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my name is Jessie Hicks and I am student.body president one thing I never want to.forget about my senior year in StuCo is.probably just the people that I've.gotten close with this year and.everything that we had planned from the.beginning of the year that we wanted to.accomplish throughout the year we did.and I'm just proud of everyone for being.able to work together my name is Rhys.passive my name is Lauren Horton my name.is Gavin Huntsman my name is Kendrick.Scott and I have a four year I think.I'll remember all coming together doing.games and just what fun we had something.I will never forget about senior year in.the flock it's all the memories thing.with the guys and how it was such a big.family thing one thing I don't want to.forget about during my senior year in.the fog is all the hard work and the.relationships I've built being a flock.leader along with Reece Kendrick and.Lauren I mean I think we worked great.together having that opportunity to work.with them and just do everything we've.done for Glendale is something I'm.always gonna remember one day I never.want to forget is how we all came.together worked as a team we all had our.part and we just traded a great year for.us I'm riding noon i play football and.I'm a receiver the football program has.meant everything to me it taught me how.to become like a better football player.we lift weights almost every day.throughout the year but also most.importantly I think I became a better.person off the field because of the.program we have these character talks.every Thursday before the games and we.talked about selflessness discipline and.other life lessons that will carry along.with me throughout my life I'm Gabby.Birmingham I play volleyball and I am a.setter and outside hitter one thing I.never want to forget about the season is.just all the girls and the relationships.that we've made and all the things that.we've gotten through all the hard work.we've done and all the accomplishments.we've had I'm Arianna Thomas and I play.softball and I'm first base.my favorite accomplishments we've had.better attitudes in terms of when we.make mistakes not getting down on.ourselves and picking ourselves back up.as a team we can like make a mistake and.then pick it up later and do better.whereas previously we would make a.mistake and then just ruin a whole game.my name is Nick Condor and I run.cross-country my favorite experience.from this season that I don't want to.forget is probably the last meet for the.Kansas City Classic because we really.got to see how the program has grown.because of like that 10-year mark of not.being able to get anyone under twenty.minutes for the entire team my name is.Mitch Stevens and I play soccer and I.the center-back one thing I never want.to forget about the season file the.memories with the guys had a great group.we have 18 seniors play all four years.together so we all really close so it's.been a lot of fun we've made a lot of.great memories together my name is Sam.Beatty I swim and I play the position of.swimmer.I don't really want to forget what it.really meant to be a leader because last.year in the years before you know.there's always seniors above us so we're.good swimmers so I never they had to be.a leader but this year.it was different to step up and like.weed a team like I've never really had.to do before.I'm Olivia Barron I am Number Four on.Glendale varsity girls golf the golf.program has meant a ton to me it showed.me a lot about myself it's taught me a.lot of honesty because you can't lie.about your scores and things like that.it was the sport I started in high.school and I've played every year.because I love the coach and I love the.girls on the team my name is Sidney.Johnson and I play tennis I never want.to forget the friendships that I've made.through the tennis program and just the.memories my name is ISA phallic and I am.a soprano in advanced quiet one thing I.don't want to forget about being in.choir is honestly our time together.because we're so wild and crazy and like.doing warm-ups and stuff we kind of all.think the same thing and you all go wild.and like it's a time where you just like.gathering the family together and so fun.my name is Emma Donegan and I'm a leader.on FCA one thing I never want to forget.about being a senior in FCA is just the.relationships I've made with the people.that are in our club my name is Sidney.Dennis I am on crimson Girls which is.the dance team here at Glendale and I am.captain my favorite memory of crimson.girls would have to be going to.Nationals not very many people get to do.and so just as experience it's just.really cool and your hard work pays off.my name is Hannah Schubert I'm an.officer of Glendale service society this.year my favorite memory with Glendale.service society has been being able to.work with the other officers in the club.and getting together to plan these.events.my name is Channing Bullock and I'm.president of photography club my.favorite memory was definitely a lot of.the staging that we did for our.Christmas cards I think it was really.fun getting to be creative with the.pictures that we were taking I'm gonna.Joplin and I've played wide receiver for.powder puff this year well it was a cool.thing for me to do because when I was.very best friends her mom has breast.cancer or get her breast cancer and she.survived it and so it was a really cool.experience to be able to do something.that would help people my name is Ethan.Barney snobbery I'm a head drum major of.the Glendale Band all my favorite.memories stem from all the long grueling.practices we've had I think it's just.the thing that make these times really.memorable is that we just get a lot of.time to be with each other kind of.socialize and can hang out get to know.one another.my name is