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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Completing Pal Renewal Online

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The Definite Guide to Pal Renewal

youtube video

Discover How to Fill Out the Pal Renewal

hey hey hi and welcome okay this videois about basically renewing yourfirearms license so after five years youhave to renew your license forpossession in an acquisition or you haveto have to restricted possession andacquisition so you can have your regularpossession acquisition or the RPL whichis what I got for both restricted andunrestricted and if you only havenon-restricted then you only have to doit on restricted but if you have arestricted you don't have any restrictedrifles or handguns get renu-it becauseeven if you got rid of themyeah if you let it lapse if you let yourrestricted lapse then you have to takeyour restricted course again so you knowfor the extra little money it's kind ofa bit of a pain but whatever so everyfive years you have to go through thisprocess now there is a differencebetween the first time going throughthis and the second time now the firsttime you go through it you're going tohave to one of the differences is you'regonna have to basically get what's knownas to basically two people to vouch foryou and a grantor this time around youdon't have to do that you've already gotyour references and stuff at but theapplication is still kind of the samefor the most part other than thatnext to that let's get into this thefirst thing I got things covered up justfor you know obvious reasons I didn'tyou know 6,000 video was leaner yes I dokind of like to say see semi-private youdon't anything critical information likethat I don't give out so okay so thefirst it talks about license renewal andstuff like that and and how to go aboutit and if you have any questions for theseventh one eight hundred seven threeone four thousand four the RCMP andthey're they're pretty nice thoughthey'll take you you know talk to youpretty nicely so that so up here theygot your you know information up hereit's just the leather the Royal CanadianMounted Police letterhead and theiraddress and mirror machine e yourmachine II I can't even pronounce itwhatever it is here yeah mirror machineII New Brunswick and that's where it'sgonna go so you can also do this onlineI'm 10 I'm more of an old-school guy Ilike paper and pens and stuff like thatso that'sbefore you start it's good idea to readall this stuff it save you a heck of alot of troubleso basically section a this tells youwhat the you know the sections arebasically so section a is basicallyboxes 1 2 3 firearms license number Xdates and stuff like that person B issection boxes for A to D is personalinformation boxes for E is basicallyStreet and location except for etc overto this over here it kind of gives youthe same kind of a rundown here but I'llbring that things a little closer seepersonal history non-resident your I'llread these ones because these ones areyou knowwell the non-resident if you were anon-resident of Canada you must obtain aletter of Good Conduct by your localstate police so I don't you knowbasically I don't know how that worksit's like they you're gonna go into apolice station yeah you just say have agood guy I don't know how that works butanyway I guess that's what I got to doenf information about former conjugalpartners this one they actually go onconjugal partners include spousescommon-law partners and other partnerswhom you've have lived in a similarrelationship for the last past 2 yearsas opposed to someone who you're legallymarried and common-law partners someoneliving with you in a controlledrelationship having to having so livedin the period of the last past one yearok sections eight nine signatures fromthose peopleconjugal partners a not so the1signatures of your current and former1conical partners is not legally required1however that if their signatures are not1provided the chief firearms has the duty1to notify them of your application so1what they're saying is when somebody is1and this is the same the first go-around1or the second go-around doesn't really1matter whenever you're applying for a1firearms license1if there's an axe if there's a curt1partner whatever they're gonna notify1would say you know they're applying for1a gun right because what they're looking1for is the oh my god he's getting you're1good you know that's what they're1looking for okay photo instructions if1you are required to include a current1photograph of yourself the photo details1see photo instructions people will go1over that in a second G fees the part1they like which i think is a bit of a1scam you know I'm gonna put links down1below so that you can call the current1government of the day and say hey you1know what we don't like these and here's1why it's a double tax to me first off1these people have already taxed us to1pay for people to work at the RCMP to do1this okay they're already being paid1there so to me this is a double tax it's1a money grab fees depending on the type1of license you are applying for from the1list below type your current hold and1applying the renew right to1corresponding fee and Section G of the1Box only one of the following fees1amounts is payable a possession only is160 bucks possession and acquisition1license non restricted firearms only is160 bucks possession only that means you1can't buy you can only possess the1firearms you can't actually buy or sell1well you can get right although I'm sure1but you can't you can't buy more you1can't buy ammo I don't know why anybody1I can understand like a little old lady1as like like a widow has her you know1husband dead husband's guns and rifles1and whatever have you and doesn't want1to get rid of them for sentimental1reasons but doesn't want to be thrown in1the slammer because the paperwork wasn't1filled out not that's what that would be1for possession acquisition license1restricted or prohibited firearms now1possession only doesn't allow you to1actually require do it just so you know1that so it's just just to be in1possession of them so again for the same1and you're looking at possession only 601bucks1possession acquisition license non1restricted firearms only 60 bucks1possession acquisition license1restricted or prohibited firearms 801bucks1if you've got a restricted you're at 801bucks no matter what yeah both1restricted and