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[Music].hi everyone I'm Jolene and on my channel.witness for Yeshua mashiac I do share.various things I talk about various.things today I have a particularly do in.mind for you that is a little bit.different than what I usually would put.but it's related to spiritual matters I.have something to show you that you.really ought to know you should know.this like you deserve to know the truth.about something and I hope that you'll.receive this information because it's.good for you to know it's good for you.to know the truth about something after.show you so bear with me I'll do my best.and let's get this video started.[Music].all right everyone please excuse me I'll.have my hair all piled up on one side.it's so that it doesn't rub all over the.mic okay I'm not trying to start a.lopsided hair fad or anything all right.now I'm gonna pull out the board.some of y'all love that but okay so I.have something to show you.and it's very important and it's been.going on for a long time there's a scam.going on now some of you have heard.about the 501 C 3 churches you know if I.some of you've heard of it and some of.you know all full well what's going on.but you might not have connected it to.something big that you should know it's.there's not I'm gonna connect some dots.for you okay if you haven't done it.already just in case and then there's.plenty of you too many of you so.precious so precious you don't know.what's going on yet about this and you.should know it so let me show you aa.gotta show you some stuff what I have to.show you is disturbing listen carefully.as soon as I show you the first level.that is disturbing you might think I'm.done but I'm not the depth of how bad.this is it goes deeper and like I said I.will connect some dots here and I think.it's about time someone openly discusses.this people will hate my guts for.revealing this but I'm not here to be.friends with the world I'm here to be a.witness for Jesus Yeshua the Messiah the.mashiac and to help his precious flock.my brothers and sisters whom I love.these 501c3 churches when a pastor or a.preacher opens up a church.the majority of them not all of them the.majority of them they are hungry for.money they're sorting to them this is a.business they want money okay.so what they do is they enter into.contract covenant with the beast by.signing over into this covenant and.that's why they're 501c3 churches and so.why does a pastor do this because when.you give money or anyone else for that.matter they want you to give money and.most people won't give money unless they.can get it back when they file their.taxes at the end of the year to the.Beast the Beast refunds them all that.money back the church most of them truly.are open only to make money they see.people as heads as money to change King.give me that money so what happens is.these places or their businesses their.corporations when you become a 501c3 you.remove yourself from under the headship.of Jesus Christ the ecclesiastical power.of Jesus Christ and instead go.underneath the umbrella of the Beast.and therefore the Beast exerts authority.over that little little baby corporation.it becomes a limb of the beast it's.working in compliance with the Beast it.is providing a service that services the.Beast well Ken here's something you need.to understand in case you don't.when a person donates say $300 loans.$300 to the church their church the.corporation and say next month they love.they give 33rd loan $30 and.blah-blah-blah-blah-blah throughout the.year you know at the end of the year.when they file their taxes they get a.receipt from their 501 C 3 corporation.and then the beast will pay all that.money back to these people they get all.that money back do you understand so in.essence in reality the Beast is funding.these churches now the Holy Scriptures.of God talks about the Beast how the.Beast will overcome the Saints it's an.it's in Revelation revelation 13:7.through 8 then the Beast was permitted.to wage war against the Saints war.against the Saints from the Beast and to.conquer them this is what's happening my.precious brothers and sisters and it was.given the beast was given authority over.every tribe and people and tongue and.nation and all who dwell on the earth.will worship the Beast all whose names.have not been found from the foundation.of the world in the book of life.belonging to the Lamb who was slain so.if we read the Word of God right here it.says that the Beast is given permission.to wage war against the Saints and to.conquer them the supplies later after.the rapture for those who are left.behind they become the tribulations.and how the Beast goes all all against.them in war and puts them to death but.it's also we're in this war now where.it's a soft war a silent war where the.Beast is first usurping the authority.getting the authority gaining the upper.hand over every tribe and people and.tongue and nation you see the Beast.right here and it was given authority.over every tribe I'm telling you so the.Word of God right here let's take it.serious it says all okay so though most.of the world is on the broad and.spacious path that leads off into.destruction it's only few who get on the.cramped and narrow path of truth that.leads to everlasting life and so in.truth there are several scriptures.talking about this I just have one up.here okay so there's only one right here.that I'm using to show you some of these.truths here there are many scriptures.that talk about this in great detail.basically the beast takes over and.usurps true worship and profanes it.turns the churches into worldly churches.of death houses of the dead not in the.correct standing of God you see because.if they're if they're doing what the.world loves in union covenant contract.with the Beast it's a house of the dead.it's not an appropriate place to go and.worship the Almighty Holy Father and.praise and and pray and the name of.Jesus Yeshua the Messiah so a lot of.people don't see how the Word of God is.coming true or take it seriously and.realize I have some very interesting.things to show you in this video no one.will be able to defeat the beast who can.overcome the beast who is more powerful.than the Beast the Beast has been.funding these churches for a long time.now now ask yourself this question why.would Lucifer's beast because the Beast.is the lapdog of Lucifer it serves.Lucifer and the Babylon all that.why would the Beast.fund and finance financially fund these.churches why would the be set this.system up like this think about it.because these churches they're not real.churches they have no classical power.they've removed themselves from.underneath Jesus by signing covenant.contract to the Beast you see a contract.a 501c3 that's a contract when they're.licensed under the Beast.a contract is a covenant a covenant is a.contract when you sign your an agreement.you've signed an agreement that's a.covenant that's a contract