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This is a five by five traditional.Survivor Series Men's Elimination Tag Team.match-up..You're eliminated, pin fall, submission,.count out or disqualification..When that happens,.you head back to the locker room..Last team standing wins..And that means that brand,.that show will win Survivor Series..The Raw and Smackdown Teams squaring.off across the ring from one another..>> [NOISE].>> The official trying to do his best.to send their teams to their respective.corners as he explains the rules..>> Shane McMahon and Kurt Angle both.need to get things under control for.their respective teams..>> Let me tell you something,.you take Nakamura's ugly now,.wait until Braun Strowman.gets his hands on him..>> But Strowman's not even taking.his eyes off of Shane McMahon..He's stood there like a statue..>> What does this say.about SmackDown live..>> Shane!.>> I'm not sure how smart that was..>> [SOUND].>> And.Shane quickly tags his.way out of this match..>> Power..>> Shane just had his first.encounter [CROSSTALK].>> The match hasn't even started,.that's why he tagged his way out..>> Did you see the look on Shane's face?.He finally understands the impressive.size and power of Braun Strowman..>> And his brother in law Triple H.laughing how to come across the ring..>> So now, Joe steps in..>> Samoa Joe and Randy Orton square.off start top of this matchup here..>> Hey listen, but don't lose sight of.the fact that Shane McMahon set the tone..Shane McMahon was gutty enough.to start this match up and.go face to face with Braun Strowman..>> Shane McMahon attacked.Braun Strowman from behind, Saxton,.what are you watching?.>> And Randy and Samoa Joe,.when did you ever think you'd see this..These two comepetitors in the ring..>> Why not attack him from behind,.you do what you got to do..>> Samoa Joe side headline.sends him across the right,.there's the shoulder tackle by Samoa Joe..>> Yeah, but.Booker T do what you gotta do to quote you.>> Look at that, but.i see it by any means necessary..>> That is by any means necessary..>> Switches quotes around.>> He just suburbanizes them..>> And look at this Randy Orton.now side headlock on Samoa Joe.>> Orton sent across the ring..And again a shoulder tackle as Joe.starts to establish dominance..>> [SOUND].>> This is the first time Samoa Joe and.Randy Orton have ever.been in a ring together..>> Yes indeed..High elbow by Randy Orton..This is what Survivor Series is all about..Match ups like this that you'd.never ever thought you would see..>> Right now we have a feeling.out process, right now, Guy..Just get to know each other..>> Orton ducks underneath it..>> Wait for the RKO..It's Samoa Joe able to counter..>> Cole came in clutch..>> Cole locking it on Orton..Orton blocked it though..Randy Orton blocked it, nice take down..>> Yeah baby,.just as they check this right here, man..>> As the viper slithers away,.tagged Balor..>> Here's another dream matchup..>> Stay on the same page gentlemen..>> Yes..>> Here we go..Finn Balor and Randy Orton..And look who wants in, Shinsuke Nakamura..>> Do it Randy..Do it..>> [NOISE].>> Well they\\g history gentlemen..>> [NOISE].>> Tag..Here comes Shin and.Finn Balor squaring off..>> I cannot wait for this,.the biggest stars ever to make names for.themeselves in Japan..Locking horns at Survivor Series..>> We're not in Japan..This is Survivor Series..It's about brand supremacy..>> Thanks Byron,.we're actually in Houston..>> We get it..We've been saying that all night but.nonetheless, Balor and.Shinsuke squaring off..Finn Balor's standing switch go behind..And now Shin does the same..>> Chance at NXT here at Survivor Series,.what a rivalry these two.have had in the past..Again dating all the way back to Japan..And now Nakamura tied up here with Balor..Shinsuke Nakamura..>> So unorthodox..>> Yeah, but both of these.guys got similar styles, man..They match up perfectly..>> [INAUDIBLE] to an artist in the mix in.the midst of chaos, there's opportunity..