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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Court Trustee Jocogov Form Online

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The Definite Guide to Court Trustee Jocogov Form

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you know the first courthouse in Johnson.County was built in 1891 and is kind of.ironic get lasted for 61 years and the.second courthouse was built in nineteen.fifty-two and that's part of the.structure that we still deal with today.there have been some major renovations.since 1950 to the last one was in 1975.prior to 75 the fourth and fifth floors.of the courthouse were used as the.county jail so you had all kinds of.infrastructure waste water piping of all.kinds to support that jail operation and.after the 1975 renovation the jail was.moved across the street to what we now.call the Olathe detention center but for.some reason all that piping was left and.we continue to have issues with it today.a couple of the jury rooms have bug.zappers I would call them to keep the.flies out and other places around the.courthouse you'll see the old flypaper.hanging and as the building gets older.and those pipes continue to deteriorate.it's not going to be a pleasant.situation so what we're at the day and.one of the major issues that that has.been discussed for some time and is of a.concern is really the public safety.aspect not getting into the courthouse.it's after you get into the courthouse.because prisoners victims jurors as well.as defendants out on bail all have to.use the same hallway in order to move.throughout the courthouse so you could.be setting we're standing and here comes.a string of prisoners down the hallway.being escorted by sheriff's deputies but.still that's an opportunity for things-.to happen and you saw the comment from.the from the young lady who had to stand.outside the courtroom waiting on.appearance and here comes her attacker.moving down the hallway that I don't.care what your situation is that cannot.be a good situation even in some of the.courtrooms the district attorney tells.me that if you happen to be sitting at.the end of the jury box you can almost.reach out and touch the person whose.life you're making a judgment about and.the simple reason here's a circulation.of the existing courthouse the yellow.represents the public hallways and the.pink represents the courtrooms so you.can't you can't avoid it has to occur.that all of those interest mingle in the.public hallways and you all know this as.well as I you know it's not only.criminal activities that occur in the.courtrooms it's adoptions its divorces.it's marriage certificates all of those.activities including juveniles and.children in need all of those.individuals have to use the same public.hallway as as the prisoners as well as a.defendant's here's the proposed site.plan area number one which is just.across the street in west immediately.west of olathe City Hall is where the.new courthouse building is proposed to.be built area number two is where the.existing courthouse set and it would be.torn down and that would become public.space or future parking space so to put.that in perspective area number three is.the Olathe courthouse excuse me the.Olathe city hall so the new courthouse.would just be immediately west of the.Olathe City Hall we anticipate the new.courthouse would be a nine-story.structure and the top six floors would.be four courtrooms one level would be.for the district attorney's operation.another level would be for the court.trustee and all the administrative.functions that need to be carried on and.the ground level would be an expanded.security entrance as well as rooms and.locations for jurors the jury jury pools.together in receive instruction and.on call as needed there would be.underground parking for at least 40 plus.vehicles that would be secure parking.for the judges district attorney police.officers other court employees currently.there is a tunnel from the Olathe.detention center under Kansas Avenue to.the courthouse that tunnel would be.extended north under Santa Fe to the new.courthouse and so that lower level would.have holding areas for the prisoners as.they're escorted through the tunnels and.on their way to court a new courthouse.is expected to cost 182 million dollars.and it would we would be able to address.all the concerns that we now face with.the existing courthouse and it would be.built for an expected life of at least.75 years some of the issues I've already.talked about the security in the.hallways we also have some significant a.DA accessibility issues and we just.completed the study which said we needed.to have at least six of the 23.courtrooms fully compliant with a DA.requirements that would be for each one.courtroom in each docket now in order to.do that we would have to expand those.courtrooms because they're too small to.take care of all the ramps etc so in.that process we would lose four of the.existing courtrooms so we would have to.build another structure containing at.least four or more courtrooms in.addition to paying for the a DA and.that's one issue that kind of gets mixed.up so to add on an additional four story.building for additional courtrooms is.about an 80 million dollar number and to.do the other work in the existing.building is about 50 to 60 million so.you could easily spend in excess of 110.120 million on a 65 year old building.which doesn't make a lot of sense.accessibility technology I think only.three of the 23 