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tonight against Mellon stars at the SPG.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Applause].[Music].[Music].the big batches in Sydney pretty in peak.yes indeed its crowd still coming in the.two tunes tonight won't be featuring in.the finals but there's some fans in.magenta and the plies are out there now.Moses on recent bend warships big news.to him during the week their winning.streak has coincided with Carlos.Braithwaite and then Shawn Abbott doing.what he got so well in the big bash.hello and welcome to the Holden Equinox.pregame show here at the SC g ricky.ponting welcome to you and Darren leme.and fantastic to have you in the.commentary box tonight mate yeah thanks.both you you love the big bash we know.that you're tweeting when we're on here.you're always texting us in the comment.box giving us advice watch impressed.you'd this year I've been unbelievable.season again but the batting I love.blokes at slobbered obviously Alex.carries hundred and and he's 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yeah it's going viral it's going.global so I think you'll see it a lot of.times now time for the Holden Equinox.team lineups and we're gonna go with the.sixes first I think you've got them.Ricky I have Gilly they're unchanged.again as well Joe dentally and Daniel.Hughes at the top of the order Nick.Madison's shown glimpses of brilliance.again most on Rick is great to see him.back in the lineup for the last half of.this tournament Jordan silks been a.river.number five Carlos Braithwaite hasn't.done a lot of batting just yep it's been.cooked with the ball yeah and both are.leading the team again bowling he's wide.arm off spinning Peter Neville taking.the gloves Sean Abbott just keeps taking.wickets just keeps finding away.fend washes too big left arm quick boys.145 is in the Aussie team the other.bloke beside me down Lehman and Nathan.Lyon bombing his off speed all right for.for the stars say I'm missing a big name.till they put hands from obviously I've.been too bad we've bent down to spin a.little bit this point start of the.tournament.Rob Courtney comes in because Kevin.Pietersen set out who speak news here.Glenn Maxwell expecting big things ring.young said got chai things a good young.player gold was still all around a fork.or another all-rounder and the captain.John hastens big plays in that middle.order for him role swing it up front.early I think beer will take new ball.with him a young Bo let them tournament.yeah another spinner exciting prospect.they're now time for our finder calm.that a you play it comparison when it's.not current players its athletes sort of.Sally Pierce on the left look at that.grace buff up what are you doing there.on the right.rice cake well drink it excellent first.time you've run past the keg I reckon.that that look at the beauty there our.fine world champion their peers and she.wins both you came second there Mark.Richardson from New Zealand but here we.go.what do we got there there's our.nicknames I like the height and weight.1.76 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stars obviously need to.resolve now and Sydney success of won.three in a row so dwarfish good news for.him he was selected in Australia's t20.squad of which well I'm lucky I've got.the the coach and the assistant coach.alongside me for that particular setup.talk about that through the evening no.doubt but yet pride there's bragging.rights between Sydney and Melbourne.their tour that the big ticket.franchises I haven't performed in this.bbo up but they'll want to get away.tonight Danskin bangs one over back.would point they're in it races across a.very quick outfield four runs first ball.was an ideal start the Peter Hanscom and.the Melbourne stars are short and white.and that's one place you can't afford to.bowl to Hanscom he sets up deep in his.crease looking for anything that it can.play square the wicket off the back foot.the washes has gifted him on there he's.the.get four legs to get a bit straight-up.confidence-booster there he's had a.difficult challenging summer his Peter.Hanscom it'll be better for it he comes.out the other side.aggression again hit as well as he would.have liked you must get to he'll be.happy with the start okay one thing has.Ricky just said short he likes it.sitting deep in the crease plays.cross-match shots really well it has.been a tough summer for him but he'll be.a better player for it yeah his.magnificent around the group and.obviously missed out on the last through.Test matches they worked him out a.little bit and that's his challenge to.change a little bit from there so it was.working really hard behind the scenes.and I'd love to see him get some runs.tonight left arm of tortious to go there.again beautifully taken there.Nevile you can see there once again.maybe just a little hint of a bit of.uneven bounce that one really flew down.the lakeside obviously the line was way.to straighten that his swing a little.bit but previous game here against the.president Brisbane Heat we saw a lot of.inconsistent bounce and more sort of up.than anything else you can see that.seemed a long way bounce down the league.side he was picked up a yard of passes.he had washes in the low one 40s in the.middle of his first over a little bit of.shape back into the right hand there.from Dwarfs and the wicked tonight.punter it's sort of the shorter boundary.to the right handers the leg side as.they stand in the crease at the moment.but now that look out there it looked.okay Gilly the thing that I get a little.bit worried about with these because.when you see little areas of greenness.that generally means that the actual.mile can't get down to the grass because.it might be a fraction and even we sort.of saw that at the start of the last.game against Brisbane as well and some.did go up and down but so far tonight.looks okay.[Applause].quick single dip this is gonna be.interesting bend up to the left Alma but.they will be proof he's had he struggles.against left arm fast bowling Ben dunk.right through his career he's been out.ten times for 116 runs off 108 balls.just striking at 107 so that's a long.way down bodies career numbers.especially in the power play Willie's.got him twice for two runs off six balls.and barren dice going twice for 24 runs.off 22 balls so he's had he struggles.there to take struggles all season yeah.it just hasn't quite look comfortable me.as one of the players of the tournament.last year when he's with the a plate.strike as a big move to the stasi ship.hasn't really paid off just yet other.thing with a little bit of Swing and.little bit seen one even bounce if you.like I'd like to see another sleep you.know he's been caught second step a lot.of the time yeah we'll talk about those.slips here's those pits bit of trouble.here but this is the Melvin starts first.game of the season Josh lay little out.swing a thick edge and more taken and.then Mitchell Johnson over in Perth it.was full and just a little bit of shape.dunk went very hard it and got to Nix so.you might be right if you can pitch it.up with a little bit of out swing maybe.a second slipper would be in play last.ball the opening over out through the.off side so dunk gets away he'll be.relieved with that these challenges the.first over gone it's a good one for the.Stars.none for 9.see the CP sixes have just got not their.own names on their shirts at the moment.just to give us some more information.about that welcome tonight.evening gentlemen in a bbl first 76ers.had partnered with the Saudi Foundation.for the youth cancer program for UK as.you mentioned Gilley the names have been.replaced by the words that really.inspire cancer patients and survivors so.make sure that you go on to the Sydney.success Comden a you website to make.sure you get purchased and get that.signed shirt because the money goes.towards a youth cancer treatment center.at the Prince of Wales Hospital at the.end of this year fantastic place thanks.very much for that that's wonderful.support there to the Sony foundation.they've been a wonderful organization.supporting so many people in so many.ways but youth cancer and you can this.is what they've converted that to so.that's brilliant support brilliant.partnership there for the sixes and the.Sony foundation I'm sure we'll read all.those inspiring words throughout the.night Johan boat up bowling to dunk mr..signal II definitely definitely be sharp.in your favor early left arm to left.hand banner to an off spinner get off.strike and get paid a handsome there's.good player off spinner of off spins on.strike that's the key.so there's a deep midwicket to behind.square in the ring and a deep long off.and almost a repeat but hit a little bit.firmer so gets that single yeah just go.back to that first bought wolf was.almost shored enough if he was quick on.his feet to get back and pull that first.delivery just look like it's sat in a.wicked little bit as well just a little.bit of a little bit of turn a bit of.extra bounce and you see dunker.gesturing to Hanscom that there's maybe.a fraction of turn certainly got quality.off spinners the sixes Nathan line to.follow the iron Bodo likes to take an.early over out of the power play and.that news at the top when you read out.the team lineups both Kevin Pietersen.missing from the stars tonight believe.well he said didn't he he had a a disc.issue and he's back lower back.struggling a bit I know if he's been.going too hard and long off the tee.hunter good feet there from Hanscom it's.a big loss to the Melvin stars though.because he placed spin so well you saw.him against the renegades the other.night really take it her Bradley hog and.they spin us apart yeah so he's a big.lost busy at three can control the.innings and get him on their way.so you'll just have one final Big Bash.innings on on Saturday which will be the.Stars last game and the last home game.they're playing against the Hurricanes.which that will be a massive game.because so much will ride on that that's.the last day of home and away games for.the whole Big Bash on Saturday we feed.again from here it's gonna use lovely.when he gets a little dancing feet on.his and he gets down gets to the spin he.knows how to manipulate the field at.that last match that'll be that the.early game on a doubleheader Saturday.the stars and the Hurricanes it goes.there you'll eat great use of the feet.likes to use these feet whenever.possible against the spinners Peter.Hanson got right of the picture that one.that's worked it down to long on just.push through a bit quicker.it's straighter from boat on that.occasion which finishes out the second.over it's a good one.there's three runs from it none for 12.live sport you can watch it and you can.get involved in it with the latest.choral action.but 25 pounds or more between Monday and.Thursday and get 10 pound in free bets.for the weekend.[Music].jumpy available from App Store and.Google Play when the fun stops stop back.at the scj it's been washes very.impressive in this bbl he's bowling.to bend dunk nun for 12 Melbourne stars.more signs there that this wicket just.isn't coming on saw against the Brisbane.heat here a few days ago a couple slowed.up and a couple flew through so keep an.eye on that here's jr. he's straight.into the game blue looks good on buffer.for him thanks Jim it's not assumed you.were just happy not to get the salmon.right here the pink I wanted pink pink.yeah maybe we can do a shirt swap to.some stage I wouldn't fit into yours.etymon jr. said you slimming he's always.taking the mickey out of me Jane I tell.you what talking about clothing a little.bit later on we will reveal a photo of.us three and the man that just tweeted.markquart and it's not very.complimentary as far as our wardrobe.selections goes but that is a brilliant.shot there from dunk this is what they.would have signed up for the Melbourne.Stars recruited him in the offseason.it's failed to deliver but can he fire.out a big one tonight yeah you can.attempted bouncing from nauseous but.just didn't quite get high enough they.left fine leg in place so I've been a.set plan to try and get dunk out on the.hook you can see 29% of ease of dunks.runs coming through that midwicket Ridge.in this season they took the slip out as.well Kili put him another man on the.offside then he balls it Boulder bounced.up so he's gonna get back on his line.and length it it's a slow ball worked.into square no run it's interesting when.you take the slip out he's just got a.fraction short in the first six to seven.balls he's bold if he picks it up in.swings in a while I think the slips in.the game.on this type of wicker sometimes the.best way to stop the score as you know.is getting rickets that's what you.should be trying to do in the power play.all the time especially someone like the.washer scoop that can swing this new.boat you've got the ability to swing it.get it up there early on trying.especially and try and get a week.especially someone like dunk who hasn't.been in great in great form and knowing.his record against left arms and how.he's been dismissed this season already.it was definitely worth a go there going.the other way look something gonna.straighten things up a little bit now.one from the off side comes in the.midwicket deep square leg goes back just.on the leg side easy single do it gotta.go back to it again because junior just.said blue is slimming and this is the.best bit here coming up the troll thank.you very much he was so disappointed.immediate knock it's a good different.run hundred motors are for a few beers.by the way the series was the costume.you lost to cut the links on the jump.you didn't quite nail it did you alright.thanks very much thank you look trim in.blue just lost away back would a point.here it's been pushing hard but what.wild get back there it's a bit of.fielding down there.good man I didn't expect to come on.channel 10 big backs and just get abused.by you too though not trim you looked.and I just said you didn't it you.jump wait you got me an honor if you.like looking forward to that photo.coming up so I'm not having meetings do.that baby laugh I was crying too good.cautious all the skills he took pays off.he's cooking up this intimate time a.slower ball gets through done well it's.another left arm quick for bender the.vault before Gilliam is 146 kilometers.an hour.that one there drops down to 116 case.and completely deceives pen duck the.bunny's wicket repo is a sly ball let.cutter type delivery straight through.the defense's straight into the top of.middle stuck.ducks on his way dwarfs makes the big.breakthrough and the stars.he was often the case losing an early.wicket one trading after tree a jack of.them I've got new ones really Pro not.very smart Jack Jack approved used a.class from 159 pounds per month search.mercedes-benz approved used well it.comes Glenn Maxwell and unlike did he's.coming in a three I know I think he's.one of those guys who can take the game.in the power play I'd like the same.promising freedom I've actually really.enjoyed the way he's played to be best.showed some responsibilities looks good.just probably has got that big score.that we know he can do in the t20 s so.looking forward to see what he brings.tonight yeah we're both talking when we.before the first ball was bowled it we.thought it'd be a great opportunity for.max what about up the order tonight with.Kevin Peterson not being there.he's in nice and early now and in the.fourth overs got a chance to play really.big innings here for the stars.changing the bowling Carlos breath wet.into the attack.the keep changing things around in t20.these days they look at the matchups.left our match up the door sister dunk.that that works they don't want to go.off spinner the two right-handers that.are gone with their overseas pro and.he's been good for them since he came in.yep he's injected some life enthusiasm.to rhythm dance moves.I love his dancing always a good dance.like that he's a real character the West.days bring that to the bbo every year.even the when they get a wicket he hit a.big ball yeah they bring something.special he's done a good job from Kelley.safer knees have taken to four wickets.at 19 and a half 42% dot ball sees slot.on either side nicely he's trying to.advance that he's just chipped it to.cover no the Sun rates takes a very.comfortable couch and there's that.rhythm there some moves is celebrating.yeah hi on the back there Gilly beds and.we took off a little bit he's a big big.guy from a big height trying to get over.mid off.you see his debts down trying to get.over on the bones from warehouse replay.easy catching Moses on Rex enough to.witness down put me in there to throw.down off three point three and look at.that he loves the celebration this guy.[Applause].[Applause].- 4:18 the Stars Bobby Quine he comes to.the crease he's taking the place of.Kevin Pietersen last time he played was.second day of 2018 so January the second.against the Brisbane heat down at the.MCG used to Smith second ball so it's.been a while for Bobby Quine it since.he's got himself into a long innings but.he's got some time here to bat.Brathwaite around the wicket Prada.unusual that last dismissal when you.think about the way Peter Hanscom plays.Gilley stronger off the back foot than.he is probably off the front foot the.way.Braithwaite bowls as well he tends to.run in and bang they're wicked a little.bit more you can see Hanscom just trying.to advance and it was that length that.he would have been looking for if he.stays back in his normal position that's.an easy pull shot over backwards square.leg it's a nice delivery.angling in from around the wicket it's.the same it just goes away a fraction I.think that's part of the challenge of.any a player that wants to charge down.the wicket you go you're going with.attacking instinct but you still got to.have that mindset that if there's a ball.not in the right area you can play a.defensive shot toward and it's very hard.to rein in it isn't both that that.adrenaline when once you've made that.decision / just for one once you've made.that decision it's hard to get back to.it.