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[Music].[Music].hmm.oh.oh.okay i have four o'clock uh we will go.ahead and.call the meeting to order uh looks like.we have.everyone except for mr perkins i believe.so i hope everyone's had a chance to.look over the agenda for today's meeting.um i guess with that being said um.bill i will open it up to.very you thank you president stein.members of the board thanks for the.opportunity to bring you together yet.again.to conduct some very important business.for the high school activities.association.uh you're going to be faced with some.difficult challenges.not just today but in the days ahead and.certainly.you've always been willing and ready to.rise to the challenge.i just think about the challenge today.and i think about the last news cycle.and know that you know recently we had a.state board that was split five to five.and.made a difficult decision uh at least an.outcome to a decision.and then just yesterday the afternoon.news cycle contained.you know news that we may have to go.back to phase four based upon data.versus.uh maybe we're at a plateau and headed.the right direction i'm sorry down to.phase two.as opposed to progressing as we'd hoped.to so.there's no good answers as we move.forward in fact we know that every.decision that is made is right.and every decision is wrong we're going.to ask you to make the best bad decision.today.of the summer but it's only bad because.that's the only choice we have a lot of.bad choices and bad options that are out.there so.i know you're ready for that our.overview today i really is based upon.some of the data that you have asked for.and shared uh we're going to share with.you now.a slide from the national federation.will put that up so that you can review.that slide.you'll look at that we're going to.review the data that came in from the.superintendent survey.in regards to school start time.and that will that was interesting data.and i want you to have a chance to.reflect upon that.then we'll look at the options pending.the outcome of a discussion and.i know that you can move us forward by.taking no action today or move us.forward by taking action that ends up.with the board of directors and that.would.result in in a final action of the.executive board today so.i'll start with just providing that but.before i do.mr mr stein any further clarifications.before we begin.sorry i think i was muted no i think.you've done a good job setting the table.and.i think that we can proceed as as.planned.very good very good well the slide that.you see i know you asked for data only.from.the superintendent's survey relative to.start time i did think it was pertinent.to share.some information and a graphic that was.provided by the national federation of.high school as recently as just this.afternoon i was on a zoom call with all.the 51.uh executive directors and talking about.this very fluid situation.as you can see from the graphic all of.the blue states.which are 24 in number and probably.going to grow.have made some modification to the fall.season.as they know it that may be delaying a.week.that may be delaying longer than that it.may be.moving sports to one season to another.we do note that six states that have the.red asterisk have moved football only.to the spring season most of those have.condensed to spring season down to or a.a.a season down to a january a school year.activity season down to a january.through.june scenario where they'll do a couple.of months of.their sum their traditional winter.sports and activities.then a couple of months for their all.activities.followed by a couple of months of the.spring activities to end.in late june certainly the activities.association here in kansas.has made that consideration and feel as.if that wasn't the right option at this.point but.again fluid situation we do have that.always as a resort.as we move forward so in fact our staff.is well prepared for that model.other than solidifying dates and sites i.think we'd be in really good shape in.that regard.so i wanted to share this slide and now.we'll move to the information that you.requested as.as you know this past week we did.our most recent meeting and at that.reading meeting we talked about the.start date of august 17th.and recognize the fact that it is so.important.that activities remain in their lane and.understand that.we are still having student athletes.earn the opportunity to represent their.school.in interscholastic competition and we.want to make sure that we don't get too.far ahead in fact we should always be.not the tail wagging the dog of.education but.existing with that education and.complementing it and extending it for.the students.that are in our member schools as a.result of the survey.you can see that we had a week a simple.question that was asked of when do you.plan to start again this is a fluid.situation we had 263 of our 300 plus.member uh districts uh respond to this.uh of that 11 are going to start the.week of august 10.84 begin the week of august 17th.and then 96 begin the week of august 24.31 the week of august 31.and then those that start the week of.september 8th which is the tuesday.immediately following labor day.was a total number of 40. and you see.that data now instead of in the graphic.in terms of the.percentage of responses and the total.number of responses.and you can look at this and we're going.to ask you to reflect upon that and.share any insights.on that data and let that be.one of the data points that you consider.and one of the factors that you consider.as you look at potential rule.modifications.certainly i think that it is important.to note as you look at the responses and.mr under did send that to you in a file.earlier that included the names of the.school districts that populate each of.those areas as well as.uh their likely classification sometimes.it's based on last year's classification.when it's a district there may be a a 5a.6a because a school district like.wichita or topeka or kansas city.may have schools in both classification.so.we know that there's a large number of.districts.that start september 8th that are of.that 5 8 6a category.and so you have to look at school.density in terms of population and.number of schools as well.yet we weren't doing a vote on this this.was really just to provide a reflection.on.what are kansas schools doing and you.see that the vast.majority of schools are starting at.least those that have responded.the week of august 17th and 24th as you.know our current.practice day according to our rule is.the monday of standard.practice start day is the monday of.standardized calendar week 7.which this year is anchored on august.17th.so those that's the data and certainly.turn it back.to you allen to lead a discussion.relative to.any takeaways from that data any uh any.further questions.in that regard that you would like to.like to process with.the board okay thank you bill.okay so uh board um i hope everybody has.had a chance to.to look at this i know that it was uh.presented to us.a little bit ahead of the meeting so.that way we could uh take a closer look.at it.and try to digest some of the numbers.and.some of the information on there and i.would open up the floor for discussion.mike any thoughts that you have.hey president stein yes mr haydock i'd.just like to.you know say thank you to all the.superintendents that did respond.and enjoyed reading their.positive remarks mostly positive.and just getting some of their insight.and thoughts but i think it did give