courtroom.have anything close to what one would.call 21st century technology so those.are all the issues that we could address.in a new structure here's a potential.layout of a new structure again the.yellow is the public hallways the light.blue would be the judge's chambers and.other administrative chambers the pink.again still the courtrooms but if you.look closely between the pink areas.there's a green area those would be.secure elevators which would come from.the basement up to whatever for to.transport the prisoners to court there.would also be secure holding areas at.each level so a prisoner would be.escorted through the tunnels to the.basement up the secure elevator to the.secure holding area and would only come.in contact with the public when they.enter the courtroom and so that that.puts everybody in a much much safer.position the other issue that we looked.at was you know what if we don't build a.new courthouse what kind of numbers what.kind of expense are we looking at to to.renovate we can spend some money on the.accessibility but it would not it would.meet minimal compliance and if we did.that we would have to build another.four-story structure for the courtrooms.that we will lose in that accessibility.renovation as well as trying to come up.trying to meet the 28 total courtrooms.that we project we need you can't change.the layout of the public hallways by.renovating the current building that's.the way it is so you could spend 100 or.150 million dollars and you still got.the issue of Public Safety in the.hallways so that's that's kind of the.difference it's estimated a renovation.would cost about 216 million dollars for.the existing building and now you've got.a building that 75 80 years old versus.182 million for a new building which.would last 75 years the corners facility.I the.corners operation is part of the.Sheriff's Department never really.understood completely the corners.operation state statute says each county.must provide a County corner well we've.never had at dr. Prosser who's the.county coroner indicated we've never had.our own corner facility and this is the.one that we've used for several years.it's a private facility in Wyandotte.County it's a metal shed that's what it.is and the district attorney tells me.you go into it it's a large open area.like a big metal shed or a big garage.and that's where the autopsies are.conducted it's privately owned we have.to pay to use it we do about 250.autopsies a year and in 2015 we paid two.hundred and eighty-three thousand.dollars in fees plus this facility is.not equipped with up-to-date the.up-to-date technology you need and for.toxicology and trace evidence we have to.send that out to a private lab in st..Louis which we spent another fifty four.thousand dollars just for that most.people when you think about the corners.facility you think about criminal.activities and yes that's part of it and.in those criminal investigations where.death is involved you need to determine.what the cause of death is but many many.activities of the corner facility.involve unattended death or a passing.were which was unexpected and so in.order a family I might have a family.member who died unexpectedly or who had.an unattended death and the family wants.to know what caused it whether there was.a health issue something the family.should be aware of or there might be a.vehicular homicide and for civil.litigation there needs to be a cause of.death determined by the corners facility.so there are a lot of reasons why.autopsies must occur elder abuse is.another one we just had a study.presented that for a.our size we are not doing enough.autopsies and what might appear to be a.natural passing of an elder could easily.be some kind of elder abuse or caused by.neglect so those are the kind of issues.that we can identify if we had our own.facility if we could prioritize how we.use it rather than depending upon.getting in line at a private facility.another issue that the district attorney.tells me is important is that when you.go into this facility there may be four.or five tables that are occupied with.bodies so if I have to go in and.identify a family member there's a room.full of bodies which is not a real.positive environment to to be in the.other thing he points out is that his.staff or police officers or other.investigators in a criminal case may.have to closely observe the corner and.what the corner does so they are.standing right next to the corner as.he's going through his process which.opens up the possibility of.contamination of evidence as well as if.there's an infection issue the observers.could become infected by some kind of.infectious bacteria that that might be.present what needs to be done there.needs to be a a clean room with cameras.above the table and then a secure area.where the officers can observe what work.the corner does and communicate.electronically with the corner as he.does his work and there needs to be.separate viewing rooms for individuals.who come in to identify family members.the corners facility is a 19 million.dollar facility and it would be built.next to the crime lab across the parking.lot from the criminalistics laboratory.out at under-19 and ridgeview area you.have the communication center of the.crime lab and the Public Health.Department all in all in that area.the crime lab and the Public Health.Department would just be across the.parking lot and both of those agencies.would be involved in using the corners.facility you remember a couple of years.ago Northwest Olathe