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Iowa Rent Rebate 2017 2019 Form Demand Assistance

our presenter today is Chantel Hardaway.miss Hardaway began her Commonwealth.career in 2008 with the Department of.Revenue in Human Services where she.worked in training and development in.November of 2017 she joined the customer.experience Center as the chief of.outreach and education where she works.to build relationships with the outside.organization and increase outreach and.education initiatives on behalf of the.Department of Revenue this includes.coordinating webinars educational video.content as well as in-person.presentations and with that I will hand.it over to you.Chantal good afternoon everyone and.thank you for joining us today for our.webinar to talk about the property tax.and rent rebate program so just to.provide you with a brief overview of.what we'll cover today we'll do a very.brief overview of the history of the.program we're going to talk about the.eligibility requirements and some of the.important dates for filing and claim and.then we'll spend the majority of our.time actually walking through the PA.1000 form and some of the information.and tips on how to fill out each of the.sections we'll also walk through some of.the schedules that may or may not need.to be included when if when a claimant.is filing for property tax rent rebate.claims and then we will just very.briefly look at some additional.resources as well as providing some tips.and recommendations that we have for.folks that are filing their forms so.very brief history of the program the.property tax rent rebate program began.in 1971 under act 3 of 1971 the program.provides rebates to qualifying older.Pennsylvanians and those with.disabilities on property tax or rent.paid the rebates are funded by the.Pennsylvania Lottery.there are also some supplementary.property tax rebates and those are.funded by slot gaming since the.inception of the program the program has.paid out more than 6.7 billion dollars.and we want to make sure that we can.need to pay out even more in the future.let's take a look at some of the.eligibility requirements the program is.geared towards Pennsylvanians age 60 or.order or Pennsylvanians under the age of.65 with a spouse who is age 65 or older.widows or widowers age 50 or order for.individuals with a disability age 18 and.older and the program is for property.owners with income less than $35,000.renters with income less than $15,000.for property owners and renters with.income less than $35,000 and as we go.through the form we'll talk about what.we mean in terms of income and how you.calculate income in terms of the rebate.amounts it's based on a sliding scale.based on income the maximum rebate for.the program for property owners is six.hundred and fifty dollars and the.maximum rebate for renters is six.hundred and fifty dollars the maximum.supplemental rebate is three hundred and.twenty-five dollars added to that and.again these are the maximum amounts.based on income the Supplemental rebate.is for property owners in the Pittsburgh.School District Philadelphia area or.Scranton area or those that have.property taxes that are equal to or more.than fifteen percent of their total.income the Supplemental rebate is.actually calculated by our system so for.purposes of calculating how much the.rebate is in terms of a claimant the.claimant will just calculate the actual.rebate amount that they would be that.they would expect to get and once it.comes into the department we would.calculate any supplemental rebate if.applicable okay so some important dates.to keep in mind with the forms so in.late January so actually on the 23rd of.January the forms became available for.the previous claim year so just like.with taxes the program is based on the.previous claim year and then starting.this month the department starts to send.out automated calls for anyone who has.already submitted their form just to let.them know that we have received a form.then in June two important things happen.we start sending out automatic call.stating that the rebate was approved and.that the direct deposit will begin on.July 1st of the year and also in June.it's important to note that the standard.application deadline is June 30th for.each year the governor may extend the.deadline for filing and typically in the.in recent years it has been extended to.December 31st of each year but we.generally encourage people to file as.soon as possible whether than wait to.see if it the deadline has been extended.and then by law July 1st is the first.day that we are allowed to send payments.out whether that be through the REC.deposit or whether that be an actual.check and so regardless of when someone.files July 1st is the first date that we.are authorized to send Paine themselves.so let's talk about the PA 1000 form.which is the property tax rent rebate.form so the form has two pages and we.are going to go over to form in detail.with all of the sections so the first.part of the form is section a this part.of the form is really important because.of some key demographic information that.we need to make sure that the claim gets.processed so where it says your social.security number that is the full social.security number for the primary or.qualifying individual who is filing as.the claimant if the claimant has a.spouse the spouse is social security.number and again the full social.security number should also be included.on the form.added that they reside in the same how.total year next up is the claimants name.and address the spouses name and middle.initial also needs to be included on the.form I think that's important in this.section that