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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Use Occupancy Permit Baltimore City Form Online

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The Definite Guide to Use Occupancy Permit Baltimore City Form

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Check How to Enter the Use Occupancy Permit Baltimore City Form

hello everyone.my name is Nicole Rhys thank you for.joining.Tania Hedgepeth and I deep eyes business.development officers as we review how to.obtain a building permit and a use in.occupancy permit.the permit division structure has three.different divisions permitting and.licensing division cytro plan review.division and the building plan reviewed.division for purposes of this.presentation we will focus on the.building permits that are approved in.the building plan review division as.well as discuss the structure of the.permitting and licensing division the.permitting and licensing division permit.processing center provides residential.and commercial customers with the.information needed to submit permit.applications and plans screens plans and.distributes permit applications and.plans to departments and agencies.responsible for review the center also.issues permits for approve applications.and plans and takes payments for permits.the home owners and mega-projects suite.is where small residential projects are.reviewed this suite also facilitates the.permitting and development of.large-scale projects and answers general.questions about residential projects the.business licensing Center issues.business licenses and monitors and.investigates items and concerns related.to code compliance throughout the active.term of a license the center also.ensures un o permits occurring and that.licenses adhere to professional.standards and operate in accordance with.county code the building plan review.division reviews all building plans.residential and commercial to ensure.compliance with all applicable building.codes and standards the fire life safety.section conducts our reviews of projects.that require a fire review beginning.January 2016 fire sprinkler systems fire.suppression systems voith's alarm.systems and fire alarm systems must go.through the third-party review approval.prior.the structures section provides.structural plan review and accessibility.ad a plan review the section conducts.structural plan review for all small and.large - commercial and residential.projects the electrical section conducts.electrical engineering plan review.related to the enforcement of building.electrical and energy conservation codes.and standards the purpose of enforcing.these codes is to maintain a strong.commitment for practical safeguarding of.persons and property from hazards.arising from the use of electricity the.mechanical section is responsible for.the mechanical review of plans to ensure.the public safety through the effective.enforcement of the International.Mechanical Code international energy.conservation in Prince George's County.codes the purpose of enforcing these.codes is to provide safe and comfortable.environments in which the occupants may.live work or perform recreational.activities the Health Review section.conducts health reviews for plans.submitted for the new and remodeled.facilities including food service.facilities on-site sewage disposal.systems wells for potable water supplies.and public swimming pools and spas.additionally this section conducts pre.opening inspections of foodservice.facilities and public swimming pools and.spas.this section functions are jointly.coordinated with the division of.environmental health in the Health.Department and dpi.before applying for a permit there are.several things that we recommend you.should hire qualified architects.engineers and contractors they should be.familiar with Prince George's County.permitting processes and Building Code.you want to make sure that they are.licensed and bonded be sure it's out to.identify them on the permit application.in the section that lists the.owner-occupant.contractor and contact information be.sure to verify permit the permit receipt.you want to be sure your permits have.been applied for know the timing of your.project financing building schedule and.inspections time is money and knowing.these are important for the success of.your project.before delving into the permitting.process I would like to first start off.by discussing a very high-level.flowchart of the permitting processes.within d pi a permit application is done.online and I promise which will be.discussed in detail and the next slide.initial fees paid which consists of 50%.of the estimate cause of the.construction or excess plans are then.screened to determine if sufficient.information has been included in the.package for an engineering plan review.to be conducted if there is insufficient.information the plans will be returned.to the applicant for revision your plans.will also be reviewed by several.different disciplines as applicable a.health review will also be required if.applicable if the plans do not meet.county code requirements then the.applicant will receive comments back the.applicant will need to revise the plans.that we submit that the comments cannot.be addressed within the same plans the.applicant will also need zoning approval.from M and C PPC also known as parking.planning before a permit is issue.parking planning is a separate agency.although house a d pi once all reviews.have been approved final fees are.assessed which consists of the final 50%.please note that all fees will have a.technology fee added 5% technology fee.added to the fee balance once fees have.been submitted and wet cells and.signatures are dropped off to defy the.plans are stamped and release and a.permit is issued you must schedule an.inspection if over 200,000 at the third.party inspection is mandatory scheduled.inspections by calling it in please have.the approve plans with you on site at.all times and especially when the.inspector arrives for an inspection they.cannot be with the architect or one of.your engineers d pi has simplified the.permitting process and most permit.applications can be submitted online.in the comfort of your office at home at.the following link which is the.recommended method as it streamlines the.process when the office is open you can.also visit the premise center and use.the public computers for simple tenets.fit-outs some permits and un o permits.you may apply online and do a same walk.they walk through of the permit for.permits that need extensive review such.as large-scale construction or change of.use choose a plan to upload your plans.and track the reviews and comments due.to kovat 19 the office is closed to.customers all applications should be.submitted online for those unable to.submit plans online plans and payment.can be submitted via the on-site Dropbox.payment must be made by cash check a.money order only fees consists of an.initial fee assessment of fifty percent.of the estimated cost of the permit and.the final fifty percent added on before.issuance of permit plus a 5 percent.technology fee for the fee schedule.please visit the following link.third party inspection is tipep are.mandatory of over 200,000 however.TIPA may be required for some projects.less than 200,000.it is essential to find out if you can.operate your business within the zoning.ordinance the zoning ordinance specifies.permissible uses such as residential.commercial industrial institutional or.mixed-use etc the ordinance provides for.the enforcement of private properties.throughout the county except in the city.of Laurel.applications must be submitted to.parking planning.parking planner also reviews the lab.will lock coverage for property.all approvals are given by parking.planning.you will need zoning approval in the.following circumstances if you want to.build an on vacant land if you want to.add an addition to your building if you.want to change the use of a building and.if you want to change the exterior of a.building.when a person is