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Hand-in-Hand Teaching Guide to key in New Zealand Immigration Adviser

youtube video

New Zealand Immigration Adviser Demand Assistance

in this video I interview Christian.Monta Frei a trusted licensed.immigration advisor here in New Zealand.after watching this video if you have.any questions feel free to send an email.to this email address whether you're.from the Philippines are from other.countries now let's watch my full.interview with Christian mother pray a.trusted licensed immigration adviser.from abroad and zip hello everyone it's.me Sarah welcome to my channel today I'm.so excited to introduce to you a very.trusted immigration adviser so we're.going to talk about his company and the.professional services he offers so.without further ado let's woke up for.some winter break hi everybody nice with.you good thank you thank you so much for.giving me your time yeah so could you.please introduce yourself to our viewers.and tell us something about your company.abroad and zit and how long have you.been doing the business okay so my name.is Christian montre I am originally from.Chile South America I have been living.in New Zealand for over 30 years now I.am a qualified licensed immigration.advisor and also charted accountant in.New Zealand and I am one of the.co-founders and directors of an.organization called afforded global and.we specialize and travel adventure.education and migration services would.basically Auckland New Zealand let's go.how long have you been doing this.business the business itself would being.operating for close to five years now.out of Oakland and we've just opened up.an office in Santiago Chile as well so.we we we've been doing quite well.helping a lot of people okay so you have.a branch in.is it the mean or this one but Oakland.is Oakland is immense our main base but.we've just opened up a branch in.Santiago because we we help a lot of.South American people that come to New.Zealand in Australia so we've opened up.a base here that's good so do other.branches aside from the one in Chile and.this one the the fish this is the first.one we physically place in office and we.do have agreements with partners in.Australia as well Brisbane and Sydney so.we've got offices here but our main.brain now is New Zealand.it offers Cynthia or a branch or another.office and then we've got partners in.Australia in other places as well.yeah so how about can we talk about the.mission and vision of a broad NZ well I.guess it's our vision is very simple.it's in inspiring people to live.traveling and enjoying it one place at a.time so yeah each other well we would.travel quite a bit and what what we see.is that a lot of people look for.opportunities overseas and once they.arrive at that destination they like it.and then they want to find out how to.stay or find work or study one place at.a time yeah because I love traveling but.there's a lake I am hesitant to to apply.for travel visa and then look for a job.so would you recommend that kind of visa.well it all starts with intention of the.person it depends on what you want to do.initially before you travel to a country.like New Zealand if you want to come.here and visit in your country doesn't.ever an agreement for a visa waiver then.you do have to apply for a versatile.visa to come here for the lawful purpose.of visiting friends family you know the.country itself yeah yeah so now let's.discuss the services you offer because.for your information guys like I asked.somehow from Christian to apply on my.behalf for my work visa here in New.Zealand and.as for my partner which is the partner.visa and it went always and thank you.for your help and thank you for trusting.us yeah I do trust you and you know what.guys like I've known Christian through.my coworker like she recommended to me.Christian and I had no regrets at all.so could we discuss further about the.services you offer travel visa student.visa so we we've got a team of.compliance professionals so we might the.main thing that we do is solve problems.okay so what out what I mean by that so.basically we were able to represent.somebody for every type of visa that is.available according to the circumstances.of the person and we bring in.specialists that we need expert help to.solve any any particular problems that.may for example employment law text law.or anything that's related to a via any.other law that applies to the person we.help them solve the problem and with a.broad global what we do is that we have.an education section we have a migration.section and travel and adventure in our.legal team or compliance team who.specialize in visas for New Zealand and.very soon Australia so any type of visa.any type of compliance that is a.migration based compliance we can help.the only thing we don't do is to take.the minister to court yeah or go to.court because we we have lawyers that.work with us in but our team we're all.advice is registered with the license.advice advice is that for - oh yeah you.and your cool team so you do like.immigration advice like a legal action.it would be for the immigration lawyer.right yes so basically what what we do.we specialize in helping people meet the.compliance requirements and obtain a.visa that we did with you however when.that comes to litigation services.lawyers are the only ones that can do.that here in New Zealand we can actually.go through appeals as well however we.had very little Appeals to do because.we've got a very high success rate.because from the very beginning we study.the cases and we work together with a.regression as well to achieve a positive.result so remember that with the.education advisory migration and travel.so yeah three lines of services to.achieve our vision so that's good so how.about the visa application fee I know it.depends it case the case basis and the.price but could you give us like idea.for the viewers what we tell you what.the market that what the market dictates.the museum because some lawyers and.advisors have different fee structures.so what we've done with we've structured.our fees so that it meets a certain.standard so that we're not too low but.not too high so on average and this.information is available on the licensed.advisors authority website as to what.some advice is charge so it could be.anywhere between let's say four fifty to.five six thousand dollars depending on.the case.the more complex cases advisers and.lawyers seem to charge more the ones we.just deal with compliance like visa.renewal.of my first student visa or where these.our partner partnership based visa I.mean it could be anywhere between 650 to.