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it was on the day of the maid dance the.Tessa's father encountered the parson.who revealed what would better have been.left forgotten Janus encounter a chance.remark yet such thing will determine our.fate now sir.begging your pardon what might be your.meaning and calling me Sir John when.I've explained Jack Durbeyfield dealer.on account of a discovery I made not.some little time ago I thought you might.perhaps new durva feels that you are the.lineal descendant of the ancient and.Knightly family of the d'Urbervilles.well there's my eyes one of the noblest.families in England and shall we ever.come into our own again I mean we'll be.a family mansions and estates our lands.who you haven't any you're extinct as a.County family but it was my whim to tell.you you'll turn around and have a quart.of beer on the strength of it new thank.you with you you've had enough already.[Music].[Applause].lift home because his horse has to rest.today look I will walk another inch with.you if you say jokes about my father my.dear brother I know you think yourself.agnostic but surely you must agree that.Christianity has been and continues to.be the dominant influence on our.civilization yes which is precisely why.so many people are still living in the.dark ages my dear brother.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].angel are you doing climbing climb don't.have a thing with them.no don't suppose we should be seen.oh that would never do go on I'll catch.you up on 5 July the maze a dancer.yes it seems a pity though we're all.your partners there are work so BA soon.so then certainly but what is one among.so many.I'm sure you've got more than that for.answer now pick a partner they can tune.sir.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].will you dance with me touch no me I was.gonna ask I asked her fur I'm not.dancing the time to review and have an.arrest.[Applause].[Music].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Music].look yonder lawn come Navin I'll show.you where come knockin though you've.finished Lana girl must tell you what's.happened anything to do with father.maybe so just show himself with a.carriage this afternoon with Alex.sinking into the ground with shame.because he had something to celebrate.that's why listen to me.we've been found to be the greatest.gentle folk in the old county our family.riches way back before out of the.grundles to iron family on account of a.real name not being Durbeyfield.but durable bill tis thought great.things may come of it.where's father now we all have to be up.when midnight won't be if he's to.deliver the beehives to Casterbridge for.tomorrow.don't you be first in our new test poor.man was so shaken by the Parsons nose.that he went up to run of us to get his.strength up for the journey he went to.rolliver's to get his strength up.through the journey and you agreed.mother I did not agree I've been waiting.for you to get back and keep her so I.can go fetch I'll go.[Music].[Music].[Music].case any member of the government might.be Palestine and I to lose my license.Jackie listen to me I've something to.tell you that's coming to my end of that.grand project that might be thinking.since you learned but there's this great.lady out near trantridge on the edge of.the trace burn a leader brothel relation.and my project is to sell your text to.claimed kinship Joan Durbeyfield better.be careful I should be getting my chess.into trouble this is a fine figure of.fun there is a lady of the name but.nothing beside us junior branch to us.rich no test ought to go to see this.other member of our family might be.enough attended some noble gentleman.wanting to marry the maiden what does.our tests a master yet certainly put her.in the way background.and she won't say nay to go in justice.queer.yeah but she's tractable at bottom.[Music].[Music].someone must go it's late for the.beehives already young fellah brats one.of the moves that came to dance with you.oh no I wouldn't have it for the world.but everyone no way father can make the.journey no boys oh would you test you're.a good girl yes Avram aren't you glad we.can joke about not particularly.well aren't you glad you're gonna marry.a gentleman what now great nation.without you marry a gentleman we have no.such relation what put Dan to your head.are you never talking about it when they.came back to life there's a rich lady a.virus I reach average and lover says you.can kill mother she put you in the wave.marrying a gentleman a B you must have.been dreaming.yes Ephraim how far away the Stars Oh.millions of miles.he's God on the other side of them yes.decide to they say if you got rich you.could buy a giant spyglass and see them.right close I mean if you marry the rich.gentleman.[Applause].your noises plana come on with the.mailbags.best thing for you to do is stay here.and I'll send somebody help you as soon.as I can.[Music].maybe way coming to Prince.[Music].footprint is he come to heaven he has.point it's right that he rests with us.here I couldn't have sold his old body.we could have done that money are we.gonna manage are we gonna make deal.without a horse.Anaka keep his shillings oh prince.served us well in his lifetime i won't.part with him no well yes with the downs.but test never was your final blood.founder are more called for a moment you.must go to mrs. d'Urberville and plane.king and ask for some help in our time.of need there the trade get worked.myself I know you would but Tess you've.tried to get work and found none there.is no work and how are we gonna eat.Dober field you can settle it if you say.she ought to go she will go I don't like.my children going and making themselves.beholden a strange pin head of the.noblest branch in the family well that's.such I want and live up to it no suppose.as I kill dogs they ought to do.something I don't mind going and seeing.her but you must leave it to me about.asking for help.don't think about her making a match for.me it's silly.well well said Tess well who said I had.such a thought I fancy it's in your mind.Tess had never traveled outside her own.village before but having made the long.journey across country to her ancestors.estate she was expecting to find the.ancient d'Urberville mansion but found.instead a newly built house of Britain.