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Guidelines with regard toKiznit Character Sheet Form

you may think you know d d but guess.what nerd you don't not until you.understand what the [ __ ] is all this.[ __ ] what is this what is this.why do i need to know animal handling.the [ __ ] is arcana the [ __ ] are hit dice.what's a proficiency bonus why are.electrum pieces so stupid we'll strap in.for a formal education ass hair i'm.gonna re-teach you how to do math.because let's be honest you still use a.calculator to add and subtract single.digits welcome to a crap guide to dnd.this is your character sheet your.character cannot exist without it.however it doesn't always have to look.like this it could be a simple flash.card a scribbling in a notebook or an.app on your phone if you like being.spoon fed like a baby who laughs at the.phrase pee pee poo poo watermelon and.when playing as a character in dnd you.will refer to the character sheet.whenever you have to roll the various.kinds of dice that decide the outcome of.your actions many are intimidated by.this mighty thingy's magnificence but.mourn them ye shall not for they be weak.ass [ __ ] it looks like a whole lot.but get a hold of yourself and take it.one step at a time the first person to.voluntarily stick something up their.butt didn't get anywhere by crying about.how intimidating it is to stick.something up there but they just did it.and look how far we've come first of all.at the top we have the basics name class.race background and dumb buzzfeed quiz.results these things will determine.later things so don't worry about those.things until we come to them later if.you don't know what you want those to be.yet that's okay we can mosey on over to.this tower of pimps which will be the.most important part of your entire sheet.ability scores these are your basic.stats the strengths and weaknesses of.your character and the main determiner.of whether you're going to be snooping.or spooping when dungeoning those.dragons.strength is your strong heaping muscles.how much [ __ ] you can carry how well you.can push or pull heavy objects and how.well you can make your pecs dance.it also determines the weapon damage for.most melee weapons but we'll get to that.later.next is dexterity the little [ __ ].version of strength it's your hand-eye.coordination reflexes and balance and.how well you can hide your handheld when.you hear mommy and daddy stomping up to.your room like godzilla where strength.is about how you can plow through a.table being thrown at you dex is about.how you can limbo walk under it decks.can also be used with what are called.finesse weapons which lets you pick.between the two physical stats when.rolling attacks and damage in case you.skipped arm damage constitution is your.general vitality how healthy you are.your endurance and is used for roles as.frequently as a millennial eats.breakfast it mostly only affects your.overall hit points but it's still fairly.important and can be treated like the.amount of candy in your pantry you only.realize how little you have once you see.somebody else with lots of it.intelligence is dumb that is unless you.pump it up for big galaxy brains and.become smarter than the average bugbear.it's used for general knowledge based.checks involving things like recalling.info and history magic religion and most.importantly defeating things with facts.and logic to generalize it's book smarts.you know a lot of things it's also used.as a spellcasting modifier for both the.wizard and artificer classes oh don't.worry we'll get to spellcasting later.impatient [ __ ] wisdom is one that.confuses a lot of people because they.think it's just like intelligence and.i'm willing to bet those are the kinds.of people who think cheese and.mayonnaise can co-exist on a sandwich no.wisdom is more your street smarts and.also general senses.it's knowledge based on practice and.experience no not that experience and.it's the difference between knowing if.the plan is poisonous and knowing that.the person who told you it was poisonous.lied about it because they don't want.you finding their beloved lemon tree yet.damn lemon [ __ ] it's also the casting.ability of clerics druids and rangers.finally is charisma how to tell if your.character.[ __ ] it can mean anything from your.general likability to approachability to.public speaking ability to betting.ability it's your charm your confidence.and general away with people whether it.be luring them into a trap or.aggressively scaring them so bad that.they actively jump onto the trap out of.fearful compliance and it's the casting.ability for bards paladin sorcerers and.warlocks because remember you got to.look pretty for the boss patron if you.want to get that big eldritch bonus now.that we're done covering ability scores.we can go over how you get them and.there are three generally used methods.if you're a wee baby who needs to.meticulously make your perfect oc or.else it won't be faithful to your.precious self-insertion there's a point.by system which works like a basic video.game all your stats start at 8 and you.have a pool of points usually 27 to.distribute between them all with the.cost going up to 2 points per ability.score increase higher than 13 and the.cap being at 15. if you hate math that's.too bad because there's going to be.loads of it later but if you want.slightly less of it there's also.standard array which gives you the.numbers 15 14 13 12.10 and 8 to arrange on any of your.scores but if that's still too