unrestricted CD bucks1okay so just so you're not paying 60 and180 you're just paying 80 bucks yeah so a1pretty sure on that so if not call the1RCMP just double check you fees is not1refundable indicate method do not send1cash make check money order or payable1to receiver General of Canada please1note if paying a personal check allow1for a minimum of 10 days for it to clear1etc etc ministries fees okay what fee1waivers this is this is something that1actually I'd like to actually fall into1this category you are not required to1pay if the fee to renew your non1restricted firearms license if you need1the firearm to hunt trap or in order to1sustain your family this fee waiver does1not apply to restricted or prohibited1license so for me I'm still screwed1anyway I got to pay anyway checklist a1good idea to check this off as you do it1before email your application to answer1all questions check attached photo check1and close the application fee check1attach separate sheet of paper with1additional information of names license1numbers if necessary sign date and the1sign indeed the declaration check you1know so check all that stuff up I'll1show you the photo thing okay so the2photo is pretty straightforward it's2basically you are not required to submit2a passport type photo for so you are not2required my cats interrupting my video2again I don't know yeah there's this to2be a pain in me doesn't matter where I2go they're they're always there to you2know panic gettin away little buggers2anyway photo instructions you are not2required to submit a passport type2photograph or photograph that has been2taken by a professional photograph2photographer however your photograph2must be meet the follow2criteria so what they're saying is you2have to put give a photograph but it2doesn't have to be from it just has to2be this show full front view of your2head and shoulders use plain contrast2backgrounds do not wear a hat or2sunglasses your eyes should be clearly2visible and should not appear red this2folder should have been taken within the2last past 12 months and the photo should2be no larger than 45 millimeters by 572millimeters or initials recorder by two2and a quarter inches your head in the2photograph must be at least 302millimeters or one and 3/16 high the2photo must all be original not taken2from an existing photo digitally2produced photos are accepted providing2all the requirements are met cut and the2photo to fit the size requirements2before sending to us s signature2instructions print sign your name on the2back of the photograph they have like2normally this supposed to be like oval2sticker gear but I just gotta cut it and2I guess ticket something to the back of2the photo print your name on the label2cut fix the label to the back of the2photograph and close photograph with2your application what it is usually2about 8 bucks for the photos so six2bucks eight bucks you go to you know2your local drugstore they'll take a2photo for you and they usually give you2two little photos so I can do kind of2like two whammies I can use one for as2long as from within a year of you taking2it it's usually use one for the health2card one for the for this and okay it's2kind of is what it is so this is the2start of the application here now I got2things bleeped out here this is what2they have in this box here is my actual2address and my name and all that because2that hasn't changed I don't have to fill2this but if that has changed say you've2moved then you got to fill that out in2fact as soon as you move you're supposed2to let the RCMP know and you got to give2this anyway the first line is here is2your firearms license number the second2one is the expiry date not so you know2that's what the first two boxes are what2you're actually going to be going for2possession acquisition non restricted2restricted so if you haven't honor2strict and restricted make sure that2those two are in there because if you're2if you only have written on restricted2don't worry about or if you only have2restricted don't worry about it but if2you have both make sure that they put2that in there because again they're2screw up costs you right so check if2this box if your mailing address is2correct as it is indicated at the top of2the form if not you got a you know make2corrections here so I don't have to you2know fill out this this is already done2so that that that's fairly zine and when2we get to here I'll grab this one this2is it's basically three pages this one2is a little more critical pay attention2when you're doing this one because they2screw you around a bit by changing the s2and no boxes you know so if you think2all the noes are on one side you just2keep going down the list you're gonna2get kind of snagged on - so just so easy2so personal history if you answer yes to2the questions in the sections you must2provide detail on a separate page and2add your name license number at the top2of each page you attach if the details2are not provided your application cannot2be processed a yes answer does not mean3your application will be refused but may3lead to a further examination okay so3first one is during the past five years3have you been subjected to peace bond3protection order or order under Section3eight ten the criminal code if you don't3know what that means you're gonna answer3know what they're talking about there's3basically are you in the witness3protection program or have you been3arrested that type of thing you know3that's what they're asking they don't3put it in plain language they put it in3lawyers speak great so is any member of3your household prohibited from3possessing any firearms in my case no3for example let's say you have somebody3that's a real high risk offender and3they happen to be living in your home I3you know they're gonna want to know3about that and say okay well this guy is3known to pull off bank robberies and3stuff like that maybe we're not gonna3you know either you got a move or we're3not gonna let you have the guns they're3that big so that's kind of what3about Serena's good yeah why were humans3willing meat to arms a third one would3be so handy anyway um during the past3five years have you threatened or3attempted suicide or have you suffered3from being diagnosed or treated for3medical practitioner for depression3alcohol drugs and substance abuse3behavioral problems or emotional3problems yes or no during the past two3years have you experienced a divorce3separation breakdown