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T2 Short 2017 2019 Form Demand Assistance

welcome everyone again to the tech cycle.t2 tips hopefully will cover some ground.today that you didn't have exposure to.before and will be able to help you with.being more efficient in the software.my name is char koay de and I will be.your host for today's webinar I am a tax.analyst with tax cycle and I'm also a.CPA CGA so if you have any questions as.we go along please type them in the side.box we do have people in the background.who will be responding to your questions.as we go and anything that we can't get.to in today's webinar we will definitely.follow up with you after in the next day.or so so the things that we're going to.cover today are going to be giffy import.the notes to financial statements.functionality within the software some.t2 optimizations some tea to how to do.the tea to autofill and the tea to pre.validation a little bit of coverage on.the CCA schedule 8 and the schedule a.reconciliation I'm not going to spend a.ton of time on that and accelerated CCA.also we're not going to spend a ton of.time on that there is a separate focused.webinar available for that and I believe.that's posted on our website we're also.going to talk about the RC 59 and RC 59.X and the efiling within the software.and I'm in touch on a little bit on.schedule 7 investment income and foreign.taxes we tend to get a lot of questions.in that area and then also on adjusting.a tee to return after it's been filed.and how you would go about doing that in.the software and if we have time we'll.get to just a quick overview of the.e-filing of foreign income statements at.t 11:35 34 and the t 106.so now we'll head into tax cycle I'll.just get rid of that and I'm going to.open up we're going to start with giffy.import so we'll open up my giffy import.file and in here.I just want to quickly mention to.everyone that the info page is a really.critical part of your file this is the.piece everyone should be filling out at.the very beginning of every engagement.this is what drives the software and.let's then what will determine what's.going to show for you and the sidebar.and what's not going to show for you so.if you're doing a return for Quebec only.stuff that is relevant to Quebec is.going to show for you so this is really.important make sure you get this all in.here there is a lot of information that.is driven off of here I haven't selected.a jurisdiction for this particular file.because it's not really relevant to.showing you the giffy import but if you.scroll through this again I can't stress.enough how critical this is so make sure.that you're selecting the appropriate.information here so to do giffy import.we're going to go to our s 100 just so.you can see when I import it in we go to.data and then here is our gif import.link we're going to click on that we're.going to navigate to where we have our.giffy information I'm going to select.this and tax cycle is going to populate.all of those numbers nice and quick and.easy so if you're using a tax a working.paper type of software or something that.will generate a giffy file for you this.is the quickest way to do it and then if.you have to make adjustments later you.just update your giffy and your.re-imported nothing else in the tax.software is going to change that you've.manually entered after the fact it will.update with the giffy numbers of course.whatever is adjusted and then you just.go back through your return and make.whatever amendments you need to make so.you'll notice that I'm getting this.message here that's telling me that my.assets and liabilities are out of.balance and that is because I need to.enter my opening balance.so we're gonna put that in here and then.I'm gonna balance so simple as that it's.also brought in for me my income.statement so my s-125 that's all now.here for me and ready to go if you want.to you can also add in previous years.information and you get nice comparisons.and you can see those down in your.summaries later if this is a subsequent.year of creating a tax file for this.particular client this information will.automatically roll into the previous.year for you so that is how you do get.the import pretty straightforward of.course you can always just manually.enter this as well and just quickly I'll.mention to if this is a farming.operation you'll want to make sure that.you select yes up here so that you get.all of your farming section showing as.well okay so that is if he imports let's.talk a little bit about notes to.financial statements so you can't see it.here because I don't have it highlighted.but if I select all forms up here we.should see financial notes so once this.form is in use if I enter anything in.here.then you'll see that this little icon.changes and if I go back and select.what's in use it will now show in my.menu there because it's in use we've.also added a note at the top here so.that you know that when you're creating.these notes in here this is included in.the transmission that goes to CRA so.it's another great resource another way.of transmitting information to CRA so.don't forget about this option if you.are creating notes to financial.statements so the other thing I want.to mention here as well is that there is.a worksheet and I'm going to show you if.we go we'll use the fast vine this time.there is a worksheet for t2.optimizations let's try just.optimizations there we go so this is.another