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bandwidth for VT talk is provided by.vapor world co uk.hello I didn't see you over there it's.Wednesday night it's nine o'clock that.means it must be VT talk and tonight.tonight it's an unholy threesome well at.least that's what they say as you will.see life from his studio in downtown.barnsley we have mark Greene otherwise.known as mar 12 on boston and to his.left and to my far left right the way.over there all the way over there the.effervescent beauteous loveliness that.is the one and only salve if you've.never met her you wouldn't know but she.is fizzy and bubbly aunt yourself.absolutely I tell you what we'll do.shall we play the titles in and then.when we've played the titles I'm going.to hit the mickey out tomorrow it's what.you do you know here we go.sorry it now but started mittens alright.fair enough apparently there's been a.challenge or two on the 360 p channel.for it in 720 remain unaffected we do.apologize for that it's out with our.control whether Arden or it'll be.something like that anywhere we've got.all kinds for you tonight and yes that.thing from channel 4 we've got that and.yes we've got the EU thing as well and.yet we've got all sorts of stuff but.before we're getting a lot I just want.to have a quick word with Markell and.first of all cheer congratulations on.your on your pilot your debut episode.last night mark well done thank you very.much Dave it was a bit intense my end.but I watched it back it looked ok bye.bye intense you mean what you bucks I'd.go like a Bunny's nose no it wasn't a.bottom side if I just had this terrible.indigestion all day but yeah it was uh.it was good I enjoyed it excellent well.I shall look forward to seeing more of.pretty much the same it was it was buh.buh buh buh fast and snappy good stuff.and I particularly enjoyed the interview.with mr. bizarre door and I'm sure he'd.lead to if you've missed it folks it's.on video on demand it's on the podcast.it's on YouTube it's everywhere you look.cuz we profligate way our major horse I.believe is the phrase isn't it stuff.exactly I presume would be one or two.comments from chat about last night sure.yes his comments coming in seeing great.official well done really enjoyed it um.all positive all good there you go I'm.not gonna mention the little message I.sent to mark or last night when he said.he'd been SAT with his wife watching it.no but weiner dog with children yes she.did yeah not mentioned in celebrity sex.no we won't do luck shall we get into.the serious issues due for what did I.see a shake of the head there self yes.he meant detergent I would probably do.me to get into the into the serious.issues I was 41 this morning that there.was going to be a piece on channel 4.news tonight about a.cigs and I tweaked it as much and.anybody that follows me on Twitter will.have seen that going out and anybody.that follows Jerry Stimpson will also.have seen it going out so if you tuned.in I'm sorry I'm about to play it in now.if you missed it then yeah I'll just.clear chela hey here we go now if you're.trying to give up smoking how about.reaching.at their increasingly popular but the.jury's out on whether they actually work.health watchdog for wanting more than 10.on nicotine replacement products which.include e-cigs the number of people.using them is rising but the market is.at the moment entirely unregulated our.health and social care correspondent.victoria mcdonald reports this month in.case you missed it is stoptober a Six.Million Pound government campaign to.persuade people to give up smoking.but even as the ads are running a new.tactic is also being discussed an.acknowledgement if you like that some.people just don't want to or can't stop.smoking now the National Institute of.Health and Clinical Excellence is.preparing guidance not on how to stop.people smoking but on how to reduce the.harm that tobacco does them one of the.aspects that they're looking at is these.e cigarettes they are a form of nicotine.replacement and increasingly popular the.latest figures show that by next year 1.million people will be using them the.shop and rugby opened in January and its.owner claims a hundred and thirty people.come through the door each week probably.the conversion rate from fought for is.probably ninety eight percent of people.who come in actually buy once they've.tried it it's it's so the experience is.so close to smoking without smoking you.won't get any closer none of the other.products patches inhalers none of the.products give you that sensation.certainly at the time we were there more.than a dozen people came in choosing.their flavors from champagne to.strawberry tell me why you won't stop.smoking because it kills you them and.I've got asthma oh so I need to stop.well I want you to cut down on.cigarettes to start with got a chest.which it has helped and then the money.saved is a hell of a lot I reckon about.65 to 600 pounds in three months nice is.in fact looking at a variety of methods.of harm reduction based on the fact.nicotine might be addictive but it does.not cause cancer however anti-smoking.organizations are concerned that.e-cigarettes are unregulated and next.year the mhra which licenses medicines.has agreed to look at this users of e.cigarette smokers have a right to know.how much nicotine they're going to be.getting whether they're going to be.getting enough where the one's gonna be.stronger than another and at the moment.you know these products are largely.unregulated they're coming in from all.around the world.people don't know what they're getting.and the evidence on how effective.products like the e-cigarettes are on.helping people quit for good is not yet.there but Professor Jerry Stimpson an.expert and harm reduction is persuaded.the scenario for the five or ten years.ahead is go down to your corner shop or.you