regarding.covenants and contracts have you ever.heard about how people sign their souls.over to the devil.you've heard about that right well.Hollywood likes to portray signing your.soul to the devil and signing a contract.or the devil entering into covenant with.the devil Hollywood likes to portray.this as though there's fire everywhere.you just sign your name in blood and and.there has to be some kind of sacrifice.and there's demons all over and.Hollywood tries to portray it that way.we know Hollywood is absolutely under.the authority and power of Satan it's.Hollywood right so Hollywood would like.us and would have it that we would think.that a contract or covenant with Satan.basically the Beast he uses the Beast.but it would be something like that.signing in blood and no in this is all.to get us to not see and not be able to.recognize the real life covenant.contracts that the Beast pushes and that.many enter into it's just on paper okay.so I'm pointing this out for a good.reason if you hang on I'm going to show.you there's something usually you need.to see if you don't see it I want you to.know why would the church do that.because they want money.they want that Monday honey they want.that money okay you better know it's all.about the money baby I'm just saying now.not every preacher not every teacher not.every pastor has sold out to the to the.Beast to the devil for the love of money.but the majority of churches or.absolutely businesses they're out to.make money off of you they've turned the.Word of God into merchandise how did.they do that they use the Word of God to.get you to come in come here for the.Word of God they barely teach you.anything and they teach they you know.what they teach they take the lukewarm.one-size-fits-all once saved always.saved fantasy gospel that's what they.teach and that's why the Beast pays for.them to do this the Beast will refund.all the money that everyone's given to.loaned to the church at the end of the.year when own people and they they've.given money to their churches they file.in their taxes they show how much.they've given the beasts will refund.them all their money back so they didn't.have to lose any money at all why does.think ask yourself what is the beast pay.for these churches because they provide.a valuable service to Lucifer here's.what I'm getting at why does the beast.pay for these churches the beast under.Satan pays big money and doesn't even.make them pay taxes and finally.financially supports these churches.businesses because these churches teach.a lukewarm sugar-coated version of the.gospel which promotes living in wilful.sin the Beast loves that these churches.teach once saved always saved these.churches teach and promote trampling on.the blood of Jesus these churches teach.a different Jesus these churches hide.the scriptures that shows us that we are.to be over.of sin instead these churches teach that.we are sinners and that we can't help.with sin the real Messiah teaches that.we are to overcome sin be spotless.wrinkle wrinkle free holy like our.Father in Heaven is holy the real.Messiah teaches that we have the helper.the Holy Spirit in us and that we are to.be working in union with the Holy Spirit.together to overcome sin and live clean.and holy lives we are to be bearing.fruit to the Lord for the building of.his coming Kingdom by living in his.light to pleasing him and sharing the.gospel these lukewarm churches don't.even address masturbation or adultery as.marriages or possession barely few do.these things these government beast.sanctioned churches.government-sanctioned churches support.living in wilful sin pagan holidays.necromancy Halloween idol worship.worship of the Beast patriotism and war.these churches teach the abundance.manifestation law of attraction gospel.and treat Jesus Yeshua as though he is.our servant when we we're truly the.truth his we're we're the servants of.the Lord Yeshua Jesus Christ these.things I'm telling you are only the tip.of the iceberg of what's wrong with.these churches this is why the Beast.funds these businesses do you understand.this is why because broad and spacious.is the path that leads off into.destruction cramped and narrowed.difficult is the way that leads off into.everlasting life and only few are.finding that way these churches are.loved by the world they're accepted by.the Beast he at this the Beast that.serves Lucifer that the of Babylon.rides loves these churches so much I.don't even tax them you know what taxes.or taxes or tides as an act of worship.to pay taxes.and whoever it is you're paying taxes to.that's who you were worshiping this is.how the Israelites were made to worship.God you see whoever you know obey God.they pay ten percent of their excess.abundance to God as an act of worship.and obedience anyone who pays taxes is.they're paying tithes to bail which is.another name for Lucifer so you have.Jesse some of you don't know I'm just.trying to share this with you we're only.saved in Jesus Christ by getting his.Holy Spirit that is completely free you.do not have to earn salvation the thing.is after you get thoroughly spirit you.ought to be working out your salvation.getting rid of demons getting rid of.addictions getting rid of things that.that grieve the Holy Spirit that bother.the Holy Spirit in you and make you feel.guilt before God getting rid of old.habits things used to do the way you you.know cursed before and different you.know can't get get you know clean the.Holy Spirit will convict you and he.chose to get rid of certain things and.get cleansed and get refined the bride.is being refined but these churches do.not help the bride get refined in fact.impede the refining process these.churches these businesses these.corporations under lucifer do nothing.for getting the bride ready you see so.I'm here I'm supposed to be helping the.bride and I want you to understand.what's going on with these 501c3.churches and know that none of nothing.of what 90% of them are teaching is.going to get you ready just like any.bride has to get ready get bathed up and.and all nice and clean or hair done we.have to get ready in the spirit and none.of these places do that for the church.for the Bride of Christ get out of them.they're of the world from the world by.the Beast they're only going to give you.candy very very little they're not going.to address these places do not address.the serious problems that we have they.the Beast has been given the authority.and the power to wage war against us and.to overcome us so slowly and gradually.the Beast has stepped.and has used money the love of money and.the group the greed and lusts of these.people who start these churches to get.in to lawfully get in and get authority.over these churches and so the Beast.muzzles the real Holy Spirit filled.pastors and teachers and preachers on.what they can say and what they can.teach you see so I have to share this.with you then let me just go ahead and.get back to the video okay I'm sorry.it's