way to really help to make your.work more efficient is if we come in.here and we fill out this form so you.have options such as powers tax cycle.going to calculate your taxable income.so we can have it so that we're.targeting a zero taxable income we're.maximizing deductions to create losses.or we're not claiming any discretionary.income or you don't want to do.optimization at all so you have all of.those options here there's also other.options down here for various schedules.and the jacket where we'll show you the.amounts available what tax cycle is.calculated is the optimized amount and.then you have the option to claim a.different amount if you choose so if I.wanted to claim something different here.and say only I want to claim 60,000 for.whatever reason I can do that here so.just quickly scroll through the farm.there's lots of different things that.you can and again I didn't select a.province on info so we've got absolutely.everything showing here and you'll see.now why it's important to fill out that.info page the other place that we can do.this is if you go to file and we go down.to options but I'll also show you here.that I have options also added to my.quick menu up here and you can add that.by selecting this little down arrow and.it'll allow you to adjust this top bar.and add whatever options you use most.frequently so let's go into options and.then we're going to go.- I'm just going to close these because.we don't need to see them right now.we're going to go to t2 and new file.we're going to open this up and select.our year so we can do this globally you.can do this at the year and this is.where we're going to set our default.profile so whenever you open a new file.you don't have to go in and reset all of.those optimizations you can do it here.so those same couple of questions that.we have at the top of the optimization.worksheet are right here so you can set.it globally for every new file that is.open instead of having to go through and.do it every time so that's a huge.time-saver and we've got that defaults.here or we can set up defaults for the.optimization and if we scroll down here.we also have default values for your RC.59 which we're going to cover in a bit.some of the provincial forms and in also.for installments so great time-saver I.urge you to use that and it's a good.thing to set up before the beginning of.your big rushes for tax season alright.so next let's talk about t2 autofill.so to get to t2 autofill we're going to.go to data we're gonna click on t2.autofill we're going to click Next on.this screen where you have the option of.using the last download that was taken.and in this case this file had a.download 12 days ago but I'm going to go.ahead and do a new download I'm going to.click Next it's going to take me to my.login screen I'm just going to type in.my credentials and click login and here.I'm gonna say yeah I agree with all.those Terms of Use and then it's gonna.give me a screen that says to go ahead.and log out from CRA I'm going to do.that I'm going to close my browser.window and then here I have.just some information about it's asking.me what do I want to download I'm going.to leave everything checked this is the.correct down year for our download I'm.going to click download tax data it's.going to bring me to another screen that.allows me to determine which specific.items I want to bring in and I'm just.going to go ahead and bring in.everything so I'm going to hit import.data and then this is what I get it's.going to take me to my tee to autofill.form it tells me my company name when.this what the results of the request was.it's going to give me a table of when.the Downloads took place so I have a.history here so this particular.corporation now is telling me that I.have a refundable dividend on hand a.dividend refund from the previous year.and on down it gives me grip balances.non-capital losses capital gains and.losses and if I had requested that CRA.maintain or update the capital dividend.account that information would come in.here and then also some corporation.balances as well for me so you can see.from for 2016 there's a balance.outstanding and also the company.information so simple as that.that really helps to update some of the.balances that historically we would have.had to go through represent a client for.and then also there is pre validation.which we can do if we go to the home.fast find pre validation here if we.select that we wish to pre validate the.t-to form we can select yes and this is.just going to give us a quick check.before we file RT to return to make sure.that some of our key information.addresses in particular are correct name.of the.company is correct and then to transmit.this to validate we're going to go to.the transmit tab over here on the side.and we're going to look for our pre.validate box and we're going to click.ready to transmit and transmit now so.this one's working fantastic.so that's basically what pre validate.does so let's carry on to CCA and.schedule eight and I believe I have.another file for that so let's go back.into here and we were using let's go.back to the Givi import one.no I didn't save it so let's show you.that real quick one more time give the.import T to Kaffee and we're gonna add.my opening well it's there we go.wait so we're in here and I have some.assets as well so I have some machinery.and equipment I have some computers and.we just added a new vehicle this year so.we're