$1,800 engine dollars yeah so that.excludes the application fees that you.pay immigration warning so the visa fee.usually it's around two hundred three.hundred dollars well it's gone up now so.let's say for a partnership these are.like the one you did now it's four.hundred ninety five dollars.yeah and for a work visa as a skill.migrant mmm-hmm it could be anywhere.between four ninety five to almost a.hundred dollars yeah immigration.increase their prices yeah that's that's.that's available online as well yeah.okay that's good like at least we we.inform the viewers about the visa fee.like what pieces of advice could you.give to them if they want to get.assistance from your company yeah look.what I tell everybody is that we always.want to act within the context of the.truth of your circumstances.so because immigration New Zealand in.Australia they're in the business of.protecting the interests of the country.right therefore they have to be very.careful and manage the migration and.flows mr. Koo who comes into the country.right and because it's a system where.they the government of New Zealand.protects integrity of the migration.system what they want to do is make sure.that you always come forward with the.truth because then the other side again.what you're coming to us with this.intention you're crying for the correct.visa and if all the requirements are met.there will be happy to approve it and if.they have concerns or they just simply.don't believe you they'll let you know.and what so what we do with people we we.get to know them first so we seek to.understand before we tell them anything.because like I said we we focus on.solving problems and migration sometimes.it may appear to be easy or process but.there's very little things that you need.to know how to negotiate or communicate.with the immigration officers and that's.really what we do so we've quite this.on managing the risks or each person.when it comes to a and immigration.process right so what I like with.Christian when I first met him like he.told me the risk there's no guarantee.like he didn't give me any guarantee but.I trusted him but I trusted God first.because cautious yes get press snap he's.only actually like I need to take action.as well as an applicant yeah so it's not.only him like it's a team like it's a.team work so that's what you like with.Kristin so yeah that's very true because.we focus on on risk management as well.as processing or helping clients process.the reason I always tell people look.this is teamwork and it becomes.surprises where the client is involved.employers involved immigrations involved.we're involved so we work together as a.team because we want to be able to.achieve that positive result in New.Zealand that's how we work because it's.actually a more practical way of solving.problems when they arise as well you.mitigate the risks and we go forward.with the truth and immigration is you.know I really appreciate that as well.mm-hmm and you know it's it's not the.like an obligation to get an immigration.and variable because other people they.just apply by themselves but in my case.like I want somebody I want a support.from somebody that has really like the.right information the right education.the right skills and Christian has it so.I really invested for it and I didn't.regret anything because now I got my.three years work visa and my partner.also that history years work visa under.partnership visa so which is really good.yeah look at what I tell people I never.force anybody I mean you know I never.force anybody to work with us I always.let them choose because New Zealand.Australia as well they they have a.system where you can actually go forward.and present your.but what we do is just provide the.support and also evaluate the risks and.represent the claim all the way through.so and people choice I mean you cannot.make anybody do what they don't want to.do so that's why we provide you know.half an hour consultation for free is no.cost just so that people know us we get.to know them and then they choose freely.what they want to do I mean I always.tell people you got to do what's best.for you.not for me not my business you better do.what's best for you yes I'm passionate.about helping people that's my passion.and I'm passionate about problem-solving.in what we do here at abroad we meet a.lot of people from various countries and.we give them the opportunity to get to.know us and we get to know them because.eventually we create a relationship that.maybe just more than one visa one.process I'm also a business and.chartered accountant so residents you.know people that get restless they.become business owners and they come to.me for tax or business advice yeah so we.want to create relationships with people.that really want to work with us it's.very simple would you like to add some.more look I think that what what I'd.like to tell your audience yeah it's.just to always when you think about New.Zealand Australia surround yourself with.people that know the law or know how New.Zealand or how these countries work try.to avoid social media groups because.every case is different.we've seen many mistakes and correct.advice going through social media groups.and that is not to say that you're not.doing anything that you know I know.you've got your followers but for the.people that don't know much about the.legal system or how this country.operates always go to the the genuine.source of where the information comes.social media groups or youtubers or.people that have had a success not don't.necessarily know the entire context of.how the legal.system and how the laws can be.interpreted yes okay so surround.yourself with people that know there are.people that provide there are.organizations in New Zealand that do.provide free advice but again you got to.be very careful because of these people.not I'm not necessarily well trained or.registered but essentially you get to.choose who you work for and the other.thing I said always have very clear your.own teacher what you want to do if.you're outside of New Zealand you need.to be very clear with immigration New.Zealand or Australia as well what you're.in teachers are and you go for the