>> You never know what to expect.when it comes to Nakamura..And Finn Balor looking to.out wrestle Nakamura here..Two young guys in the ring, but the thing.is, guys, they cannot make a mistake..They gotta know this is a team format..>> Look at this..Staying calm,.relaxed in the heat of battle..>> A very unique break from-.>> Shinuske Nakamura and Finn Balor..>> [NOISE].>> All right..All right..>> [NOISE].>> Very personal between these two men..Snap bear take down..Shin landed on his feet,.chop to the midsection..>> He's got to be careful,.you don't want to try to-.>> Nakamura-.>> And Finn missed the stomp..>> Yeah..>> Look at this stalemates..I love this..>> It'll be a long night..>> I love this so much..>> I'm all right with that..>> [LAUGH].>> I can watch this all night long..>> [SOUND].>> Triple H.looking to tag in to face the man..>> Do you know what this is?.>> Well, I'll tel you what it is..Just hold on a second brother..>> All right..>> Triple H is the man who's responsible.for Shinsuke Nakamura being in WWE..He is the man who brought Shinsuke to.the United States to perform in NXT and.now on SmackDown..So, Triple H squares off.with Shin here tonight..>> I think it's Triple H saying, let me.get it here and teach this kid a lesson..>> Look at Nakamura..Nakamura is almost salivating at.the thought of competing against Triple H..>> It's the king of strong.style versus the king of kings..>> Nakamura's known the creator,.he's about to meet the destroyer..>> Shane not backing down, very confident..>> Come on!.>> Telling Triple H, come on!.And The Game will back Shin into.the corner by the 14-time world champion..>> One, two, three..>> Who put himself in this match..A pedigree making a statement to.Jordan Monday night, Jason Jordan that is,.Kurt Angle's son..>> Clean break from Triple H..>> Mind games man, it's mind games..>> That's why he's called.the cerebral assassin..>> Yeah..>> Loved that kid and.he just dropped the hammer..>> He's done everything in his career.possible to be one of the greatest of.all time..And now he's the COO of the company..>> [NOISE].>> The brother in law of Shane McMahon-.>> Look at Nakamura..>> And look at Shin go..>> Uncharacteristic mistake of Triple H..>> [NOISE].>> He turned his back on Nakamura and.now he's paying for it..>> [APPLAUSE].>> Sudden offensive impact from Shin..>> Shin's gonna throw this kicks\\g.like Thor swings his hammer..Turn your lights out in a hurry..>> Triple H!.Face Buster, Nakamura in trouble now..>> Classic Triple H right there..>> [NOISE].>> Roode tags in..>> Things are about to get glorious..>> Yet another man who's.in WWE thanks to the game..>> Great moment for.Bobby Roode to get in here,.mix it up with this major.player right here, Triple H..>> [NOISE].>> Saw that smile on the face of Roode,.much like with saw with Nakamura..That's the attitude of.the entire SmackDown Live brand..We want the challenges..We want to climb the mountains..>> [NOISE].Don't do it, Bobby..>> Give Bobby Roode credit for his..>> [LAUGH].>> A right hand from The Game..>> I knew that wasn't gonna end well..>> So it's about respect..>> Some guys gotta learn the hard way..>> And Roode fights back..Right hands from Bobby Roode,.backing Triple H into the corner..Chop now..And look at Roode go..Into the corner,.follows it up with a clothesline..Cover by Roode..Hooks the leg and Triple H kicks out..>> Now Byron you told the story.about how Bobby Roode didn't even.get a phone call form Monday Night Raw.back in April to join the brand..>> No, Bobby Roode had conversations.with Daniel Bryan an Shane McMahon..He said listen,.I'm going to change your brand..You bring me to SmackDown Live-.>> Spine buster, vintage Triple H!.>> Beautiful..Beautiful timing on the spine buster,.just lured Bobby Roode in on that-.>> Just gets better and better,.doesn't he?.>> Kid's got a lot of energy..Right there he just got a lot.of it just knocked off of him..>> Man..>> Calling for it..>> Here we go..>> No, no..>> Roode counters..>> Roode answers with.a spine buster of his own..>> Come on..>> Yeah, Bobby Roode..>> Now come on..Now show them how it's done..>> Only on SmackDown Live..>> And can Bobby Roode put Triple H away?.>> Looking for the glory pedigree instead..