know these things should be on.display and available there should be.more prominent than any tobacco product.easier to get than any tobacco product.in my view but even if agreement can't.be reached on the regulation of products.like e-cigarettes it would be difficult.to persuade these customers that they.should just stop many have tried that.and it didn't work so there you go that.was the piece that went out on channel 4.Marco is that the first time you've seen.it no I watched it earlier ando firm.about 25 minutes ago yeah interesting.piece what do you make of it it depends.on what nice end up coming back with you.know the whole tobacco harm reduction.against as opposed to getting people to.completely stop using nicotine I think.maybe they're getting a message that.people some of them don't want to give.up nicotine you know we don't want to.give up nicotine we quite like it and.what we do want to do is to get that.nicotine and a safer a safe away and as.soon as peoples really get that side of.it then the better really yeah what what.are the things that I picked up in that.piece and I've only watched it twice.myself one of the first thing she said.was it's a form of nicotine replacement.therapy and it it's kind of you have to.wonder sometimes whether these people.are actually doing their homework but.that said what effect do you think.that's going to have on the general.public I would hope that getting more.information out there will take away.this misconception that you know we are.smoking and we're doing it illegally.you know we go back to the rat listing.up a weekend and people don't understand.it and they don't get it yet once they.do and once it's more widely accepted.and more widely out there then I think.the general public will understand it a.little bit more not just the people you.hate indeed I think you're right yes I.should point out as well as Jerry.Stimpson the guy that was on at the end.of that piece has a great to come on of.the shore now his background is in harm.reduction and in harm reduction not in.tobacco control which is an entirely.different kettle of fish in my view so.what we're looking to be having him on.the wake of November the fifth actually.is what we're looking up I'm just trying.to get it all set up my emails talk with.his email and our skypes are busily into.England and we'll try and get that.together for wake begin in November that.November the fifth early November the.7th I think server we get much in from.chart yes we've got quite a few comments.from chaste Gary would says why did they.keep referring to a sixers we'd quit.Russell order said they're not entirely.unregulated Markham are says oh in the.government knows how much we're supposed.to be get in regarding the nicotine and.that killer public comments on those.lanes Gary would said I never looked at.the milligrams on the side of a box of.cigarettes so I never knew how much i.was getting anyway Jeff Benny in his.head how effective they are who cares.they are less harmful and if people want.to buy them then shut up and go back to.building your duck pond and claiming a.ton expenses mobilis said well effective.at what if it's effective at using less.cigarettes then anecdotally it works for.me and Jeff bennion says we need to get.naked news during a positive article on.a 60 yes the naked you yes yes i would i.would go I would gordo I've guess the.naked new yes let's not go there let's.not get because I can get to the good or.too easy we all know that too well south.the first three points that you read out.there you haven't deleted them of you.know I haven't it can we take and one.boy.warm because there's some interesting.points and if there are people watching.the shore either live or after the fact.video on demand and YouTube and.everything else I would like to expand.or knows a little bit if I can't so what.was the first one the first one was from.Gary will witness said why do they keep.referring to a six as we've quit yes it.would appear that the influence of our.American cousins has floated across the.Atlantic and what we are seeing is a.situation where folks are confusing to.buckle harm reduction and smoking.cessation what they see is that they.have quit using tobacco and therefore.that they have quit the World Health.Organization the Emmy Acharya and the EU.see the term quit as meaning smoking.cessation they do not understand at this.point in time the notion of quitting.using tobacco and that therefore being.the best the most effective form of.tobacco harm reduction as far as.continuing nicotine use he's concerned.I've been trying to get my head around.this for a while mark or what's your.take on it yeah that I've all quit there.is confusion I guess people still think.that we're using e-cigs because we want.to stop smoking that's not the case is.it we're using e-cigs because we want to.enjoy the nicotine in a different form.that's all it is but if people are.confused and you know I get asked the.question by people all the time are you.going to stop vaping are you doing this.to stop smoking no I'm not going to stop.taping because i really like it and i'm.quite involved as you all know and so I.i use e6 so i can get the nicotine i was.getting from my roll-ups and i'm just.not getting all the other things exactly.i mean donkeys ages ago I characterized.it as being all of the joys and none of.the death.snorting it is a means to continue what.you were doing with tobacco but with a.much much reduced risk profile and it's.why I knew I keep getting people's backs.up when I see that I haven't stopped.smoking it's because I don't see the.term smokin as meaning lightning tobacco.and inhaling it it's nicotine use and if.it'd been called finagling I had this.conversation on sat idea if we'd called.the the action of late in the tab or.smoking a pipe sorry sucking on a little.paper or sucking on a