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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing St 28d Kansas Department Of Revenue Ksrevenue Online

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The Definite Guide to St 28d Kansas Department Of Revenue Ksrevenue

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Check How to Enter the St 28d Kansas Department Of Revenue Ksrevenue

okay hello everybody my name is Matt.McMullen and I'm your host this.afternoon just a couple of housekeeping.items the emergency access er right.through the door.and to the right the bathrooms are out.through this door and to the left and.you should see them on your left and.please remember to use the app to submit.your session feedback at the end and.also please ensure that your devices are.on silent.a reminder that all of the sessions are.recorded and will be available after the.event and then I'm just gonna introduce.your presenters so for this session.driving efficiency through global.applications of the Kansas Department of.Revenue please welcome your presenter.heartache Beth thank you very much max.welcome everyone as we are trying to.learn how do we drive efficiency through.mobile applications and how Kansas.Department of Revenue has already done.that as max introduced me I'm hardik bot.I worked with AWS I lead our digital.government vertical for state and local.governments I was a customer myself.before twice I had been the CIO for the.state of Illinois just before AWS about.a couple years ago and I also have been.the CIO for the city of Chicago and.between those two CIOs since I work for.Cisco leading global business.development for their smart cities.business as part of digital government I.have the the fortune of meeting with.numerous CIOs sometimes mayors and.governors and what we are hearing a lot.in the last I'd say year year and a half.and that's what we also try to do in.Illinois is most of our citizens most of.our constituent constituents have now.moved on to using this device that is in.their hands which is much more powerful.than the computer sitting in at their.home and much more convenient much more.present and right there when they need.something and they want to see their.government on their mobile.phone not many have done that some of.them have done that and one of them is.with us today so I want to introduce our.first speaker Lee Ellen Lee is the chief.information technology officer Seto for.the exactly branch for the state of.Kansas and he is this in-state CIO.position that are very few very few that.can transcend the party line and when.the governor changes from one party to.the other the state CIOs and most of the.cabinet level positions get changed Lee.is one of those rare state CIOs that was.appointed in July 2018 by governor Jeff.Colyer and then he was retained by the.new governor Laura Kelly Kelly starting.January 2019 Lee oversees a staff of.more than 700 IT professionals that are.charged with the delivery of IT services.for 13 Kansas cabinet agencies and all.of the other small agencies boards.commissions within the executive branch.of Kansas so let's welcome Lee Ellen.[Applause].it's been great getting to meet no.hardik a little bit through this process.the state CIO communities are fairly.small fraternity so anytime I get an.opportunity to meet a former state CIO I.certainly relished that so thank you.as hardik said I am the chief.information technology officer for the.state of Kansas I've been with the state.for about nine years and a couple of.different roles prior to this one I.spent a little over six years as the.Human Services CIO taking care of the.state hospitals and the children and.families and Department for aging for.Kansas.I was also serving from about 2015 on as.part of the central leadership team for.the state of Kansas under my predecessor.at the time and that's where we started.down the the journey that we're going to.be talking about today towards our.mobility solution and what we've been.doing there.a little bit of demographics around the.state of Kansas roughly 2.9 million.citizens believe it puts us somewhere.around 33rd nationally in size in the.executive branch we're taking care of.more than 40 agencies boards and.commissions some 17,000 state workers.most of them located right there in.Topeka our capital we have about a.hundred and five counties in Kansas so.it's a very large geographic area I.think we again while we're 33rd and.sighs I think we're about 15th in.geography but because of the population.and the geography I think we end up.about 40th in people per-square-mile.with just under 35 so that geography.problem plays a part into this solution.for us as well for context our largest.cities everybody just assumes Kansas.City it's not our largest city is.Wichita roughly three hundred ninety.thousand and then you get into the.greater Kansas City area and then.finally a Topeka's fifth-largest between.about 125 130 thousand people in Topeka.and as I said is our state capital so.when I was serving in the core.leadership team for my predecessor we.started looking at where we needed to be.from a technology perspective in the.state of Kansas and developing.strategies that we could deliver on to.get from you know where we were with our.technical debt that we had into where we.need it to be one of the common themes.that kept coming up through that work.was a demand from our agency business.partners around mobility applications.and and the demand was often very.undefined they they didn't really have a.lot of form around what they needed they.just knew that they were hitting hearing.from the citizens and their constituents.that they wanted to be able to better.engage with state government through.mobile applications to get the services.and the licenses and permits that they.were needing from us what we learned.working in state government when you're.having that type of demand if you don't.step up and do something to me.it the agencies will go find a way to.have it met without you and when you.start thinking about mobility and what.it shouldn't mean for the citizens you.you would want the citizens to be able.to go to one place to get their mobile.application solutions for it to have a.common fit and finish and