terrible but it's true just be I'm.just come on now a lot of these people.they a lot of them they're only in it.for the money they don't love you.they're not taking care of the flock.because serving the flock and helping.the loving the flock and telling them.the truth.why does they love money I'm gonna get.more into that it's gonna explain a lot.hold on they don't love you the majority.of them you know they do a lot of them.go to school some kind of Bible College.and they don't even believe in God.so that they can run a business they set.up a business kind of like a franchise.you know you can set up a McDonald's go.to a McDonald's College so you can learn.how to make McDonald's burgers and stuff.this all to make money a lot of them go.to school they don't even believe in God.they learn the Bible and they don't a.lot of them don't even believe in God.now some of them do and they're precious.they're so precious and some of them.believe in God truly and then they say.they don't know because they're ignorant.it's just I'm not being insulting.ignorant means you just don't know.better and so they just they just go.with the flow they never ask questions.they sign this stuff right here but.they're still guilty of something them.when they know when they signed this.agreement this contract with the devil.with the Beast that this beast now they.have to dance to the rules of the Beast.and do what the Beast says they only can.preach what the Beast allows them to.preach the way the Beast allows them to.preach they can't say certain things.certain truths they can't teach you the.actual truth so the gospel with these.gets watered down it gets lukewarm baby.I'm just telling you and that is the.thing the beast once controlled Lucifer.has been trying to infiltrate the.Churches of God for a long time and he's.achieved it the Beast has gained the.power the bassist snuck in so before the.Beast snuck in churches were held at.homes even back in Jesus day people.sincerely gave to one another and made.sacrifice in giving to one another out.of real love people sang from their.hearts in more of a private sincere love.with one another in their homes with.each other people laid hands on one.another praying for each other rebuking.demons and manifest they manifested the.Holy Spirit gifts and shared their.beautiful experiences with the Lord and.edified one another they built up each.other's faith as well and they read the.Holy Word of God to one another and they.would gather together and purge out sin.and filth and counsel one another and.they would even rebuke one another if.somebody was doing something wrong.mm-hmm they knew one another very well.then grew to deeply love one another.they became true family bonded by the.blood of Jesus today it's all about.dressing up making sure you represent.your status your sexual appeal your.wealth it's all about abundance showy.displays of money and power it's all.about what God can do for you like the.Lord is some sort of lowly servant at.our feet at these false churches today.there is no real heart there's no real.repentance there's no repentance in most.of these places there's no humility.there's no no allowance for the active.power of the Holy Spirit to come and.cast out demons there's no real.reproving at all nothing but pillow talk.and candy into the water the watering.down of the word of God there's no real.counsel either nothing nothing.and barely anyone really knows anyone.and if you can barely know the people.because the churches are so large and.crazy how are you gonna really love one.another it's a show a false display of.love and it's even a downright circus.that many of these de facto churches run.just run do you hear me we're on the run.to Jesus you you do not have to go to do.what the world does to be close to the.Lord you must flee the world and run to.Hume and Hume alone and if I was a false.teacher or anybody false just not.somebody to be afraid of I wouldn't be.telling you to go to Jesus that's one.thing you need to really consider if you.do if you don't know if you listen to.someone anyone me or anyone and if that.person never tells you to go to Jesus.they they try to you know glorify.themselves oh they're special they're.trying to create followers after them.for them but when you have someone.telling you please go to Jesus go to.Jesus and no one else that person is for.Jesus these places try to create.followers after them they act like they.have the access to God like they.themselves or Jesus that's what he meant.when the Lord said many false Christ's.will come in my name they'll be coming.in his name his authority his power.trying to act like they're the only way.to God and so they push and push and.push come to the church come to the.services oh you miss church and you know.you didn't come last week they push push.push they say if you want to be closer.to God you have to start coming to our.services you don't have to do any of.that do you don't need to go nowhere.meaning if you don't know that really.like really really know that some of you.do I'm saying this for the sakes of.those precious ones of you who don't.know you don't have to go anywhere be.with your precious brothers and sisters.fellow believers don't forsake one.another be close.pray with each other talk about the Lord.which you've experienced what the Holy.Spirit is showing you with always.Britain done for you share the word and.sing and worship and praise Him and.repent and help each other call each.other up and be supportive to one.another be there for one another this is.love the love of Jesus the Beast uses.these churches to control the people to.get them to obey every little thing the.Beast wants to do and to be obedient and.oh yeah and it's all because these.pastors they sign this because they love.money.why because if your church is a 501c3.Church that means ooh these pastors know.if their church is 501c3 people will.more willingly give over bigger amounts.of money more frequently because that.the people know they can get it all back.the beasts they can ask the beasts give.me my money back please at the end of.the year when they file their tithes to.bail taxes I'm just saying.so these churches these pastors who.signed this they sign it so that people.will give them more money they give up.Jesus Christ the authority the.ecclesiastical authority of Jesus Christ.and they go underneath the umbrella of.the Beast for money and so now it's.getting to some more stuff here mmm.turns out.eventually these churches they realize.these pastors and stuff they realize.that well their income depends on how.much you're willing to give them they.don't get a set standard a certain.amount of solid income every month it's.based on only what you give them right.so if they only have ten people in their.church they only gonna get you know a.little bit of money next thing that.becomes the goal of these de facto.churches businesses is to get more.people to come the more people that