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Health District Clearance Form 2011 : Customize, Finish and forward

hey y'all and thanks for joining me for.another video what you're gonna see.today.is another visit to the panhandle health.district in hayden idaho.this is now my third trip here after.casey from north idaho exposed was.threatened with force.for his use of speech in this day and.age where we are told our compliance.is what will allow us to be free again.ordered followers from.any and all governmental bodies are.getting pushed back against.in ways they haven't prepared for you.guys they're scrambling too.they're used to people doing what.they're told not standing up.i won't go on long here other than to.say joe from panhandle health and their.new security guard.didn't shy away from their pattern of.discrimination against free people.not hurting anyone else damaging or.stealing anyone else's property.or defrauding anyone else it didn't take.them long to use threats of force and.aggression against me.for my speech in fact they didn't want.to have a discussion at.all they just went straight in to comply.or we will use.force to gain compliance as you'll soon.see.i did allow myself to get pretty fired.up i have been.and am prepared to be arrested and allow.them to use their.force to stop my civil disobedience.i would have just sat and made them.physically drag me from the building.except my kids were there it's really.not even about them seeing me be.arrested.i didn't want them to worry about me.while i was caged like an animal.for the rest of the day or until the.ruling class decided to let me out.i will be back at a later date to.revisit this issue.and make sure they've learned their.lesson about restricting freedom.then we'll decide if this is worth.taking them to court over.thanks again for all your support don't.forget to hit the thumbs up.reblog and share this video on all of.your social media.subscribe to the channel and of course.leave me a comment with your thoughts.links to previous visits to the.panhandle health district and any.sources i used in this video are in the.description.along with contact info for the.panhandle health district itself.you know in case you want to address.them for their consistent willingness to.use.force to quell a person's speech.the american police state brought to you.by questionable authority.your freedom is an illusion.oh how are you guys doing video.recording oh.where's the sign that says that okay.well i just need to check this is.publicly accessible right.this is a public access so you guys are.restricting the press here.no we're restricting videotaping because.of patient privacy it's a medical clinic.okay so where is there private.information that you're hiding from me.oh so you're so you are excluding me the.public from something because you're.supposed to follow hipaa laws not me if.you are showing them to me that's on you.not me.sure you either comply or have to ask.you to leave so.you're going to use force against me.again this guy with force weapons all.that to get me to leave.so if i don't leave you're going to.you're not going to do anything.that would be force isn't it so that.would be force right so again for.speech which is protected under the.first amendment.the press everybody is the president.do you know no you don't because you're.interrupting me so you don't care what i.have to say you're just going to be like.an authoritarian like you have been and.kick us out.so do you know i've gone into va.hospitals i've gone into it.here though why can't i why should i.have to do it out there because i don't.want you to record anything well you.don't want me.is that a law and can you cite the law.that says i can't record.it's time to leave let's go oh he's.going to be trusted so force you're.going to use force against absolutely.go now you're going to use force for.speech.in front of my children here yes i will.what lie am i breaking.what lie am i breaking right now under.duress.and the threat of violence against me in.front of my kids i will leave but you.better believe sir you have restricted.my freedom that is title 18.usc 240 i would be more than happy to.talk to you in here where i'm legally.able to.but now i'm being threatened with.violence for something that's illegal.activity.sir he just he literally he literally.threatened to be with finance.you are doing this in front of your kids.you are kids or you can just go outside.you give me the respect of my freedom.and a lot of your kids so.he said the line was right there and now.you're telling me i have to go out there.go outside sir can i ask the sir.the gentleman where's the line because.before the line was there and now you've.moved.he's out here so are you going to use.fourth but but why did the line change.you said earlier the line was right.there it's on camera.sir you said earlier the line was right.there now you've changed it.i want to be free no i would like to be.free.i would love for you to be free too.because this man has threatened me.violence because of your wishes.i will leave this building sir i really.don't think that's the issues.that is the issue it's a publicly.accessible building.why are we being kept why am i being.kept out of it i have official business.and you would not.allow another woman went in there with.official business and you didn't allow.her in there if you.what law can you cite that says i