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How to Write the Kiawah Island Commercial Access Pass Form under Instructions on the Laptop?

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[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].is now one o'clock and start the week.off we'd like to have a member comments.on agenda topics only prior to since.hurricane Orion is on the agenda I'm not.going to try to name names because I.know I would leave people out there I.just want to say we came back five days.later and you could see piles of debris.that haven't yet been cleared up.all right there's now 1 of 2 p.m. Monday.October the 7th was called a week order.and we did I'd also like to build.heavenly build on but also just quick to.comment on the efforts the crews.[Music].everything that you did it pretty much.like you should want to do other.discussions and we've been doing too.much he really becomes too routine I'd.also like to recognize until we went.onto the other day.Diana Messner as a new board member.she came on and filled the spot for Mike.gentleman who sold his house.on the island the board thank her for.her willingness to come forward and come.back to those in potential path I'd also.like to thank her for her other services.on this Idol she is by far probably one.of the few people that has donated so.much the personal time.all right I'm just going to make a few.opening comments before we get into the.official agenda I too wanted to welcome.Diana and I thought that when she came.on board that I would finally resolve.this long-standing question that is is.it Meza not or Mezzanotte I asked her.that question she said well it's really.Peter and I said well what do you go by.and she said both the conundrum.continues I also thanks to our staff and.we have mentioned it yet but I also.really want to thank the the town and.the town staff as well you know we've.spent a lot of time hunkered down over.the last three or four years with.Stephanie Tillerson and her team and now.- I think just two mayors but but we've.done it enough we'd like to stop for a.while but it's really a big.collaborative effort and it would not be.a success without that partnership I.think you hear around here locally.squabbling between municipalities and.counties over why piles of debris still.aren't picked up and our objective here.is to get people back to normal as.quickly as possible and and we seem to.be doing that.faster and faster he's not here but also.when I acknowledge the fact that our.corrector implanted legs.Walter was on the job for maybe six.weeks when he had to jump right into.this and so if it was a phenomenal job.by him leading that effort on our behalf.the storm caused some logistical.challenges for us we have beatings that.were delayed or canceled and we have a.lot of budget work that that had to be.slid back and so we've been playing.catch-up ever since but I think we're.close to being there and again just want.to thank everyone for pulling together.to get that done didn't know really.where to put this on an agenda so I just.have it in common us but at the last.meeting there were some comments about.just kind of the numbers of people at.the Sandcastle sets the renovation and.given that we are now sort of past the.end of the typical pool season I thought.it would be appropriate and share some.some statistics and talk about where.we're thinking as we.forward to 2017 was the last year that.we got a full season that we were open.before the renovation and at the pool in.2017 we welcome to twenty two thousand.and eighty six people about 82% work.members of their family about 2800 or.twelve or thirteen percent were.accompanied yes meaning you bring.someone with it to the pool and about a.thousand are just shy of 1,100.unaccompanied yes meaning you make.arrangements for someone to come to the.pool under your membership that was four.point nine percent so twenty two.thousand and twenty seventeen twenty.nineteen twenty nine thousand seven.hundred and eighty-three members and.family sixty four percent increase in.that category forty eight hundred and.thirteen company guests that's almost 70.percent increase and sixteen hundred and.sixty-seven unaccompanied yes that's.about a 50% increase now of the the.total mix though of the 36,000 people.that.this season right at about the same.percentage for members of faculty 80%.13% of company guests in a slight.decrease percentage-wise by company.gifts 4.6 percent also there's looking.at an indicator and just remember this.is triple resonated by that it does not.account for expenses or very high.expenses associated with the grill but.2017 in our last full season grill.revenue it was 166 thousand in 2019 it.was three hundred and twenty four.thousand ninety five percent increase.the member engagement survey which we're.going to talk about just a little bit.here later in the agenda showed that the.percentage of members who use this.fantastical weekly between 15.2%.pre-renovation to twenty point five.percent after the renovation percentage.who used monthly went from nine decide.to almost 15 this is the biggest one the.people who never use went from 27 to 16.and then this was an interest.to look at club club memory utilization.before the renovation 44% pyo Club.members indicated that they have never.released the Sandcastle after the.renovation is 26% say that never so big.shift there and club diversity reducing.the facility other relevant pieces of.information as we think back on our.first full season there we have 247.places to sit.place to sit down and we think we.probably did assistance but in terms of.pita without getting consideration for.peak days weekend's verses or weekdays.versus weekend's.that averages to about two hundred and.thirty-four people a day of visiting.pool our busiest days were not.surprisingly July fourth 945 people July.fifth 673 in July third 128 keep in mind.those are full day figures people not.everyone comes at one time the day of.the largest number of unaccompanied.guests was Friday August ninth with 33.total users that day we think about.where we go into the future there was.concern about the fact that after hours.or after 7:00 p.m. the staffing there.there is no staffing at who and so our.draft budget for next year anticipates.having staff there until 9 o'clock at.night help make sure that unauthorized.uses is tamp down.clearly the.results show that people are responding.in a very very favorable way to the.renovations a lot more people 64 percent.more people using that nano than in 2017.and so you know it's wonderful presents.new challenges as well and and those are.things that we're going to have to.continue to to work on me so those are.my opening comments we have the minutes.from the July first meet all those in.favor.