or significant3relationship of a significant3relationship job loss or bankruptcy yes3or no I don't have enough money to3declare bankruptcy I don't think but3anyway whatever um conjugal status do3you currently have a spouse or3common-law cognitive call partner in3this case again watch out because the3box is switched the noes are now first3and the S is er so again read while3you're you know make sure a lot of3people I know where they go on autopilot3just say okay I'll just put no to3everything cuz anyway the answers are3going to be no and then they get3probably snagged on that so just watch3out for that within the last two years3have you lived in a conjugal3relationship other than the person you3may have referred to in Section seven3eight yes or no my case no and then of3course information about current partner3they'll fill this out stuff like that3again if they don't fill it out what3happens is you know the RCMP I'll call3them now in between each one of these3special things I don't know if my camera3will pick it up or not but anyway even3yet but anyway they have if you have any3safety concerns about this application3please call one eight hundred seven3three one four thousand pretty much the3RCMP is that one eight hundred seven3three one four four thousand inform3about former conjugal partner that's the3next one and again they can fill this3odor you can fill this out or whatever3again they don't necessarily have to3sign it but they're most likely going to3be notified and again they have yeah3things like3last name common-law first name3common-law Dean of birth that uh I3declare I do not know the current3address or telephone number of this3former spouse or common-law conjugal3partner that type thing so that that's3that's what they're doing there3manases hair burglary but anyway could3be my lens do do whatever if you have3any safety concerns again but over3seventy one yeah so that and then you3know the contact information there so3that that's the end of that one and then3we get on to the one that they care3about the most the fiends yeah arrest oh3yeah that's nice and good and and you3know but hey us you know again a double3tax in my opinion G fees check this box3if fee waiver applies that was that a3fee waiver thing I talked about whether3your trapper you know yeah you know4hunting or whatever for for4sustainability for your family that type4of thing I checked this box if the4waiver applies to you refer to4information sheet okay enclosed you know4they took the liberty to already fill4out mines yeah you're gonna be paying me4paying us eighty bucks again at double4tax and then indicate the method of4payment check checks certified check4money order Visa or MasterCard if you4use Visa or MasterCard right by if you4pay by credit card complete the credit4card information credit card number4expiry date name appears on the credit4card i authorized the canadian firearms4program to change charge my credit card4an amount and boxed in it so and then4signature date then if if in a offense4the last section this is where you put4your John Hancock okay so if an offense4under the section 106 of the firearms4acts to knowingly make a false4misleading statement or orally or in4written or knowingly failed to disclose4relevant information for the purpose of4obtaining a license I declare that the4information provided on4form an attachment is true and correct4to the best of my knowledge and the4photographs enclosed is me that's an4important one don't send a picture of4your cat I mean my cat would take up the4whole picture anyway because he's fat4but in my other one well she just won't4hold still but anyway I can't send4pictures of my cat even though they're4nice cats but anyway and my dog don't4even get me started on my dog but in4information contain and this application4is obtained under the authority of the4Firearms Act the information used to4determine eligibility and administration4force firearms legislation in addition4to provide outline firearms act4individual rights regarding personal4information are governed by the4application fee provincial or4territorial legislation regulated to the4access of information and privacy and4sign it seal it put a check in it put4the chicken in it seemeth send it out4and that's how you do it the second time4around so and then the third time will4be the same so it's a little different4from the first time again so many trees4died for this paperwork you know again4let's just do ones one card good for4life it used to be good for life but now4they want the photo thing on it but I4really don't think that the photo thing4really helps them out that much anyway4because what if they you know you put a4nice photo but they're looking the4police are looking for you you're4wearing a hat or sunglasses or you dyed4your hair or you grew a mustache you4know he knows you know guys could do4that too you know and but you get the4idea that it's basically one of those4things that you know it's more for the4pain in the bud of doing it if you have4a probationary order for you they're4gonna come and find you anyway so and if4you have a probationary order all this4paperwork isn't gonna do you any good4because you're not gonna be able to own4a firearm anyway and if you have4probationary ordered respond because you4did something bad so that's how it goes4not a difficult process4one thing though is send it out early4from I'll be sending mine out very very4early they won't process your4application until you're expiry date4which is use your birthday but the thing4is is that4if you if it goes if your card expires4you're gonna have to jump through a lot4of Hoops to hang out here you know4you'll have to remove the firearms from4your house all kinds of stupid stuff4like that right especially if you have4restricted they'll come and take it on4you and you could have in a paying4storage fees so don't delay on it send4it out early as long as they have it4they'll probably look through everything4and say okay well the data just send4them the card and you know make life5easy for yourself so that's all I got to5say about it so the other thing I got to5do now is just get my photo which I'll5be picking up probably next week I'll5send it out early and even if they don't5process it until the data as long as5they have it you know they'll you know5they usually give you a confirmation I5mean I'm always getting letters from the5RCMP all the time saying