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it.allows the risers to get a better bite.on the handlebars that's important.because as the bars get taller you're.able to exert more and more leverage.upon that point down there so you want.to give those bars and risers every.chance you can to make sure those things.can grab each other and you don't have.bars slipping inside the risers it's.annoying it's also severely unsafe now.another consideration that's also sort.of related to that to our riser bushings.riser bushings are these Isolators.harley installs into the triple trees of.most of their motorcycles not every.single one but most bikes do have riser.bushings install now the ones out of the.fact that you're gonna be rubber sort of.like these ones if you're putting a set.of low-rise bars on to your bike a fresh.set of riser bushings is usually a good.idea just because they tend to kind of.blow out anyway but rubber works out.really well because it sort of absorbs.that vibration however if you're putting.on something with a big 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you'll.notice this is just a straight piece of.tubing we have no pull back here and we.have no suite now let's contrast that in.terms of pull back with these bar as you.can see over here what pull back.describes is sort of the offset between.the area where your hands sit and the.centerline of the mounting point of the.bar so basically they move the bar is.effectively closer to you this is going.to be important for those of you who.feel like your arms are either too long.or too short for the setup on your bike.you should be looking at different.offset numbers there or different.pullback now sweep on the other hand is.actually the angle sort of that your.wrists are going to sit at so of course.if we were on a bike on these broomstick.bars you know your your hands would have.zero degrees of sweep there'd be no.suite but if you wanted your wrists.tilted out wear it a little bit that.would be indicative of sweep so if you.could imagine yourself actually kind of.point of view sitting behind 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are.there so if you have a Harley Springer.on your bike you need to keep in mind.that your front end setup and thus your.handlebars are not exactly the same as.your hydraulic brethren here I'll show.you exactly I'm talking about so we've.got a set of risers here and this is.specifically for a hydraulic setup note.that the spacing here three and a half.inches on centers now if we hold this up.to a set of regular hydraulic handlebars.you'll notice these things line up.beautifully however this won't work on a.Springer and I'll show you specifically.why what we're looking at right here is.a springer top clamp centre centre.distance on these is actually four and.three-quarters inches so if we held that.up to that inner line it's not gonna.work you're gonna have knurling hanging.out where it's not doing any good and.it's gonna look all silly that's no good.instead if you check out these bars here.you'll notice this matches up perfectly.that's because these particular.handlebars are specifically made for a.springer so the lesson here kind of the.takeaway is that if you do have a bike.with a springer on the front of it you.want to make sure that you're ordering.bars for a springer as well now this.also extends to the risers here let's.grab some risers these are specifically.for a springer and I'll show you these.in just a moment but come back to these.puppies we look at our hydraulic risers.the bolts go up inside those threaded.pieces there that's not so with a.springer with a springer instead the.risers set on top of the top clamp and.the bolt actually comes in from the top.then the bars sit on top of that and.then the riser top clamp goes on there.it's a totally different setup now you.can use these interchangeably if you.have a hydraulic front there are some.springer style risers that will work.depending on how your bike is set up but.you should know if you have a springer.you need spring a riser specifically or.now we're going to talk about some sort.of secondary construction features that.are a little bit more model specific but.still in.nonetheless the first one is going to be.how your throttle is actuated something.you need to pay careful attention to in.the hardly world you usually have sort.of two setups here you're either gonna.have a cable style throttle or you're.gonna have tbw or throttle by wire you.need to check to see which your bike is.equipped with to make sure you get the.right handlebars and you also need to.find out what you have in case you're.using a different set of handlebars.you'll know how to adapt so I'll show.you exactly what I'm talking about here.if you look at this particular handlebar.on the throttle side of the bike you'll.notice these casts elations these.notches cut out of here these notches.are specifically so the TBW electronic.unit can actually slide them in there.and grab the handlebar now you need.these again if you have a throttle by.wire unit but if you're trying to use a.set of bars like this on a bike there's.a cable style throttle well you've also.got a little bit of work to do you're.gonna have to purchase an optional plug.that actually fits in there and.corresponds with those in order to.extend the bar out just a little bit you.see there's a difference actually in.length from the centerline of the bike.so you need that plug if you're gonna.run a tvw style bar on a cable throttle.motorcycle now another model specific.feature you're gonna want to look.forward to is fairing kick if you happen.to have a fared motorcycle whether.you're on a road glide a street glide an.Electra Glide.there are special bars for you these.construction features vary just a little.bit but almost all of them are gonna.have this kick remember before when we.talked about offset a lot of that offset.on these particular ones again comes.from this special Bend here that helps.clear the fairing on your batwing style.bikes the Electra Glide and the street.Glide.you're also going to see - the shark.nose bikes road glides also have their.own special fairing Bend if you have one.of those bikes you're gonna want to look.for model specific bars for them one of.the other things you'll notice too is.they have a really wide spread between.the uprights again to kind of clear some.of the things that are in the way on the.motorcycle now we're still not done yet.if you're riding a non fair by q also.got a couple things to pay attention to.as well so let's go back to our Z bar as.we used here just a little bit earlier.these are a very basic bar you can see.here we've just got plain tubing nothing.going on here however if you pick up.another set of bars let's say these.Keystone's we've got here you'll notice.we've got dimples in here this is.referred to as a dimple and this is.specifically made so that you can use.your factory controls on your motorcycle.so this set of Z bars back here this is.phenomenal for those you who are build.in the chopper you're not gonna have any.electrical stuff up in the bars maybe.you're running a suicide setup it.gonna be fine for that however for those.of you who have a bike that's a little.bit closer to stock and you want to use.your stock clamshells you're gonna