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The Definite Guide to Cms 222 92 Form

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A Complete Manual with respect toCms 222 92 Form

hello Andre w this is a continuation of.our series on the wiring regulations.beer seven six seven one and in this.episode we have a look at part six and.basically have a look at the changes.between the existing 17th edition.amendment three and the new 18th edition.which is applicable from January 2019.so let's have a look in part six and.previously this consisted of three.chapters which were 61 62 and 63 and.this is one to cover testing an.inspection and so on so let's just see.what the changes are this time so it's.going to see here chapter 61 62 and 63.are not used so they've all completely.gone away so that's pretty much it then.and until next time thanks for watching.but just a minute let's have a look over.the next page and well see in here we've.got a new chapter 64 and there's.actually chapter 65 as well now what.actually happened here is that the.original chapters as we see at the top.here 1 2 & 3 are not used chapter 61.used to be initial verification that is.now chapter 64 chapter 62 used to be.periodic inspection and testing which as.can see here is now chapter 65.chapter 63 used to be certification for.the two items and essentially all.they've done is cut up chapter 63 in.half stick half of it on the end of.chapter 64 and then the other half has.been stuck on the end of chapter 65 so.in theory most of the contents the same.it's just been removed cut up and then.stuck in a different place because this.means every single regulation number has.changed after the UH now start with six.four six five now as well as that there.are number changes to some of the.regulations themselves so start on page.64 here or chapter 64 now fortunately.it's chapter because of all the numbers.of change the line is solid all the way.through but in reality most thing hasn't.actually changed the first real change.here is 6 4 2 3 this is a section on.inspection and the first change here is.to item 3 now.it's now says routing of cables in a.prescribed zones and so on.previously it said safe zone so.essentially safe zones are now what.prescribed so ins.other than that nothing else has it.really changed they're the same.regulation number continuing over the.page and we have section 8 and this is.actually part C R then within that we.have number 4 here and then within that.we have an additional item which is the.exposed conductor parts are connected to.the earthing arrangement so for.inspection purposes that's just another.item which needs to be confirmed pretty.obvious that most people have confirmed.that anyway but now it is listed as a.specific separate item and further down.the exact same regression number so.Vasili in six four two three we have.this item here which has been added so.selection and installation of suitable.surge protective devices were required.and finally another new one at the end.here measured against electromagnetic.disturbances so kind of extra items.they're added on for the inspection part.of it and this is within the initial.verification chapter which is now 64 now.moving on to the testing section of that.so we've got one here which is 6 4 3 2.now this has been reworded somewhat and.the one that immediately followed this.was the continuity of ring final circuit.conductors that had actually removed and.then it sort of been incorporated into.this so the whole thing now is that the.constitutive conductors and connections.to exposed connected parts and.extraneous connected party if any shall.be verified by measurement to the.resistance on first of all the.protective conductors including.protective bonding conductors and in the.case of ring from the circuits live.conductors so the basically says exactly.what it said before it cept instead of.saying circuit protection conductors and.things it's now connections to the items.which is essentially the same thing and.of course protector conductors listed.here bonding conductors and in the case.of ring furnace okay it's live.conductors now live of course covering.line and neutral and of course in the.ring final circuit the protective.conductor is also covered because of the.ones previously so we've sort of.condensing down into the same item there.another things been removed are the.requirements for the test voltage and.current as previously that was 2.millions minimum and open circuit.voltages are between 4 and 24 volts so.that has been completely removed so not.entirely clear why that's gone and.whether it may be the case as standard.for test equipment may now contain that.isn't clear but nevertheless that has.been deleted but say other than that the.actual continuity test is pretty much.the same as it always was it's just been.there reworded in a rather compact form.now for installation resistance this is.pretty much the same here never changes.and the table 64 with the actual.voltages and minimum resistances are the.same as before the changes here are to.fill the circuits or functional extra.low voltage most of this is actually the.same it's just that what was previously.a note has been put back into the main.body of the text and it's this one here.about fel circuit so we tested the same.test voltage it now actually says the.same voltage as applied to the primary.side of the source and meets all the.test requires a low voltage circuit so.the primary side of the source bit is.new meeting all the special cartola.voltage circuits same as it always was.and of course that refers to the table.above in terms of what test voltage are.using and the minimum insulation.resistance and an extra piece here.that's been added is the when measured.values show evident differences between.circuits further investigation to.identify the reasons is required new bit.of texture again I think anyone who has.done any kind of testing before if you.had a whole pile of circuits in a new.installation if you're going to measure.all of them and one of them comes out.with massively different readings then.common sense would suggest that there's.something awfully wrong with it but.banality now is a extra bit of wording.there now the next video is polarity but.therefore we do that the one hatched.piece here has actually been removed.which was six one two four five and.that's in the numbering of the old.addition that basically covered basic.protection by a barrier or enclosure.provided during erection that has.actually now been deleted so it's no.longer an item here for inspection on.initial verification now the change to.polarity is the first part here so we're.ELINT the polarity of the supply the.origin of the installation so we.verified before the installation is.energized so this is going to be.or incoming supply to the building.checking apply to that is now a thing.and it gallops before the installation.is