us.a look into what they're thinking and i.think that does.provide us some some.good material to reflect on.thank you shannon.others mr rosenhagen.yeah um i'm glad bill pointed out.because the one thing that i did kind of.take from the data.was the uh the later start um.of the schools the uh bar graph that.read.uh those starting week of september 8th.and i think everybody probably did.recognize that uh there was a.a uh the majority of schools or a large.number of schools were the.the larger districts so definitely i i.took note of that as i.as i looked through and bill pointed.that out thank you.yes correct.mr perkins well you know one of the.things i did notice uh i.know there was a lot of school board.meetings held last night including.myself.and uh how many of the august 17th.changed to the august 24 start date.because i think as you read down through.there there's a lot of them that look.like.they were debating to start a little.later and i think a lot of that is to.get things put in place.before we do start with kids.mr stonebreaker.i think the biggest thing that that i.noticed was uh.over 70 percent of our schools appear to.be starting.uh by the week of august 24th.um which to me is a a fairly large.number.and then also when you read the comments.from our superintendents.um i think i think you're going to get.please.start you're going to get let's let's.hold i just don't know that there's a.perfect answer to that and echoing what.greg said i did notice that some of the.larger districts.uh were those were those districts that.were were in the the last two categories.of the 31st and the eighth.but we did have a large percentage in in.the in the top three there.absolutely thank you mr marlin.yeah what i noticed and the one thing.that i think we probably need to look.into is those schools that didn't move.back their start dates are are they.are they planning on also telling their.students that since we've moved our.start date back a week.that will include activities starting or.if we were scheduled to start on october.or august 17th and we've moved it back.to august 24th.can those can those athletes still begin.practice on the 17th.because i do think that's extremely.important and and i think one of the.things that we need to look into.is the reason for moving the start date.of schools back.is it is it uh.to simply give our teachers and ever and.staff an.opportunity to get uh things ready to go.and give us that extra time to get.things ready to go in an environment.that we're not sure of right now.or is it is it an opportunity to maybe.stop.stop to the slow of the virus and maybe.try and get that under control in.certain situations and so.from my standpoint i think those are the.two things that really matter the most.because i think we all know that most of.the coaches around the state of kansas.probably august 17th is a start date.that they're all looking forward to.i don't think that they probably need an.extra week to get prepared.for football or volleyball or golf or.cross country.but but do we need to look at moving the.start date back just simply for health.reasons and those are the concerns that.i have.thank you mr castle.[Music].i'm sorry my computer's doing the same.thing you did last week and i'm just.missed out on most of discussion.but i'll say from the area i live in i.think most of the folks are ready to go.and would like to go as soon as possible.pending what happens with our numbers in.the next.three weeks but everybody i talk to.wants to see things continue or get.started.for mental healthy kids as well as.coaches but.uh we've got to be really careful i know.that.dina.thank you alan.i can't disagree with anything.anyone else has said um.i believe that.kids and probably coaches are.prepared ready to go um.from their point of view i.think the reason that districts.chose to move their date if they did.is probably a very.type response.but i also.was glad to see that those schools.that have the highest.covert increase in their communities.right now chose that.that late option.i think it could be someone.last time said it was a fluid situation.i doubt that's changed.so i think we still need to be.flexible in.[Music].our response and.try to probably keep.the start dates um somewhat.similar so that um.everyone across the state kind of knows.what's available or what's happening.but as i understand that local districts.can change for example.if we say august 17th is.the day that practices can.start if a local district doesn't seem.to think that's correct they can.move it to another date anyway.and always have been able to do that so.i think we just need to remember that.flexibility is probably going to be the.name of the game.thank you and i would i would agree with.that um.i think that you know reading through.some of the comments.um even though some of them had stated.they were going to start later.um they were still going to continue.with their summer workouts which they.have been doing.and then when it was time for practice.that transition into practice.they were going to start that transition.into practice um even if they had.even if they chose to start school at a.later date.um so i i like i said i'm i'm still.pretty firm on my stance that i.discussed last week.um you know i think it's the same i.think we.have the opportunity to to keep moving.forward for as long as we can.and hopefully we don't have a setback um.but i think those.that's the direction that i feel and uh.hopefully.we'll uh we'll be able to come to some.agreement here in a little bit.to decide what we're going to do and uh.how we're going to.move this forward mr herman yeah i just.want to really you know i know that.there's folks watching this online and.i've received a lot of emails like all.of us over the last.few days and i just appreciate.uh receiving that information to to make.that decision that i think is in best.interest.for all kids across the state of kansas.um.i am one of those representatives that's.sitting in the northeast where we're in.a spike and.in some difficult times the suburbs um a.suburb school that.the september 8th date and um i i just.absolutely.um can appreciate there there are other.parts of our state that need that.opportunity.um if we push states back we are going.to ultimately.push gains back because of.you know we have to have so many.practices before our kids are even.allowed to compete so we really have to.look at that.and then finally i think mike said it.and i'm going to say it loud and clear.mental health mental health mental.health.our kids are absolutely um needing.something to go and it's not only our.kids it's our coaches and our teachers.and our buildings and.and those types of things and and um.like tina said you know local.control and those folks get to make.those adjustments if they feel it i will.say that i know it's tough in a lot of.areas.because if my rival high school is.starting on august 17th i'm really going.to struggle with mine starting on the.24th so.um anyways i i appreciate all of the.communication from around the state um.before this meeting today.absolutely thank you.so mr faflic.yes sir well good discussion board and i.appreciate that and uh.and certainly uh our staff has engaged.in that.and uh as well and i think we agree with.the comments that have been made uh and.i think it's really time now.uh president stein as we as we move.forward to.review what the options are and what the.next part of the agenda will include.for you uh if you're ready for that i.can i can lead