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Declaration Card Canada Inquiry Instruction

for travelers the baggage Hall oftenmarks the end of a long journey whereyou coming fromwe've been to Canada before for rovingCBSA officers it's where the journeybegins where we could be staying whileyou're here in Vancouveran officer greets a visitor arrivingfrom Mexicowhy do you meet quite a friendlytravelers but this one was overlyfriendly which gave me some inclinationto talk to her further this one wellthat's not difficult to seewe saw her back going back and forthfrom five please five times around thecastle and yet she was not in a rush topick up axe that's the only bag you havethat gave me another indication thatthere was something or enough verycolorful isn't it I brought her tosecondary for an a further examinationso why did you start by telling me whyare you seeking entry to come to CanadaCity because I love Connor and like it'smuchto be CEO so yes what do you know aboutsaucmy first days the best wife in Canadayou come in for the wine and you don'tknow anyone here Nodo you know which date you going back toMexicowhat day yeah on the 29th when did youbuy a ticket yes one week ago yes all ofa sudden you decided to come and visitor say yeswhilst I understand you want to come inbecause Canada is beautiful and youcoming in to see the wineries I couldn'thelp but notice that over the past twomonths this is the third time you'reseeing it gain entry to Canadabuilt during the height of prohibitionthe Ambassador Bridge links Canada toDetroit one of the most iconic cities inthe u.s. this is North America's busiestinternational land crossing so we'regonna do Buddhist machinist up over thevehicle today an American traveler isdrawing attention he declared to theofficer and he had a long gun in thevehicle he was sent down so that wecould examine the fire and the rest ofthe vehicle and where's the firearmfirearm is in the back on the shelfabove the bed covered up in my handswhenever we have a declared firearm wealways proceed with an additional levelof cautionwe could look at something like that anddraw conclusion that maybe we shouldkeep looking for other weapons there's abat under the seat my wife used to havethat oh yeah the baseball bat in and ofitself is not a prohibited weapon butofficers discover something that is wefound some brass knuckles in your truckall that comparin things have been inthere for you yeah they're prohibitedweapon in camp with falesha underrestaurant at Toronto's PearsonInternational Airport a Canadianreturning from South America is insecondary the traveler key actuallylives in Panama for most of the year andhe's been telling me that he's beenaround a lot of drugs and partying downthere it's nonstop it's it's odd placesyou set it sits yep it's a party countryyou make it sound like cocaine justblown in the wings it is it is I wascrazy he is returning to Canada from adrug source country and I'm concernedthat he may have narcotics with him haveyou ever been on a trip in Panama whereanybody's ever approached to it maybebringing something back to God thatdoesn't happen no yeah yeah I guess theyhave their ways of doing things from theonset of the exam I notice said he wasmoving very quickly have you ever knownanybody that I don't know I don't knownobody like he does not want to be infront of me I'm now trying to figure out1if he doesn't want to be in front of me1because yes I mean it's luggage so the1officer swabs the travelers belongings1do you know if anybody's recently been1doing drugs around your computer at all11okay11so right now the laptop is for okay11at the international mail center in1Vancouver comes up on the x-ray1CBSA officers secure the border with an1arsenal of high-tech crime-fighting1tools anything he finds suspect that he1would want me to x-ray will come through1the importer and exporter come up on our1screen we can see a double image of the1vertical and horizontal view of the1parcel coming through the x-ray1this person's coming from Indonesia and1looks like it's a possible plastic or1organic version so I have referred that1parcel in for a secondary examination1can open it up see what's in there so it1is a registered parcel which means1somebody spent some money to get it1couriered here1in Toronto you make it sound like1proteins have blown in the wing days it1is a Canadian returns from partying in1Panama ABS grace it's probably up1residue on everything so is he bringing1the good times home1so right now the laps on it for cocaine1yeah having you speak from the casino1that happens who I'm gone to be seen1with and don't come out covered in1cocaine1yeah well prostitution is well-known in1see those down there there's at least 501girls last week do you think they're1selling narcotics yeah probably1let's look probably they do the bag1search is non resultant so I'm gonna1x-ray the computer bay what I'm looking1for to see if there's any false bottoms1if anybody's tried to show contraband1inside the metal rails if there's any1alterations that are invisible to me at1the desk the x-ray here that there's1nothing that's been sold into the bag so1right now nearly satisfied that it's a1result of him doing a little bit too1much party and being around people never1do it alone1it's clean then so that I had a friend1boring this for last - I'm by no means1here to tell you how to spend your time1in Panama but when you're coming home1just be mindful of who's you know1handling your stuff before you go it's1freely I'd like to give him the heads up1that maybe he's gonna continue this type1of lifestyle that he might want to think1about maybe not letting his friends use1all of his personal things11in Windsor where's the fire Michelle1about the bed up in my hands1an American declared his shotgun but1he's taking a hit for another weapon we1found some brass knuckles in your truck1all that and darn things have been in1there for years yeah they're prohibited1weapon in tango through more okay well1just look straight ahead for me for a1minute okay I just got to Pat you down1to make sure you live in either West1dunya the travelers arrested for1smuggling prohibited weapon into Canada1I got to put handcuffs on you because of1that