Northwest High.School had a TB situation a young young.student was diagnosed with TB our public.health department did three or four.hundred tests on staff as well as.students that had to be set off to a lab.I assume it was in st. Louis and it was.two or three weeks to getting that.information back fortunately there was.not an epidemic but if there had been.you can imagine in two three four weeks.that epidemic could have spread amongst.many many students with the new crime.lab we can do on the spot immediate.examination of the evidence and that's.important also in in criminal trials so.the 19 million not only includes the.building but includes the new technology.that would be part of the building and.the same way with 182 million for the.courthouse that includes structure as.well as equipment etc financing how.would we finance it well together 182.million and 19 million it's a little.over 200 million we have two options we.can use property tax or we do have the.authority for a quarter cent sales tax.which has to be used for public safety.purposes has to be sun-centered in 10.years so it has to go away in 10 years.rather than using the property tax which.might have to be in place for 20 years.or 25 years we decided that a ten year.quarter cent sales tax would pay for.both of these facilities this has been.challenged but this data comes from data.that the state collects around the state.and evaluates on a quarter cent sales.tax twenty two percent according to that.data is paid by visitors to Johnson.County and if we had to use a property.tax only Johnson County property owners.would pay that tax a quarter cent sales.tax generates 30 million a year in.Johnson County.but the county only receives about.two-thirds of that state law says we.must share thirty-seven percent with the.cities of any County County sales tax so.we would receive about 20 million maybe.19 million a year from that quarter cent.sales tax over a ten-year period of time.and with about two percent growth in.that sales tax we could generate enough.money to pay the bond and interest and.the construction and equipping costs so.what does the quarter cent mean on a.hundred dollar purchase at the grocery.store is an additional 25 cents on that.four hundred dollar TV it's another.dollar and on that one thousand dollar.refrigerator you might have to buy it's.another two dollars and fifty cents one.of the push backs we've received over.the years from an increase in sales tax.and it's legitimate concern is from the.big-ticket items such as vehicles but on.a thirty thousand dollar automobile.purchase an additional quarter of sent.means $75 and I just don't think that.additional 75 dollars in sales tax is.going to be a determining factor as to.whether i buy that vehicle or not here's.information about what the cities would.share the formula that the state set up.for the city share is based on.population and assessed value so the.larger cities over on park Olathe would.receive the larger amount of money and.that's on those are 10-year totals.Olathe would receive about a little with.three million a year overland park a.little over four million a year the.county is required to spend its dollars.on public safety there is no such.requirement for the cities however I.know most of the administrators in those.cities and they're going to use this.money for one-time capital improvement.projects they may have a fire station.may have some other public safety.facility may have stormwater roads.streets that the money will be used for.because you don't want to build your.operating budget on a revenues.it's going to disappear in 10 years.here's a total analysis of what the cost.difference would be between a new or to.renovate the existing facility on the.left is the cost for the new facility on.the on the on the right is the total.cost for continuing renovation as well.as operating and it's interesting to me.that even on the operating side if we.were to renovate the existing courthouse.as as indicated the operating costs.alone would be two to two and a half.million a year more than the operating.costs for a new facility and that has to.do with construction techniques.construction materials you know more.efficient HVAC and heating systems as.well as lighting systems but so over ten.years just to op just on the operating.side you would spend 25 million more if.you had to operate the existing facility.versus a new facility so you put all.those numbers together and I will tell.you in 07 when I saw the first project I.was skeptic that we needed a new.courthouse and we looked at several.different variations of maybe building.you know a 10 or 12 court structure next.to the existing facility we examined all.of those items and for me this is where.my decision came down to it was going to.be cheaper to build a new facility it.was going to cost less money to operate.the new facility and so as I looked.getting value for taxpayer dollars and a.majority of the Commission agreed we.needed to build a new facility and then.have an opportunity for a coroner's.facility you all have probably been in.the courthouse maybe many times if you.haven't we have one more tour is on.November first starts at five o'clock.the district attorney is usually.involved in those terms you can call.that number we also have a website jo.CEO Public Safety org all of this.information is on that web.site and other information so if you.have questions you know please go to.that to that website.

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