come.the more money they donate they not.donate loan to the church ooh baby get.that money.whoo we have a partay that's what they.do.let's throw parties let's get all kinds.of wild amazing and let's make them.happy come over here and get ha happy on.the lukewarm false fantasy gossip but.will tickle your ear.you don't want sound doctrine anymore.people don't want that they don't want.to go to church and get reproved anymore.you don't want to go to church people.don't want to go to church and get told.about how bad their sins are and how.they have to straighten out their lives.and obey God and do right and glorify.Him and be living walking witnesses of.the power of the Lord Jesus Christ they.don't want it people don't want to hear.that they don't want to hear anything.that reproves them when you fuss.somebody or reproof basically when you.correct them or even if it's done in.lovingly they don't want to hear it they.are turning their ears to tickling words.and not not accepting any sound doctrine.anymore so these people these businesses.they know that so they do is they offer.candy a sweet talk a sweet a sweet sugar.2 version of the gospel to get you to.come they put on big shows and lap music.singing strobing lights like a circus.okay this becomes a playground oh let's.have a party.free food and do cookouts and all kinds.of stuff together.let's do Halloween Oh baby.let's let's bring in you know cult.garbage satanic stuff that glorifies.death and necromancy but all this.murderous Halloween filth let's let's it.starts getting watered down to garbage.all because the pastor's of these.churches love money I'm sorry but it's.true I want you to understand I hope you.do I hope you realize what's happening.here now there is a broad way that leads.off into destruction and men near upon.that road and then there's the cramped.and narrow path that leads off into.everlasting everlasting life and it's.few or finding it you're there you gonna.find it at these these these massive.churches of the world that the world.loves you see the Holy Word of God says.that if you love me you'll be no part of.this world the world loves you you're an.enemy of God you can't be with God and.have the world love you the world is.under the power of the wicked when.Lucifer and this beast system he set up.its you know what it is you follow your.income taxes to it you pay your taxes to.it it controls everything it owns.everything your home's your cars your.children everything it's the Beast it.didn't start out that way.it started out like a like a virgin like.like it started out serving God and.upholding the the Holy Word of God but.it's been Steve usurped corrupted Satan.Guardian oh yes and so we're not.underneath the original common law.anymore.we're not underneath the law of God.anymore with this system it's all been.usurped I'm not gonna get into that.right now but just so the Beast is.making people to contract if they want.money.you don't have to become a 501 C 3.corporation you know corporation is.it's an animated corpse corporation.animation animated corpse a moving dead.body a Walking Dead a zombie the.sleepwalking this it's it's it's it's.life to something that is dead when you.become a corporation you're you've.joined in bondage covenant contract with.something that is dead that's not real.that's not that's not living Almighty.Holy Father is the Living God you know.these people they don't have to sign.into that garbage and you don't have to.go to that then 501c3 churches listen.the only reason listen ask yourself why.does the Beast.pay so much money and they don't even.tax these places you're here because.these people without many of them know.it they do but some of them don't.they're acting as priests for bail for a.fur ball for the beasts Lucifer do you.understand I'm telling it because I know.it's terrible it's a perversion of the.word they don't give you the real truth.they give you the watered-down version.of the gospel where you they teach you.know you pray a prayer on a core and I.love Jesus and sing music and party and.people are the precious precious.precious people that go over there they.love the Lord lots of them really do.love the Lord and they're they they're.not being taught the truth mm-hmm.they're being taught just believe in.Jesus and you're saved just calling in.their teaching a different Messiah.they're not teaching the truth the true.Yeshua Jesus Christ they're not teaching.the truth and that is why the beast pays.for them.listen here now I'm just saying if these.churches were teaching the truth and.people would really be getting saved.you'd be seeing some real stuff for the.Holy Spirit the whole man.and the Beast would never pay for it the.beats would have done cut that off a.long time ago but because the beast.usurped people through the love of money.through their drawn out and enticed by.their greed by their lusts and by their.love of money oh and the Holy Word of.God he warns these people who do this.and who don't care for the flock they've.made the flock into merchandise and the.Word of God it's merchandise remember.what Jesus did when he went in the.temple with his righteous anger and tore.it up because the people there they.turned the temple of God into a place of.merchandise he called it a the-- a den.of thieves okay they were whoring out.they were they were turning listen for.the forgiveness of their sins because.the wages of sin is death so the blood.of an animal would pay for their sin for.that year understand so they didn't have.to die and that way their prayers can be.heard they'll be forgiven of sin they've.paid for sin and so in order to comply.with God's laws given through Moses the.Levitical laws they had to sacrifice pay.in blood not their own blood God allowed.he accepted the blood of animals for a.time so that they didn't have to die to.pay for their sins immediately because.blood is life force energy the life is.in the blood.it is spirit currency do you understand.just like we have physical currency.Babbage monopolist is not even real.currency anymore it's garbage but just.like we have real currency here in the.physical realm there is spirit currency.everything is a mirror image okay just.like we have law down here oh there's.law in heaven in the spirit there's.spiritual law spirit law so there.everything is a mirror image on earth as.it is in heaven this is biblical where.I'm telling you so what what they did in.the temple they were cheating people.with the scales and and basically.ripping them off but what really really.really I mean that was bad enough but.what really got got to Jesus yes.was how they were bringing all the.supplies all the doves and you name it.animal slams and what not to the temple.and selling some that were cheaper with.blemishes and stuff to people and making.profit off of their sin they found a way.to make profit off of the reef God.requires that the animals be sacrificed.so that you could have a relationship.with him at that