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How to Fulfill the Rta Qld Form 11 in the Folliwng Steps on the Computer?

CocoSign supports each user to simplify the workflow and foster work productivity by having a better management of the files. View the below steps to have a better understanding of how to revise Rta Qld Form 11 more proficiently.

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  9. If you have any misunderstanding, please communication with the support team to acuqire more details.

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hey guys it's Rob again from Australiancamping and four-wheel drives so inQueensland we've been having a bit ofissue recently with tires and lifts I'msure most of Queenslanders will knowthis and in fact I imagine many peoplefrom other states from know what's beengoing on as well and part of the issuehas come down to the vehicles that haveelectronic stability control built intothem in in the sense that in Queenslandwe have different laws to what they doin other states so my understanding nowI just want to make sure I make thisdisclaimer before I start a is that whatI'm telling you here is information thatI'm aware of and I could be wrong onthings guys so you need to take what Iwhat I tell you the grain of salt youneed to go and just make sure that yougo and look up the information foryourself and make sure that you're happywith it okay but this is what I foundout when I've been doing my research aswell so written some notes up here foryou guys so I can relay the informationthat I found as well so it seems to be alot of confusion on this whole issue inQueensland we seem to be limited onvehicles which have electronic stabilitycontrol to a maximum of a 50 millimeterlift vehicles that do not haveelectronic stability control can go upto 75 millimeter lifts now both of thoselifts without having it approved byanybody else so you can go out and dothis yourself you don't need to worryabout going and getting approval fromanybody else you can lift a vehicle withelectronic stability control 50millimetres and vehicle it does not haveelectronic stability control up that's75 millimetres now in other states myunderstanding is that they have 75millimeters on all of them and there's alot of confusion going on you probablysend a lot of news articles guys as welltalking about this so I thought I have alittle bit of a yeah that's some thingsI've been found as well hi so I just putsome new tires on as welland then I was concern thing you knowhave I done the wrong thing I'veactually gone too large and that youknow so I'll go through some of that aswell on the things that I found itthrough my studies and it'll probablyhelp you guys out as well hey it's soyou can research the stuff for yourselfalso so this is how I interpret thesubject okay and it's so if you can havea look at it and you believe itdifferently you believe what you believeand I'll tell you what awhile Iunderstand itokay so electronic stability controlvehicles vehicles for example like theRanger the Mazda bt-50 SR the Challengerup at the front it's electronicstability control vehicle as well andthose vehicles are designed such they'vegot some electronics in them to helpkeep the thing in the line if it everdoes get out and is my understanding ofit as well so as I've seen theelectronic stability control vehiclesfifty millimeters or less now this iswhere for me in the confusion was thereseems to be a lot of information thatthey might chase an information up onthe screen as I'm going through here aswell guys I've seen reports out theresaying that the maximum lift that youcan have in a vehicle with electronicstability control is 50 millimeters andyou cannot change the tire size and sothat's for me I think our well that's abummer because you know I want to liftmy tires and I want to change my my loseto my vehicle that's not going to workout I can only have one or the otherand so what I get up took my tires offmy vehicle so they haven't been on myvehicle for a week or two and I tookthem off the vehicle and I've just hadto stand tires on there for the momentso I find out what's been going on withall this as well so yeah so vehicles1with non non electronic stability1control 75 millimeters or less the other1thing I found out is that and this case1for both of them of my understanding1your oil your tile lift cannot increase1your height by twenty five millimeters1or more so in my research I found an1article and I'm going to put this up on1the screen for you guys as well this is1not mine I've even come across this as1somebody else has come across this and I1thought it was quite interesting because1it actually goes against when people say1that you cannot have a lift and tires1from what this actually the way is1document actually1it is yes you can have a lift and tires1as long as the title does not go beyond150 millimeters so if you believe1differently go and do your own research1and see what you come up with but this1is what I've found okay so this is a1vehicle defect checklist missable up1nose from the there's a All American1wheeling I think it's come from by looks1fit on a solid document and what it says1here this is probably what the police1are using and it says they published1vehicle height so they put that1information in there then they measure1from the center of your hub through to1the top of your wheel arch so that's the1way you actually measure the height that1your vehicle has at the present time and1so I'm going to show you in a moment as1well where you can get the information1this for your vehicle but that's where1you need to start you need to go out1mention your vehicle from the center of1your wheel hub to the wheel top of your1wheel arch okay so I'll show you what I1did with my vehicle in a moment also and1then the next thing it says in here1they've written down here the standard1tire size so you need to find out what1the