cigar finagling.for want of a term would still be.finagling it was only called small and.because people weren't really clued up.on all the terms they couldn't find.another word for it the same as we.haven't been able to find anything to.replace the word veering a word I don't.like and I make no bones about it it.means something entirely different than.me but yes and you'll see a little bit.later on as we move on why I kind of.still fail at solidarity with cigarette.users we're all nicotine users but.you're see why pardon me a little bit.later on so that's the first one just to.kind of lay the groundwork for that the.second point you brought up Soph the.second point i've got about um they're.not entirely unregulated is that the one.you want or is it their nicotine levels.well i probably end up taking the two of.them together actually nicotine levels.kind of there is regulation about.nicotine out there and most people on.the forums of just reading a.conversation on all about today where.somebody was asking about bringing.nicotine in from abroad from a site that.actually does hundred milligram juice.and they were informed politely put in.no uncertain terms that there is a.regulation you cannot legally possess.grit avance 75 milligram nicotine seven.point five percent legally you've got 76.smoke but of risky breaking the law so.you can't legally get one hundred.percent now if there's a regulation that.means it's regulated has to in terms of.juices that are out there there are.regulations in place there are the chip.regulations that means the childproof.packaging you know it's possibly.childproof lids it's supposed to have.the little warning triangle on the side.mine's still on there just that's for if.you can't see so you can fail it as a.warning triangle and they're supposed to.be all sorts of other little signs and.symbols all over the labels and stuff.like that and I would see in 95 cases.out of 100 the vendors out there I'd.hate a wall of that I don't want to over.talk still but in the UK I would see it.95 times out of 100 or more people I'd.hate of that there are regulations that.govern how it can be packaged so how.they can see it's almost completely.unregulated again it's totally beyond me.it is regulated there are actually.singing regulations for the batteries.there are what's it called we.regulations for batteries there's all.kinds of regulation in place and in fact.a cigs are regulated as a general sales.product already there's loads of.regulation in place and but when it.comes to knowing the amount of nicotine.you get but something I want to look at.in another program and a little bit more.depth but since the box elder / larvae I.think certainly the bigger vendors the.bigger mixes the likes of your decadent.via person and so on and so forth have.all made absolutely certain and sluttish.dammit it's the majority of them admit.absolutely certain that they know.exactly what's going into juice and as I.see it next week we're going to be.having a nut it was some of the guys.from I wish it was a better name but I'm.sir the American a juice manufacturers.and suppliers trade association I'm.it's a rotten one for an ounce why they.couldn'ta call it something simple like.juice I don't know but I mean I'm.looking forward to having an utter with.them about that and but yes this.regulation in place I mean you knew.there was regulation in place tinea mark.I did indeed Dave and you're right some.suppliers from overseas aren't really a.deer into everything that we do in the.UK and you go to the main suppliers over.here you get in the skull and crossbones.you get in the over 18 sign you get in a.little plastic triangle stuck on the top.and you're getting the childproof tops.and obviously that doesn't that doesn't.happen with people you sell outside.those regulations well yes I mean if you.buy stuff from America they go with the.American regulations and the American.regulations don't require any of that.but specifically with regard to UK UK.vendors all to my knowledge I've not yet.met one that doesn't arte it over the.chip regulations and I've not yet met.one that's flogged in 76 milligram dose.are higher in fact to my knowledge they.all stopped at 72 so there's that little.bit of leeway in case they get the.titration slightly wrong and that's not.I don't think 22 what's their own bucks.it actually looks after you because it's.the likes of me and mark on saavn.everybody watching this it's illegal for.us to have it and it's quite it could be.quite legal well he's legal obviously.for juice manufacturers who are licensed.to hold higher concentrations they can.they've got a license that can do that.so it actually looks after our best.interests because if they did get it.wrong you give us 76 and you've got a.jobsworth coming along with her and say.air have to test your nicotine liquid.didn't make sure it's not edit then I am.afraid in 76 I'm going to look you up.for the rest of your natural life.looking after else in that respect so.we'll forget it Ronald got 73 not 76 I.can see the eyeballs of flitting salve.I'm just sort of our comments coming in.about how different it is with the.American liquid and mark Kumar has said.in America our liquid doesn't have all.those things on it they don't even.require childproof caps so that's going.to be interesting for next weekend yes.I'm quite looking forward about although.it has to be see you've caught me just.why I'm full of me glassell I blame Dave.Kitson and at it it's but it's died cook.is it deep yes well call extra and yes I.mean that you know the the the child.safety regulations the chip regulations.are like I may not if I have to be.honest and I have the minute the bottle.gets in the childproof calf gets choked.only not a child so know it and we don't.have any child's I'll and can't open.them things well that's the problem icon.at either