>> Calling for it, how smart..Veteran move, tag by the captain,.here's Angle..One thing I like about that with Triple H,.this is gonna slow.the action down just a bit..>> Kurt Angle-.>> Not sure about that..>> Kurt Angle who made his debut.at Survivor Series 18 years ago,.German suplex..Kurt Angle hasn't lost a step..And another German, no release here..Continues to have his arms wrapped and.his hands clasped around.the waist of Bobby Roode..>> Kurt Angle is keeping Bobby real.close to the body and I love it..>> He's been wearing those grappling.gloves to tighten his grip,.strengthen his grip..>> Booker, you know what.these two men are capable of..Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle..>> Uh-oh, no, no, no..>> Slam!.>> Great counter..>> Beautiful counter..>> Arm by Roode..Both men down, center of the ring..>> Both competitors with the same idea,.same intentions, same result..Double clothesline..>> You gotta give it up for Kurt Angle..The general manager of RAW is.stepping up to team captain..>> He got no choice to step up, Booker..He's fighting for his job..>> Come on, Bobby Roode!.>> Take another look at this..Roode and Angle both throwing.clotheslines, both connecting..>> Tag, here's Shin again..And this is Triple H one more time..What a right by Shinsuke..>> Kurt Angle misses wildly!.>> Wow..>> Knee right into the face..Nakamura..>> He took a shot at Braun Strowman..>> That was a bad move..>> That might have been a mistake, ooh..>> I'm not sure how wise that was..But I like the moxy of Shinsuke Nakamura.but right to Strowman..>> No..>> A kick right to the side of the-.>> The Monster Among Men is seething on.the outside of the ring..You could see the look in his eyes..>> Well, it was a cheap shot..Angle into the corner..Nakamura just trying to do.damage to anything in sight..>> Shinsuke setting Kurt up to the top..This is the wheelhouse of Nakamura..>> Right to the midsection..>> Here comes Joe..>> Samoa Joe sidestepped by Shinsuke..>> You know the history between.Between Joe and Nakamura, Finn Balor..>> Nakamura's on fire..>> Shinsuke taking out the whole Raw team..>> Sliding knee..>> Uh-oh..>> Uh-oh, uh-oh..>> Looking for the Pedigree..Nakamura counter of his own,.got him with the left..>> Got a colossal strikefest going.on right now courtesy of The Artist..>> Shinsuke feeling some..>> Here it comes!.>> Strowman!.>> Watch out, watch out Shinsuke!.>> Shinsuke doesn't.realize the tag was made..>> No..This is not-.>> Look at Shin go, using his quickness..>> Well, momentarily..While trying to fend off.The Monster somehow..>> That knee, Strowman still on his feet..>> Strike and move, strike and move,.Shinsuke's doing it perfectly..>> The power of The Monster..>> Running power slam!.>> One shot..>> Cover!.>> One, two, three..>> RAW's up, 5-4..>> Yeah!.>> Shinsuke Nakamura has been eliminated..>> And now it's Bobby Roode in.going after Braun Strowman..You can't mourn the loss of a teammate,.you gotta continue..But Bobby Roode desperately trying somehow.find a way to combat Braun Strowman..>> All it take is one big shot from.a big guy like Braun Strowman..>> Look at that, man!.>> Blockbluster, into the cover..>> Blocked The Monster..>> My God, ow..>> Yeah..>> The referee couldn't even get in.position before Braun kicked out..>> You know what,.I like our odds in this match..>> How can you count anybody out that.has Braun Strowman on their team?.>> No, no, no, not again..>> Looking for another running powerslam..No, Bobby Roode to the face of Strowman..Bobby Roode may be going for another.block, and this time Strowman just-.>> My god..>> Swatted him away..And just like that,.Braun Strowman plants Roode..>> Yeah!.>> Here's the cover, and Raw is up 5-3!.>> Bobby Roode has been eliminated..>> My God..>> Get Shane McMahon in there right now..>> Booker, what did you say.about being here all night?.>> [LAUGH].>> Samoa Joe wants himself some of this..>> Guys all of a sudden.Smackdown Live is down 5-3..This is the deciding-.>> Hey calm down guys, calm down..>> What do you mean calm down?.This is the deciding here..>> Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it..