[Music].sighs.bang your buckets the hcg Tom DeLay you.go there and support your team I'm very.very popular competition this one.throughout the the big bash give you the.results later on.Shawn Abbott quick single there yeah.book so that charging down the wicket.your aggressive you're trying to be.positive it's hard to say oh it's not.quite there now I better just defend it.and pull out yeah I'm also being.positive I think but what you have to do.in this day and age you sum up the.wicket really quickly yep and that.should have been you know relayed back.to the chamber is pretty much from the.first over if it is a little bit to post.or little bit up and down it might not.be 170 180 it might be a 140 wicket and.the good teams like Perce porches and.Stroke is this seem to be summing up the.wickets better in this competition and.getting the right totals yeah and then.you're getting you go away and play away.that's going to give you the best chance.of making 140 don't you rather than.standing there and trying to blaze your.way through a difficult situation and.find yourself bowled out for 70 like the.hurt the heat were just four or five.nights ago this bloke was the difference.in the game was Lauda knee and I think I.bought up a 73 but Shawn had but I think.ended up with I think for 411 didn't he.from four overs in that game and we saw.him changed the way he bowls as well on.the flutter.wickets through this big bash he's.running involved mostly slow balls back.at the links slow bores was a slow ball.bouncing with the occasional on pace.delivery and then he summed up the.conditions really quickly against the.heat ran in a bowl mainly seam up and.just bowled almost a four-day length and.got the wickets as a result Maxwell gets.creative you need to sort of squat down.it pull that around to the leg side he.gets his first boundary yeah nice posing.a shot second ball for him back in the.length and what's a lot quicker you.think as well.oh no he comes on the back it's about.heart and on these we could see will do.that he'll boy what a short pitch.deliveries and to someone like Glen.that's where they'll try and target him.with back of the length shorter balls.yeah I think you've got a ball short to.max well they both you got to make sure.it's shoulder high at least comfortable.around waist tight but like most players.not so comfortable when the ball gets up.around the shoulders and around that the.head region is obviously very hard to.control the hook shot or a pool shot.with that length delivery.buzzer starting they have to become.better that hook shot now the way the.games going defending big size of the.ground with the bouncer well that's an.area where Glen's been trying to improve.I mean they could take a leaf out of.your book punter you like that shot.quite a lot.we're growing up as a 11 and 12 year old.in Launceston wolf on hard wickets the.whole time and facing some of the faster.bottles in the state to try find a way.to defend myself somehow you're the blot.that you work with for a long time Tory.Cooley in the indoor nets at Launceston.in the dark in the middle of winter.wasn't a nice prospect well I'll flick.of the wrist he's got enough of it.that's the shorter side now that's.trademark Maxwell there some big booster.shot just picks it up uses great risks.he does pick it up behind square quite.well this is said oh this just picks it.up flick of the wrist away it goes mini.stuff isn't so just conceded.that one-day series train earlier any.thanks for this appointments that maybe.Maxie wasn't out there for Australia oh.you'd love the same in in the forum like.this and making big runs I think is.gonna take the game on tonight good cool.back-to-back six is then taken its best.off someone oh it's not someone's head.down there but it's celebrating.when he's in this mood he can take the.game away from me very quickly it's what.you want to see that and then once you.get seen you actually wanted control.dealings and then go again at the end.either back-to-back six is the first.time dealer as you say just whipped off.mental stuff over backwards square.this one's just outside off stopping to.stand and deliver full swing of the bat.long I ever meet on and put down at the.crowd walk on this on the second attempt.though a little rocker over at the back.of the pack just picking up the crumbs.and now just say when he's in this frame.of mind and producing these results.you'll get picked these last 21 days he.was sort of averaging you know around 20.or below wasn't it's rough for.Australian clear we hope he continues in.this frame of mind he's tightened up.there he might get around here though.yeah Bobby coin is gonna run about three.there Bobby coin it max will be credited.with one good over for the Stars.nineteen off it to 438 Steve can you.save hundreds of UK pounds on your.energy bills in no time at all with you.switch yes you switch switching rate.simple when you need some emergency cash.yep you can turn to sunny yeah.that's life support sunny doctor at UK.[Applause].now it's a beautiful summer's evening in.Sydney and there's well a nice crowd.coming it hasn't been one that setting.any records but that's what's coming in.later on for the stars to watch Goldust.Faulkner said God's very exciting young.Cree get up that's well keeps well yeah.there's some supporting there's no doubt.about it for this match that isn't going.to include teams in the finals there's.some green in amongst the magenta who.knows it might be a young boy or girls.first ever create match so first time.they'll experience something like this.so I'm sure the players will want to put.on a good performance.we all remember our first venture into a.alive international game or domestic.game the memories you never forget about.boys that they know that's the Zecharia.it's great coming to watch their heroes.play I mean for me it was David looks.you know we're always younger than these.guys are will remember Glenn Maxwell.right now try and take the game on and.look at that hips away beautiful shot.he'll get two for that laid it off.nicely watch the ball closely onto his.back didn't try and do too much with it.yeah looked like a bit of a set plan as.well from the sixes and Carlos.Braithwaite they got one back at deep.square leg on the hook shot just needed.to get the liner that bought a little.bit straighter was just a little bit.outside Maxwell's eye line so decided to.stay leg side of the ball and see the.short ball here just enough outside his.eyes helped it on its way down to third.man there's gonna be another change in.the field breath right now brings his.third man up inside the circle mid-on.goes back so straightaway in our booth.you're thinking as a batsman that he's.got a ball a lot fuller and he's got a.ball a bit straighter in it my body it's.a slower ball and it's a rubbish ball as.well when Max was not going to be sat on.a ball like that was a slow ball short.and wide.it's knocked it on the head down to.third map before well he's clearly.watching the ball really closely we.spoke about Hanscom advancing and and.trying to go for the big aggressive.straight look at this the previous.delivery from that hook he's looking for.something big.and then he sees it short and just has.the presence of mind or run it that was.the 1 for 2 and then very next delivery.that watches it right onto the back no.risk it there well that's not a good.ball yeah well he's in this sort of form.when he's 23 off eight and he's played a.couple of risky shots but in control of.you shots he's not trying to hit it too.hard or too far well that's a thing.before men were all advocates for good.aggressive play but there's a difference.between being aggressive and being.reckless isn't there when you get.outside where you swim outside your.flags and try and play a shot you know.deep down you probably can't really.execute oh it's been a while another one.there might have hit Neville up under.the chin region as well in the second.bounce and all of a sudden what happens.when there applies aggressive playing.like this the ball starts to change too.much.you know the wicked if you put them in a.good area it looks like it's got a.little bit there for you so you don't.have to try too much as a bowler and.Carlos is just trying too much to get.him off strike.it's been a good power play really so.far for the stars lost a couple of early.ones but maximum comes in and really.changed the tempo of the game and set.Buffy's 23 from from eight already.Quan he's hardly had any strike just.works it in the midwicket you're single.he's number three from five deliveries.and Rob points got a big role here to.play to give the strike two.then Maxwell as much you can know doc.boys get by turning this rug around and.let then go about it especially this.power player whose mother's only two.balls left yeah and not a big fan of.going too hard right near the end of a.power player you need momentum as a.batting team going into the rest of the.over so don't give it up now what you've.just achieved absolutely cuz they're in.a good position now go they weren't to.over see how they work so the worst.thing to happen for the stars now is to.lose Maxwell.trying to maximize the last two balls of.this power play lose a wicket now then.you expose another new batsman to their.spin Nathan line will come on almost.straightaway and you've got new better.starting it's been three or four overs.of the games just completely lost the.ball yet ball bowl and it's 30 runs off.the last two overs so men momentum well.and truly has swung towards the green it.certainly changed an eighth-mile it'll.be key to the innings now for both sides.if he bowls well and.you know the left-hander in quarantine.spot Walter to all batters in yes baby.able to be fair but it's a big ground.you'll get a bit of spin so the game is.right in the balance for a decent score.they'll take that - looks like it'll be.2 - coin he say he's watching it closely.as well it brings up the 50 when a.couple of over got theirs ago overs go I.should say it didn't look like they get.there too quickly to 451 at the end of.the power play is going in the African.jungle.this legend has had album and single.sales in excess of 1 million the jungle.won't know what's hit it I'm a celebrity.yes coming up the much-anticipated.reveal of who the celebrities are going.in there pretty devil every middle it's.very heavy medalist news goes the mosh.pit and dances around weight him on my.night didn't we playing his guitar play.even a Metallica yeah yeah he's heavy he.goes hard for such a quiet sort of.unassuming guy really lovely man rips.out the heavy metal everyone understand.leashes.he's got the helmet cam there for us you.gotta talk to him in a little while joe.Denley coming in going from the RAM.weekend buying a Maxwell another.beautiful stroke they're just chipped.through the infield.interesting they've gone with a leg spin.and sir the off-spinner.yeah I reckon with the with the.right-hander Max went from this end I.reckon they're worried about him eating.with the spin to the short boundary I.think you probably see Nathan line ball.from this end at least then he's got rob.quani swinging to that side Billy.against the spin as well so about ten or.fifteen 20 meters further for Maxwell to.hit it probably won't worry I'm I'm.pretty sure he'll take it on say one.there then we as we said before after.the powerplay you've just gotta have no.dots keep rotating the strike and that's.what Rob coin has to do now just like.that.yep perfect it's gonna be really busy.don't you say eliminate the dots hit the.boundaries when you get a bad ball he.actually missed out on a potential.boundary the ball before it was probably.short enough to cut away back with a.point it gets the instrument for man on.strike now I was saying earlier as well.that how good he's been has been it's.been good without being spectacular.Maxwell you mentioned Wolff words a big.hit it's a huge ship long.long and handsome over meat on brother.maximum to maximum moves on to 31 now.from just 11 deliveries this is 36.boy he's not worried about any side.tonight it looks like he's just going to.go for it which is when he's hitting on.strike tomorrow.98 Buddhists hungry.not much riding on this by way of points.and finals but you wouldn't want to miss.this if this bikes on fire.this way never saw it might be in for a.little feast here maxwell feast 31 off.12 thought it might be the one that just.slows him down a fraction again recons.that mine to 460 off seven.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].the new Lexus LC experience amazing.plenty riding on the next few matches.the thunder renegades tomorrow that's.from Monica oval down there in the.nation's capitol 7:30 p.m. Eastern and.then worse quarters and strikers from.the wack up that's the last time that.score to be playing over there at the.furnace because we call it and that.basically will decide who finishes first.who finishes second and you might say.well it doesn't matter they both got.home semi-finals but it does matter.whoever wins or with one of those two.teams wins their home semi-final.whoever's first will host the big bash.final so plenty of opportunity for teams.to make inroads that one tomorrow night.thunder and renegades so beauty in it.both clawing their way in the fourth.spot well the beauty about this.competition is you just got to qualify.yeah you play well in two games you win.it pretty simple and then depending on.how selections and stuff go towards the.files you do you don't know what's gonna.happen really it's so hard to predict.shape there didn't need Maxwell and then.obviously the other challenge is having.you bit your best players inform when.the finals come around we saw the year.that the Thunder won it if I see one it.on the back of was Makua didn't yep yep.and they had a great side with with.Russell and Carlos Watson and Hussey and.those guys but husband was in career.best touch and pretty much.single-handedly won in the semi final.and the final it's happened a bit.actually the scorches have probably only.sort of you know finished top and why.not you know a lot of the other sides.have come from fourth we know about that.from an IPO years both doing we managed.to sneak in just in the fourth spot and.we can burgle the title hello a hydra.bed.but this is what it all means the points.table at the moment Thunder so renegades.thunder tomorrow night and then with a.battle at the top to work out who stays.at the top at the moment strikers on net.run-rate and then of course the heat.play the Renegades the last match of the.home-and-away I think for me the Thunder.have to win really well tomorrow but I.think renegades are in the box see to.qualify two more names left the.Renegades bit about they played the heat.big run difference yeah you know he'd.have to do something special so it's you.know all nothing for the heat in that.last game yeah.Lin may be back the figis phone selected.in the Australian t20 team so you think.that that might be nice heat out for him.that little run around and pop a few.this boats trying to balk plenty at the.moment he's got most of them out of the.middle 34 off 15 maxwell saw Glenn.Maxwell before game didn't we panicked.he's a little bit of an issue with his.eyes I'm just getting some drops there.yeah pregame conjunctivitis he picked up.on Saturday still hanging around now so.doesn't seem like it's worrying him too.much I do not know about what.conjunctivitis all the time well he.wasn't at a Sonny's off was here there.was cloudy it was his walk over to shake.his hand gets don't come near me.it's a very painful problem there's.nothing worse as you wake up in the.morning you guys are stuck together you.can't hack them it's just usually after.a test wound wasn't a book.oh these just chipped it into the.infield they won't get there so he might.have miss hit that Oh just badly enough.coffee part of taking one in the rib.cage for his troubles eight gone will.ever look at that after the break - for.68.live sport you can watch it and you can.get involved in it with the latest.choral action bet 25 pounds or more.between Monday and Thursday and get 10.pound in free bets for the weekend.[Music].jumpy available from App Store and.Google Play when the fun stops stop this.was a throw it came into the quarry got.it in around the hip region there I.think it's a big desperate dive to get.in more than a tight run out Jets but.you're not expecting that are you and.your full stretch we can hear through.the stop mark as one pities as soon as.the Dean was at all it wasn't right the.ribs the bolding changed Moses on Rica's.he comes into the attack was the six.matches missed a few games in the mid.tournament great the seen back and.playing well again be bawling to rub.quani suit some good variations mo and.he's good to see him back obviously.tough time for him well handled by.everyone and getting back tiresome.Krueger and finally the smaller these.facets that's what you want to say.we've got Peter Neville wiped up and.said that before evening Nets good I.think how we go yeah going well mate get.through this one no there was some.frustrations about the wicket from the.heat when they played here but maybe.that we knew you guys were too good.bombing them out for 70 or but looking.by comparison tonight the pitch yeah.that's a lot dryer probably not as much.pace in it as it was the other night.you'll still see a little bit of up and.down quite all in all I think it should.be pretty good we good.when Maxwell's walking at the moment but.it's quiet advanced seeing any punches.through the gap.lovely stroke because that's a good shot.there good use of the feet but on the.half volley and got the gap that is.after through the extra cover a nap.Kochi boat here not too bad enjoying it.so far what's what sort of totally.you're looking at tonight you reckon.sorry mate what's all the total average.total tonight on this sort of wicked.good title tonight yeah probably around.150 160 somewhere around that area.there's a few more for Queenie's going.hard out it here so it's building up for.another good over for the stars and Pete.we've just turned about the Sony.Foundation and the partnership with the.Sydney sixes there's some wonderful.words of expression there from cancer.sufferers on your shirts yeah so this is.a background so you can or a charity.partner at the Sixers they're building a.dedicated cancer treatment facility for.young adults now so you can see on the.back of the shirts there's words instead.of mains yep so and these words are.selected by some of the patients their.words that they draw inspiration off.during their treatment so after the game.all the shirts going to be signed and.auctioned off and the funds put towards.helping to build this treatment facility.yeah that's brilliant there's a couple.of young cancer survivors and patients.out in the field tonight weren't there.pregame and it's a terrific thanks Nev.we'll get back to you for the night.oh that's even more impressive from.quiet.you got one through the gap this time he.goes the air or it's over the rope one.bounce into the crowd 14 off the over to.Frady 2.could you switch to a better broadband.deal without breaking a sweat with you.switch yes you can you switch switching.made simple if everyday lows it is.simple and straightforward.representative APR 9 2015 4 free so.there's confirmation from Australia.today from the BBL organising committee.the semi-finals coming up Thursday the.first will be the home final semi-final.of the Perth scorches to whoever they.come up against in this the adelaide.strikers the next day so that's next.week Thursday and Friday we believe this.Thursday days.time that the tickets will be going on.sale for that Optus stadium match but.we'll keep you posted on that it's nice.to have the the venue's all sorted and.everyone can start to plan around that.the pointy end of the season it's a good.little battle going on here as well.Nathan Lyon and Glen Max we can see max.are wanting to get after him wine bowl.beautifully all summer through the Test.matches and started well and they came.back into the big bash as well he's not.going to let max all get away from him.slightly slow on the ball before max.will use these feet nearly chipped at.midwicket and push that one through a.little bit quicker just to make sure he.kept Maxwell in his crease that ball.gives each other a lot of minutes and.and hilltop and change he's lying a.little bit and as you said his pace.that's gonna be the key for him.oh say if say he's got lucky there it's.fun very hard there I reckon he's hurt.himself he try to hit that along why.over the Bill O'Reilly with a reverse.sweep I reckon he's in a bit of trouble.no not good they're good signs at all.beholding its history those sides might.be a side year grant muscle who say.trainers are running out we'll watch.closely here this was from Peter.Neville's point of view you swing too.hard something you must have warmed up.left-handed I say well if we said you.got lucky you got lucky because of how.much eventually bounced just turned a.little bit bounced a lot surprised.Maxwell and Neville as we can see.they're just feeling freeze he's right.side because that's not gonna be good.news if he's a big strain down that side.there somewhere.it's not good coach that we don't want.that.