and it's or nor they just get.choked straight away they always used to.on the glass box from DV and front aw.always getting straight off and get the.drop as in I'll pour it into a plastic.bottle but anyway all of that is there.so they can't really see that there's no.regulation and because there's Lords of.regulation but apparently they want more.so just when I thought we'd got shot of.some which we'll talk about after the.adverts it is another one comin in I.wasn't expecting nice getting stuck in.at this point in time is anybody seen I.mean I'm not a great one for conspiracy.theories but is anybody saying kind of a.slippery slope a mark well nice or a.strange a strange bunch you know they'll.recommend one drug for one person but.the same drug for a different person.there or not the same drug for a.different person because they've got a.different disease and I'm actually.victim of that because I suffer from.arthritis and I have a drug and it's not.approved by nice and it's actually being.provided to me by the manufacturer until.it is approved by nice so there are a.bit of a strange department I must say.so are you using drugs illicitly good i.just stood hey what.not illicitly but you know the stuff.that i use it costs like 12,000 pounds a.year and nice aren't wanting to use that.and and there's lots of people out there.who can't get that particular drug and.so I'm fortunate I was in a clinical.trial some years ago and because of that.and because of my interaction with that.clinical trial the manufacturers.themselves fund my arthritis medication.and it wasn't for that then you know.could I work possibly not its genetic.completely changed and the way the.disease was affected me and there's so.many people out there that don't get.that and they're in a much worse.position and nice you know they hold the.purse strings and they make a lot of.good and bad decisions and I think we.need to be mindful of how they act with.the nicotine think i'm going to pick.that up after the after the first I'd.brick because there's something you've.just said but I would like to follow up.with everybody's kind of indulgence and.permission there's something in that.that I would like to follow up and we'll.follow it up right after this.vapor world code UK sponsors.conversation on VT talk.the GG because you want one I've ever.and I've ever Alexa based in Yorkshire.for your easy things that's I've ever.dot code of UK and I've ever touch.elixir don't cordon you care I've ever a.nightmare because you keep responses.never trust me.and now back to conversation on VT talk.sponsored by vapor world co uk and we're.back in the room and just just a quick.follow-up before we move on mark or how.long ago were you on the clinical trial.I did a double-blind clinical trial for.six months where I neither the hospital.more myself knew what the drug was.whether it was a placebo or not and that.was eight years ago after that I had six.months with the drug the actual drug and.then a decision was made whether or not.they're going to fund the 12,000 pounds.a year and it was basically no well the.makers actually fund it and they've been.doing it for the past eight years well.the question I've got is when that drug.was trialed how long did it take for it.to get the marketing authorisations for.the conditions that it does have.authority for that I can't tell you and.I do know that it is used in rheumatoid.arthritis and it's also prescribed for.psoriasis but I've got something called.Sarah vitac arthritis which is a bit of.both and it's not covered at all under.those regulations so the other two you.get it but if you've got the mixture of.the both then you don't rate the reason.I asked was to find out how long these.clinical trials and marketing.authorisation process is actually tick.because as we know in tele sig is.already going for marketing.authorization for their a cigs as NRT as.opposed to THR and I'm just kind of.wondering if if the worst happens and.nice says it ought to be a medicine and.the Emmy Acharya says at all to be a.medicine and the waho says a lot to be a.medicine that's kind of three areas you.will do within a minute if they all say.that and then what are we going to do to.it I'm off the market while the clinical.trials are on that was that was the only.reason I wanted to go.that road so I just wondered if you knew.when that the drug had actually hit the.market no I don't know when when it did.and the arrangement I had with the.hospital up in Leeds I saw the top.consultant in the country where he was.the top rheumatologist and they they.said you just can't get it you know we.can't prescribe it to you because I.inject every two weeks under the skin.with this think this injection and it's.500 pounds every single one so I'm so.lucky that the manufacturers you know.supply for free if it wasn't the case I.may not get it and the amount of people.out there that probably don't get it and.whose condition gets worse and worse.Simon had arthritis now for 20 years and.and when I was 34 I couldn't even tie my.shoelaces or do a button up I couldn't.open a bottle of pop goodness glad well.given that it's 500 quid a pop and you.go on throw to a multiple changing your.name from r12 unbutton to Ronnie Wood.it's good stuff it really is good I'll.train someone yes place I think we'd.probably make a blast on really we may.not get through everything I wanted to.look at and I'm now trying to juggle.which are the bits that i want to look.up next because there's two quite.important bits coming off and but first.we'll take any comments that we've had.from chat and i'm sure there have been a.few yourself this been quite a few min.along the same lines i mean did chat i.currently fixated on childproof bottle.tops which I want go down but a comment.came in earlier from mg Jones regarding.the stop and smokin and he said we use.e6 because