[Music].well my beauty what can I do for you I'm.looking for mrs. d'Urberville she's my.mother but I'm afraid you can't see her.she's an invalid may I be of help what.was the business that you wished to see.her about it's not business it's I can.hardly say what.oh no business then pleasure oh no no.tell me sir if I tell you it will seem.so foolish.no matter I like foolish things well my.mother asked me to come I came sir to.tell you that we are of the same family.as you poor relations but our mother.said we ought to make ourselves known to.you as we've lost her horse by bad.accident and are the oldest branch of.the family your name is worn away to.Durbeyfield there are several proofs.that we are durbin I see I amuse you sir.no no your mother was quite right and I.for one do not regret her sending you so.you've come on a friendly visit as well.relations then I must make you welcome.come I'll show you around.no no thank you but no I think I ought.to how did you get here.I took the van to trantridge cross well.it's a while before he returns that way.supposing we walk around the grounds.well past the time I really must think.if I can't do something to help my.mother must find a birth for you for.listen no more nonsense about.d'Urberville he's dead field only you.know it's quite another name I wish for.no better sir.do you like strawberry.is it too warm for you the uncomfortable.fragrance it's delicious.there's some beautiful specimens here.you must take some home with you as many.as you can manage.this is a British Queen it's a real.beauty.no no I'd rather take it with my own.hand nonsense.[Music].boy be queer [ __ ] early June oh the.flowers were given to me.[Music].so you think she could manage the fowl.farm yeah I'm sure she could would you.mind standing in front of me forgive me.don't you feel how embarrassing well she.was under the impression that our.families were related you didn't explain.that we merely adopted the name no no.she'd never have understood she does.it's just I think she'd be shocked to.learn you could just legally annex an.old name she's rather naive but the main.thing is mother that she seems very.capable very she pretty yes she's quite.pretty quite womanly for her yes then I.suppose you'd better go and get.so tess had to abandon any hopes for the.future that she might become a teacher.and instead accepted the role that fate.had decreed for her she do that now you.tell that your mouth I will consider.selling the title tell him I'll take a.thousand pound.well maybe less 100.no say II may have it 20-pound and.that's the lowest family honnor is.family horror goodbye my mate Tess no.mother.[Music].[Music].that's fine aboard.[Music].what about with you then I don't know.exactly.perhaps it would have been best if Tessa.not gone won't you just thought of that.before it is a chance for the maid and.she ought to make her way with him if.she plays her trump card right and if.you don't marry her before he well soon.after her trump card been a double film.blood you mean no stupid her face as to.his mine.go down slow Sarah suppose Y tested.isn't a brave bouncing girl like you.that are such a question I always go.down a fool.[Music].[Music].you need let go of your hold of me so.thankfully the moment you feel yourself.out of danger top put your arms around.my waist again then let me put one kiss.on those home Barry lips or even on that.red new cheek and I'll stop why you're.mighty senseless [ __ ] girl you'll be.late sorry for that unless you let me do.it again and this time no handkerchief.very well sir why you look pretty with.it off and that's at all possible know.what you won't get up here with me no I.should walk but it's five or six miles.yeah I don't care if it's dozens.besides the luggage cart is following.[Applause].mrs d'urberville wants the fowls now.what's the phones oh yeah she likes to.have the fowls brought to her each.morning.[Laughter].you're the young woman come to look.after my birds I hope you'll be kind to.them I believe so now feed her up Peter.ah.yes will whistle whistle yes whistle.tunes.I think return and you'll have to.practice it every day I want you to.whistle to my bull finches as I cannot.see them I like to hear them and we.teach a mare that way mr. d'Urberville.whistle Tooting this morning.[Applause].[Music].[Music].giryu.I cannot resist the sight of you trying.to whistle upon my honor cousin Tess I.have been watching you you panting up.that pretty red mouth of yours too.whistling and clink and flinging and.privately swearing yes yes you did and.not being able to produce a note why you.are quite cross that you can't do it I.swear I'll teach you how to do it oh no.you won't.I don't be silly Tess I'm not going to.touch you okay screwing your lips up too.harshly for whistling oh come on Tess.mother won't be happy with you unless.you can whistle to her birds.[Music].but it's more effective if you shape.your mouth like this I told you.whistling console and one day I'll teach.you every Saturday night the mage of the.slopes repaired to the local market only.for a night of drinking and metal making.for a long time tested now join the.weekly pilgrimage but under pressure.from the others he went along with him.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].why'd he choose to the mere tax based on.Vegas respectable to dance and village.they don't like to everybody sooner.fancy-man are studies that you stay here.as long as they've been explored.coming out soon after this Jake maybe.sites tomorrow Sunday sleep it off in.charge time.[Music].[Music].[Applause].well Matthew what are you doing here I.may ask to see me you I've come to take.you home it's a long walk and there's.always a lot of unreliable characters of.market-day I've only a saddle horse.becoming me now I'll pirate trap thank.you bye trouble you I've said I welcome.my friend Nancy she'll be expecting me.now.very well my princess.[Music].[Applause].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Laughter].[Laughter].don't you meet you.I can only help you any others did you.think you're superior don't you you.think you're better than everyone else.just because you're is the favorite.right now no well I'm worth two of you.no no sure you know I'm not gonna fight.and if I knew what you and your friends.were like I wouldn't have let myself.down by joining you Oh who she thinks.she is.[Music].what the devil's going on here jump up.behind me.stupid cow how the frying pan and into.the fire.where are the oldest wood.[ __ ] I can't see where it'll clear it's.a beautiful night just just enjoy the.ride set me dona moça.walk home we're miles away I don't care.where we are only let me get down please.alright I spank you.I'm not even sure myself quite where we.are oh I'll go and try and find my.bearings come sit here.these leaves aren't damp you.don't worry.I mean Tess your father has a new horse.today somebody gave it to him somebody.you and all the children have new toys.well you're very kind.thank you but I almost wish you had not.why it hampers me.don't you love me just a little bit now.ever so little I'm grateful to you but.I'm afraid I don't.cold wait here.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Applause].[Music].some week later in the early hours of.the morning test packed her van and left.