[Music].thanks for the approval of the September.17th.all of the paper.not many committee update we're in very.good shape we have five applications or.two spots on the board are men we don't.know yet if all of them in the.nominating committee process and we.don't know yet how they feel about money.in a contested election so I can't.promise you that there will be a.possibility of five games coming before.you but we start with a good number of.professional backgrounds and some people.have more than one forget among three of.the fire lawyers you have a lot on the.board so I can just imagine a word with.four lawyers they finance and then three.professions that we have had no.representation from in at least the last.eight years and that's advertising.environmental science of hospitality.doesn't mean that it gives these.candidates the leg up just means that.it's nice to have some different.there's a good mix of demographics with.full-time and part-time machine.single-family home and several people.who have a long history of experience on.and even volunteering with healer.we begin our interviews tomorrow and we.hope to have the interviews completed.the nominee whose hope to have those.completed sometime next week and then.we'll spend a couple of weeks will be.debated and decide whether we're going.to recommend to three or four people for.the four spots that's on the two spots.okay we've been talking about potential.by watch Ange now for the past two or.three meetings so it should be.unfamiliar really this is about trying.to put into place objective the board.raised at his planning session at the.beginning of this year was which was to.create a little bit longer orientation.period for new board members so that you.know I'll get elected that have to go to.a meeting the next day or three days.later and start voting on things and so.it has gone through several different.iterations lead is distributed to the.board which essentially says that the.elections results are finalized in.January and those folks actually take.office at the annual meeting in March.and it allows the outgo and.board members to spend time during that.orientation period spend time the.strategic planning session working.together and that is distributed so the.actual recommendation did you get the.clean copy.the recommendation for sports.consideration is to amend the bylaws and.two places in article 2 section 1 annual.meeting the existing language says the.annual meeting of the members will be.held within the first three calendar.months of each year at a time daily.place elected by the Board of Directors.such an annual meeting should be held.for the purpose of electing directors.and the transaction of such other.business as may come before the meeting.the proposed changes to eliminate that.by sentencing say such annual meeting.shall be held.I still have the old version of this.held for the transaction of business.article three where it talks about.director director section two number and.tenure there's a fairly lengthy.paragraph in the last sentence says.election of directors may be conducted.by mail ballot of the Board of Directors.so determines there's proposed.additional language to insert prior to.that sentence which is the election will.be held.in terms of the electric members will.commence and it's simply removing that.such an LED 20,000 meters.out of the initial language.these new business I will explain that.as you know the Lord made for a long.time the implementation of a conveyance.policy that was approved at a meeting I.believe in March essentially what that.conveyance policy says is that in a.developer it doesn't necessarily need.the fuel partners but when these.developer proposes to convey property to.keep if it is the type of things such as.hard infrastructure roads drainage etc.that don't create an immediate.operational cost we will go through the.process of having our engineers and.experts with outside experts.we determine the necessary evaluate.infrastructure and if we find it to.being good work.in our staff recommendation is that we.we accept immediately items such as.landscaping which the minute we take on.additional landscaping responsibility.does cost money operational and if it's.not our budget that creates problem for.us the proposal is that we are the.policy now is that we do our inspection.saying process and we make a.recommendation to the board that we.accept that landscaping responsibility.and the next budget year with respect to.what they are asking us to take it is.phases for through date of landscaping.I'm sorry.basis 7 4 6 7 & 8 in landscaping they.have withdrawn their request for.infrastructure and landscaping in phase.5 and the only remaining bit of an.infrastructure that we would be looking.to take or that they be looking for us.to take right now is phase a we expect.to have a recommendation on all of that.at the November meeting the Finance.Committee is already met and reviewed a.first draft or it is a partial first.draft of the 2020.I did that budget includes the.assumption that we are taking office.basket in January again this is one of.the handful of things that Victorian.delay Walter in writing a clean-up.operation instead of finishing his work.with qeh partners on the nature of the.landscape and the costs and the water.meters and all of those sorts of things.but it's our anticipation that we'll be.making that recommendation in them the.only other infrastructure island is it's.phased a drainage we and our engineers.have gone through that video right now.on barring some unexpected finding we'd.expected that we recommended for.acceptance so I'm happy to take any.questions but we're not asking for a lot.but you know that would call that too.much.language potential the well again I.think I understand where you're coming.from the thought process there was.really for future places in my mind.where there was in place how to think.about that I mean the developer has.counsel please correct me if I'm wrong.but the developer has said I believe in.early that while it disagrees with the.