much.choice and you want to put your.character into the grubby hands of arn.jesus there's the most widely known.method which is rolling for d6 and.dropping the lowest number this can get.you scores anywhere from a whopping 18.to a poopoo dookie 3 if your dm is a.sadist and doesn't do grace rolls but.often results in overall chunkier stats.whatever method you do each number.corresponds to a second number whoo.boy are you overwhelmed yet you have to.keep track of two whole numbers what a.crazy catastrophic conundrum well don't.you worry your stubby earlobes because.those big numbers aren't really that.important their main purpose is to.determine a smaller number called a.modifier which means you can totally.ignore this number when you actually.start to pillage the village there's a.fairly simple mathematical equation to.figure out what each number's bonus is.but i know you're a dumb dumb silly.pants so here's a chart now will you.stop crying about it the reason the.ability modifier is important is because.it's what you add to your dice roll.whenever they're applicable so if you.have a lot of strength you're going to.get a little extra oomph whenever you.need to punch the vending machine when.your chips are stuck have low charisma.and you're going to have a hard time.convincing the janitor that you weren't.the one who broke it keep in mind you.could still roll great with low stats.and roll badly with high stats but.having high ability modifiers makes it.so your rolls are more in your favor now.that you have your scores all placed and.your modifiers figured out now we can.determine where those modifiers go which.means we can look at this spaghetti.jumbling mess.of words now don't go running to mommy.calculator just yet it's so easy even.fighter man can figure it out at the top.here are your saving throws these are.your defenses and resistances the.various bad bads that want to smush you.up and turn you into a turd things like.trap's area of effects most spells and.that little voice telling you that.you're making poor decisions you don't.roll these on your own most of the time.instead your dm will ask you to make.them whenever you're put in harm's way.and you see these little spaces that's.where your ability modifiers go.that's right this way you can refer to.these numbers to add to your roles.whenever they come into play look how.smart you are i could just give you a.wedgie right now.next are your skills these are the.various different capabilities your.character is able to do in a regular.game of d d and each one is affected by.your ability scores just like your.saving throws and just like your saving.throws there's this trusty little space.for you to put your awesome stalking and.or poo do modifiers and how can you tell.what ability mod goes where while you.foolish mortal wombat just look at this.helpful little parenthesis that tells.you what it's attributed to go down the.list and now you have a reference for.what your character is good or terrible.at got high decks well congratulations.your sleight of hand means you can cheat.at poker better bad.intelligence well then you're probably.not going to know who president dingle.bloopy noop is during the history.segment of are you smarter than a kobold.now we're not quite done yet with this.llama lot we gotta go over what.proficiency is.proficiency proficiency is what.separates the fake gamers from the.hardcore top 500 ultra platinum uber.pros and you can find it in this little.dingle starting at level one your.proficiency bonus is two and it.increases as you level up more and more.basic gist it goes up by one every four.levels this number is added to anything.you are proficient aka trained with and.as far as saving throws and skills go.this will be signified by a little check.mark and which ones those little check.marks go into is determined by a.combination of your class background and.on rare occasion race for example a.fighter has proficiency in strength and.con saving throws so what.what bam add those numbers they also get.to choose two skills to be proficient.with from this list according to the.parrot hambone normally you would pick.your own but here we're just going to go.athletics and perception.let's say you're also a hermit you get.these two skills to be proficient.always remember whenever you're.proficient with something it means you.get to add this sexy number on top of.whatever appropriate ability modifier.that's added to the dice roll you make.proficient in athletics roller d20 add.strength mod add proficiency bonus.and if at any point you forget what.you're proficient in just refer back to.the player handbook for your race class.and background congratulations you now.know how 90.of dungeons and dragons works you.feeling smart yet you feeling like you.can wrestle a spider cow well sit the.hell back down because we're not done.yet.combat now that we're done with the stat.portion of the character sheet we can.look at the combat portion this section.is what you refer to when your dm says.clickety clackety you're about to get.attackety up at the very top left is.your armor class or ac for short this by.default is 10 plus your dexterity.modifier no i said the modifier not the.score pay attention however this can be.increased by the different types of.armor whichever one you start with will.depend on which class you pick next is.initiative whenever an encounter begins.initiative is rolled and determines who.goes first and who stacks dice for the.next half hour this number is the