild or even great-grandchildren.they have a mixture of four or five.different tribes in their bloodline and.is it Native American maybe a couple of.white folks was up in there whatever but.for the most part Native American hands.down and then when it comes to that.generation they can even enroll or be.considered an enrolled member of any of.those tribes not one because their blood.is not as strong for one particular.tribe but yet they're Native American.what in the world so the sister.has been set up it's a joke the system.that has a set up is a joke it's one.thing to keep people out of their.community who are just leeches I call.them leeches they have that 1% of Native.American blood and they run with it and.for whatever reason they get a pass.right those are the people that I can't.stand those are the people that make it.hard for everybody else they make it.hard for everybody else people that look.like me we have a hard time and then you.have people who don't look like me and.don't look Native American and they get.a pass right they can claim minority.benefits right when it's convenient and.Monday through Friday.they Billy Bob and Susie Ann and on the.weekends they eagle feather in blue sky.right I'm just thinking about this lady.she's a politician a senator my name is.Elizabeth Warren I'm not gonna talk too.much about her but let's just say I am.not fond of her and for someone like her.to claim right claim that she's Native.American or whatever she's considered a.minority and get minority benefits but.not even enrolled in the freaking tribe.but nobody better I that's what I can't.stand so when you have tribes who that.are federally recognized when they keep.people out left and right that's their.product of their sovereign and that's a.hard pill to swallow but it is what it.is their sovereign.I get it took me a while to get to this.point but I get it what I don't get is.the leaders of those tribes who are.taking advantage of those people who.have a rightful place in their community.and just because they don't have enough.whatever tribal blood they're being.kicked out left and right and they.literally have to try to prove on paper.like everybody else even though their.family been there for generations and.generations have been contributing to.the community for generations and.keeping the customs and the culture.intact for generations keeping the.language intact for generations and.generations and generations and they can.kick down left to right if that ain't.crazy if that's not greed I don't know.what is so this video is about my.frustration with tribal governments that.are taking advantage of their native.american by blood tribal members and.ain't talking to my people like myself.obviously I have black blood in me I'm.talking about those people that have.lived in the culture there all the way.back generations of whatever they're.glued to the culture they know the.language the customs and all of that and.being kicked out unfairly by their.tribal government and we follow the.money you're gonna follow and you're.gonna find the source of this.disenrollment business so yes again I.have an opinion and yes it's taking me a.minute to be comfortable to talk about.it because I'm kind of on the outside.looking in but you know you're wrong.and for those who turn a blind eye I.don't know what to say I really don't I.don't know what to say a lot of them.they may not necessarily have the.education to be able to get a regular.job outside of their community and take.care of their family right.so they've always depending on the.community takes a village right it takes.a village to raise a child it takes a.village to survive without having your.own house and car and money and stuff.for a regular job so if you're used to.living in a type community like that.that's gonna be tough trying to live on.your own and this crazy us a type of.culture cuz typically and it depends on.the region you live in everybody is.trying to survive on their own I live in.a neighborhood right now I only know.like one one family in this neighborhood.cuz they live right next door and.they're friendly.the folks on my left they throw up the.hand a smile I'd do the same I don't.know them I don't know their names so we.all are just living for ourselves we all.are trying to make it on ourselves we.all have a job or owned a business or.something for ourselves and our own.families and a lot of us we went to.school we got higher education which I.have mixed feelings about but for the.most part we try to go further with our.education book smarts which I feel like.after spending so much money in school.higher education and such I learned so.much outside of school than I did in.school or whatever the point is.employers they look for that on your.resume they look for that in your.background.so if people within tribal communities.who are used to the culture the customs.the language all of that stuff and then.having to actually start a new life.being kicked or disenrolled and they.don't have that connection in some cases.many are being shunned almost like the.current members of the community don't.keep in contact with them that's rough.that's rough so anyway like I said it.took me a while to speak on this cuz I.didn't want to say too much about it.number one because I'm an outsider to.most people and number two I wanted to.learn a little bit more about what was.going on I mean here it is 2013 and I.would say going on 10 years now since.I've been really more more diligent more.observant within the Native American.community and there's obviously multiple.nations and everyone has their own way.of doing business but for the most part.so I've been reading up on a lot of.things I'm connected with people up and.down the East Coast so yeah anyway I'm.gonna go ahead and in this video and.again I really didn't say much about the.Cherokee freemen or tribal communities.that have