[Music].what do you think you're doing.well the way you've been behaving these.last few weeks I can't claim to be.surprised why are you sneaking off like.this this hour in a Sunday morning with.everyone stood in their bed why are you.going like this you want a prisoner.nobody would have stopped you going but.to climb all this way with that load I.followed like a madman just to drive you.the rest of the way if you won't come.back no but I didn't think you would put.up your luggage let me help you on your.way.why are you crying I was only thinking I.was born well we hope it'll be born.somewhere I wish I'd never been born.there anywhere else if you didn't want.to come to his test then why did you.come it said it wasn't the love of me.that elsewhere it's true they'd gone for.love of you I wouldn't hate myself for.my weakness as I do now my eyes were.blinded by you for a little that was all.ah well that's what all women say the.cart did it never strike through the.what every woman says that women make.field I'm sorry I wounded you I did.wrong and I admit it.these last three weeks you've treated me.like a leper even when I kissed you your.like marble mean if that's the way you.felt then why didn't you leave why don't.you just leave immediately know what I.didn't know what to do look I'm prepared.to pay for the wrong that I've done you.you know you needn't work again you know.you can have any dress you like instead.of that sackcloth you've been wearing.lately I said I will not take anything.from you and I will not I cannot I.should be your creature to accept that.and I won't all right I can say no more.princess I'm a bad fellow I was born bad.I've lived bad and in all probability I.will die back but I will never be bad to.you again Tess you understand if.anything should happen.you understand if if you ever need.anything then you write and you shall.have it by return it's far enough I walk.from here whoa.Tess not gonna turn away like that are.you dumb well the questions sake if you.wish see how you've mastered me you.don't give me your mouth and kiss me.back.you never willingly did that I never.love me I fear said so often it's true.I've never really and truly loved you.and I think I never can yet Tess.won't you come back to me I don't like.to let you go like this no never I made.up my mind as soon as I saw why ought to.have seen sooner then good morning my.four-month cousin.and goodbye.[Music].and you didn't get him to marry you he.didn't ask any woman would have gotten.to ask her after the haps any woman.would accept me no sign of your honoree.and I don't know sure there was a.wedding in the offing what would your.father say face I didn't love him and.you want more be more careful if you.didn't mean to get him to marry you.mother how could I be expected to know I.was a child when I left this house why.didn't you tell me there was danger in.men you didn't help me.I didn't want to frighten you off with.talk like that I feared you might lose.your chance you must make the best of it.I suppose it's his nature after all.God's will.[Music].Tess had run away from her past hoping.to escape it but there was no escape she.was carrying the child.[Music].the seasons turned and the time for.harvesting arrived with its opportunity.for a view narrative of work in the.fields at last tess ended her long.seclusion though even now she felt like.a stranger she had broken the laws of.society but in her feelings of guilt and.distress she believed mistakenly that.she had broken the laws of nature itself.[Music].little thing it's not a well child you.know it's sickly Tessa look after it.she loves that baby why she say that she.wishes it was in the churchyard no poor.girl it's a thousand pities it should.have happened to where of all others.it's always a come list the plain ones.are safest churches a [ __ ].[Music].oh sit this afternoon.he can't breathe properly.they say mate last the night I miss them.for the person no person no person he's.not too fast not now what with the way.things be as they'd be.[Music].yes.wake up.Saro i baptize thee in the name of the.Father and of the Son and of the Holy.Ghost.children see young men.[Music].so will it be the same frame as if you.had baptized him I get you it will be.just the same Christian burial.ah that's another matter another matter.why I must not really I must not then I.don't like you and I'll never come to.church no more don't talk so rashly.if you don't will it be just the same.frame for God's sake don't speak to me.as Saint to sinner but as you yourself.to me myself.[Music].some two years later on a time scented.bird hatching morning in May Tess left.home for the second time the.irresistible universal impulse to find.happiness somewhere had at length.mastered her.[Music].she wanted to walk uprightly to make her.life for you and so she made the long.journey to the valley of the great death.he had never before visited this part of.the country and yet she had the strange.feeling of returning home in fact she.had returned to the ancestral seat of.the d'Urbervilles where once their grand.estates had dominated the landscape.[Music].[Applause].Oh Duke.Teresa Durbeyfield Oh good form Alex.your mother wrote me that's right.oh there was an old woman a knight you.used to live here long dead no I know.remember she told me our family with a.name like yours once ruled these parts.there be faith there be vill something.like that very ancient family over.perished their bones lying Kingsbury.church near here so she said what would.they be your family along with oh oh I.don't know well you traveled a long way.today are you sure you won't have.something to eat or drink.I'd rather begin milking right now if.that's right.well I'll have a drop milk all right you.can swallow it I'm touched a few years.brother stuff go inside me like lad.follow me.[Music].you know try your hand on earth good.good.they're not giving down their milk as.usual today is because I knew Anders.come among us they like separate melody.off but what a fiddle is best what a.fiddle could even quiet a man bull I.knew a fiddler was faced by a bull one.night.snorting and scraping in front of him.then he thought how he'd seen the cattle.near Christmas Eve at dead of night so.he played the nativity him on his fiddle.and lo and behold down when the bull on.his bended knees that's a wonderful.story it takes us back to medieval times.when faith was a living thing.[Music].take it gentle it's not not strength.that does it.so I find I think I finished her no she.made my fingers ache.[Music].[Music].so who is he then.he's a gentleman born seems he studied.sheep farming and now he's learning the.dairy work he plays a concertina you let.him in the Ethan's a man never says much.to us.he's a parson son and too busy with his.own stuff to notice girls whose father.is the Reverend Clare and honest and the.persons who accept our mr Clare what's.his name.angel his name is angel angel Clare I.don't know about ghosts but I do know.our souls can be made to go outside our.violence when we are alive really no.lady lay on the grass and look up with.some big bright star and by fixing your.mind on it you'll soon find that your.hundreds and hundreds of miles away from.your body but you don't seem to want it.all now is a rum thing Christiana right.think all the miles I've covered on.starlit nights and never feel my soul.right so much as an inch above my shirt.color hmm it's only my fancy.having trouble there all right mister.[Applause].[Music].