energized because if it was incorrect.then you can own it with the incorrect.cloudy throughout the entire.installation and that they were talking.about AC of course polarity means is the.line and neutral conductors in the.correct places because if I swapped.around you can end up with switches in.the neutral only and there's other.problems and it's a couple of other.minor changes here this part here where.single pole switching devices are not.permitted in the neutral conductor.attest you were made to make sure that.they're all disconnected in the line a.conductor only you know added in there.this part is substantially the same the.only difference here is that at the end.it now says wiring has been correctly.connected throughout the installation.previously it just said wiring is.currently connected to socket outlets.and accessories now it's throughout the.entire installation which kind of a.match to the same thing now for six four.three seven one which is general it's.split up into the test types of system.so TN system first and the others.following there are a few minor changes.here and again this is the initial.verification or installation not.something in a test after it's been.installed and in service for a while the.only addition here is if notes which has.see table 3a in appendix 3 again what.we're seeing that so when we get to the.appendix video and that base a note had.actually an Audi 18 further down as well.for the TT system so again there's the.very same note added in basically it.contains trip times for various types of.our CDs another new item at this.paragraph here so where the.effectiveness of the protective measure.has been confirmed at a point located.downstream at last CD the protection of.the installation downstream from this.point may be proved by confirmation of.the continuity of the protective.conductors and again that's bratli.repeated for the TT system underneath as.well on B number two here a small.additional wedding here we have other.appropriate methods has been added so if.for example short time or instantaneous.tripping setting with circuit breakers.and so on making that applies to both TN.and TT systems and the fun of our here.is section C for the IT system.this content is substantially the same.but it has been expanded with quite a.bit more detail but the actual basic.inspection procedures whatever are.actually the same at a bit more detail.involved there and also being my IT.systems are fairly uncommon as they.aware that's the way they've got your.system is not connected to the general.massive F it's either not connected at.all or it's connected to a large.impedance so it's a fairly unusual.arrangement there is quite a bit more.detail there and has been added in.compared to previously so now I've got.six four three seven three so our fault.loop impedance and this again refers to.testing initial verification this part.here here and here and new so now I've.got an electrical continuity test to be.carried out according to regulation 6 4.3 2 before carrying out the earth fault.loop impedance measurement the measured.earth fault live impedance shall comply.with chapter 41 and then when the.required to this regulation are not.satisfied and supplementary Protectorate.potential bonding according to chapter.41 is provided we fix an internet.bonding shall be verified so those three.items are new I've been added in there.now we've also got there's no here.regarding further information on.measurement of this can be found in.appendix 3 and that also is a new part.which we'll look at a later time now six.four three eight which is additional.protection which is our CD is.essentially the note here has been added.so effectiveness it seem to have been.verified we're in our city meeting the.requirements of a regulation four one.five one one disconnects within 40.milliseconds when tested are currently.courts who are higher than five times.its rated material operating current so.this is again pretty much a standard.type of thing here before two.milliseconds being the maximum.disconnection time when the our city is.tested at 5x or 5 times the current so.for 30 min I want them to be the hundred.and 50 milli amp test that again it's a.standard test done on our CDs the.existing test equipment already doesn't.ask and the time is already 40.milliseconds anyway so nothing really.changed there it's just pulling those in.to clarify that point check a phase.sequence new bit here it's now four.polyphase circuits.shall we verify that the face sequence.is maintained all relevant points.throughout the installation.and the added part they are is the main.tank or 11 points that the installation.previously just aired to verify that.face sickness is maintained so now it's.just the entire installation but again.anybody with any kind of basic sense.would of course check out all of the.relevant points because obviously just.checking at one point in a huge factory.or something was not going to be.satisfactory to confirm that's all been.wired up correctly six four three ten.functional testing and there's guilt of.additions here got some list of specific.examples of equipment whereas previously.it was just a general sentence so we've.now got switch gear and control gear.assembly as drives controls and.interlocks systems remotely switching.off and emergency stopping an.installation monitoring and a note this.list is not exhaustive so there's a.whole part of other stuff which would.need to be checked and tested as well.and that's pretty much what it always.was it's just a called out to certain.arrangement of stuff there to.specifically identify and then we've got.a piece here about Wayne aftd or arc.fault detection devices installed the.effectiveness of any manually operated.test facility should be verified in.accordance with the manufacturers.recommendations and that's basically.pressing the test button on the front of.such a device what I've seen so far.there is no test machine or piece of.equipment to test a FD DS the only test.involved is literally the test button on.the front of the thing and that's.assuming of course you've fitted these.things in the first place a verification.of voltage drop six four three eleven.this existed before but it was quite.lengthy in wording now or what god is.this single sentence so we're required.to verify compliance with chapter 52 the.voltage drops re-evaluated by.measurement or calculation and as it.said on the next page verification of.voltage drop is not normally required.during initial verification primarily.because it should have been done at the.design stage and also to make sure that.K was our suitable size and not.excessively long so again not really.much to say there it's just something.that could theoretically be done that in.reality that's not going to be something.that's text or done when the system is.installed who's been mined if it had.been done in such a way that the voltage.was