yes we've got5your confirmation on that and regarding5this question regardless I call them5quite a bit just for you know ask them5why this guys move but I'm also a5firearms collector which if you're a5firearms collector you don't have to put5that on your on your application it's5kind of once you've got your firearms5collector you're pretty much it's good5for life or as long as you have a5possession acquisition license and the5firearms collector is basically you can5get it for a few reasons one for5occupation one the other one is for like5myself my gun range where I can use my5handguns it's kind of in question5whether I'll be able to use it they're5not I don't want to lose the handgun so5it's basically I'm gonna you know use it5for that and you have to have a bit of5knowledge it's about a forty five5minutes on the phone exam with the pro5with the province here in Quebec I may5change you know each province might have5different rules on that next to that5that's about it I mean again so if you5have a firearms collector status once5you have it you have it it won't show up5on your your applet5you there's records you just got to keep5them paperwork more and more paper you5know again killing all those poor5innocent trees more complicated than it5needs to be but that's the way we roll5maybe someday we'll get you know more5sensible gun laws in this country and5get rid of all the dumb red tape stuff5you have to understand the red tape is5mainly to get people not to buy firearms5it's banned by red tape I just laughs5such a pain about they don't want to do5it this isn't that bad but it's still5it's not necessary it doesn't make5anybody any safer it's just something5that 90% of people that get charged in5Canada for firearms offenses it's for5filling these forms out incorrectly5that's what it's usually for it's not5for violent offenses and stuff like that5in fact when they got rid of an a long5gun registry in most of the country now5it's all pretty much all gone and tell5came back starts you know even though5Quebec is broke you know they're gonna5waste 30 million bucks that they say 305million bucks it's gonna be like 3005million or 3 billion we've already heard5that story before5right so but anyway point is is that5they're gonna they get rid of the long5gun registry and the crime rate goes5down so it you know no paperwork has no5correlation with the crime that's5already been statistically proven in a5peer-reviewed study in 2012 so for5anybody thinks that this is going to5actually save somebody's life again5nobody can ever give you the5scientifical proof or even explanation5on how pieces of papers and cards will5save people's lives now the one thing I5will say is that yes I do agree with the5safety courses why firearms here in5Canada firearms are not viewed the same5way as they are in the States however5yes gun owners here just as passionate5about their firearms as any American but5the thing is is that you know people5here are pretty much on a consensus that5you know these things are powerful they5can be potentially lethal in the hands5of idiots or the careless or the corrupt5you know so we the corrupt you can't do5much about but we're training courses5you can take care of idiots and careless5so that has statistically lowered5accidental firearm you know you know5homicides and stuff like that give you5an example just you know I'll wrap this5up pretty soon but in Canada on average6after the6horse came in we used to have about a6hundred and some-odd on average every6year about a hundred and some-odd6accidental discharges resulting in death6now it's under 50 usually between 45 and650 every year and almost all the6accidental deaths related to firearms6and Canada are law enforcement military6yes the odd kid finds one that was lying6around that type of thing but that6happens like once every couple years so6it's really not a public safety issue6you know it's just and even not that if6you factor in the amount of military and6law enforcement we have in this country645 to 50 people every year that's not6too bad you know and even like we have6hunting courses and never like that so6hunting courses same thing identifying6your target before you shoot that type6of thing don't shoot at things at the6top of thing you know you know common6sense up don't shoot down roads don't6shoot over roads you know stuff like6that people don't have a problem with6those kind of regulations it's the6paperwork that really takes people off6so but anyway there we go that's what6the process is if I forget please remind6me to put the links down below for you6to call your MPs and Emily's6let them know how you feel about the6firearms act tell them you want bill C668 gone it's completely pointless it's6it's you know basically gun control in6Canada it's basically just about control6the only thing that gun registry was6used for was to ban things when they ban6things they know where to find it that's6all it was used for it didn't save a6single life so the next stage now is to6get rid of the kind of this kind of red6tape where okay take your course once a6safety course once for long guns and6maybe one safety course for handguns and6then just leave you alone you know it6allow you to use them wherever you want6and also get rid of banned by name6appearance and reputation and reclassify6firearms that you know once met the long6you know met the non restricted category6and stuff that in fact there should be6just one category firearms you know and6just have training levels okay6yes handguns are more manipulative6manipulate yes they do require a little6bit more concentration in some areas you6know pertaining to safety but the accent6proves works the same on handguns as it6does on rifles so you know a few safety6nobody has a problem with safety people6have a problem with6you know stupid stuff like this even if6it's once every five year five years6it's not the point of that as once every6five years that you got to renew this6it's the fact that you know it's like6until you break the law they don't need6to be bugging you you know that type of6thing so anyway I guess I'll leave it at6that so please consider making a6donation to the channel thank you very6much to everybody who has rate subscribe6share comment like be true to yourself6because others always always do the6right thing and careful while you're6watching the show you might actually6learn something I have yourselves a6great day