Reese Carruthers and I'm the.president of chem Club I definitely.wouldn't want to forget any of the.friends or memories that I've made in.Kim club it's really changed the way.that I view high school it's I've made a.lot of long-lasting relationships.I'm Paige Harris and I'm a senior on the.Glendale debate team so this year debate.is really just about family and it's.about trying to pick back up where we.left off last year with all of our wins.and all of our district titles and just.trying to continue that legacy.throughout this year my name is Nathan.furnace and I'm one of the triumvirate.members of Latin club I would never want.to forget it looks that I got during our.booths because we dressed up like Romans.it's always so memorable to see people.and laughing at us but I mean we're cool.my name is John Allen I'm from France.and I'm the president of the French club.I will just remember all the questions.they asked to me about the French stage.and the French cool my name is Katie.church and I'm the president Spanish.club um Spanish has been something that.I've been involved in since my freshman.year.and I love it I've made so many of my.friends through Spanish club and all the.Spanish classes that I've taken so just.spending my final year here with them is.like the best thing I could ask for my.name is Jesse Campbell and I played.Miles tuck in our school production of.the musical Tuck Everlasting an.accomplishment for the musical would.have to be we were the first in the.entire Midwest region of the United.States to actually perform this as high.school production I'm ty Williams Meyer.I'm the shortstop for the baseball team.and I'm a senior this whole program has.been a lot - over the last few years.I've made a lot of new friends and some.bonds that I know friends for life and.we've had a lot of fun and I'm ready to.finish up senior year high note my name.is Dan Harley and I'm a senior and I'm.in the art club it's meant a lot to me.considering I get to see all the.different people that enjoy art like I.do and want to pursue it possibly and we.just get the band together you know do.some cool stuff my name is Josie and I'm.a senior I go to Borgan Club board game.Club means a lot to me I get to see.friends and I get to do stuff I'd want.to do and I don't get a lot of that from.school I'm Kayla Howell I'm a varsity.cheer captain and I am a back spot my.favorite memory from this season so far.has been winning second place at state.and it's super important to me because.we came and worked together and it got.us to where we are my name is Ethan.Miller and I'm a member of glendale's.academic team my favorite part about.academic team is that we don't have like.crazy big memorable events it's just.getting good quality time in with.friends my name is Ellie Swan and I'm.the assemblies commissioner for cabinet.this year an accomplishment that cabinet.and I have made in the assemblies is.getting everybody involved in making.them more entertaining and trying to get.the biggest variety of students on the.Assembly floor as possible my name is.Jocelyn Kaminski I am in archery and I.am the leader of the team the most proud.accomplishment is learning patience and.learning to block all the disruptions.around and just focusing on like that.one thing my name is hailey Collins and.I'm.captain of the Glendale bowling team the.bowling program to me has meant an.extended family that I've never had.before because you get to meet all.different kinds of people that you.wouldn't meet on a normal basis so it's.an extended family that I am incredibly.blessed to have my name is Theron LePage.and I'm captain of the culinary team at.Glendale my hair memory is probably all.the chef's we get to bring in and help.us work on our skills and they also.provide different insights on what we.should be doing my name is Ellie Swan.and I'm a senior in FCCLA.FCCLA has meant creating relationships.and learning how to be a leader and.finding ways to better yourself within.your school my name is Morgan Shaffer.I'm a greeter for student to student my.favorite memory of student to student.was we have this beginning of the year.activity for all the new transfer.students and exchange students to come.and get to know each other so it's their.first week at Glendale and so they get.to see all the other new faces so when.they take their classes they have.someone else that they know and it's.just a ball my name is Sophie Haase I'm.art Commissioner for glendale's cabinet.what I don't want to forget about.planning these dances is like the.memories we made not just at the dance.but getting to like decorate for it and.plan it it was stressful at first.because it's like what are the ideas but.we all kind of put together ideas and I.think it was just a really good time.that we all got to spend together and I.think it turned out great I'm Hannah.Kingston I play basketball and I and.like the guard forward I guess I'm most.proud of from this season is that our.team came together and we stayed.together through like adversity and like.the highs and lows of the season it's.easy to get down on yourself and get.down your teammates and so I'm just.really proud of how as a team we stayed.together and we always had each other's.back no matter what my name is Audra.Haggard I'm the president of GSU we just.had a Valentine's Day party and a whole.lot of people went that we didn't expect.to go and it was just that feeling of.having so many people there that either.they're there for themselves or for a.friend and it wasn't the main purpose to.just talk about that it was just to be a.whole.I'm Connor Skinner and I'm the president.of Future Business Leaders of America.one of the things I never want to forget.about FBLA is the people I've learned a.lot from learning how to listen to.people and talk to people and then.figure