us through that.we are we are ready for that and uh i.think.this is about as good a time as any all.right very good.uh well as i think of uh of.this executive board and what you're.empowered to do.uh it is important to note that uh.action that you take today could be.final but it also may require.action by our board of directors our.board of directors.is a 78 member board about 25.of them are brand new members and this.would be their first meeting if we.decide to make any handbook rule changes.so.i keep that in mind as we go forward and.let me throw out some options for you.the one thing that you could do that.this would be over today is say we're.going to practice starting on august.17th and we're not going to alter.any competition limits or any.competition start dates.that would be a final action and there.would be no board of director meeting.required.all of the following options that i.share with you would require.some type of board of director action.and we'll ask.that uh that you consider those as as we.move forward.okay now we're gonna we're gonna include.one person on our board.via via phone and hopefully mr castle.can can hear us now a little bit more.clearly than.uh through the the zoom technology so.as we mentioned that one action is is.really uh to stay.with the august 17th date you would be.by not.providing a motion or support for a.motion remaining.with our existing handbook rule and.calendar.the second option would be just to.propose a delay to the start of practice.and or competition for all of our fall.activities.or potentially select all activities.that could be done on a risk on a.risk mitigation basis in terms of the.levels of activities and we're very.familiar with that.and have had extensive discussion in.that regard.again require a board of directors.action to concur with your.recommendation.you could propose a delay to the start.of practice or competition.for schools in select classes where.maybe you treat 5a and 6a differently.than.you treat one through four or maybe you.treat one a differently then you treat.two three four.five and 6a based upon the data that you.have.again would require some specific action.and provide some significant challenges.all of these none of these are perfect.or we would have had this.in place many many weeks ago uh the.uh or the next one i think that you.propose is to eliminate the postseason.uh and conclude with league.championships again that's a challenge.we like schools like that pursuit of a.championship but that may be.a recommendation it may be premature to.make that recommendation.at this point in time you could also say.we're going to cancel.all of our fall activities uh as they.and.anything that can't be done virtually.would simply not take place this fall.which also would require uh board action.or.you could postpone the beginning of our.fall activities to.occur in the spring or in that january.through.june window those are options our staff.has really looked at and investigated.and believed that we have a better.recommendation for you out of that group.and i would like to share that with you.now unless you would like clarification.on any of the ones that.uh options that i shared with you at.this time.bill just one thing and you may be.getting to this part of it.but on the second option that you talked.about i believe it was where we would.look at moving the competition.start dates down a little bit but our.practice date would still stay the same.as august 17th am i correct on that.that's correct okay i just wanted to.make sure i was i was correct on that.and.and and heard that correctly but go.ahead.yeah and as i think that as you make.decisions today.it's going to be really important uh.that you're making the decision.as of today with the information that we.have right now we recognize.that data and learning are going to.continue to evolve.as well as the presence of and.the unrealistic or the very realistic.impact of covid19 in our school.communities and across the state.that impact is going to be rolling it's.going to be geographically more.significant.and we all play a part in mitigating.that risk and helping.our schools and our communities return.to our new normal as quickly as possible.it all starts with just.simple uh maintenance too and adherence.to the pillars of risk mitigation.start with personal hygiene start with.wearing a mask we do that.we stand a better chance for school to.be back in session.for teaching and learning to occur in.the most normal possible.uh and the most normal manner possible.as we talk as as we have talked as staff.and we have talked.extensively with our staff and with you.as a board.with all of the considerations that we.have made.we want to make sure that it continues.to be student health.and student safety remain a top priority.as an association.we support that overall health just as.jason.mentioned the physical health that comes.through sport participation but also the.mental health of our students.we recognize the activities administered.by the association.play a significant role in providing.learning and growth opportunities.for all stakeholders with the.participation we also recognize.there are risks and our effort is to.minimize those risks.this is a year there's a new and an.unexpected exposure for our students.we never thought we'd be sitting here.talking about a national health crisis.a local health crisis a pandemic okay.but we don't want that exposure we don't.want that issue.to deter our efforts to see our students.benefit.emotionally socially and physically.through those participation.opportunities.uh in interscholastic activities the.connection points that our.youth make with adults.that care for them and want them to be.successful in school today and beyond.is significant and can never be.forgotten.the methods that our coaches use use may.be altered.but the mission is not going to change.we know that our coaches.do not coach football they coach.students.they coach students to collaborate to.pursue goals to overcome adversity.our coaches don't coach debate they.coach.students they coach students to think.critically.to think analytically to reason and.communicate effectively our music.teachers.don't teach music they use that medium.to.teach students to empi inspire students.to help them be creative the list can go.on and on but what we need to remember.is that with the benefits there are.risks and we need to assess those risks.at the student level at the school level.at the community level.and at the state level those risks are.evaluated in regards to the.opportunities that are afforded.if the risks are too much for the.student or for their family.or for the school a choice to not.participate is okay.and no one at the high school activities.association or at any one of our.member schools would think any less and.do anything but.support a decision made by those.students or those families.a decision to participate is also made.with confidence in knowing.that our schools are well equipped in.fact.i can can think of no better population.that is equipped and prepared to support.and lead our students in this time.than the administrators and the coaches.that are in the member schools of the.kansas state high school activities.association.we believe that it would be appropriate.to go through the following series of.slides with you that we have developed.over time and have now put before you as.the recommendations.uh for your consideration uh certainly.we can.i'll move through the presentation we.can come