maximum standard height size is for1your particular vehicle now for the1Ranger for example it's a two sixty five1sixty eighteen now that's I an eighteen1inch wheel on my vehicle that's the1maximum size that I can go to i can't go1any larger than that there's a really1good site that you can go to called tire1size com forward slash tire1- sighs - calculator so I should have1that up on the screen there for you you1can go that website and you can enter in1your your the maximum tire size that1you're allowed on your vehicle and then1what you can do is if you have different1tires on your vehicle you can enter in1those details here as well and it will1provide information to you down the1bottom of that page where you can select1millimeters or inches and you can see1what the difference in the size of those1ties is so for example in my situation1I've got 775 millimeters was of my1original size tires and the new tires1that I purchased the other day were 8151millimeters so that means there's a1difference of 40 millimeters between the1two now because the lift only comes from1half of that you need to have that value1so that's giving me a 20 millimeter lift1the interesting thing is when you go1through this document the next one here1it talks about the actual height the1actual lift that your vehicle gets from1the tires and it says you have no more1than twenty five millimeters so if your1tires are thirty millimeters higher1you're illegal it doesn't matter what1you do you're illegal twenty five1millimeters is apparently what they say1here the maximum height that you can go1on your tires okay so that means twenty1five millimeters as maximum on your1tires and the rest comes out of your1suspension so for example you could have1ten millimeters on tires and you could1have forty millimeters on your1suspension or you could have maybe1twenty minutes twenty millimeters on1your tires and you can have maybe you1have thirty millimeters on your1suspension just giving an example of how1how I understand it to work anyway so1what's the other thing here as well so1this this I should point out to you if2somebody's looking at this later on2this is coronis today from my2understanding okay so today's the 14th2of September 2018 so if you're watching2this later on your honor and what's2going on here that's that's part of the2thing okay we're in 2018 if we were2miles ahead down the track maybe this is2all changed as well hopefully it has2fade so now if you want to go beyond2that you can actually go beyond those2things so you can actually go beyond2seventy five millimeters in a non2electronic stability control vehicle but2you require certain certifications so it2requires an LS nine design certification2an LS 10 modification an LT 2 lane2change test and an electronic test2electronic stability control test report2so the number of different things that2you need to actually provoke the able to2provide the police with by the sounds of2it to prove that you're actually illegal2so there obviously if you if you don't2have electronic stability control you2don't need to have that test done but2for vehicles that do you need that2electronic stability test control report2as well but looks a little so and I2don't because anybody in Queenslander2does it the correct me if I'm wrong I'm2happy if somebody is because I mean2there be great news but I'm not aware of2anybody myself yeah so the other thing2you should check as well as you need to2check your wheel track ok wheel2from - and have a look at my vehicle so2my vehicles that listed us 15602millimeters like it is from the outside2of one tie to the outside of the other2tire so if you go measure the backpack2for example the outside to the outside2is 1560 apparently you can you cannot go2beyond 50 millimeters so in this pack2work here or you'll see some information2it talks about four-wheel drive the2equals no more than 50 millimeters and2it says passenger cars no more than 252millimeters so in a poor driver since2you could add 25 millimeters on either2side now having said that you need to be2aware that you're not going to be on you2your guards and your vehicle so what2I've done with the Ranger I noticed that2the mute I stuck out just a fraction and2so what we've done is we've put flares2on the side of the vehicle so the tires2are actually within the vehicle frame as2well so that's another idea you can do2if you wanted to you could get on the2flare pathway if you wanted to or you2might be I'll get the tires to go in2with a little bit more perhaps I'm not2an expert on that type of thing don't2have a chat with your local Thai Center2and have a chat with them they might be2able to provide you some guidance there2as well okay so so the two things you2need to work out you need to work out2your lift and you need to work out your2tires2okay so your lift you're going to2measure that from the center of the2wheel hub of the wheel the wheel um you2have two wheels so I go into the rest2scent of your tire and you want to2measure that up to the guard so if you2had done for example no change in tires2you can you get that difference could be2fifty millimeters so now there's a2website that you can go to if you need2to find this information so you might be2saying well okay for example when I2mention mine it's five hundred and sixty2millimeters so you might be saying well2what's the maximum I can go to or what2so not what the maximum I can go to what2is that what was when I actually got it2from a factory that's the right one so2what was it when it came out of the2factory so there's a website that you2can go to it's called my RTA com4 slash2RVD okay my RTA doc on four slash our VD2and it's the website you'll see sitting2up here in the background as well you'll2see up there2but pre 1999 vehicles and post 19992vehicles so you all you do is you can2search me a vehicle so for example I'm2topping the vehicles like a car if you3can select motorcycle as well and