[Music].you look like Demeter standing that.Demeter the Greek goddess of.fruitfulness Oh perhaps not to meet her.perhaps I should call you Artemis the.goddess of purity.call me Tess Tess don't go please you're.not afraid are you no sir but do you.have your indoor fears a yes the milk.turning sour no what then life in.general yes sir so do I very often this.business of being alive is pretty.serious don't you think it is now you.put it that way.oh the same I shouldn't have expected a.young girl like you to say it like that.just yet why is that Comtesse.tell me in confidence.I'll ahead of you you seem to see a.number of tomorrow's on the line one of.those tomorrow's is the day you die they.don't know which it'll be and all of.them seem to be saying beware of me such.horrid fancies but you sir you can raise.up dreams with your music and drive them.all away but they aren't just fancies.tests they're very modern ideas although.the ancient Greeks would have known.exactly moment they were ancient Greeks.I know nothing about all of that.I look at you I sometimes feel as our.paths of trust before do you have I said.something to upset you I thought I had.last night and I see the things you know.about what you've seen and read and.thought and feel what nothing I feel as.if my life has been wasted.I'll test you're wrong quite wrong if.you did want to study something of.history any line of reading I'd only be.to read me some old book only to.discover that there were thousands of.people like you in the past and you're.just repeating their experiences better.not to know.not to know you mean you don't want to.study anything the Sun shines and the.just and the unjust books won't tell me.that it says such bitterness.no you should been in love with him is.he versus I am I saw you kissing his.shade on the wall what did you see her.doing the she did his face fell in the.whoopee I think oh is Huy there's no.harm in it.and if I am in love with him so are you.we can't both never shown any way either.of us why because he likes best.Durbeyfield silly he won't marry us and.he won't marry her either a gentleman's.son who wants to be a landowner in a.farmer abroad he's more likely oneness.his farm ants.I heard him tell mrs. quick be useless.in marrying a fine lady.viii sold families anyway no he said the.sensible thing to do would be to marry a.woman.what could be wrong with the churn why.work to make the bus sir blessed if I.know it sometimes happens that's all.perhaps someone in the house is in love.I've heard that what caused it.why crank that maids we at the Berta.wouldn't come that had nothing to do.with a loving the churn was damaged.thanks to Jack telephone the maids.mother Jack no milk oh yeah.I received a girl like you deceived many.another but he didn't reckon on having a.mother to deal with she marched to pee.with a junk inside the church that they.were huge in those days but then the.mother caming driving the daughter.behind her where is he says she Park.lies face of the poor maple stood by the.door.[Laughter].[Laughter].[Laughter].and nobody is in love not to my.knowledge they.the past came back to haunt s reminding.her of the fragility of her happiness.what was comedy to them was tragedy to.her.I would have expected the river to -.like that and summertime even there any.other alone yes but we'd be too late.[Applause].he's not going to church no I wish he.was you trying to get to church yes it's.getting late.well I'll carry you through every gen of.you it's the only way you'll get that.who's first.[Music].[Laughter].[Applause].I may be able to climb along the bike.perhaps I can climb better than they.notice you must be so tired mr. Kano.I hope I'm not too heavy you should lift.Marian such a lump and Izzie squirming.and shifting in my arms they're both.pretty girls though prissy yes they are.pretty girls.and excellent during a minute yes but.not better than you oh no they skin them.today you know that I've done two parts.of this job just in order to do the.third I didn't expect this today bless.the rains.[Music].he likes you best the very best we can.see is yells you need a kiss you feel.interesting.no you're quite wrong.[Music].Marion is in his mind at all and even if.it was I'd refuse him.so I'd refuse any man would you tell us.it can't be that's all.it's all dream in isn't it.I heard him tell mrs. Craig his family.and looked out some lady for him I know.what she's like some lady.yes his own Bank and as far as marriage.he says he don't get much for her but.she's his family's choice or short.interior.[Music].[Music].I love you.truly.she'll kick over the milk.[Music].why are you crying.hey I don't know.well I've betrayed my feelings test at.last that I love you I need not say but.I see it's upset you I'm as surprised as.you do you feel that I've rushed you.taking too much for granted.I can't.[Music].[Music].at all haven't seen anything a mr..laughs morning nor I use he alright.come back to his family to his family.alright we didn't say goodbye oh wow.he's getting on toward the end of his.time with me he's learnt near all he.needs about the darién so do things.knowing the sort of his future.that's why he's gone to see his family.and there's the lady they have in mind.room.[Music].[Music].mr. Claire gave me start dead darling.Tessa please don't mr. me I rushed back.on account of you I have told my family.that I should soon want to marry and.that my wife must be a woman who can.help me in my farming will you be that.woman Tess.mr. Claire.I cannot be your wife I cannot.do you love me.yes yes.I'd rather be yours than anybody's in.the world but I cannot marry you is are.you engaged to somebody else.no no then why why not I don't want to.marry I haven't thought of I only want.to love you if you want to love me why'd.you blow so hot and cold why did you.keep tantalizing me.I tell you Tess I take you for a flirt.for a city Coquet if I didn't know just.how honest and pure you are if you loved.me why don't you like the idea of being.my wife I can't know am i rushing you.again yes.I didn't expect it think it over.I won't press you.[Music].now Miss flirt before you flee sometimes.since I said my piece and now that I've.seen you in your nightgown you must give.me an answer or I should be forced to.leave this house for your own safety I.must go.mr Clare will you just up it's too early.tell me angel then angel then angel.dearest angel.[Music].I must.[Music].will you ride with me to the station.test your MIDI come on you see back to.work.[Music].London is retrieve the milk at the.breakfast tomorrow yes ladies babies.never even seen a cow.especially Centurions you know anything.about us where we come from or how we.drove two miles just so a treatment I.didn't drive together entirely on.account of this precious Londoners.[Music].my only reason I'm concerned for your.happiness I wish to bury for entirely.selfish reasons angel I want to tell you.I did I was telling my history go and.then your history you were born at.so-and-so.