consistency.across that and if we didn't step in and.do something we were going to end up.with several disparate mobility.solutions out there and we would lose.that continuity and this end up.frustrating our citizens more because of.them having to go to multiple mobile.applications now to get the services.that they needed from us looking.internally we're trying to figure out.how can we solve this problem like a lot.of certainly state governments we are.not staffed for new startup work we're.very much staffed towards maintaining.our legacy applications and our legacy.data so we had no internal staffing.resources to throw at this mobility.problem we also when you looked at it we.really didn't have any vendors on.contract specifically for mobility so.couple that again with we did not have.defined standards or really even what we.wanted out of mobility either so we got.to kind of defining what our need was.and it just kind of summed up is getting.something that our agencies where they.needed a simple mobile application.solution that had a common look and feel.and met their security requirements but.most importantly provided our citizens.with a single mobile application for.state transactions some of the.challenges that those citizens were.facing are common to state government.and various other forms of government.right we for whatever reason layer.complexity on to make it very difficult.for the citizens to navigate for the.services that they need so we are we are.heavily reliant on paper forms people.have them to physically visit our.officers come stand in line making.multiple phone calls to track down the.services that they need.and and then have.doing multiple visits to get all the.tasks done that they have to do to get.those services you see this typically.you know the motor vehicle registration.driver's license renewal vital records.things of that nature are very fixed in.this type of process so we knew our.solution needed to be simple to use.secure and using our legacy back office.systems integrating with those we did.not again have funding to rewrite or.rework heavily those back office.applications to work with a new mobile.solution either.so whatever platform we brought on had.to be able to seamlessly integrate back.with our legacy systems which were the.the system of records for all the.licensing and the services that the.customer was needing so that vision led.us to a modern digital platform that.allowed the citizens to securely.transact with the state anytime anywhere.and began the most important part on the.residents preferred device not pushing.them to what a platform that the state.could work on but making sure we could.work on any device that the resident.chose to use so for our solution we.determined again without any existing.capabilities for this we needed to go.out to to an RFP to find a vendor who.could meet our expectations and bring a.vision and strategy to what could be.done for mobility to us.we ended up settling on peut pay it is.based out of Kansas City Missouri so.just on the other side of the river as.we say in Kansas but they were a partner.that we did have some experience with.peut had been in the state doing a.couple of hosted application solutions.for various entities some outside the.executive branch some inside but they.brought to us a vision for how they.could deliver mobile solutions again.hosted on the AWS platform that would.meet our needs and they would grow with.us as our mobility plans grew as well.and I say grow I think day one it was.like a company of five people and today.they've grown exponentially and we're.we proud to be a part of that.relationship with them in 2018 I believe.is April of 2018.we launched the ican mobile wallet you.can find it on iTunes and the other.popular app stores this solution was.launched for all Kansans departments.created a road map for services to begin.that journey and we now gave us access.to this flexible digital government.platform that allows us to deliver.conveniently and improve services and.improve the experience for the citizens.a little bit about the results of what.we've done and again these results are.around the ican platform itself.Payet does a another set of business.with us as well that's outside of ICANN.but it's part of the total solution that.they provide to us we've had a little.over 660,000 mobile transactions on the.platform since April 350,000 residents.accounts created so if you remember back.when I talked about the total population.in Kansas being about 2.9 million people.roughly and then you narrow that down to.the population of people who can.register an account and have a qualified.payment source somewhere between you.know a demographic of 18 - you know 60.or somewhere or 65 whatever the.population that would be choosing to use.a mobile service we estimate you know we.have relative our right at about a third.of all that available population has.currently enrolled so that's really.pretty good penetration and exposure to.our citizens it's just all about scale.right as to where you're at so we're.very happy with with what we've got so.far and they're looking to push those.numbers forward as we go part passes.purchase around 35,000 so we linked the.ability to you know Kansas is very.outdoor activities based economy we have.a large number of state parks and.recreational facilities and we linked to.where they could buy their park pass as.they renewed a vehicle registration and.it drove an additional 35 thousand.almost five.thousand dollars in revenue created from.that alone and we've had 60,000.transactions on average per month one of.the greatest things we've seen is really.not necessarily measurable but we've.seen this positive movement and improved.citizen satisfaction so we've seen it.through the testimonials where we see.four people are just absolutely thankful.and overwhelmed by what they're able to.do now and one of the biggest things.we've done there is and I believe was in.October of 2018 we launched the first.truly mobile application in the country.for driver's license renewal so in.Kansas we were new licenses for six.years so people could renew their.license online if they fit in with a.certain demographic currently that.demographic is capped at 50 years old.we're