same.as your dexterity modifier and is added.to your initiative role at the beginning.of an encounter and this last little.block is speed which is how much you can.move across the checkerboard each turn.each square equaling five feet of.movement if you're normal and use the.imperial system and is initially.determined by your race or how well you.can try to convince your dm that your.character ran track in high school below.that are the hit points maximum current.and temporary your maximum hit points is.like an anime fans figure shelf after.about two conventions you can try to fit.more but we all know any extras are.gonna have to sit on your desk next to.all your empty cups it's determined by.your class each one having its own size.of hit die plus or constitution modifier.because dnd is a communist game and.believes in universal healthcare at.first level you always receive the.highest possible role for hit points but.for every consecutive level you can.either roll for it or take the coward's.way out and take the average increase.instead and then your current hit points.are pretty obvious it's the amount of.blood you still have inside your body at.the moment reach zero and your character.skips 50 seconds ahead of this video.lastly there are temporary hit points.which go above the maximum hit points.and you only ever get on special.occasions via spell special abilities or.the local grandma lizardfolk just made.you a delicious bowl of her legally.ambiguous performance-enhancing herbal.soup keep in mind a couple of things.temporary hit points are kind of like.the skin-tight leather jackets from the.90s x-men movies in that they don't.stack on top of each other and you have.to pick which one you want to keep if.given multiple of them and if you're on.the floor dying from a stab wound.putting it on won't magically stitch it.together and what are these two lonely.boxicles well my stupid student they're.yin and yang two sides of a coin one for.when you're alive and the other from.when you're unalive the former being.your hit dice you have as many of these.as your player level and can spend them.whenever you take a sit for as long as a.single episode of a netflix original.show to recover your hit points what.size of hit dice is once again.determined by your class and you get.them back whenever you binge an entire.season's worth of a netflix original.show but what do you do when you're.bleeding out while dressing a 90s.teenager's idea of a sexy badass.superhero if your current hitpoints ever.reach zero you have to look over on this.touch deprived box and start rolling.where you gamble with grim each turn and.roll your most well-behaved d20 to see.whether you luck back to life or have a.very awkward reunion with those bandits.you killed five minutes ago roll a 10 or.higher and you gain a success nine or.lower and you get a failure two failures.if you drop a fat stinky nat one.three successes or a lucky twenty and.you hop back to one hit point three.failures and your character sheet.becomes the dm's ass wiping supplies.attacks this section is where you throw.in all your various flavors of stabs if.you have a weapon or attack of some kind.you write it in here and refer to it.during combat say it's a sword and.shield yes both you would write down the.name of the weapon here then next to it.is the attack bonus aka how accurate.your weapon is no.not the damage this number is determined.by your strength modifier for most.weapons unless it's a ranged weapon like.a bow in which case you use your dex mod.instead or if it has the finesse.property which allows you to pick either.on top of that if you're proficient with.that weapon you can add that good old.bonus to it too.but how do you know if you're proficient.with a weapon let's put a peen in that.alternatively if it's a spell attack.like eldritch your attack bonus becomes.your spell casting ability modifier.let's take a bard for instance which is.the [ __ ] stat plus your proficiency.bonus whenever you roll a d20 to see if.your attack lands you get to add this.number to the total alternatively.alternatively if it's a spell or special.item like a bunch of ball bearings.thrown in attempts to recreate home.alone that requires the enemy to make a.saving throw you can put the saving.throw and difficulty class there instead.but how do you know what that number is.we're gonna put a peen in that too shut.up once you have that number to the.right of it is the damage rule aka how.aggressively you're going to introduce.the enemy's face to your sword this is.included in the description of whatever.weapon or spell you are using whether it.be a light jab at their insecurities a.proverbial pounding in pornographic.proportions or.86 fire damage in a 20-foot radius just.final.most weapons also include your strength.modifier to the damage unless once again.it's a ranged weapon which uses.dexterity or a finesse weapon which uses.either the difference being that you.don't add your proficiency bonus to this.rule unless something says otherwise and.most spells don't add any additional.modifiers unless their wall of text.explicitly says so and lastly make sure.you include what kind of damage you're.dealing so your dm can know that your.psychic-damaging vicious mockery won't.do much against a revenant because their.self-esteem is already in the grave to.recap when you attack roller d20 add.this number which is these then if you.hit the enemies ac you roll these and.add this number which is this.spell casting we're gonna take a