sometimes people miss is.the county code and school district.codes those codes must be entered on.this form if the claimant does not know.those codes are actually listed in the.back of the book so they are available.there we also need the claimant and the.spouse's birth dates as well as a.daytime telephone number we ask for a.daytime telephone number in a good.contact number so that we can make sure.that as we're making those automated.calls that the claimant is receiving.that so we do ask for a good daytime.telephone number for the claimant next.up is Section B of the form so the first.part of Section B is based on the filing.status for the previous year so if the.claimant owned their home for the entire.year they would they would fill in the.Oval for property owner if the claimant.rented for the entire year they would.file as a renter and the claim if the.claimant both owned and rented they.would file as an owner renter sometimes.this may happen if someone owns a mobile.home that is renting the land that the.mobile home is on that would be one of.the examples of how someone may be an.owner and a renter at the same time the.next part for number two in Section B is.the claimants eligibility status of.whether they are filing based on age.based on the age of their spouse as a.widow or widower or is being permanently.disabled the last area area three in.Section B is if the claimant is the.ceased and a surviving spouse estate or.personal representative is filing on.their behalf.now if the spouse is filing on their on.their behalf what we would recommend is.that the spouse look and see if they are.eligible.to file either based on age or two or if.they're eligible based on their widow or.widower status and then file as.themselves and so meaning that they are.filing the form on their own behalf.rather than filing on behalf of the.decedent there's also a oval box in.Section a that says if spouse is.deceased fill in the Oval and that's Co.where you would fill in if the spouse.was deceased so for first time filers.there is some documentation that we need.and it's important that it's sent in.with the claim so that we can make sure.that we get these process timely so for.first time filers we need proof of age.if the claimant is age 65 or older if.the claimant is filing based on being 64.years of younger but the spouse is age.65 we still also need proof of age there.if the claimant is filing as a widow or.widower we do again need proof of age.because they need to be age 50 to 64 and.a copy of the death certificate if the.claimant is filing based on a disability.and being ages 18 through 64 and I.apologize there's a typo on the slide.but it's 18 to 64 and has a permanent.disability then we would need proof of.age and proof of disability the next is.Section C of the form and we're going to.go through this line by line because.it's really hard to see if here so an.important note for section C if there is.no amounts report for any of these lines.please leave them blank line four is use.for Social Security SSI or FFP income so.for this income the total amount is.written on the line and then it's.divided by two.that number is then entered online for.so basically for Social Security we take.half of that income and that's what we.count as income it's half of that amount.for line five this is used to report.railroad retirement Tier one benefits.and again as with Social Security.benefits because they're considered.equivalent the total amount from box 5.on the rrb 1099 is put on that line.divided by two and then line five is.that amount that's been divided by by.two for line 6 this is any pension.annuity or IRA distributions or rearward.tier two benefits and those reported a.straight amounts railroad retirement.tier two benefits are viewed as a.private or like a private pension so.those are reported in its entirety.whereas the railroad Tier one benefits.are considered more like Social Security.so that's the difference between the two.and why they're reported on different.lines so the proof documents for this.might be a 1099 R or an RR be 1099 are.depending on the form it may be green or.it may be blue and I apologize.but one important thing to note is that.federal veterans disability payments or.state veteran's payments are not.reported so those are not counted as.income for purposes of property tax rent.rebate line seven is used to report any.interest and/or dividend income the.proof documents would be a 1099 int or a.1099 div the claimant could also send in.a copy of the federal form 1040 Schedule.B or the PA forty schedule a and B where.those amounts would be reported as well.for in terms of proof documentation for.this income line 8 and several other.lines after this are used to report a.loss so the claimant may use losses to.offset gains but the income category.must be consistent meaning that they may.only offset a loss from a sale against a.gain from a sale in the same income.category the ownership must also be.consistent meaning that the claimant can.only offset a loss that they have.incurred from their gain not from their.spouses so that's important to remember.when you're looking at who is listed as.the claimant versus which one is listed.as the spouse if the overall amount is a.loss then that loss over would also be.filled out so for line eight in.particular this is for a gain or loss on.the sale or exchange of property and the.proof documents would be the Federal.Schedule D or the PA forty Schedule D.for line nine this is used to report any.net rental income or loss.this can include rental property or oil.and gas mineral rights royalties the oil.racast companies would pay a person in.order to have access