working on some statute this year.that will change that but there were.some restrictions around having an eye.test at a certain age so but the fact.that people could do that so if you.every other renewal you can do on the.app when you fall within the existing.demographics and that solution is a it's.a chatbot based solution it's very.narrative driven easy for the customer.to use they can walk through it if they.if they answer a question that's a.disqualifier it doesn't just dump them.it tells them why it was a disqualifier.and directs them as to where they need.to go to get that met if they're able to.meet all the the qualifications and get.through the questions they get their.driver's license in two weeks in their.mailbox and they're good for another six.years so that has been a huge win within.the state for that one other progress to.date again the the thing that gets.missed here is what the underlying.results of the platform are for us it's.a digital government wallet for citizens.it's what it ultimately comes down to.the services that you layer on top of it.are.kind of you know the the honey that.brings the the customers in for us but.it provides this single identity for the.citizens of the state of Kansas.something that state government across.the board struggles to do is have single.identity traditionally you know John.Smith at 123 Main Street maybe John R.Smith John Robert Smith might have five.other identities within various programs.that he's participated in within the.state with with our ICANN platform he is.a verified and trusted ID with a payment.plan in place as well to consume.services and pay for goods so it.provides us with a platform for identity.management where we can start to.leverage that across other applications.and other use cases within state.government and I think eventually one of.the more powerful things we're going to.get to is the ICANN platform being a.identity and payment platform for them.to use in other places right so if they.go to consume a service online and down.at the bottom there's a PayPal link why.can't there also be an I can link and.they can click that and choose their.ICANN identity and payment information.to pay for goods and services there we.have DMC services vehicle registration.and license renewals that are being.provided by peut the park services and.past that I talked about.there's the tolling and Turnpike.transponder and toll adherence is is.hosted by pay it as well vital records.request including birth marriage and.death certificates are part of the ICANN.platform and that is great so before.there's there's so much documentation.that a person has to be able to provide.traditionally they come in in person to.get a birth certificate and and it's.without failed they are missing.something that they need and have to.make a second trip or have to go to yet.another government agency to get the.documentation they're missing so with.the online with the ICANN platform for.vital records they can go through that.question based chatbot experience and.get asked for the documentation they.need and they and they know what they.have and once they've completed it.because of the the sensitivity those.documents they don't get it mailed to.them but they can then just show up to.the office and they just go up to the.counter and get it with their number.that they've got for that transaction no.waiting they just get the the forms and.are ready to leave and my family's.actually use that and it is extremely.efficient it was a nice way to get that.done there's other things that we're.expanding into we're looking at around.health care services including licensing.and service delivery and there's some.property tax management at the local.level that that peut is working on as.well for for me as a state CIO this.isn't going to become more than norm for.service delivery of what we should be.doing in the state CIO community we talk.about CIO as a broker and this is a.tremendous example of that so CIO is a.broker is an acknowledgement that the.state CIO is no longer the owner of.building and delivering every.application to meet his business needs.and requirements but his role is.transitioned more to identifying who is.best suited to deliver on that business.requirement and who can meet the needs.of his partner agencies and so that is.very much what we've done here with pay.it and and look forward to building it.out over the next year in two years we.have a number of items that are.currently queued up that hopefully are.hitting the platform within the next.year to expand this even further thank.you and Lee we'll take questions after.our second presenter finishes his.presentation and as I was hearing what.you have done and what your vision is.where you want to be is what also we are.hearing from some other customers of.ours there where people are saying we.want constituents to get amazon.com like.experience like I am an amazon.com.customer as a personal as a private.citizen and I can buy whatever I want to.buy from amazon.com and I can also watch.prime video I can also get my audible.books from that I can also connect it.with my Whole Foods app so I go there I.get my prime discounts.and I can also use it in the Amazon go.store and go and get whatever I want to.get from the go store but all of that is.on single you a customer profile with.just one login and here here I am and.that's why people want to go and our.next presenter who he and I were close.to be closer together.at state of Illinois Mike wants who was.this chief technology officer for state.of Illinois and was instrumental in.bringing over 90% of state's website on.citizens mobile so making them web.mobile enabled and was also instrumental.in building multiple native mobile apps.that the state of Illinois rolled out.for our constituents.he served there for about three years.and prior to that he was the president.and CEO of health care technology.company cell track and currently he.serves as the government strategy.advisor and chief client officer for pay.it here's Mike once a good afternoon.everybody and I'd like to continue on.the discussion in the journey that we.started to share with everybody and.talked a little bit about what was going.on in Kansas one of the things we found.when