going to go into our s8 asset.along the side can't find it there you.can go to home fast find and type in.asset if I do that you'll see that it.populates here for you it's a nice quick.navigation you can also hit I believe.it's f4 will bring up that same.navigation window for you so here I've.already previously populated there's my.new vehicle asset that I added oh sorry.I made it eligible machinery so that I.could also use this to show you the.accelerated CCA.so here I added my new accelerate CCA.and I'll show you that real quick in a.minute this is where I have my my.schedule my class 8 assets so I entered.my beginning cost that I had since that.this is a new file you can also am is.through my opening UCC balance but you.can also use the tool down here if we.scroll down we can add current year.additions in here and you can add your.history of additions here along the.bottom if you want to keep track of your.assets inside of tax cycle I know a lot.of preparers will use other tools but.this is a great way to keep everything.synched and a nice way to keep track for.for a year to year so and then I've also.added my my computers here so now we.have everything calculating nicely we'll.go back to the accelerated CCA.section of this so you'll see that our.SI tacit schedule has changed quite a.bit and that's mainly to accommodate the.accelerated CCA.which was introduced at the end of last.year 2018 it's primarily for.manufacturers and processors so our.class 53 which I'm highlighting today.and for clean energy investments class.forty three point one and forty three.point two so you're probably all.familiar that if you have anyone that.qualify any assets that qualify for.these particular classes then we get a.hundred percent right off in the year.and so they've accomplished that by.creating an accelerated CCA calculation.so we need to add these to qualify for.that you need to add them in your.current year additions so we need to put.in and I just use the word new equipment.here and the cost of my addition I'm.going to select yes that this is an.accelerated CCA item and again I don't.have any provinces selected here and in.my info so it's going to show you.everything but for Quebec there's a.similar calculation as well and we're.gonna say yes half your rule still.applies here now the important thing to.remember when you're adding new items.for accelerated CCA.is the transaction date so it has to.fall within the the timing that is.specified by CRA for what would qualify.as an accelerated item within this class.and I believe it was November 20th.February early last year if you do not.put in a date here tax cycle will assume.that that asset was added at the.beginning of the fiscal year so you.might miss out on that credit if you.don't put in this date so that is.critical so if you're adding an.accelerated CCA item make sure that you.are doing this portion as well so that.it calculates all the way through.you can see because I did that it is.calculating up in here in the Editions.section and then if we navigate over to.our s8 you will see it's also getting.added here and calculating in the new.columns that were added to accommodate.this particular credit so that is.basically a quick quick overview of how.this works so the other important thing.to remember here is that once you've got.all of your assets in if it's a new file.you're setting up your opening UCC.balances and then we're gonna if it's an.occurrence is its in dealing with any.anything that has been sold or if you.have any adjustments in there your going.to do all of that then we're going to go.to our s8 reconciliation worksheet and.what this does for you is it's a way to.just double check how whether or not.you're balanced between your income.statement information that's coming.through your income statement balance.sheet information and what tax cycle has.calculated for your t2 and what's been.entered for your t2 so in my file I'm.balanced because I already went in and I.have all of my financial information.just automatically populating form is.100s 125 so s 100 and then the if it's a.brand new file you're gonna have to.enter this opening net net book value in.this section we're entering it as a.negative so that we get our change for.this particular year and then here's the.amounts that are calculated by tax cycle.and my two amounts balance so when I.scroll down here I have a difference of.zero oftentimes what you'll see in.practice is that we're going to be out.by.one or two dollars and often that's due.to rounding so if that's the case we're.just going to go in here and I you put.in whatever note makes sense for you but.if it's rounding then we would just put.that in here and then it will give us.the difference at that point so that is.how we handle reconciliations of your.assets in the program so we're going to.move on to our C 59 and our C 59 X so.we're going to open another file yeah.we're going to go so look at our C 59 so.our C 59 our online consent can be sent.electronically through tax cycle which.is really super handy it saves you.having to log into your represent a.client or sending this in by paper this.is much quicker so again in your options.you can set up your preset preferences.for this form and then you can navigate.here and just make sure we've got.everything filled out so you can see.anything that's a blue link is is.pulling information from other parts of.the software that have already been.populated and