to their property.as a royalty so the proof documents for.this line would be the federal.e part one or the PA forty Schedule E.line ten is used to report net business.income or loss so the income or loss is.from a business the proof documents will.be a federal Schedule C or the PA forty.Schedule C if the income or loss is from.a farm the proof documents would be from.the federal form Schedule F or the PA.forty Schedule F if the operation is at.the claimants residents they will also.need to complete the PA 1000 Schedule E.and we'll talk about that form a little.bit later in this webinar to calculate.their own living space versus the space.that they're using for their business so.starting with line 11 a this is for.other income line 11 a in particular.issues for salaries wages bonus.commissions and a state and Trust income.the income would most likely come from.w-2s or 1099s the estate and trust.income will be reported on the rk1.to the claimant from the estate or the.trust the claimant could send a copy of.the rk1.or the PA 40 scheduled jabe they had to.complete with their PA 40 they could.also send page 1 of either the 1040.federal return or the PA 40 state return.in that information be on there as well.for line 11 B this is used for gambling.and lottery winnings including PA.lottery winnings prize winnings or the.value of other prizes the proof.documents would be a PA 40 schedule t.the w2 g or when law statement from the.casino is applicable so Stacy.look at lines 11 CBE F and G line 11 C.is used for inheritance alimony and.spousal support the proof documents for.this would be a copy of the court order.support agreement and/or the inheritance.return one thing to note is that child.support never gets reported since that.income is due to the child even if the.payments are in the claimants name so.that is not reported line 11 D is used.for any cash public assistance.unemployment benefits other than 306.catastrophic and workers compensation.for the cash public assistance the proof.documents would be a statement from the.Department of Human Services if the.claimant was a renter and receive them.for the entire year they would not be.eligible for a rebate they would also.need to complete a PA 1000 D if they are.filing as a renter and did receive cash.public assistance and we'll talk about.that form as well later the claimant.would need to report any assistance they.themselves and their spouse excluding.any assistance for their children.unemployment proof documents would be.the youth C and 99 g which is handled by.the Department of Labor and Industry who.also handles workers compensation line.11 e is used for loss of time disability.and life insurance benefits the claimant.does not include the first three.thousand dollars of total death benefit.payments and it's listed on the form.there are various ways to receive proof.documents and regards these types of.income in which the claimant will.receive from the insurance company.long-term care insurance is reported.here as well if the payment is made.directly to the claimant and not the.care facility so it does matter whether.the payment is made direct to the.claimant or whether it's to the facility.for line 11 F that's used for gifts of.cash or property more than $300 but does.not include from other members of the.household the proof documents would be a.letter of explanation describing the.property that was received.111 G is used for any other income that.didn't get reported on any of the other.specified lines and it will also be used.to annualize income from the Schedule C.G for a decedent who needs to remain as.the claimant and we'll talk about the.schedule G a little later line 12 is.actually new this year if the claimant.is receiving Civil Service Retirement.System benefits and if they had to.report that income on line 6 they may.take a standard deduction of eight.thousand two hundred and thirty one.dollars if the claimant and their spouse.are both receiving civil service.retirement system benefits then that.amount would actually be doubled if they.reported that both of those incomes on.line six and so the total here would be.sixteen thousand four hundred and sixty.two dollars if the claimant did not have.that income those benefits to report on.line six then they would not be able to.take that standard deduction so it.definitely it ties back into line six.and it has that incapacity reported on.line six to be deducted from line twelve.line thirteen is the total income from.lines four through eleven G - any.deductions from line twelve if they were.if there were eating again if that.income was reported initially on line.six the same amount is also entered on.line 23 just as a reminder in terms of.lines eight through ten if there was a.loss that cannot be subtracted from.other income and so that amount is.basically then just ignored and then.again that total amount from line 13.also gets put on line 23 on page two.and I apologize I just saw one of the.questions so I will mention that now it.is the first 5000 so I apologize if I.misspoke the slide is definitely correct.and it's also what listed on the form it.is 5000 okay so now we're walking at the.beginning of page 2 and so it is.important at the top of page 2 to put.the claimants social security number in.full again as well as their name line 14.and 15 so here is where the claimant as.the owner reports their final amounts.allowed for tax purposes so if the.claimant is filing as a renter they do.not need to complete lines 14 through 15.if the claimant is filing is both a.property owner and a renter they will.need to complete lines 14 through 15 so.the owner would report their property.tax their