weapon okay I do appreciate your1cooperation no problem with it what I1wish you didn't have to handcuff I wish1I didn't have to as well but we have to1take precautions for ourselves in you1that's not too tight whatever we find1anything that's pretty good we have to1do that immediately1a background check reveals the traveler1has no criminal history next step is1we'll take seizure action on the brass1knuckles they're seized without terms of1release there's no way the traveler can1retrieve those all right so I'll just1show you how those are bagged up they'll1be disposed of here okay I really quite1frankly didn't realize until there1because the brass knuckles were in the2vehicle the vehicle is seized as well or2so the traveler has to pay a fine of2$500 to regain custody of his vehicle2your killer might travel as well if that2is what it is2keine the firearm was determined to be a2non restricted weapon so ultimately it2is released to the traveler when he was2free to enter the country guess what it2is the officers was good they were very2nice take care of yourself22over the past two months this is the2third time you're singing King entry in2Vancouver an officer questions a Mexican2visitors suspicious travel history when2someone states that she doesn't know2anyone in Canada and this is the third2time in a span of seven weeks that this2person is coming in that really does2raise some concern2so besides her years besides going to2visit the wineries what else are you2here to do only other cities like what2what are the cities I don't know my2friend told me about the Victoria all2right2who told you that your friend you2mentioned Falmouth um Tania if I2understand correctly your situation is2you going to the wineries in a serious2because your friend Tanya told you oh so2you use was nice also because she's does2she know anyone here in Canada oh yes2she had a friend okay2you appear very nervous why I don't know2maybe we'll never have never been never2been asked questions I just want to be2very honest to have an open discussion2okay I do not believe that you don't2know anyone in Canada I believe that2there's more to this story2but of primetime importance for us today2I want to make sure that you are not2trying to bring drugs in Canada more2than a third of Canada's foreign2students attend classes in Ontario in2Toronto an Asian undergrad returns for2another semester she's in secondary so2that we can verify her declaration2returning foreign students are subject2to the same rules as returning Canadians2when you left Haneda everything you had2then there's allowed back into Canada2oh yeah anything extra you had to tell2us about initially she said that she's2only declaring $200 did your family give2you any presents any gifts no I'm gonna2take a look at the Red Bank22this is new2very nice2as I look through her luggage I find a2Chanel bag do you know how much this is2are they know this would be about $5,0002so why did you not declare this this is2my first date yeah2remember we talked about it right at the2beginning see where you wrote $2002it says including gifts what is going to2happen today as I'm going to be seizing2the bag22at the mail center in Vancouver officers2inspect a package from Indonesia what is2that no no but that looks like teeth2Oh looks like a human skull teeth and2all cut in half2looks like they've carved right into the2skull2you can see the brain imprint right in2there there's no paperwork or anything2with it so I don't know if it would be2going to a museum or if it's just2somebody's personal interest the officer2calls the Canadian importer okay thank2you bye so the importer it looks like he2did an online purchase he doesn't even2know who it was from break he obviously2didn't do the background checks that2were needed to import a human skull into2Canada without the proper documentation2the skull is considered a health risk2and refused entry because we have no2exporter information we will be putting2the parcel in a locked bond room we'll2be contacting other law enforcement2agencies within Canada they will then2contact authorities in Indonesia to try2and locate the exporter33back in secondary there's a reason why3you've come here three times in the last3two months3a Mexican visitor suspicious travel3history has led to questions about3prohibited substances I want to make3sure that you are not trying to bring3drugs in Canada do you have any drugs on3you today3in your banks around your body okay open3that for me please3yeah well the traveler unlocks her phone3a second officer joins the examination3subjects coming in to visit the wineries3in ER so you just have been set back she3doesn't know anyone here but she comes3all the time we're trying to understand3why this woman is coming to Canada she3seems very secretive in regards to the3real reasons for her trip who's Chuck3who's Chuck a long time I not see him3many friends do you yes for my my job3okay for my job she had numerous3contacts in Canada that she has visited3before3can I ask you too much how many of what3friends do have is no seriously just one3maybe two is someone here waiting for3you mm-hmm what's the relationship3between you and your reception33friends like3not here to judge whatever you do you do3I need to know what's going on because3at this point in time I'm thinking other3things are you going to tell me what's3going on3there's something in viral33at the Peace Bridge to American3bowhunters arrived to shoot their3television show we're heading up north3of Ontario Donal oh Claire hunter and3bagged some Canadian wildlife that's all3they declared is the crossbow3we just want to make sure that they're3not traveling with any primitive devices3or any weapons of any sort that weren't3declared to the primary officer these3guys are decked out33the discovery of an ammunition clip3forces officers to step up their3investigation we want to make sure the3firearm is not with the magazine as3there was no firearms clerk33the vehicle is pulled apart right down3to the air filter that's a good point3right there good hiding spot the exam3was negative3there was no undeclared riveted weapons3or devices on board we determined that3the magazine was pin two five rounds and3therefore it is