excessive and then you'd installed.it and that was the first time you found.out well it's kind of too late because.you've already installed it anyway to.fix those sort of problems is to.actually rip out all the K.install the Provost size or storm.circuits in a different way so basically.it's the design stage only premature.never done on the initial verification.six four four which is this most this.page which is the certification of.initial verification this is essentially.what used to be in the separate chapter.which was chapter 63 and now it's just.been sort of shoehorned on the back of.the first chapter here it has been.expanded and two rearranged and so a.rewritten a bit in various ways but most.of the content again is pretty much the.same kind of stuff no real that major.changes there but to say is in a bit of.a different order some of the bits have.been sort of rearranged and put around.slightly differently now chapter 65.which is periodic inspection and testing.there are a few minor changes here it's.not really a whole lot this is a very.short chapter anyhow it's basically this.page and a tiny bit on the top of the.next one - with the other one this has.what used to be in the chapter on this.and then the part of our reporting has.been intact on the end sort of combined.with it so a couple of new items here.six five one two and the first item is.the number three here so it's.confirmation of the correct rating and.setting a protective devices with.carbide chapter 41 and then also a.following one confirmation of creating.and setting of monitoring devices so.this could things like our CMS and other.items there so just come to items added.in there note two here has also been.added new so existing installations may.been designed in a store to confirm to.previous editions of BS m6 and one.applicable at the time of their design.and direction it does not necessarily.mean they are unsafe now again this.isn't actually a new concept because if.you can do appear on the inspection then.clearly it's fairly likely that the.installation was not designed to the.regulations enforced today but some.people presumably have been going around.saying well because you've got a plastic.consuming it in your house and it was.installed only two years ago well yeah.it's a part of unsafe rubbish and has to.be ripped out in a place where the.latest deal not true at all and never.was so this is kind of sort of.clarifying at that point.and of course the deal is that with most.older installations but they're still.safe again there's no real need to.you're updating them and replacing stuff.just because some regulation has change.that says now say consuming this much.made of steel instead of some plastic.material or some other minor things.change such as the say the 1970s green.sleeving was used for protective.conductors and of course now it no.longer is allowed but that doesn't mean.you have to changed at all it's just a.fact that it's no longer compliant with.regulations there's a huge difference.between non-compliant and dangerous and.the final text has been added here is.this one here which is where circulars.permit acknowledged by an RC mr IMD.which is a residual current molitor.insulation monitoring device it's not.necessary to measure the insulation.resistance if the functioning of these.devices is correct because essentially.that's what those things doing they're.actually monitoring the insulation.resistance continuously so it's got one.of those and it's working correctly.there's no point on in fact need to.start checking the insulation resistance.because those devices are basically.doing that all the time but of course.you do need to make sure that the.functioning if the awesomer imd is.verified because obviously it's not.working and who knows what state B the.insulation could be in six five three.two got a specific list of items which.should be included on the actual report.so details of those parts the.installation of an inspected and tested.in a limitations of inspection testing.any damage deterioration defects or.dangerous conditions any non-compliance.with the recurrence of beer seven six.seven one which may give rise to danger.and again the point here is the ones.which give rise to danger you don't.necessary have to put down the fact that.a piece of sleeving and a light fitting.with solid green because it was.installed forty years ago no one really.cared about that and it doesn't change.anything but I'll see if or something.which left rise to dangerous tables or.uncover fell off or the Ashton or.something I'm obviously that should be.written down and again this is not new.or some kind of magic adjustment it's.just it's been specifically written down.here there's no doubt there were some.people in the past who decided to write.down every minor in significant item.even though no one actually cared and.consuming about these two shedders.inspection as appropriate to those.detailed in Section six four two.and of course the test results has in.that section six four three now the very.last item here is six five three for the.report and that's the electrical.installation and condition reports shall.include a recommended interval until.next inspection nothing new in that.that's where you put down next.inspection in five years or ten years.whatever but what is new is supported by.an explanation for the recommendation so.in other words we're gonna put down say.yeah next inspection in three years you.then need to put down because of some.reason or reasons not just inspected.next twenty years and couldn't be.bothered to explain why so bit of extra.text required there but again it's not.gonna be a particular do that just.question of writing a few more words of.explanation so that's so part six.inspection and testing and in reality.there's not really a whole lot of change.here few minor items to do with what I.gonna be writing down looking at and so.on but certainly in the terms of the.testing procedures they're the same as.they were in the 17th edition and you.don't have to go and buy any new test.equipment because the test scrutiny had.for the 17th edition is going to do the.job just as well because it's exactly.the same now I'm sure there's going to.be some dodgy manufacturers come out and.say oh here's your 18th edition test.equipment and all the rest of it but of.course a load of nonsense because the.tests are exactly the same nothing has.changed you must certainly do not have.to go and buy whole oh no to stuff just.for the vent that it's er not the 18th.edition one or what you have doesn't say.anything on it so that's perfectly fine.what so beware of seven vendors selling.things which are miss describes you.don't have to actually buy any of that.unless you particularly want to so that.if this time next time we have a look at.part seven of course but until then.thanks for watching.

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