[Applause].leaders on that it.so well 38 off 19 myself just had.confirmation that Thursday this coming.Thursday both those semi-finals tickets.will go on sale 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time.till 12:30 the members the Adelaide.strikers and the Perth scorches members.will have priority purchase opportunity.and then 1:00 p.m. the general public.tickets will go on sale Thursday the.25th of January.[Applause].this.when Max was struggling after that big.reverse week Peter Neville.showing some concern there getting in.and asking and how he's going he's felt.free solder this wonder if it might be.something to do with these bats doing.some loosening up exercises on his on.his mid-back now as well that might have.been a bit of referred pain there down.into his side which you can get when you.and you tweak like the rib joint or one.here you're dissing your back and get a.bit of pain down underneath the bottom.of your rib cage so it's been very good.since the first came in that was his.opening boundary of habit and then he.went bang back-to-back sixes that was a.much more impressive stroke standing.still brathwaite came on and he just.ramped him over the top and then.delicately put him down a third man and.then that was a beautiful stroke so his.board is a game tonight maxwell well you.see a bit of the difference there.already clearly just how much still.areas dent and i was not moving around.the crease as much he's not opening it.he's front foot up as much as he has.done in previous games and he's looked a.lot more in control of his stroke play.as a result we hit that well who smacked.out that's four beautiful timing they've.got that deep point right around for the.reverse sweep pick the linked up well.moved away cut off nicely through cover.it's got a big grimace on his face.though still max Lucy's head out still.in a little bit of discomfort it was.good used to the crease though way.outside his leg stump and got the gap.that he was after it deep extra cover.seed hard as world and along off.probably only one this time and will be.does the fielding.still not moving well max really really.carried his right side they're running.down the pitch even just for that single.he's done a remarkable job here they're.up to 491 one ball short of halfway so.what a revival partnership of 73 with.quani he goes out of the car there's no.one back there one bounce for 10 overs.gone at the stars you're on a rampage.now to 495.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].he sat out naughty long enough big Kevin.paid us in a bag a big go there.his ticket in his joy to snow we're not.oh I just love the guy.[Applause].this is the last ball the last over it's.tossed up on a bed off stuff from Nathan.why but for my own boys that's the shot.of the night quantities gave yourself a.little bit of room just a classical.cover drive with a little bit of.elevation on a pop both perfectly placed.one bounce over the road but there's.that partnership now 77 from 42 balls.we're talking about it or never paint an.Everest or medical school being around.the 160 mark or a turnover now gets into.175 so if they can keep this momentum up.they're in for a big toe tonight six.more beautifully helped round the corner.goes well back nearly in the tire again.too short too short for horses come back.in instead of pitching it up trying to.get him hit through the line of the ball.and a good length using the wicket.setting up being too short just smooth.it around here for six yeah it was a.slab or two books just at an off counter.top delivery from nauseous he wants to.ball those balls I agree with you I.think Madoff can go back finally can.come up and he bailed on the fraction.pull-up this is fantastic batting real.entertainment here from Glenn Maxwell.all that field change going back there.is the captain Johann boda two deep long.off fine leg comes up I don't think Lynn.Mex is going to stop I think he's gonna.keep going while he's warm.and we've got a little update from.Lisa's to Lake it down on the sidelines.Lisa yeah I've just spoken to the.Melbourne Stars physio and he said that.Blaire Maxwell thought he might have.strained his side as he went out then.the system which is pretty hard to do.when he's out in the middle he thinks he.might have just pinched his nerve so.Maxwell's going to try and push through.it and then he'll assess him in the.dugout when the change of innings.happens thanks Lisa.this could be tight he gets that it was.all pressure pack stuff but Maxwell gets.250 he does it in 23 deliveries which.equals the fastest ever to the Melbourne.stars joining Luke Wright Class C 50.from Glen that's all there as you said.23 bulls.I've seen him back like this a couple.times B looks internal control tonight.he's kind of bit harder now he might be.a bit stiff in that side or back and.wise warm he's probably just going to.keep going now but it's like you've got.140 come on yeah we just kept going and.going.Queensland viewers just get ready soon.to switch from 1 to 10 you'll be able to.continue to watch this great.entertainment from Glenn Maxwell many.better sites.Australian cricket when this means well.having fun and certainly doing that.hitting them out of the middle he's.adjusted well the last couple of.deliveries as well washes fallen.straight on that occasion to quantity.obviously be hitting to that long.boundary 143 kilometers an hour again.hasn't adjusted quite as well on.medication second water the over.and that's the pressure that max was put.on the bowl here so great challenge for.a young man to find what works and Bobby.Quine he's upped his rate to lately he's.what nineteen off his last six.deliveries yep it's becoming fixes.partnership building it's fine.racing down picked up by Hughes there.and they get back for two well run.Queensland viewers switching over.[Music].welcome to all our Queensland viewers.live and free big bash create on 10.Glenn Maxwell he's putting on a little.bit of a master class he had 52 off 24.sheep of 89 Bobby Quine the other side.of his trigger that goes a little bit.unnoticed he's running between the.wickets took off quickly then as soon as.he got down to third man touched in come.back for two quiet comfortably he's in.the wars though so just saw him a minute.ago signal to the dugout again to get.some more eye drops out there he's got.what he thinks might be a astir pinched.nerves strain side as well as he's V.Norman.well all the six is coming on the leg.side as you'd imagine a couple over Long.Island a couple over deep back would.square but he's playing an innings that.sure he's enjoying we're enjoying up.here in this crowd that have turned out.the scg although it's not for their team.I'm sure they're having fun as well.that closes out the 11th over it's.another two it's 14 runs from the door.shits over to four 109 the fourth round.of the FA Cup will be a tremendous.success.just look at the third round look at it.beautiful run Newport great job great.people look at him look at him go sprint.not as fast as me though and Liverpool.wow what a place.the scouts people they love me evanka.says I've got Beatles hair she loves me.yeah yeah yeah and she's a paperback.writer I predict great things believe me.and the fourth round is going to be one.of my best predictions the Emirates.FA Cup and BT sport trumps all other.competitions trust me I know.v one day international history will be.made the first international crew game.at Optus stadium perth final tickets.have been released but you better be.quick cricket calm that I use Ford /.tickets get out there the series is gone.but going to support the Aussies and be.party history challenge near to Perth or.anyone that wants to fly in the Perth.and be apart it is state of the art.stadium very comfortable seats.boat up it's tight squeeze for one now.be a great occasion but phone it'll be.unbelievable mark obviously you have.laid over the refurbs been fantastic yet.one of the great opens in Australia if.not the world but they're wrecking this.one it's going to be you know secondly.none so looking forward to it yeah.there's not a bad seat in the house I've.had a tour of the stadium and doesn't.matter where you sit you have got a.perfect view of the action you had.access to food and beverage and.bathrooms and so on they had a real.theme through the build of that and the.design of it called fan first make sure.that the fan comes first what's the.thing with the stadiums these days.they're actually entertainment complexes.on though there is food and beverage.stores everywhere they're all.comfortable air-conditioned and actually.have a really enjoyable night out.let's world ball but even banner batting.from Maxwell Wow.the boy is good and he's turning it on.denied it's a great shot just gave.himself little room but again timing.placement beautiful delivery was it yeah.it's it's about six inches outside leg.stuff in almost a Yorker so I was a good.delivery this great innovation from.Maxwell just moved outside.he's lake stomping favoring that short.boundary as well we've got the placement.perfect slowed up just ship down the.ground he's in control tonight alright.I'll tell you what he's chipped it.almost too well because it's only landed.about 15 minutes in from the boundary.the side strain or the pinched nerves.not holding him up if anything it's.spurred him on to go even harder hasn't.he's certainly a shot of all it's been.an unbelievable partnership ever was as.we said with quani.he's actually got moving as well at the.same time unbelievable shot again.through cover stepped away a slow ball.from Bo to that time and that's a.hundred partnership up that's in a.magnificent partnership for the.Melbourne stars Ben delight for the.watch clasp adding from Max will again.there we go Jimmy's outside leg stump.it's a half volley that yeah a lot of.bottom hand involved in the shot almost.shoveled it through the covers but once.again perfectly placed perfectly strike.and big feller in the background the.blue shirt like the to Devine.26 of his last 12 delivery since he had.that little strain just accept a single.to close out the 12th over another.really productive one there for the.stars two for 121 it's getting big Steve.can you save hundreds of UK pounds on.your energy bills in no time at all with.you switch yes you switch switching rate.simple learnin when you need some.emergency cash yo you can turn to sunny.yeah that's life support.sunny dot uk' well the Melbourne Stars.absolutely flying here to 121 after 12.overs and they've actually taken 61 off.the last 5 overs these two led by Glenn.Maxwell who's 65 9-hour from just 31.deliveries five fours and four sixes Rob.quanti playing the role that you said as.well buff just getting Marshall back on.strike to found the boundary on a couple.of occasions itself of light East 29.from 20 balls a partnership now 103 456.Shawn Abbott will come back into the.attack 419 off his first over after.being man of the match here about five.nights you know picked up four for 14 or.four that night and goes from 19 of his.first over tonight great depression.absolutely is under pressure now is more.bowling to Maxwell with that short.boundary on the leg side and habits.preferred length is shorter the length.like that which just punch to the man at.cover he's got a wild one there.looks like they might buy a little bit.wider make Glenn try and fetch it to the.lakeside if he wants to go but he's so.good if you close a loop you shop as you.said over cover or backward point he can.still pick up a boundary that way.communicating swanny there too it's.wonderful if it's worth he's gonna buy a.lot of slow boards if it's worth.bringing third man up into the circle.and getting this guy at midwicket go all.the way back on the boundary it's gonna.be the captain he's gonna look for drags.at square a little bit luckily as well I.probably could hit that over that man at.midwicket no now overseas players and.stars line up tonight either no look.right no Kevin Peterson has to be at.first might get Laurie Colliver under.that seen it happen before in big bash.cricket the Renegades last year get.bored I'm done with a couple of injuries.and they couldn't replace to my brother.Bravo went down didn't he in hamstrings.will get lausanne to that cut the games.with none and then they brought in two.sharper air didn't though for the last.few games last year and arguing with.that weld and Bobby Quine he possibly.wrong victim all of everyone's deal with.it is coming likely.this total starting to really crank up.here isn't it 190 I know you were more.than 160 170 yeah.Bayden I have an airport gets into 183.you think they've got to get Aidan over.from here when Max was there they get in.10 over 198 2 under feast days even yep.God's job is Faulkner Hastings to come.so there's some some power down late in.that order as well Faulkner would be.eyeing it slide up the ladder there max.do you heard her fleece truck thought he.had a lack of place to deal with there.but he managed to create enough speed on.the ball one bounce for Maxwell goes to.70 more Sun was starting to eyeball.another big bash hundred well you want.you one of the very sign to 20 innings.here on a Wicca that we thought was a.little bit indifferent all beardies made.them change their bowling as well no I.wouldn't be surprised if he steps one of.the offside here thing in a slow warm.wills it over the men at 45 now he's in.that good a nation that's just an.instant replay oh he's a slow learner.Shawn ever that is landed in exactly the.same place as a ball before one bounced.over the right boot at deep backward.point it's 121 km wide and maximum and.this sort of touches not gonna miss out.on those.[Music].one point five overs for Abbot done for.twenty nine so that's the two deliveries.in a row see if he's learned if you get.the third opportunity.how does he close it out a bit he chose.a big slob all all max well lower it up.could be loaded up too much 71 off the.last six over the stars are flying two.four one three one is using the new odds.boost feature from the Brooks he's.weighing up his options he's got a.chance to do something special here oh.great clicking from the lad he's landing.up the top right he's heavy odds boost.look how his odds are boosted instantly.let's go to the replay.that's a belter from his right finger.unbelievable at Ladbrokes get five in.play odds boost at the Australian Open.every day when the fun stops stop.[Applause].it's a good-looking city there the.Manhattan skyline for the greens and set.back early back-to-back wickets in those.two overs but then since those wickets.partnership 113 or 62 Nathan line coin.he goes so all he's shaped the guy over.cover line straightened he went leg side.yeah bang hi and handsome over why I.belong on was tossed up from line but it.just the length which is slightly wrong.I was a little bit too full just got.right into the swing path of my knee.gosh the goose what's he got for us 87.meters he reckons well he's going to.keep going every born in well it may as.well both they've got a bit of batting.to go and not many overs left knee keeps.going alright good start it's a good bit.of barley from Nathan line just drag the.link back a little bit didn't he go more.into the pitch probably feeling that.quanti was going to come down the pitch.just a little bit of turn boots pointy.ball ends up which brings to the end and.magnificent. between corny and blend maximum the.Bunnings we get replay 119 runs of 64.Bulls replied bobbyw2345.[Applause].[Applause].mr. zip Gaucho comes in at the fall of.the Bobby coiny wicked it was a great.partnership 119 between quani and.Maxwell busy little quicker to this boy.what's the interesting one because you.could have easy.put up Faulkner or Gulbis yeah about his.job.the young man is to get where Mex woman.struck for his many boys he possibly can.play ball against the Thunder tune his.last game danique 31 off 25 in in that.game but you're right he does need to be.busy no dot balls the men in the ring.now is well with this new badass you get.in nice and tight not let him just drop.it and run.oh it's short and wide cut out the deep.point we'll do the fielding just one.gotchas away he's a whippet between.wickets as well which is not a bad thing.for Glen a few chips it gets the twos.and up and down and be busy but just.don't have any dot balls yeah I think 48.in the semi-final last year when Mitch.Johnson blew the stars away in the first.couple of overs said came in at 2 for.none look 40 out of 47 balls three sixes.teased it for line it's that little chip.shot again there from Maxwell creates.two.and once again it's a little bit better.than just a little chip shot as well as.oh just a little check drive and see.that beautiful release from nathan wise.a little bit of hole in the wicket got.back there deceptively quick that's shot.from Max Hall its back on strike it's.looked out at midweek at a few times.here in between the delivery shore up.off the toe Gaucho goes will take and.single.it's another 10 runs so far off this.over double figures most of the last six.or seven Gorch does exactly what Darren.lame I wanted just noodling around 14.gone three for one for two.I suppose you're wondering why we called.you here no no I'm aware on the new cars.highways you're interviewing Bill.Shorten he's being boring what do you do.I'd probably make a crack about him.being the Shadow Minister for boring.know what if you leave the drugs to P I.quite liked it thanks to you sir sighs.6:30 Sunday it's a big night on Sunday.night on the ten network.Lisa Wilkinson joining the project.fantastic to see who you know man sir.team there and the team here sixes are.under pressure.it's the Melbourne Stars in this battle.to stay away from the the wooden spoon.if you like.I think the stars are pretty much got.that sewn up but they've got a bit of.pride bragging rights.they're going well got nice and Denley.he gets you know it catches to call.catch it he's done good and silk.and the Jake.so if deadly picks up a weekend well.it's interesting Gilly because if he's.going to come in and play like that try.and slob from the start I think there's.someone in their lineup they can.probably do a little bit better than.then God she can gently back into the.attack the burnings we can replay it's a.full leg spinner hit pretty well but it.way too flat jordan sook stoppage put.those down on the logon boundary gaucho.is on his way for two from just three.deliveries stars now four for 142.