permitted in camera good3to go appreciate it3hey not need another well we had a3pretty thorough inspection and we're3glad to see it thank you3no big deal we don't laugh at all333I am here to understand why you here in3Vancouver a Mexican traveler has been3avoiding the truth behind her many3visits to Canada are you going to tell3me what's going on yeah no you have3nothing to be embarrassed about the work3that I do I meet people all the time I3understand you a little bit nervous is3the first time you be in question the3traveler eventually admitted to the fact3that she came in to work as an escort3how much do you get paid to be here five3hundred per day per day Friday since3escort service employees are not3eligible for work permits the traveler3is inadmissible and given two options3Eva allow you to grieve draw your3application you go back to Mexico or we3can take you forward for a hearing right3which one would you want to decide to do3today you want to go back to Mexico okay3as soon as we're ready we'll take you3upstairs to get your fiber3job done this traveler is not allowed in3today and has voluntarily elected to go3back to Mexico I wish you well take care3of yourself all right44on to the next we go44do you know how much this is high they4know in Toronto an expensive handbag is4about to get even pricier for a4returning student from Asia I'm going to4be seizing the bag this was something4that she had not declared to me I'm just4trying to find the price on this bag she4did not have a receipt because it was a4gift so I went online I verified the4value and what it sells for in Canada4which was forty four hundred dollars4what you're going to owe is $1,100 yep4so one one zero zero one one zero zero4it's a penalty4that's just how it works the traveler4will be paying $1,100 which is the4duties taxes and penalty assessed which4is 25% of the value Seath where it says4cashier they will take your payment4there you just need to make sure that4you44the CBSA made over 2,000 marijuana bust4at the border last year we did find a4small quantity of marijuana for you4under arrest for smuggling narcotics at4Vancouver International Airport a roving4officer NAB's an American transiting4through Canada with pot I was walking by4and just notice a very very strong4border I approached her and she did4confess that she was carrying the4marijuana in her bra she was placed4under arrest4she just kept saying please just take it4I want to catch my cruise but but4marijuana see how much it weighs what we4have right here is 16.8 grams this4traveler is from Los Angeles her intent4is to join a cruise ship which will take4her to Hawaii so her staying in Canada4ought to be a very brief amount of time4she's committing an act on entry into4Canada so therefore she's inadmissible4for that for immigration purposes4however we've got two levels right so4she either returns to the u.s. today or4we allow him to enter Canada so she can4go on the cruise that's going to the4u.s. today we ensured that there was no4other contraband on her person and at4that point we came out to continue the4examination of her checked luggage so4just to let you know you're still under4arrest right now just because our4customs exam hasn't finished yes ma'am4the RCMP is gonna come down decide4whether or not they're gonna proceed4with charges it's costing me about4$8,000 for this cruise but I was taking4it on the cruise with me yeah I wasn't4can4in Canada I'll just finally be in here4for a couple of hours cuz I'm just gonna4leave from the airport straight to the4boat okay that's it okay just pray to4God I can make fruit44at Pearson International a Canadian4resident returns from visiting family in4China which when I verify what it is4that she is bringing back with her today4what is the value of the items you4either bought or received while you were4in China $300 no more than no more than4you have anything else with you today4just nothing how much money do you have4on you today4travelers are required to declare4currency equal to or greater than 10,0004Canadian how much RMD44and how much us she has a bit of4currency in her purse and how much4Canadians44you have money anywhere else I asked her4if she had any more currency on her4person and she sort of evaded the4question are you carrying money anywhere4else yeah yeah it's a money belt yeah4okay how much do you have there4I think total convenience of a sister425% of all merchandise traded between4Canada and the US crosses the Ambassador4Bridge what's the total value of goods4coming in what types of goods did you5buy today5a Canadian father and son returned home5with a vintage ride these two travelers5are coming back from New Haven Michigan5with a 1987 BMW roadster boy take a look5at your forms you ever receipt it all5for the bike oh there you go he seems5really nervous especially when he showed5me their handwritten receipt which5really caused me to suspect that the5bike might be under about how did you5pay for it I paid cash so you paid 2,5005- did you bring 2,500 over with you yeah5well I actually was I brought it over5because he wanted 3,200 for it on the5add okay so it's in here oh that would5help if you have that where's the side5from it's from a Craigslist from Frank5sauce I printed it off my hotmail5perfect thanks guys5I'm gonna run the VIN number on the5internet to verify that's actually the5amount that he's paid and there's the ad5there perfect but the ad isn't on5Craigslist what came up was the actual5listing on eBay so he paid forty five5hundred forty five fifty u.s. he was the5winning day55the Osoyoos border crossing is the5gateway to DC's Okanagan Valley the5Appel faller tobacco with you how long5we outside of Canada today three5Canadians returned from a weekend5getaway they're coming back from a music5festival in Washington State I've got a5driver that's been really really nervous5so you're driving right how much did you5drink last night because I can smell the5liquor on you yeah how much did you have5last night yeah all right I was gonna5get you come with me for a moment so5what we're gonna do now is find out if5he's safe to be on the road today in5accordance with the provisions of the5Criminal Code I hereby demand that we5provide a