[Music].so the revenues are very personal budget.just to offsetting items that don't come.across any fake revenues and that's the.contributions to reserve our $525,000.oil budget but that vehicle access fees.were about a hundred eleven thousand.dollars Saturday.so those two things just happen to.offset each other to keep us right right.and actually the kind of reasons to.reserve which I mentioned our last page.that done prior reports is about 260,000.below last year if you look at what.happened in September and.Kaspar our cobras we're still your.compared to your atom or about $100,000.behind we will have a the next page our.expenses the next page we have the.operating expenses which are largely.timing items I broke out because there's.a lot funded in there things are all.positively have positive variances some.of those will be permanent but a lot of.the other Jeff's be tiny differences the.next item is really our accounting.system problem because we don't have a.fixed asset conscious so the way it.worked through the budgets is when we.put capital into the operating budgets.and and then we need those when it's.actually expected.we don't look at this for next year of.how before and payrolls basically I just.within two percent of budgetary most and.dad's in there but no we're going to.news doesn't I want to point out is that.my heart is favorable which a major.repairs replacements is paper over five.hundred fifty six thousand but that.again is made up of a lot of ups and.downs so I was going to highlight those.so that you understand the time.management project we talked about.before or trying to clean up upon we.accelerated that it's actually $125,000.worse than budget spent more on that and.that is because accelerated that that.project and try to get it completed it.was offset by Bridget particular the.timing of the Eagle coin which I.understand is finished in September so.we'll be caught up by then by the end of.August where this is our last close for.that was 100,000 favorable we did to the.time in and though we slowed down some.the drainage work and we look at.[Music].we still have the issue when we will.forever a proper wage pressure and.hiring challenges we are understaffed.we're going to look at some new ways to.get staff the although as I said last.time the health benefits is not easier.expense but it's right now the.investigations are happening and the.first 50 men and 20 percent higher than.last year we are marketing our very.first pass.[Music].and this is part of this is healthcare.replaced with HAARP it is we've had a.lot of family members of employees we.continue to monitor the contributions to.observe for work and in some ways.although they may not be directly.correlated the commercial truck access.which kind of offset they lower and if.you missed it on the first slide in the.long term those kind of work in again.because there's new property either.changes hands may cause remodeling or.it's a lot because building that builds.commercial access in that so that's.something to watch.think about them as both of those life.could go the long-term negatively the.same food at the same time in the same.direction so that's just a watch and we.we don't think that drainage this year.is going to be significant any future.drains repair that we handle to spend.this year but as we finish.[Music].okay board members you did not have a.hard copy of Chinese report she's gonna.put it on the screen.Chinese going to talk about.[Music].[Music].come on we're gonna have a mission thank.y'all for giving me the opportunity to.present this I'm going to speak to y'all.about abdi which is our new software let.me just say this front I knew when we.did this that we were going to be.painting the plane well it'll still fly.how many dollar get involved with that.it's always fun I didn't know that we.were also going to be replacing the.engines nationally been kind of working.on as we've uncovered things we've.uncovered opportunities with the.software they caused the vendor it.actually going developing brand new.product for kill that they're now going.to take our experiences and market so.we've been piloting and beta testing.their software for several months.witches was a very irritating fact until.I figured it out that said we must be.helping you out with your new product.the beauty of the software though is is.the ease of use especially on the member.end it is just phenomenal and additional.things that we're going to be able to do.with the software with some of the.hardware they can come with it will.change our experience here today you.call in you email and that's how you get.your passes for your guests you'll still.be able to do that in the future but as.we've been saying you'll also have.additional ones on the website ones on.that so I want to kind of go over both.of those real quick just so you can see.the ease of the use.get out of the purse you just see where.we're going to go that you will be given.you will be given in the future of an.actual access to your account which so.people know we had some challenge in the.very beginning where we some people have.the ability to have a pass code on there.so when they call up or they do things.like that they give us a pass code and.they say here is who I am and this is.the pass code see though the issue the.pass.some people would just call up and they.would say issue a pen so they were email.us in the issue of pass what everyone's.willing to have some sort of a pass code.of the future it's the only way that I.can secure your accounts and you will.control what that is initially it will.be issued you there will be an.assignment number that you then can.change but that way I know that it is.you my staff knows it is you that's.authorizing that and then if you give it.out and it goes too far you can change.it and we can control access that way.once you get into that if you get into.this and we'll provide this email this.actual website leader but the commercial.code is obviously Kika you'll be given.your access and when you login to.control the actual.yes here's your guest list so this would.be a we've been testing these and we're.moving some and them I'm going to have.to be careful now.and now a live data where before we.weren't but if you don't see that all.the way to that so what we have is the.ability to go in here now via this.website and be able to go in and we'll.be able to issue what's called a fast.pass this basically we'll just start off.by giving us in the security area I'm.gonna type one in here just so you can.see how it will actually go it will give.us the ability to see that you want.somebody to be given a pass.remember the limits still apply and once.I get to update that passes down okay so.now security logging on the backend.which I'll show you really quick the.backend of this this is what security.you will pull up and we will actually be.able to go in and either never in the.last name your last name your first name.your address or your guest information.if we want to pull this all up manually.that we can actually see it manually.just like we've always been able to do.now where the enhancements come into.play you have to take one additional.step you would need to go into my new.pass where it says over here to email it.okay and you would go in here and you.would Eve notice now this is not the.actual tax so everyone might be.concerned that the past is going to be.out and I can email it out to fifteen.different people this is actually just a.QR down a lot when you guess culture.that's there.whether it be on paper or electronically.they're going to present that to us and.they're simply gonna take our code scan.for the QR and we're going to hit that.and then the passel print the actual.pass I'll show you what those look like.in a few minutes.but you're going to have to put in their.email address okay we don't say that you.basically rinse off but my head and send.it to myself okay so it now has sent me.that pass that's how easy it really is.to be able to get that and I just got an.email about.