time and they found a.way to use the requirements of God as a.way to make money off of God's.requirements off of his allotment for.forgiveness.they made merchandise they made they use.God's forgiveness the method God gave.man at that time to obtain salvation and.forgiveness they turned that into a way.to make money off of God's God's.forgiveness the Catholic Church did it.too with paying money for sins and.whatnot oh yeah so dude that pit that.mean I'm sorry a PFG zhis off really bad.it miffed him off in the righteous anger.of God he tore it up what do you think.these people are doing man they're.taking the Word of God the Holy Bible.the Word of God and they're turning it.into merchandise they're using it as.bait to get you to come in so and if.they can make you feel happy and have a.great time and feel like you're you're.you know you're good with God and you're.a great person if they can tickle you.and please you and entertain you you'll.want to come back and you'll keep giving.money okay I'm just saying I have got to.tell you this this is so important so.you're not gonna get any reproof from.these people I will tell you something.right now and I love you I love you and.I'm gonna tell you to come in at a the.truth now I don't know all the truth.there's a lot of stuff I do not know.I don't know everything I'm not gonna.sit here pretend I do that's crazy.that'd be wrong there for me that'd be.actually that'd be satanic talk like I.know everything because I don't know.everything but I'll tell you what I know.okay and some of you you're gonna know.you're gonna know more than I do about.this and I could learn from you and.that'd be awesome that is so awesome but.I will say this that a lot of people.will watch my videos they'll click on it.and then because I tell the truth but of.some of the truth that I know I don't.know all the truth but because what I'm.saying it shows them some of their sin.and stuff and how it's not acceptable by.Holy Father it's not okay to continue to.live and willful sin that were we're.called to reprove ourselves and to not.be reprobates and to not trample on the.blood of Jesus and we're we're told and.called various ports of the Holy Word of.God to work out our salvation with fear.and trembling not because the work makes.us saved that's crazy but because once.we get the Holy Spirit's salvation which.is a free gift not by works we must then.begin to work out our salvation just.like how you prune how you how you will.actually till the soil and get it ready.so you can plant seed so it your your.seed can grow and you'll protect it from.animals and whatnot you have to you have.to work out your salvation get humans.out of you.get get get out of addictions that.glorify Lucifer and keep you carnal in.the flesh and a servant to the Beast to.the flesh you have to get you have to.work out your salvation clean up the.bride has to be spotless without blemish.and the children of God have to be.innocent and and without being servants.of Lucifer you make Jesus your Lord not.Lucifer in the flesh and the pleasures.of the flesh people don't want to hear.that so here's the thing I do this I'm.going to show you something whenever I.click on someone's stuff any pastor any.teacher anybody.if I don't get reproof from them if.they're not reproving me and making me.to see where I messin up and how I'm.doing wrong if I don't get any of that.from them and I come out of that stuff.feeling amazing and powered like um um.it if I come out of listening to that.stuff whatever they have to say feeling.great about myself and I'm so great I.don't I don't pay attention to them.anymore because listen it says in the.Holy Word of God it's true that the Lord.reproves his children just like I'm a.mother I'm not gonna let my children do.all kind of bad stuff and just praise.them the whole time I'm gonna reprove.them I love them I don't hate my.children spare the rod spoil the child.those who are sparing the rod or hating.their children that's the word of God.so with me when you listen to me what we.thought with what I have to say because.the Holy Spirit presence is in me I am.saved I'm in the Lord all of you.watching my brothers and sisters I know.you are too.and that's probably why you're watching.and hopefully if you're watching you're.not saved I hope you do get saved.absolutely come to Jesus he is the only.way out of this mess to go and have the.real life but when you have the Holy.Spirit in you you're gonna you're gonna.reprove each other in love be there for.each other admonish each other support.each other to pray to overcome sin that.the guiles of Lucifer you're gonna.you're gonna feel reproof if you got a.message if you watch a video from.someone and you feel reproved and you.feel okay you know just like when you.read the Holy Word of God and it reads.you a man it humbles you because you see.how you're doing wrong right here and.how God feels about that and you put.that Bible down and you know you just.got taught some some lessons that's what.the Holy Spirit does so I know when I.watched someone's video and if they have.the Holy Spirit or not because I'm gonna.feel reproved I'm gonna be shown some.aspects of myself I need to work on in.the Lord.you see always but if I don't get any.reproof and I just walk out there.feeling like I'm great the way I am.mm-hmm I didn't get the Word of God out.of there they did not have the Holy.Spirit presence and they did not correct.me no I know what I'm saying is going to.offend people because it's going to.strike a nerve it's gonna trigger some.people because some they're gonna.realize what it's true and not like it.and click write offs and truth is not.for these people okay and it's I'm just.saying it's not for everybody even the.Word of God says it's not for everybody.may need go off on to destruction and.few go for the truth into the cramped.and narrow paths now have a beast the.beast churches they sell a false sense.of security that will have many many.hearing from the Lord to get away from.him for Jesus will say to these people a.lot of them not all of them but a lot of.them that to get away from me you.workers of lawlessness now what is.lawlessness to be lawless is to be.without God for God is the law the.standard what he says goes right to be.lawless means to be in sin sin is.breaking the law breaking the law of God.going against God living and willful in.the student living in willful sin.choosing to stay in sin to keep choosing.sin over salvation he says to be to be.wise so Satan wants this for you see.okay to be cast out like him because he.is the lawless one ok so there's and.lots in the Bible describing lots of.scriptures describing how there's.children of sin children of Wrath and.his children of God how there's the.wheats and the tares and their sheeps.and the goats and to be lawless means to.be living in sin willful sin knowing.better but continuing in sin and that's.what Satan wants that's why he that's.him hence why he