we went into government and I.joined hardik Steam in the state of.Illinois was the sheer complexity that.government had created for citizens and.when you think about that it starts at.the complexity level or the number of.services and what you find and what we.found and what we validated with each of.the states that were working with is.there's literally hundreds of services.that government provides and those.services are spread over 50 websites and.those 50 websites and 50 different.identities and 50 different payment.methods and different approaches for the.citizen to interact with government and.it's very complex for them and so when.you think about that those 50 websites.also didn't support all the different.channels that were out there those 50.websites you know gave you the ability.to provide or access 70% of the.government services the remainder of.them required you to download a form or.fill out something to mail it in or.you know pick up a phone and call or go.visit a office and so it's very very.frustrating and so let's take a step.back with what Lee shared and in realize.government is siloed government is.complex it's not government's fault it's.just built up over time and the.challenge that government IT has is that.those systems are also also very siloed.still today in government 70% of the.workload is sitting up in the running in.the mainframe a very complex situation a.lot of those mainframe applications are.3540 years olds there's a lot of age.systems out there so when you think.about government and you think about the.service landscape that's out there.almost 75% of the citizens are.dissatisfied with government this was a.survey that was done by McKinsey it was.kind of interesting to look at that the.only thing that rain ranked below.government was your cable company so it.was really very frustrating for the.citizen to be able to interact and there.are a lot of solutions out there so I.shared all these systems were built up.over time all these individual solutions.but if you look across all the.government and state and local.government entities there's hundreds of.thousands of software solutions all with.different identities all with different.access points and all making it a little.bit more complex for somebody to.remember just one more ID and just one.more password to be able to do things.also in government there's fairly low.digital adoption I think this piece of.it is interesting hardik shared on your.mobile device today what we find is it.significantly increases the ability to.reach more and more demographics because.people have this today is their computer.they don't have a laptop but you see.more usage of the mobile device itself.being the single source of access and.that single source of access also allows.you to be able to put out services that.are very easy to use for the citizens so.digital adoption is fairly low as we.continue on in the discussion around.services and I talked about hundreds of.services in the state that we came from.there was 525 stay in dividual services.in the state of Kansas one of the states.that we work with today.there's hundreds of services out there.and again the citizen doesn't know who.they're dealing with in government they.only.know that by who they write a check to.if you think about that government.doesn't really reflect the citizen view.into how they're being served.how constituents are being served so.when you look at the services across.government we kind of group them into.these ten main category areas and we.touched on a bunch of these and how.Kansas has created a common digital.identity with a simple easy to use app.that allows the citizen to have one.identity one approach to payment one.secure wallet and one one identity that.allows them to go across all the.different systems so the services across.government are out there they're not.decreasing the number of government.services are increasing and as I shared.one of the goals that we have as a.solution provider is we want to remove.friction if you look at all the.different channels and all the different.access points if you've had the ability.to use your your common mobile identity.your common mobile app and mask all the.backend complexity for the citizens.you've got a winner.and that's really what the focus is and.what peut provides we are a.purpose-built digital government.platform we were five years old so what.was interesting is we introduced how he.got introduced to pay it via an RFP.that's how I got introduced to pay it.via an RFP when I was at the state of.Illinois we were a peut customer before.I joined pay it is actually part of the.team but the digital government platform.that we've developed at peut has four.features it's got a common digital.identity and digital wallet that allows.you to go across all the different.services the thing that's really.important about that is none of that.information is stored on the device we.worked with our partner AWS gov cloud.and we developed where all this.information sits in the gov cloud so all.the identity all the payment methods all.the transactions all the demographics.everything is secured and sitting in the.Gulf Cloud the second part of our.platform is a proprietary piece that we.talked about and we mentioned it as a.chat based interface and that really is.what it is.and think about the way you text with.somebody that's the way that the Payette.app works and if you think about that.being able to converse in a very simple.way going through chat and workflow it.makes it much.easier much more appeasing for the.citizen to be able to do things the.third part of our platform is a payments.engine and we refer to this as our.Checkout service pay it is a PCI level 1.compliant merchant we take on all the.liability for government and all the.credit card information all the ACH.payments all the e check payments.anything and everything that has to do.with payments is being handled through.the Payette digital government platform.and that again is sitting in the AWS gov.cloud and then today I think we all know.the most important thing we can do is.take a lot of this data that's out there.and position it in a way that it becomes.actionable information so that the.government actually has tools that they.can