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Trade Support Loans Application Form 1289 No Download Needed Demand Assistance

so support and resistance is one of themost important right technical tradingconcepts that you learn okay but here'sthe thing right most traders they get itwrong flat-out wrong right we can't evendraw your levels correctly for examplethis is a chart that I've seen rightpeople you know posting and if you lookat this there's just way too many levelsright where do you want to buy itwhere do you wanna sell can you see thatyou know if you have too many levels onyour chart it will clutter your mind youwill have analysis paralysis in yourtrading and it's hard to make even atrading decision so that's why intoday's video okay I'll share with youthree things number one how to drawsupport and resistance the correct wayright once you master this right you'llnever look at support resistance thesame way again and trust me right whatyou're about to learn all right is whatother trading causes would chat youthousands of dollars for and I'm gonnashare it with you for free number twoyou'll learn right when right to tradeoff the reversal at support resistancemeaning when you know the price willlikely hole at support and resistancethat's number two and finally numberthree you'll also know right whensupport and resistance is likely tobreak so you don't get caught on thewrong side of the move right so you'lllearn all this and more in today's videobut before we begin right hit the thumbsup button and subscribe to my youtubechannel so you never miss anothertrading video again have you done itthen let's get started so the firstthing that I want to share with you ishow to draw support resistance rightthis is very very important so payattention how I do it is that I use a 3simple steps right that I'm about toshare with you number one you want tozoom out your charts right you want tosee the big picture right once you cansee the big picture you it's much moreobvious to your eyes right which are thekey levels you should be payingattention to right if you're on tradingview I'll share with you later how youcan do it number two you want draw themost obvious level if the level sticksout that level matters if you knowyou're squinting your eyes trying askyourself instead the levels they're notthen it's not a level ignore that okayand I'm a tree you want to adjust yourlevelto get the most number of touches so letme explain these are three steps so overhere this is a typical tradingview chartlet's get started right just click resetshut everything is back to its defaultview so how do you zoom out your chanceI like to typically zoom out you knowfive to ten times so you can user ifyour mouse has a screw right you scrollyou scroll down scroll it down about tentimes one two three four five six seveneight nine ten right there are somelevels here let me just remove it okaynow we are starting from scratch sothat's the first thing zoom out yourchats second thing draw the most obviouslevel so that's what I'm going to doright now so from the looks of this Ican see that this is a very obviouslevel okay this over here is an obviouslevel this one over here is an obviouslevel this one I can see this one herethis one over herepretty obvious as well okay this to meright from the looks of it right nowthese are the most obvious levels to myown naked eye you can notice that I cando it pretty quickly right there's noneed to ask yourself second guess rightbecause if it's there it's there if it'snot there don't waste your time so I'vedone the second part draw the mostobvious levels and the third thing is toadjust your levels to get the mostnumber of touches what this means isthat you want to shift your supportresistance right where the price hits1the level the most number of times so1for example let's look at this support1this one over here I could actually draw1it an absolute highs but I don't want to1because remember I said I wanted to1touch the most number of levels so1actually if I were to ship it down lower1somewhere here notice I can get a few1number of touches right if you this one1pretty much exceed by quite a bit so you1have one two and three if I want to1occasionally draw another level over1here okay so now you can see that your1support resistance look somewhat like an1area at this point over here okay let's1continue on adjust this one so if this1one again I can just adjust it slightly1lower and I get more touches right over1here one one touch two three four and1this one you know exceeds by quite a bit1I can draw another level if I wish to1but I want to keep my chat screen1gonna use one level this one over here1right if I just adjust it right slightly1higher okay notice that here I can one1touch to touch three four five six seven1eight nine quite a number of touches1right so you can see that this is how I1adjusted right to let the price touch it1the most number of times same for this1right I don't want it to be drawn my1level over here the extreme low I want1to get as many touches as possible to1get the price section involved right at1the level I'm drawing so if I'm gonna1shift it up slightly higher you can see1that I got one over here right looking1back 1 2 3 4 5 and then 6 plus this one1just broke down okay1again same thing for this one adjust it1to get the most number of touches I'll1draw it something like this or I can1just look to the left right see one1touch to tree this one didn't really1touch a bit if I'm gonna shift it up1higher I might miss this one out so what1I'm gonna do is that I'm gonna you know1take into consideration the recent price1section it has more weight ish so I want1to give into this a recent price section1first to get this touch over here ok we1have a few more touches behind same for1this one over here right I'd want to1draw the extreme low I push it up1slightly higher get this touch in1involved right this one as well this one1that's a false breakdown I'll just you1know leave it there and you look bad you1almost got this one as well so I just1shift it up slightly higher as well so1from the looks of it you can see that1right