out what they want and how to.make their lives easier through FBLA.I've also learned a lot from our sponsor.mrs. Smith she's been a very big.inspiration to myself as far as learning.about the business world knowing you.have to be before the curve you want to.make it in the business world and so.that's a lot of stuff that I never want.to forget and I always want to keep true.to myself I am Caleb's there I am the.president of the Law and Justice Society.one thing I never want to forget about.my senior year in this club is the.experiences I've had with the great.people in the club I think we've had a.lot of communication and bonding over.these issues we've had a lot of heated.debates but at the same time I think we.all have more understanding as a result.of our discussions I'm nya Stokes I'm.the editor in chief of the yearbook the.yearbook this year has honestly meant.everything to me because I put all of my.time into it like I literally sit in the.yearbook room all day every day and.anytime I finish my work early and my.other classes I go to yearbook my name.is max summer I'm the president of deca.an accomplishment deca is made this year.is raising a lot of money from the.purple out football game we helped.sponsor that in part with Harmony House.we've raised a lot of my crew my name is.Maggie Lynn and I play the violin in the.Glendale Orchestra I definitely never.want to forget how much effort we put.into making the orchestra great it's not.easy to make it sound really good when.we have 80 students so we've just done.really well with that.my name is Tanner rust I'm a wrestler.and I'm a senior captain one thing I.would not like to forget about the.season is probably how tight-knit the.team has become and how everyone's.keeping each other in check and how we.work together like even at the toughest.of spots my name is Emily Edmondson and.I'm an officer for a Xhosa I'm something.that I don't want to forget is not only.like the people I might like friendships.I've made but also like the knowledge.that I've.just like being in the club and learning.anything my name is Hannah Lauder and I.am the editor in chief as the clue I.never want to forget how hard I worked.on each issue of the quill and how much.I've learned especially about the format.of like InDesign and then learning about.how I want to design each article.learning about writing articles and.interacting with people and learning.about how to take pictures and just each.little victory that that's brought.through working on the quill.my name is Sydney Jane I've been in.color and winter guard for six seasons.and winter guard for three seasons my.favorite memories from each season is.during finals all the guards to get our.placements we all like everybody on the.GAR team comes out said of just the.captains and then we're going to do.something silly with our costumes or our.hair or makeup and we just chill.together I'm Alexa Martinez and I'm.captain for girls varsity soccer one.thing I never want to forget is the.coaches so coach Rodgers and coach.Cardozo because they've taught me a lot.they taught me how to be a better player.and they pushed me.I'm Ty petty I play golf and I am the.five man for our team I don't want to.forget these guys those guys have been.in my life in golf for the past three or.four years and so I hope to stay friends.with them.I'm Sam track and women Khalil track.team one thing I never want to forget.about this season is a.hard I had to work to get to where I am.so just hard work and perseverance.my name is Keaton Potter Baum I was in.the play the third wave and my role was.the man the narrator or older version of.the actual teacher this play has been.huge I mean it's very applicable to.what's currently happening all over the.world I mean the main subject of the.play was ask questions don't just accept.basically a fascist leader you have to.ask questions my name is Winston Quinn I.play basketball and I play shooting.guard so my favorite memory from the.season was losing the first game in the.blue and gold and we kind of came.together and win the consolation bracket.my name is Ashley Baldwin I swim and I.swim freestyle and I am the swim program.has meant a lot to me I've been a.swimmer for most of my life and so I.knew that I was going to be a part of.this program going into it but what I.didn't expect was to have as much fun.and enjoy the people as much as I.actually ended up doing my name is.Raekwon Walker and I'm a member of our.club one thing I wanna tone is is thank.you for having me in the club it is very.nice I there's a lot of nice people in.that club and it's very nice to meet you.guys my name is Drake Stevens I play.tennis on the glendale tennis team the.tennis program has meant a lot to me.over the past four years it's shown me.how to balance each from school to sport.my name is jonathan ivanov I am the.senior class president and the president.of prom committee one big accomplishment.I believe that prom committee has done.this year is just the work ethic has.been extremely powerful and strong in.that sense and we've just we haven't.been slacking off we've gone things done.and we prepared a lot for prom night.[Music].my name is Sarah Snelson and I'm the.co-executive producer of the Glendale.four one one one thing I never want to.forget about my senior year and the.third one is just the atmosphere and how.it kind of becomes a safe place for me.where I know I don't have to worry I can.be myself I'm with my friends I trust.them I know that they'll be there for me.and I didn't realize how big of a piece.of my life it would become thanks for.watching the 2018-2019 memories video.signing out for the last time I'm Meg.Keller I'm Sarah Nelson.I'm Tanner Brady I'm Hannah Martin I'm.Connor Skinner and I'm Morgan Schaefer.bye.

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