[Music].dancing.form a dance I have met you before yes.at the dance on the green but you.wouldn't dance with me why didn't you.stay and love me when I was 16 and you.danced on the green why didn't you just.what I feel why didn't I stay.why didn't I if I'd only known it was.fate but s fate has brought us together.again what does it matter I I only meant.that I would have had four more years.knowing you I wouldn't have wasted my.time well I don't believe that you have.otherwise you wouldn't be what you are.the most perfect woman I have.I sometimes wish I'd never been born.do you really care for me deeply.yeah.now do you believe yes yes I do.knowing never really doubt it I do love.you with all my heart but I I don't.deserve I don't start saying that you.don't deserve this and you don't deserve.that you really do not know your own.worth Tess forgive me I interrupted your.tale.you were born at marlott Theresa.Durbeyfield yes except I'm not a.Durbeyfield but a d'Urberville a.descendant of the ancient family that we.are nothing now d'Urberville you are a.d'Urberville indeed and is that the.trouble.yes why should I love you any less.knowing that because I heard say that.you hated old families it's true in one.sense I do hate the aristocratic.principle I believe that people should.be valued for what they are not their.lineage but yes you must spell your name.correctly from this day on d'Urberville.angel I would rather not take the name.it may be unlucky then the answer is.simple take my name and escape your own.your secret is out so how can you now.refuse if it's sure to make you very.happy to have me as your wife and you.feel that you do wish to marry me very.very much I mean that you've said it.worked me very much and that you were.hardly able to keep alive without me.whatever I've done it's only that makes.me feel like up to say I will.you will.he will say.[Music].she will be mine forever.yes.[Music].the past would not go away but appear.right there before her in the shape of.her old enemy card ouch feeling tests.and the dread of exposure.[Music].[Music].[Music].why did you promise me what did you.promise me the day you left.mother you make one promise Smith so I.think I would never tell a soul about.your I feel I ought to tell him no.account I feel I owe it to him I didn't.even tell your father everything.no Tess I've left liza-lu looking after.the children but I must get back not.listen to me on no account must you town.men are very proud of their.respectability your father is unlikely.your intended is the same but I'd feel I.was living a lie I must tell him never.never tell it was a long time ago and.not your fault at all why you must.forget it ever happened.on the eve of her wedding Tess listened.to her own heart and made the fateful.decision that she must tell angel.everything about her past and so she.began her confession dearest angel I.have not told you everything about my.past and I must do so before it is too.late when I was still only 16 I went to.work for some relatives of my family and.there there encountered a distant cousin.whose name was Alec Alec d'Urberville.[Music].it's also welcoming so festive well we.thought we'd at least do it up soon as.you didn't want us to invite everyone.and have a big party with fiddles and.veils no we just wanted quiet so this is.a quite a celebration we can think of.thank you thank you both lovely darling.it's very kind of you both thank you.very much you're welcome like a log did.you.[Music].[Music].correct.Tess.[Music].[Music].[Music].thank you so much.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Laughter].goodbye my darlings.I shall remember you always.[Music].I don't like to hear that what's darling.crowing in the afternoon I don't like it.angel tell him to drive on drive on I've.not heard a [ __ ] crow in the afternoon.[Music].[Music].[Applause].[Music].welcome to the ancestral Manor of the.d'Urbervilles.well it was once now it's rent it out.it's ours for the week we had the place.to ourselves as the owners got away.bless it that's one of your ancestors.I'm afraid my dear I don't look anything.like her do i I don't know about that I.think that could be a certain.resemblance angel how dare you.[Music].which fingers in mine in which yours.they're all yours.[Music].my mother wanted you to have these are.they.tez.beautiful you are.do you remember.what we were saying to each other this.morning about confessing our faults yes.I have a confession to make to you did.you have to confess something you didn't.expect it you thought too highly of me.sit down.I wonder if you'll forgive me I'm sure.that I will I hope that you will I.mustn't say that I must tell you first.you notice that I am NOT religious.though I think I may claim to have my.moral beliefs above all I value.simplicity and purity so you can imagine.how I felt when with all my fine.sentiments I myself.briefly I was alone in London studying.and I met a woman a woman some years.older than myself and I spent two days.with her.two days and two nights of.afterwards I was eaten up with remorse.and guilt I I couldn't even speak to the.woman I left and went home it's never.happened again but I felt that I must do.yes.Oh angel I'm almost glad because now you.can forgive me I have not made my.confession remember another one I tried.to tell you this morning okay so you.said you smiled but it may be as serious.as yours and more so it could hardly be.more serious my mother no it can't.can it no it can't be more serious.certainly because it's just the same.when I was still only 16 I went to work.for some relatives of my family and.there encountered a distant cousin.his name's Alec.alec d'urberville.and so she told him her story speaking.the words without flinching and sparing.herself nothing.I was a child a child when it happened.I know nothing of men you were more.sinned against than sinning I admit then.can't you forgive me I do forgive you.but you no longer love me you're not the.woman I loved I thought you loved me.angel me my very self as I loved you.Tess I I sometimes used to feel that you.regarded me more as an intelligence than.as a man and I believe that I in turn.regarded you more as an ideal than a.woman I I saw you as some fresh virginal.daughter of nature the very essence of.womanhood more than as a flesh-and-blood.woman but you are flesh and blood after.all and the irony is that that impulse.that drew you to me is the same impulse.that drew you to that man no my feelings.for him were nothing like those which.drew me to you your feelings for him.what were they I mean that I didn't love.him in the will I understand that I I.believe that but your your feelings for.him you found him attractive well he was.good-looking in a way and he knew that.you found him attractive I can't speak.for him oh come come a man knows when a.woman finds him attractive as a woman.does in Reverse he may have known he.knew I didn't love him.can you say hand on heart that he was.solely singly entirely to blame for what.happened.No.I could never forget those lovers their.faces blind to time and place it's.isolated in their mutual despair.I'm sorry I need to be alone what.but you might to going back to the house.