total property tax they would.also need to submit copies of their.receded tax bills receipted means that.it's stamped paid by tax collector and.it also states the date that it was paid.and the amount a letter from the tax.collector stating the same information.would also suffice as well in terms of.proof documents and then once.that amount is in online 15 you would.look at table a and then enter that.amount there and then line 15 is.actually to compare that the amount from.line 14 to the amount entered to the.right and the lesser amount would be.entered on in box 15 okay so again as I.was mentioning about proof documentation.for taxes paid it could be County School.District City Boro or Township but again.it needs to be receded or it needs to be.a letter from the tax collector with the.same information in terms of when it was.paid and how much was paid so line 16.through 18 is for renters or if someone.was a property owner and renter in the.same claim year so someone is a claimant.is filing as a renter they would put.their final amount allowed of rent paid.they will then take that final amount.and multiply it by 20% that person that.percentage amount then goes on line 17.it gets compared to the amount of rebate.a line allowed on line 18 based off.their income from line 13 so you would.use box you use table B for this one.they would put the lesser amount of the.two in the final box for line 18 the.proof documentation for runners would.include the rent certificate which we.will go over in detail and that's the PA.1000 RC it could also be copies of rent.receipts signed by the landlord or.authorized agent for each month the.claimant is claiming a rebate for or it.could be a statement from a housing.authority.if the claimant was an owner slash.renter for the claim year as I mentioned.before they would need to fill out lines.14 through 18 as for both the property.owner part and the renter part and then.line 19 is where they will compare the.amount listed on line 15 and line 18 and.put the lesser amount in as the final.figure lines 15 18 or 19 is the standard.we made of rebate amount the claimant is.eligible to receive so that's again how.that amount is calculated and again for.the Supplemental rebate if the claimant.is eligible Department will calculate.that the owner renter will need to.submit any proof documents as if they.were an owner as well as the renter line.22 through 22 are important for direct.deposit so direct deposit is the fastest.way for a claimant to get their rebate.and so the Department encourages people.to use direct deposit if you'd like to.use direct deposit then for line 20 the.claimant would check whether it's the.checking account or a savings account.line 21 would be the routing number for.the account and line 22 would be the.actual account number all of which we.need to make sure that we are able to.send that be a direct deposit and again.the department does strongly encourage.that so earlier.talking about lines 15 18 or 19 and.getting those amounts and comparing that.information from either Table eight or.table B all comes from line 23 so as you.can see that those amounts are listed.there and those are also the same.amounts that we talked about earlier.when I talked about the maximum rebate.amounts.so again line 23 that amount should be.the same as Live 13 section D of the.claim form must be filled out before it.can be submitted this is actually one of.the most important parts on the form.because it's the claimant signature and.date if the claimant cannot sign.due to a disability then they would just.need to mark the return and then have.two witnesses sign stating that it is.truly the claimant who marked the return.if there is a spouse the spouse must.sign as well if there was any preparer.power of attorney or nearest relative.who was assisting in completing the.return they must also sign if this form.is not signed before it is turned in to.the department it will delay processing.so it is really important that all of.the signatures that need to be on this.form are on the form okay so talking.out then some additional documentation.so as we were going through the form I.did mention a few schedules as well as.the rent certificate so now we'll go.over that in some detail so the first.part of the red certificate is that.demographic information so that needs to.be the claimants name and again full.social security number so it also needs.to list the address of the rental.property the owners or landlord's name.address telephone number and if they.have an employer identification number.that needs to be included as well a lot.of times the landlord will just fill out.all of this information the type of.property that it is also needs to be.included one thing that's important is.that a rent certificate should be filled.out for each unit that is rented so if.someone moves during the year to even if.it's just another unit within the same.building another certificate has to be.filled out with the deeds so that's.really important and that sometimes.sometimes people miss that especially if.they're staying in the same building and.they have the same landlord they may.miss that but it is definitely important.that a rental certificate is filled out.for each unit that you've lived in for.the plan years so lines four through.eight are really important to fill out.and this form actually must completed.even if the amount is zero so unlike.with the rent certificate where I said.if the amount is zero you do not need to.fill anything out and you should leave.it blank with the actual rent.certificate form it must be compliant.four through eight must be completed.even if the amount is zero so line four.is