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How to Write the Kenyatta University Post Graduate Application Form under Instructions on the Laptop?

CocoSign helps out each user to simplify the workflow and amplify work productivity by having a better management of the files. Comply with the below steps to have a better understanding of how to customize Kenyatta University Post Graduate Application Form more skillful.

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  1. Select the unoccupied form and click to read the whole document.
  2. Look over the whole document and find out which part you need to cover.
  3. Write down your personal data in the blank form.
  4. Press a form field and include a check mark if you see a demanded blue box.
  5. Review the whole form once again to see if there's anything you miss out.
  6. Select the sign tools to include your signature or initial at the end of the form.
  7. Save the document by ticking "Done" button.
  8. After customize the document, you are free to print, download, and send the form.
  9. If you have any doubts, please speak to the support team to receive more info.

By putting to use CocoSign, you can fill in Kenyatta University Post Graduate Application Form and include your digital signature immediately. It will definetely amplify your productivity and make your life much easier.

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Check Lists of Personalizing the Kenyatta University Post Graduate Application Form

[Music].my name is kennedy singh i'm a graduate.of edutone university i did.manufacturing engineering and technology.from the year 2006 and i graduated in.2011..i chose engineering as a course because.i saw that it had a lot of potential and.it's something.i really wanted to do i got an.internship.to work with uh with an ngo for a short.period of time.and then after the internship it has.really been difficult.to to get a job that that is really.sustainable.so i had to struggle to go through a lot.i was almost giving up and then i.decided that.i always have to to have something for.my family.so i started doing manual jobs.construction jobs.kaziam jango kaziam kono that's what.i've been doing for.for some time now.i always receive notification on email.every day i apply for these jobs.i've gone for several interviews but.i've never really.gotten positive feedback so i decided.that maybe.somehow my education is not sufficient.so i got a chance a scholarship to study.in china.i did renewable energy there is clean.combustion technologies.for rural communities for rural areas in.developing countries.so i've added that certificate to my.collection of certificates but.i've not been able to get a job after.after china.when it comes to jobs sometimes they ask.for experience i may not have all the.experience.so every year that i stay outside i'll.be always be competing with fresh.graduates who have.maybe their knowledge is somewhat.different and they're fresh from school.so they know a bit more i always try to.read more.try to practice what i learned in school.to to always.keep up to date i wake up with it.it's not a job that i really enjoy doing.because it's it's really hard.they pay so little it gets.roughly 600 shillings as 500 for the pay.and.address links for lunch for meals and.sometimes you have to commute to use the.money for transportation.and you have to send something to your.family for food sometimes you go far.away from home.i sometimes look back and i sometimes i.wish that i had done something else like.law.or medicine because i had passed in my.high school and uh because i see.there seems to be opportunities in those.areas but sometimes i want to go back to.university start all over again.and see maybe another opportunity will.come up.starting from my primary school.education i got done.a of 82 points that is 567 marks from.leslie's primary and then i proceeded to.capstone boys high school.where i scored an a minus of 74 points.from my village people always looked up.to me i would go to schools i would go.to.rallies i would go to churches speak to.students and carry them to.to pursue an eye education when i go to.the village they call me an engineer but.they can't see anything in this engineer.it's just a name that.that i have.i lost my father when i was in high.school and i had to we had to struggle.paying my fees in high school.and so as it was expected i was to help.my mother.uh improve our living standards make our.lives a little bit better but.it's be it's been hard i've not really.given up and.i always wish and i always hope in the.next one year two years five years.i'll be i'll be doing what's what i love.best and that is.working as an engineer.even our time i was even thinking of uh.burning them because they are not.assisting me in any way.and you know the biggest enemy of a.human being is time.if i just continue being the way i'm.unemployed.other people are still graduating so.it's their time to come.and take over.i did my degree and i.finished in april 2012.and i decided to go back for my master's.i did a masters in banking and finance.at moore university and later on i.decided to go back.and do my phd which i did in.january 2015 i did my coursework.that is a paid in business.administration finance option.and i finished my coursework so at the.moment i'm working.for my thesis.