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Notes on filling the Yankee Candle Order Form

youtube video

Yankee Candle Order Form : Draft, Finish and forward

what's up it's your fragrance apprentice.here now as far as I am aware I am.allowed to do this I am and the.fragrance apprentice and these are.scented candles I've got a big love.affair with scented candles I think they.deal with the fact that when I was a lot.younger and living in rural countryside.Scotland there would be quite a few.power cuts in the winter and this power.cord these power cuts could go on for.like sometimes a week maybe even more so.that would be winter it would be very.dark and we'd have to rely very much on.candles so got a big love affair for.them and I've also got a big love affair.for fragrance and as you can see behind.me I've got my fragrance cabinet and on.top all my usual 40 light candles I have.on top there so I decided to showcase my.my top five Yankee Candles so I've had.all of these at least one before and.these are my favourites is 5 to 1 so yes.all the lovely I'm gonna tell you why I.think that they're lovely and when is an.ideal situation to to light them but to.keep it fair to my regular fine.fragrance viewers I'm also going to pair.these Yankee Candles with different.fragrances from my collection that.remind me the most of each individual.candle there won't be exact matches but.they will be fragrances that really fit.the vibe so let's start with number 5.and 5 is this one this is misty.mountains one of the great things about.about doing this is the fact that I can.sort of level with you the and the.descriptions that Yankee Candle.sometimes give are not the most accurate.when I heard misty mountains I thought.oh it's gonna be foggy and you know.mysterious and maybe there'd be some.patchouli bit of or maybe things like.myrrh things like incense frankincense.labdanum things like that that really.can create an ethereal and mysterious.kind of smell this is actually not that.in fact it's completely live way it's.actually very outgoing and it's actually.very sweet and has.into citrus to it and I like it in the.springtime it's very nice in the.springtime but it does have vanilla it.does have a bit of amber and with with.that citrusy tone so it's it's it's.quite fruity and it's not as necessarily.sort of introverted as I thought it.would be I thought it would be a lot.more you know a lot deeper a lot more.lower in in tone but it's not exactly.quite bright it's actually quite fruity.it actually the closest thing that I.have to this is some friends I recently.reviewed that I'm actually not the.biggest fan of but well like I said.these are not exact parallels but what.the session mines mean my fragrance.collection is equal to zero fun dough by.Giorgio Armani and the reason being is.they both have that quite bright quite.quite invigorating sweet tone however.this one goes a bit fruity and a bit.sort of synthetic and a bit bland but.this actually keeps that tellen allottee.of sweetness very high throughout the.whole life of the candle of course with.them being scented candles and it's all.just wax there's no real development.usually there can be some but with this.one it's it's just what you smell is.what you get which is this nice sweet.ambery vanilla scent with a few little.citrus fruits youngins.number four is this one this is tropical.jungle now this really is as you'd.imagine it to be.it's got mango it's got coconut has got.orange it's very fruity very frits the.overleaf routine there's also a lot of.strawberry in here it feels like God we.had these sweets in in England starburst.yeah it's basically like you're eating a.strawberry star birth starburst and in.fact literally as I said that I could.feel my tongue swell up because those.things were really really really bitter.so might my tongue became a little bit.afraid there for a minute.but yes like a really zesty strawberry.starburst like sweets lot of sugar but.it also has coconut a healthy amount.coconut and mango it's the whole nine.yard.you know they said they were gonna give.you a tropical jungle they have given me.a tropical jungle one things I really.like about this one is it's so lovely.having this outside in the summer at.sunset and all you may surround you.having a barbecue something like that.it's a really really thick smell really.really strong and in the summer time and.outdoors you know with the sunset with a.lot of friends over maybe for a garden.party or whatever us British people do.or more likely a barbecue this can.really really set the tone and it's.fantastic for that so I really enjoy it.and for what it's outside or just in.general outside in summertime it's a.lovely lovely candle to have no question.to me what this reminds me off in my.fragrance collection labelled by John.Fogerty a which is basically a tropical.beach party which also has such elements.like coconut mango an orange so very.very obvious to me very very close.parallels they certainly do actually.smell very similar number three this one.is seaside woods but it doesn't smell.anything like seaside woods I know I.used to live by the seaside this does.not smell like seaside woods in any.fraction of the word Ashley smells more.like orange and ginger in fact really it.smells like a gingerbread house which is.nice which is lovely and I really do.enjoy that so it has this kind of like.hood it also is like this cake dough.kind of smell I think that's the amber a.lot of amber in here and it has this.cookie dough like vibe in amongst the.ginger and the orange and it's very.pleasant it is more like a bakery or a.bakery treat or a cookie or something.along those lines than anything to do in.the seaside or anything to do woods.there's a bit of wilderness but it's.more this amber IDO smell but with that.Erin work with that orange but with that.orange and that amber e bakery kind of.smell it actually really reminds me.Angelman ultra zest which is pretty much.exactly what I just described it's a.very very strong secrecy orange smell.but with a lot of bakery smells around.it's very very beautiful the only thing.that I'd say is that yet this one has a.lot more levity this one's a lot.stronger and this one does have a more.Ambree woody element my number two is.this one this one is absolutely gorgeous.and the reason being is that it invokes.the scent of jasmine is very Jasmine.heavy and I love jasmine and you know as.a perfume collector and as a perfume.lover jasmine is like one of the ancient.notes as Jeromy fragrance calls them as.in notes that have been used in uh since.the beginning of perfumery and jasmine.is one of them and it has a very regal.and very classic kind of scent you can.find it very prominently in fragrances.such as Chanel number five Shalimar by.Guerlain and it is that kind of.old-school regal smell that has never.ever really sort of gone out of fashion.and it's just amazing so that's what.this is this is basically a tribute to.those types of classic fragrances in my.estimation and so it creates this lovely.Jasmine aura with a little bit of amber.in there as well and a tiny bit of.vanilla.most of these candles have amber and.vanilla that's just kind of like.something that they have to do to create.the deep ambience in a room you know you.have to have those larger molecules so.that you can you know literally send the.scene and send the room so but that.working off with Jim jasmine is just.absolutely fantastic I don't have too.many Jasmine heavy fragrances but this.did remind me specifically of long.fragrance that I own that I actually got.very recently in fact I'm now starting.to wonder if I liked this fragrance.because it reminded me of this candle.however this fragrance that's coming up.here actually minds me of a lot of.different great fragrances that I've had.and I don't think it's because it's.trying to copy any single one of them I.think it's asking more to do with.fact that this fragrance really really.does use a lot of many classical.fragrance compositions and so much so.that it just becomes an incredible.classic timeless thing.this is danger by Roche delft danger.path home by Roger dove and jasmine note.with the foggy a kind of mystique that.this fragrance has really really reminds.me of Midsummer's Night so it's really.quite special in that way so moving from.jasmine to another classical knob that's.used in perfumery a tremendous amount.patchouli this is my number one favorite.Yankee Candle they've ever made this is.autumn glow this is a candle that I've.had for years in a row in autumn I just.love it it wouldn't really be awesome.anymore.if I didn't own this candle this is so.great with the patchouli and of course.the traditional and vanilla but there's.also some other wood zayats you get a.little bit of hyrax.which is probably not something that.they've used but I get that sort of.sweetness and hyrax resin can have and.it's it's lovely it also reminds me a.little bit of burning fires and things.like that it's got a lot of elements the.so traditional to autumn such as you.know burning log fires and the smell of.leaves on the ground there's also a.little bit of greenness in here which.really brings it all together it's.phenomenal it's a fantastic composition.I love love having this in those those.autumn days and nights when everything.is orange outside and it's giving me a.cooler getting a bit colder this just.warms everything up and creates the.perfect ambiance so if that heavy.patchouli which it is and that sort of.it's almost going on to me like a sort.of a tar like amber and leather nothing.too too over-the-top but it's very.lovely yeah she reminds me of a.fragrance that what's funny about it is.I don't wear it that much I love the.smell but I don't actually wear it that.much and that can happen some people.enjoy the smell of fragrances but they'd.rather just have a look at.a scented candle of it they like the.smell but they wouldn't want to wear it.and that for me is this reminds me very.much on Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight in.Paris the Edie T version I believe I.think this is the EDT and never remember.yes it is the EDT version I have both.I am the EDT and I have VDP somewhere as.well but needed they are quite different.but yes this is the EDT of midnight in.paris and these two are very very.similar so very lovely and just.phenomenal so that is my yankee candle.collection and my top five.it's a disclaimer here also if you're.planning on buying Yankee Candles this.is very unusual for me to have like five.Yankee Candles all at once burning all.at once that's very unusual and actually.that's quite unhealthy and it's not.recommended at all because as lovely as.they are there are some there's a lot of.stuff in Yankee Candles that aren't the.most healthiest of things I mean.breathing in.so I usually only have one Yankee candle.going at one time and I have it on you.know on sporadically and you know I'll.have a window sort of open as well.because they're great they're lovely.they set the scene but please bear in.mind that they are not the healthiest.thing to have in your house just gonna.put that out there there's a bit of a.disclaimer anyway hope that you enjoyed.this different video and hopefully you.got some new information out of it and.some new ideas anyway thanks so much in.the fragrance press and I will see you.tomorrow bye.[Music].