going to be used to report the amount.of rent paid per month line five has.been used to report any amount of the.rent that was paid or subsidized by.government agency line six is in use to.report the total monthly rent - any.government subsidies line seven is used.to report the number of months the.claimants lived in claimant lived in the.unit so again that's why.important if you move to make sure you.have a separate rent certificate and.then line 8 is use to report the total.rent paid based on line six x line seven.and is also reported on the claim form.or scheduled BEF as appropriate and we.will talk about that schedule shortly.the next part of the rent certificate is.the landlord's owed the landlord should.fill out this information before it is.submitted there are certain instances.where the landlord for some reason is.not you're not able to get the landlord.to fill out the certificate if that is.the case then the occupant would fill.out the occupancy affidavit and again.this is only if you cannot get the.landlord or owner to fill out the red.certificate so one of the main things.that needs to be on this form is a.reason as to why the landlord was not.able to fill out the form and then the.claimant signature the form also has to.then be notarized so it is very.important that all of those fields are.filled in again if you cannot get the.landlord's signature so the landlord's.oath either needs to be filled out or.the occupancy affidavit not both.together now just briefly we will go.over some of the schedules that may need.to be included Schedule A is used if the.homeowner either moved or passed away.during the claim year so if they sold.one property and bought a second home.they would need to file for the first.home and then the second home if there.was only the first home they would just.report the first home they would not.list any rentals here so if they sold.their home and then rented a property.they would just list the home on this.form and the rent certificate would be.filled out for those months that they.rented during the claim year.so in this particular form the claimant.name needs to be included again as well.as full social security number the.address for each home and the date.occupied during the claim year total.property taxes for each property needs.to be included number of days each.property was owned and occupied the.percentage that the home was occupied.the calculations from line 1 and 3 and.then the total property tax paid based.on line four again there are more.instructions on this form as well as in.the booklet just a high-level overview.of what Schedule A is used for Schedule.B B and E are all in the same form so.first we'll talk specifically about.schedule the schedule B part and what.that is used for so Schedule B is used.is only used when the claimant was.filing as a widow or widower and has now.remarried we will allow the claimant to.file as a widow or widower up until the.day that they would or reach the age of.65 so if they reach the age of 65 they.would now qualify on their own depending.on income or income requirements or if.they get remarried they would only have.been a widower widow or widower for part.of that time then for Schedule D this is.used for any renter who is receiving.cash public assistance so those months.that they receive it they need to deduct.the month's rent from their yearly.amount of rent paid Schedule E is used.for anyone's leave a owner or renter who.is using part of their home for purpose.other than their personal residence so.this maybe they renting out part of.their home or it could be that they are.operating a business out of their home.you would then need to deduct the.property use for the business or for.non-personal use from the overall.property so that we can have a clear.picture as to what is actually.considered personal living space for the.home so that's what that schedule is.used for Schedule F and G are also on.the same form so again I'll break these.up and we'll talk first about Schedule F.and what Schedule F is used for if there.is anyone other than a spouse or minor.listed on the deed or the lease the.claimant will need to complete the form.Schedule F for Schedule G this is filed.for defeated sorry about the advance.okay.Schedule G the schedule G is 5 for.decedent who needs to remain as the.clayman so this would be if the widow or.widower did not qualify on their own.wasn't able to file as a widower or.maybe it's a personal representative or.the estate who's filing on behalf of the.deceased so the person filing on behalf.of the decedent would actually have to.annualize or project what the decedent.would have made if the decedent had.lived all year line six of this one.Schedule G would then go to line onto.line 11 G of the PA 1000 and again if.this if the spouse can file as the.claimant we would urge that they do that.as opposed to filing this way but there.are certain circumstances as I mentioned.where it needs to be filed this way if.it's an estate representative for the.living spouse wouldn't qualify based on.any of those other factors another form.that may be needed is a physician.statement this is used for a claimant.that is not covered under social.security or the railroad retirement Act.that is unable to submit proof of.permanent and total disability one.important thing to note for this.physician statement is that if the.claimant was denied for Social Security.disability benefits.they cannot use this form to claim a.property tax or rent reading this is.only for if they're not covered under.Social Security or railroad retirement.and have not been denied okay.so just some general tips and general.information in terms