little.break from the main sheet to look at.this sheet that has a list of all your.accomplishments oh look at that it's.blank this is a spell sheet if you're.playing a character that's capable of.casting spells then you're gonna take a.gander over to this sheet whenever you.cast them up here at the top you can put.your spell casting class in case you're.absurd and tend to forget which spells.go where your casting ability which will.depend on the class your spell save.difficulty class and your spell attack.bonus so hey remember that peen we put.in for spells in your attacks well it's.time to unpucker that sucker because.here it is the spell save difficulty.class also known as dc.this is referred to whenever you cast a.spell that requires the enemy to make a.saving throw and how this is calculated.is 8 plus your cast mod plus your poff.bone once you've got all that figured.out the rest of the sheet is for keeping.track of all your spells and slots you.write down the spells you have for each.level how many slots you have total as.well as expended and if you have the.spell prepared or not note only certain.casting capable classes apply please.refer to the player handbook or any.other supplementary book regarding your.class to find information on what.methods you have to go about obtaining.and preparing spells what unsure of what.spell slots are because your brain's too.smooth we'll sit the [ __ ] back dit you.get and listen up the weakest level of.spells are called cantrips or sometimes.level zero if you don't care about.hurting their feelings and they can be.cast as many times a day as you want.first level spells and upwards however.require a resource called spell slots to.be cast or else you'll have to find out.the hard way that casting thunder wave.without having your beauty sleep will.make the life or death battle with the.underlord of darkness a lot less epic.and a lot more smelling like last.night's kebabs and if the name spell.slot makes things too confusing for you.you can use my personal preferred name.for them mage bullets.how many mage bullets you have per spell.level and how you recover them is.determined by your specific class and.levels so just like 99.of this entirely redundant video if you.want more information it's best to read.the parking himbo and keep track of your.goddamn slots.because if you don't and just so happen.to be able to cast five mage hands a day.under section 3 chapter 1 paragraph 12.of the code of gelatinous noobs the dm.has full rights to eat your dice.characteristics after looking in the.mirror and taking some serious.self-reflection after the apocalyptic.chasm of the divide of the fan base that.was 4th edition of d d which is of the.co started to take into consideration.for the next version of d d what.gameplay features they wanted to invite.to future parties and what gameplay.features they needed to take out back.and tell to think about the pretty space.butterflies one such old yeller victim.was the virgin alignment shark being.completely overshadowed by the chad.personal characteristics each one being.a useful tool to remind you of your.character's interests motivation.shortcomings and sexual fantasies you.never know if you're gonna end up having.to [ __ ] your way out of a problem so it.helps to be prepared and know exactly.what position would be the most in.character personality traits are the.broad strokes of your character likes.dislikes interest manners whether or not.they think something's a soup or a salad.ideals are their drive their principles.and what they vote for during election.time or if they don't care about voting.at all and prefer to stay home to catch.a once-in-a-lifetime live marathon rerun.of animal planets the most extreme bonds.or personal attachments and experiences.they've had it could be a good friend a.fond memory or your favorite.glow-in-the-dark bouncy ball that always.seemed to bounce a little bit weirder.than all the other ones and lastly flaws.which 99.of the players don't actually understand.and will probably put something.inconsequential like clumsy not me.though because i'm flawless and perfect.oh you don't think so well could a.person with weaknesses do this.all of this other [ __ ] now remember that.peen we put in wondering how you know.what weapons you're proficient with that.goes down here by the way and that along.with basically every other section we've.yet to cover can be figured out in this.next part which is what i like to call.the copying it over from the book.section of the character creation.because that's basically all you do for.the rest of the sheet i gotta pick a.background check the player handbook.what proficiencies do i get check the.player handbook what about feats and.traits check the player handbook what's.my starting equipment check the player.handbook or any other supplementary book.relevant to your chosen race class.background i'll love all those guys and.those guys.rising etc and with all that done.congratulations you now have a completed.and fully functioning character sheet.ready to be used once then completely.lost and found again once you've already.redone a second one or if you're lucky.one that will be used consistently over.the course of several years to the point.where there's more eraser skid marks.than pencil lead and the ones firm sheet.of paper turning as soft as a tissue.person's dick after seeing you in the.shower.now you know how to use a character.sheet you're welcome hey you kind of.forgot to write your backstory.[ __ ].