[Music].breakfast is ready.is he living my baby died yes but the.man he's alive.if you cannot love me cannot love me at.all there is a way out for you you can.divorce me how can I divorce you Tess.you.I can't divorce you you don't know the.law you can't I thought that would be a.way out no it's impossible.but I suppose you're not gonna live with.me long how can we live together while.that man lives he being your husband in.nature and not I you must go away from.me yes.but what can you do I can go home oh are.you sure quite sure we ought to part and.we may as well get it passed and done.and you would like to go home.I want to leave you and go home.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Applause].[Music].this should provide few tests all right.team am i right oh yes.by my parents if you are ill or if you.should want for anything at all.Tess I hope that there is no anger.between us I certainly feel no anger.towards you though deep down I feel.I feel what I cannot express and can.hardly end you.[Music].but I could until it was too late what.your father will say I dread to think.Bruce told the whole day knows about the.wedding talk so nothing else is rightful.position through you know you make this.mess of it you stay off this site for a.while.this mean to the doubts of her own.father Tess realized that she could no.longer live at home but so for the third.time she went her own way leaving the.family the money given to her by age.thus this walks on a figure which is.part of the landscape a field woman pure.and simple with no sign of young passion.in her now.a casual laborer on short hirings heads.well sinking ditching her object now is.a winter's work and the winters home on.the winter wind she knows the worst she.has learned too well for her years of.the dust and ashes of things of the.cruelty of lust and the fragility of.love.[Music].as they really come to this test and to.think you'll be a gentleman's wife don't.seem fair that you should be Atkins.weight and lifting stones yes is quite.fair but why do you have to work for.your living when you were mrs. angel.Blair Marion please don't talk about it.please all right.but upon my body does a rough life for a.married couple.there I won't say another word about it.I can't leave it off now it is my only.comfort.I don't think he's too fond and husband.to go off and leave you like this he had.to go he was obliged to go to look for a.land well he might have tidied you over.the winter that's a misunderstanding so.where is he then.Oh east west he didn't go away like some.husbands without telling me family and.have you did once walk to their village.and I saw them I saw them I saw them.outside the church but they they all.look so grand stand in there it couldn't.face them I couldn't go cap in hand but.you're his wife you had every right yes.I am but why do you keep making excuses.for him.I'm not making excuses it doesn't know.how I am.well maybe it's time you told him when.did you last it come in almost a year.Tess I know I'm proud you are but you're.not helping yourself are you by.suffering in silence oh it's too cruel.and it's not even fair to ill at least.write to him hmm.write to him and let him know your.plight.believe me I know for I myself have been.the greatest of sinners I have wanted.Leben with the reckless and the view gay.barony I have seen the like the Lord.spake unto me and and the joy of his.word Alec Alec d'Urberville so I see oh.is that all is that all I deserve I.suppose I look quite ridiculous in your.eyes in this situation just like this.yes yes please wait just for a minute I.don't like the idea of you thinking me.ridiculous.you know my mother died No.I'm sorry I'm sorry too more sorry than.I imagined because as you know I.couldn't stand the old woman after her.death I went up north for a couple of.years I got involved with a group of.Methodists don't laugh I was ready for.change they were kind gentle people and.they helped me reclaim my faith you.don't believe me I don't believe in.these sudden conversions these flashes.of faith they have no depth no.permanence testin look at me like that.I'll weaken I'm sorry yes I must go back.my people are waiting I must see you.again and here you you speak with more.eloquence than I remember.I've learnt things in my troubles.troubles I knew nothing about it why.didn't you write hmm.when you knew you were carrying a child.I would have helped you you know that.and maybe but I had the child money.survived dare you say that my child.wanted for nothing neither material.things nor love but nobody could have.saved I fathered a child it died before.I knew of his existence was it a boy a.girl tell me was it snow I need to know.what to say doc from journey again ever.[Music].ah he's a man to save us poor women fine.good day sir.Tess I want to speak oh you not come.near me yes but I have good reason Tess.it breaks my heart to see you slaving.away like this especially when I know.the blame is mine I cannot undo it this.but I can try to make amends I've.obtained this it's a marriage license No.I don't want you to think that I'm.asking for your hand simply out of duty.in this case duty follows desire the.truth is that I love you I've loved you.ever since we first met.you know I feel nothing for you you have.every right to feel bitterness towards.me but give him time when I learned you.never how can you be so sure I love.somebody else somebody else yes it may.not last it may be a passing fancy how.do you know you must tell me all right.then I've married him married Oh.who is he does he work here here I.should think not.who then please stop questioning me it's.none of your business.remember we're strangers now Oh.strangers are we you and I strangers.all right then what did he just tell me.who your husband is then maybe I can.help you and him where is he he's far.away far away far away from you.what's her husband is he don't speak.against him it was because of you he.found out I see that's a death yes but.to leave you here to work like this.doesn't know about it.he doesn't know how I live it's my own.choice what does he write I've said all.I'm gonna say that means he doesn't.listen Tess you're deserted why don't.please don't go away for the sake of me.and my husband believe me I didn't mean.look if you won't marry me or can't then.I want you to give up this awful work.get out of this hellhole I want you to.come and live with me.Tess my carriage is waiting and it's.mine darling not his you know the rest.come with me come with me now and leave.that mule would you call your husband.forever but remember my fine lady I was.master of you once I'll be master of you.again if you're any man's wife your mind.[Music].[Music].[Music].Tess was exhausted in body yet her mind.would not rest anniversary's crowded in.on her it was four years since that.night in the forest with Alec three.years since her baby sorrow died and the.years as a wedding an Angels departure.he come back when would she see him.again.