now the levels on my chatter and1they are much cleaner and now one look1at it you know which are the key levels1then you wanna pay attention to and that1you want to trip from so this first1example alright let's go to another one1how about palm dollar ok have a look1same concept right let's just reset this1once once again and do the tree step I1just mentioned first step zoom out your1chats so I was room out just 10 times to1keep it consistent right 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 819 101right now you're looking at a big1picture step number 2 draw the most of1these levels alright let's do it here1this is obvious to me this is obvious1this is a pretty obvious this one here1this one here and perhaps this one here1okay so now let's do the adjustment I1really are very drawn out the most1obvious levels notice that I didn't1spend time you know wondering you know1is this a level is this not a level none1of that so now time to adjust so this1one over here I noticed at this level if1I just look to the left okay I can1actually adjust it a little bit higher1okay getting involved with this touch1and this one and this one behind okay1fair enough1this one I'll adjust it right slightly1lower take into account this level this1and this anyone's some time this one1over here1in the past for this one here I could1adjust it slightly higher okay perhaps1something here like this got this level1this moment this this involved and also2towards the left where I missed this one2but a bit but it's pretty close by as2well okay for this level I'll adjust it2let's see you wanna get the most number2of touches so I'll ship it down I would2say this one over here would be a better2one right it's not about one touch to2this one no three for this one here is2well five and six you notice that I2didn't put it at this most recent low2over here because if I were to do this2right it's gonna me get a lot of touches2at the back over here where all this2one's to pay the price just I just slice2through the level so I want to adjust it2with the price get the most number of2touches so in this case I actually did2sacrifice the most recent high so2shifting up here2ramier would be a much better level to2draw notice it gets the price action2more involved at this level and finally2I just know finally this one over here2I would shift this up slightly higher2one two or I can see over here three2four and a few more behind and similarly2for this one over here I don't enjoy it2any extreme low or try to get more2touches involved in in fact up here I2can get this one involved as well one2two three and four okay so that's pretty2much write it right on how to draw your2support resistance level you don't do2one more right just one more right just2a quick one let's do dollar yen before2we move on right like I said this is so2so so important right go and apply draw2the levels and trust me you'll see the2markets in a different light so I think2in the real rate peel and blue pill you2take the blue pill right that's it2right you're out of the matrix you see2the markets in a different light2so dollar yen right same concept right2zoom already draw the most obvious2levels I'm gonna draw this this is2obvious to me this this this and this2okay so you can see that I do it very2quickly2I just draw the most obvious levels if2it's if it's there it's there if it is a2move on so time for the adjustment so2this one I'll shift it up slightly2higher right this one over here2get involved these two touches and this2one a noir this not really a touch part2of a brick true then you have this one2over here right I'm gonna adjust this2slightly lower kay can see you involve2this level this one over here this one2this one and this one right number of2quite a number of touches I thought this2one as well I'm gonna adjust this2slightly higher so you involve more of2the price section you can see one level2two one two right three and then back2over here as well over here I'm gonna2adjust this possibly like this okay I2can involve this area of the price2section as well as this highs over here2and as for this one I'll shift this one2slightly up higher involving this price2section one touch two and three and four2by coops slightly higher but this will2be a little bit too much as I pretty2much ignore the recent low so I'm gonna2shift this down lower getting the this2lows involve as well so that's how I2would draw my levels for dollar yen and2there you have it right how to draw2support and resistance okay so with that2said let's move on shall we now you've2learned how to draw support resistance2the next question is how do you tell2right when the price will reverse that2support resistance resistance how do you2know you know the level we'll hope2that's the question right so I'm gonna2share with you a few tips to bear in2mind right look at this you want to see2a power move into market structure what2you what this means is that if you have2drawn your area of support2or is this sense you see a strong move2into the level big-bodied candles large2body candles that's what I mean by a2Power Move very strong momentum move2number two you want to see strong price2rejection this can be in the form of uh2you know like a shooting star where you3know you see a long wick price gets3rejected let me just just draw it for3you right let's say this is a resistance3price comes in pumpkins rejected right3now stronger the rejection the better3that's one unit that's what you want to3see and the third thing is a few things3the more like I've seen right the larger3the candles the better you wanna see it3strong momentum move power move and3another thing is that the longer the3time that the price is away from the3market structure or support resistance3the better and the reason being is that3let me explain3first right why you wanna see large body3candles into a level so let's say right3when you look at support resistance3right when you have a strong move coming3in into a level right at this point3right ask yourself right where will3let's say someone let's say you wanna go3shot okay and there is definitely3opposing pressure buyers who wanna