use to service the citizens better.and that's the fourth part of the.digital government platform and what pay.it is all about.I share it very quickly a little bit on.the story about pea this isn't about pea.this is about I can pay it today works.across we're just entering into our.fourteenth individual state each state.has an opportunity to create and brand.the solution the way that they'd like.and when they do that it allows them to.use that application for everything that.the citizen would do at the state level.but also the local level and so as we.take a look at you know kind of the.vision and goals we strive to remove.complexity we are a purpose-built.government only digital government.platform at the highest level of.transaction processing and the highest.level of security we're really focused.on increasing the reach to every.demographic everywhere and one of the.things that Lee shared that I think is.really interesting we talked about.making it easier for the citizen but.what I found in my time and state.government was there's a lot of really.good government workers out there who.have very poor tools the technology that.they use is outdated and it's very.difficult for them to be able to have.access in god-willing that they can.actually have access to some data that.helps them make a decision to provide.better services for their constituents.that's something that's very important.and so when we talk about the.capabilities we talk about showcasing.services when I sit down and I talk to.clients and hardik mentioned my role at.chief client officer I get a chance to.meet with all the innovative folks.state and local government and you tell.them that you can't increase revenue by.using pay it it's a different.conversation and they say well wait a.second what do you mean I can increase.revenue well you're going to be able to.collect your payments easier you're.gonna be able to cross-sell services in.a way that you've never done before and.you're gonna be able to provide more.compliance to the regulations that are.out there by using this technology which.is very simple and easy to use the.technology is you it's about you and.remembers you and what we find is an.example of the renewal on vehicle.stickers is that 30 days before your.vehicle sticker is due you're gonna get.a first and front message that says.hello John just giving you a heads up.that your vehicle sticker renewal is due.at the end of the month and what you.find is because it's simple and it's.right there people have a tendency to.take care of it right then and it gives.the state the ability for them to have.access to funds much sooner pay it is a.digital government platform that's.purpose-built we are a powered Brant by.brand you don't hear us talk a lot about.peut you hear us talk about I can we're.in Florida it's my Florida in North.Carolina it's my North Carolina DMV and.Texas it's my gov my way nothing to do.with pay it pay it as a brand underneath.that helps see smart government folks.improve the service see services of.delivery of services to their.constituents across all of their.demographics so with that hardik I think.we're gonna wrap and move into alright.so you're gonna get to asking questions.for these fine gentlemen quickly to.remind you what we are talking here.about is how Kansas City changed how.they serve their constituents using.mobile and the role that paid played in.there and how pay it's built on gov.cloud so I'm gonna I have a few canned.questions no pun intended then I'm gonna.start using but then I it's more.important that you ask questions based.on what you've heard from from Lee and.Mike but let me start with Lee just.generally how did this idea come about.is this something that governor asked.you know not specifically again.we were just getting pieces of demand.through various agencies from our.business partners where it's kind of.interesting you will get a business unit.get somebody in from outside government.coming in new to government and they.start bringing ideas with them that.they're seeing in the private sector and.and those start cropping up in.government and so when those questions.start getting asked it starts to get a.little bit of momentum and we recognize.that momentum we were hearing it in.several of our largest agencies and.again we knew if we didn't get in front.of it it was going to happen regardless.and for the sake of the citizens and to.have a common look and feel around it in.a common solution stack a single point.for them to go we felt it was most.appropriate for us to get out in front.and help to broker that solution for the.agencies and I'm sure and I worked for.the government I know it's not gonna be.it was not easy to ask the Department of.professional and regulations and say.give up your identity citizen ID entity.part of the technology or Department of.Natural Resources you give it up and IIT.managed the single identity and you'll.get to be serve all the citizens was it.easy I'm sure it was challenging it has.been very challenging I think you know.the the initial success we've had around.vital records and with the the DMV and.the driver's license renewal is helping.break down those barriers tremendously.our business partners quickly see the.value in not maintaining all the the.infrastructure the the technical.capabilities and and everything that.goes into what pay it and AWS are able.to deliver us through our solution right.so we find ourselves or I find myself.oftentimes being an educator around what.cloud means for our constituents either.legislative or within the agencies and.then also being you know kind of a.marketing promoter role for the service.so that my my business partners across.all the agencies boards and commissions.hear about it understand what it means.and how it might potentially benefit.them.I'm talking to our regent universities.about what we're doing as well to see if.there's things they're trying to get to.the county and city level to to help.folks there get access to a type of.platform that they may have never had.the ability to do on their own before.right so just trying to leverage as much.value as we can across that and again I.find the business partners have been.willing to give up that control based on.the success