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].the new Lexus LC experience amazing.James Faulkner so through the strange.shop Griffin said God's to get probably.get climax go on strike turn sport.because certainly whack it and he will.take on that short boundary once it gets.in he normally takes a few balls to get.going.I know 50 runs this baby oh he's.striking at 100 I know they struggle.with the bat that you'd like him to you.know get going pretty quickly here then.away he goes down down there's nothing.wrong with these leg spinners they're.okay once again you can see the cover.man and midwicket go back a point all.crowding a little bit not giving up that.easy single pushed wide of that man at.cover just the one I think we had fought.beside pushed away Maxwell none of that.Maxie's thinking short boundary here.definitely well I think this was.probably what the move was to bring.Tenley back in anyway from Johan boat it.was sort of all or bust he the leg.spinner ago knowing that Max was.probably going to go after him.let's try and buy a wicked if he can and.this is the man they need out as well.77 now he his from just 38 balls a.couple of words quickly though as does.he keep going he tries it beats everyone.and the other chase is on Paul wins.poor boys.well there it was Gilly that was the.answer to the question you're going to.ask will it keep going absolutely you.keep going going off that short side we.saw him at Delhi for six and he's first.over one just scooted on do you know.almost went the other way look at legs.spin around in the hand it just busted.caught the shiny side of the ball and.skidded on past the leg stop he'll go.get now he's definitely going toss it up.ball up you'll go again right back over.his head the authority good work down.the deep suit there again was it.directly so diesel super busy hurt.himself him on landed awkwardly on his.shoulder has he wets open I hope this is.not a serious injury it doesn't look.good so far see what that left arm.tucked in nice and tight to his side.just get that elbow out of the way don't.let that elbow hit the ground first.it's like the food advice is checking re.the boundary knew you might be touching.the rope there while he's in contact.with the ball.more concern than a couple of rounds is.what happens here.Frances into the ground he head hit the.rope as well we watched this replay and.the third umpire make the decision you.can see live Jordan silk is leaving the.field right away it was to shoulder to.the collarbone region I mean Richard.straightaway didn't he kill it and I.think the unfortunate thing is as well I.think it's probably could before as well.just to make things even a little bit.worse he'd really took a blow there too.didn't it but the error of his shoulder.that he grabbed was the area that.actually landed on the right one of it.doesn't look good though.he's a fantastic food j-jordan summer.festival.as he goes Denley comes in last fall.with the 15th well done there by the.skipper for the sixes eight runs from it.for 450 if Christmas is a bit for long.take some time out.we've got movies for every movement.available from Justin 19 only so you can.afford to treat yourself just access the.B team player to find great deals on top.titles in the bttv store annually sale.the one just you deserve it so Jordan.silk having just taken a catch earlier.in the over desperation on the boundary.went around there in an attempt to save.the for and all he could do was bang his.shoulder there and clutched at it.straight away he's left the field gone.into the change rooms we'll get an.update soon as to the situation for him.thanks for continuing on goes to 81 the.real worry for me there Gilley is he he.grabbed it so right away than a meter.you actually looked over at it so honor.if he felt that it might have been.popped out popped out straight away you.can see him look towards his left.shoulder straight away but fingers.crossed but Jordans silk max walk now on.to 81 Fortner on straightest works at.truly wicked it's another single in Fort.Lee continues to push art for the twos.continues to be ignored by Maxwell.Glenn will coop ignore him as well as he.should make when he's striking at.hundred ninety-three what he should be.facing as many balls he possibly can.be out there and now you can see the.Empire this walk places too much leaks.I'd really good appeal though it's very.good appeal see that we pitched on its.on leg you think and is right up to hit.leg probably just missing Jesus closest.close I must admit it was closer than I.initially thought.yeah the angle where honey on here.looked like was gonna miss least up.quite comfortably but sure we'll get.another look at that at some stage no I.think something's coming here though.it's been tied down a fraction by line.here just for a few balls the best thing.is probably happened is the hoodie side.trying that first reverse sweep he.doesn't know how to try another one.since yeah four of his last five balls.as he go big that's good bowling cramped.up job here from line.just have a little look Harvey Norman.Hawkeye buff son and then well there we.go there we go hitting he right though.he looked like it was the other way well.ask Paul to close it out Faulkner works.around the corner for one keeps the.strike and therefore for 156.Steve can you save hundreds of UK pounds.on your energy bills in no time at all.with you switch yes you switch switching.made simple if everyday loans it is.simple and straightforward.representative APR 9 2016 9 au @ every.day loans coat UK and discover your.credit future I care at the Sydney.Cricket Ground there's a little running.repairs to Glenn Maxwell he's batting.beautifully 82 or 44 four hours to go.Melbourne stars I'll be eyeing off 210.and over gets them up 1 9 6 Fortner can.go just as big as maxwell when he's on.fire he needs to settle into his innings.Carlos Brathwaite done a good job to the.sixer since its turned up the overs left.to the bowlers.rare times a Abbot 429 off.[Music].Joe deadly to stand out there gila one.for 13 off its two overs of Lex Pete.[Applause].some male death he's gonna bowls alone.pushing out again Jones Faulkner then.Maxwell no it's a pretty loud shout of.now as well wasn't it for Maxwell look.the keepers in cooler halfway down.talking aloud Schatz Peyton Evelyn.what are you Matt there again baby yeah.that was a shad on that elevator Maxie.well I liked it did you know I think.night what's this ice I'm coming in.didn't hear I didn't say anything that.good work a lot of that it's clever hey.you gonna stop Maxie maze looking good.no that's a very good question.I think getting LBW would be a good idea.around there we get picky on leg.now if we spoke about the wicked earlier.is it probably played a little bit.better than you expected it to.yeah and Jimmy Faulkner tell me last I.overheard what he thinks it is since an.absolute belter so my 150 to 160 is.looking too good.they've coach again has Carlos being.around the group yeah a really good is.he's dabbing most of the time very.energetic fella hasn't had a bad since.he's been here though as in that's but.it hasn't been required for us in the.game and what need him tonight.[Applause].we Carlos is gonna track that one down.again it's just a single nerve now if it.looks like Nathan line wants to say.something else here he's crept over a.couple times near you well if you got.something to offer I'll invite him oh I.think he's trying to stay just out of.earshot does he want to do a dad voice.or elements on tonight so bad is going.cuz he just worked it out thanks.it's into the gap he gets around dwarfs.it's interesting to hear people talk.about him being an energetic of walk.around the Griff occurs most the West.Indians aren't that at all they pretty.laid-back and iconic they don't like.training they don't like team meetings.Dwayne Bravo was captain of the.Renegades a few games and didn't even.turn up didn't turn up to him even when.he was captain skip one more question to.Peter Neville if you can even still here.is Nev I can't all right last game for.the Sixers what happens from here for.you guys you just back in the your state.create preparations for the rest of the.ship heeled shoe yeah I was actually.doing my calculations in bed last night.and I came out with if we win this game.albeit something a move one day will.slip into fourth position it's gonna.make the top four smarter man than us.catch it's a call and taking it is.and there's a celebration.well Glenn Maxwell you just beat these.top scorer in big bash credit.it's brathwaite digs it out on the.bannings wicket replay it's a pretty.good shot together they out there.Shawn Abbott secure hands takes the.catch rings to then very very good.innings class as happy the Sixers are.happy maxwell you'll be disappointed to.miss out but well batted 84 or 47 at.five for 161.waiting cross continents.and time zones.at the mere touch of a bomb.the moment the game changes is the.moment we see it.I'll miss nothing we are members of the.world's favorite online sports betting.company and we gamble responsibly at.bet365 glad max were leaving the field.they're brilliantly played innings 584.from 47 gets his team the Melbourne.stars into a very strong position in the.game 5 to 161 3 hours to go the near.mount of the crease Evan gold was strike.rates probably a little bit down as well.on previous years just 108 so Fortner.who's been out there for 8 balls now he.needs to start finding the rope well.they're gonna go to deadly.who has been their best ball you see.wooden ball but obviously we bring it in.it's not a bad move to right-handers big.boundary your ball of stumps latest 11.runs off the last survivors as well ball.for all all singles.well the man that oh you had sore eyes a.sore ribs but battered like Bradman bled.Maxwell's down with Lisa still a cup.yeah we've had to turn off the lights.because his eyes are sore.you've been in the wars a bit how's the.body feeling yeah right.I'm sort of done a few KP injuries while.I'm batting so I don't think there'll be.any fielding for me or not but um yeah.it was nice it's gonna be a time out.there and at least after I got injured.as I was still hit to be on really.couple times do you feel like every time.you bat you have a point to prove no no.and so that I think it's probably more.about the season that was stuck the.stars have had this year it's been.pretty poor as far as far as win-loss.ratio goes and unfortunately I haven't.be able to contribute to any wins which.has been really frustrating so hopefully.tonight is the start of at least a.couple games that we can get off I can't.pay off alone.all right well thanks for joining us and.rest up well and also I've just heard.from the Sydney sixes that he's hinted.his collarbone Jordan silk so they've.gone for x-rays and fingers crossed it's.not too bad an injury thanks Lisa thanks.max eat the talking to us there who join.keep you updated on Jordans silk that.was a nasty blow to that left shoulder.his eyes didn't look too good do that.Maxie see I used to bet like that all.the time before just trying.contract and jump as the started over to.continues do a great job here Joe denly.it's the four singles this over the 18th.just when they're looking to launch here.the stars they've just had the hand.brake applied be kept to one again they.come back to - it's a short throw but.it's wide will run even Gulbis two overs.to come 167 to 5.live sport you can watch it and you can.get involved in it with the latest.choral action but 25 pounds or more.between Monday and Thursday and get 10.pound in free bets for the weekend.[Music].jump in available from App Store and.Google Play when the fun stops stop.ELISA padding card therefore the stars.dance command dunk relatively cheaper.than a really good partnership 119 for.Maxwell and quanti and they just lost.their way a fraction these last few.overs they were 4 to 150 or 15 overs the.last three overs it's been all in the.sixes favor Carlos continues only going.to get one again they've all very well.in the last few as you said and it.starts with mr. trick.he'll be trying to clear the rope pretty.much every ball or get at least two as.you see they're both right these wickets.in bbl seven the one that got Maxwell.who was shot by the way just hit try to.eat it ya big boundary he played a.beautiful shot and that was that one.that was pulsating there I find it.amazing you can hit that that far out to.Deep Cover almost a Yorker length.delivery not dissimilar to that but they.they find a way they get creative now.the modern-day batsman Oh.oh you might not have seen that on.screen but that was one of the more.extraordinary throws in a smile across.my face it's just obviously completely.to slipped out of his fingers we.probably get a replay of that but he.wouldn't throw it hard and it just.ballooned up being the no-man's land.about 30 meters away from both sets of.stumps near the 30 meter circle on the.other side of the ground he struck him.nicely lately so have that to look.forward to in this run chase Nick.Madison like Maxwell as good a talent as.we've got around Australia and when he's.going you want to be watching as well.put that troll as well to the crowd down.in that section it's the old hill.section of the Old West CJ's in there.and that particular part of the ground.it's bit of a graveyard for opposition.fastballs down there spilling down at.finally going up the middle of a test.match yeah when the old grass here was.there a few of these and I want to be.down there that sounded nice.keep it over the top is it gonna kick on.it does Galvez gets its first boundary.there nice timing.just go off pace 133 but furthest bamboo.for fire voters so much needed barely.while the Stars do it from struggling.the gossip Ison control wasn't it that's.the thing about those lofted shots well.if you're not trying it for six you've.only got it carried about 30 meters just.carry the guys had it on the circle at.mid often a generally races away for.four that's all he tried to do there in.trying over here did he kept this shape.made sure he got the middle of the back.got four runs.[Applause].fine leg comes up mid off goes back.they'll be off pace again or your cut.lovely shot.clever very clever it's great well to be.the new-age bats we could do these days.they practice it.it's got down low there and played that.beautifully short boundary again.predicted New Yorker got it right yeah I.think if he's gonna ball that you're cut.it has to be way outside off stump but.that with that field even though you've.got third man in tail lenders are not.gonna play a little dab shot down to.third man they're thinking straight down.the ground or leg side only.so here the ball is a slow ball straight.which obviously makes it hard to get.over the guy short finally gory ballsy's.quicker one wide outside off stump just.playing the percentages and he didn't do.it on medication the bats Morton was way.too good.good work from Gulbis 11 off 5 a couple.of boundaries two in a row in fact some.minor adjustments to the field last ball.the 90 now Austin just a bit expensive.towards the end but he secures it with.the dot Ping's a batsman says sorry's.but the shortest trousers in the world.at the moment Kyle's breath wait but.it's done a good job finishing there.five four one seven nine.[Music].you weighed down by poor credit record.finding it difficult to borrow money.every day loans could help they offer a.range of loans from one thousand to.fifteen thousand pounds they're flexible.as well as being friendly and.approachable apply online and they'll.give you a conditional decision in.minutes that's right.with everyday loans it is simple and.straightforward representative APR 9.2016 8 every day loans co uk and.discover your credit future not your.credit history tomorrow night the.Thunder and the Renegades that is a.massive match the winner will move.further forward maybe towards the.semi-finals and they're just three more.home and away matches after that over in.the West scorches and the strikers top.of the table and then on Saturday the.big double head up stars the Hurricanes.plenty riding on that to them and then.it could it could all come down to.Brisbane Heat taking on the renegades up.there at the Gabba Chris lean back big.bash credit culminating the big finish.dwarfs and how can he finish with the.ball take that it's a swing and a miss.yeah Jimmy formers gotta hit the.boundary he's loose them been forgetting.power in the last sort of 12 but.something released looks like he's.swinging too hard and not going to his.areas he just had that amazing purple.patch Sydney in this dry and one dates a.memory closed out some games with some.incredible budding some incredible power.hitting on the back end that's carved.over cover and that probably that.boundary you're asking for puffins is.yeah he's very smart crude knows where.he wants to go and sometimes I think he.with the parry just doesn't work out.which way he wants to go so yeah he.likes it does take a few balls to get in.that was his errand or where he went but.he hits a very big ball late so now it's.a big boundary he's get to right through.the right yeah what he did that you said.that he does hit strong to the lake side.but I in fact think he sets himself to.hit to the lake side every ball and if.he set himself to hit down on the ground.first and then adjust it from there.while thinking and then access both.sides of the ground the group it's the.higher score by a team batting first at.the scg for eight games going to get.back here what's your Humberto down.there we don't want the ball that's for.sure.he does not want the ball and it's cost.his team a couple of runs call Nathan.line out in the deep I'm sort of running.around the boundary in case it got past.the captain and Botev he fumbled it.didn't he and then he just gave up on it.he won't look around at all to try to.see where it went or see whether he had.to save another or if he was injured or.not what was he doing honestly he's the.captain of the team slipped through his.hands he's miss fielded it and someone.else has got to go and get it for it in.line and run about 20 or 30 meters.around the boundary to be where we saw.him start there in that shot so make.sure this one doesn't come down to it a.one ball one run top scenario good slow.ball I'm having a chat to you both in.the innings break about looking ahead to.the South African tour the squad that.you picked there maybe a little bit of.reminiscing of the ashes victory no miss.not doing it Wow well that was very.enjoyable.there's man enjoy the last few days oh.your whoo Trey hasn't played since the.ashes ever probably missing top of it.probably missing a couple days out of.his life I reckon out for the end of the.cylinder good hand there backward point.saves a couple.