[Music].mostly in a bank i worked for a period.of.four years and then because of the.demands of the job i resigned from the.bank.into mid 2017 from there.because i still have i have a family to.take care of.i have bills to pay so what i did i.decided to.join the taxi business so that at least.i can make some money.that is what i've been doing for the.last uh almost four years now.still having hope that one day.i'll still get a job and work somewhere.by the end of the day the amount of time.you have invested in that education yet.you cannot get.or secure that job opportunity it's.quite frustrating.people look at you sometimes they laugh.at you they see the time that you have.spent in school yet you're working as a.taxi.driver when you graduate you always put.a portrait.of you graduating and then the kids.they are they are looking at these.pictures seeing how their dads and their.moms.they have a manager to prosper as far as.education is concerned.but yet the other kids will be telling.them that your dad is a taxi it's a taxi.driver so don't tell us your dad is.landed.so you know your dad is a taxi driver.for me i'm not ashamed of what i have.what i have or whatever i'm doing.because by the end of the day i need to.pay bills i can comfortably talk a day.time.nighttime anytime and anywhere that i'm.a taxi driver.who is doing his his phd.working so hard getting a first class.honest.no job i just recreated.and i feel like i should have.been given the money to to start.something something else.i'm 25 years old and i graduated from.karatema university.i graduated 2017..with a first class owners in bsc.microbiology.i thought i would get a direct ticket.or of working in an office but it was.all just a fantasy.farming that is the main main thing i'm.doing currently.and i'm and i'm not happy about it.that's not what what i like.i'm doing it just to survive you know i.worked so hard.i really wanted to be that scientist.that would appear one one time in a.magazine.when people see me get getting my gmb.and going to the farm.they just laugh because they say you.i wasted my four years in school.then i'm just like them.2018. there was a government.internship i applied for then.i was called for an interview those guys.during the interview went through my.papers.they were surprised then they told me.as i just go look for for a job.somewhere somewhere else.you don't fit here and then i asked them.why.they told me because you you you are so.smart.i was disappointed because.you know when you know you you can do.something and then you are not given the.opportunity.you you get angry at times.i'm valentino ching 29 years old now.and we went through more university.i got a second class lower division in.civil aviation management.i also applied for several jobs after.graduation that is 2016.and i got an internship with.an airline company.then when the internship was over i.continued applying for.more jobs that is specifically in the.airlines.uh sectors but it like.all fell in a left here so i had to look.for.other alternative means of survival.i had some small savings there was about.500 shillings.i had to start some banana business then.after that.i got another job that is the teaching.job now.which i did for some time then.i still had business mind because.i was i've been frustrated all along i.get a job.it goes out of hand i start another one.gets out of hand.so i thought to myself that i can start.something.that at least i can do for long term.i also thought that what i have at hand.apart from just being that business of.banana.i know how to make samosas.as muslims i sell them in the street i.have a.like a small base where i take my.trolley to.my customers know that that place.like i partially own it most of the.people around.knows that it was amazing that's how.they called me.i do it willingly.it dawned on me that life has to move on.i have a much i didn't get whatever i.wanted.that is the jobs i have now to do.what i have at hand.it's good always pays my rent i also.bring some few coins that i can send.home.and do some little development at home.so i can't complain about it.[Applause].i also offer online classes so we do it.through zoom.the the zoom technology so it's a very.nice platform whereby you can.communicate with a student.illustrate on the whiteboard he or she.can do an assignment there and you can.mark online.i teach specifically mathematics.chemistry and geography.i think inside time we as youth we have.to look at what we have at hand.remembering the story of moses in the.bible god.asked him what do you have at hand he.said i just have a road.yes fine go ahead use it so i think.inside time we as youth.we can as well approach life in that.[Music].perspective.[Music].many universities have over time.seemingly chose to end the year.churning out their pride going by the.number of graduation ceremonies.that are conducted annually while.graduation ceremonies give a reason to.celebrate.graduates are soon faced with the.daunting prospects.the outside world has to offer the most.doubting is unemployment.given the number of graduates entering.the job market each year.approximately 30 000 university students.graduated in december 2019..the university of nairobi produced the.highest number of graduates.8428 while cabarak university produced.the least.922 qc university had 5100.graduates while kinetic university had.more than six thousand graduates.more than six thousand students.graduated at moore university.in june 3545 students graduated from the.jumokinata university of agriculture and.technology.adding to thousands of others from.smaller universities.39 of kenya's youth are unemployed.according to census data further.widening.the gulf between the rich and the poor a.staggering 4 million youths who are.qualified for work.in the kenyan market are unemployed as.revealed by the kenya national bureau of.statistics.in april 2020 the report further.indicates that the youth aged between.20 and 34 made the highest number of.those out of