[Music].anytime so what you're saying is that.the past where we issued at work and.then the email sent to them so that they.lose their past or something they can.what the emails are you to do is to be.able to allow you to go in and pull this.up and actually feel this is actually my.father so this is what I email to myself.just seconds ago and the qrc so you.won't come up to the gate with that QR.you will like this will scan it and.we'll print the past okay okay so that's.it that's how easy the website works if.you don't have an email address that you.use the website and if you have a phone.number and we're gonna work on actually.with communication love getting this out.every phone carrier actually has where.you can attach the phone number into.like think arises might be TV or.something like that and you can actually.email them out to get their phone if.that doesn't work then the other way to.do it is do behalf that I'm going to.show you and the app actually gives the.ability to do it by text so if I go into.the app which is down here the one this.is the app please provide it.they see that I'm not walking okay this.is the guest that already have been.added in there I can click on any one of.those there you know we've been playing.with this a lot good like you're going.to say show me all the expired rocks.there's only expiring and then playing.rather than get sequence of our staff.members your tests and all this will be.wiped out all this but you go as simple.as clicking on add gas and again I can.go ahead and say elder Anthony start.date.sorry alright so start date select end.day.select instead.now it gives me the ability to send it.in multiple ways good if I send it using.the lolly.it will actually send a text message so.in my contact list if I send this to.myself so you get this message and then.what would happen when I click on that.you will actually get this back and.there is your QR for that now what this.just is included in my wallet.so what happens now is I can actually.add this over here and now it is in my.wallet so when I get within 300 feet of.the gate it will pop up automatically.but you don't have to search for it you.don't have to look for it.let's do anything you'll be show that.you are if you are that will go on to.that base system in the back and it will.actually issue that so all you have to.do is come up your guests and show it.and will hit it and your best friends.it's the log man called so it's to allow.you to call email allow you to use a.website allow you to use an app allow.you to sit somewhere and Frank calls you.says I'm coming over and you're enjoying.the Sandcastle when you go in your app.if you put a passenger yeah there's.there's I anticipate that hopefully with.the membership that we have we didn't if.we could reduce the number of phone.calls and emails requests were passing.we get by 50% we will seriously be into.the good because at that point we.can focus more on security and a left.something answer but we do spend a lot.of time on data entry right now I'd have.to have multiple people answer the.phones.multiple people all my entering data.because not only we get your individual.request but from every rental agency.from the resort thousands of these.things coming up every day and we hand.type them all that currently but if we.can get some folks to actually enter.them when we get into the rental form.that we'll talk about in future meetings.or rental companies will be maybe to put.their own guests in and then we're.obviously validating those lists and.then there being these QR codes issued.so they're not going to be doing like.they would today with an issue a pass.today they may be future that every.issue this QR and then when a person.we will then stand they actually had.somebody took a colored paper and took.the time to make some of the color.passes that we have this will stop it.because you'll come out with the QR o.relaxing scan it and we'll know that you.if you did that and he gave it to ten.other people when the other nine show up.so they're not getting in the gutters.are you can use our breath how to stand.that and print.we don't two things happen one we've.been moving towards since last year with.the move towards entering them all in.and we can predict them already you just.give us your name and then we try to.search and find it so the time that we.try to search and find it today will go.away because we've already been.presented to us okay and the other thing.is when we had to do it manually edges.have seen before.where they've got a stack of them we.have to go through them that alone so I.anticipate actually that particular.process causing us to be able to speed.up and go faster and also you can.working with those two R's if the line.is long we can go down with iPads just.like they do a chick-fil-a and go down.to the scan line and the fastest will be.printing as we're scanning.right now I think people resort.yes get a pass and then go to resort.rentals and get a permanent house is.that right yes I will go away we have.been working with the resort all along.with us now what they're going to be.doing actually is the vast majority of.their guests they're actually going to.head over there and we will probably do.that initially from having continued to.do that like we do today well they're.going to be working with the vendor to.actually develop the tool someone they.put in to their PMS and they put in a.nice personal stamp a sanctuary.it'll automatically create the past.request it wasn't in the system now when.you're talking about their visitors that.are coming here so keep in mind the kind.of conversation I would have you know we.have commercial activity we have number.of guests we have members we have you.know we also have the visitors into the.toggles the unknown the people who are.coming out saying I want to go to the I.want to go to some resort amenity and.today we give them a day pass to go to.that a minute and it's just a color pass.that we don't really have a lot of their.information you know collecting.information