we don't want to stop smoking.and a comment from Ross Lord who sent.via pin East walk and it's a way to take.control of our smoking and that was the.gist of watch out coming out with and as.I say the bottle tops I'd leave them to.it with that yeah you probably wise he.probably wise but yes I'm in total.agreement with with Russell and with.mark this is a way for me to continue my.habit without the death and.without getting kicked out of places.although I have to see it on Saturday it.didn't quite work out that way and let.me explain and if you saw Dave Kitson.show on Sunday dear viewer you would.know that the north east east smokers.meisel took place then at a place called.the rutler there's a actually there's a.review on there on what do you call the.thing again there's a review on.tripadvisor where it says I attended an.event should see an event as a.participant yesterday for those who.don't know it was made up of around 30.folks from all over the country to.discourse electronic cigarettes try.various different ones and so forth I.will horst not our horse had broke this.venue months ago and because a cigs are.quite new and relatively unknown was it.pains to point out what there were what.we'd be doing and so forth the.management were quite happy with it all.and so we attended really looking.forward to a grand dear meeting at three.and going on through until eleven.o'clock imagine our surprise in disgust.when 90 minutes or so into the event the.manager appeared and told us that.contrary to what we had contracted with.the venue we were not going to be.allowed to continue what we were doing.but we're also going to be turfed out of.the place at six thirty because they.booked the room too and as it turns out.fictitious 21st birthday party from 730.suffice it to say that we immediately.saw another venue and decanted to the.sundial a hundred yards up the road a.venue which welcomed us with open arms.and traders right royally moreover this.sorry excuse for an establishment lost.close to a grand in revenue because the.manager either did not understand that.electronic cigarettes are perfectly.legal to use indoors or has no idea what.a contract is and bottled it when.someone asked what was going on in the.conservatory which by the way was.completely separable from the rest of.the building and therefore need have had.no effect on the rest of his patrons.which were few just to add insult to.injury one of our party returned to his.vehicle parked in the Rattler.display a car park actually a council.one around nine o'clock and there was no.21st birthday party going on that was me.inventing a little bit on trip advisor.but ha would you believe on facebook the.rutler came back and said the management.and staff of the Rattler South Shields.would like the issue an apology of laws.affected it's affected her by an.incident on the 13th of the 10 2012 in.order to maintain a level of customer.service there are a large number of.factors that all contribute to a.pleasurable experience for our guests.our IAM has and always will be to.provide for the needs of our customers.sometimes however we get it wrong we.understand that a group of people left.our premises on saturday 13 10 12.feeling that we may have let them down.me a half ha hope you'll excuse me while.we strive to let all of our stuff know.about specific events and the needs of.our customers on this occasion there's.been a Luxan communication from head.office to the venue this resulted in the.stuff being unaware of the exact.requirements of a booking we are sorry.that the said booking was only able to.continue their custom with us had the.stuff on duty had the correct.information earlier and that correct.questions had been asked in further.communication we would have been better.suited to accommodate a somewhat unique.requirements that the booking needed in.summary we apologise to the group in.question that we could not fulfill the.requirements on the deer and as a result.we will be investigating as to why the.correct information was not delivered.now say that lady all the way over there.sarvam sub was intimately involved with.the book each of said event were you not.mother I certainly was I certainly.wasn't it and I'm i right in thinking.that a certain dark-haired young lady.well marks gone but yes I trust this.vigil alright but a certain dark-haired.young lady that was stood slightly to.the right of the manager while the video.was being taken of him having his little.runt was the young lady with whom you.had been having all the day today.yes that was correct so am i right in.thinking that they actually had all the.information that they made it they had.every bit of information they need and I.never once spoke to anybody at head.office all the arrangements were done.with the venue right now there's a.lesson to be learned here I think and.one of those lessons that needs to be.learned is if you're going to be.organizing something like this be aware.that no matter what we see on here and.we all know that it's legal and.everything else there are people who are.running these establishments that really.don't have a clue and to a large degree.it's not their fault hopefully following.Channel Four's news piece they will have.a clue this should have more of a clue.and if nice gets it right they'll have a.brilliant clue and indeed there should.be no issue ever again if nice get it.right one Campbell talk but tentative.until then to be on the safe side I.would strongly suggest that you at least.email if not right to any venue where.you know you're going to be having some.kind of a well a knees-up an e-cig event.make sure it's in Rapeman make sure that.the people that you're talking to.understand go and visit now I'm seeing.this and I know that the Prime organizer.went and visited on the thirtieth of.July because strangely enough the man is.a facebook