that they've seen through.the platform and again they're still.owning the the back end system of record.that's ultimately handling the licensing.piece of it they're just not having to.own the front and the the user interface.that is allowing the access for the.citizens so it's it's been good.all around so far that's awesome so you.basically in AWS language we say you are.taking the undifferentiated heavy.lifting away from the agencies you're.taking care of that so they can focus on.their business which is serving their.constituents better absolutely I can.have a pretty quick easy conversation.with my business partners and the.agencies about what capabilities we have.in there in the IT delivery for them and.how you know what it would mean for us.to try to do this ourselves and the only.logical solution you can come to is to.have a vendor partner that's providing.that and I do look at it I almost a lop.tender off of most the time it's a.partnership so they have to be partners.with us and we have to be partners with.them to try to work through the use.cases and deliver the solutions we're.doing a lot of discussion right now you.know trying to figure out how do we.solve the Real ID question and how do we.be able to deliver a Real ID through the.platform as well and and there's about a.dozen different things going on right.now that we're working through but my.business partners have been very.accepting of the idea you know hurtak we.we love that type of model because take.away the complexity and then people.start to think that it's actually doable.right because there's a lot of good.ideas that people don't have the ability.to implement and what we find is when we.can sit down with an agency and they can.sit and say this is what we're trying to.accomplish and we sit down with them and.talk about what is your workflow.and we turn it into a solution right.there and that's one of the things we.didn't really talk about you know leas.is the speed to deliver I mean it's it's.something that's fast when we help an.agency sit down and go through it and.they have the ownership and the branding.and they accept it and they just love it.and when we go through an implementation.everybody gets a t-shirt with the name.of the app on it I mean it's just it's.this whole experience and they can get.live in 90 days or less and think about.that in government and think about what.that does for IT 90 days in government.goes by in a blink absolutely so Mike.you talked about the speed to deliver.and I'm sure pages asked me to deliver.for four I can but then you've got a.speed to deliver partner that you work.with closely that you kept on referring.throughout your presentation but.specifically I kind of noticed that you.were mentioning AWS Gulf cloud specific.reasons why you chose gov cloud yeah.absolutely.security in trust and it's so important.because what you think about what we're.doing you're creating a digital identity.for a citizen that has all their.demographic information if you tell them.don't worry it's encrypted it's on the.device it's secure that's not gonna.that's not going to scale right but when.you can sit there and tell them it's.stored in the in the AWS gov cloud and.it is the highest level of security that.you can have it's very important to.people and when it's not only important.to people but you hear governors talk.about it you heard governor's talking.about you know the ability my job as the.governor is to protect my constituents.make their lives better and make them.safe and that includes protecting their.data right I mean it's not just that a.you know hey you've got all my data in.the in the state examples we look at you.know you're in in any state that you.live in you're probably in 37 to 52.different databases with information.about you that's stored in these.government databases and some of its.here some of it serves some people don't.know where it's at but it's stored out.there and I think it's very very complex.and very risky now the other part of.that heartache is we are a five year old.company so pay it is a very modern.company we started five years ago cloud.was just start.the take-off but we made a very.conscious decision at that point to go.to the gum cloud and the reason for that.was security and protecting the.information of citizens it wasn't to.have something they could just you know.scale and was reliable and was fast and.never went down that was the hope of the.cloud in general but protecting the.information you would in the same way.that you would protect the safety of.somebody that's the that was the focus.sir yes fantastic in the audience.anybody has a question just come up to.the microphone and ask the question.otherwise we'll keep going we have lots.of questions because I've I love this.subject and I I know constituents are.looking for this kind of service from.their government so we want to know.learn a lot more about it so then doctor.talking about that Lee if I'm living in.Kansas what should I expect in the next.6 12 18 months.well again again we've got a number of.things that we're working on with we're.page two kind of doing their proof of.concept and getting the requirements.together one of the big ones obviously.as I said it's Real ID which will be.huge is how do we solve that problem the.physical biometrics required for that.we're working it sounds kind of odd but.within our Department of Corrections a.mobile app application there to help.yeah I was Department of Correction.mobile app it's not - it's not actually.for the offenders to use but yeah so.there's no there's there's use cases.popping up all over again we're looking.to change some statute language around.the age requirements and the eye test.requirements for our driver's license to.expand that population and then there's.a number of our small agencies boards.and commissions they're all very much.fee based license based entities and so.we're talking to a number of them today.about you know can your cosmetology.license your barber license your you.know whatever it is that you normally.are having to fill out paperwork some of.its online so it's not so it's printed.and having to walk in drop it off again.multiple trips because you inevitably do.not have the proper documentation but.what