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Do military members have to pay any fee for leave or fiancee forms?

First off there are no fees for leaves or requests for leave in any branch of the United States military. Second there is no such thing as a fiancée form in the U.S. military. There is however a form for applying for a fiancée visa (K-1 Visa)that is available from the Immigration and Customs Service (Fiancé(e) Visas ) which would be processed by the U.S. State Department at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy overseas. However these fiancée visas are for foreigners wishing to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage and are valid for 90 days. They have nothing to do with the military and are Continue Reading

How can I fill out Google's intern host matching form to optimize my chances of receiving a match?

I was selected for a summer internship 2016. I tried to be very open while filling the preference form: I choose many products as my favorite products and I said I'm open about the team I want to join. I even was very open in the location and start date to get host matching interviews (I negotiated the start date in the interview until both me and my host were happy.) You could ask your recruiter to review your form (there are very cool and could help you a lot since they have a bigger experience). Do a search on the potential team. Before the interviews, try to find smart question that you are Continue Reading

How can I make it easier for users to fill out a form on mobile apps?

Make it fast. Ask them as few questions as possible (don't collect unnecessary information) and pre-populate as many fields as possible. Don't ask offputting questions where the respondent might have to enter sensitive personal information. If some users see you collecting sensitive information, they might not be ready to share that with you yet based on what you are offering, and they will think twice about completing the form.

How do I fill out the form of DU CIC? I couldn't find the link to fill out the form.

Just register on the admission portal and during registration you will get an option for the entrance based course. Just register there. There is no separate form for DU CIC.

When do I have to learn how to fill out a W-2 form?

While I did not study physics this is something that relates to my field as well. One thing to remember is the scope of the field which you are talking about. With physics it might seem narrower than History or Archaeology but I suspect that when you boil it down it isn’t. It would be impossible to cover everything in a subject even going all the way through to gaining a doctorate. The answer you got and posted up is very accurate and extremely good advice. What a lot of it boils down to in education (especially nowadays) is not so much teaching specific facts but teaching themes and how to find Continue Reading

Is CFP difficult?

This is not as difficult as CA, CS, ICWA or CFA and not as easy your M. Co. or MA. It is a good qualification to have even even if it does not add much to your income but it certainly help you set your own house in order.

Is the CFP exam difficult?

The minimum percentage required is 50%. Please check the following URL for details: http://www.fpsbindia.org/scripts/ExaminationStructure.aspx Rahul Www.mymoneybox.in

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