of filing that we.want to make sure that we pass along to.you the first is that payments as I said.before will not begin to be issued until.July 1st and that is by law sometimes.when people file earlier in the filing.year they wonder why it's taking so long.to process their forms and then get the.payment paid out but that is truly.because we are not allowed to issue.those payments until July 1st of the.year again the fastest way to receive.your rebate is to use direct deposit.providing that valid phone number on the.beginning of the form of the PA 1,000.will allow us to make those automated.calls in April and June to let you know.the status of your rebate claimants can.get assistance at no cost from the.Department of Revenue district offices.local area Agencies on Aging.senior senators senior centers and state.legislators office so you can definitely.call into the apartment and we'll.provide that information but if you.would like someone to assist you in.person there are options that are.available for no cost one important.thing is to make sure that all your.documents are filled out side and any.proof documents are included if the.documents aren't filled out correctly or.if they're not signed if we don't have.the proof document all of those things.will actually delay processing for the.forms and so we want to make sure that.that doesn't happen and we don't have to.go back out for information we do ask.that you send copies for any.documentation that you send us we are.not allowed to send any documents back.and so even things that may say do not.copying in normal instances you wouldn't.copy.death certificates sometimes we'll say.that we will accept copies of those.because again we will not send that.documentation bag another important.thing to note is that if more than one.person in the household qualifies you.should file using the person that would.receive the greatest rebate one easy way.to do this might just be filling out two.forms seeing what they look like and.then sending the one with the person.that's going to get the largest rebate.in because it is per household so if you.have a roommate that you're living with.and both of you may qualify for it you.know you want to have that conversation.with your roommate ahead of time and.figure out which one of you is filing.and then how maybe you would split that.those amounts but oh it's only one per.household so it is really important that.you think about who might get the.greatest benefit if a spouse is living.in a personal care home or assisted.living facility you may both file.separate claims since you're not.residing in the same household as long.as rent is being paid to the facility.and property tax or rent is being paid.on the primary place of residence so.basically if if one person is living in.the household the other one is living in.assist in assisted living or personal.care home you can both each file because.you're both living in two separate.places again as long as rent as being.some sort of rent or amount is being.paid so if you're paying property taxes.to your home and you're also paying rent.to that facility you can both file you.can file a claim on behalf of a deceased.claimant as long as they lived at least.one day during the claim year and again.you would annualize that income if you.are filing on behalf of the claimant but.again if the spouse is eligible you can.file you can switch over and have a.spouse file as the claimant if you.receive Social Security benefits in the.address they have on file is your PA.address you do not need to submit a.copy of this documentation and the.reason is is that we do get files from.the Social Security Administration so we.can match that up in our systems if it.is a Pennsylvania dress that they have.on file for you if the claimant is not a.new filer so meaning that they have.filed previously they will actually.receive a booklet with a pre-printed.label if the label is correct we do ask.that you use that on the form if the.label is not correct in any way we ask.that you do not use that label and.instead you write in all of your.information so some people will take the.label and scratch out the incorrect part.and rewrite on that but what we would.say is again for faster processing if.any of that label is not correct just.write everything out as new again if the.landlord does not find the rent ticked.if again please make sure and include an.explanation on the form as well as your.signature and making sure you get that.notarized for the tax bill the tax bill.cannot be stamped in red because it.won't show in our imaging system so if.the tax bill if you're sending in a.stamped tax bill it needs to be in black.and so that's just something to keep in.mind when you go and you and you pay.your taxes and then you get that stamped.a lot of areas are really good about.having black stamps but some still do.use red so that's just important for you.to know again as I mentioned before.include copies of any income statements.as proof document and then for proof of.disability we will need the award letter.rather than a benefit statement because.sometimes people will just send in their.benefit statement but we actually need.the award letter for proof of disability.then here's where you can go to get.assistance whether it be online or.there's our phone number and then I see.that we do have a couple of questions.and I do want to make sure that we get.those answered before we we log off okay.great.thank you so much so I think the first.question I'll just read it off to you I.believe you mentioned that if someone.collected public assistance for the.entire year they do not qualify for the.rental rebate is that