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The Implementation Guide for Playground Inspection Checklist

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Understand How to Fill in the Playground Inspection Checklist

hey guys how you doing in this video wewill talk about the Nova Scotia PNPprogram getting Canadian PR is gettingincreasingly difficult firstly becauseof the high cutoff score and secondlybecause Canada has paused the allprogram draws since March because of thepandemic so having a PNP nomination islike a sure shot ticket to get the PR soin this video we will talk about theoverview of the Nova Scotia a PNPprogram I will also tell you about theeligibility criteria we will discuss thestep-by-step process to apply for thenomination I'll tell you about theprocessing time the fee and also someother important details as well so ifyou are interested stay tuned hey guysI'm sheet Anshu from dream abroad and iregularly upload canadian immigrationand lifestyle videos so if you haven'tsubscribed my channel yet pleaseconsider subscribing and pressing thebell icon so you don't miss any of myvideos kiss oh hello dreamers havecreated this new playlist here in mychannel so if you come over to mychannel dream abroad you would find thisnew playlist Canada PNP programs if youclick over here you would find all thosedifferent videos like Saskatchewan P andP about Alberta PNP program about thecubic about the BC the British ColumbiaPNP program about the tech pilot programabout the Ontario PNP tech draws aboutthe Ontario PNP man my intro bar andabout the rural and northern immigrationpilot program as well I would add thissame video of Nova Scotia PNP in thesame playlist so that you don't have toeven search for these videos and thesevideos would be available in one singleplaylist for your help okay before wediscuss in detail about the Nova Scotiaa PNP program it is important to knowsomething about the province I won'ttell you in too much detail but I willhighlight some of the points that aregood to knowso Nova Scotia is actually towards theeast of Canada so it is the Canada'ssecond smallest province you see thesize of it onis a very huge Quebec is very huge inrespect to Nova Scotia and it is one ofthe four Atlantic provinces do yourecall that word Atlantic so yes NovaScotia is also covered in the Atlanticimmigration pilot program or the a IPPI've made a different video about it ifyou want you can check it outthe population of Nova Scotia is lessthan 1 million but because it's size isalso small it is actually the secondmost densely populated province PEIPrince Edward Island which is also thesmallest province okay now when we havetalked about the population let me tellyou that the population in there is 28%Scottish English people are 28% Irishare 20% French are around 18 and Germanare around 10% this is the majority ofthe population in Nova Scotia the famouscities in there are Halifax SydneyDartmouth and armrests all right nowwhen we know about the province now wecan talk about the overview of the NovaScotia PNP program this program isactually called Nova Scotia nomineeprogram or NS NP there are ninedifferent streams and let me list outall of them first of all then we'll talkabout each one of them and you canselect your stream so the first one isNova Scotia labor market priorities thesecond one is labor market prioritiesfor physicians the third one ispositions then entrepreneur theninternational graduate entrepreneur thenskilled worker then occupations indemand Nova Scotia demand for ExpressEntry and the last one is Nova Scotiaexperience for Express Entry all rightnow let's talk about each one of themvery quickly the first one Nova Scotialabor market priorities for this streamthey select candidates in the ExpressEntry system who meet provincial labormarket needs to apply for nomination so1only those candidates who receive a1letter of interest may apply so for this1stream you cannot apply from your own1you should get a letter1dressed from them in short they'll1handpick you if they have requirement1for your job in Nova Scotia all right1similarly for the second stream labor1market priorities for physicians they1select physicians to apply for1nomination through the express entry1system only the candidates with an1approved offer from Nova Scotia Health1Authority who received a letter of1interest may be able to apply all right1now talking about the third one for the1physicians now this is a bit different1from the first two streams because it1actually assists Nova Scotia as public1health authorities to hire general1practitioners family physicians and1specialists physicians with the required1skills for positions that haven't been1unable to fill with permanent resident1or Canadian citizen okay now the fourth1one entrepreneur many people are1interested in this stream so as the name1suggests this stream is for business1owners who must start a new business or1by an existing business after operating1the business for a year1you may be nominated for the permanent1residence status very important to note1here that you should have a net worth of1at least six hundred thousand Canadian1dollars and you should be able to invest1at least 150 thousand Canadian dollars1of your own money to establish a1business in Nova Scotia okay now when we1have talked about the first four streams1that you might be eligible for the next1lis streams are very difficult to be1eligible for most of my viewers so I1won't talk about it in detail the third1stream international graduate1entrepreneur is for those recent1graduates of nova scotia university or1college who have only started or bought1a business in nova scotia and for the1skilled worker and occupations in demand1you actually need to have a job offer1letter a full time job offer letter so I1won't talk about these three in detail1I'll talk about the Nova Scotia demand1Express entry now this is the most1popular stream among foreign nationals1so I will talk about it in detail1telling you the eligibility requirements1and continuing this video with this1stream but before that let me talk about1the last stream which is Nova Scotia1experience for Express Entry and for the1stream as the name suggests they select1highly skilled individuals who have at1least one year of work experience in1Nova Scotia in a high skilled occupation1so out of all these streams I'm pretty1sure that most of my viewers would be1interested to know about the Nova Scotia1demand for express entry so let's talk1about it in detail now okay now we will1talk about the most famous stream in1detail which is Nova Scotia demand for1Express entry now this stream has got1two different categories category a and1category B the first category category a1is for applicants who have a job offer1from a Nova Scotia employer and this1category remains open throughout the1year of course there are some other1eligibility requirements but the job1offer being the major roadblock for most1of the people I would not discuss about1category in detail I would move on to1category B however I would provide you1the link if you want to check the1details of category a okay now dekat if1you leave me it is for the applicants1with experience in an opportunity1occupation and it is expected to open1and close throughout the year so you1don't actually need a job offer but you1need to have a work experience and one1of the opportunity occupations which are1those occupations we'll discuss shortly1now as of today this stream is closed1but whenever it opens it closes very1soon because