come3in and buy and a good prices where is a3good prices that buyers would come in3well if you look at this chart chances3are buyers Mike you at this area of3support right because there is obvious3market structure where they can no wait3for price to retest and go long okay3however if another instance let's say3you didn't get a Power Move you didn't3get a claim of instead you get a very3choppy move like this like this like3this like this like this now ask3yourself if you're going shot over here3where would the opposing pressure come3in3well this time round buyers could3potentially be at this swing low this3swing low or even this swing low what3this means for you as a trader who is3looking too short is that as the price3comes down lower into these levels you3will face opposing pressure they could3you know turn the tide against you so3that's why you don't wanna you know3short when it's there when there is this3time of stair-stepping price action into3your level because all these levels are3this minor level swing low and swing low3is where opposing pressure could come in3and you know push the the pressure3against you against your tree okay3another reason why you want to see the3lodge Kendal's right the lodge a strong3momentum Kendal's or what I call power3move is very simple right when a price3comes in like this a very strong move3right just a bowl strong move right3often right traders will just you know3looked by the breakouts all right I'm3sure you probably you know turn in3yourself right strong momentum move or3let's buy the break-up as the market is3you know rallying right let's buy and3then you know where will you put your3stop-loss chances are all right you put3it you know under the resistance right3maybe in the middle of the range or even3somewhere here or even to be3conservative you know even below this3area of support so what this means is3that if the breakup feels right if the3breakup feels right it's gonna hit right3all this cluster of stop-loss orders3right over here over here and over here3and if you think about this what are3this cluster of stop-loss orders they3are simply write the orders to exit the3market from the breakup traders breakup3traders who are low so this means this3actually sell stop orders right which3would induce further selling pressures3so the more bullish right the the more3you get a power moving to market3structure the more breakup traders hop3on board and get on the move right the3more the stronger the reversal will be3right when he reverts back to us the3downside you know when he hits those3ourselves stop orders right so this is3why you want to see the larger the3candles the better right into market3structure power move into market3structure3don't worry I'll share with you an3example later and finally right the3longer the time away the better why is4that simple right the longer than that4the price is away from a level right the4more it would attract a pension from the4higher time frame traders for example if4the price has not retest year the daily4for example $100 dollars price level on4a daily timeframe for the last six4months or one year you can be sure that4that level can also be seen on the4weekly timeframe or even the monthly4timeframe and this will actually attract4more traders right from the higher time4frame to pay attention to their level4right that's why you can get a stronger4so-called price rejection or a reversal4at the level when you know there's4longer time away from the level alright4I know I've covered a lot of theory here4so let's have a look at the examples4shall we so let's see4pound yen okay so what do I mean by a4power move into market structure so you4look at this just reset the chart okay4you look at this right note this right4you see over here this is what I call a4power move right very strong momentum4coming to a level right no doubt this4one took a while for it to reverse by4eventually it did reverse towards the4downside you can see that strong power4move into a level this one is quite4strong as well notice the candles all4just bullish and one directional into4resistance Power Move and then market4reverse okay let me share with you a few4more examples4how about silver X AG right we are4looking for power move down here okay so4we look at silver can you draw some4levels here you know let me just use4this instead because of my levels4already drawn here so silver okay4looking back a power move into support4okay look at this strong power move4large body momentum lunch our strong4bearish momentum into support then you4got this price rejection over here right4long wick sticking out right then you4have this reversal up higher okay this4one again here you have a strong power4move but there wasn't any price4rejection or into any key market4structure but I can see that you know4the price again right4we're not reverse relatively quickly and4now where else can I share let's see if4I find another example there's one over4here right strong bearish momentum a4power move into this area of support4okay and many of this are relatively4quick reversal towards the upside so why4are the sees again right this type of4price action structure big bull momentum4move let me share with you another4example this one is the five year4Treasury note okay this one here very4obvious look at this can you spot it4this power move over here strong bullish4move into resistance trust me right4traders they are new they are unaware4divided the breaker4oh man the market is going to the moon4let's buy a breakout and then a market4bum it reverse the next candle right4this candle it did a strong reversal4they get caught on the wrong side then4what happens the market hit hit lower is4gonna hit the stop loss in the market4you know pretty much ever a pretty steep4decline over here so this is what I mean4by a Power Move right this is a very4good textbook example strong move up4higher you have this price rejection in4the form of a cover right in the market4pretty much went down pretty swiftly so4with that said right let's have a look4at a example that you don't want a tree4so I mean mu okay so if you look at this4right over