it looks like today we're on the.ICANN platform we'll look very.a year from now I will say that there.will be a lot more content there if you.go out and look at the ICANN platform.today it is not representative of.everything that pay it does for us not.every use case makes sense to be on the.mobile app there's things that make.sense to be hosted by peut in a.different fashion but we're trying to.make sure everything that should be.mobile gets dropped off there I I talked.to - my my my staff and my the.governor's office and the legislature.about approaching all of these solutions.now in a in a vendor first cloud first.mobile first approach and it's just a.decision tree around you know vendor.first do do we have any internal.capability that gives us a competitive.advantage to do this ourselves if not.what vendor does and how do we what.procurement vehicle do we use to get to.that vendor then can this workload be be.cloud-based we do have access to our own.hosted private cloud through an.engagement we do with unisys but that's.not a fit for every workload that we.have either right it's about cost and.where that workload can reside and then.should this should a specific solution.you know could would or should it ever.be mobile with the citizens or the.workforce state workforce need this in a.mobile platform and if the if the answer.is even maybe then you bake that in up.front so that we get out of this cycle.now where we're dealing with 20 year old.applications and trying to make them.mobile today yeah absolutely.one point you made in between that.caught my ears was you said you changed.or you are changing legislation for.driver's license renewal age and I test.requirements I want to hear a little bit.more about how did you get there because.yesterday we held a small very intimate.session with some state local leaders.and we talked about Amazon principles.like earn trust and hire and develop the.best or customer obsession which also.talked about think big how do we think.big and in I was moderating think big.group and what I've observed and I've.observed that for so long working for.government and in government is every.time we try to think big and do.something different.and the very next statement is yeah but.legislation's you know we cannot change.legislations but I just heard something.completely opposite from you is that you.are changing legislation so you can.serve better how did you get there so it.so the the initial the way the.engagements tend to work is part of.those business requirements when pay it.is setting down across the table from.our business partners and in conjunction.with our internal IT staff is is around.identifying you know what are all the.either either federal or state statutory.requirements around it what are the.regulations about the the transaction.what has to be in place and so you.ferret out what all those are in the in.the driver's license renewal space there.was on the books a requirement to have.an annual eye test after the age of 60.for driver's license renewal at the time.so you have to make a decision then do.do we identify that as a problem and.spend you know depending on where our.legislative cycle starching january runs.through about the middle of May do you.wait until that time comes around again.or do you determine a solution that can.work today and address those blockers.down the road and so that's certainly.what we did we put it out for this.demographic that cutoff at age 50 and.excuse me it was 15 above was required.to the renewal and so knowing you know.everyone agreed that that statute.probably should be changed down the road.but we needed to get the application out.and start getting citizen benefit to it.today so now we have actually the.Secretary of the Department of Revenue.leading that charge to get that.legislation changed is we had cabinet.meeting on Friday and it was the first.thing he said to me is hey we're gonna.get that that statute change we're gonna.get that age moved up to 60 to get those.that I test requirement done so you.identify what those things are you know.there's there some statute that may be.the reason it exists or what it does.you're not going to get to change it.right you don't get to win every battle.that you that you go into in state.government but working with with a.partner to help show how they can.deliver a secure solution that's that's.responsible with the citizens data helps.to you know.have that conversation about what.statute should be changed and what they.should be changed to yeah awesome.awesome I cannot believe my AWS.colleagues don't have questions for Lee.and Mike to ask so that they can share.that with with their customers there is.one Hey.my name's Josh I wanted to ask on the.ICANN platform have you done any.engagements with local governments as.well I know you mentioned for the pay.platform there had been like the.potential to do both state and local I'm.happy I thought about that.so what I'll go first and I'll kick it.to Mike and he can talk about what what.peut has done there so I again I came in.in July and one of the big things that I.had seen was a lack of engagement down.to the state and local level so while I.have not got anybody that has signed up.for service yet and and is working.towards an application I'm having the.conversation getting contacts identified.in the County Association to get to.those folks some of our larger cities I.get to interact with their states or.with their city CIOs and getting that.come out that information out again I do.a lot of education and promotion around.the the tools so I think we will have.some of those things coming maybe over.the next 12 to 18 months but but as of.today I don't have any in the platform.yet but I know pay it is doing others so.we're working with multiple counties.across Kansas and the plan is for that.they do property tax 3-1-1 services.other municipal services they do courts.Kansas City courts and those being.accessible through ICANN are its reality.right so that's what is being enabled as.we're going forward do you know take.care of the vision and I think that.piece of it's important but I want to I.want to come back to that and I want to.look more holistically and you know the.ability to have one identity is