we don't really know who.they are except for their guests at the.resort when we get to the future when.this is done there was normal either.enter them in just like you would so.then we won't have to put any more data.than you do so when you put it on your.buddy.you don't have to give me their drivers.license number their insurance their.another that has to happen their name so.that we can know that it's done and.they'll get that QR from you or we're.putting in that all we need is their.first and last name and if they're.coming to your house the same things -.it would resort if the resort's entering.it and they're kind of Tony elder.sanctuary little San Antonio with the.sanctuary and that's all I need don't do.that.and Samantha shows up and like they.typically do it sound like I'm a Harry.Potter.okay we're still allow that but we're.going to do if they're not morning the.system is that's where the pass office.comes into play and they're going to go.over to the past office and that's where.we are authorizing the resorts yes but.they have asked us to do that we're.going to require the doodles that.driver's license so we can scan it there.are vehicle information so we see their.registration then we see their insurance.forms and where they're going and then.we're going to issue them the QR they'll.go to the gate the gate will scan the QR.so we go to check them and they're going.to magnetic lock and then we're getting.past that says that they are going to.the result of beauty of the QR we show.you this really quick.is it we're actually having a printed on.the passes okay.so this is a member of guests and.instead of the colors you're going to.see very big mg will no that's a member.gets so no this is your your visitor.okay if I want to know more about that.visitor I just go over with an iPad and.I scan that and I know everything is in.but your guests I'd only be told me oh.because that's all you got to give me is.some way to know what your guests.you could put John Doe okay and you put.it in and they're going to get a pass.because it's your guests we're not going.to question you.yes okay so the other ones that will be.out there though that you'll see and.this isn't all of them but this will be.the new commercial maps so if they.haven't purchased a brand new RFID.explain those a moment for the year and.they're doing working on a day pass for.commercial work this will be what you'll.see see for commercial an are for a.renter okay a deed and the only that.would have been a V but since we use V.for the VJ we're using D to replace our.day - okay so indeed means that that.person is probably coming here for the.resort and doing some activity more.often than not okay and I can come to.this pass at any time.scan it and know if this actually you.were not so you've handed this pass off.like this happened before at the gas.station and you come to the gate with a.QR because I I got it I texted it to you.you showed up I scan it because you came.to the pass office to get it I'm going.to add in the picture from your drive.across as they don't match up I take.your QR invalidated turn around.yes because we have a quick scanner that.basically is about this big fits the.driver's license credit it stands it and.a lot of populates all the driver's.license information and it also auto.populates your picture and then we have.automatic license plate readers that are.already functioning at the gate you just.probably haven't seen them if you have.one of the few who have seen they're.already collecting and we've been.testing the data for license plates.coming into the island and license.plates deleting the other so if you're.at the gate you stop the stand is going.to take your license plate and it's.going to attach it to that so it's.trying to speed things up a bit way of.collecting data but also you know to.know know when there came so if we have.some of the best unfortunately a very.few but we have any of those we have a.problem we'll be able to look very.quickly and see who's been coming and.going perhaps during those same time.frames with all these crimes have been.occurring the other thing is this.hopefully this year we're going to.budget for upcoming year for RFID tags.that will begin to switch those for the.employees who have never had anything.other than a sticker violent employees.and contractors who have never had.anybody sticker will have RFID needs.that restrict their access to the out.there supposed to be accessing so they.can't and they can come through the.gates will open for them and the light.will turn green for them unless it's off.commercial hours and there will not and.then if you get fired or we decide there.we simply train go RFID off and you.don't get on that today you still have.that sticker unless somebody's taking it.away from you so it's pretty challenging.situation today and the balance really.is is security and ease a convenience of.difficulty and we're trying to create.that balance at the same time secure.commercial access today but certainly.that's it.very uncomfortable right key is that's.actually going to allow us to move them.over to the left and actually give them.places that are designated to park.that's the first actual physical thing.that we're going the other thing that.I'm doing is I'm looking at online.payment and also kiosk that this morning.when they may be put out in the lobby.they actually do it clearly clearly the.kiosk here won't work for the big trucks.because they still have to come here but.we can educate them and do it where.we're doing the payment online which a.lot of communities do the only thing is.is that we're going to need to be able.to collect that data and attach it to.that record and we'll David you do that.now to try to enhance that you know.there's any money put on that common.through it's something we can automate.that so that for instance I can put into.the database whoever's coming to my.house just charge me for it yes sir.it's one that they have discussed.earlier on what I can or can't apply yes.sir let me just show you when you.actually authorize it that's one of the.things that it was any app as well that.you do yes you can pick what I guess.they are.so when I had a guest in here it's.actually going to allow me to when I.hear accounting very very count we're.going to be able to add ice to pick what.it is and in the web and the other side.of a commercial today it will allow you.to do that and if you pick it and say.it's a commercial guest that we could.automatically bill your account that's.got to be kind of a policy discussion.because the other thing either trying to.get them to do is to make it where there.was a validation question so you big.commercial which means we're going to.charge your