of the demand so if you1want to apply for the stream you should1be very attentive okay now we can2discuss the eligibility requirement for2category B first of all you should be in2one of the target occupations as2identified in the Nova Scotia air demand2or Express entry guide2I'll show you this guide and we'll2discuss B target occupations as I told2you earlier2you should also have a profile2registered in the express entry system2you should be able to score 67 points or2more on the streams 6 selection factors2which are those factors what is the2point stable we'll discuss very shortly2apart from that you should have at least2one year of skilled work experience in2one of the target occupations you should2have a Canadian high school credential2or equivalent so you should have your2education credential assessment done if2you want to apply for this category2apart from that you should be able to2prove your language ability in English2or French at CLB 7 so if you're going2for IELTS you should score CLB 7 there2to be eligible for this category and the2final requirement is that it should show2enough financial resources to2successfully settle in Nova Scotia ok so2these are all the eligibility2requirements now we can see that guide2and check out the points table and also2the target occupations alright so this2is the application guide that I was2talking about it contains a lot of2information about this particular stream2above the categories category a and2category B it contains a lot of2information like the fee and the2processing time as well so here they2have mentioned that there's no2provincial application fee for ns in2peace so you don't have to pay a single2penny for your nomination from Nova2Scotia such a good point2apart from that they've mentioned that2the processing time is actually around2three months so you'd actually take2three months or more so in general you2can say they will take around three2months time to process your application2and give you the nomination okay so this2was about the processing time and the2fees now we can check the points table2and we can also check the target2occupations so if you scroll a bit up2you would find some more details in here2the eligibility criteria for the2principal applicant here they've clearly2mentioned about the category a I won't2get into too much details if you want2you can check those out about the2category B there are 11 occupations that2are listed out currently and this can2change in future so there are all these2occupations all these NOC codes are also2mentioned so2all these are wrong NOC a and no CB so2if you are from any one of these you2would be eligible to apply for you Nova2Scotia PNP category B whenever it opens2okay so this was about the eligible2occupations now let's talk about the2points table so this is the points table2mention here apart from the express2entry points those are totally different2don't get confused with those here you2have to score 67 points in order to be2eligible for Nova Scotia PNP program so2here you would get a maximum of 252points we'll discuss each one of those a2maximum of 28 points for your language2proficiency test after that 15 points2for your work experience2a maximum of 12 points for age a maximum2of 10 points for your arranged2employment and ten points for2adaptability okay so the factored one is2education you can get a maximum of 252points if you hold a PhD degree if you2hold a master's degree you would get 232points and so on after that for the2language proficiency test if you scored2CLB nine or above you would get six2points each for all of these2capabilities and the points would differ2if you score a lower clb level so2getting a better IELTS score would be2much more beneficial for you guys apart2from that the work experiences also3mentioned how much point will you get3for the work experience so if you have3six years or more of work experience3you'll get the maximum points because3you'll get 15 points then for your age3you'll also get some points so if you3are from 18 to 25 years years of age3you'll get maximum points and that is 123points after that it would reduce by one3point for every one ear that gets3increased to your age okay then talking3about the arranged employment so if you3could arrange a valid job offer then3obviously you would get more points you3would get 10 more points so that would3be very beneficial a has some of the3eligibility requirements for that but I3won't get into much detail if you want3you can check it out then you would get310 points for adaptability as well are3the adaptability factors they have3mentioned it here if you want3can definitely check it out if you have3relatives in Nova Scotia you would get3some certain points for that you'd get3five points if you have previous work3experience in Nova Scotia then you would3also get you know ten points there so3this is all in all the main points that3that would fetch you3those sixty-seven marks and if you could3get those 67 marks then you would be3eligible then after that you have your3proof of funds what is the exact number3it is actually same as they proof of3funds for Express Entry Program so you3can check it out3after that they've mentioned the3application and the assessment process3it's a very descriptive step-by-step3process so step one you have to create3an express entry profile so obviously3for this stream you need to have an your3Express entry profile so go and create3your profile that is the very first step3after that you need to prepare submit to3your n SNP application online so they've3mentioned few steps here you have to3create an account online3save your application in process and3then submit the supporting documents as3PDF attachments in that application what3they'll do after that they'll assess3your application their immigration3office will actually assess your3application they'll do some background3checks and completion checks eligibility3checks and after that they would give3you a decision and hopefully if3everything is right then they'll issue3you a one time nomination letter when3you get that letter after that it will3be a piece of cake for you because3you'll get six hundred additional points3and you would get ITA in the very next3draw after you get the ITA it would be3the federal process so this is it this3is the complete process the step by step3process pretty easy but the difficult3task is to get that nomination letter so3this was it this was all the information3that I wanted to share with you guys I3would definitely share this particular3PDF file which is the application guide3here you would also get to know about3the process of it you would also get to3know how you can actually apply the link3would also be present so if you are3interested whenever the category B opens3or if you are eligible for category and3you can definitely apply34head so thank you guys for watching3this video I really hope that the3information shared in this video was3helpful to you if yes please click the3like button if you have any queries put3them down in the comment section below3and yes if you haven't subscribed my3channel yet what are you waiting for3definitely go ahead and subscribe my3channel so you don't miss any of videos3like these thanks again for watching3this video

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Playground Inspection Checklist FAQs

Here are the answers to some common problems regarding Playground Inspection Checklist. Let us know if you have any other problems.

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