>> I'm talking about what's going on in.the ring not between you fools yelling at.each other..>> Exactly, exactly,.calm down guys, calm down..>> Triple H playing a peacekeeper..Wait a minute, now, wait a minute..>> SmackDown Live's thinking,.just destroy each other, guys..We don't care..>> There's an issue here between these two.after what Triple H did to Kurt Angle's.son Monday on RAW..Now from behind, Randy Orton,.takes advantage..>> A clever maneuver by Randy Orton..>> Orton drops Finn Balor off the apron..Now calling The Game in..Here comes Shane..>> And Shane going after Samoa Joe,.vintage Orton off the DDT..>> Cena on the outside..>> And there was a question about.how unified team RAW would be and.I think we're seeing a implosion..>> There's Randy Orton with a power slam..>> Somebody tell me what is going on..>> What's going on is your.team's falling apart..>> John Cena's fired up!.>> Hello guys?.>> Wait a minute..>> God..Cena and Orton..>> You got two future Hall of Famers.having their first encounter with.The Monster Among Men..And Cena and Orton, double team now..Trying to take out Braun Strowman.who shoves them away..And again Cena and.Orton going after Braun..Trying for the AA!.>> Go, go, go..>> Orton!.>> Went for the RKO, blocked..And Strowman driven through the second.rope, down to the apron and.down to one knee..>> Cena and Orton working together gave.about everything they had into Strowman..>> I like our chances with Orton and Cena..>> Strowman with a right hand,.Cena may be out..>> Cena is out..>> Just that quick..>> No, no, no..>> Yeah baby..>> Braun Strowman ripping.apart the announce tables..Cena may be knocked out.after the right by Strowman..>> He's going after the right guy..To get rid of John Cena we got a much.better chance at walking away with.a victory..>> Come on Randy,.come on Randy, get up, get up..>> And Orton from behind to Strowman..Strowman had bad intentions for Cena..Now both men fighting back.again on The Monster Among Men..>> Wait, wait, no way, no way..It can't Get him up..>> Do it..>> No way..>> Don't let this happen..>> Here comes Cena..>> Wait a minute..Nakamura and Bobby Roode..They're eliminating him..My God..And Corey's right, Nakamura and.Roode were eliminated from this match..>> And.you are not even allowed to be out here..>> He's supposed to be.back in the locker room..>> Well the point is.the monster among men is down..>> Get a SmackDown referee..>> Worth looking into Booker,.whatever it takes..>> The monster among.men has been taken out..>> [NOISE].>> What's.going through Shane's mind right now?.>> Well, if history is any indication..>> What is Shane McMahon thinking?.>> No..>> My gosh..Come on, Shane..>> Shane..>> Uh-oh look out from behind..>> No..No no Samoa Joe,.Samoa Joe up here with Shane..>> Shane..>> What?.>> My God..Holy cow!.Shane will think twice about.going to the top rope again..>> Great move by Samoa Joe..Finish him, Joe!.>> Joe looking to lock in.that coquina clutch and.take away Team SmackDown's captain..>> It's already 5-3, a lead for RAW..Went for the coquina clutch then.caught him with a boot to the face..And here's Cena..>> Yes..Now John Cena and Samoa Joe going at it..This is one of those matchups.you never thought you'd see..Cena and Joe..>> Two men that go all the way back to.their humble beginnings in California..>> Jeez!.>> Never met in a WWE ring though..>> Beautiful!.Samoa Joe, kick to the face..Here's the running senton to Cena..>> What a combination..>> Here's the cover..Hook to the leg on Cena, is it enough?.And a kickout..That was almost a 5-2 lead for Raw..>> Lightning quick speed.of Samoa Joe on display..>> Not only that,.the combinations of a big man like Joe,.I mean he puts them together so smooth..>> Only three men remain for.SmackDown, Cena, Shane, and Orton..>> McMahon..>> Raw has all five members.still in this match..>> Yeah,.Cena's in the wrong part of town too..>> One of those members went through.a table courtesy of the entire.Team Smackdown..>> [APPLAUSE].>> There's a case for.each brand here tonight,.this is the rubber match, so to speak..The battle for grand supremacy here,.right in this match up..Cena and Joe..John Cena..