[Applause].you know one delivery left what look.like it could have been it says 200.maybe fer that just applied the.handbrake getting a the six they've done.a good job to reel it in.yeah they did I still think they're.about par though got a few bowls Lily.it's gonna be a tough choice.yeah 177 books playing the average.winning score here so well I'm truly.above its help nicely but good work at.short fine leg Hughes keeps it just a.single so that completes the 20 overs.partnership of 28 from Fortner and gold.was to close here.signs for 21 or 17 deliveries Gulbis he.gave a little bit of him impact in this.their 14 off nine that's where it's at.the match summary five for 189 the stars.maxwell was brilliant.quani great partnership as well Rath.wake up the wickets line good again.deadly surprising with the leg spin 1 to.19 so after the break we'll talk a.Darren lamb and then the run chase will.be on it's big batch like three on.Network Ten.stay with us.[Music].alphabetically on a beachy Bonanza curry.on a jog that they like to brighten up.equally hidden France and by in.Griffiths golden house and hoping.incredible like a toge a Jackson jumping.in.[Music].[Applause].could you switch to a better pop and.deal without breaking a sweat.with you switch yes you can you switch.switching made simple.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].the new Lexus LC experience amazing I've.always been inspired by what I see.around me watching people helps me.create my characters when you treasure.everything you see stop looking look.after your eyes your vision can last a.lifetime.vision Express vision are taken.seriously mr. 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create shots looked really.comfortable the crease yeah well what.was good signs also it seems like a.while ago now the ashes they were.regained for nil and that must have been.really satisfying after disappointing of.disappointment of losing the ashes over.there in England previously it's.obviously the biggest part of the summer.isn't especially at home you need to win.the exes at home.we lost him back in England a couple.years ago but the boys played really.well it was amazing I think it's 20.years since we've had five days of five.Test matches yeah so it was a long hard.summer for us in the Test match arena.but you know that they played well they.deserved all the accolades and.celebrations were fund Smith what was it.like coaching him working with him in.that sort of sublime form he's pretty.easy to work with mating like that so.he's a hard work all the lads work.extremely hard and to get the result of.for Neal was amazed even Melbourne where.we didn't want to give up a victory and.they denied it Steve Smith just bad.right through it crunch times and got.big runs for us looking ahead the squad.for South Africa Steve Smith will lead.that squad so just have a look at that.now and I guess two names jump out.Bancroft for me and Richardson and maybe.Holland as well as three I've said but.Cameron Bangkok was he the only sort of.slight question marks to come out of.that series he started well but didn't.finish all that well yeah he did so well.and one of the reasons we want to stick.with him obviously we think he's he's a.great attitude the way he goes about it.the way he wants to get better and.better stronger than the back end of the.ISO series a little bit yeah but we want.to give the young man some confidence we.think he's got what we need to actually.perform well for Australia for a long.period of time.he's partnerships with David Waller a.very crucial early on in the series you.look at that big picture day and he's a.young man.wants to work hard joy Richardson he's a.great inclusion I think he looked very.comfortable in his one day international.debut didn't yep at the Gabba yeah not.worked with you much obviously we've.been with a scorches and the Warriors.but he's got a good attitude about him.he's got some pace uses variation well.lovely young man good to be around looks.like he's been playing international.cricket for a long time.nice and calm about what he was doing.when he took them new ball yeah I.thought he and Alex carry on that day.boo they look like because it had been.on that main stage before didn't they.but and what about looking ahead to the.South African team what are you.expecting their conditions wise you.included Holland left-arm Orthodox but.do you think it'll be seemed friendly.more so I think there'll be pretty good.wickets to be fair Gilley I think the.way it's you go the Cape Town wicket.where it seemed quite a lot against.India I don't think they'll do it.against our attack but having said that.we'll just have to wait and see we've.got cover for everything really we think.it'll probably reverse be good batting.wickets and take some spins so we think.there'll be quality wickets all the best.of the team over there time for our.piano home grown create hero here.there's a been wonderful addition to the.Big Bash coverage this year send us in.your entries that you've heard about.them all throughout the tournament ten.play calm that a you /p no win the.legend of your club a trip on a.beautiful big ship like that watch one.sail out of Sydney Harbor this morning.before have you got well tonight's been.o homegrown heroes Paul Sinclair from.the yield room Parkville Cricket Club in.Melbourne sinkers supports a growing.number of women players at the club.promotes the annual curry night that.celebrates the contribution the Indian.and Pakistani cricketers and their.families make to the club the club says.seekers is a large part of why the club.is such a fantastic player to play.cricket for all people of all.backgrounds and all ages congratulations.singers you had tonight's piano.homegrown hero.well done singers that the curry night.claim Maxwell gave a six is a little bit.of curry out there tonight they've.posted a hundred and eighty nine the.stars and coming up after the break.the big push doodle beyond will be.Denley Madison and.it's wonderful talent around stick.around with us a big run chase who.finishes the season with two points 190.off 120 it's a big batch live and free.on ten.[Music].Peter Shilton Shergar Barbie days to do.I had a poster of East 17 Kelly Brooke.Bryan Robson my dad took it put it his.room Johnny Barnes.poor dear she for Kevin Radcliffe Elle.Macpherson Neville Southall gold Kevin.Sheedy a lot of the wham wam just a web.form really Kim Wilde looking.seductively through a blind I remember.that I was a mushy Thundercats fun for.us I had a picture of Cheetara.Matt Goss or order online now Vernon.when you need some emergency cash yo you.can turn to Sonny yeah.that's 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they don't give them.an outside chance tackling the short.boundaries key yep and see how they go.just the other thing with that perfect.looks like the beer-battered down as.well Jordan silk we'll be out of that.middle order so it's gotta be one of.these guys at the top one of the guys in.the top three or four with Enric has got.to make it a big score something similar.to Maxwell if not more well he added a.bit of impact as soon as he turned up.Joe denly can he do it again.tonight he's faces fork during that's it.he's beautifully through the gap just a.classic cricket stroke nice punch.but it races away.mirror areas you the choice Paul the.first innings same position from the.same n left arm quick open the bolding.to be honest I think that's a classy a.shot that probably wasn't quite as wide.but he has he's look good a couple of.times Joe dentally that's a beautiful.shot just beautifully tied on top of the.bounce didn't try and over hit it.they've got the gap 43 off 29 in his.first game and then a couple of lowest.scores 12 and 19 in his third innings he.picked up 40 himself in in the power.play in that innings of 43 so that was.that's the type of start they need.tonight wolf that they do mate and he's.been quite impressive for him obviously.ball samandalex goodness I know Jason.Roy didn't get the start he would have.liked for him for the sixes but he's.come in John done really well for him so.that's that's a good plus for but he.needs to start like that.so keep him up with the right because.you know Daniel Hughes is certainly not.gonna slay them about he's gonna play.more cricket shots and try and probably.anchor the innings if that makes sense.in it you know why he'll try and get 70.or 80 not out and everyone else goes.around him yep so a slip in third man.deep square leg so I did you there's a.bit of interest from behind the weak at.there.like the zone this year he hews you get.on his pads you'll generally put your.way would be productive he sort of hits.an up and under pool shot as well Gilly.if you just get a little bit short and.tight to his body some up around his.thigh patty it's an up and under pool.shot that hence the deep square leg man.in play to work through that fake get me.a bucket area should just be to Glenn.Maxwell and had all sorts of struggles.you wouldn't believe it eighty four when.he batted but he said to Lisa still a go.he wasn't gonna field but he's actually.standing next to that man they're puttin.hands to miss maxi good the same out.they had that sort of saw side it's a.good song well I'd say they're a good.song are it's a pretty ordinary player.management because you don't want him to.be out there and do any more damage.pretty consistent players need Daniel.Hughes across all formats yeah these.days and 304 runs in the big bash last.year and 225 began this year but you're.spot on Wolfie strikes at about 110.hundred and eleven somewhere around.there probably never going to take a.game away from me in the power play but.if he goes gonna make 70 or 80 and bats.through the majority of innings he's.gonna give you his team a good chance.tonight it's the good areas mainly.creamy shots but that's a beautiful shot.it's hitting the date that is.unbelievable Evan Galvez has pulled off.a rip up we saw a good one last night I.don't care what anyone says this is.better this is as good if not better it.moved about 10 or 15 meters to his right.it was a hard flat pool shot and.secondly was just talking about from.Daniel Hughes how he up and unders off.his thigh fat the Bunnings wicket replay.15 made a run full length dive into the.one hand in the right hand what a catch.heaven Gulbis Daniel uses on his way.it's on then between Flemming and.panting who's taking the best catch ever.we can discuss that later.sadly for Sixers fans Hughes is gone for.2 1 to 7.with everyday loans it is simple and.straightforward representative APR 9.2014 2 70% off on four and five star.holidays join voyage Prive calm now.you'd like ocean finance.I've got a credit limit that's just.right for me you'll find out in seconds.if you'll be accepted I know I've got.one for your new ocean credit card go to.ocean coat UK Nick Magnussen fine young.player he started to play with a lot.more freedom he feels like he's had the.handbrake on in his mind he's been a.little bit fearful of getting out and.that's made him hesitate to time he's.come out to bat he said I'm just gonna.unlock it let me go hard he's in to face.the first ball the 2nd overall it's a.nice one Frankie Worrell that's a seed.so that's silly beauty.you might consider getting a second.sleep in after that but well this is.just a highlight you want to watch a lot.of punter absolutely that is absolutely.stunning outfield catch from evan Davis.just take a second to think about how.quickly that ball is traveling as well.that was hit right out of the middle of.the bat Danny Hughes takes 15 steps to.ease about that the second slip waiting.applies but maybe neighs he had a deep.warm on couple means over the right.certainly I'm locking it isn't he who's.gonna pose in freedom well like you well.he's trying to strike though he's doing.that what he has done the last few games.was it very good ball striker beautiful.bat swing all the way for six was that.catch seriously well I thought that's.four off the bat after that fault.straightaway.tucked up no run yeah I agree because I.saw gold was running starting to sprint.and I thought you don't catch up to a.shot hit that hard but last night.it was man that does some great work on.the boundary been locking he had more.time than God was had he's run himself a.long way to catch that then flicks it.back a good 30 meters to check whether.all the reels and in the celebrations.began that footage has gone global it's.gone all around the world viral as they.say on social media it was a wonderful.bit of fielding and it was Damien.Fleming commentating said that's the.best outfield catch I've ever seen.[Applause].go celebrate back-to-back nights there's.a couple to compare their two absolute.ripping caches well I reckon social.media or let us know comparing those to.Twitter Facebook snapchat Instagram.whatever it is let us know and we'll.have a look what the opinion out there.is I'm sure the biologists will let us.know whether he agrees with you or not.Connor that was brilliant quarter in one.hand in the end full stretch that's gone.right angles that there's the ability to.swing it nicely freaky world now that's.a song or two just seam it look like it.went really late but it went a long way.after it sort of pitched certain Joe.down he's missed that bar nearly a foot.just started the shape before it landed.minute.let's situated the they carry their.didn't it.Tenley's four off three wide.shout from maxi dick kg play no.professional appeal try and save the.ward.I like the feel of his run chases.Madison coming out being so positive had.nothing to lose is therefore either a.team so I think we could be in for an.entertaining climax to the end of the.season for the Sixers the Stars have got.that extra game to play on Saturday oh.like this is what Gilly the fact we've.seen this new ball swinging and doing a.bit Paul it's done a bit again now that.good delivery from Test match Daniel.wore clothes out the second over 1 for.15.live sport you can watch it and you can.get involved in it with the latest.choral action but 25 pounds or more.between Monday and Thursday and get 10.pound in free bets for the weekend.[Music].jump in available from App Store and.Google Play when the fun stops stop back.at the scg the noble stand that Don.Bradman stand wonderful addition to the.Sydney create ground one of the great.create grounds one of the great sporting.fields around Australia around the world.mark will be coming into his first.delivery quite a while four games he's.been out for he's used to borrowing in.the Power Plate nicely flooded and good.adjustment from Madison releases to.Laker has an update on Jordan Solis yeah.I've spoken to dr. John Orchard and.unfortunately Jordan silk has just gone.and had x-ray it is fractured they're.not sure whether he needs surgery but it.looks like a minimum of eight weeks so.pretty distressing time for Jordan silk.thanks for the update Leeson it's a real.shame they're fine young man he knew he.was in trouble as you say Pinery looked.around straightaway felt for it looked.at it wanted it should have just been.dislocated but thinking there it's going.to be pretty awkward time for him it's.nicely to the way there by Dan Lee.time that waited patiently the way it.wasn't a great delivery but he.dispatched it.what's the sort of boy you don't really.see Michael P ba very much in the power.player basically it's a bit of a slow.understated calm as an hour we can see.that he's looking for a bit more over.spin as well with the way he released.that ball to just sat in the wicket and.as they put away just forward a point.from dentally.that's more water balls huh huh.yeah it struggles stamps nice and full.yeah audience winger that's it just a.little spin too much conventional one.fingers move up arm ball type delivery.good use of the fete Denley that's going.all the way as well.this is what happened last time the mark.will be applied as well so everything's.taken apart at the MCG and he's lost.gaming January 6 he took 23 off the one.over Michael B's first over in the power.play it's good use the feet there from.Denley as well and leaved over while on.slow again that one pork that was down.to ATK's again there's the quicker one.yep the thing I like about that bat.swing is he's going straight with the.ball almost like a inswinger he's trying.it straight over meat on not trying to.go through the offside now he's gone.through the offside world stopped and.over up one 426.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].the new Lexus LC experience amazing.Norman it out could be the ball a punter.what were you just saying they've been.human the Stars I just said I probably.should have taken a leaf out of the.Stars book gillian and had no be between.the 6th of january and soon albert I.wasn't quite strong enough to do that on.people focus on the cricket boy spun up.a few things to celebrate early in Kenya.really yeah and I've had it made of the.few from the last few performances as.well bat speed from Joe denly.to be the biggest in the tournament has.gone up into the top tier right near.that.just wonder whether he's going to fire.to make it the longest distance as far.as how far it's traveled from the beach.over that honey up the city noise the.war boy jumps T he's gonna keep going I.think as well the remarkable thing is.that balls come back so quickly.you know in the show grounds woman 56.and Big Bash straight for Madison I.think we're gonna see a few more tonight.if he sticks around it's the third.highest in big bash credit crystalline.on a hundred Aaron Finch on 59 patents.and he's gonna pull the trigger tonight.he just picked it up beautifully timed.it.which they some begets away this year.was that John at giant wheels proof got.one up on the roof out of the old way at.least now 104 105 meters I think it was.that night huge.