[Music].you will get a quarter of extending like.I just don't look so pale then so the.pocket of like you're gonna drop down.dead come on.I'm here again as you see why do you.trouble me so I trouble you.I might ask why you trouble me sure I.don't trouble you.I'll never mind I'm here again as in the.old days neveress they're different now.the difference is that you are in a bad.way neglected by one who ought to.cherish you wait.I've more to say I can't I must go down.eh I've been to see your mother my.mother how is she she's poorly I'm.afraid I didn't know she asked where you.were I think she'd like to see you.Oh God.Tess I know you have every reason to be.mistrustful of me but in this at least.please trust me I want to help you I.have enough and more than enough to make.you all comfortable you your parents.your brothers and sisters I don't.mention my brothers and sisters if you.want to help your poor relations God.knows they need it do it without telling.me all I'm asking is that you have.confidence in me.but I can't I won't take anything from.you.not to them nor for me.[Music].my dear husband.let me call you so even if it makes you.angry.I must cry to you in my trouble I have.no one else.once we exposed to temptation angel I.feared to say what is my do not like to.write about it at all but I cling to you.in a way you cannot think can you not.come to me now at once I need you.desperately come to me come to me and.save me from threatens me.[Music].mutters I was led to believe I was but I.know I've had some bad days of Labor it.doesn't over this country women tonight.we just get on with it don't be why are.you doing the washing they deserve.well I was in bed all day no one it came.time to sleep I woke up catching up I've.been on top TV and father oh he's all.right.especially now he's got some mail money.in his pocket Tessie wouldn't take money.from anyone else but he accepted it from.mr. d'Urberville Cena's easy relation.mother it's very kind of him I'm sure.but we can manage can't we a work the.allotment we had to eat the seed.potatoes was it so bad.children ought to eat won't we you.always do.John I have a project could change our.lives entirely taken up sending around.of all the old antiquarians in these.parts tellin who there is living among.them and them knowing nothing about him.why and there was having to change our.lives they spend a lot of money digging.up old bones and maintaining old ruins.now if they only know about me I'm sure.they think it proper thing to maintain.me as a living old ruin.[Laughter].[Music].come on you'll ruin doc we should be.summons for this so it's true then.they're throwing you out because because.of me miss where's Tess I can help I I.cannot feel comfortable you're out we've.already taken rooms at Kings and what.are you gonna do there.wait that's saint of a husband of yours.who's never coming back.[Music].why have you treated me so monstrously.angel I do not deserve it I have thought.it all over carefully and I can never.never forgive you you know that I did.not intend to wronged you why have you.so wronged me you are cruel cruel indeed.I will try to forget you.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].I.[Music].mr. kair.[Music].she finished here a couple of months ago.she went home because her mother was.poorly she went home.oh she said she was going home I've.written to her home and received no.reply Marianne I I wrote and told her.that I was back and that I wanted to see.her as soon as possible but I had no.reply do you think perhaps she doesn't.want to see me well that surprised you.no no we're not.what's it been like working here on the.farm.horrible hard horrible work.nice little perhaps she'd ask my family.for help but apparently she never did.did you really think she would I hoped.she would.Marian was she angry with me was she.bitter she never talked about you I.don't know if that doesn't hurt even.more.Marian tell me honestly.do you think she would prefer it if I.left her alone only Tess can tell you.what she feels what do you think me I.think.I think you should at least give her the.opportunity to tell you herself.[Music].I'm angel Clare you'll be good and stay.quiet please.I must see Tess I must talk to her all.right she's my wife.we thought you'd forgotten I'm sorry I I.deserve that.please tell me is she here.no when will she be home is she well she.ought to though I admit it.where is she staying I don't exactly.know where she's staying.she was she was where well mrs..Durbeyfield you give me the impression.that tests wouldn't want me to try and.find her if that is I don't think she.does.are you sure I'm sure she does not the.letter she wrote not the last one.admittedly but to not want to see me or.even talk to me I can't believe that I.can't believe had I I am sure she would.want to see me I know her better than.you that is very likely sir I've never.really known Oh mrs. Durbeyfield please.I beg you give me her address.I don't exactly have her to tell me.where she is I bet you she's at Sanborn.it's a big place I don't know any more.particularly than I've said for myself I.was never there thank you do you want.for anything mrs. Devin field no sir.we were fairly well provided for.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].good morning I'm looking for Teresa.d'Urberville mrs. d'Urberville yes will.you kindly tell her that the relative is.very anxious to see her it's rather.early I just served breakfast.she'll understand.angel is my Christian right take a seat.sir.sorry to disturb you so early ma'am but.there's a gentleman anxious to see you a.relative a relative by the name of angel.thank you I'll come down it's nothing I.won't be a moment.eat your breakfast.Tess.can you forgive me for going away can't.you come to me.how'd you get to be like this it is too.late.Tess I was wrong I was wrong to think.that I didn't see you as you were but.since then I've learned how wrong I was.and I've come to test my love.too late don't angel.you mustn't come close to me keep away.alright alright but I have to talk to.you I have to explain I traveled I went.to Brazil and worked on the land there.but I I fell ill very ill and I.I have no excuses I hate myself for what.I said and did but I at least would have.got back sooner if I hadn't been in.hospital I had plenty of time to think.there and I thought of nothing but you.you Tess my dear wife.no tears please if I could undo all that.has happened I would but can't you.forgive me can't you love me like you.once did I I don't believe that your.love could have changed no more than.mine could've.I want you to come with me I want you to.meet my mother and father I told them.that I was coming here to fetch you and.they want to see you they want to.welcome you.too late.don't you know know what Tess.you don't do you.it how is it you're here if you don't.know well I I've looked for you.everywhere.and then you someone told me that you.were at Sanborn and I managed to trace.you here why do you say I waited and.waited for you and you didn't come and I.wrote to you but you didn't come he kept.saying that you would never come that I.was a foolish woman he was very kind to.me to mother to all of us after father's.death Tess what are you trying to tell.me I don't understand he has won me back.to him.he's.he's upstairs I hate him though because.he told me a lie that you would not come.again and you have come.these clothes are what he's put on me.and I didn't care why he did with me.angel.please go away I never come anymore.uh that's my fault.it is all my fault.what's the matter he came back he came.back and I didn't know I didn't know.what you didn't know what you said he'd.never come back.you laughed at me you said you knew what.remember like he'd never come back.because he'd never be able to forgive.and I believed I believed I know he's.gone my dear husband he came back when.where now the second time Oh forever I.