financially through the.Beast.supports these false churches many of.them are false they're just gonna.comfort you and give you a sense of.false security and sin and and you won't.be admonished shown and humbled and.reproved through the Holy Spirit power.the Holy Spirit power is limited.underneath these these businesses these.corporations these corporate churches of.the Beast because they've signed over.and contract covenant to the beast and.the Beast has the authority over them.they've given authority to the Beast the.Beast has authority over these churches.unfortunately so flee them flee go to.Jesus flee to Jesus the time is short.get ready the bride has to get ready.precious babies my brothers my sisters I.love you jesus loves you and I know I.look crazy to people I absolutely look.crazy to the world because I care and.I'm not trying to be mysterious and sexy.and and attractive and I throw all that.out the window man I'm talking to you.from the heart no ego I am being me the.real me with the Holy Spirit and I feel.this urgency in the Spirit of God to.tell you the truth to show you what I'm.being shown by the Holy Spirit I'm not.the only one and get ready say things.how they really are and realize that.Jesus is the only way he is the exit.door he is the door and you've got to do.things his way and read the word he says.they'll take away from you your your.candlestick if you do not repent type it.up candlestick google it Jesus says.he'll take your candlestick if you don't.repent and type it up and you'll see the.Scriptures start looking at the real.Word of God you can lose your salvation.if you stay in with willful sin choosing.the lusts of the flesh and carnality.that's under lucifer rather than.salvation and being clean clean of your.sins donald trample on the blood of.jesus don't continue to live in wilful.sin living up living your life as a.living testimony to how you prefer.Satan's way choose Jesus you can.overcome it you absolutely can overcome.it you can apps because most sins that.we're doing like like addictions whatnot.that's under compulsion it's demonic the.majority of it you can get released from.that so many people have but it doesn't.stop there you've got you've got to live.clean stay away from things that glorify.the devil don't grieve the holy spirit.and absolutely walk with the Lord and.help build his kingdom you're gonna be.motivated and moved by love if you.aren't already because most of you are.you're gonna be motivated and moved by.love to build his kingdom to talk to.others about the Lord you'll be his.you'll be his precious child in.obedience and you won't be accused of.being a lawless one and and cast out by.him you see that's what happens to those.who live and willful sin that Jesus is.going to tell them when they say Lord.Lord have we not prophesied in your name.expelled many demons in your name and.did many works in your name Jesus will.say I tell you truly get away from me.you workers of lawlessness these are the.ones that will be cast out and left.behind and that's no good people who.don't want to hear the truth they're.gonna be they're gonna have to learn the.hard way they're gonna have to die as.taste death as tribulation Saints if.they even have the faith to do it.they're in some serious danger.but you precious ones if you've been.humble enough to listen to my other.videos you definitely definitely are.being called to our station of precious.one of the precious few that gets in.with the Lord he died for you so I hope.your humble enough to least understand.some of what I'm saying you don't have.to agree with me I don't require that I.just want to let you know to be aware of.it and if you agree with without with.what the Holy Spirit showed me please do.share this video we got to get it out.this is an expose on the Beast system.and what he's done to the churches over.here and people need to know we don't.have a lot of time people need to know.and to wake up.getting ready get filled with the Holy.Spirit oil and get physically prepared.as well with food and water that is what.the wise virgins do so time is short.let's get moving no that's what these.churches are you're not going to get but.you're not going to get this the Holy.Spirit reproof and love from your loving.father from the majority at least 90% of.these places now don't get me wrong.listen I'm not saying that all these.pastors and teachers are no good I'm not.saying that there's plenty of them that.are wonderful and they truly love you.they really do but they they did sign.that 501c3 if they sign this 501 C 2 the.three they do love money and they want.the money and they didn't have to do.that because people people are willing.to give to their precious pastors and.teachers and stuff and not get it back.but they want you to give more and they.want everybody to come in and give and.get more people to come in and give more.because they know that they'll get it.back you're likely to give more if you.know you're going to get it back so it.ends up being a loan so it ends up being.the love of money and I'm not saying.that everybody that goes to these.churches aren't saved that would be a.lie I'm not fixing to say that that.would be crazy there's plenty of people.that go to these churches and they are.saved absolutely safe you see Satan does.bad things and we know that Holy Father.is almighty and he can use the bad.things Satan does and turn it around on.Satan to do something good for the Lord.to serve Him.he can turn bad situations into.something he can make it work out in the.long run for the good for the good of.the body of Christ.so there's plenty of people not a whole.lot but there is people that go to these.churches say say I would say honestly.I'm and this is just an idea a ball I.think about 40% of them are sincerely.truly after the heart of God and truly.truly truly really loved Jesus there's a.lot of people that go to these churches.they date are they're not making Jesus.Lord of their lives instead they're.taught that Jesus is their servant they.only go to Jesus for prayer like using.some kind of some kind of genie or.something to grant wishes okay and a.brother Ray Comfort says it like this.they look to Jesus like he's some kind.of cosmic Santa Claus and so they don't.make him their Lord they seek to be.lords of their own lives do their own.will everyday they pursue their own.pleasures their own passions they don't.do a thing to help build the kingdom of.the love the coming kingdom of Jesus.Christ Yeshua they just they want to.build their own businesses their own.corporations make their own money living.their own pleasures right now and.whatever help they need they pray and.ask for favors while being enemies of.the Messiah because they're not working.on their sin they're not rebuking demons.are not praying for others they're not a.lot of them aren't doing these things.and they're not teaching the truth.they're not a part of the truth they're.not seeking what pleases Holy