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Kiznit Character Sheet Form FAQs

Here are the answers to some common misunderstandings regarding Kiznit Character Sheet Form . Let us know if you have any other doubt.

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First off there are no fees for leaves or requests for leave in any branch of the United States military. Second there is no such thing as a fiancée form in the U.S. military. There is however a form for applying for a fiancée visa (K-1 Visa)that is available from the Immigration and Customs Service (Fiancé(e) Visas ) which would be processed by the U.S. State Department at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy overseas. However these fiancée visas are for foreigners wishing to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage and are valid for 90 days. They have nothing to do with the military and are Continue Reading

How do you determine health in D&D 5e?

The myopia power limit is up to -8 only in case of LASIK surgeries. Even the latest technology like Contoura Vision and Femto LASIK can correct power up to -8 only. For power beyond -8 can go for ICL - Implantable Collamer Lens.

How do you roleplay in D&D?

Dresden files really changed how I viewed roleplaying my warlock. Additionally the October Daye books by Seanan McGuire also impacted how I run warlocks. Warlocks were given power in exchange of some pact. The patron could try and take it back till then its theirs. If you paid for a car, do you feel you owe the factory who made the car? No, you just drive it like you own it and as long as you make your car payments everything is fine. So when building my characters personality I add that relationship to the mix. The question of how the pact was made and what was on offer to that. Your attitude if Continue Reading

How do I make a D&D character?

Well, if it’s a trial run, I’m going to assume that the world (or continent) that you’re playing on will be rather small. If you are just having a basic continent, then I reccomend having about 20 to 40 percent of your map be colonized, whether those civilizations be towns or cities. I also think that a rather large part, maybe 40–60% should be forest or mountain, allowing for exploration and other fun things like woodland chases. I DO NOT RECCOMEND PLAYING A CAMPAIGN SET IN A DESERT. Here’s why: There are a lot of extra rules dealing with water consumption and heat damage that are difficult to Continue Reading

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