[Applause].brought hand of Denley founded a little.bit more challenging against guaro.swinging aways and blue pants and carry.decent pace as well 142 kilometers an.hour.looks like we get squeaking up a little.bit.let's put later an AV but he has saved.it part of the Rada he's got the length.rod as well that's okay but skills.hasn't eased he's very good with the new.ball and we saw him in a game at Etihad.as well coming by some really good death.overs really good York because that's a.good shot over pitch the power flow down.the ground from danly mr. Cutler bounces.into the rope it long off.it's encouraging start here for the.sixes well pressure back on the ball up.just over pitching he's been on a good.length for the right-hander but soon as.he was full deadly sharp of mind backs.up the good work at the start of the.over from his batting partner so 11 from.it last ball the fourth Oh some of that.as well over the leg side.overcompensates goes sure goes further.15 off the over 141 for one.raaah what are we talking about here we.tell them that we get big basket.[Applause].biggest hit is in the game.Sixers go stick in a brought in the.block off like the fall of downtown.crowd goes water released under the law.I'm getting so excited me.that is big best trick at night the Big.Bash live on BT sport it's the last two.deliveries of Daniel Juarez last Derby.you see he pitched up and tried to swing.one away it got driven powerfully down.the ground it has Kelly talked about he.overcompensated with his length on the.next ball dragged it down.you've got pulled over midwicket and.hoof you're talking about it earlier.with the the pressure that Glen max.would put on the Bollinger there's.another good example there and it's.forced to change.he chose Fort Lee coming back on and.again take the game on little bit luck.Oh so forth thick outside it's not a bad.ball it's going to be really interesting.they've obviously decided these first.six overs of key to Frey team the stars.were these guys have won 445 and flying.so it all sudden takes that target right.down at the back end.this is great staff here from the sixes.I'll be seeing him wondering where was.this at the start of the tournament as.well their fans will be but it's a joy.to watch at the moment drag the hand.again it's a Matthew slaw ball at the.back of the hand from Fort Bragg down.too far.probably unlucky not to get more batter.on at Madison and really punish it but.who take the floor he got just so look.at the comparison here boys the stars.are two for 25 this stage a six is a one.for 49 on the back of some great batting.from Denley and madness and who's riding.his luck a long way ahead in the game.here obviously a very important.partnership for them with Jordan silk.not being in the lineup but they're.still going on Rica's and Braithwaite.boat up Neville Abbott and washer so.there's a bit of batting that's four.more is Madison it's really right.Nora as well I mean that's putting.pressure on the ball.that's very builder sorry so cool yeah.that's three bulls in a row this over in.the last two last over went to force as.well so that's five fours in a row here.for the sixes nice the easy slow ball in.the right area for medicine.he's got a long run in place to use that.slow ball as well hasn't he so if he.gets the line in length right pop it.around off stump it's going to get.carved through the cobbles it's a.beautiful shot.himself submarine week medicine he's on.fire at the moment palace wonder boys 83.runs of his last six just wonder with.madness and moving around the crease as.much as he is if it's not worth Peter.Hanson coming up on the stops the James.for queers any bowling mid 120 kaiser.now just get the keeper up there it's.amazing when a keeper goes up there how.much still of the batsman stays even.though he's only got back outside his.stumps there he's still a little bit.unsure where the crease line is when you.start moving around last six deliveries.have all gone to four four of them in.this over.[Applause].right under the pump can we see the.perfect set like the suit that's seven.in a row no no gimmick that seven.boundaries in a row but once again if.he's taking the pace off why would the.keeper not be standing up makes the.batsman stand there and trying it his.slow ball down on the ground and he's.got a long run in place for that totally.a great planner and important to say the.pace off he's accurate enough to land.that and not cause issues for a keep at.so can we get it six in a row.[Applause].and I'll tell you.the perfect set 24.all fours.[Applause].and after fire that's once touched one.265.[Applause].if everyday loans is simple and.straightforward representative APR 9.2014 4.this was the little collection of work.you got a little bit lucky first ball.you drag one around the second and then.he started to find the middle can be.Fortner kept charging in this is all in.a row all he went over that was a.terrific stroke there and then final.delivery helps it round that six floors.in a row on the back mind you of two.fours the previous over being closed out.by Joe Denley heat boundaries in a row.for the Sixers John Hastings the captain.and he's got the job last over the power.play.that's been a real button for the Starzl.Jenny with the tarp over the bull and.some more John Hastings hasn't really.started you know with the new board he's.a big man has got fooled variations.sometimes and he can swing the new ball.bit both ways.sometimes are that hard I like the same.ball the first diver for example they.haven't done that much two out in the.leg side so they rattled here the Stars.he just limped in his follow-through was.there as well there John Hastings him I.landed a bit awkwardly on his front foot.you have a look at the comparisons here.pretty sure know where that magenta runs.going in the back of a couple of P.gamers the stars are - 438 six is a one.for 66 dynamic start.this last over the powerplay was the.second last and last overs were where.maxwell got going wasn't it so we'll see.that comparisons get a little bit closer.after this over unless denly and madison.can keep going.they've all been beautiful creature.sleeper films yeah bit of luck with the.one through through slips but the rest.of it has been good Creek shot.it's nicely bold as a batsman there to.take a risk to train here a big shot.from it from a delivery like that he was.taking the pace off a couple of this.over John Hastings but when he's pace on.booking balls that sort of length he.tends to surprise the batson with a.little bit of extra bounce so therefore.playing the crosspatch shots is a bit.more difficult.see his career power play over there 13.I know is 15 wickets economy right in.the seven some low seven so it's not too.bad.[Applause].twice a night.your sweet secondary well you had it.he looked like he was going to get there.that time not the first one but that one.bouncing from Hastings surprised denly.high on the bat God was desperate little.lunging forward has got it on the half.Wally good effort though get the ball in.front.so the Sydney six is best batting power.plate Nick Madison 39 from 14 balls or.six fours and two sixes wide just inside.the wide lines a good delivery from.Hastings it's the worst power play with.the ball for the stuff us so their.season challenges and hurdles gets more.and more difficult without Kevin.Pietersen tonight without Luke Wright as.well so no overseas players.adjustment the field meet off comes up.third man goes back in that instances.well you bring him up I'll punish you.it's not a big crowding but they're.loving these work the powerplay down 1.471.a world champion is going into the.African jungle this person has a real.sense of social justice I'm a celebrity.Grammy yes 7:30 Sunday but no idea but.no idea either guilt I must admit I'm.looking forward to a few of them night.he jumps up King did at last you do.thank you yeah Kevin Gulbis chopping and.changing around now he's trying.everything try every field goes out so a.little bit more protection for the.bowler stocks tan and fine leg up and I.mean we could would come up but that's.an interesting I mean we get the way God.was bowls he's normally bangs it into.there halfway down does he.yeah doesn't mind testing the bounce out.woofle if there's anything else about my.halfway mark does it go on a decent your.core is a little bit quicker than you.think.slashed back with a point.work to do for beer it's good running.back for two good running.we saw this man on screen right now take.an absolute blinder a deep square leg.Daniel Hughes with a batsman pool shot.moving Full Tilt to his right full.length dive stuck it up both hands.initially realized it couldn't get there.and plucked it right in the middle of.his right hand it's a super catch - had.a funny thought as well boys they're.going to come back for - once again good.running we're talking about Shane Warne.being in the.shame one being in the jungle cut the.easy on we're gonna social media group.going on one of the Crips are going on.my photo memory got beaten on the head.by a snake.you brought the duckies head down.anything in a snake bit him on the top.of the head in this some of the bands.around the social media group was that.there's more concern for the snakes.well-being input warnings he drew drew.the viewers in there's no doubt about.that.everything warned he does catches the.attention to eat I think for those that.know warty particularly way we know him.the courage he carried out or showed by.having that spider on him.that's genuine fear wouldn't we've known.him a long time yeah mushrooms mushrooms.mushrooms I used to send him spiders.mushroom omelet every day of the test.match to his room which he used to.despise and women talk to me that.spiders Boyd's not long we used to have.some fun team of those breakfast menus.on that they used to hang on the outside.of your door everyone me what room.warning was in it would sneak and filter.daylight at night yeah the mushroom.omelet turn up in the morning he didn't.like it either.great shot we've de way in the gap.three point two stepped away go so.somewhere in the way goes I'm really.loving this from Madam's and I think.every create lover is 47 off seventeen.eight four two sixes that speed there.it's created all the angle there through.it potentially a couple little.milestones coming up for him as well if.he keeps this up the fastest 50 buyers.six up always missed out on one fastest.50 buyers sixer is actually Nick Madison.I was twenty two balls versus the.Thunder and BB all five and the fastest.ever at the scg is - she's short 21.balls versus a sixes last season so cut.the balls up here sleep here just to try.get another boundary away.I forgive you faces 21 balls is gonna be.there got one off 23 against the heat.year few nights back spliced that.seven overs going one for 81.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].the new Lexus LC experience amazing big.bash cricket app download it for free do.that at the App Store or Google Play get.on there and play it yeah favorite team.play against the team that you dislike.the most the one that the local rivals.oh so push hon Madden's now plan a just.build up the little milestone he's well.he's not gonna beat it now he can't beat.it does something have to be in those.last couple of deliveries because the.classes at this ground is 21 ball so the.best he can do now is is equal that beat.his own record his own record if it.comes off this delivery and we're being.asked this a lot about the 100 against.England that that at the wake of that.time did you know how close were you to.severe Richards I had no idea American.medicine really know either he's bunted.for one.good.it's not really the way you go out about.is it a so I'm gonna set a quickest.fifty record if you go out there with.that mindset and probably not gonna get.there which we can go out there and as.we said earlier booth just have a bit of.freedom and relax a little you let your.talent come through here's three relax.to their strike rate 233 at the moment.and den Lee's done his part 28 off nine.to be fair though right where they want.to be as a choice inside at the moment.you're still not backing them both you.said they won't get near opinion yeah.still still don't feel good do I think.Madison's ran out form has coincided.with his new hairstyle perhaps yeah.that's more your hairstyle able.this Dukes up more hair than I've got.like that point of the shoulder then.on the back shot on the right shot it's.got three a little bit early didn't he.talking about.Nick Maddon said he probably did have.some sort of idea of what his fastest 50.is Gilly that'll bring it up bring it up.now does that stick French cut down to.five lengths before my Nick mountainsand.goes to 53 from 22 delivery so he equals.his own record but unfortunately misses.out on the fastest people at the scg by.one delivery dude fifty though.to grant to the game one start of like.first ball.guys had a good luck you never good luck.but sometimes this guy we might good.luck I'm certainly doing that whether.required right now just at eight point.three five from here small bold from.Hastings punch through the covers I look.for two won't get them goal were.spinning the action out there tonight.I think you jumps up and slaps one this.is this is where the exit have to change.it up somewhere bring the spinners back.on take a bit of a gamble is if we get.one we can even close it up clock.quickly and then the right goes up.perfectly so some of our Maxwell young.Liam beau who's in the side tonight he's.quite hard to peek you know it's good.time with the field out even though.they're going they probably want to get.a we good we might be your best chance.Denley let's quietly move to 28 off 20.make that 29 close out the 8th over 1.489 the sixes.hey what this is using the new odds.boost feature from the Brooks he's.weighing up his options he's got a.chance to do something special here.oh great clicking from the lad he's.landing at the top right he's here the.odds boost lookout his odds are boosted.instantly let's go to the replay.that's a belter from his right finger.unbelievable at lab rubs get five in.play odds boost at the Australian Open.every day when the fun stop stop Nick.Magnussen fine young talent and he's.bought his best game tonight he's been a.nice little run at four.it's a harvey norman wagon-wheel six.down on the ground a commanding stroke.and then one up into the top tier the.trumpet stand big hit a hundred and two.meters gasps measure to that Lambo comes.in deadly says thank you very much and.please meet our.which isn't my strong but should have.clean a bit on Gilly there's a long way.in off the rope set gots down there it's.got to be one of the hot zones as well.for right-handed batters it's a swing to.that area you can see there he's back on.the rope he's gonna catch that.comfortably just in front of his face in.front of his eyes.does email answers throw the rope for.six.but Bobby Quine he marked up good.evening Bob Bobby sat down good how you.go.they're not sure and I meant to be.honest balls going everywhere so isn't.it nice to get about three or four we.get to you absolutely creamy it's empty.he's doing what we're saying play.without fear it seems like our key.that's exactly what it is I mean if they.laugh tendencies in there you know.they've got momentum from the last few.games so then I got two loads of on tone.or so on for for the hunt graph yeah and.a lab pad it's not the biggest crap.record what's he got against by Madison.down the track and continues wonderful.part big six for Madison.what is its great use of the feet but.what unlike Gilly is that back swing.he's eating straight through the line of.the ball.interesting is what we stories.wagon-wheel a minute ago there's no.boundaries out to meet weekend rage and.so he's looking to play a lot straighter.tonight which I love.when he plays that way this is just a.classic using the feet good swing of the.bat look out fall back it goes from one.meter so it's a couple tonight in excess.of a hundred foot Nick Mattson.sledging there from Gus the benefit of.the cocoa butter has and what saying it.disappeared.so we're these wicked strong Bobby I'm.gonna suggest myself to house those soon.drift the old adage that someone might.be scared to get out for me when I'm.coming in that the commentary box was.scared one cheer game so hopefully that.whoa okay please elaborate if you want I.know it's not me so give me a Bobby now.I caught your mind pathetic.no okay oh oh is it Lisa is so her.intimating that might be me did you.bother me Bobby.yeah no I didn't want me to.[Laughter].[Applause].the action that's his third 6:12 move.242 of 24.[Applause].can we get to you.no no it's up to you guys may we just.call the action a little bit later on.don't cook Harrison on tonight we can.time to run partnership from that.previous delivery the six who that 6-1.6-1 6-1 off that over and after nine one.410 quiff the betting app where every.time you place a bet your odds might get.quit but how does quit work you're.placing a bet and getting normal odds.and suddenly your odds get supercharged.from 41 to 42 one yeah it happens like.Greg from Cornwall he placed a bet on.Lester to draw with Manchester United.and got his odds supercharged from 3 to.2 to 40 to 1 his ten pound bet with.quiff won him 400 pounds it's perfectly.normal until it squiffed.weak whiny hip I haven't seen him.warming up yet Hastings continues that's.a nice stroke too and we'll push for -.he's gonna go back deadly she had really.rattled them here the sexist years the.Harvey Norman in out this goes off a.ball that came in at 73 cases pretty.much doubled it.look at that Nick Mattson there and.you've got your head down like that you.know you've absolutely smoked it you.don't even need to watch partners.rolling the money the bat swing there to.get it nice and straight through the.ball and not across the midweek where he.does that to off spin or a left arm turn.and quite regularly it's in the gap.again and pushing ardougne.they're coming back it's gonna be tight.it's gonna be real tight great throw.seven goal was to get out there it's got.a great arm ever go Gulbis Joe I tell.you what halfway no I thought he was.gone for all money look like he made.great lake grounders a good piece of.fielding and look at the rocket throat.from goalless it's in nice and tight of.the stops he's made his ground.he did not stop running that second run.until the ball was that 20 meters out of.gold was his hands when I saw him turn.and go Gilly actually he almost ran into.Hastings as he was in Hastings in his.follow-through on he had to just take a.couple of steps out to his to avoid the.follow-through and from that moment on I.thought he was in trouble but make super.late ground and desperation from.dentally saves his wicket and keeps his.partnership going 107 from 52 balls.they both that rates come down to Pat.7.13 required yeah I think they should.get him now yeah you can do that after.20 often over batting it's been great to.watch it's really important now that.they distressed this partnership add a.little bit more in Madison yeah you know.I know he's playing with absolute.freedom but if it's about winning the.game for you.they've done all the hard work they've.got the runs in the back and they're in.one way ahead on the comparison so now.you put your batting head back on again.and think about what you have to do here.to get your team across the line and.mostly because of the back end the Stars.didn't score as many either so stay.ahead of the game.another 2 or 3 overs this really the.stars under pressure I don't think he's.going to stop though he'd see how good.your cut be interesting to see if that.pits out so late but the wicket they.neither stars a now all of a sudden back.in the game with Madison going a new.banner can put some pressure on but what.a not that was that was an unbelievable.not for Nick Medicine 61 of 26 he goes.across from the Bunnings Warehouse just.pitched on leg maybe he's on his way.after magnificent not the stars an heir.to 415 in a finger going up from umpire.care Hastings , he says he wants to lift.this team inspire them to something that.was an inspirational knock Madden's from.61 off 26.