junkie so he checked him on.facebook at the right on the thirtieth.of July there's a time stamp on it it's.on the Rattlers page they can't avoid it.he was there undie huggies easy with him.and he was given in hot licks saucy new.the bottom line oh it needs the manager.bottled it his bottle and glass went I.believe that rhyming slang isn't it I.believe it is yes how's Chuck got.anything to say about this purchase um.but I agree completely was what Mitch.doc said so and he says so completely.not asphalt none of us deaf did it at.all which I totally agree with.Viking viet minh said yes when in doubt.blame the boss um JimBob were you.kissing what questions needed to be.asked again Andy Bell who was also at.the venue seeing well done to the son.Dale who accommodating us on nicely.which yes they certainly did I'm and.Gary I won't read the last comment that.he taped in but it was very similar to.one that was aired under kitchen sure.right yes will not go there I think I.think I'm gonna take it that we've lost.mark for the time day I can hear sound.but we've got no video yeah I've lost my.video what you doing you haven't stuck.you foot through the gum review no I.mean why casters died ah well just come.in with your webcam I will do if i can.get it to work yes so comment just come.in to chat here Ross listen on the back.of this problem it seems that the AVM.has been canceled I'm guess and that's.another local meat I would definitely.say don't cancel the meeting on the back.of that problem talk is that was.something totally unexpected just double.check make sure the venue that you.talkin to understand completely get.everything in writing and bring that.right in with you absolutely ear vm.would be year the East Anglian zip East.Anglia yeah which I can't remember.exactly where that was going to be but.out nor seriously honestly truthfully.don't don't don't Russell is it the.organizers that of canceled or is it the.venue that's cancelled off the back of.this can you clutter in a chat and let.us know because frankly if I neat get.involved I will hmm I'm in the mood for.it my apparently it's through Jimbo you.keys in it through lack of interest not.necessarily through people being wary um.alright fair enough fair enough if it's.classy its lack of interest that's one.thing a lot trust me if saturday night.was anything to go by you have a whale.of a time.salute because we did it was reading the.same day that really was Lucien the.sundial welcome back mark hello I'm back.on my other camera which is even worse.oh you're the one bit okay well never.made him look a table match look red and.green twins separated at birth it's just.a shame he's got the handle bar down on.you know it's uh yeah I've got my I got.my Bradley yeah yeah well mr. William.has got a lot done sir for I think I'm.having to put that back next week shall.we shall we take a quick I'd brick and.then blast on yeah because I'm just.saying what the time is it's.unbelievable how quickly assures go will.be borrowed a couple of minutes and then.it's kind of good news and bad news good.news for us bad news for the EU that's.nice.you.vapor world code UK sponsors.conversation on VT talk.and now back to conversation on VT talk.sponsored by vapor world co uk and we're.back in the room now just in case you.missed it I've just been asked to.reiterate what nice is and it's not just.one of Santa's lists I'm on the norts.you want anywhere nice is the national.institute for clinical excellence and.what they do basically is tell you hrair.what to do they deal with drugs it's a.kind of a super I supervisory and.advisory body what that helps to kind of.explain what that was all about they're.also and very tightly involved with the.EU shameless links are austenite I'm.telling you and there was bad news for.the EU to dear and possibly good news.for us if I just slip there you probably.got no idea who John Dalli is not John.dearly different feller altogether and.II resigned to Dear John Dalli is the.the Commissioner in charge of the the.new directive on to blackhawk control.and he resigned and I'm going to play.you the video of Howie's announced his.resignation and what's been going on and.listen very carefully because at one.point is going to tell you what's going.to happen to the tobacco directive.listen and the company making the the.allegations and filing the complaint is.part of the Aqualab start from death and.it must also be said with that we are.working and we on the new tobacco.directive which will be making it and.much.all stringent for topical companies to.attack especially the young people to.smoke and that honor with which we are.going to strengthen our regulations in.you now this directive has been worked.on for many many many months and we.finalized the concept of the directive.at the end of februari of the CL now it.should be noted that from information I.received recently the dealings that.started between to the vaca V lobby and.this individual were in March so it was.after had included my my direction of.policy to shiancoe after this conclusion.Hong Kong and sent the impact assessment.to the impact assessment board and we.had to go past through twice the test of.this impact assessment because it was.not easy but we passed to impact.assessments and we were scheduled to.launch the what is called the.inter-service on this directive in.August this was stopped by a letter from.the Secretary General and the legal.services and it was postponed for.further discussion oh because they said.that they needed further discussion it.was again due to be launched early this.month and the gain it was postponed the.next date for the launch was set to next.Monday now I know there and probability.is that the directive is suspend is in.suspended animation and the vest is.solved then it's going to mean that.there will be no such directive during.this