then in this case we have.just a level one is selected and then.we're going to have our client sign this.form we can also select insert a current.date upon transmitting and printing or.we have the option just type in the date.that we like once we've got that ready.to go we're just going to pop over here.to transmit and you can see that we have.our message here that says our our C 59.is ready to transmit I'm going to click.on that link and I'm going to transmit.now and yeah.does look like series test environment.is down for us today so that's.unfortunate but essentially what will.happen is you should be getting a.message here if everything's filled out.correctly that says that everything is.good to go and then this status will.change to our C 59 on file and accepted.by CRE so if you want to go see what the.results are you can we can no not going.to work we can go to the transmission.results over here and it tells us when.when this form was sent and what the.results were on that particular form so.that is our C 59 if we want to do our C.59 X we're going to go through the.similar process so that is to cancel so.we want to cancel.consent or authority we're going to do.this in exactly the same way we're going.to come in here we're going to fill out.this RC 59 X and again you can find this.in your filing and authorizations.section of our software or you can do a.quick search from our home fast find so.f4 so we fill this in again you go to.you transmit and there's our RC 59 X.ready to cancel so let's hit transmit.and we'll see if this one goes through.nope so apologies everyone not a perfect.world somedays but you get the idea of.how this works and then again we also.have a transmission worksheet here so.you can see your history of.transmissions and how that all works so.it is a really handy feature to have in.your t2 product so we already reviewed.how to set up how to set this up and.options but I'll just quickly go back.into options it's under t2 new file and.if you want to make changes we'll just.click this make changes up here and our.default settings are down here for your.RC 59 I'm just going to close that also.quickly show you as well in engagement.there's another place where you can set.up your RC 59 information so in.engagement if I scroll down there is a.section for your consent and you can.also make changes here when you're.setting up your engagement so let's move.on to schedule seven let's open a new.file so I think if we go back into here.let's go back to my gif file ok so here.we have we go to the s7 I've already.entered I'm going to say in here that I.have some foreign investment income so.interest income so I'm going to put that.in my foreign investment income column.and then if I have taxable capital gains.I'm going to want to go to my s6 manager.my capital property disposition manager.and this is where I'm going to enter.items that are related to investment.income that are going to need to be.recorded on my schedule 7 and then that.information will populate in here for.any anything that's relevant for capital.gains or losses dividends will flow in.here from your s3 we also have a rental.worksheet which you may be familiar with.and then that information also will flow.into this schedule for you.what I was asked to review real quick.with you here was that if you scroll.down this form we have the other.sections that are also related to some.of those.ah collations but in particular just.wanted to highlight that if you have.specified partnership income it's going.to get entered here under part four so.that's where we're going to go and now.because I also entered for an income and.in my file we've paid some foreign tax.I'm going to want to go to my s21 and.I'm going to want to populate that tax.amount paid so I put in my my country I.put in the amount of foreign business.income that I had I put in the amount of.tax that I paid and then it's going to.calculate it out for me so that's just a.really quick overview of schedule seven.and where we would put partnership.income and how that foreign income.relates to foreign tax and where we.would put that so now let's talk really.quickly about if you have to make an.adjustment for a t2 so I've already.filed my t2 and I my client comes back.to me and they say oh my goodness I.forgot to tell you that I have this.other income or I have this other.deduction that I really should be.claiming in that year so we're gonna be.able to do that by going up to our info.page and then we're gonna scroll down to.the filing section and under here there.is a question is the corporation filing.an amended return so if it's already.filed and I select yes here what's gonna.happen is it's going to give me a.message that comes up along the top that.says do you want to take a snapshot of.this file and we're going to say that.yes we do because it's always a good.idea to have a snapshot which is.basically just a picture of everything.as filed and it will save that for you.in case you need to reference it it is.also going to help it's also going to.provide the calculations for any changes.what's changed so we always want to take.that snapshot say yes to that and then.we will be able to go ahead.to create our enter our amendments from.there and then tax cycle will keep track.for you of what has changed as you make.changes if it's already been filed and.I'm sorry I don't have a file I don't.think that has been submitted that we.can show that with