back and make any.uh have any discussion on any point of.those considerations.first in regards to fall practice as a.proposal we want to make sure.that it is important to note that every.school.must maintain adherence strict adherence.to local health.to county guidance to county health.authorities.for their location they know best what.is happening in their neighborhood.and our schools and our athletic.programs and interscholastic programs.need to.adhere to that guidance we also know.that there's a significant amount of.information that was provided last week.from members of this staff where they.boiled down and they synthesized.the best guidance that is available at.the local state.a national level looking at what the.national federation of high schools has.provided looking at what national.government governing bodies have.provided for respective sport.organizations.to have one set of documents that you.can use at the school level.to mitigate that risk we believe that.schools.should have the ability to choose to.begin practice no.earlier than august 17th which is our.regular.start date that we also believe that.there is no accommodation.that should set aside our heat.acclimatization protocol.for those that are participating in what.is the traditional.august heat in terms of competition.that is a different story there may need.to be some alterations based upon.the level of risk associated with each.of these when i talk of level of risk.these are identified by the national.federation.and many other agencies that.have have provided input in this regard.low risk activities like.tennis golf in cross country might begin.on their originally scheduled.competition dates.as long as there is a maintenance and.adherence to.the expectations and considerations that.have been provided.that means tennis and golf where.social distancing can be built in and we.cannot be lazy and just say well we'll.have it just as normal there are.considerations to follow.and need to be in here too can begin.competition as scheduled august 21..cross-country first competition day of.september 2.that would allow them to re put in the.required number of.mandatory practices individually and as.a team.debate and scholars bowl no earlier than.september 18th and 19th which are.both part of our uh handbook rule so.that takes care of those that stay the.same.all of those activities maintain the.original competition dates.as scheduled in the handbook and then we.have another set of activities that have.a higher risk they're indoors they.involve face-to-face competition.they encroach upon the social distancing.that we have been practicing that.intermittent exposure.that exists in these activities can be.overcome again with good.hygiene at least moderated with good.hygiene.and we believe that all of these.activities should begin.in competition built earlier than.september 8th.looking at them individually gymnastics.that sets it back.about four days from what it's.originally scheduled first competition.date would be.with the number of schools that are.participating and the conditions there i.believe that is going to be.an appropriate response for our gymnasts.across.the participating membership there in.volleyball.september 8th is the first competition.day and soccer both are at about the.same position about 10 days.after they would typically begin.competition.helps those schools that decide to wait.a week to start.to still be ahead of the game they start.practice now.on august 24th to coincide with their.beginning practice date they can only be.they'd still be ahead of where they.would be typical in a typical year.if they wait two weeks to begin practice.they're not far behind.what the peers have started in regards.to competition and.uh would be okay likewise uh with a.three week later start coinciding with.the september 8th date.competition a few games behind their.peers but not significant.so we tried to shrink that gap in.between to provide a semblance.of uniformity within that yet still.allow for.that local decision in regards to when.they begin practice and then therefore.begin that competition still.earlier than these days football in a.similar manner.is behind by a week in this model.it allows for probably not going to see.very many football games played on.september 8th except at the middle score.the non-varsity level since that is a.tuesday.most varsity football games would.probably begin that thursday or friday.the 10th or 11th of september.and with that opportunity they will have.missed week one of the regular season.and would move forward as scheduled in.that regard and again with all of these.competitions.there's going to be times where schools.cannot participate.because they are going to have to.quarantine or they're going to have to.set aside that may be directed by.local county health and it may be.directed by a local board.but certainly understanding that that is.a possibility.starting sooner rather than later.provides an opportunity for.more games to be played this this year.while still adhering to the safety.precautions that are in place.if you were to adopt this uh this set of.uh.proposals the following handbook rule.changes would be impacted and i've got a.couple bonuses for you because they are.necessary for.uh for this as well rule 35 our football.rule would be adjusted.for the first day of competition we.would reduce the number of regular.season football games from eight at the.high school level.or from nine to eight at the high school.level from seven to.six at the middle school junior high.school level.we would also ask that we take the.football jamboree.and know that it's a good thing that.it's not a good thing this year to take.place.uh we'll focus on the games that can be.played practice with your team.and then be prepared for that first game.in that regard.for the gymnastics it would simply.require a modification to the first day.of competition this year.as noted it's about four days later.instead of the friday of that week it.moves to the following tuesday.uh rule 38 soccer rule would be modified.for the first day of competition to be.pushed back.to that september 8th date and we would.reduce the number of available soccer.matches.at the high school level to 14 from 16.and the number of middle school junior.high school soccer matches.from 10 uh to eight from i'm sorry from.nine.to eight so that's one less middle.school junior high uh soccer game.and as you remember board you understand.that middle school junior high sets.their own season there is not a.culminating event at the end of that.season a championship.it's all done at the local level rule 30.43 for volleyball.a just would need to be adjusted for the.first day of competition to be.september 8th as opposed to uh.the previous date um we would adjust the.number of.points available when points are earned.through participation whether it's a.dual tri-quad or.invitational tournament you get a.certain number of allocated points.down from 36 to 30 and middle school.junior high.would have 24 points down from their.original 30 points so there is a.modification there.we would also ask that the board.consider if there is a board of.directors meeting.to modify rule 51 in scholars bowl.scholars bowl has a requirement that.they utilize.a recognition system by participants.also known as a buzzer system and if we.are able to fully develop the draft.of the virtual scholars bull format it.may be more of a timed response as.opposed to a first to buzz in.because sometimes technology does