commission what exactly does this.directive look at what will be the.impact to the consumer and.the industry this directive basically.looks at making sibility less effective.and we specify regulation on the package.itself without going to the plain.packaging that many people are talking.about but specifying that seventy-five.percent of the packet front and back.should be dedicated to pictorials that.show the damage done by tobacco we were.also i'm proposing regulation on.flavorings after the hall which make the.the tobacco attracted the vanilla.flavored strawberry flavored chocolate.flavors are attracting along a lot of.young women and to smoke and a piece of.statistics that we have which is.interesting is why we're seeing the.percentage of smokers in general des.plaines in europe but in the sector of.young females it is increased and this.is a very worrying worrying indication.indeed so and then we will be making.much more than certainty in the non.tobacco products by year and making.regulation of how new and topical.products that are small class that come.to the market and also on how to.regulate the dishwater our code and.electronic cigarettes okay by limiting.the nicotine content of the cartridges.that they should contain your city ten.you know like an ancestor the world.bridge wide range means.nothing smokeless favorite stone who.then do you think you're feeling was the.most conservative in their sessions in.suspended animation the gains from your.not being here not again the fact that.this directive will not see the light of.day is a big Gator de pago innocent.assure the European citizens is not gain.from this we have every a second hundred.people dying from tomorrow and two.million people getting a chronic disease.you took smoking your statement said.you'll continue to work on this very.important piece of legislation what are.your plans of resurrection now I will.continue to work with my colleagues in.college and also with people who are.very like-minded in Parliament and.health ministers in the various member.states I know that many are for I'm.strengthening the.regulations october and i will make them.aware that it will be a pity if all the.work that has been done we'll go to it.yes so there you go that was the block.that was driving through the tobacco.directive in the EU who has resigned he.actually jumped before he was pushed and.I'm trying to remember when Kathryn.Devlin went across to the EU to have.conversations with them about the.tobacco or directly when she was being.consulted I have the feeling it was.after februari and I'm sure with.somebody all chuckle in chat will.correct me if I'm wrong but apparently.judging by what but blocks just said by.februari 2012 was a done deal and you'll.also have noticed that they've lumped a.cig zine with tobacco products they're.training them as tobacco products and.that there's going to be a limit on cart.horse no more juice just cart laws.that's what they were talking about but.the good news good news yay he said the.directive is in suspended animation it's.unlikely to go ahead so there's a bit of.a reprieve mark or have you seen any of.that before now yeah I've just been well.earlier on I was looking at the timeline.now the daily or dolly or laughs.investigation and it was an interesting.reading lana fever if you're going to.touch on that are not I'll have read it.through yes and apparently it was.Swedish Match that blew the whistle on.somebody trying to make money out of.setting up a meeting but apparently if.we believe what was being told it was a.Maltese entrepreneur is how he's being.described all over the place although.mr. Dahle did name him in that interview.but because of the libel laws in the UK.we can't but allegedly this entrepreneur.tried to set up the meeting and tried to.extract money from Swedish much in order.to set it up what do carry on do carry.on yeah that was Swedish Match and ECT.OC European smokeless tobacco Council.yes and led allegedly I've got.Julie and because they know nothing was.found against mr. dally at all and so.somebody interested but it it does bring.into question how long it's going to be.or if it's going to remain in suspended.animation permanently oh if it will just.die out and I've got a feeling it might.just dial I would love to think you're.right but the the ante nicotine and.tobacco or zealots it ain't easy this is.something i'll be picking up on the.American forums apparently it's a big.term over there ants are exactly that.auntie nicotine and tobacco zealots are.quite keen to see the back of a cigs.once and for all and for one simple.reason it's just about so you put that.up yeah it says it all for me it really.does I these people are just after.controlling everybody else's life but.yes earlier on a deer while all of this.was up man that there's been it's been.such a busy dear I mean were bankrupt.Lydiate with all of this and the channel.for thing helps a lot and I think.judging by the way it is reported.hopefully nice is going to play a nice.it looks as though the EU is going to be.off our backs for a little while at.least the World Health Organization.can't really do anything probably before.the summer of next year they do tend to.drag their feet a little bit there's a.lot of them I forget what the word is.but you know it's a slow grinding.machine is wh 0 but although they do.meet in November and we'll find out what.they have got the seer then so there's.really any acharya to look forward to in.mere and depending on what nice says now.in this new report that's going to come.out that will have a lot to do with what.the mi hris is and but i'm really.pleased that this tobacco or directive.is if mr. Dalli is to be believed in.suspended animation it gives us a little.bit of a reprieve and again i can see.the salve ice flitting from side to side.should'a cook the main question