bennett's let's have.a look and see if this one was submitted.so this one was submitted so you can see.that this been successfully filed so if.we go to our info page on this.particular form and we say yeah we want.to do an amended file there we go.so you can see now that I've got this.message t2 returned has changed since.files take an amended snapshot I'm going.to say yes and we're going to rename the.file to adjust it so I must say yes.right so we're going to get this we're.going to save an adjusted version of.this file and now I can go ahead and.make changes so let's say we have.another this is going to throw my.balance sheet out of balance but let's.say we had some other revenue that we.needed to record here so you can see now.that I have the little dollar icon here.that's telling me that something has.changed so this is how we're gonna.transmit a refile then once we've got.all of our changes we go back in here.we're going to clear this transmission.and we're going to send it again because.there will be it there's a on the t2 it.will say that this is a refiling so that.is how you would refile.in tax cycle so there is an adjustment.notes section I just quickly mentioned.to you as well it's available in your.filing and sorry it's in your federal.jacket and schedules so when you're.doing an amended return probably a good.idea to also if you have anything else.that you need to communicate to CRA as.part of the.this for this does get transmitted with.the amended return so you would put your.adjustment notes on this page and you.can find that again by going to your.fast find and just type in adjustment.and it will populate there for you.you'll be able to find it that way okay.so the last couple of things I wanted to.cover really quickly it would be that.tax cycle also now has the ability to.send electronically your wall in t2 I.believe this has been here for a bit for.a while but people may not be aware that.we have the ability to file your foreign.reporting so your t 106 your t 1134 106.being foreign reporting slips 1134 which.is related to control non controlled.foreign affiliates and probably the one.you might be using more often is the.1135 which is the foreign income.verification where anything over a.hundred thousand dollars has to be.reported so all of these forms are.available here and they all can be filed.in the same way that we do our other.forms so for instance if I have.something here and I'm going to put this.form in use then it will also show in my.transmitted window once it's completed.so what else do I need so it will show.when it's ready to submit and then you.can submit it like you do with the other.forms you I believe you do need a Annie.filer number in order to submit these.forms and then your results will show on.their individual results tabs like we.have with the other file of all forms so.that's handy and a time-saver these can.be filed at any time during the year.they do not have to be filed at the same.time as the tax return there are.separate filings and then I just wanted.to also mention that we have another.feature in tax cycle that will help to.speed things up and let's go here it's.called attach a dock so if you're not.familiar with this this is probably a.good thing to go and have another look.at in the software this allows you to.transmit documents electronically that.is going to be super handy for some of.the elections that you're making that.you now are probably paper filing so we.can submit some of those things here and.you'll see the list of what's available.and on series website there'll be more.documentation about what they allow to.be sent through this feature and what.they don't allow to be sent through this.feature but you can select what you want.here provide a description upload your.file so this will just give us the path.to find the file to transmit and then.you can use this to transmit those.documents to to CRE electronically there.are a few caveats and they are at the.top of the form here and the biggest one.being that these forms have to go to.Siri within 24 hours of electronically.filing the t2 otherwise you do have to.pay per file or use your represent a.client if you can submit those documents.that way so those are so that's another.feature that I just wanted to highlight.and quickly go over for you just a quick.mention that we also are going to be.releasing.be filing for a greased ability forms as.well and.when if you do have any anyone that.qualifies for the Agra stability.information what you're going to need to.do is on your info page you're going to.scroll down to business activity and.then there is a question here did the.corporation participate in Agri.stability and this is only for select.prevail for select provinces if you're.have clients that qualify for this.you'll know what I'm talking about so.you're going to just select yes here.you're going to select the province and.then you're going to fill out your forms.and then you should be able to.electronically transmit those and I.believe we are the only software that is.providing the option right now so that.is a quick overview of some of the tips.and tricks apologies again to everyone.for some of that transmissions not.working as smoothly as I had hoped that.they would but that is sometimes the.nature of the game when you're in.development mode so have a great rest of.your Tuesday everybody thank you very.much for sitting in and we hope to see.you again soon.