need.to make sure that you have dimpling in.the bar so if you see that option you.know what you're looking at now we can.take this a step further if we look at.these handlebars again notice that these.have the dimple but no there's also a.hole in here - you're gonna see this.referring to is either a drilled bar or.a slotted bar now that drill in that.slotted area there exists specifically.so you can internally wire your bars.some Harley motorcycles come to the.factory with internal wiring other.people want a retrofit they want to.internally wire their handlebars for.that clean look so this is exactly what.you're looking at here you'll notice.again you're gonna see one of these.slots or drill holes on either side.you're also gonna see another one down.here between the risers this is where.they actually exit the bars between the.risers and head down to the frame and.make their way down the rest of the bike.now a couple things to note here if you.plan on internally wiring your.handlebars it's a little bit of a fiddly.job it can be kind of a pain so here's a.quick tip for you grab yourself one of.these go find your local guitarist grab.strings from them they always have old.strings to throw away these make great.fishing tools if you're trying to.internally wire some bars another tip.I'll offer you is if you are internally.wiring bars try and use a bar it's.designed like this one this is a bent.bar notice that every time the contour.changes here it's this nice soft Bend.these are put through a tubing bender if.we go back to our other bars over here.note that these bends are actually hard.corners and that's because if you look.here you'll actually see a weld this is.what's called a mitered bar they make.the bend not by bending it but by.actually welding two pieces at an angle.and putting them together those corners.though can be really difficult to.internally wire so if you're hell-bent.on internally wired bars understand that.you'll probably want to go with.something that's a bent bar rather than.a mitered style they get particularly.bad if you get angles in the bar that.are acute less than 90 degrees they can.be really really fiddly to wire those up.now let's round out with a couple of.install considerations and bring this.thing home all right let's chat about a.few installation considerations that.might make your life a little bit easier.a lot of these lessons I learned the.hard way hopefully you don't have to do.the same thing the first is this a.blanket this should be the first thing.you reach for before you ever even open.your toolbox throw it over your tank.protects the sheet metal protects the.paint protects a lot of.can't tell you how often I've dropped.something onto a tank and ruined.something simply because I didn't have a.blanket don't learn this lesson the hard.way now kind of related to this let's.clear this out of the way to this.there's a concept of clearance.remember we're replacing non stock parts.on a motorcycle there's no guarantee.everything's gonna go together the same.way if we do it correctly for instance.case in point we put some aftermarket.handlebars on our Sportster here we flip.the mirrors over if you'll notice we go.all the way the steering lock that.mirror clears the tank the mirror clears.the tank because I made sure of that.before this thing ever got outside the.reason I'm bringing this up is that it's.not a guarantee of course that things.are going to go together like that you.may find you need to reposition items.you want to check clearances on the road.is a bad way to find out that something.doesn't give you the clearance you need.in order to keep going it's also not so.great either if you're in the driveway.and you wind up smashing something up.pretty on your motorcycle now the next.tip I'm gonna mention to you seems.probably kind of generic but it does.have some truth to it that's custom bike.problems get custom bike solutions the.reason I'm mentioning this is that again.this isn't all Bolton what seems like it.should be a very simple bar swap can.kind of spiral out of control very very.quickly for instance let's say we were.putting on a set of taller bars here and.we needed to throw on a cable and wiring.kit that requires a fair amount of work.and you're gonna need mechanical prowess.beyond simple bolt turning to do that.it's gonna involve adjusting your.throttle cables replacing and adjusting.your clutch cable you're gonna have.obviously some wiring work there you're.also gonna be bleeding a brake most.likely so there are other skill sets.you're gonna need in order to do this.and I think all of them can come in.handy you just need to be aware that.you're wrenching ability does need to be.sort of proportional to the parts you.want to install and how different and.how far away from stock you're actually.going to get now let's move over to this.puppy the dresser have some specific.tips for those of you who are rocking a.bagger really if you're doing this you.want to have a plan kind of plan your.work and work your plan the reason I'm.saying this is because it takes a lot of.time to get into the faring of one of.these motorcycles whether you're doing.this yourself your own garage or you're.paying a shop to do it someone is gonna.spend a lot of time turning wrenches.here so while you're inside the faring I.would suggest replacing some other items.we already talked about riser bushings.earlier this is a perfect candidate for.new riser bushings it's an item that's.often neglected on dressers it's simply.because it's so hard to get.if you have sloppy feeling bars right.now because there's play on the bushings.this would be a great time to replace.them similarly there's some other common.failure points inside the faring I'm.thinking specifically of the faring.support brackets that run along in here.hardly had a big problem with these for.a pretty long time sometimes they crack.yeah you could weld your stock ones back.together replace them with OEM but also.look to the aftermarket two there are.polymer replacements that are much.stronger it'll eliminate a lot of that.noise and rattling and vibration you may.be getting out of the front of your.fairing simply because your fairing.support brackets have cracked in the.same vein you might also want to think.about audio remember when you're.actually inside of here you've got a.stereo this is a perfect opportunity to.swap it out same goes for speakers if.you were thinking about getting a new.stereo upgrade this is the time to do it.again you're probably gonna spend more.money up front here however it's gonna.be more inexpensive in the long run.simply because you're going to knock all.this out with one Labor job rather than.repeated trips inside of the faring so.at this stage of the game I would say.probably most of you should feel pretty.comfortable because you know a lot of.the stuff that you're gonna need to know.to successfully purchase as well as.install a set of handlebars on your.harley-davidson however if you've got.more specific questions you need a.little bit of individual guidance don't.be afraid to get in touch with us.we've got friendly gear geeks Santa buy.eight seven seven seven nine two nine.four five five and gets you one on the.phone or of course can always drop us an.email CS at revzilla.com.I'm LEM I'm out of here.