account after that to come.up with a warning that says I want my.account charged yes or no because.otherwise you could end up with a.discussion between us and members so.we're working on but I believe a system.lawyer to do it is a process issue now.let's say a concrete truck pulls up and.he does that pass we'd always not go to.the beach.sanctuary building concrete you set it.up when you set up that address and if.there's a builder there so I met with.them this morning as I said to me right.now.I'm not comfortable and I'm not.comfortable going live yet because we're.still working on the backend.point-of-sale and what you have going on.here is you have Atticus and then you.have okay yeah we have an accounting.software and membership software and.then we have and then we have this song.we're getting data from that software.about all the numbers and things like.that and then we're putting in vehicles.and everything else and then we charge.things it all flows back into the.members account back into that.accounting software making sure that's.working is where I'm at I've seen it.working as far as this way it's working.fine for the member data coming over and.everything else it's all over their.vehicles the warnings on your address.alerts all those kind of things the.other end.the point-of-sale I could start it and.be doing the point of sales directly.from this system and do everything.manually but if we simply wait it will.happen drink this work we will be before.I would comfortably say for Christmas.and I want to be there before.Thanksgiving but I know whatever this.quarter because we've got enough to.support me now I'm comfortable that.we're we're 95% one thing Tony mentioned.that I really may may or may not seem.like a big deal but when you're doing.this everyday this and that's how we.treat.because if you ask the path for a pastor.your guests you're authorizing hands but.for every single person who pulls up to.the gate says they're going to the.resort the way we work today we are.authorized and we want to shift that.dynamic so the only time we're.authorizing a resort guest is when that.visitor shows up and doesn't already.have something in there and they're.going through a little bit more.stringent process with us at the pass.office we're not trying to make this.harder on legitimate resort guys but.we're trying to do is to catch the.cheaters who know that they can just.pull up and say I'm going to nightmare.in the park or I'm going to as they did.this summer focus that we're going to.this draw reasonable we think to collect.the driver's license.it also then allows us to be able to go.to places and find them in places.supposed to be so where that would go is.we're collecting their license plate.today what I have put into the budget is.for us to be able to have automatic.license plate readers and patrol.vehicles which would then mean I'd be.able to drive around and find them where.they're not supposed to be much faster.rather to have a go by there looking to.see if there is a resort guest in there.deep I could actually drive around a.meal and how to give me an alert that.they don't belong there and then we'll.be able to take appropriate action.because then I can go over that iPad and.see exactly who I can take the best.that's predominantly the biggest thing.not family yeah so if you have a with a.tentative person coming in here and.we've had this discussion pulmonary at.least with pool or if you have somebody.they're saying they're going to write a.cup are and we keep finding them at the.same house okay then at that point you.know we're going to document it and it's.going to stay down there which doesn't.happen today except our paper log it has.to be searched it will be in the system.under their name and then when they come.up again.[Music].okay so there's only one it will only.issue one say renters past okay.and if you said that attending your.friends the first one who shows up and.the other okay.however we have to take account that we.do allow renters to have guests in here.so I rent a place to you and you have.five people come over they're going to.get a day pass or a deed to come busy.now we're that would come into play as.do all those DS leave at the end of the.night whatever that reasonable titles or.do they stay overnight and so far we've.been working on incorrectly for almost.an play and we would or it's a problem.location we would simply notify the town.they are staying we could go check if.they know there's a problem location.they can give them to us we'll go check.the back yeah they are.so at the end of the day not only that.but also commercial entities right yeah.so I'm trying to get the software to.link up so that I can actually get.reports at the end of days and say to.our liveability you know work with him.saying go ahead here's a number of.contractors that left at nine o'clock.last night.[Music].there is a request that we're trying to.work through about trying to make.something like that happen we already.have folks out there I think the issue.is a matter of visibility and what I've.been trying to do is get directed of our.patrols to be out there with their.lights on and flashing so that.membership can actually see that we are.out there on control and we do issue.citations politicization recently there.we've issued we do issue quite a bit of.paperwork during each day if they.probably won't come with us they don't.have to pass on the side can they get.for those things on their fault so they.can get through the property they were.just issued to themselves.provided to the board.you know as you're going through this so.we're not doing it after they're.actually.all right few reports here.hurricane durian so we are getting close.to having a good handle on what this.effort will cost us there are some bills.floating back and forth between and.town as I said there's a collaborative.effort with respect to debris removal.and so forth and we're trying to sort.those issues.ready to come out early this morning.there as of right now as of I'm sorry.auntie as of 10:00 - we have sent or.will spend on cleanup related cost five.hundred and six thousand six hundred.eighty four hours for 78 cents we.believe that with mitigation there's a.we're a fair amount of tree and turf.replacement we think it is needed we.think there's one hundred and twenty.thousand dollars or so additional.expenses our order after Hurricane.Matthew really kind of wrestled with.what is the best way to cover these.types of costs it had been at the time.advancements judo the community that had.such a significant cleanup expense and.so the board passed after hurricane.Matthew the name storm policy that at.least provides a blueprint for future.Wars or can always change