sample of your breath5forthwith suitable for analysis using5the approves screen device5[Laughter]55in Toronto5a Canadian resident returns with cash in5her purse it's a money belt and even5more under her clothes okay how much do5you have there I think total Canadian of5alone5sister I think total US dollar below5what $10,000 will go in the back and5then you'll take it off so we can count5it to know exactly how much it is that5you out okay if the traveler failed to5declare she's carrying ten thousand5Canadian or more this could be a costly5homecoming we're gonna count up all the5money that she has in the various5currencies nothing else for the first55who's gonna go back though them CBSA5keeps tabs on inbound and outbound5currency to combat international money5laundering she is in excess of the ten5thousand dollar requirement for5reporting so you have in your possession5right now ten thousand three hundred and5twenty dollars and 21 cents okay the5traveler was asked multiple times how5much currency she was traveling with I5felt that the seizure action was5warranted but so unfortunate today5because you are over we have to assess5the penalty because this is a traveler's5first offense5the penalty is two hundred and fifty5dollars perhaps the enforcement action5will serve as a reminder for her for5future travel55in Windsor a Canadian says he paid 2,5005us for a vintage motorcycle he found on5Craigslist there's the ad there perfect5but he never said anything about eBay so5you paid forty five hundred forty five5fifty us he was the winning bid we5actually found the bike on eBay good5we found the winning bid we found the5actual price for it we have reason to5believe that it was think about is he5tied it up on eBay but I got it I found5out a book through Craigslist okay6that's how I give all of a sold on eBay6so the highest bidder I'm guessing was6you I would imagine eat woodworking6hands with odd but I went for 4545 hi6everybody6without light okay what is your fam I6paid them 2500 off did you not get a6hold of them we haven't called him that6I don't think me too6we had it on Craigslist so I went to his6house he said that he's also better on6eBay for an auction okay so I told him6that I would pay cash for it now if he6ends the auction he couldn't end the6auction so then I ended up going on6there and bidding on it but that wasn't6the amount that I paid so I had to go in6there to make it look like the bid so6somebody else because he would if6somebody else would have bid on it then6he would have had to have sold it to6them I put in like a like seven thousand6because it goes up in increments too and6then we agreed upon a price before that6what was the price they agreed upon6$2,5006the story that the traveler is telling6me about the ad really doesn't make any6sense to us right now6the more honest you are with us the6easier it is6you're still aligned with Wi-Fi wonder66in Vancouver 16.8 grounds an American6transiting through Canada to board a6Hawaiian cruise ship is busted with6marijuana in her bra6so just to let you know you're still6under arrest right now yes ma'am6with the RCMP enroute officers continue6their customs exam upon opening her6checked luggage there was a strong odor6of marijuana throughout all her6belongings why are they under your liner6this is the one of the flipping and6flopping around and make sure I know6where they're at6have you ever used any other type of6narcotic no have you ever been charged6with anything not convicted charged yes6for it was trespass just trespass okay6the baggage exam is completed so I'm6gonna have you have a seat on the bench6over there okay the RCMP did attend they6did have a brief discussion with the6traveler at that point they decided not6to proceed with any charges6the officer runs the traveler through6the CBSA database so is there like a ton6of stuff there background check did6reveal a lengthy criminal record she's6got charges so you've got the burglary6disorderly conduct6it's all convicted everything's6connected burglary under the influence6of a controlled substance do we ask her6about the charges earlier yeah we just6did did she say6just trespassing66at the Osoyoos border crossing a6Canadian returning from an American6music festival has just recently ended6the party what is your last drink say6between 12 or 2 last night you were this6close to getting in a repair Church6really yeah like from stole from them6that's correct6we found that his blood alcohol content6is low enough that he's not met our6threshold to arrest him for impaired6driving today but it's not just alcohol6the officers are concerned about enter6Jack the detector dog that's the one6spot in the whole place that he wanted6to check is this seat his hit was stuff6so far underneath it yep Jack shows some6interest on the passenger side so he'll6get up close and personal with the6travelers66alright you guys got a seat again I want6to talk to all the shorts again okay6you're looking at the same person6sitting in the passenger seat where the6canines also indicating there may be6grubs so he's trained for everything6from marijuana to cold cracked ecstasy6meth hash heroin I swear to god I've6never ever touched us okay what do you7have in your pockets right now I'm gonna7ask you straight up are you holding7something for somebody else77at Vancouver International Airport have7you ever been charged with anything not7convicted charged yes7for whose trespass an American caught7concealing marijuana in her bra is hazy7about her criminal past7she's got charges so you've got the7burglary disorderly conduct it's all7convicted everything's convicted her7intent is to join a cruise ship which7will take her to Hawaii so her staying7in Canada is might be a very brief7amount of time initially we were trying7to let her make her connections however7this traveler did have in fact quite a7lengthy criminal record okay just come7on up here for a second because I need7to talk to you about something when I7asked you before about being arrested7you said just the ones when I run your7name there's a lot more that comes up7this is 1990 30 okay 20 years ago for7what7I'm pretty sure I see here's the thing7like when I go and check our systems7right I7I find that you