the job market.the huge figures of youth unemployment.is threatening perhaps the social.structure.in the country and the level of.dissatisfaction.and discontent amongst the youth is.growing.of course the current covet 19 situation.has made that even worse.the biggest challenge i think has been.the gap.between these high numbers of youth that.are graduating.and the jobs available in the formal.economy.so we have over time lost that.connection.between the caliber and the quantity and.the numbers of graduates coming out of.our various.institutions be it technical.institutions or diploma colleges or.universities.graduates often find that their courses.didn't prepare them for.or keep them up-to-date with the.technical and practical skills.they need in their first jobs otherwise.known as.soft skills these are the knowledge and.abilities required.to perform a job the federation of kenya.employers fk in a survey adapt 2018.skills mismatch.report indicated that employers were.spending a lot of money.to retrain graduates who came out of.school employers are really looking at.a person who will come and be able to.take off and you're not having to.reinvest.for them to relearn things which you.assumed they had gone through.so we check what kind of curriculum have.you gone through.some learning institutions have a better.reputation than others because.over time you have seen graduates from.this university from this college.perform better so they are known there.was a ranking of universities.recently in sub-saharan and it was very.clear that some have good names.some don't because some of these.universities.we produced very many universities and.the quality of learning perhaps went.down over time.so when you advertise a job you get.hundreds.hundreds of applications there are lots.of qualified.people brilliant young people but beyond.the technical qualifications on paper.what's your attitude.to this job what soft skills.do you have in terms of communication.in terms of yt skills in terms of.respect.how do you operate within a team how do.you take correction.do you go beyond the call of duty and.share your ideas the ability to complete.a task.can you be trusted to deliver.are within the target within the.timelines.agreed the report also indicated that.the uptake of master's degree courses is.on the rise in the job market.offering competition for job positions.with a degree requirement.the degree holders and the master's.holders are slowly crowding out.those who have diploma certificates or.those who have this mid-level.skills so they have nowhere to go.because the jobs have been taken over.by the many people who have higher.skills who are taking on.lower level jobs because they cannot.find the jobs that match.the qualifications that they have.the survey further showed 16 percent of.existing job opportunities.had taken more than six months to fill.due to lack of skills and experience.among the participating firms there has.been a lot of investment by the private.sector and skills development.but even this was not well informed by.what curriculums are these students.going through.so we need to look at the curriculums.and we need to look at the mid-level.qualifications so this requires a.national strategy.on skills development which kenya has.worked on.but it's not been happening fast enough.to bridge the gap between the graduates.and the the needs of the labor market.the people that you have not so many.people will be much.very much comfortable in uh giving you a.chance because they see you more.more so like address and like seeing you.like.a young person who is energetic and.is willing and able to work.for you.to address this their state of affairs.in 2017 the government announced an.ambitious project.that aimed to create 100 000 jobs.annually.as a means of stemming unemployment.through the program.graduates were to land paid internship.opportunities.within various government agencies.the public service commission is.advertising a job.like that one i've applied several times.right even the internship the public uh.service commission but it's like you.never heard of any.uh short listing.or maybe interviews i always believe.if you if you don't know anybody in this.country nobody knows you.so that that's why you have a lot of.unemployed youth.in the country we need to revive.the economy in the counties and to be.able to create jobs there.for them so that you get a job on merit.and people.don't have to go through who do you know.which is how our system has functioned.for a long time.which is not fair we've also been.talking about job centers.in all the counties where students and.the young people can go and register.themselves.and this is where the national.employment authority was formed.so that this job center is a place where.employers were looking for.different skills can go and interview.young people there the number of youth.joining the job market annually.is estimated to be eight hundred.thousand.let them try to to create.opportunities or slots for those.students that.do their best in their studies you know.the government should always look at the.result if we train.say 500 engineers where do you expect.them to go in the next.five years of their graduation it should.be something that is continuous should.be something that.the government should have a very big.plan a very long-term plan for.for employment.let investors also invest in young.people if a young person has an idea.let those who can try to assist them if.you have any finances.just come in we cannot blame the.government or blame anybody because we.are unemployed no.because these are choices that we.decided to make it's our investment that.we desire