- - one month on.[Applause].[Applause].though son Ricketts comes to the crease.after a partnership with 108 between.Nick Madison and Joe Tenley and he's.just got a little bit more time I think.Moe than what he thought he may have had.at the start of this run chase 27.2 and.over required well he's done this role.for the 60s quite well in the past no no.he hasn't been in the growth touch since.coming back but it's a good chance now.just to get into his innings be busy.which is gonna be and it's gonna be.tight again well you were wondering buff.about whether the LBW had pitched in.line or outside leg and Harvey Norman.Hawkeye a little bit of the wall where.that's in the blue line is.it's gonna be more than half though girl.it's gotta be over landing in the Blue.Zone not just leaning the edge into.there what are your thoughts on TRS in.t20 cricket just one just one work seems.to work well and one that grew quickly.the game up to 22 bit fast entertainment.will certainly get entertainment today.yeah but what I make my argument to that.is that they will come back after the.break 10 overs gone to 416 such a buzz.to take the catch and afterwards I went.in celebrating with my Knights Vince I.love these were all made from.tell my wife all about it it's been.saying 3:30 in the morning she wasn't as.excited as I was.the TV and the bus has been loving the.reactions the way these captors are.changing people's lives when the other.night a bloke just could not get around.his local streets without people coming.out with something on the blue taken to.catching the crowd at the big bash why.wouldn't you want to do it okay we look.Lisa Stu like it out on the sideline.with Nick Madison yeah I certainly do.Nick when you're going about the chase.like that you trying to break the back.of the innings in the first six overs.yeah that was the plan I thought as many.as we could get I mean those first six I.fought towards the end of our fielding.innings through the humidity around here.to get a bit chewy so I was trying to.make the most of that I thought hit the.ball hard into gasping it rewards for it.so it was to get us off to the quicker.start and obviously now we only need.seven a half and over so hopefully we.can get it done from here you mentioned.the Jew factor what does it do to the.actual pitch I think it has quickened it.up a little bit I found a couple of ones.I've have so skidded through and sort of.beat me for pace even though they were.slow balls out out of their hand so if.anything it makes it easier for the.batsman you can hit the gaps and.probably beat the fielders a bit sooner.than they think as well what do you.think about that huge six that you put.up on the top deck oh it was nice I.guess it's nice to hit one but same as.any other six I guess I was looking to.to take down that power play and just.happen that I sort of got one well well.well played Norris thanks thanks Lisa.thanks Nick.291 runs he finishes in bbl seven last.year boys from seven hits he only picked.up seven to five so that was a.frustrating year last year he's probably.a bit frustrated with the way that she.started he threatened he got about three.or four 30s but couldn't go on and.produce that that half-century or that.dominant for a match changing 60 or 70.so he's done it in the last two games.once the pressure was off that's his.challenge now part of you will say about.that.crs yeah well the dealer I just think.it's this game now really hinges on your.star players and make mainly as bad as.they're at the top of the order so I.mean the umpires will go to the third.umpire for run outs and stampings which.does take up a little bit of time in the.game as well so I can't see why they.wouldn't have just one in there for it.for that really important decision in.the game.it's all stuck there I grow with you I.think that person sample has a batsman.you know as a left-hander pace is not.swinging back in so to hit the stumps.it's got to be really full like that and.it still pitched outside late and you.would think you'd be able to review that.very quickly yeah just a quick let's.have a quick look at that the Harvey.Norman Hawk I've done yeah guys do so.lay them around so quickly they're.amazing just a quick answer and carrion.destroyed that shot a few times this.over and gets just the one for it so.that's the better over for the stars.from b11 Goins two four and twenty Steve.can you save hundreds of UK pounds on.your energy bills in no time at all with.you switch yes you switch switching made.simple.if everyday loans it is simple and.straightforward representative APR 9.young stars fans here look at that virus.just pick up a set of Nick Madison's.fluffs worries but there's a junior.formats app you can download just to.learn about all the new formats that.Queen Australia has implemented into.junior cricket there's no it's not.really confusion around that the rules.but it's a good way to go and find out.exactly what rules your child will be.playing against some of the modified.rules have been a wonderful addition.about getting everyone to have a go.giving them a chance to taste all the.different aspects of the game and if you.want to stay in cricket after that taste.and play the more traditional rules you.can.it's deadlies 50 of 32 balls it all.happened very quietly to Joe Denley.compared to Madison.young fellas under some pressure here.slippery ball you know Gary the short.side Moses does go both sides is.actually Saudis Denley well Moses is.exactly the same for Madison as Madison.for mine but if he uses his feet looks.to hit straight down the ground he's a.much much better player as soon as he.starts premeditating slog sweeps or.hitting across the line here we go good.use of the feet good swing in the back.and a maximum over lon.let's go padding from on Rica's Glenn.Maxwell that long on his run around he.said looked for that ball he's lost it.in the white Terry started covering his.head in case it dropped on top of him 90.meter blow that's just an area of the.ground whose neck see it's an area of.the ground if you can just continue to.continually hit create balls down in.that space go pretty well well it was.exactly what we're after puck that sort.of bat swing it must be frustrating for.the sixes why they played really well on.the back end of the tournament and the.way they've bat it more important.tonight you going wow you could chase.and said anything really yeah I was.gonna say the same thing about Nick.Madden singular I think he said a bit of.a blueprint for himself now whatever.he's done if he's free yourself up of.the mind or decided to play in a.slightly different matter whatever he's.done for the last half of this.tournament then start next year's.tournament in exactly the same frame of.mind and did a six to start next year's.tournament with Joe deadly on there.which he's been a fine addition at the.back end Carlos bracelet might be being.harsh on the ROI and Billings.hit into the gap race is on there it's.another bound he said 15 off that over.Trumbo - for 135.imagine all of your favorite bachelors.and bachelorettes together on one island.for a second chance at life.well he's done it he's bold a mate and.over that heart beating there boof that.remote of ever in show of October used.to run in at us my heart was burning.something else was moving as well it was.that fast I was scared of him.I was scared of most fastballs except.those did get down the other end his.Fuzhou good I used to run Ricky Ponting.her if I think your daddy ever enables.fast.he was sprinting to get up there wasn't.he was running the guy at the prospect I.want to get there the other end.change a ball coming up because the.condition of the ball bit slippery the.hole which is fair enough yeah.absolutely couldn't agree more I think.that's common sense by the umpires.they're both and see the comparisons or.is it out of shape the ball it could be.both out of shape and wet the stars were.two for one twenty-one six is a two foot.135 woofer we saw a tweet from mark war.about your blue shirt earlier I did say.we had a photo that included the three.of us and him from some time ago here.let's start from the top down what are.you worried you were you dead soon.shopping at mom was a dirty filthy big.leather jacket not mark and I brought.back off from an Indian tourism we'd all.been over that was just after World Cup.90 time we've ended Northampton in a.warm-up game didn't we the factory of.dr. Martens we'd all come away that's.six players and talk Martin's I think.we're all sporting on social media has.had you left your price today for.pricing of the jacket I think I can.defend you there that's him.your members ticket wasn't.who's that horsepower courage under fire.and the horse was the trainer Brian.Hancock it was probably the best pacer.in the southern hemisphere carriage on.the phone why should you actually did a.couple of laps a double-double saw me.with Brian that's a good shot.that's a beautiful shot from Dan Lee.just helps it helped himself to a full.while I went from via lofted it over.extra cover but just keep going don't.they it is skinny on nicely not really.holding up and a bit like rock quarry.didn't in their stars in in sitting over.to cover man good create shot yeah well.I think the reason Michael B is bald.that line wolf is because what's.happened here there and he spell they.got a little bit straight and got hit to.the short bound or Denny on the left.side so you can see again there well.that's beautiful strike again has fallen.wall through the covers.sudden this Chase has come down to a.runner ball that had 44 from 44 with.deadly 16 odd out and on Rica's just.getting through the gears as well OD not.out from 10 well we must do some real.credit to the hero Tony to be fair was.running I've run the club this weekend.from the first couple hours of the game.it's just been a tenant over.consistently so I did post a question.plant the who to the six of start with.next year from they've had Billings Roy.brathwaite and dentally my spider Greg.Shepherd after the first one day.international worried seen Jason Roy.struggle for about the seventh first.seven games well six games was it for.the the six as he leaves camp and goes.and makes 118 the one first one day.international there's no doubting his.ability he hasn't shown his full.potential yet I don't think in the big.batch it's warmer but he's a quality.player but Denny I'll tell you what den.let's not let anybody down either since.he's been here.well they're going to go for two they've.made it again.that's outstanding running between these.two on Rica's and deadly it's the end of.the 13th over the sixes in control two.for 149 live sport you can watch it and.you can get involved in it with the.latest choral action bet 25 pounds or.more between Monday and Thursday and get.10 pound in free bets for the weekend.[Music].jumpy available from App Store and.Google Play when the fun stops stop.umpire cam there Joe denle sliding in.mock will be not happy.brilliant running has described by Ricky.Ponting everything about this padding.inning so far has been brilliant Daniel.Hughes he was that the casual be early.in a big partnership from denly the.talented Madison already this.partnership for 34 Gulbis comes in and.it's an easily taken single well if they.do happen to get these runs tonight boys.would be the highest chase at the scg.renegades posted six 476 has got them.with three balls to go obviously chasing.118 990 to win tonight they're right on.target to do that and the team that's.actually chased as won six of the last.seven games here as well on this wicket.so maybe they did something to doing.this a little bit of jus that wicket.maybe playing a little bit differently.in the second innings hesitation it's.maxwell's all.well he's still writhing on the ground.as well but max what is hope he hasn't.aggravated that side again looks alright.I don't think he'd be out there if there.was any risk of doing any more damage.it's a slight hesitation from Enric as.midwicket you don't want to be taking.Maxwell on from inside the circle very.good pick up in a quick release does.look a bit sore.help to the leg side finally getting.around you think Tenley will go there.he's generally taken on every time the.previous delivery was a wonderful.display from Enric Ed's of soft hand.spun up.come on our end booth wasn't it just.that young kids out there watching we.talked about playing with soft hands and.take the pace off the ball to affect.that a short single.you don't say it so often in this format.do you when you chase 190 but they've.got themselves in a position where they.just can't play a few of these shots.slow board from Gulbis and as you're.sailing well waited on a nice soft hands.drop in on the pitch on the offside that.once heaved to the leg side pissed me.one - gotcha deep midwicket well they.need a wicket they are cruising at the.moment.when oh this season's been bad but if.they happen to lose this game tonight.the stars then it's just got gone from.bad to worse and so to many teams chase.down targets like this anywhere around.the world so far they're two down only.needing 36 to win from 38 balls so the.need a wicket now before need it quickly.we'll need to get a few wickets Carlos.Braithwaite still to come no hand boat.up well that might be the week.thereafter as well it will be so good.short ball from Gulbis the surprising.Enric Aires with a bit of extra zip we.hurt Madison say that we could might.have just quickened up a little bit the.second innings of the game and as you.spoke about wolfie likes testing out the.bounce off a down Evan Galvez the.Bunnings wicket replay.skids on heat saw on the bat just wall.he's out in the forefront me wicket it's.the breakthrough they need it.times faulkner easy catch Moses on his.way three-for-one 54.with the best arts on all English.football you get more whip back back.more edge of the seat action.more drama more control and more.last-minute winners.[Applause].get more from bad fare with the best.odds on all English football are you.ready for more the captain yo Alberta he.took the reins after a few matches from.Missouri cos you'll be liking the.situation here their last guy in the.sixes 3 454 just third to 6 required for.37 deliveries.[Applause].plenty of atmosphere here his faithful.that have turned up and supported their.team all the way through these.tournament frustrating one at the start.just get the feeling they're gonna close.it out with four in a row good pace.aggression there.Gulbis the wicket and five runs from it.three for 154.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].his results from banger buckets the.Melbourne Stars fans is that you know.anything they're gonna win this year.having who knows that they've got.another match on Saturday they win that.bang your buckets and we're gonna play.that tonight they would have been a.chance to win some mad swag Fortner just.took the catch all chipped copy.resolving to johan boaters probably.quicker than joe Denley between the.wickets interesting text you got there.from them and former fast bowling made.of L's Andy Bickle in the head break.their part yeah the he wants to get that.photo back up again because he swears.that Matthew Hayden still getting around.in those type of suits and still wearing.his Doc Martens from that tour as well.so we played for North End was your.third man goes back.Denley 67 they keep crying catch it but.I keep conceding twos the police the.thing with this choice are obviously the.start that really worked it all around.so well ones and twos and and male it's.so hard for the Stars to stop them scorn.spoke about the overseas plays for the.sixes the stars we know already going to.start afresh any thoughts on what.direction they should go given the rest.of their roster that they have well I.think that's the the word there you use.this fresh I think they need some.freshness around their group we look at.a lot of the players in the field.tonight I think there's still a few of.them that are under contract as well.couple there even feel they're more.senior players are locked into.longer-term deals I think Michael beer.and John Hastings these sort of guys are.locked in for at least another year but.yeah I think it's just a classic case of.maybe pushing the envelope for one one.or two years too many for the Melbourne.Stars with this with this playing group.they side been done for a five-year deal.exactly asked for it definitely is for.four or five I'm not sure if it was fire.or not but it is a long-term deal we've.got some figures here as well on just.some of the reasons why are the stars.modestly down to the position are in.this year look at Ben duck last season I.know is it a delay but 364 runs at 52.this year 85 runs at nine point for Luke.Wright to 61 last year this year 82 runs.I know he hasn't played all the games.Luke right so that's being a little bit.tough on him Kevin Pietersen last year.268 runs 38.this year 180 runs a 25 another one.that's gone down rob quani hasn't played.many games he made 227 runs last year.just the 61 runs from his game position.then you start looking at the ball to.stop Boland last year 14 wickets this.year he's taken one wicket and an.economy rate of 11 and a heart once.again not all the games played from Bowl.and other so well hillford house is the.other omission played most of the games.for the last year 12 wickets hasn't.played this year that marker beer six.wickets last year an economy rate of.seven point two five this year three.wickets similar sort of economy rate the.Maxwells had an improved season 117 runs.for him last year 299 runs so there's.lots of reasons why we see the Melbourne.stars down where they are.well I'll tell you I'm a bit staggered.the what I've just seen from yo hand.over from those last few deliveries he's.blocked every single one of them 15 I.was gone three for 159 we can cross.continents and time zones.at the mere touch of a bomb.the moment the game changes is the.moment we see it.I'll miss nothing we are members of the.world's favorite online sports may.company and we gamble responsibly at.bet365 there's a comparison well ahead.of the right the sixes that magnificent.job 16 four seven six or so the Verret.hit the stars already and then there the.31 or 30 the interesting decisions been.from the sixes for mind so wide is it.the