haven't been a hundred7percent honest7see these pages right there's a lot of7stuff here we've got disorderly conduct7burglary probation you were arrested for7being under the influence of a7controlled substance7maybe was when you're not forthcoming7about stuff like this in your past it7does affect your admissibility I'm a7decent person I don't I don't mess7around I'm not doing crimes7I just came simply here to to get on the7boat because this is where the port is7located at okay but you do understand7that right now to get on to that boat7you have to enter Canada you're not7going to be making your ship today okay7no I know she had some serious7criminality that does make her7inadmissible to Canada we found that the7most responsible enforcement that we7could take would be to get her on a7return flight back to Los Angeles as7quickly as possible7gonna go this way so the decision has7been made to allow her to withdraw her7application to enter Canada7back in secondary okay what are the bags7look like they've KY yeah7a Canadian returning from the UK has7lost his luggage clear white pale white7so you can see through the bags so7there's nothing family's all like that7the traps yes and I'm my lovely Martin7fine with me first thing that top7illiteracy Ostrava was the fact that he7clearly appeared intoxicated you've had7a few tax rate yeah want to make sure7you're okay you wanna make sure we want7to make sure that you know where you're7going or that you're kind of taking care7and watch appreciate that you're moving7back to Canada did you just have a7visitor visa there yes yes nice to be7back calm yeah this is home for you II7yeah brother you had to go fetch his7luggage this bike you know it baby7I love ya I love you already7yeah7there you go you're reunited with your7bags in your bike are you guys all7examining these bags to see what kind of7contents he does have inside so what do7you bring the ocular you can anything at7all aside is the stuff that you took7down there um yeah my yeah yeah box pose7there obviously when living there self7estate monkeys uh how long did you7oversee there7how long did you overstay I'm 14 years714 years7at the Ambassador Bridge what did you7pay him for it7I paid him $2,500 you're so going with72500 officers aren't buying what a7Canadian says he paid for a classic7motorcycle from the states last chance7what was the actual price78forty-niners right yeah we knew it8wasn't playing 500 so there's gonna be a8seizure penalty to get the bike back the8bike Caesar right now so do you get the8bike back you have to pay a penalty on8the under valid amount8I'll do all the paperwork up and I'll8call you up when I'm done okay the8traveler undervalued by 1800 Canadian we8will have to pay a fine of four hundred8and sixty five dollars to get the bike8back plus a hundred and thirty six8dollars in taxes the penalty far away's8what he would have paid it's not worth8it to undervalue something to try save a8little money8in south-central BC Jack the detector8dog shows interest in three Canadians8returning from a Washington music8festival I asked you straight up are you8holding something for somebody else you8know8I wouldn't be like I'm against any that8kind of stuff8so what we have to do now is we have to8no gain any suspicion that there are8drugs in the vehicle88nothing was found on him or in the8vehicle today unfortunately there was a8lot of indications there might be drugs8with you so we have to look that's our8job but I'm convinced there's nothing in8there now so because of that you guys8are all gonna be free to go8okay thanks a lot guys8yeah no worries88in Vancouver had a few tips wait yeah a8tipsy Canadian returns home after8getting the boot from the UK help estate8like these uh how long did you oversee8there how long did you overstay 14th 148years yeah it was there for one year8legally the remaining 14 years were be8legally so what did you do in London8while you were there you know what a hog8carry a bricklayers assistant you know8he was obviously discovered by the UK8officials and he was removed from the8country the traveler was forced to leave8his entire life behind8are you okay ray no my girlfriend she8does crochet she has her own crochet8business and she made this for me and8I'm just admiring them cuz I love her8and I miss her and I left her this8morning8gonna be strong mine keeps you strong8at this point there's nothing of concern8in his bags I'm gonna take your bike8over to the x-ray real quick just run it8through the x-ray so that's where I'm8going with your bike I'm not taking off8with it oh so you can take sorry parking8clean and so is the x-ray all right yes8well you were done you got sauce anyways8wow what did grilled eyes he was8intoxicated8so Public Safety is really important to8us hot father I know well I had to tired8no man sorry he said he's gonna be8catching the sky train so we're not too8concerned about him being a impact to8public seat8every year millions of shipping8containers pass through port Metro8Vancouver for smugglers these solid8steel canisters may seem like the8perfect hiding place I'll scan you can8write but CBSA officers can see right8through them because a mobile bacchus8tracked so it's essentially a mobile8x-ray tracked we can scan the containers8rather quickly in obtrusively in a8matter of seconds we're particularly8looking for any sort of contraband or8anomalies in the cargos today officers8have flagged an outbound container8headed for Asia a little bit concerned8about it it's declared as automobiles8and from my experience two automobiles8don't weigh that much hey let's take a8look8into reverse get with SCCM ray that goes8into the detector tower in the back and8with the image we can manipulate in8different ways to get a better density8okay we're gonna go on scanning good89there we go here's your cars9I'd be curious to see what's underneath9on the under character this thing is9just solid they're absolutely solid get9off the crack it open99[Applause]9in Montreal CBSA officers know that many9travelers like to bring along a taste of9home so that's two beef jerky this is a9but comfort can be costly especially9when it's prohibited Texas evil belly's9a Tunisian National returns after9visiting