>> Sit down..Sit down John Cena..>> Tagged by Finn..>> Watch it John..>> Look,.Samoa Joe just tagged himself back in..>> Here we go again..>> Again the animosity.between these two men..>> Come on guys, come on!.>> Go ahead and fight, argue..Have fun..>> Uh-oh..John Cena looking to take advantage..Yeah!.Samoa Joe..Here comes Balor..Cena going for an AA on Balor..>> Make it twice..>> Got him..Going for another one on Joe..>> As many as it takes..>> Another AA!.>> Cena's rolling!.>> Come on guys, come on..>> Cover!.Joe's eliminated!.It's 4-3..Samoa Joe has been eliminated..>> That was big, big for SmackDown live..>> I said it earlier guys,.get rid of John Cena,.he's the most dangerous man on that team..>> That's a whole lot easier said.than done, you are right Booker..>> You saw the expression change.on the face of Kurt Angle,.four members of Raw remain, but one of.those members is laying in a heap over at.the German announce table,.that's Braun Strowman..Cena, Shane, and.Orton remain for SmackDown..>> Look at this..>> Who's gonna step in here?.>> No one's rushing..>> [NOISE].>> And this is so apropos, guys..It was Kurt Angle who had the debut.match with John Cena on SmackDown so.many years ago..>> John Cena bringing Kurt Angle to the.limit before Angle picked up the ring but.that was the night that John Cena arrived.here and cemented himself in WWE..And now we've come full.circle tonight with so.much on the line at Survivor series..[SOUND].>> Angle take down..And John Cena, one of the defining.moments early in John Cena's career was.Survivor Series 2003, teaming up.on Team Angle against Team Lesnar..And Kurt Angle's captained.teams before in the past..He's won matches at Survivor Series,.so he knows what he's doing..>> Seeing how he's using that power.to break the grip of Kurt Angle..>> Classic matchup right here guys..>> And a shoulder tackle by Angle..Angle's still got it,.there's no doubt in my mind..John Cena just realized it..>> Well Cena's pacing himself..All right Angle, I see what you got..>> We saw what Angle had back in TLC last.month when he teamed with Ambrose and.Rollins..>> All the years and.all the wars these two are still as.still as good as they've ever been..>> Some years back John Cena.slapped Kurt Angle in the face and.spoke of ruthless aggression and.it's been that way in WWE ever since..>> 15 years [SOUND] ago to be exact..That back elbow right there by John Cena..>> And we call that a little short kick..>> [NOISE].>> [LAUGH].>> Cena saying to Angle, hey,.show me what you got Kurt..>> And Cena again to the midsection,.right hand to Angle..>> [NOISE].>> Back and.forth, which one of these men will.connect first with the big one?.Uh-oh, Cena with a shoulder tackle..We've seen this so.many times over the years..>> [NOISE].>> He got him where he wants him..>> I don't like this right here..John Cena's at his best..>> Maybe only academic at this point..>> [NOISE].>> Uh-oh..No, no, no,.Kurt just picked John Cena's ankle..>> And Cena is in the center of the ring..>> I don't like this..I don't like this..And Cena able to reverse and.get out of it..I saw John Cena squatting,.preparing for this match..No..>> Yeah, cover..>> Cover him!.>> Cover, and.it's Shane McMahon pulling Angle off..>> Come on, Shane!.>> Shane McMahon was the recipient.of that Olympic Slam..>> Wait a minute, coup de grace!.>> Coup de grace to Cena from Finn Balor..Angle again, looking to deliver.another one to John Cena..>> No..>> Come on, John!.>> Here's the cover..>> Kick out, kick out!.>> One, two, three!.>> He's out..Raw is now up 4-2..>> John Cena has been eliminated..>> Wow!.>> And now Randy Orton in on the attack..>> [NOISE].>> With the assist of Finn Balor.with a coup de grace, but two Angle slams..And John Cena the franchise.player is eliminated..>> That's all right..So again Angle, Strowman,.Triple H, Finn remain for RAW..It's all against Shane remaining for.SmackDown..>> I like the odds goal..>> Our back is against the wall..We've been here before..Randy Orton knees first..Kurt Angle moves out of the way..Angle trying to make it to.the corner to make a tag and.he does and here comes Balor..