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How to use The Rcmp Pal Application Form?

hey welcome back y'all listen thanks forjoining with me in this week's video I'mgonna be talking about three categoriesof strategies to survive and thrivethrough devil yes the RC P's trainingacademy I've got some tips don't goanywhere it's coming right now shall webeginhey y'all thanks for sticking around sothe three categories that I'm gonna betalking about are the before the duringand the after depo experience so I'dlike to break each category into acouple of subcategories and really startgetting those turns you know like okayI'm out listen stick around trust meit's gonna be well worth it so the firstis before depo you get the call yeahthat call I'll never forget the call Iwas sitting in alone in my office at mydesk the phone rings and my recruitersays Steve are you sitting down I saidyeah and she went ahead and give me thenews and I think I did a happy dance andmaybe a happy run I don't know speakingof running that's a good segue whybecause before death oh the first ofthree that I'm going to give you withinthe before category is running yesnumber one running you think well did Irun enough yet before no the answer isno you have not run enough but Steve Irun X kilometers per week still notenough listen tip number one inside ofthe before depo is run run run and whenyou think you've ran enough run a littlebit more because a depo you're going tobe running and so you do not want thatto be a weakness it was in mind I'mspeaking from experience I hated runningI thought it was the most boring thingin the world I have come to terms withit I still don't like it and it doesn'tlike me however it's very valuable notjust in depth of course but in the realworld so tip number one inside of thebefore is run and run some more okayso the second tip inside of the beforedemo strategy you've got to learn aboutdepo do your due diligence you've tunedinto this channel that's a good startbut do your due diligence and searcharound online ask some some memberfriends if you have them what is it liketo be in depth however don'tlett like a like a bad review of a movieright don't let some ones jaded orskewed experience kind of come acrossand try to grab on to you because we allhave our own experiences we all havesome great ones we all have somehorrible ones it depends on how you howyou look at things it's your perspectivefor me I enjoyed depo after five weeksor so and by the way if you haven'tchecked it out I'll link it in thedescription I talk about my experiencesI've double so you can check that outbut for me the first five or six weekswas pretty tough but after that it got alot of fun and I understood what it wasto learn and absorb everything that depohas so tip number two do some duediligence research try to learn all youcan about depo before you even get thereso tip number three inside of the beforecategory is this try to get all of yourstuff in order before you go I'm talkingabout your finances yes there is a thereis an allowance that that that the RCMPpays the cadets you have to find out howmuch that is you have to get so makesure your finances are in order becauseif your bills are astronomical and youhave a mortgage to pay or if you havephone bills that whatever their billsare you have to understand what the payis or the allowance it is that depo youalso have to understand that you are nothaving to pay for debt but which is agreat thing by the way you don't have topay for your room and board it's kind ofcovered the food is covered great foodso but get everything at home everythingin your personal life especially yourfinances get those things all in ordersay you know say your goodbyes to people1like you need to think about and get1yourself a mentally prepared while being1posted anywhere in Canada yes anywhere1in Canada get those things sort of1situated and sorted out before you even1get there because once you get to depo1you're not going to want to think about1back home you're going to want to make1sure that everything back home is set in1such a way that's going to make you1comfortable and confident as you move1towards that depo or departure so want1to category number two this is the1during demo so we just looked at kind of1a few things what to do before this is1about during your depo experience yeah1like 26 weeks you are at depo it is a1world unto itself and it's an experience1like no other so first first tip is1going to be this you will have a big1brother troop assigned to you yeah these1guys and gals will help you get sorted1out in your first few days or first1couple1because it's sort of a chaotic time you1don't know where to go you don't know1where to step on you don't know who to1talk to how to salute marks1none of that stuff but your big brother1troop is there to help and they will set1up a time for you to go to Walmart or a1big-box store type of thing where in the1beginning of your of your stay you'll1need a few things like totes and and1Rubbermaid things maybe you'll need some1writing utensils some notebooks maybe1you'll need some laundry detergent1toothpick whatever whatever that you're1gonna need for basically living apart1from the food of course but don't forget1a good snack you'll you'll have that1chance to go to like a Walmart and pick1up those things so you will have a Big1Brother troop I so the tip is to ask1them ask them all the all the things1that you can figure out what it is is1good that's gonna make your stay1especially in the beginning stages of1depo be a little bit more comfortable1and a little bit more making sense so1that you can kind of again confidently1walk through each and every day they are1there for your benefit so don't be1afraid to ask them second tip is going1to is going to say this learn to be a1time manager manage your time1effectively because you have very1limited time so what does that mean