you3can suck the mic so it's like forward3you might have a master for example and3then under model you talking range up3I did try bt-50 but there didn't seem to3work very well so what you can do if3you're having issues with that just3don't type anything in that that field3so don't type anything in the model3field and hit enter and it will bring up3every single vehicle and then you can go3through you find your year of your3vehicle the manufacturer and then you3should be able to click on it and it'll3bring up a page it looks something like3this I'll show that from the screen3there for now and on that page it will3have Holley good information so for the3Ford Ranger I actually noticed when I3was looking at this page that there was3no information there on the suspension3data which is quite interesting there's3no suspension data sitting there so you3might be wondering how I've got this so3I actually found somebody else that had3a link that actually link the the road3vehicle description for my vehicle and3it just happened to have that3information sitting there so for example3on my vehicle the Ford Ranger it says3that a - of 2017 Ford Ranger by the way3it says the front height is a maximum of3five hundred fifty two point three3millimeters and the rear height is 6003point five millimeters so if I was3measuring for example from the sound of3the wheel up to the top of the hub I3stopped at the top of the sorry the3center of the wheel to the top of the3the arch that would be 552 millimeters3would be the the standard height and at3the rear of is 600 millimeters hundred3point flight roughly so I think gives3you the information you need now my nose3for example of Mazda bt-50 all the3information sitting up there so I'll3show you that up on the on the screen3here now as well3you'll actually see that only the master3information sitting there as well they3are pretty much identical to the Ford3Ranger 552 and 600 millimeters for the3rear Fortitude front3600 for the rear and you also need to3know the the wheel track so it's a3little different actually I notice the3Ford Ranger has a wheel track at 15603and the wheel track of a Mazda bt-503this is a Trump on heel up your model of3this one 2012 okay so this might have3changed this is the 2012 one I've got3sitting here it says 1519 millimeter so3it's a little bit wider so you could go3another 50 millimeters total okay so3it's 25 millimeters either size and3maximum you could go it up pretty much3on those vehicles there as well so you3need to look at what the maximum size3are tire that your vehicle have can have3from the manufacturer and so some people3will find that in their manuals other3people will find it on the inside of3your door frame so I should show you a3picture of what looks like an afford3Ranger and you'll see some details and3I'll show of the maximum tire sizes so3maximum tire size that I have on my3vehicles of 265 sixty eighteen and so3what you would do with that information3is you go to tie size com4 / theis tire3- sighs - calculator put that3information in at the top then you put3your other tire and down on down beneath3it so my other two those tires are 275365 18s and so when you hit calculate3you'll see it'll bring up the one area3and it'll say that the tire size of the3smaller tire is 775 millimeters and the3tight size of the larger tire is 8153millimeters so that gives you a3difference of 40 millimeters now because3the essentially you're only looking at3the bottom half that's the part of3section lifting the vehicle the bottom3half is only half that so that's going3to be hard for your 40 millimeters which3is 20 millimeters so in my situation3what I would do is I would add that 203millimeters to the lift as well and that3would give me my total height okay guys4so I hope that's helped you out a little4bit and things you want to looking at4out for some other things on this4document as well as vehicle defect4checklist as well which might be4interesting for some of you guys as well4that4checking for extend shackles as well4does the vehicle have an unequal lift4perhaps you know so it has the front4payment is more than the read maybe4that's I don't know if that's illegal or4not a good question something you might4want to double check on is muffler not4fitted that's a good one leave you guys4with DPS and you pull them off mmm don't4know front windscreen is it tinted no4that's interesting okay4don't know why you tint that but some4people wouldn't like to go and hit the4front window maybe and this is the one4that I pointed before it says tire4diameter will lift tire diameter 504millimeters or lift more than 254millimeters so it says here you cannot4have more than 50 millimeter diameter4increase which is which is essentially4or a 25 millimeter tweye left whichever4occurs first and they love to look for4mod plates and for LS nine hours 10 or4any other approvals as well so I hope4that helped you out guys I'll show you4some of my calculations at the top of4the screen there on how you would work4it out when I looked at my vehicle I4actually had a lift in my vehicle when I4originally purchased it and I had it for4about a year and a half now and I've4noticed actually that's sank and it's4pretty much back in factory settings so4it hasn't so the the 2 inch lift I got4which I thought I got no it isn't to4each lift it's pretty much nothing I4think in one spot it might be a couple4of millimeters higher but that's about4it4so pretty much I should be safe my toys4on there4and that will meet the requirements so4long as you're within those guidelines4you should be fine guys as always the4main go check with the professionals ask4them I'm just a guy here trying to find4out the information for myself and I4thought I'd share what I found with you4guys you may find it to be useful4perhaps and I hope this has helped you4out all right guys talk to you later

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