>> A fresh Finn Balor..>> And.a big difference in this matchup already..And Finn Balor picks up the pace..There goes Shane knocked off the apron..Balor, Double A takedown..There is a-.>> Stop right to the midsection..>> There is the beginning.of the end right there..What's Balor got in mind now, the world?.>> Shane's into the barricade..>> Shane is out..>> For good..>> Good Lord..>> Orton with the RKO..>> Finn looking to put this one away,.almost had him..>> Let me tell you something, that was a.desperate look in the eyes of Randy Orton..Randy Orton is in trouble..Balor, driving Orton into the corner..Looks like he was shot out of the cannon..>> He is in the drop zone corner,.come on, Orton..>> Come on, Randy..>> Balor from the top rope..>> No!.>> Out-roll through Randy Orton, quickly-.>> [CROSSTALK].>> Yes-.>> [LAUGH].>> Out of nowhere!.>> Cover now..>> One, two, three!.>> Orton eliminates Finn Balor..>> Finn Balor has been eliminated..>> Three remain for RAW,.two remain for SmackDown..>> Watch out, Randy!.>> Triple H from behind..>> No shortage of history.between these two..>> Not at all, Triple H and Angle..Braun Strowman as well, and.let's see what happened to Shane..Randy Orton and.he's going it alone at this moment..>> That is a jaw Boner..>> Yeah..A tremendous history between these.two men which all began back.in Evolution with Triple H.brought in Randy Orton..Allowing Orton to win.the Heavyweight World Championship,.the youngest man to ever do that..>> It's teacher versus student right here,.and I'm betting on the teacher every time..>> You can never underestimate.the student though, Booker..And we're talking about Randy Orton, we're.talking about 13-time World Champion..This isn't any student,.this is one of the game's best..>> I'll give you that..>> Kurt Angle up top,.you don't see this very often..>> And pulling out all the stunts..>> My God,.maybe that's one of the reasons why..Orton's so aware of these types of.matches, knows exactly what he's doing.>> Back breaker..Triple H is down, Kurt Angle is down,.can Orton capitalize?.>> Everybody's down..Shane's back up on the apron, however..Randy Orton trying to make his way over.to the corner to make a tag to Shane..>> Come on, Randy..Come on, Randy..>> Pivotal moment here for Randy Orton..My God, who the hell?.>> Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens..>> Come on, what are they doing?.>> Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens?.>> God, no, you've got to be kidding me!.>> Sami and Kevin have felt for.months that Shane McMahon.has a vendetta against them..>> For one night, for one night,.can you not be selfish?.>> [APPLAUSE].>> Being selfish is what Kevin Owens and.Sami Zayn do best..>> I know I like these guys..>> Owens and Zayn believe it should.be them on team SmackDown Live but.they have been robbed.the opportunities because of Shane..>> Why?.>> Are you serious right now?.>> On a night.>> Come on, Shane, come on, Shane..>> Shane with a steel chair..>> Shane is teed off, no, it's insane..>> Shane in a, he had to fight..He's gonna fight his own game..>> Uh-oh..>> No..>> [SOUND].>> [INAUDIBLE].>> And Orton just trying.to clear the path so.team SmackDown Live can get back on tag..>> Let them do what they wanna do, man..Just let them go..[NOISE] My-.>> No..>> How in the world?.How is he standing?.How in the world is.Braun Strowman standing?.>> Because he's not a man, he's a monster..>> Yeah, and.here comes the monster among men..>> Andy,.you've got devastation hovering above you..>> Randy Orton has no.clue that Braun Strowman-.>> And Randy you will see he looked.to his corner..He realizes there's no.Shane McMahon there..There's no one to tag..And now he realizes he's in trouble.because the [INAUDIBLE] is on the loose..>> It's time to put this thing to bed,.guys..>> He had a [INAUDIBLE]..>> No, no, here we go..>> What a power slam..>> Come on..>> [NOISE].>> One, two, three!.>> Braun Strowman eliminates Orton!.>> [NOISE].>> Randy Orton has been eliminated..