the policy but.it says that if resources are available.keep them a store up to five hundred.thousand dollars if it exceeds that if.the annual assessment.less than the maximum allowed warshall.assess up to abate dollars whichever is.less and that any additional expenses.beyond they and should be subject to.membership we think that we're kind of.in that six to seven hundred thousand.dollar range and it's likely that staff.will recommend for supplemental.assessments somewhere in 125 $150 range.which would recover that six - one.hundred thousand dollar figure with.hurricane Matthew just for ease of.collection we passed that supplemental.assessment in 2016 but sent it out with.the 2017 bills so I would expect we will.have all this wrapped up probably sooner.than the November meeting but we'll get.all of our bills and we'll sort out.these remaining.information for you but that's where we.are.okay just a quick mor report major.repair replacement since our last.meeting for our high school meeting.boardwalk line has been completed work.walk Tennyson under contract if it has.not already started it was mentioned.that the equal point bridge is complete.Terrapin island bridge was was completed.some time ago that some punch list work.is being done now their various drainage.projects underway we've completed some.drainage repairs on Greg's work I've.explained the additional grant repairs.under contract on serve song and closely.by this and then we tried we can't have.spot dredging of ponds happen.simultaneously and there.reponse perhaps and spa stretching done.we have committed either spent are.committed on drainage 934 thousand.dollars and some change which is about.eighty seven percent of what we.anticipate spending this year on.drainage outside of the court.possibility of an emergency.when we did switch to this allocation.the drainage a couple of years ago that.is that in looking back that the bulk of.our emergency expended expenses in prior.two years was related to drainage and so.we've been somewhat fortunate.other emergency expenses since any.Empire oh and one last thing on mr our.we're in the process hopefully nearing.the end the process to get the necessary.permits to do some dredging and the.channel that we're all the trumpet.creeper base and drainage goes this is.regular trouble spot for us with respect.to play and it's a fairly expensive.process to get a permit to drench that.area and we think we're close to being.done.but hopefully that work will be.completed next year we get the permit in.hand sooner I may ask the court for.permission to accelerate that project if.we can fit it into into our work.schedule but any questions on mor okay.do want to talk very briefly about water.management and I'll mainly refer you to.an article that just appeared in the.current issue digest where the task.force has been.for several months or longer than.several months since the beginning here.to identify areas where we experienced.problems today these are not problems.necessarily related to sea level rise.these are problems that we have on a.regular basis here in those particular.spots are highlighted in this article.that's in the current edition of digest.we've worked with outside engineers as.well as our inside engineer or in-house.engineers our resilience specialists and.a small committee chaired by our.treasurer they Morley to identify some.solutions for those areas and we think.we're at a point now where we can ask a.separate task force how do we pay for.one because as a reminder all the money.that we collect and our reserve account.is set aside for existing infrastructure.it's not there for new infrastructure.and some of these areas are going to.need some structure we need to identify.they have a way to pay for them so I.know today is planning to update in more.detail very soon but I just.to call that to everyone's attention on.Community Engagement this is one of the.things that I really hated got derailed.a bit by durian just highlight some of.what we heard and and then report back.with greater detail to the community.here very soon and I'll explain that and.then we first of all I want to thank.everyone who participated in our survey.very solid response of about 2,000.participants we had very balanced.representation between our different.member groups including Club non Club.part-time full-time etc and it was.mostly affirming that we seem to be.focused on things that members wants to.be focused on and pretty high level of.satisfaction.most of those key areas a few highlights.94% of folks reported that they were.very pleased or generally pleased with.maintaining the local dial 91 percent.were very pleased or generally pleased.the way we maintain the roads and.infrastructure eighty-seven percent very.pleased or generally pleased with.providing high-quality facilities.eighty-one percent very pleased.with the gay experience name this one.we're very very proud of a ninety four.point four percent of overall are.generally pleased with communication the.following area is still our relatively.strong which showed more room for.improvement than others 73% were very.pleased to generally pleased with.opportunities for social activities and.many on this question have listed no.opinion sixty-nine percent were very.pleased to generally pleased with rules.enforcement and on this question there.were a higher percentage of people who.said there is room for improvement I.already touched on the Sandcastle dead.relative to the significant increase in.youth the survey results certainly.validated our real-life numbers on the.question about the renovated sandcastle.whether or not his representative.tequila brand 42 percent strongly agreed.with that 41 percent strong someone.agreed a little more than five percent.disagree regarding assessment 77 percent.said that they were about right or below.seventeen percent said they were too.high the plurality of folks but not.majorities they'd like to see is he.but in terms of next first of all do.again thanks to all who participated the.next steps are really to dig into and.review the cross tabs meaning see how.different member groups felt about.certain issues this work is one of the.things that was supposed to have.happened actually during Hurricane we.can reschedule and then communicate.those full results to the community and.then the board's gonna have to consider.whether during action items derived from.the survey so taking us a little bit.longer to get to talking about those.results and I would like but again I.think it's a lot of good news but also.some a couple of very specific areas for.improvement.I'm happy to take any questions on that.okay the last thing I wanted to just.mention and this is one of those things.where there just wasn't time and so the.board consensus over Eva Hill asked that.I just send a letter as the town did I.believe in support of.a certificate of need request or an.emergency medical facility of.Freshfields and I sent that I guess.there was a deadline looming but I set.that on October 3rd just saying on.behalf of our board that you're.supportive with their application to.build this facility near fresh fields.talk about some of the population growth.the traffic.