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Can Local W 2s Be Sent Electronically To Keystone 2012 Form FAQs

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How a Non-US residence company owner (has EIN) should fill the W-7 ITIN form out? Which option is needed to be chosen in the first part?

Depends on the nature of your business and how it is structured. If you own an LLC taxed as a passthrough entity, then you probably will check option b and submit the W7 along with your US non-resident tax return. If your LLC’s income is not subject to US tax, then you will check option a. If the business is a C Corp, then you probably don’t need an ITIN, unless you are receiving taxable compensation from the corporation and then we are back to option b.

How do I create a fillable HTML form online that can be downloaded as a PDF? I have made a framework for problem solving and would like to give people access to an online unfilled form that can be filled out and downloaded filled out.

If it's a single-page form, the unprofessional way to download the filled form as PDF is to print on chrome and firefox browsers and save as PDF or you can implement a simple button that does the same thing or download a section of the page if you don't want a section of the page to be downloaded along with the PDF. On the other hand, the best way to handle this is to use a web-based Form builder like Formplus. Formplus is an online and offline data collection tool that allows you to create and customize your forms to your taste. You or/and respondents can get notifications of the filled form as PDF or docx.

How do I create a authentication code system with WordPress (no coding)? Clients can enter the code and then be shown a form to fill out. Also have a client side setup to create access codes.

No code? You need plugins, and to make that, and through plugins alone, you are thin-icing it. Call a person, or one better, pay someone to do it. Sounds like you want something somewhat technical, but for cheap? (Autocorrect accidentally said cheapskate but I deleted it… you sound like you ask in earnest). Get a professional. Don’t skim.

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