family in Africa he is9presently studying Canada and has9declared nothing on his declaration9heard levy prepared evil name were when9was that oku Honda continued to go by -9as soon as the passenger put his bags on9the counter there was an order of food9avid poker she kuusela knew it sir the9projectile around the project let's see9then wha no no the plant the plant seed9animal Abba zaba I was finding a lot of9middle-eastern delights some cheeses and9other vegetables but everything was9permitted into Canada9really Susana this is salsa Tama should9lefty on that uniform9okay so sad love yeah99at the osoyoos border crossing in9southern BC two travelers have been9randomly selected for a secondary9examination one is an American citizen9and American resident but a person is a9Canadian citizen and resident come on up9sir you empty out your pockets on to the9doctor I just turn around show me your9back area that's great what's your9relationship with your passenger today9this distant cousins9okay the other place to stay that while9you're here this trip you're staying9warm are staying I'm just after coming9right back okay you guys have a seat9down99see you were down there for two days9yeah99when I was examining the purse I9actually did get a slight odor of9marijuana at that time9that's why I got the attention of k9 to9come and assist me got might detect your9dog on staff so today's gonna have a9sniffing your car any concerns with the9contents of the vehicle alright so you9guys take responsibility for everything9in there the canine will sit if he9catches a whiff of contraband search hey9he's trained for eight different9narcotic odors and Firearms so anytime9he's looking at a car showing interest9or indicating it's gonna be falling on9the 9:00 train odors9search999or Erie's Peace Bridge is one of four9international crossings spanning the9Niagara River where you guys going today9a trio of Americans arrived for a family9visit your uncle sir yeah have you been9here before9how are you guys related I'm her son9she's my mom's brother my friend9okay they were referred to verify9currency they declared $3,000 okay so9who has the $3,000 did you declare 3,0009so I'm gonna have a look in your hand9bags okay9just all the money here yeah9are you sure there's only three thousand9here you think crossing the border9you're required to declare over $10,0009meaning worth of currency and so we want9to make sure that they don't have an9excess of that one thousand9mm99[Applause]930049it looks like there's more than that9[Applause]99at the osoyoos border crossing I9actually did get a slight odor of9marijuana from her purse an air of10suspicion surrounds two travelers10arriving from the US that's why I got10the attention of k910oh boy come boy you got a pipe over here10we actually didn't even enter the car to10indicate a right at the seat where we10found a marijuana pipe residue in a pipe10isn't necessarily a big deal but it10could be an indicator that there could10be more so the officers step up their10investigation we have to determine10whether or not there's something else10hidden in the seats in the rocker panels10that kind of thing10good boy1010I'm good on this side yeah1010the vehicle passes the inspection but10the canine crew isn't calling it quits10we'll get the dog to sniff em now1010in Montreal okay so Sid Liao a Tunisian10student is on the hook for undeclared10meat deserve it what de Klerk he did10young okay to visit demand a tanto Souza10Dave's IV no no yet in the beyond10elegant just III just just they begin to10separate issue still again you see10demand issues have a completely10castillon's a VG we J revisit10occasionally cool a large table beyond10the further water through the photometer10mess it Adam valleys he did not declared10on his declaration card he did not10declare to the primary officer and I10gave him at least two opportunities to10declare it to me but he decided not to10c'est la vie au c quelque chose de hija10climatic am Elohim no Canada mistress10gossiper contenido bacteria didn't work10in a shop on Etsy vous Canada around and10me the melody Alice animal saucy la10moneda recent alone10he was really supportive people about -10the problem was that you immediately -10genki wrongful Canada10having to most most be able with City10business hoc could and a large okay with10solar energy civil civic ye-yes a10pelagic no sir visit auntie Amanda but10the way the Lacan has seen the pasture10at this point that don't want to pay the10fine I explained that he had 30 days to10contest the infraction which is the10route that he's gonna take1010at Port Metro Vancouver from my10experience two automobiles don't weigh10that much10officers x-ray and outbound shipping10container declared as automobiles I'd be10curious to see what's underneath in the10undercarriage this thing it's just solid10they're absolutely solid get off the10crack it open10where the silver is 2 6 2 0 11010have you got a couple liner over sir10other than the brand new vehicles to it10when we opened up the container we found10a high-end luxury vehicle now there's10two not just your basic luxury but the10seams that are kitted out probably the10top-end accessories and options that you10can get yeah it's got the full trim kit10and everything is good TVs in the back10as well that would explain why the10containers over weight reserve didn't10bro the back usually rated need the10license plate has been memory VIN10numbers are often removed from stolen10vehicles to make them untraceable10seconds been taken off1010Vancouver is a gateway to adventure from10many international thrill-seekers and10what brings you to Canada where you guys10going to stand with her10so what's the plan when you hear today a10sports-loving Spaniard arrives in search10of his next adrenaline rush what kind of10sports to do you know I I do but yeah10and they like running okay how long you10been doing that for for okay and this is10your resume yeah10do these to hand out in Canada or I10don't know I always take with me my10resume and my contacts mm-hmm do you10have a schedule or itinerary with you at11all a tickets hmm I just know that I'm11going to stay here for days and the rest11in embolic Neverland okay and why Wyatt11that