>> Good luck, Shane..Hey, Shane McMahon started all this..Shane McMahon brought this upon himself..He's the one who orchestrated and led.the siege of Monday Night Raw last month..>> Well, you reap what you sow..>> Indeed you do..McMahon legacy..>> Shane McMahon asked for this..>> He took on Monday Night Raw..He attacked it, a cheap shot,.an ambush, attack of RAW..He brought this upon himself and.now he's gonna face the consequences..>> And.wanted to fire up his entire [CROSSTALK].>> Look at Strowman..>> Shane wanted to change.the image of SmackDown Live, and.now it is all on his shoulders..>> Strowman waiting to be fed..>> Against the monster of all men and.two of the greatest of all time..>> I can see that..>> Angle and Triple H..>> And good job by the official..Shane uses a chair, he is disqualified..>> What do you mean good.job by the officials?.>> He can't use a chair!.>> What's with the stalling technique?.Come on, Shane, get in the ring..>> But.just because he is the commissioner,.he's gonna give a steel chair and allow.them to use it and break all the rules?.Come on..>> Look, it's one on three, so-.>> So now,.we can give them if it.gets to one on three..>> You need a sledgehammer,.you need something..I don't like our odds..[SOUND].>> I didn't like your.odds if it was Orton still in there..>> Triple H, Braun Strowman and Kurt Angle.stealing the cross from Shane McMahon..>> Come on, ref..Get him in the ring and do it now..>> Right, Strowman's like a bull..Look at him, he's about to.get led out of the damn cage..He is licking his lips..Shane has no choice..>> Hey, Shane's not gonna give up,.we all know about Shane in the match..>> Absolutely not..>> We know that..Shane's gonna dig down deep, do what.he has to do to try to win this thing..>> [LAUGH] My goodness, I love it..>> Yeah, great team loyalty you guys got.over there, too, with Zayn and Owens..>> Wait a minute..>> Triple H, look at this..Brother-in-law and brother-in-law..Triple H wants to end this..>> Well, I don't think.Braun Strowman appreciates that tag..>> Yeah, but listen, here's the deal..There's no love lost of course.between Stephanie and Shane..You know how competitive.those siblings are..Triple H wants to come in here,.he wants to beat Shane,.he wants to humiliate his brother.in-law for his wife, Stephanie..That's what this is all about..>> And it's deeply personal..>> And showdown for.Monday Night Raw was willing to go,.calling in Triple H,.the COO of this company..>> [INAUDIBLE].>> And Triple H put himself in the match..Monday Night Raw didn't call anybody..Triple H walked down the ring and.said, I'm in this thing..>> For opportunities just like this one..>> And now Triple H and Shane..>> Wait..>> Whoa..And now Kurt Angle the captain..>> Come on..>> And again-.>> You guys can't even decide who's gonna.take on Shane..>> No, Kurt Angle wants Shane.because he said this is mine..It's captain versus captain..>> Shane from behind..Kurt Angle..Animal kicks out..>> With Kurt's job on the line..>> Shane again into the cover on Angle..Angle kicks out..>> Shane in a flurry here against Angle..He's gotta stay on him..>> Shane McMahon trying to.take out Kurt Angle here, and.at least try to eliminate.one of these three men..Shane understands,.there's the elbow right to the face..>> Come on, come on..Cover!.>> One, two..>> And Angle, at two and half..>> And Shane right back on him..>> Shoulders down, again, hook to the leg..Angle again out at two..Shane McMahon doing anything he.can to try to put Angle away..DDT..Face first..Shane cover..Hooks the arm..Here we go..There's a kick out at two again..So close..So close..>> Shane is doing everything he can think.of here on the Olympic gold medalist..>> He's gonna run out of gas.trying to put Kurt Angle..>> Can't think about but-.>> He's not gonna have anything left..>> Can't worry about that, Booker..One at a time, one at a time..>> Angle looking for.the Angle Slam on Shane McMahon..>> There it is, will this be enough?.>> Poetic justice..>> Here comes Captain America..>> Kurt Angle wants to punish Shane..Ankle Lock make him tap out..Tap out of the middle of the ring..The humiliation of tapping out to team.RAW for the Commissioner's SmackDown..Is squirming trying to [INAUDIBLE].