can't.go in there without this because i need.to.document this and get it to the public.what law what law what law i don't care.about a reason.you guys are doing all sorts of things.just name them name them.name them hey sir your son's gonna come.in and use the restaurant he's not my.son thank you though.okay he's another kid that believes in.freedom not force.so you seem to be really upset because i.was just used.threatened with violence to have me.removed from anybody then i'm going back.in.oh so he is threatening is removing me.by forced violence.you said i just said several times i i.would move i would not move and you said.he would remove me or you would call the.cops that is violence.you don't want to have a conversation.you don't want to have you don't want to.hear what i have to say because you are.unethical and illogical.no my kids need to hear this okay but.you can do that you guys.no you guys are restricting whatever you.want at home i can teach them whatever.wherever i want you guys you guys think.you have security over.authority over us right because that's.why you are threatening your violence.here's the deal i've asked you to leave.i left if you do not leave.will be arrested for trump did i not.leave okay so that's a threat of.violence another stop creating more.issues and just go.i left feel free to watch the public.area you told me so three times first i.couldn't i could be in there with a line.there now i came out here and i can't be.here.the guy the guy that you're taking.orders from said and besides that you.will get a lawsuit against you because.you restricted my freedom.under the threat of violence you don't.want to have a conversation.are you ready to listen to what i'm.saying so i would like to know why me.do you want to sit here you can go ahead.and sit i'll do what i'm comfortable.with.i don't take directives and authority.from other people i'm not trying to give.you any direct okay.well you gave me a directive in there.that i couldn't be in a public area.this another lady went in there i don't.understand what the difference is we.have free press.so i'm getting threatened with violence.for not breaking any lie what law did i.break.what law did i break we refuse to comply.with our policy that's not a law that.applies to you not me what's the law.that i broke.what can so if you call the cops here to.trespass me what law are they gonna.enforce that i trust.but they in order to be trespassed from.a public building just leave see you.want to have a conversation you don't.want to hear what i have to say you.don't want to hear what i have to say.you're not.you're interrupting me i'm not i'm.explaining so they have to have a.criminal reason to trespass me from a.publicly excessive i am.talking sir i ask you to leave okay.under a lawful reason.if i am causing a disturbance which i.wasn't until you guys refused me.then yes when my freedom is taken away i.get angry.so my voice got elevated because you are.threatening violence against me you have.three times did i say i was gonna beat.you.you said you were gonna physically.remove me from that building if i did.not move that is violent sir.no you are using force against me that.is aggressions removed.yes so how i said i'm not going to move.willfully so how do how does that end up.other than.force against someone using speech i ask.you to leave you don't have any other.choice to leave just like if i was on.your property right.if i went to your house that's private.property sir let's be logical and make.the same arguments if you want to argue.private property.we'll go on private property but right.now we're on public property so we're.arguing.public property you can't tell me to.leave unless the public.welcome here yes who did so.this is a publicly accessible building.sir in fact so what law is that are you.a law you make laws.i'm asking him questions neither of you.will answer one of my questions what law.did you break.what law did i break well okay what law.did i break neither of you can cite a.law you're telling.policy and opinion but not one law.please do my understanding is.that that we have a policy that you.cannot.use video click on it it's based on.patient privacy so did i agree to any.one of those policies.that doesn't apply to the public that.does not.that does you cannot restrict you.so why is it that other federal.buildings other hospitals other.doctors buildings that have the same.rules as far as hipaa as far as privacy.they allow me to record in there because.they understand because it's not your.job to keep the public from doing.our freedom and collecting information.to disseminate from the.to the public that's the problem.you know you are making all of these.decisions and you don't get to.it is our freedom you don't get to just.say because it's your job to keep.information from me.that you're not going to allow me to be.free you get to tell your employees to.say if you see someone with a camera.turn your computer so that the camera.doesn't pick it up.i didn't sign any hipaa disclosure thing.saying i wouldn't share any of that.information.you and your employees did that's why.the policy applies to you and not me.i can go look if you're going to show me.your computer screen i can look in front.of it i'm not breaking a law.you're breaking the hipaa law not me.because you are supposed to protect.their information.not by restricting my freedom.so yes we get pissed