not.recognize the first one.to actually activate a timed response.and that buzzer system would become.appropriate only in face-to-face but in.a virtual format.not necessary additional considerations.for the board as you begin your.prepare to begin your deliberations that.as i started this conversation.student health and safety remain our.number one consideration.it is always and will always be as you.know through.our meetings one of the very first.agenda items that we discuss.as well as the decision point for the.activities.that we administer and remember this is.about.total student health not just in one.isolation.uh one item in isolation we do have some.year-round activities that i had not.mentioned those are music.and spirit and they would be able to.continue to practice for local boe.guidance.those again as without starting and.ending of seasons they're very fluid and.have adapted.quite well and we'll be able to continue.to do so.certainly as you have discussion through.this afternoon.you can modify any part of what we have.proposed.for you it is simply a recommendation.from staff.for your consideration as a starting.point for the discussion.and it's based upon input from every one.of our staff members.and very lengthy discussions uh to.bringing us to the point this afternoon.any action that requires board of.director.affirmation uh that would be the final.vote and i would anticipate that we.would have.a board of directors vote early next.week that would give.each board member the opportunity that.is on that 78 member board.to touch base with their stakeholders uh.to reflect upon the actions that are.are proposed and then to represent.appropriately.uh sometime early uh next week.if the executive board does approve.these proposals.we're also going to and then ultimately.they're affirmed by the board of.directors.i would expect that we would bring.forward to you.uh some manual changes that belong only.to.uh only under the jurisdiction of the.executive board it may be in the.qualifying procedure for some of the.activities.and it may be uh in regards to the.seating.procedure that we have simple.considerations in football such as.marginal points might need to be.evaluated in terms of an average.marginal points per game as opposed to a.strict total number of.marginal points and how do you deal with.a covet related.cancellation as opposed to just a.cancellation of a comcast so.that would require future action and our.board is certainly going to be equipped.to.[Music].take us in the appropriate direction in.that regard.also a future consideration for our.board of directors.uh probably at their september meeting.and and potentially earlier.would we allow some allowance for.compromise seasons.to be concluded that may be the.resumption of suspended activities.outside the calendar window or it may.just simply be setting aside our rule.that says.that your season ends with your.elimination from the post.season following the conclusion of.your regular season and we have that.just simply as a stakeholder to.recognize that if a school.endures a three-week.exemption from the ability to.participate in.football their season went from eight.games down to five games.uh and therefore uh having that one.final game.would be okay only if we get that board.of director.action to concur but certainly a.consideration that we would flesh out as.as appropriate pending the outcomes of.today's.again our focus this year is getting.kids back into normal our focus this.year is providing.that normalcy that provides that.stability.provides that those connection points.for adults and kids to be together.in that participation in that coach.athlete relationship.to provide uh that release and.connection for our kids is so.significant.so it's all about participation do we.want to have championships.absolutely true it is premature.to guarantee we're going to have.championships at this point in the year.our our effort is to prepare for those.championships you heard me reference.them.multiple times earlier today but we.cannot guarantee that the weekend after.thanksgiving it's going to be.appropriate to be playing football.or the weekend of halloween is going to.be appropriate to be racing at cross.country or playing volleyball so.more information to come the closer we.get to those the better.information we'll have and the ability.to make better decisions at that point.in time so.mr stein that is the summary of our.presentation in terms of a.recommendation for our board to consider.and to start the discussion and the.dialogue our staff is here.as as activity-specific experts to.answer any of those questions as well as.the general questions that you may have.thank you bill and and thank you staff.for all the time and effort that you.guys have put into this.i know that it's been uh a long.long process and uh like i said you are.greatly appreciated and to you as well.bill.so with that with that review um that.bill has just.concluded i would open up the floor for.discussion.on the fall semester or fall season.start dates and.any anything that you guys have to add.to the cause.mr rosenhagen you saw me inhale and.thought i had something to say didn't.you.well i saw you on mute so go for it.captain.uh yeah maybe i want a little.clarification or maybe and.i i i think i know pieces of it but uh.if there's more to.add uh in the event kind of the.the section second option that we uh.continue.a start date as planned the activities.the gymnastics the volleyball the soccer.the football.i know one part and moving those back uh.a number of days respectively.they're different in each case i know.one of the reasons for that.would be for some of the districts who.have a later start to school.may very well have a later start to.the start of practice applied to them.locally.but is there more to why we would move.the starting date back for those.activities.uh and not the others and i know a.little bit more of that.is the nature of those activities you.know volleyball you're face to face.soccer you know you're out there.football.obviously there's a lot of uh uh.face-to-face and.interaction much more than cross-country.or tennis but.uh staff is there more um to.differentiate those four activities.treated a little bit differently with a.lated start time that uh.has not been mentioned i'll certainly.begin that response and.offer the invitation to any of our staff.members to respond but.we start with the fact that not all.activities are created equally.and certainly the competition format for.those.you cannot regulate social distancing in.football you cannot regulate social.distancing.uh in in boys soccer it is a contact.activity.and a little bit extra time to see.trends is.important a little bit extra time for.schools to prepare is important.that information knowing that the three.activities the five activities that.begin.on time uh with debate and scholars bowl.thrown in with cross country.tennis and golf is the fact that um.we know that those are level one sports.as identified by the nfhs and that's our.governing body there's a lot of research.that's gone into that we believe that.that can be.those can continue with social.distancing as appropriate there's a.significant.considerations that can be employed and.they're easier to employ they don't take.as much effort on behalf of the school.district just to do that because they've.been doing many of those things all.summer long to prepare for some of the.challenges.for a soccer football game uh.a gymnastics match and volleyball