right.visa yes always tell the truth you're.very important I always tell people if.we have a problem we solver with the.truth yeah okay don't don't try and do.anything saidit's it's the opposite of.the truth yeah okay that's very.important and also make sure that if.whatever you do make sure you think.ahead well do you think that may happen.even though it may not.that's risk management because you might.get a good immigration officer this time.but next time you might get somebody.who's more strict so it's always it's.always good to think about that and.lastly talk to a regression as well.immigration Musil and Australia as well.they do an amazing job they've got.amazing people working there and they.really want to help people but also they.protect the system so that's their role.to protect the system to take what we.have here in this country into and they.will help you if you you're honest with.them yes these like the immigration here.using and it's becoming more strict.right so we need to be really be careful.with the visa that you choose and and it.should be like a lion.yours your educational background as.well yeah you got you got you gonna do a.self-evaluation of yourself like you.know what you do what some experience.you hear what your cash your background.and also what you're teaching us if you.if your intention if you're already in.New Zealand and you want to get written.and see then and you've got a three year.work based on you're in your first year.you should start planning now to see how.you can achieve your wrist in the C visa.if you're a student you gotta look out.for the quality of the of the course.that you're studying because the study.doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be.successful in the marketplace when it.comes to obtaining work so you got to be.very smart or seek for advice when.choosing a course to study in New.Zealand and also if you and if you have.a problem and you don't know how to.solve it the best thing you can do is.talk to the authorities because.sometimes it's not your fault that you.you have a problem somebody else might.have done something that causes you to.have a problem so it's very important.than that scenario to approach or.immigration New Zealand will pay a.lawyer or an adviser to help you.understand and solve a problem with the.student visa is when you look for the.school for the yes a we we've got an.education team so we've got education.advisers we work with only we only work.with the reputable institutions in New.Zealand so we know we don't work with.Tier two we'll try not to because we've.focused on helping people get a return.on their investment so we don't we don't.sell a course just for the Commissioner.yeah we don't sell at all no policy yes.we don't sell yeah I'm not gonna sell.you anything because I believe you're.smart enough to decide what's best for.you yeah so when it comes to education.what we do with people is to sort of ask.some question get to know them just to.see where they are what they can study.here which may open doors to employment.yes right because you gain nothing to.study a course where you pay thousands.of dollars and then you.I'm not able to get a job yeah I mean.it's a system that's economics it.doesn't make sense so we have an.education thing to help people make the.right choice yeah that's why I open it.up because in 2016 guys like my entry.visa was a student visa yeah so from.student visa is a student yes I came.here as a student so for one year I.studied and then after that there was.some like visa extension for I yeah like.sorry open already open visa but now I.think it's not available anymore no the.one not about sorry then why not.available to see employee assistant but.the pie study I've been ok so that's.good so it's up to you so if you want to.come here as a student as well so from.student there would be a chance that you.can help your work visa yes yeah and if.you're a student I mean see are you.you've been a student so you can advise.a student better than you know possibly.anybody who's never been a student in.New Zealand I've also been a student.yeah I went to university here so you.know we are able to tell you from.experience what it's like and what you.can do and what you what you should.think about at least yeah so thank you.Christian so now you know it's May.actually I thought Christian only.process like work visa document that so.now I found out that he can also process.the student visa the travel well.basically we like I said our practices.problem-solving we're passionate about.helping people so because we got.different service lines one of them it's.got like a legal aspect of it which is.migration and we kept all of helping.people depending on the circumstances.and we're quite honest if we can't do.something would tell you we recommend.you somebody with the expertise to go.ahead and do it thank you that's it so.would you like to add more no thank you.thank you thank you for her for giving.me your time and thank you for educating.our viewers about.and if you have figure in your questions.yeah if you got questions contact Sara.yeah and then she can contact me or we.can do another video or if you want to.write questions about a specific if you.want to go to about a specific topic.around a type of visa we can do that.again.yeah we we can give you some some tips.or things to look out for and and if you.wanna yeah and if you want to come and.see me here in Auckland if you're in New.Zealand in Auckland yeah we give half an.hour consultation or a meet-up first and.if you wanna if you are sure we can also.do Skype if you want but basically yeah.if you've got questions or if you want.another video just let us know we can do.another one yeah so thank you again.Christian and thank you so much guys yes.I hope this video helps you and it could.be your chance you not to come here to.New Zealand by watching this video yeah.you never know it sure well the best.yeah and pray to God and ask for his.guidance and I know that he will give.the desire of your heart yes that's not.thank you guys anything funny nice.[Music].

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New Zealand Immigration Adviser FAQs

Here you can acquire solutions to the most popular questions about New Zealand Immigration Adviser. If you have specific doubts, press 'Contact Us' at the top of the site.

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