[Music].sounds like that one support the.community individually will send letters.you can get a fall better I think that.lines pretty straightforward.certificate II is very important this.facility his calculation we went to the.presentation it is not a rigid give it.so this is a full-blown emergency room.special stroke it's 25,000 square foot.facility it's gonna have to be few other.physicians on the upper floors and they.plan on it the main absolute specialties.come in over time new terminology and so.so there's a huge investment idea pop.the presentation placated that the.pockets of donated land this is going.into the who loses that cider Street I.think it's long time.they were also aware that there was some.time we have a lot of children here or.whether you know pediatric care I'm.trying to thank Tony for your.presentation in persevering what's.become a very complex issue I think.probably taking six months or a year.long with your father for it.what's to stand a little bit you know.with any kind of security software.system coming out of it will be issues I.just strongly encourage remember I think.this was a strong.[Music].[Music].oh hey Mary Ann Connolly 49 strikes.every moment Jimmy I was just wondering.that after the injury we were able to.assess whether your drainage that you.bringing helped some of the flooding.areas you know I'm not sure that Dorian.tested our drainage system in the same.way that some of the storms we've had.the last couple of years because it.really didn't turn out to be a.significant rain or tidal event but what.I can say is that we're pretty confident.that the storms that we have had over.the last couple of years we were in a.lot worse shape a lot of this work.cleaning out is to replace pipes etc but.we were just real fortunate with glory.and.I love a few things one is a follow-up.question to what Paul asked you haven't.taken a position but did the board have.a input into the challenge discussions.prior to the town coming up with its.draft language in follow-up on the.vehicle study what's the max.finally I have questions going back to.question I raised about a magnificent.glass sculpture that and.don't need to keep about 3000 years ago.they're they're both deceased man but my.understanding was that it had been.placed in storage somewhere is it going.to be put back on display and a heater.plan understood Shannon correctly the.based on widget had been resting and in.damage to a broken or something else you.know what would be the cost to do it and.he was donated to Quito.why members at the time it's such a.magnificent piece of sculpture it would.be I don't understand why nothing's been.done to bring it back thank you.heating the pool I think some of the.questions to be answered by that but.it's a need for social in the surveys.and also the survey you know I support.it but you question that too but the.numbers of people going to the pool has.really increased and so that the need.for that cool is there you can extend.that to infrastructure.[Music].asking about about short-term rentals.and we have had lots of questions about.experience you know what's our.experience on dealing with compliance to.challenges and what are the issues that.we face.you know the town certainly informed us.ahead of time that this is something.that they were considering and so forth.so I don't want to sound like there's.been no discussion between Keith and the.town on that issue to clarify tisha.filming news and outreach in bufflehead.Drive I saw two different issues one of.the ways to the short-term rentals I.think the question I was asking before.of the security in that we used to have.a lot more presence the scenes on the.island there's chemistry for me they.will always see cars park industry half.the time they don't have the stickers on.the windows and it seems to be kind of.people drive around and look more.carefully about all these cars in the.state park near the beach paths and.different places and encourage that.yeah there's just an anecdotal.observation that is we live on and I.know the years ago is here about how the.blubbering the ponds end up in.preparation for a sore me back and we.hadn't really see as much of a change in.the elevation of the pond accept this.new this is what a recent column went.down considerably and I curious whether.folks think that's attributed to.cleaning out of place or the placing in.the place because now you can move the.water more efficiently off the island.because it definitely went down and that.really saved a lot of flooding on the.island because with a little bit rate we.had the pump able to absorb that I think.briefly touched on by those I think that.the answer to that question probably.depends on where in a system you are and.so it could very well be results and so.forth nothing about our protocol for how.many days out we start that process has.changed it did very well could be on.online security citations.my name's tickets etc we have been.digging into the data a little bit and.you know this year.or we've initially 741 either verbal or.written citations relative to various.issues thing we have noticed is we have.a real imbalance between the number that.we're doing on Monday through Thursday.versus Friday through Sunday you would.think that the bulk of the problems will.be on the weekend but we're like almost.6040 the other way and so we're.evaluating was the consistency of the.patrol over the weekend period versus.the leave period we do have a very very.experienced patrol officer who only.works during the week and it may be that.we get him to train up some of these.folks that are there working on the.weekend but that's something we are.there any update I just have a curiosity.[Music].that's moving forward now that will be.and the time that effectiveness we've.been working with Seabrook on between.with them for the access of the.construction traffic.they're talking.and sometimes some talks about me thank.you sir she said 18 months.[Music].and I was hoping that somehow because of.issues.[Music].it happened we've been looking at.actually design potential danger of.course that comes with a lot because.you're having to redesign a tire.take all our information I want publicly.plan.

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