match.that are both indoors.again provides an extra week of time an.extra week of preparation.and an extra week of data to review at.that local level for our school.so uh that's really the the balance of.it from the health and safety side.uh from the competitive side uh if we.started them all at the same time that's.just.one more competition opportunity it's.one more pressure point that schools.feel to begin.practice on time it doesn't provide.that option to really legitimately start.practice a little bit later.and not be that much farther behind so.closing that gap from the start of.practice.in terms of the number of competitions.missed was important for our staff as a.consideration.thank you.dena.i am fine with the recommendations.i have never coached football.or volleyball so i.really think i ought to listen to.the experts on.in that regard i guess one of my.concerns.was having.kids being.being able to up to that point.be able to condition.and lift and do other conditioning.exercises that they participate in and.then.have a break and i didn't.that didn't the best thing for kids.to be doing i became.a little concerned that we might if we.move.too far we might see that.see school districts say well you can't.practice you can't condition.and we'd have.kids starting a competition that really.their bodies.wasn't uh conditioned to participate in.so this i think.addresses the concern i have for.for that that problem.so i'll step back and listen to.all of you who more experience.working with kids in that arena.so thank you.thank you deena mr herman.i see you biting that tongue.well i just want to make it clear that.um i i really appreciate what the.staff's done and all of your work.it is hard because i think everybody.around the state um.is guessing you know what what are we.gonna do uh.i also appreciate that we have um come.up with an a plan that.also saves the integrity of winter.sports um.hoping that we're in a better place.to to be able to participate with our.winter sports i know that many.boards and school boards across the.state are.are making decisions on how they're.going to maintain their minutes.um so that they can get their kids.through high school.i also want to make it um another thing.that that i know that in my area.um specifically with uh with the start.date of september 8th is the middle.school.piece that i think is also important for.us to look at you know that is.it is a local decision but we are.talking about transportation these kids.aren't in school yet in some cases so it.could be.difficult but again those are again.decisions that can be made.by those schools but i wanted to make.sure that we recognized and pointed that.out.um again i appreciate all your guys.efforts i.absolutely agree with the august um 17th.start i think that.and to answer dina's question i know.that many of our coaches.and our kids have been heat acclimated.they've been working.i mean it's a little bit more than.probably normal because volleyball has.been outside as well.um you know and that they're not usually.they're usually in an air-conditioned.gym.so lifting weights and doing those.things so i know our kids are prepared.um and our coaches are prepared.you know it is the one thing that's.important is that.we have to know as interscholastic.athletics and activities.we are competing in against the club.world um and there's club sports in.and i and i recognize that and.understand that and if we.don't keep the integrity of our high.school sports.those kids will have other places to go.um so i think when we can put.our um our educational background and.understanding of how activities and.athletics work from an interscholastic.situation i think it really does help us.um in the long run and helps those kids.to make the right choice.mr haydock.i i would just think that pushing the.start date on your.volleyball soccer football if you get.into a.it you're gonna condense your season.even more then i think.and uh if you get some teams that.have to quarantine or or you know.miss a game and i think you're just.taking more opportunities away.so i agree with the.start date of uh august 17th and.would like to see us uh just streamline.the uh.the proposal that lets us get started.and.start competing as as soon as we can.mr stonebreaker.i don't think i have anything major to.add.uh my major question greg answered right.off the bat bad on the.the rationale for pushing those those.fall sports back.um i don't know that i disagree with.what.shannon just said um part of the old.coach.in me starts thinking okay if i was.still a football coach.uh we have the acacia rule now that you.can extend your camp you can even have.your camp a week before the season.starts.and now we're pushing that first game.back.there's going to be a lot of time there.a lot of practice time and i'm not.saying that's a bad thing.i just know as a former coach even.though i never thought we were prepared.to play i knew we needed to play because.i needed to figure out what was going on.and i can't imagine what the soccer and.volleyball coaches would feel.but also getting the opportunity to.still work with their kids and still.have the opportunity to play i think.that's the important piece.the one question i did have for bill and.the staff was.if the board of directors gets together.and votes and does not.does not accept this recommendation.let's say we as an executive board pass.this recommendation as you presented.and and they don't pass the.modifications do we.fall back then on august 17th as our.start date and.everything is exactly as it had been.printed in the handbook and we moved.forward.all right to answer that question mr.stonebreaker that would be correct.unless at the board of directors meeting.there was an alternate.alternative motion that was germane to.the issue and.that was supported but it would.without any other action from the board.of director and.the board of directors or without.approval from the board of directors of.what is proposed we would revert.back to the august 17th date and the.handbook driven first days of.competition.and that and that could also be decided.today if we.chose as an executive board.to start with competition or start with.our practice date of october.august 17th with the first competition.date remaining the same.correct okay all right thank you.mr marlin.i guess i'll begin by making a statement.that i don't think anybody would.disagree with.and that's you know i'm not smart enough.to make this decision.you know with so many variables involved.in this and.so many different things that will occur.or can occur.that i guess i'm to the point.now where i'm probably going to put my.faith.in the executive director and the.assistant executive directors.in the fact that they they have taken.the time they have taken the effort to.look through this.and come up with what would probably be.considered by most a fair compromise.i know they're going to be a lot of.people that say you noticed.and you know i i'm still not convinced.that we sh.we shouldn't just august 17th get.started we just.we just go like we are.but i don't think there's anybody in in.the room that thinks that we're not.going to have issues once we get.started and i think major league.baseball is probably showing that.right now that and i hope they're not a.precursor to what could happen.but when it's all said and done i'm.afraid we're all going to be dealing.with we don't have enough kids to play.tonight how can we do that.what are we going to do to adjust.schedules and again i'm