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You can put an e-signature for T2 Short 2017 2019 Form on Android following these instructions:

  1. Login to the CocoSign account through email address, Facebook or Google account.
  2. Open your PDF file that needs to be signed electronically by clicking on the "+” icon.
  3. Navigate to the section where you need to put your signature and design it in a pop up window.
  4. Finalize and adjust it by clicking the '✓' symbol.
  5. Save the changes.
  6. Load and share your document, as desired.

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T2 Short 2017 2019 Form FAQs

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How do I fill out the CAT Application Form 2017?

To fill the CAT Application Form 2017 , you will need to log on to the official website of CAT 2017. First, you will have to register on the website and generate your login credentials. When registering, you will be asked to enter personal details like your Name, Mobile Number, Date of Birth, Email Address and similar fields. Here, ensure – 1) your details match what’s written on your school certificates and other documents. 2) All the information is correct and valid. After registration is complete, you need to log in using the credentials generated and start filling the CAT Application Form 2017. The information asked in the form includes your personal details, academics, work experience, programmes and payment details. When the form is filled and submitted, you finally upload your scanned documents and photograph and it’s done! In case you wish to correct a few fields in your application form, you can do it till the first week of October.

How do I fill out a CLAT 2019 application form?

How do I fill out the college preference form of the CLAT 2019? If you are AIR 1 and eligible for admission to all 21 NLUs, which one would you prefer? That is your first choice. Your first choice is not available. Out of the remaining 20, you are eligible for all 20. Which one will you prefer? That is your second choice. Your second choice is not available. Out of the remaining 19, you are eligible for all 19. Which one will you prefer? That is your third choice. Repeat the process till you have ranked all 21 NLUs. All the best.

How do I fill out the Delhi Polytechnic 2017 form?

Delhi Polytechnic (CET DELHI) entrance examination form has been published. You can visit Welcome to CET Delhi and fill the online form. For more details you can call @ 7042426818

How do I fill out the NEET 2019 application form?

Though the procedure is same as last earlier only the dates has been changed (tentative) yet to be announced by cbse u can fill form in October for the exam of February and in March for the exam of may if u r not satisfied with ur previous performance. All the best

How can I fill out the BITSAT Application Form 2019?

Hi dear First You have To sign Up Registration On BITSAT official website, and then fill up all of requirement they have to Know after registration successfully you have to fill login detail on the official website to process application form for different course you have to become eligible , for more detail all about you can Click Here

What is a t2 Schedule 100?

Tier 2 is very important and crucial in scoring. Only 2 subjects i.e English and maths for 200 marks each. Per day allot 9 hrs time to prepare for tier 2 We should be good in calculations, read tables, percentages (contribute one hour for practising calculations) One hour newspaper reading and for collection of words. Develop synonyms Daily 4 hrs for chapter/topic practise (2 hrs each). You can allocate time based on your subject knowledge. If you are good in maths allot some more time on English or viceversa Take one test of maths or English daily, change the subject for test alternatively. Analys Continue Reading

What is t2 short?

Like any electric motor, a 3 phase motor will experience back emf. Most will not be able to handle the stall current long term, but in normal operation the back emf reduces the current (and heat) that is generated in the windings. If the loading on the motor is small then heat will not build up enough to break down insulation between the windings before steady state operation is reached.

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