here this clearly right this4area over here it isn't a Power Move you4mean you compare to what you've just4seen what I've just shared with you look4at this move into this area of support4do you want to try this I sure as hell4wouldn't want to trade this right and4the biggest reason why is that let's say4right you do get a valid a price4rejection or something like you know a4hammer4okay you can go along right and shortly5afterwards it's the price hit higher5this over here is where potential5selling pressure would lie which is5going to no push down the price lower as5you know sellers look to shun the market5and this is bad for you as a trader who5is long right now who you're against the5trend plus right you don't have this5power move into market structure plus5you have this swing high which is just5you know nearby try which could actually5not turn the title of your trade so this5is why again I emphasize a lot look for5a power move into market structure there5it's a really important okay another5example I think is quite a quite a5decent one although this is come the5trend strong power move into market5structure and then this reversal notice5the range of this candles latch big and5boho okay so hopefully you know you5understand this one over here when you5treat reversal at support and resistance5this over here is stuff that you5probably you know will not find5elsewhere okay moving on when do you5treat breakout at support and resistance5so this is actually pretty much the5opposite of what you just5sooo you know that the price is likely5to reverse at support resistance when5you have a power move into a power move5into market structure and a price5rejection so when you when you are5looking at it from a breakout standpoint5you don't want to see a power move into5market structure okay so what your look5is possibly you know you have higher5lows into resistance looking someone5like an ascending triangle or lower5highs in to support someone like a D5sending triangle or a build up right5that is typically supported by a moving5average so if all this is foreign to you5don't worry let me share with you a few5examples so let me just cover each one5from the theory aspect so higher lows5into resistance is something like this5okay5typically you can see that the price5looks somewhat like an ascending5triangle this is significant because5it's telling you that the bias that we5need to buy this higher prices higher5prices higher prices and higher prices5lower highs into support is just the5same thing all right telling me that the5sellers are in control willing to sell5at this lower prices lower prices and5lower prices and on top of it right you5notice right it from a this a price5action is telling and the buyers are5also getting weaker because first time5they push the price it move this much5the second time you only moved this much5and at that time right it's even shorter5over here same for this this is a5ascending triangle okay sell us first5time you push the price down like this5much then this much Murat you get lesser5and lesser and even less over here so5you can see that that's the the the5price action is actually quite5interesting right where one sided one5side is getting stronger and stronger5and the other one is getting weaker and5weaker okay and build up right supported5by moving average what this means is5that aside from ascending and descending5triangle there's another variation is5what I call a build up price so5sometimes a price could just come up5into a key level and it's just5consolidate all right and if you pull5out a moving average like the 20 or 505period moving average you'll notice5you're coming and you know support it5pretty nicely it's like the market is5really respecting the moving average in5getting ready to break up right this is5supported by M it can be applied to5higher lows and lower highs into support5as well I'll share that later right but5these are the key concepts that I want5to share with you that alert you right5that the market is about to break out of5either support or is5that's okay let's have a look at a few5examples so for this one over here right5dollar against the Chinese you ain't6pretty a good example right now so6notice this over here right now you have6this ascending triangle right higher6lows coming into market structure you6look at it right buyers are willing to6buy at this higher prices higher prices6higher prices higher prices and higher6prices and you look at the sellers right6in terms of their strength they're6getting weaker they're getting you know6female you know first-time diminish to6push the price down like this much then6this one got weaker this one just one6candle reversal this one's pretty strong6right but generally you can see that the6sellers just strain rise getting weaker6and weaker okay so this is a sign of6strength at that you know the market6could possibly break up higher right you6don't want to be shorting in this6resistance right firstly num1 you don't6have a power move into resistance the6structure and number two right if you6were to go shot into resistance let's6say you know you the market does reverse6somewhere over here close you're going6shot shortly afterwards this level over6here is where buyers could come in right6before the price could even move right6you're gonna face an opposing pressure6that could you know turn the tide begins6you from a rich 3 watt standpoint it6doesn't even make sense as well so this6is why right I say you know if you wanna6trade reversal you better look for a6Power Move power move into market6structure and not this type of higher6lows into it6similarly right you pull out your enemy6I'm not sure if this one does they are6pretty pretty decent right see of 50 ma6the price right someone are being6supported by this 50 ma over here okay6so this is one example over here $46against the Chinese un let me just share6with you a few more before we conclude6today's session dollar against the6Indian rupee so this one over here right6we have what we call a typical build up6form a resistance just zoom a little6notice right this one is a little bit6different from the ascending