significant amount of mixing.with blacks and how they're seen among.other tribes that federally recognized.for instance like.Narragansetts and I'm wiping off people.and things of that nature you know they.definitely have black blood present in.their their family tree however they're.very very much connected to their tribal.culture and I have to say that I'm very.impressed and I think there should be.more community such you know like that.again they they're in the Northeast.there they're further north and you know.for the south and for the West out you.know a lot of people they try to.disconnect from black folks because of.you know the stigma and things of that.nature but anyway big ups to Denari guy.sensei know wanna wanna wanna ma one.wanna box people and i wish i can go out.to their powwow a September on Long.Island but I just I just financial.cannot do it right now but I've said it.before and I'll say it again I am done.with attending cultural functions that.do not represent people like myself I.want to continue to support functions.that they're people that look like me.and there are people who accept people.that look like me I'm kind of over you.know going to events and it's just.bathing and biases and racism towards.people that like me towards people with.my mixture so I just choose to not.participate and I choose to support.communities that that support their.members that look like me so anyway I'm.done with this video.I can go on and on and on it's.definitely an uphill battle and I just.really feel for those members who are.just being just kicked out because they.don't have enough tribal blood not.because they don't have enough Native.American blood it's because they don't.have enough tribal blood that is just.ridiculous it really is and then I could.go only one about natives who went out.to urban communities to go to work in.school and how many of those people.don't have federal recognized.recognition from their communities as.well is in their blood they are who they.are but then they're kind of shunned.almost because they went and got.education and they went and got jobs.outside of the reservation where I.started a tribal community there are.laws in place or there were laws in.place I'm thinking more so in the.southeast of the US where if a person.was pursued or family was pursued as.Native American but they also had you.know they were mixed with black or.whatever as long as the white folks in.the community said oh they're they're.Native American they're you know they're.Indian then it was okay so in in.documentation they were listed as Native.American however if those natives mix.will black decide to leave the.reservation or decided to leave their.community their tribal community and.they disconnected from their tribal.functions and such then they were.removed and they don't have voting.rights and things of that nature.it's just a shame how the system is set.up it's a shame because Native Americans.in from what I gather they're the only.group of people who have to prove who.they are and who are restricted on where.they go and where they live.if it's crazy it really is it's just it.just doesn't make any sense to me yet if.you're let's say Asian like my.mother-in-law is Vietnamese that woman.is still Vietnamese regardless of where.she lives in the world she is Vietnamese.now she has an American citizenship so.she's Vietnamese American but she's.still Vietnamese by her moving to United.States that does not erase her.Vietnamese identity she speaks the.language she eats the food she's.involved in Vietnamese functions and.things of that nature she has some.relatives that move out this way so.she's really nice and she doesn't have.to prove that she's Vietnamese in my.opinion people that have to prove who.they are for the most part Native.Americans it's because money is involved.land is involved and I believe that if.land and money wasn't involved and if.the United States didn't have interest.in it.who would care no I don't care nobody.would care and there will be less.families breaking up and less.communities kicking up a fuss out of.communities over such now nice and there.weren't any quarrels and you know people.leave in certain bands of a nation and.moving on somewhere else or getting.accept into another tribe it happened.people argue but you know what I mean so.in my case if I go anywhere I've been.mistaken for other races and mixtures.and stuff like that but you know it is.what it is like I could probably put.down I'm Hispanic if I wanted to but I'm.not because I'm not culturally Hispanic.I'm not I'm not culturally latina I.wasn't raised in you know a Hispanic.household.um one more comment an old acquaintance.told me in order for her to get a low.interest rate on her home refinance she.was told that she should put down that.she's Hispanic that she's a Latina and.then that's how she was able to get a.low interest rate instead of putting.down black she's from New York City and.when it went in for her to be able to.get a lower interest rate she put down.her race as a Latina Hispanic that's how.she was able to get a good deal if that.ain't crazy I don't know what is but.guess what they couldn't prove it they.couldn't prove that she wasn't Hispanic.but yet as a Native American if you're.trying to get benefits you know whatever.you might have to prove it and you got a.lot of people out there who destroyed.records didn't write down the right.ethnicity at birth you had a lot of.people who were illiterate didn't spell.the names correctly in the records the.list goes on and on and on you know but.anyway I'm gonna end this conversation.be blessed and thanks for listening and.thanks for watching bye bye.

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Disenrollment Form FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the Disenrollment Form are:

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