when people do that.we pay for this stuff we are trying to.just ask.questions and we have been refused entry.into the building everything answer your.question.no you're not because you still haven't.cited a law that says i can't do that.i gave you what's the law what's the law.i'm not an attorney i don't have the.specific so you're again going to use.force when you don't know you're going.to invite people to use force against me.when you don't even know.thank you you've said your piece that's.all i need you will be.seeing a lawsuit from me i have just one.last one yeah so is it your guys's.policy to wear your name badges when.you're in the building.yes okay so can do you force like me if.i go in the building to wear a name.badge.so but you enforce some policy on me but.not others that were.i'm just asking what policy well i was.told earlier just to go on in the front.of the building i couldn't record in the.building at all he said that was a.politic what can i just finish.he said that was a policy i said your.policy it's a hipaa policy it's to.protect patients rights i understand.i've read it i know it.but it's it's for you guys it doesn't.apply to me i'm not a worker of the.i'm not i'm not employed so it doesn't.apply to you guys it's your job to keep.those private.it's not my job to make sure they stay.private yeah and i heard your argument.with joe.corey and let's if i just.step away from the policy for just a.second okay.step away from the policy we have.young patients sitting in our waiting.room that in many cases are there.for very private procedures.in many cases they wouldn't even want to.know they wouldn't want.people to know that they're there and.for anyone.to walk in with a video camera that then.is going to be put on the world wide web.forget the policy altogether i'm just.concerned about that.i am concerned about them i'm concerned.i understand innocent people sitting in.the waiting room.that potentially will be broadcast over.the web.for first medical procedures that are.very.very important to them to have i.understand what you're saying.that's my concern but so my concern is.there's.like you just mentioned the governor can.make laws i don't believe they have.authority over my life but the police.and you people do.so my point in going there is so he's.restricting me now you guys are saying.well we want to protect someone else.where's my protections you want to.protect someone else's privacy but.there's no protection for me i keep.getting locked.out you know all these things i have a.son who's severely disabled you see him.he's had a major surgery i mean i know.all these medical things.i don't care it's not my problem if they.want to be private they should hide.themselves when they come here if they.don't want people to see them here i'm.sorry.it's not my problem i try to be.respectful if they ask me nicely if a.private person asks me hey can you.take my face out i don't want to be on.camera i'm more than happy to but when.someone just starts barking orders that.don't have anything behind them because.there's no law.that's what upsets me you're restricting.my freedom you can ask me nicely hey if.someone comes in here we just want to.respect their privacy.but that's not what happened you guys.first go to authoritarian.you don't have any more freedom where.you're allowed to do you understand that.i do cory.this is the first time we've had a.dialogue so i understand i don't i don't.know all the history that you're.that you're speaking of but all i'm.saying is.have some compassion for those young.moms and folks that are in there with.their kids.i i would just say be sensitive to that.if you want to video me.all day long i mean you're going to have.to look at this.i'm not going to show much videos.[Music].i understand that i guess my point is.you know the other day when i was here.there was a woman she was trying to get.in the building.and the other guy that i we were up.there and we realized we're keeping her.from getting in the building.i didn't put her on camera i asked her.some questions i talked to her so i.already do that i'm.you know people just assume because i'm.out pressing you guys who have authority.to try to press on our lives that i just.missed i'm gonna get in your face and do.what i want no i i believe in self.governance i have to respect other.people they have to respect me if i.don't get respected i'm probably not.gonna respect you back but i appreciate.you guys coming out and talking.yeah it was nice thanks for supporting.my channel and work.links to all the platforms you can find.questionable authority on are in the.description below.and there's lots of ways to help me grow.and dedicate more time to this channel.of course links to paypal dash bitcoin.and others are listed.but you don't have to part with your.capital to support me.there are ways like downloading the.privacy minded brave browser using my.link below and using it for 30 days.or sign up for a new hive or steam.account and earn cryptocurrency for.yourself.for doing what you already do on youtube.facebook and twitter.and at the same time i'll learn crypto.for your upvotes and comments.

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Health District Clearance Form 2011 FAQs

Notice answers to listed questions about Health District Clearance Form 2011 . Find out the most welcome topics and more.

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