well1listen your day is kind of a you're1gonna be waking up probably between 5:001and 6:00 a.m. and you're not gonna be1going to bed till about 10:00 11:00 p.m.1however in that time there are very1scheduled by the rcmp devil they're very1scheduled time slots that you will need1to be in certain places doing certain1things however outside of your regular18:00 to 4:30 schedule that is when you1are responsible for your own time so if1you have boots to polish if you have1tasks to do if you have things to learn1if you have notes to write files to work1on hair to cut think places to run1workouts to be had all those things are1on you and in your time so learn to1manage your time effectively if you're1sitting around in your pit which is by1the way where we kind of what we call1where we sleep and kind of live while1we're at our dorms if you were sitting1around think man I've got nothing to do1this is just a good day I'm sitting and1relaxing and it's within your first few1weeks of depo I'm telling you you're1probably missing something because you1won't have a lot of time to sit around1and ponder so be a good time manager1learn1to do things like button and button1unbuttoned your shirt side when you're1going kind of to and from say like a PT1class or a pea1you know PDT whatever you're going to1him through learn to do things on the1fly because it's going to pay you in1dividends those few seconds that you can1gain on simply you know doing up your1boots quicker or getting your hat on and1and straight a little sooner and help1each other when you're in the change2rooms help each other when you're in the2classrooms and in the mess look over2each other make sure that you know each2of you look the same because by you2helping them they're gonna help you and2that is effective time management the2last thing I'm gonna say in this tip of2the during depo part is Journal yeah2journal so your week is gonna go Monday2to Friday Saturday and Sunday you have2off I put that in air quotes because2again good time management is gonna show2you that you don't have a lot of time to2just sit around however if you are a fan2effective time manager and you you2adhere to those things in tip number two2you will have a little bit more time2than maybe the next person so so with2that you can journal and journals2journaling is gonna help you I think it2just helps you mentally in your life let2alone in depo but just in life writing2down your thoughts writing down some of2the feelings it's also going to solidify2some of the things that you've learned2and it's going to bring up some of those2some of those strategies some of those2the the new lessons that maybe you've2learned in applied Polly Sciences and2you're gonna jot some of those things2down and it's gonna help stick in your2memory because you're gonna everything2in depth was building right so you're2gonna want to make sure that you have a2good grasp on step number one before you2get to step number two now bonus tip2inside of this tip number three do not2do anything stupid2well Steve that's pretty listen don't do2it you are there representing the RCMP2you're representing yourself so if you2get the wobbly pop song this is I don't2care about all that do what you need to2do however if you get two tips and you2get too silly and you do something2stupid you will get kicked at a Depot2and for goodness sakes if you do2something stupid because we all do I I2can write a book on stupidity if you do2something that is you make a decision2that's not the best decision own up to2it do not lie don't do anything to try2to cover it up2don't even downplay it2there's nothing wrong with making2mistake yes listen your mistake may have2a consequence of you going home that's2just that that's just the truth of it2however the biggest mistake that I have2learned in some of the stories and2experience of that other people have had2is the mistake isn't the thing that was2made the mistake the big mistake was2trying to lie or to cover up that2mistake so that's a bonus tip try to not2do anything too stupid have fun2absolutely but just keep your wits about2you remember who you're representing so2moving on to our third and final2category and that is the after depo so2we looked at the what do I do before we2looked at some tips of what to do during2and and now we're going to talk about2what to do after your depo experience is2done first and foremost you are going to2get a post or a placement while you are2at depo and my encouragement sort of2bridges into it while you're still there2but that is do your research on where2you're going to go but when you get2there and by the way when they say2anywhere in Canada I've said this before2I've said this in other videos they mean2anywhere in Canada so please if you have2this kind of notion in your mind this is2all if I don't get this this or this I2said I'm gonna be so mad I'm gonna quit2don't even join don't even apply because2the adventurous the excitement that the2the benefit of the RCP2is that you can go anywhere in Canada2take the experience take that adventure2take it on and learn what it is about2your post that's going to be an asset2for you and you for it so if it's a2small rural place little and that's not2what you're familiar with get familiar2with it if it's a if it's a bigger city2if maybe it's a federal position maybe2you're not even going to go to general3duty I don't know you don't know but3that's the excitement part because in3the job in that everyday we simply3sometimes don't know everything is3coming at you and that's one of my3favorite parts of this job is that when3things come at you it's it's very3exciting to me it's very it stretches3you to learn so tip number one inside of3the afterdeck pose when you get your3post learn about it wikipedia it figure3out some things make some google things3going on and you'll you'll see that3it'll pay dividends even go go to3streets and