like what special I'm going to do a11volunteer okay11and I'm going to help these people with11the resort and they are going to11accommodate me and give me breakfast11okay11so they tell you what kind of work you11would be doing or maintenance I think it11is11did you research to see if you could do11this kind of work in Canada without a11work permit1111in Vancouver11officers crack the seal on a shipping11container packed with two luxury SUVs11vinden bro the back usually they don't11legalize the ladies a VIN number a snake11has been taken off the vehicle11identification number is often removed11from stolen vehicles to make them11untraceable we're gonna follow up with11our export team and see if there's some11paperwork on these vehicles will be11doing some police record checks make11sure these vehicles aren't stolen the11officer combs the CBSA database you're11able to get the VIN number and new11information comes to light we were able11to determine the registered owner we've11sorted all that out and it looks like11the vehicle is not stolen1111southern Ontario are you sure there's11only 3000 years looks like there's more11than that a trio of Americans declared a11total of three thousand US dollars and11there's about five thousand here roughly11anything in your pockets nothing okay11though travelers are only required to11declare currency equal to or greater11than 10,000 Canadian PM to your pockets11the officer is suspicious as to why they11weren't honest about how much cash11they're carrying there you go11and11okay so how much money is here114,000 okay but you declared $3,000 total11for the vehicle and now I'm searching11your bag and you have 4,000 right here11the first zipper that I open it that's11why I'm checking to see how much you11have okay11there's about $5,000 here as well you11have a little bit more than $10,000 yeah11is there any money in the vehicle1111at the Osoyoos land crossing NBC oh good11boy Jack the detector dog sniffed out11contraband inside an American's car we11found this pipe with residue in it11residue in a pipe could be an indicator11that there could be more the rest of the11car is clean company but the search11isn't over we'll get the dog to sniff11them now we've had cases where11travellers will hide narcotics on their11body or inside of their bodies in the11vehicle we found a pipe that has residue11of marijuana in it so we are suspicious11that there could be more narcotics being11at the dog just check you guys make sure11you haven't secretive anything on11yourselves okay if you sure can just be11in this square this will be your low11area new ma'am if you could be in this11square111111[Applause]1111in Fort Erie you have a little bit more11than $10,000 3 Americans initially told11officers they were carrying a total of113000 in cash11I found a little over $5,000 u.s. cash11in the drivers purse and also a little11over $5,000 in US currency and the11passengers purse is there any money in11the vehicle is there any cash in there11having already caught the travelers in a11$7,000 live the officer isn't taking any11chances111111nothing was found in the vehicle we11didn't have any reason to believe that12the money was proceeds of crime okay12guys12since here you declared $3,000 you have12over 10,000 we do require you to12document if you've got over $10,000 per12person but since you have a separate12that's fine12here you go they were free to go as far12as the currency12in southern BC you got a pipe over here12two cousins arrived from the states with12a marijuana pipe in their vehicle we get12the dog just check you guys make sure12you haven't secretive anything on12yourself so Kate the dog tells me a12story of what has been with you we was12less than year round okay12the dog was giving some indication on to12the females hands12the dog is picking up on your fingers12and that so if you use it on your own12time it's really no concern of mine12right it's when it's coming across the12border12she says that she's made a mistake and12left her marijuana pipe sitting in the12vehicle we have examined the vehicle12we've searched their persons there's12nothing else of concern roads he's not12going to give you back the pipe or12anything like that's that's to receive12their this isn't it take me to him back12every future no the answer is no he12being a foreign national and American12citizen it could have caused him12problems if it was his and if he had12been women got in trouble for it I12didn't want to penalize you for it Clark12Russia yeah that's no fun okay hey so12you guys are free to go here's the keys12doc and I can let you up this truck you12want your ownership you off they're12going to Canada they're silly1212in Vancouver did you research to see if12you could do this kind of work in Canada12without a work printed a Spanish12traveler claims he's here to volunteer12as a maintenance man at a Canadian12resort have you applied for a work12permit in Canada but it's not exactly12work so he's coming for this type of12work yes he does need a work permit12what's happening instead of getting paid12money you're getting paid and12accommodations and food right so it's12just still getting a form of payment for12work that's being work that's being done12okay so based on that information you12would not be allowed into the country12before we panic and we're gonna talk12some more okay you've been honest with12me you weren't hiding the fact that what12you were doing you just didn't do your12research before he came to Canada okay12so you paid for five days here in12Vancouver to stay at an Airbnb12what not I'm willing to let you have12that vacation sounds good yeah it's12better than nothing right yeah so this12is what we call a visitor record in12Canada visitor record records that the12person is in Canada they're not allowed12to work now on the study and they have12to leave a country by a certain date12then you can apply for a work permit

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Declaration Card Canada FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the Declaration Card Canada are:

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What happens to all of the paper forms you fill out for immigration and customs?