correct yes that's.correct if they're a renter and they.receive cash public assistance for the.entire year they would not be eligible.if they received it fairly six months of.the year they could file a rebate based.on the other six month great and the.next question is what if the property is.owned by a non-profit and no property.taxes being paid if the claimant still.qualifies for the rebate well that's.normally what will happen in those.instances on the rent certificate when.the area that the Brewers running from.from when they fill in the Oval that the.property in which the claimant resided.was exempt the bureau of individual.taxes has a listing of housing.authorities and other entities and they.make that determination at that time the.next question is head of household does.not qualify they are under 65 however.they have an adult child in the.household who is disabled but not.co-head can they file for a rent rebate.so are you asking if.the the only way that could be possible.would be is if actually the child was.paying the parents rent and then of.course then the parents would be paying.tax on the rental income they're.receiving from the child that would be a.very rare case I would say no okay when.doing an application for both spouse in.the community and one in a facility do.you still send to impose income on each.application that's actually a very good.question basically if they were not.living together for the entire year you.would not include the other spouses.income if one was in the home the other.one was in a nursing home for the entire.year you would not include their income.but for example let's say the husband.and the wife were living in the home for.six months and then let's say the wife.went in the nursing home for the last.six months when the claim form that the.owner would be filing her income would.have to be included because they were.residing together for the first six.months great our next question.on the rent certificate what do you put.in the box for rent per month if the.rent amount changed during the year also.what if someone did not pay all of their.rent for the year even though they were.there or they prepaid rent well on the.red certificate itself online for word.asks for the amount of rent per month I.would normally advise like consider.paying $400 a month then it went up to.450 basically I just have people write.to 400 / 450 but then there's an.explanation box beside it where they.would break it down for the first six.months.they paid 400 and the second six months.they paid 450 and for the question about.the rent being prepaid as long as the.rent was paid that would not matter so.if somebody to be getting the year pays.rent for the entire year or maybe they.pay per quarter or whatever the case may.be it wouldn't matter as long as the.rents paid for the months that they're.claiming the rebate on that would be.fine next right and if they did not.happen to pay rent for three months six.months they they were behind in the rent.they could only claim the months that.the actual rent was paid for so if it.was a tenant that paid the rent the.first ten months was behind two months.but still living at the same place they.can only claim rent for the ten months.they cannot claim for the other two.because it was not paid by the when they.were filing great the next question is.can people receiving rental assistance.qualify for example people receiving the.Housing Choice Voucher I would have to.get back to you on that I'm not really.familiar off the top of my head with the.Housing Choice Voucher that can be.something we can get back to the group.one okay next question did you say you.would send oh yes we will be sending out.this PowerPoint as well as a link to the.recording of this webinar our next.question I had a client that signed her.rent rebate on to 619 but she passed.away on three 29:19 for for the 2018.rebate do I still have to check filing.on behalf of her dependent decedent yes.where are the PA Department of Revenue.district offices in New York area can.that be found on the website well there.there's no longer a district office in.the New York area probably the closest.would be Harrisburg there's a list of.district offices actually in the PA 1000.bucket it's page 24 so if you would look.at the PA 1000 instruction booklet on.page 24 there's a map of the state and.it lists the different district offices.it also has their phone numbers as well.all right.well we've gone through all of the.questions in the chat feature so I'm.going to go ahead and unmute the line.for those on the phone if you are in an.area with a lot of background noise I.would ask that you mute yourself by.pushing star six and let's see if.anybody else has any other questions the.conference has been unmuted now they.human eight others from you background.the conference has been unmuted the.conference has been muted I'm going to.mute everybody again if you have a.question all you have to do is hit star.seven to unmute.and if there are no more questions.then I want to thank our presenters for.for joining us today I think this is a.really great and informative webinar and.and hopefully we'll get to see more.people access this really beneficial.resource so again thank you thank you to.everyone.have to hit star 7 to unmute yourself so.I'm just going back to the qualification.slide all right well if there isn't any.more questions and we'll leave this.slide up for for about another minute.and thank you all for for spending your.lunch hour with us and hope you will.join us next time yes thank you all very.much for attending our webinar we really.appreciate it.

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