iron boaters come in and zero are.four balls and they've got Carlos.Braithwaite sitting in the stands who.gives it a lot doesn't he he works it as.far as anyone know he does I mean I know.that they're only chasing around a ball.but just the intent or lack of intent at.all to score they're from Bota there's a.real standout for me there's big Carlos.they're just itching to get out there.and make an impact on the series with.the bat was chipped into the leg side.the thing this does is well when boater.comes out and defends the ball like he.has those first four then dentally.straightaway thinks I've got to go for a.got to go for the boundary and my.partner's not really helping me out here.but if they were to lose deadly now and.then bring another new batsman they're.not this game could change really.quickly so their attitude should be and.we interesting to see how boater plays.this their attitude should be to get.this game done with an over to spare.it's not a 20 over chase now it's a 19.over chase get it done don't take it.into that last over this is exactly.right get the the chase done a squeeze.and possibly came and I brought the.field in so there's plenty of options.here for Bowden a try go over the top.and he does.with authority today six willful down.from Daniel Warren who got what it.deserved.short Lord.the beautiful shot cut out the back good.point for Sikhs.it was the uppercut wasn't your right.not a great delivery there so that just.eases that pressure he was none off for.now he's six off five and both you had.the job of picking the Australian t20.team for that little triangular series.just a few days ago and mentioned.earlier Ricky Ponting Sabine Vick tires.he's gonna be the assistant coach for.that little series he's basically head.coach he knows what's going on better.than orders goes down for another four I.mean this franchise gonna be pretty easy.in but to have someone of the kalman.Rickey coming in work they're young guys.they're champion of the be young squad.excite a squad and water success in the.B bill those guys there's some parallels.some real talent.there's some real talent I mean Darcy.Schwartz been outstanding Billy's dad.likes being outstanding as well for the.strikers Alex carries being brilliant.Chris Linn back to mentor even know what.he can do.Ashton a go in the squad as well Bend.washes there's that defensive stroke and.packed full of talent that that batting.lineup in particular in the bowling.lineup but where do you see this sort of.batting order featuring Darcy short will.be up the top where he's been for the.Hurricanes yeah obviously the captain.will work there Davey but a message.about have the top and top three or or.somewhere around there he's been so good.the baby on the top of the order so in.today the skipper will sit down with the.pliers and work out where he's going to.bat him but yeah it's exciting order I.mean if they come off.that's gonna be we're getting through.Dubai be redundant kicked on just a.couple it's been good for them this one.so chair I see Darcy is one of those.explosive players you got lean you've.got Maxwell we've got all on Finch.Warner Carrie comes in head you know so.boys go some play variety rolls force.and although a few players that are.featured in the big bash miss out on the.finals should their teams be in there.but there's a couple of into inclusions.Richardson and Mitch Marsh will he get a.chance.yep we have michmash Richardson Sean.mast those guys apply yep obviously the.scheduling fact was in there a little.bit but they're playing cream for the.country which is really important for us.to play well they're all saying they.want to keep playing for Australia.whenever they get the opportunity 16.runs of that 16th over 3 for 175 the 6.is cruising.tell me why you hit look we're all.comfortable don't touch me.always pushing us away physically and.emotionally.it's his defense mechanism made a career.out of it well that's Captain Hook Cobb.before he lost his hand got it captain -.hunter um anyone with the surname -.hands here to be captain no hook you.dyed your hair again I think I've done.him a favor what was the question again.[Music].then the last three games of the.home-and-away season coming up.it's over to the west battle at the top.of the table see who's finishing on top.or second the Stars they could upset the.Hobart hurricanes plans for semi-final.action and then Brendon McCullum Chris.Linn take on the Melbourne renegades up.at the Gabba to close it out 15 required.here for the sixes to close out what.would be their fourth win in a row and.in a funny sort of working out of events.if they do get these 14 runs don't be.sitting each foot off upon the table.Peter was right wasn't he yeah it's been.an impressive run choice because 190 is.never easy to get week it seems to apply.leave it been it's been helped by some.in different bowling to be fair I was.just that partnership wasn't it the way.the Madison came out took all the.pressure off Dan Lee early on put all.the pressure back on the Stars.so that Mangold once again he's been in.the action tonight strikes and gets his.second wicket it's the captain yo hambo.they just try to squirt that down to.third man it's got a bottom edge cover.just a little bit tight on the Bunnings.wicket replay just stayed down a.fraction as well maybe bottom edge back.and off star stars get their fourth.boater on his way to four for 176 and.it's bringing in the big fella I mean.Carlos is striding out one goes one our.eyes boat 14 of 10 balls for four 176.[Applause].[Applause].I lost breath right he brings a lot to.the big bash and he brings style some.panache brings a pink back tonight last.year and the Thunder all sorts of.colored that's going on didn't even the.back wrap on there 14 to go he's in a.hurry.oh you might have a free hit notes of.why thought it might have been a no.balls well.well I thought first ball in from Google.cinnamon was going short contesting.minute straightaway.[Music].he's obviously trying to go the other.way bullpen they try to sneak her you.walk her under him.first up and just a lawful delivery in.the end down the lakeside have to miss.by a long way to be a over waist-high.full typhoon near the car lost breath.way especially with our high he's got.those pants pulled up he's waist a.little bit higher.[Music].this is my career you might be looking.at too many I don't think he's seen me.dot up inside the circle and made off.thought he can help himself to a power.he straight down the ground it was a.good link delivery from gold was it.didn't allow him did he stand there and.trying to take one step and plan it back.over his head it's a good length with.three out in the leg side as well one.just in front of square on two behind.square possibly for the short Bulbul.there it is top edge will it get there.no he laid a glove on it.slaying bo-young links better coming in.from falling.boss I might have left setting the lock.momentarily he made his ground easily.and up and then got all out of sorts and.but I think he's even touching in the.end there's a good bouncer - from Gulbis.had the field set for it oops-a-daisy.over in the end it knee it's never a.good feeling that.when there's lots of little things to.think about as well in a situation like.that.Evan Goldman's hasn't played much.cricket for the stars all season.potentially playing for a contract next.year he's got to 420 into he's third.over that there would have been three.for twenty and what's going to be a lost.cause.those things will bound up when it comes.contract negotiation time of their.season.yeah chipped in with 14 off nine did.Goldust at the end to mention them.catching out in the outfield couple of.wickets William beau on the other hand.is a tough night to overs.2:36 man there that's the game they get.leave that can happen a lot in this.format very rare you have a night out.and t20 cricket always another good.short boards swatted it was like a.tennis shot they have to deep midwicket.just the one and Braithwaite will keep.the strike in the 17th over for 482.live sport you can watch it and you can.get involved in it with the latest.choral action bet 25 pounds or more.between Monday and Thursday and get 10.pound in free bets for the weekend.[Music].jump in available from App Store and.Google Play when the fun stops stop its.reconfirming the semi-finals they've.been set Thursday at the first over.there in Perth up the stadium the new.stadium and then Friday the second.course you can see it live and free on.10 because cars are right.[Applause].the deficit they're just for to go now.to the Sixers a big bash.where you'll be able to get on and get.your tickets leave this Thursday all the.tickets will be going on sale you can.check that the local associations and.keep an eye out we'll be talking more.about those finer details over the next.couple of nights need to semi final.action coming up can you do it in one.hit for to win for the Sixers bump I.reckon you've wanted to do anyone hit.score.haha open up well I'm surprised he.didn't Bowl the ball before actually.Gilley had that same field set with a.three out deep on the leg side he went.for a slow ball outside off stump.there's the boating's wicket replay.again was nicely struck just didn't.quite get enough elevation picked out.the third of those men that deep.midwicket glen max will comfortably.taken Brathwaite on his way 5 486.[Applause].[Applause].well that's nice to see Jordan silt.there sitting with his teammates not so.nice to see him with his arm all wrapped.up sure he's got a longer rehab process.hopefully no operation required let's.fingers crossed but a thumbs up from him.so positive signs there never will comes.in a cab so I said I'm not going to hang.around here.and it sorta win to create four wins in.a row closes out the season for the city.sixes they moved to fourth spot.won't be for long but well done tonight.it's the best chase in the season is.walk gilliguy any team 5 for 190 cancer.in with what's that 15 balls to go still.terrific when Joe Donnelly played.superbly at the top of the order through.72 not out from 45 Nick Madison it.innings as well was absolutely.outstanding some of the cleanest.striking that you'll ever see not just.this season but in PBL history though.just to clinical when they then 119 look.low is going to be too many and they.made it look easy cook another 20 Pete's.got better mobile star certainly.Beaulieu look better but the way Denley.played and everybody that letter there.actually won four in a row there is a.top four.some believe that it is extraordinary.and I think looking at that that graphic.there when they see it or they look in.the newspaper tomorrow and see the.ladder.it'll only frustrate them more and more.about what could've what probably should.have been the line up they had and I had.a few really close ones early on us more.didn't they so the last boy ones one or.two runs here and there has a lot of.teams having it are you always doing in.this format of the game but there will.be looking back just one of those.seasons that they'll things just slip.through their fingers well a man that.came back into the team and played a.huge role in starting his run of.victories and as they continued on he.kept doing so well as he has done for.about 18 months around the world his.Nathan line his des tears with Lisa.still a cup well I did just speak to.Nathan off there and I said it's all.about YOU isn't it Four Winds pour on.the trop from you now I wouldn't say.that unbelievable to run chase that so I.thought drove down there was absolutely.all class so it showed why we got him.over I guess in Nick Madison hats off to.Nick the way he went out out there and.chase that title down so fantastic must.be nice to put such a perfect game you.know batting bowling tonight yeah no I.don't think we bowled very well but hats.off to grim actually he's all class it's.a big show for a reason then you put us.under pressure there so I don't think we.balled that particularly well to him but.to come out and chase under - fantastic.and also nice to finish off here in.front of your home fans with another win.oh yeah no the fans have been fantastic.so - to be downpour Neal you know losing.six games on top then come back and win.four games in a row as are pretty.special and for you what's next.captaining the pm's 11 you excited about.that opportunity oh yeah it's going to.be something different for me so it's a.new challenge but I'm looking forward to.it and hopefully we'll get a good squad.together and.down there and and put a good contest.against English disappointed that you.weren't selected in the Australian t20.Sun coming out nicely no wasn't.expecting that one alright well thanks.very much for joining us and all the.best for your rest of the cricket toys.he thinks there's it well more straight.after the break from the rest of the.guys about the player of the match as.well as a little bit more analysis.[Music].[Applause].[Music].who will be 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success just look at the.third round look at it.beautiful round Newport great job great.people look at him look at him go sprint.not as fast as me though and Liverpool.wow what a place the scouts people they.love me evanka says I've got Beatles.hair she loves me yeah yeah yeah and.she's a paperback writer I predict great.things believe me and the fourth round.is gonna be one of my best predictions.the Emirates FA Cup and BT sport trumps.all other competitions trust me I know.[Music].highlights brought to you by hotels.combined it didn't start well for bender.and his torrid bbl 7 continued washes.down well but then the Maxwell show.turned up Darren Lehman Ricky Ponting he.put on a show Denis you did he play.beautifully until that moment there.where he we thought he'd tweaked his.side looked in a bit of discomfort but.it didn't slow him down at all they.ended up 84 didn't from about 47.deliveries play beautifully Maxwell set.up what was always gonna be a difficult.chase but the six has really been pretty.comfortably in the end of it yeah I.believe we'll catch it obviously we just.seem to get a little bit better come.with a bat bit of Joe and Nick Madison.and Joe deadly where they started.brilliantly and got him ahead of the.right and that almost went out of the.ground that was massive water it was a.half century for Madison.he was in exquisite touch he just said.he wanted to back without fear towards.the back end of this tournament and he.certainly did that tonight den Lee was.just as good almost went quietly early.on but he continued on his way.Greeks came in and then well Peter never.came in and hit the winning runs it was.a four to bring up four wings in a row.to close out bbl 7 for the Sydney sixes.it's the match summary there it was the.biggest run chase of this particular.season it was a record run chase here at.the scg so five four one night each oh.denle 72 not out of 45 deliveries and he.joins us down here on the ground for our.post match for the presentation of the.KFC Big Bash man of the match award well.done Joe congratulations thank you very.much yeah that must up well what it must.be a great feeling in the change rooms.when you can get four wins in a row.is that balanced out with some.frustration of not doing that earlier in.the tournament for the team I know you.weren't there yeah I can't really.comment too much on the the first few.games but I think what's so important to.finish off really strong and yeah taking.momentum if not into next season.well you created the momentum from the.moment you turned up you've got 40 odd.in your first game and this is what you.did tonight what was the discussion at.the halftime break an imposing total on.a wicket we didn't think was going to.produce this sort of run scoring it yeah.at one stage they were going really well.they look like getting 200 class I think.we've done well in the end to restrict.in to 190.and we always knew there was when we.finished fielding there was a bit of.Jill on the deck and we thought it might.skit on a bit better and it turned out.it did get on quite nicely so you know I.think it helped as well with the way.Madison plating eats it away from them.early on.what's he liked about with Nick yeah.pretty chilled doesn't really give too.much but sees ball hit ball yeah it's.good way for him to play the way he's.gone about it this in the last few games.is he a lot straighter that's obviously.at active he sit on here tonight didn't.know I think he said a blueprint for.himself now for the start of next season.the ways approached is batting in the.second half of this season's been.outstanding if it is just playing with.more freedom or being a bit more.aggressive aggressive I'm not sure but.he's shown all of us I think once again.just how much ball striking talent he.has got and how quickly can change the.course of the game so well play the Nick.medicines as well tonight and Joe would.have been a pleasure to sit at the other.end and watch that six fours in a row.well you hit the previous two deliveries.before at the back end of that over but.that was just wonderful entertainment.what about the little contribution with.the ball from yourself you got to be.happy of that yeah very happy I can't.captain at homes watching and welke as.well he kept in most more time at Kent.and never gave me a bowl so great to get.a chance I'm just gonna very get quickly.get you to spin around I'll just have a.look at the back of your shirt because.remember there was tonight in.conjunction with the Sony Foundation you.guys supporting youth cancer and.fighting youth cancer that was a.wonderful initiative and encouraging.words there from young cancer sufferers.yeah absolutely it's just an amazing.thing that the Sixers are doing and you.know to support any charity but such an.important charity like this is fantastic.and after this match here you can see.you can buy these shirts I'm sure.they'll be signed Sydney Sixers.comdataís you there will be the auction.there and that's going to raise money to.continue the support for the Sony.foundation so make wonderful initiative.good news all around and a really happy.way to finish the season so.congratulations thanks for what you've.added to the big bash in well done.tonight thanks giving thanks so much.thank you mate well there's plenty more.to talk about coming up after the break.we'll look at some more action from.tonight we'll look ahead to to the.futures getting to the business end of.the big bash dig around with us.[Music].we guys twerks he's got the big wicked.fantastic absolutely magnificent.fantastic batting from Chris works right.what are we talking about here we take.him out we get in baskets.[Applause].the biggest hit is in the game six is.gone stick in a brought in the block off.like the ball of downtown crowd goes.water released under the law.I'm getting so excited.that is beat best trick at night or.order online now bet based from William.Hill lets you decide which odds you 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