triangle6but the concept is the same you have6this build up form and resistance6telling you that buyers are willing to6buy at this higher prices they are6willing to buy in front of resistance6and the any part way I mentioned earlier6is that this case right if you look at6it notice the price okay this isn't a6perfect example but6you would see what I mean right at the6price is someone being supported by the6tweeny Amy really right so this tells6you that the 20 M is actually supporting6up the price higher getting ready to6break up okay let's have a look at an6example don't look Canadian maybe6wondering hey right now you don't worry6seems to be really good at you know6identifying all this cherry pick shots6right yeah it's because I actually6traded all of this setups it solves it6in my head that's why it's all very6fresh dollop Canadian okay okay look at6this right this is a very beautiful6example of a bill up okay look at this6price let's just use this level oh this6is nice okay no notice that there is6this area of resistance here you have6this built-up forming and notice how6nice the moving average supports the6price higher so when you see this price6section please all right don't shut the6markets this is a very this is a signal6that the market wants to break up higher6this is a sign of strength don't just6blindly shut all prices that resistance6right textbook says short it's gonna be6painful all right trust me don't do that6now that you're more proficient in price6action trading you notice that there is6a build up form at this resistance the6moving average the 20 M is supporting6the price section it tells you that the6market is likely to break up higher okay6in this case obviously you didn't break6up cherry pick by me traded by me right6now the one is euro Canadian okay just6one more last one before so you can7understand what I'm trying to say you're7a Canadian right so right now you can7see that this price section okay look at7this series of lower highs coming to7support let me ask you do you want to be7buying at this point you want to buy7into this area of support7I hope not right because after what I've7just said right after what I've just7said lower highs into support is usually7a sign of weakness if you ask me the7market is likely to break down lower can7the market break out higher of course7all right it can right market can do7anything but we're dealing with7probabilities here my friend so from the7looks of it right the market is showing7sign of weakness and there's a good7chance it would break down lower so if7you look at the from a price section7analysis right string and weakness right7notice the first time the buyers push it7made a pretty strong move pretty decent7strong move then your weaker7and it got weaker over here whereas the7sellers they're willing to sell at this7lower prices lower prices lower prices7and lower prices from the looks of it7right the market right that's a good7chance it will break down so this is7what I mean by no lower highs coming7into a support okay so moving on right7let's do a quick recap right we've7covered a lot in today's video anyways7just you know talk about one concept7support and resistance first inference7how to draw support resistance right s7the first thing we've covered right zoom7on your charts you know five to ten7times on trading view draw the most7obvious levels and adjust it you know to7get the most number of touches seconding7support resistance reversal right you7want to look for strong power move into7market structure larger the board the7larger the candles right the better it7is because as I explained earlier right7a couple of reasons right you don't have7a opposing pressure that we know to push7the trade against you and also breakout7traders right when they cut the loss7right you would actually result in a7very sweet reversal so the stronger the7price comes into a level right when the7reversal come it could be just as Swift7towards the downside right if the price7comes in a very choppy stair-stepping7price section into a level right you can7expect the market price action right to7go in the opposite direction in a very7choppy stair-stepping fashion as well7also the time away plays a part the7longer the price is away from from a7level for a long time right it would7attract the attention of higher time7frame traders and it makes the level7even more significant and then we talk7about breakouts higher lows into7resistance it's a sign of strength lower7highs into support it's a sign of7weakness and looking at build-up as well7and a support resistance and usually you7can get them moving every right to7either between years of 50 right will7tend to you know support the price into7this key market structure and it's a7sign right telling you that the market7is getting ready to break out especially7when the price and the moving average7they don't have much space to move right7that is really right a signal a strong7signal that you know better you know get7your eyes get your mouse get your7fingers ready to trade the break-up okay7so with that sit right this is what we7have covered if you want a little more7about price action trading if you find7that this videos really good then trust7me right you'll like this one over here7which is in my website trading with7Rainer come over here I just scroll down7and check out this guide right the7ultimate guide to price action trading7click this orange button right and I'll7send this guide for free to your email7address you learn how to you know better7time your entries and exits you go more7in depth about price action trading and7much more and this guy is completely7free so with that said right wow it's8been a great time right I hope you've8enjoyed this video right hit that thumbs8up button subscribe to my youtube8channel and any feedback or comment let8me know below right and I'll get back to8you so with that said I wish you good8luck and good trading I'll talk to you8soon8you

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Trade Support Loans Application Form 1289 No Download Needed FAQs

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