>> Hang on, hang on..>> Come on, Shane..Don't do it Shane..Don't do it..Dont' do it..>> Shane's got a little pride..He's trying to stay in this matchup..Do everything he can..>> He's gonna get his ankle broke in half..>> But that's exactly what.Stephanie McMahon wants..Stephanie asked for.her brothers head on a platter..>> I mean Shane should.think twice about this..He just tap out here..>> No no..Shane is not gonna tap out..Shane can't tap out..>> Stephanie demanded.annihilation by team Raw..So far that's what they're getting..>> No..Come on Shane, there's no shame..There's no shame..>> Shane fighting for.>> Almost to the bottom rope here..Center of the ring again..>> Ankle locks been on for.a long long time..>> Shane's ankle might be broken by now..>> What, wait..>> What the hell..>> He just pedigreed his captin..>> Why?.What on..>> [NOISE].>> What is going on?.[NOISE]..>> What?.What the..What the hell just happened?.[SOUND].>> Kurt Angle has been eliminated..>> I have no idea how to.explain what just happened..>> Are the two brothers.in-law working together?.>> Was it maybe just perhaps.sympathy on the part of Triple H?.There is no sympathy in Triple H..>> Maybe Triple H wanna finish the job..>> [APPLAUSE].>> Yeah, but he.put Shane on Kurt and it gave Shane the-.>> Kept him alive..>> Pinfall..>> [NOISE].>> I-.>> What is happening?.>> I don't even think Shane.knows what the hell's going on..>> [NOISE].>> There are two members left on Raw,.that's Braun and Triple H,.but obviously, that.>> Zayn's disintegrated,.Braun's still trying to figure.out what the hell Triple H did..>> I am too..Strowman is as bewildered as all of us..>> Hashes is falling all.over the Toyota Center..We're all trying to figure.out what we just witnessed..My god!.Now, that's what it was all about..The cerebral assassin..With a pedigree..He wanted to do it himself!.He wanted to take out Shane himself!.>> No, no!.[MUSIC].>> [APPLAUSE].>> And team Raw wins..>> The winners of this match and.sole survivors..>> [LAUGH].>> From Monday Night RAW, Braun Strowman..>> Triple H-.>> And Triple H..>> Raw wins survivor series..Triple H sacrificed his captain..The general manager Kurt Angle, so.he can take out his brother in-law-.>> Sacrificed his captain..>> He was playing Braun Strowman..>> But look at the score..Look at the score..Four to three..[SOUND].>> Triple H Played him..The bottom line is Raw won..Triple H did what he had to do.to help Raw pick up the victory..>> Do not call him..Do not call him..>> You guys have said it all along that it.doesn't matter how you get the job done as.long as you get the job done..It's about Raw winning tonight,.it's about Raw brand supremacy..Triple H did this for about-.>> Who's there..>> Triple H wanted to be.the dominate man in this match..And he was in Raw 1..It's all about dominence..>> It's all about results Saxton,.you can't argue..>> And Triple H played Braun Strowman..>> Played Kurt Angle..Alls fair in love and.war tonight was a battle..Honor just did what's best for business..[MUSIC].And what has been lost in all this, folks,.is, again, Raw has one survivor series..Four matches to three here tonight..[MUSIC].>> [APPLAUSE].>> And Triple H is taking the credit..[MUSIC].>> Who's a master, no-.>> [APPLAUSE].>> If you ever try to cross me again,.I promise..You will never play this game again..Do you hear me, do you hear me..>> [NOISE].>> My God..>> No, no,.Triple H performing.a pedigree on Strowman..>> No way, no way..>> Braun Strowman warned.him Strowman won the game..Ronnie power slam!.The monster among men plays.the game and wins in a rapt..[MUSIC].Braun Strowman warned Triple H..>> Triple H made the wrong decision.attempting to cross Braun once again..And the king of kings paid for it..[MUSIC].>> Wait a minute..Braun's not finished with him..Strowman not down at all.a second power slam..[MUSIC].>> Let that be a warning..>> 385 pound..Out of unbridled fury and dominance..Braun Strowman is the last.man standing tonight.

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