Father.they're not trying to please him like a.child a loving child would try to please.their parents they're all about pleasing.themselves a lot of them not all of them.but a lot of them and so the majority of.them it's worse than what I'm saying.it's worse the majority of them are in.the lukewarm gospel that doesn't teach.the truth they believe there's they have.it's like the lukewarm gospel the.fantasy gospel here.it's a one-size-fits-all gospel and they.teach that once you got saved you're.always saved and so basically what.they're saying without saying it they're.saying you have a license to sin to keep.on living.in sin ah Jesus got me and I'll go.commit adultery against my wife or my.husband and and no worries I'll just.I'll repent later Jesus understands.that's Jesus gives a forgive me ah.that's trapped on the blood of Jesus.that's living your life willfully living.in sin choosing to sin and not glorify.with the Lord but glorify the adversary.because adversary is all about flesh.Lucifer Satan he charged Jos up job yoke.that yoke is only good to God because.God blesses him and gives him good for.his pleasure abundance Satan said that.if you take all this abundance away he.will curse you to your very face that.job would curse God that's what Satan.says that Saint that charge that's on.all of us on all of mankind and so many.of these people many of them because of.the lukewarm teachings that tickles.their ears they'll only be for Jesus as.long as they are in abundance and.comfort and happy bassoonist tribulation.comes and his problems love they're.gonna fall away that's the that's the.predicted falling away cooling off of.the greater number the love of the love.the greater number will cool off because.many of them they're not really actually.saved they are not really they're not.really a poor the body of Christ I'm.sorry it's true.and so don't let that be you there is a.reason why the beast pays for these.churches these de facto churches de.facto simply means in with this.application here a doppelgänger a false.something that's false you know you can.get like the name-brand cereal then you.can go by the store brand and it look.identical the actual product similar but.it's a totally different name-brand.it's a de facto it's not the real name.brand but it's trying to look like the.name brand and you can get it easier.it's cheaper so what's happening is.these de facto churches are not real.real houses of God they look like their.churches they're really houses of the.dead for the dead there are corporations.signed in with the corporations and and.the people who frequent these places the.majority of them they have found.salvation eternal life they're in the.House of the Dead with a dead powerless.gospel and that removes them from the.truth and Jesus actually talks about.these people the Holy Word of God.condemns these people who scatter the.flock and cause problems and who hold.back the truth from these people and.these people they only have to do is.read the Bible and then they go to these.churches they'd realize these churches.don't teach the real gospel they deserve.what they're getting right here the.majority of them not everybody not.everybody all you do is actually read.the Word of God yourself and you will.know better and you won't even you won't.be a part of this mess you'll enter into.the cramped and narrow path that leads.into everlasting life.which few are finding okay so understand.that if the world loves it and the.world's doing in the world's for it and.if the world's teaching it it ain't the.truth world's teaching once saved always.saved that's because it's not the truth.it's the broad way that leads off into.destruction.Jarett no I'm telling you once saved.always saved that's that's not even.biblical now I'll tell you what's going.on with that a little bit now this is.this is the reason why I'm doing this.video let me grab the top of my marker.I'm sorry okay so there's a reason why.I'm even bringing all this up besides.the fact that I just wanted to show you.some important stuff that you should.know for.your benefit so you'll have better.discernment and start to see more of.what's going on what's been going on.this is one of Lucifer's tricks how he's.usurping precious Souls but the majority.of them they're getting what they pay.for entertainment stuff that makes them.feel good so they don't have to face.their sin and work out that sin get it.out it's important you have to get that.out now here's what the church is having.some problems but the body of Christ is.having some problems because of Lucifer.there's confusion now I want to talk to.you about some of that I'm gonna talk to.you i'ma do a video series port 2 of.this video I'm gonna start talking about.how there's a portion the portion of the.church that believes in once saved.always saved these are precious brothers.and sisters and then there's another.portion of the church that says no aah.azam the Word of God says you can become.a reprobate there's over 40 scriptures.discussing at length there just what a.reprobate is somebody who lost their.salvation whose unsavable they've walked.away from the Lord you can lose your.salvation the Holy Scriptures talk about.all kinds of tribes on the blood of.Jesus you can lose your salvation you.have to understand some things there's.some problems there are some scriptures.that these people the once saved always.saved that they lean on to support their.beliefs but their misunderstanding these.scriptures these scriptures that they're.using like for example I have to pull it.type of it put it like right here.they're talking it the particular.scripture they're using it's to the.effect of how no one can snatch you out.of the hands of the Lord that applies to.the bride the Bride of Christ not the.body of Christ the baby the harvest that.the body they don't understand.it's misunderstandings big-time and a.lot of them they probably because.they've lift some of them if they've.read in the Bible about how we're to be.working out our salvation with fear and.trembling and how we're supposed to be.overcomers it's.all the holy scriptures about how we are.supposed to be overcomers of sin how.Jesus himself says to the overcomers I.will give thee the everlasting tree of.life and the bride will be spot-free.blemish-free oh she's an overcomer of.sin because she's gotten rid of all that.she's worked out her salvation she now.there's something that you have to.understand and I'll do it I'll do it in.this video there is a big big big big.misunderstanding in between these two.groups.there's the once they've always saved.and the people who don't believe in that.there's there's a big misunderstanding.so I'm going to talk about that next.video this video is 40-something minutes.long already so you should catch that.video I'll be uploading that very soon.it'll be part two to this one okay.alright so thank you for joining me.you've been watching witness for Yeshua.Messiah.[Music].you.