hoping none of.this happens.but but i think i think there's probably.chances that we're going to run into.some issues here.and so.i i guess my point is i'm going to put.my faith in the in the.in bill and the assistant executive.directors.and this is a proposal that they have.come up with.they have looked at it long and hard.they know how we can make it work and i.think it is a fair compromise.thank you monty mr perkins.i've listened to everybody talk and i.don't have a lot to add to any of that.and and i agree with monty i i think.that our staff there at.acacia cases put a lot of time into this.and research.and have come back with a compromise to.at least allow our student athletes to.start practice and to compete against.each other.so i'm still listening.okay mr castle are you available.okay he must be still having trouble.i think we've got him now okay see if we.can start over mike you want to start.over.now they.so that's saying i'm going to support.their issue but i wonder if we don't if.we.go ahead and start we may get some games.that we may not get.otherwise i agree i think we'll see.something down the road whether it's.middle september october or january.so i i just wonder if we're going to be.better off to get.kick off.i'll.bill could you paraphrase for us what.mike said i caught pieces of it but not.enough of it.you bet i think that uh mike has.expressed.support of the staff's position but he.also.expressed curiosity and.uncertainty of whether or not we're.going to be able to make it through the.season.and would it be better to play.as soon as possible as opposed to.waiting because there may be an eventual.uh suspension of.activities either on a local or a more.regional basis.agreed does anyone have anything further.they would like to.discuss on this on this topic.okay now i think we're at a junction.where we need to.either make a recommendation.to modify or.correct me if i'm wrong bill would we.need a modification or would we need a.motion and a second to.stay where we currently are with the 17.start date.first date of competition would be the.normal date of competition.if there's no motion that becomes the.reality if there's a motion to change if.there if there's a desire to change.there would need to be a motion a second.and then a vote in affirmation of that.that vote would only go.then to create the actual motion is to.create a board of directors agenda item.to capture the changes that we.identified on the.proposed handbook rule changes.but one of those is not the start date.the majority of those are about the.start date and i i'm not sure.the start date of august 17th august.17th stays i'm sorry i heard a voice and.it was ryan clarifying that what i.should have clarified is that.the modification does not involve a.change to august 17th.as an optional start practice day for.our member schools.okay.okay so uh board members we are at that.point where.we'll either make a motion to.make a make an amendment to the.competition dates.which would require a motion a second.and then a vote and if that vote.passes then it would become a board of.directors.agenda item and bill will get that.scheduled.um as soon as possible so before before.we go there.i'm just gonna ask a quick question you.know you said early next week.um if we were to make um an amendment or.a motion in second.for the board of directors to get.together to make their vote.you know first week of august the first.week of all months is usually our board.member our.board of education meetings you know so.i was just wondering time frame and.timeline on that and then.obviously if we left everything alone to.the august 17th with the traditional.start date for all sports.that's not a vote that we need i'm.correct on that so right.that is correct from my perspective.jason bourne.our effort would be to have this board.meeting early monday afternoon.on august 3rd hopefully in advance of.i'm not going to beat a noon board.meeting.but we are going to be evening board.meetings on monday august 3rd.any further clarification.seeing none okay so we are.back to that point if there is no motion.then we are moving forward with the.august 17th.start date of activities and competition.dates would remain.the same there would be no modification.to the.first date of competition.i'll make the motion this is monty i'll.make the motion that we accept.the executive uh director and the.staff's recommendation.of modifying the start dates but keeping.the the.august 19th first uh practice date the.same.august 17th august 17th okay.so we have a motion on the floor of.practice time beginning.august 17th with the modifications.presented by bill and the staff.second second by mr perkins.any further discussion.hearing none i'm going to call for a.roll vote so when i call your name.please unmute yourself and vote yay or.nay.okay mr perkins yay.mr stonebreaker.no mr haydock.no miss horst.yes mr herman.no mr marlin.mr rosenhagen.no mr castle.uh mike has voted yes via his uh.speakerphone here he voted yes and i am.i am a no.so i have 5'4.motion fails.so with that motion that fails.we will be starting activities august.17th.with the original start dates of all.activities.that were printed am i correct on that.bill.with no board of directors motion.there's no.there's no further action that is needed.by that board.so that is correct we move forward as.calendared and uh.i'll practice august 17th competitions.according to the handbook rule.okay mr stein yes mr perkins.what does that do with the jamborees.mr fafflik mr lentz.jamborees as we have been sharing with.member schools are discouraged as part.of our considerations.but if a member school chooses to do.those that is certainly their.prerogative.if they do so they are given the freedom.to.only schedule one opposing team so there.will be two teams.in a jamboree as opposed to the.traditionally required three and you.made that.uh approval uh this past week when we.adopted the considerations.mark may have further input for us there.but we cannot you this board this.executive board.nor the staff can set aside the.opportunity for the jamborees to exist.they exist in handbook rule.we're just discouraging them uh as a.strong cons as a strong discouragement.to have those.uh instead to focus on the game.opportunities so uh remains a local.decision in that regard mr perkins.thank you bill thanks.does anyone have anything further.dina has a question yes dina.i really don't have a question but more.of a comment.that before.anyone does a jamboree it might be a.good idea to check with their.local health official.before they make that.decision because that.is really one of the components.within the navigating change.operations component and.i know that roger.probably could testify to this but i was.listening.to dr watkins.kind of caution.superintendents about.doing things that they were not wrecked.that their health officials had.recommended against.so you might want to check with them.before you.set one up just a thought.thank you thank you dina.i have one other question yes mr.stonebreaker.as as we move forward this may not be.the time but.um will the and i think i know the.answer to this because i think it was in.the considerations uh bill and staff but.as far as uh allow for fans.at games and how many fans we have and.those types of things is that local.jurisdiction league.groups i know that's a question we've.been bannering around quite a bit we're.getting a lot of those questions and we.can talk another time about that if this.isn't the