Years ago I worked at document management company. There is cool software that can automate aspects of hand-written forms. We had an airport as a customer - they scanned plenty and (as I said before) this was several years ago... On your airport customs forms, the "boxes" that you 'need' to write on - are basically invisible to the scanner - but are used because then us humans will tend to write neater and clearer which make sit easier to recognize with a computer. Any characters with less than X% accuracy based on a recognition engine are flagged and shown as an image zoomed into the particular character so a human operator can then say "that is an "A". This way, you can rapidly go through most forms and output it to say - an SQL database, complete with link to original image of the form you filled in. If you see "black boxes" at three corners of the document - it is likely set up for scanning (they help to identify and orient the page digitally). If there is a unique barcode on the document somewhere I would theorize there is an even higher likelihood of it being scanned - the document is of enough value to be printed individually which costs more, which means it is likely going to be used on the capture side. (I've noticed in the past in Bahamas and some other Caribbean islands they use these sorts of capture mechanisms, but they have far fewer people entering than the US does everyday) The real answer is: it depends. Depending on each country and its policies and procedures. Generally I would be surprised if they scanned and held onto the paper. In the US, they proably file those for a set period of time then destroy them, perhaps mining them for some data about travellers. In the end, I suspect the "paper-to-data capture" likelihood of customs forms ranges somewhere on a spectrum like this: Third world Customs Guy has paper to show he did his job, paper gets thrown out at end of shift. ------> We keep all the papers! everything is scanned as you pass by customs and unique barcodes identify which flight/gate/area the form was handed out at, so we co-ordinate with cameras in the airport and have captured your image. We also know exactly how much vodka you brought into the country. :)

How do I fill out the NEET 2019 application form?

How to fill and submit NEET 2019 Application Form Filling and submission of online application form of NEET 2019, including entering data, uploading scanned photograph and signature, has to be done at official website of NEET 2019. After application form is submitted, Confirmation Page with NEET 2019 Application Number is generated. It is important to take a printout of confirmation page for future reference. It is expected that modes of fee payment will be credit card, debit card, net banking, e-challan. A good news to NEET 2019 aspirants is that aadhaar card is no longer mandatory for applicatio Continue Reading

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How do I fill out the college preference form of the CLAT 2019? If you are AIR 1 and eligible for admission to all 21 NLUs, which one would you prefer? That is your first choice. Your first choice is not available. Out of the remaining 20, you are eligible for all 20. Which one will you prefer? That is your second choice. Your second choice is not available. Out of the remaining 19, you are eligible for all 19. Which one will you prefer? That is your third choice. Repeat the process till you have ranked all 21 NLUs. All the best.

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Hi dear First You have To sign Up Registration On BITSAT official website, and then fill up all of requirement they have to Know after registration successfully you have to fill login detail on the official website to process application form for different course you have to become eligible , for more detail all about you can Click Here

Can you bring drinks into Canada?

1.5 Litres or, if you prefer, two regular sized bottles per person. Beyond that you’ll have to pay duty and taxes. Don’t worry…we have wine here. In fact the LCBO in Ontario is the single largest wine merchant in the world. That means we have access to a huge selection of wines from all over the world. Shops in other Provinces do pretty well too. We also make some of the best wines in the world and, if you are visiting Ontario or BC, you can visit some excellent wineries as part of your trip. (We also make wines in some small enclaves in other provinces but they aren’t quite in the same league yet.) (See What Will it Cost? )

How can I fill out the COMEDK 2019 application form?

Go to homepage of COMEDK go to www. Comedk. org. in. then go register and after getting registered u will get a application number then u can proceed in the application form.

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The most expensive bottle of water costs an out of the world $95,955. How so? Read on. Each mission to the International Space Station carries cargo. Now the cost of carrying cargo is $43,180 per pound of cargo. A pound is roughly 0.45 litres. So, the cost per litre is $95,955. Thus the water that the astronauts drink are in fact the most expensive.

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