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How much does it cost to start a 501(c)3 in NYC?

The most costly thing you need to do legally is incorporate. This is done through your state and the cost varies from state to state, but is not more that $100. You will probably need a business license from your local city government. You should use a lawyer to help you with the incorporation paperwork, but you can usually get one pro-bono if they like your cause. Of course you might want to consider some type of insurance, depending on what type of services you are offering. As far as being a legal business it takes very little money to get started.

How long does it take to file for a 501(C) or non-profit status and how much will it cost to do so?

Once you apply, final approval is withheld until it is investigated. Donors are advised that their tax deductions are conditional. Legitimate “charities” are seldom hassled and non-qualifying organizations are often allowed to try again. Private inurement is the biggest red flag and staff salaries are closely audited.

I am a minor in Maryland. How do I start a nonprofit organization? My mom is helping me.

Go to your nearest Small Business Administration office and they can help you with resources and assist you with finding a mentor that has been successful in the same sector.

How can I make it easier for users to fill out a form on mobile apps?

Make it fast. Ask them as few questions as possible (don't collect unnecessary information) and pre-populate as many fields as possible. Don't ask offputting questions where the respondent might have to enter sensitive personal information. If some users see you collecting sensitive information, they might not be ready to share that with you yet based on what you are offering, and they will think twice about completing the form.

How do I fill out the IT-2104 form if I live in NJ?

Do you work only in NY? Married? Kids? If your w-2 shows NY state withholding on your taxes, fill out a non-resident NY tax return which is fairly simple. If it doesn't, you don't fill out NY at all. If it shows out NYC withholding you enter that as well on the same forms. Then you would fill out your NJ returns as well with any withholding for NJ. Make sure to put any taxes paid to other states on your reciprocal states (nj paid, on NY return and vice versa)

What is Ohio it 3?

Visit Chicago, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Tucson, Santa Fe, San Antonio, Austin, Denver, New Orleans, Miami, Savannah, Charleston, Baltimore, Washington, Boston, Philadelphia. Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Rocky Mountains, Navajo and Hopi reservations, Williamsburg.

What is Ohio it 942?

I haven’t been back to Columbus for over 14 years and I currently have no reason or desire to go there. I didn’t like the weather in Columbus, but I’m spoiled and from sunny California. Compared to NYC and SF, the houses are affordable (as is most of US). The suburb where we stayed was safe, but I couldn’t get use to no fences separating backyards. If I had children then, I would definitely put them in private schools. The public school looked and felt drastically underfunded. Most restaurant catered to meat and potatoes; not a lot of choices for international cuisines but many Italian restaur Continue Reading

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