appropriate venue.we're happy to respond to that at this.point uh and continue to do that to our.administrative seminars.uh the one size fits all is certainly.applicable not applicable in this regard.in terms of facilities in terms of.contests and in terms of how local.health authorities will.regulate that so that is a local.decision.your local health department will.provide for you.your capacity limits for those contests.that are held.outside as well as those contests that.are held in your facilities.using the considerations help spread.those out.so you can have smaller groups of kids.participating.but bottom line it comes down to what.your local health authority decides.as the appropriate number of.participants including.the kids on in competition and.adult fans that may come to watch.does anyone have any other any other.questions for.bill or staff or any other comments.bill do you have anything for us uh.no i appreciate your engagement.in this process i know that one of the.questions was what were.comments was that we're going to hope.for.you know a continued decline in this and.certainly i learned a long time ago hope.is not a strategy.it's certainly what we do but it's i.hope is not a strategy i hope that all.of our member schools and all of our.stakeholders provide the very best.opportunity by engaging in.appropriate social distancing wearing.masks personal hygiene washing hands.and make sure they're communicating if.they are a participant.their current health condition so that.we don't compromise a team.or a season because we know that there.are causes bigger than ourselves and we.need to make sure that our.coaches and athletes understand that if.they need to sit because they're sick.they need to sit.and then they can get back to action.much sooner.and they would not take anybody else out.of participation opportunities.because they thought that they could.hide something like that so.please keep that in mind that we're.going to hope yes but we're also going.to.be strategic and how we respond and how.we engage and how we employ those.considerations.hey alan mr yes mr herman thank you um.first staff thank you for all your hard.work i really appreciate it um.everything you guys have done and.uh you are the experts and we appreciate.all that work i do want to ask um.is there gonna be something that we.posted or communications that will go.out to.the the schools so that they're aware of.where we're continuing or the decision.that was made today.absolutely that will go out jeremy is.usually prepared with.multiple press releases and he now needs.to pick option.b instead of a or a instead of b and i.will try to get something out yet this.afternoon to our member schools.member school administrators and.superintendents.thank you mr herman for that question.that was at the tip of my tongue and i.had spaced it off so thank you um.i would like to come on and just say.thank you to to all of the board members.um i know these last few weeks dealing.with.trying to come up with this time frame.and all the questions and all the emails.that we've been receiving.um in the comments um i know it it gets.taxing and and like i said i appreciate.your professionalism i appreciate you.you making time out of your busy.schedules to.to join us and to you know talk about.these tough.tough decisions and staff and bill.i can't thank you enough for all of the.time and efforts that you put into.all the documents that uh that you've.given us.and all the information that you keep.sending us as well to keep us surprised.of the situation.and uh like i said i think we're in good.hands and.i look forward to continuing to meet.with.with this board and and the staff.and that's that's all i have uh mr.fafflick or staff do you guys have.anything else to add.no and and just to be clear uh alan just.making it abundantly clear that there's.no change to practice or competition but.all of the considerations.that were provided to member schools are.still in place and are still expected to.be followed.at the very best ability of our member.schools those are.to be adapted to your locale.and for those competitions and we want.to make sure that you understand and our.member schools understand that those.remain.in place and we do our very best to.mitigate the risk of.uh exposure to uh to those that are in.our facilities uh mr lentz has an.additional comment i believe.yeah and i'm gonna we'll talk about this.but i'll probably.uh have a couple of considerations uh at.another time.on seating criteria and like bill talked.about on the.marginal points issue just in case.we're that way we're dealing with the.covert 19 potential.cancellation of games.thank you mark.anyone have anything further.hey president stein mr haydock.i just like to pass on to the to the.board and to the staff and.i know we recognize representative ryan.for his.uh recognition i believe it was last.week.but i'd like to pass on condolences to.uh.janelle smith carson family.janelle just lost a battle with some.cancer recently.she is a was a pioneer in girls.track and and field and uh.ran in the olympics um.just a very humble person i believe.she's a member of the uh.the hall of fame acacia and uh.probably several others i know that for.a fact but uh.just a tough deal and uh.but i just wanted to let the family know.that um there's people out there.thinking of them.and janelle so that's all i have.thank you shannon.anything further.none seeing none i would entertain a.motion to adjourn.some of moved by mr perkins.started by mr stonebreaker i see the.double deuce.any any further discussion all in favor.please say aye.aye aye oh same sign.we are.you.

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Many apps have a more complex setup when you start using them on an iOS device like the iPhone or iPad. However, you can esign form online safely with CocoSign, either using the iOS or Android operating system.

Below instructions will help you to e-sign your Kshsaa Form from your iPad or iPhone:

  1. Add the CocoSign app on your iOS device.
  2. Write your CocoSign account or login if you have a previous one.
  3. You can also sign in through Google and Facebook.
  4. From your internal storage, click the document you need to e-sign.
  5. Open the document and choose the space you want to place your signatures.
  6. Write your electronic signatures and save them in your desired folder.
  7. Save the changes and send your Kshsaa Form .
  8. You can also share it to other people or upload it to the cloud for future use.

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How to create an electronic signature for the Kshsaa Form on Android?

These days, Android gadgets are commonly used. Therefore, to assist its customers, CocoSign has developed the app for Android users. You can use the following intstructions to e-sign your Kshsaa Form from Android:

  1. Add the CocoSign app from Google Play Store.
  2. Login to your CocoSign account from your device or signup if you have not been pre-registered.
  3. Choose on the '+' option and add the document in which you want to place your electronic signatures.
  4. Select the area you want to put your signatures.
  5. Generate your e-signature in another pop-up window.
  6. Place it on the page and choose '✓'.
  7. Save changes and send the file.
  8. You can also share this signed Kshsaa Form with other people or upload it on the cloud.

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Kshsaa Form FAQs

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