is.coming from chat is to have any idea how.long a retriever well what he said was.that it would be in the life of this.commission now I don't know when the.next lot of elections are to the.European Parliament I can't remember off.the top my head bond show somebody in.shuttle nor and i'm pretty sure that the.Commission is kind of reconstituted at.that point saw from now at the end of.the current European Parliament i think.is probably how long it would be.reprieved for and i just want to remind.everybody what he said he was going to.do watch this again by year and making.regulation of how new and topical.products that are small class that come.to the market and also on how to.regulate the dishwater our code and.electronic cigarettes okay by limiting.the nicotine content of the cartridges.that they should contain.that's the bit I wanted everybody to get.their not your stuff just smokes.thereafter e-cigs as well him and his.ilk which was why i said last week we've.got there we've got the stand shoulder.to shoulder I do I really you know I.don't smoke cigarettes because I don't.like smoking cigarettes anymore I'm much.prefer the flavor of a cigs but.seriously if we let them get the smokers.go get us as well they're all of these.people have been long enough together.it's only the forks that understand.tobacco harm reduction and Lord bless us.and services fet there's very few of.them that are in positions of power but.anywhere yes suspended for the time bein.so there is some light at the end of the.tunnel it's nearly worth a chair dance.but not quite anything else from shuts.off something's just come in from our.roster lord who says remember that the.tobacco company still have a big market.out there in non-european countries the.wh 0 are more concerned about that than.us forget about this blue in his thing.he is history well would that that was.true and and always seeing it I really.do but during the course of my.investigations to dear and there were a.few statements put out by various.different I'll call them authoritative.to give them that level of kudos to be.honest what was one now I don't remember.electing these people but I want to show.you something this is this is what.they've put out look down at the bottom.left-hand side top taxi making two buck.or tux trendy right and this is from the.smoke-free partnership and guess guess.who smoke free partnership is consistent.of there it goes the right-hand side is.just scrolling up now it's a strategic.independent and flexible partnership.between the european respiratory sir.Society these were the ones that got the.headlines about the damage to the lungs.from acute inhalation of nicotine.containing products IE e cigs cancer.research UK which as we know is also.funded by Big Pharma under European.heart heart network which is also funded.by Big Pharma in other words this lot is.funded by Big Pharma and they are trying.to make tobacco attacks trendy I'll put.a link to this in the forum's abort on.forum vapuretrails TV and seriously when.you read through that document it is.going to scare the living daylights out.of you not her I mean it's just there's.no way that what you read it read it.honestly if your blood boils nearly as.much as minded when you read this.document and the elend up is read his.mark or shirt you will have you seen.that mark walk so sorry about again.though have you seen that document I.haven't seen that document now well let.me tell you that it's been created as an.integral component and one of the men.deliverables of top taxi mayor in.tobacco tucks trendy a European Union.funded capacity building project which.run from twenty ten to twenty twelve it.was organized to train the public health.and tobacco control community in the.intricacies of tobacco taxation and.illicit trade at national and European.level how to get more money out of the.smaller that's what it's about and I.have to believe given what mr. Dahle was.seeing about the tobacco directive that.they would end up tagging e-cigs on that.little lot as well people we've got to.fight on our hands we really really have.and i'll put the link up to that go and.have a read of it and it will it'll.scare the living daylights out here.these people are just not.cerned with our health at all they are.just trying to find anywhere they can to.stop folks from enjoying a natural.product that little lovely comma that.moonlight type 10 who says it makes no.sense if their concern really was.disease caused by smoking they'd be.shouting from the rooftops about 86 that.alone should show them up as talking.rubbish and all at two minutes left he's.exactly right you are exactly right.there's no scientific evidence out there.now to assure that electronic cigarettes.are orders of magnitude safer to use.than tobacco cigarettes I still don't.agree with people being shouted down for.years in tobacco cigarettes it's their.body it's their choice that can do what.they like but when it comes down to it.we know we know that e-cigs would take a.thousand years to do here was much harm.as cigarettes would in a year no matter.how much you smoke that's the way it.goes and I don't think anybody can argue.with that sensibly but the bundle and.it's time to rob Leah credits and being.shouted at it's there the wrong girl.dude and so will wane little there a.hope people have found this useful mark.will thank you so much for coming and.joining us tonight I hope you've enjoyed.it it's been marvelous as always de.goodly goodings this is what we like to.hear and we look forward to seeing you.all well tomorrow night for the here's.our and from Sunday a night right the.way through the first year next week.till then bye-bye.Oh.BTW talk sponsored by vid world.introducing the straight up range of.e-liquid from the USA containing real.tobacco extracts.

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