so.critical because you have an identity.that has your demographics and your.assets associated with it and your.licenses and so one of the cities we.work with the City of Grand Rapids who's.very innovative and did everything with.Grand Rapids pay it is what they branded.it we had or they had citizen going in.and was paying the refuse bill and.ordering a new recycling cart.went through the conversation and got to.the end of the conversation and said oh.by the way are you interested in.renewing your vessel license for your.boat that you have in Hilton Head Island.and so you know the the treasurer came.to us and said John kolinsky came over.and sent us a note and said hey how did.this happen and we said well the citizen.you know has one identity and that.identity has their assets and they know.we're there you know the places that the.individual lives and oh by the way.Buford County in South Carolina which.Hilton Head Island is part of is using.pay it as well so now this citizen had.the ability to do one transaction one.carting of all the services pay one time.across multiple government entities yeah.and the technical side gov cloud offers.a different suite of services than is.available on the commercial side of.things I'm curious obviously you were.able to work around any limitations but.were there any considerations there any.challenges or otherwise are there any.specific services that you would like to.see added to gov cloud that aren't.currently available yeah so great.question and we started natively and gov.cloud so that's the way we grew up and.everything we knew was in gov cloud and.we haven't really found anything that is.that is a deficiency for us if you think.about what we do we have a common.digital identity we process transactions.we've got millions of citizens who have.their individual identities and.demographics and professional data.stored up there and we process the.payments and we have not run into any.limitations I mean are the top five.things we use we use ec2 you know we're.focused on s3 because of all the storage.aspects of what we do and then a lot of.the identity and security things such as.you know the the first you know the the.cloud front the know you know what cloud.watch the capabilities around you know.what we're doing with the scanning of.environments before they go live so you.know we've been just as static and the.other part of that and giving AWS.to credit is they've been a very.strategic partner for us and when we sat.down and created this vision and.strategy they actually were at the table.and they come out and meet with us.regularly and one of the engineering.staffs get together you can't tell who's.who.I mean it's really a really good.positive relationship so long-winded.answer we've been very pleased with the.Gov cloud we're gonna you know take a.little less functionality to be a little.more secure right now and that is the.approach that is best for you know at.least for citizens and for government.today we'll take one short question and.shorter answer than the question hi I'm.LaShawn Lucas from Treasury and I wanted.to know if you all had any plans down.the line to integrate with the federal.government say the IRS and National Park.Service on all those types of things.because lots of times people only make.one payment to the IRS that year so they.don't really need a app for them yes.you wanted a short a elaborate oh yes.thank you very good question we spend a.lot of time with the federal government.as well and talking about how this can.become a little bit more you know just.one view for the citizen I believe.you'll see some of that functionality.from us here in the very near future.accident well we want to get the final.take away from each of you like 20.seconds but Mike in 20 seconds tell me.tell us about what you see as cloud.being a disruptor in the government.industry especially if it startups like.which is not a start of anymore early.stage companies like pay it so hands.down number one is the speed to innovate.the speed to innovate and the speed to.integrate are gonna be the.differentiators going forward if you.look at the amount of data and the.amount of information that is out there.in legacy systems being able to mask.that complexity to the citizen so the.citizen doesn't worry about which agency.they're dealing with and they don't.worry about the date where the data came.from and they can know that it's secure.is going to be the key thing the cloud.enables and your key taken it for us my.key takeaway is if anybody's interested.in seeing a demo I'll be around no I.can't say that oh yeah.yeah I know you were not supposed to say.that but but if you're interested you go.to the App Store you can download I can.I can Kansas app and you can get in and.access it and see everything that there.is that Kansas has envisioned well thank.you hard again and for me you know my.takeaway going through this for several.years now is you know be prepared to to.educate and promote and really teach.your business partners or your internal.partners what this type of you know.cloud move means what the mobile in our.case this mobile application what it.meant getting people over their initial.fear when you tell them cloud you know I.explained to folks that just a few years.ago and then still in some cases today.you can't get five IT people to sit down.together and I'll agree what cloud is.right so when you take some of your.business partners or legislators that.really haven't even farther removed look.at it.they're very confused about what it.means they think it's kind of wild wild.west with their data and it's just out.there running wild and having to explain.really how its encapsulated protected.and quite honestly is better served in.this type of environment than what we.could even do with it are on our own.data centers so that's been my takeaway.I think makes it well thank you very.much guys Rhonda applause for Lee and.Mike and Eileen white next closes out.thanks guys and so just like to remind.everyone to please complete the session.survey and we're gonna have a brief.break next followed by building a.critical communications platform using.service technology is not starts at 2:45.thanks.

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