to invest in education.employers providing opportunities for.youth to be attached to them.for them to land on the job so this has.happened in ketu it has.happened in busia and in califi it's.actually going on phase two of it.to see if we can encourage employers in.those areas to take on youth.and also be trainers themselves be.mentors and give.some skills to the youth.kenya's years of strong economic growth.have created jobs.but they're mostly low paying informal.and coming at a rate that economists say.is too low to absorb the rapidly growing.population.over 700 000 jobs were created in 2018.while the economy expanded by six point.three percent.but ninety percent of the new jobs are.in the poorly paid.informal sector even when the government.has good initiatives like kazakh virgina.what kind of work is that it's not.decent work.the kind of incomes that they have is.insufficient.there's no career progression you're not.utilizing the skills that you've.acquired.so this high level of dissatisfied.and happy youth is a ticking time bomb.because they're seeing the older.generation as people who are blocking.them.we need to look at the sectors that can.create.jobs for them and decent jobs at that.which pay a wage that is.able to sustain them so that they can.realize their aspirations.i think a lot of initiatives have been.initiated.and i only going to address this but.it's not happening fast enough.and it's not sufficient so it's.something that needs to be addressed.urgently.despite having a young ambitious and.well-educated workforce eager to.contribute to the development of the.country.in contrast kenya has the highest youth.unemployment rate.at 22.2 percent significantly.higher than in neighboring tanzania at.5.2 percent.and uganda 4.0 in rwanda and burundi.the unemployment rate was at 3.3 percent.and 3.1 percent respectively although.kenya has advanced.tremendously in ict we haven't done.so well such as a country like rwanda.that was able to create jobs for their.own people within the same sector.we've been fairly generous and open in.allowing other.nationals from the neighboring countries.from different parts of the world to.come and take on jobs that perhaps could.be done by kenyans.jobs that don't require really.specialized.technical skills you still find that.their foreigners doing it.in our open economy approach that also.has.of course element to it.the government has made numerous efforts.to address the issue of youth.unemployment.by reforming the technical and.vocational education and trainings of.sector tibet.most notably the construction sector has.in the past.experienced shortages in certified.masons and plumbers.blamed on a shift of focus to university.education.in order to achieve the kenya vision.2030 the country needs.90 000 technicians and over 400 000.artisans.to plug the current shortage this is.similar in fashion.and design and automotive engineering.this is a serious challenge for kenya.especially since the manufacturing and.oil and gas sectors are expected.to expand in the coming years the.mid-level.colleges the technical colleges and.vocational.training was something that we we had.invested in in the earlier years but.over time most of these were converted.into universities.so you'd see university constituent.colleges everywhere in all towns in all.sorts of old places.and we're not looking at the mid-level.skills.i think inadvertently we also sent the.message to the young graduates.that you need to have a degree even if.you're really stronger and better and.more interested.in the hands-on skills you want to be an.electrician you want to fix.roads according to experts.if the youth would open their eyes to.the opportunities that.tibet institutes present the country.would be leaps closer to dealing a body.blow on the runaway unemployment.in our midst technical and vocational.training.is the way to go fk does work with the.tv8 authority we are represented there.and how the technical and vocational.area can be mainstreamed.into our curriculum so you have two.parallel systems.they what i call those who get the.intellectual learning and go up to.masters.phd level and if you get someone who's.an artisan.you start off by being an artisan one.two.and three eventually becoming a master's.masters.degree holder and even up to degree.level.or phd level this is a system that we.have seen.in other parts of the world the.unemployment headache appears to be far.from over.as more kenyans continue to lose jobs in.the massive business closures.witnessed across the country data from.the kenya national bureau of statistics.indicates that 1.72 million workers.lost their jobs in 3 months to june when.kenya imposed coronavirus induced.lockdown.that led to layoffs and pay cuts young.people were the hardest.hit by job cats compared to their.counterparts.aged above 35 years i think the speed of.recovery.that kenya will realize.from this kobe 19 pandemic largely.depends.on a robust strategy.that we can come up with but also issues.of trust and accountability.because every other day there's a story.somewhere about corruption about money.disappearing is it true that covered 19.money.has disappeared that really.sends a message of hopelessness to.kenyans because people need hope.at this time to tackle kenya's high.youth unemployment it will require.concerted efforts from the private.sector academia and government.to work together and develop innovative.business models.industry-relevant curricula and enabling.national policies.so that graduates entering the job.market can secure employment.and avoid doubting the degrees they.worked so hard for.[Music].you.

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