maps and kind of have a3virtual tour if you can't drive there3you know during your depo time if it's3really far have they have a virtual tour3of that community you won't go wrong so3step number two after you get out of3demo is coaching you will be coached for3a six-month pier3and inside of that six months there are3a couple of segments older basically3it's broken down at the three segments3your first two months your second two3months and then your last two months and3within all of that time you will be put3with a coach in the beginning of your3coaching experience you will be sort of3tied at the hip as it were you will be3on his or her schedule through the whole3six months they are there as an3invaluable asset to you3they can't listen I've heard stories of3make-or-break at an RCMP career based3solely on the coach so this is a message3to anyone coaching including me is make3sure that you remember your learning3style make sure you remember the passion3and pride that you carry in your job3listen recruit new recruit do not go out3there and start complaining about the3RCMP to your coach and getting all3negative and if that's your coach might3my challenge to you is to challenge them3listen don't get your back up don't go3all Cillian and oh you know Steve said3this honest you know don't don't do that3all I'm saying is be professional right3this is a job you have to work hard to3get there man you have to go through the3application process you had to get3through depo and now that you've gone3through depo you are3donning a surge you are putting on the3belt you are you are a police officer3take that with pride so you will have a3coach and that Coach will teach you all3the ins and outs and by the way if you3hear these words well forget everything3debo taught you I'm gonna teach you the3right way do not do that that's foolish3there's no reason why the RCMP are going3to spend tens and tens of hundreds of3thousands of dollars on you thus far for3information and education that doesn't3mean anything because it does it is your3grassroots just your foundation it's the3fundamentals of policing yeah the coach3might challenge some of the things that3depo has taught because depo is teaching3you a very generalist idea of policing3and your coach is going to be more3specific to your detachment and to your3detachment area so for sure take all3that with a grain of salt however if you3hear the words forget everything you've3learned about devil I'm going to teach3you the right way that's old school3thinking man you can just put that aside3but my tip is this you will be given3with a coach and do everything you can3to get along with your coach to soak up3all the information and education from3your field coach they are an invaluable3asset to you and if you were lucky like3me and you got a solid coach we are now3best buddies and he has taught me more3about policing than I thought I can3never really know and I'm forever3thankful for him and if you ever thought3that there would be two different kinds3of people in this world that can be put3together and have a great relationship3it was me and my coach3so coaching it is what it is but take3that six months and learn all you can3work through the process there are still3things that you will need to do on a4coaches or while you're being coached4that you will get from depo there is4still homework to do there's still4assignments that you have to do there4are still the benchmarks that you have4to reach yes it's not over when you get4that badge kids it's just the starting4so be be a good student to your coach4and encourage one another to be positive4in this outfit the last tip inside of of4the after depo is to be a sponge be a4dry sponge you know what a sponge is4without water it's kind of dry and it's4ready to soak up anything is ready to4soak it all in and to be effective and4that's you and make sure that's always4you here's a pro tip for anybody if you4stop learning then you stop bleeding you4do not know more than everybody there4are things that other people in their4life experience can teach you I don't4care how many years you have on the job4I don't care what your life experience4in the past is I don't care how many4Chevron's you have on your epaulette I4don't care what color your shirt is you4will always have something to learn from4somebody you have two years you have one4mouth like my momma used to say listen4twice as much as you speak so be a solid4sponge and soak up all of the stuff that4it has when it comes to positivity in4this outfit you will come across4negative clients you will come across4negative members you may come across4negative bosses try and do your best to4sit not to to sift out those things a4sit forward4I don't know filter those things and4soak in the good so that you can be a4positive role model to your community4this is your career this is for you and4you're gonna make it everything that you4want to make it there's the same that4says you get out of it what you put into4it so if you're anything like me I want4a lot out of my career but I am prepared4to put a lot into my career so friends I4hope you enjoyed this video there are4three categories that before4after depo and inside of each category4there's a there's a few tips and4strategies that I hope helps you along4the way I can do videos all day long4about the depo experience and I hope4that you will enjoy it I hope that it4helps your experience but at the end of4it all this is your experience so don't4let anyone Jaden kind of go into that4movie watching it with a fresh set of4eyes and think how am I going to be for4it and how is it gonna be for me listen4always always be aware of your4surroundings

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Rcmp Pal Application Form FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the Rcmp Pal Application Form are:

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