required to obtain a.building permit is defined by the Prince.George's County Code a building permit.is defined as erecting a a building or.structure unless exempted under the.Building Code enlarging structurally.altering moving or added to an existing.building or structure are excavating for.any building or structure walk-throughs.versus non walkthroughs a walkthrough is.a process where reviews are done the.same day while you wait.non walkthroughs must be submitted for.extensive review which is a four to six.week review period if your project does.not qualify as a walkthrough but a more.expedited review is needed.optional peer review is available.as mentioned there are several permit.types that can be walked through and.typically received the same day banks.general office spaces carry out.restaurants are small and medium.businesses such as barber shops beauty.salons are optical stores.there are many permits that cannot be.walked through these include assistant.living facilities facilities with more.than five persons daycare centers.facilities with nine or more persons.nightclubs dance halls and auditoriums.spaces with live entertainment assembly.mercantile and educational spaces.projects 5,000 square feet or greater.business and storage spaces 10,000.square feet or greater projects that.involve more than one four level and.commercial kitchen hoods due to health.safety concerns I will now turn over the.slide presentation to my colleague time.your Hedgepeth.I am Tanya Hochberg and I would like to.provide an overview of the plan Seminole.plan review and the permit renewal and.extension processes when submitting.plans applicants must submit civil.structural trades and site plans with.the application the preferred method of.submitting is electronic and all my.application must be completed to begin.the electronic permitting process and a.plan which can be accessed on the DPI.website after the application fields.have been completed.the applicant will be invited to upload.plans as individual pages this.information is covered in more detail in.the EPLAN applicant Quick Start Guide.which can be also accessed on the DPI.website there are several planned.screening requirements plans are.required to be screened for all new.residential buildings commercial.buildings commercial additions and.townhouses prior to starting the.building permit application process.plans are screened to determine if.enough information has been included in.the package for all engineering plan.review to be conducted semental packages.that achieves a positive rating will be.approved to enter the building permit.process packages that do not achieve a.positive screening will be returned to.the.customer for correction the building.permit review requirements include the.submit all of the following three copies.of site plans two copies of structural.plans two copies of architectural plans.two copies of mechanical plans two.copies of electrical plans and a.plumbing permit from WSSC there are.additional building permit review.requirements which include a health.review this is required for food public.pool spa potential air pollution and.property that are on private wells and.septic systems in addition there is a.review of fire protection systems such.as sprinklers and fire alarms please.note all plans need to be signed and.sealed by a professional architect or.engineer in regards to plan review our.engineers review building plans to.ensure compliance with all applicable.building codes and standards there are.three aspects to the plan review process.first there is a deployed plan review.which is an internal review by the.relevant sessions in our department the.peer review program allows owners and.applicants to select the PI certified.peer reviewers at their own cost to.expedite the peer review process in lieu.of county staff peer reviewers can be.retained for various types of building.and site development projects the.results of their efforts are reviewed.and approved by county staff using peer.reviewers can reduce the plan review and.approve time frame by up to 50% z pi has.a list of approved peer reviewers the.third-party plan review is an expedited.program where the licensed engineers and.their proper disciplines review the.plans this is also an optional program.it is a costly applicant and is.typically more expensive than a.peer-review program diesel deep I also.has a list of approved third-party.reviewers please note there is a.mandatory third-party review for fire.inspection systems for plan review.period and revisions please be aware.that it can take between four to six.weeks for permits to complete the review.cycle the revision procedure can extend.the review process our evasion fee will.be assessed for any building revisions.please make corrections as required and.in a timely manner to reduce the review.process time there are different plans.needed for specific projects some of.these include new buildings and.additions to buildings this information.is detailed on the DPI website at the.links provided.there are several case types for.commercial structures for more.information on tenant fit-outs.and commercial interior and exterior.structures see the links provided these.will provide you with more detail than.can be provided in this presentation one.of the most common permit types are used.in occupancy this is the permit needed.to occupy the premises regardless of.construction or even if no construction.has been performed businesses must.identify it meets local zoning and.safety requirements in order to be.legally able to operate at that location.you must obtain a you know when there's.a change in tenancy or property owner.there is a method of compliance with the.you know there is no grandfathering this.means that the property must meet the.code.of what a previous occupant was granted.or dead on the property there are.several things needed with this the.middle of a you know application these.are the property tax ID three site plans.the lease agreement or a letter of.authorization signed and dated by the.owner businesses will also need to.identify the entity's name and.registered agent and the letter must be.a sup must be signed by the authorized.member businesses must also be.registered in the state of Maryland.notes if an occupant plans to make.alterations they would be required to.obtain the owner's permission you are.able to renew your permits once the.permit has been filed our permit must be.issued within two years of the.application date where becomes null and.void once the permit is issued work must.begin on the site within six months.construction inspections are required a.minimum every six months to keep the.permit valid the only exceptions are for.grading permits which have up to a five.year lifespan you can also extend your.permits extensions must be submitted.within 30 days of expiration extensions.can be granted four to six month.extension periods anything more than.that has to be granted by the director.of D PI or his or her designee please.keep in mind that with each inspection.it extends the life of a permit for an.additional six months and if the.applicants keep up with their.inspections an extension should not be.required here are some useful links that.will hope that would help you during.your permitting and licensing process.with D pipe it includes permit.information the fee schedule online.permit service.is information on commercial building.permits licensing as well as the state.business license information listed here.are several deep high offices and.divisions that will also be useful to.you at any time during your permitting.licensing and inspections processes and.finally thank you we hope this.information was helpful and would like.to again thank you for your.participation if you have any questions.Nicole and I can be best reached at the.DPI bizdev email or at the phone numbers.listed have a fantastic day.

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Use Occupancy Permit Baltimore City Form FAQs

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