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Yankee Candle Order Form FAQs

Note answers to listed questions about Yankee Candle Order Form . View the most useful topics and more.

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How do cheap candles compare to Yankee Candles?

I agree with the others that as long as people are willing to pay , the price will be high. I will say on their side though that their quality is Superior + I have one in particular ( Winter Spruce) that smells sensational even better than the scent suggests and the candle - a large jar candle has lasted for what seems forever though I light it fairly often. I do wish I could find one as good at a lower price though in my living area because it is getting low.

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Are Village and Yankee candles the same?

Yankee candles have always been a favorite of ours, but are candles safe for cats? It's our job to control our little indoor fur-babies' environment – and that includes the air they breathe. Most commercial candles are made with paraffin, which is residue from petroleum and can be harmful to us and our cats.

What is Yankee Candle made of?

There is no connection between the team and the candle brand both are named after the community of descendants of colonial New Englanders. The people of the United States are now generally referred to as Yankees because the New Englanders were the most mobile and thus likely the first Americans someone elsewhere would meet. The candle company has origins in New England.

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Not quite sure what you mean by a better throw, but I work at Bath and Body Works, a former coworker of mine I’ve stayed in contact with works at Yankee candle. The candles compare like so: scents: Bath and Body works -Food scents- Bath and body -Clean scents- Yankee -woody scents- Bath and Body Wicks: Yankee Candle Variety: Yankee Candle Potency: Bath and Body works generally speaking, depends on which scents. Bath and body also has 3 wicks which creates a stronger embodiment in a room. So I’m not sure what has a better throw, because I’m not sure what you mean, but hopefully this helps.

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