[Music].didn't believe he would I swear and I am.lost him again because of you yes you.lost him years ago when you first told.him the truth he abandoned you then I.wouldn't have done that no matter what.you told me and he wouldn't he ever.truly loved you who loved me he loves me.still came back then why has he gone.again my sin my test you rejected me a.hundred times and it never altered what.I fell for you because I loved you.that's all that mattered I offered you.everything that I had to offer my soul.my life everything will kill him not.kill me you've turned my life to pieces.you've made me be you made me be what I.prayed you not to make me be again.you used your wealth to get your way you.knew I never loved you but you exploited.my family you exploited your relations.so my relations.my people are not d'Urbervilles we only.adopted the name no dirt with us.no Stokes my name is Stokes I helped.your family for your sake because I.loved you I would have done anything for.you.not d'Urbervilles not that it was all.lies from the very start deceit and lies.you have destroyed me you're destroying.[Music].your own truth it's a spinebuster.[Music].[Music].angel.I've killed him.what I have done it I can never come.between us anymore can you forgive my.sin against you no I have killed him I.thought you would be sure to forgive me.now I have done it.say love me.say you love me now I have killed him.portes I love you I do love you what are.you saying what do you mean by saying.I've killed him.I mean that I have what.you mean literally.yeah you mean he's dead I thought it was.the one way I might get you.does anyone else know no I left him in.the room.his mind in turmoil angel could think.only of the need to protect this to.remove her from the vicinity of the.guest house before the alarm was sounded.and so they hastened away from the.promenade away from the town avoiding.high roads and following obscure paths.with the vague notion that they might.find somewhere to hide until they had.been forgotten.it's all shuts up the grass growing on.the dry some of the windows are open.just to add the rumors I suppose.that's probably the caretaker visiting a.phony to keep the place ventilated I.have to keep quiet just in case.they must be famished.I suppose what to go and try and find us.some food.[Music].[Music].angel angel angel.angel oh hey he was sleeping so deeply I.didn't want to wake you.I've been to a farm a couple of miles.from here to get us some food must be.hungry by now I'm starving.what are you thinking.I worry that what you think of me now.may not last I don't wish to outlive.your present feeling for me I'd rather.be dead and buried when the time comes.for you to despise me so that I'll never.know you despised me I couldn't ever.despise you.I hope that's true but I.I have killed a man I have ended a life.I have formerly couldn't bear to hurt a.fly or a Wharram the sight of a bird in.the cage Osteen used to make me cry I.know now I'm guilty you're guilty of.nothing.he did love me angel did him yes in his.way in the way his nature loved in that.way.I know he's dead and I'm guilty of Tears.you are guilty of nothing if anyone is.guilty I am.somebody's here let's leave at once oh.happy house if only we could have stayed.in don't keep saying it Tess we'll be.out of this district altogether see.we'll head to the north nobody'll think.of looking for a sir.they do look for us a Tory will be at.the southern ports and when we get to.the north my head straight for a port.and away.[Music].I love it here.being with you has been such happiness.that now it's so solemn and lonely with.nothing but the sky above our heads it.seems as if there were no people in the.world but we do I wish so we're not rest.here until it gets a little lighter.you won't leave me.never I'll never leave you.even after our life done whatever you.have done or not done my love I will.never leave you and I will protect you.with every means in my power.did they sacrifice to God here No.who to.I believe to the Sun that lofty stone.set away over there is in the direction.of the Sun which will soon rise behind.it.you used to talk so much about your loss.of faith angel tell me now do you think.we shall meet again after we're dead.angel I fear that means no and I wanted.to see you again so much so much.what not even you and I angel we love.each other so well.[Music].what is it angel have they come for me.they have come.it's as it should be I'm almost glad.this happiness could not have lasted.I've had enough and now I shall not live.for you to despise me.[Music].[Music].I'm ready.[Music].[Applause].justice was done mankind in time-honored.way had finished its sport with this.you.

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mobile phones are the most effective electronic devices used these days. You must be interested in using e-signature from this most used electronic device.

Also, with eSignature capability on your mobile phone, you can e-sign your document anytime, anywhere, away from your laptop or desktop. You can make use of CocoSign electronic signature on your phones by following these instructions:

  1. Navigate to the CocoSign website from your mobile browser. Login to your CocoSign account or sign up with us if you don't have registered before.
  2. Select the document you need to e-sign from your mobile folder.
  3. Open the document and click the page where you want to put the electronic signatures.
  4. Press 'My Signatures'.
  5. Design your electronic signature and place it to the page.
  6. Press 'Done'.
  7. Load the document or directly share through email.

That's it. You will be done signing your To Review Tess's Completed Form 8949 And Schedule D IRS gov Apps Irs on your phones within minutes. With CocoSign's remote signature software, you no longer need to worry about the security of your electronic signatures and use our application of your choice.

How to create an e-signature for the To Review Tess's Completed Form 8949 And Schedule D IRS gov Apps Irs on iOS?

Many softwares have a harder setup when you start using them on an iOS device like the iPhone or iPad. However, you can insert esignature on the doc simply with CocoSign, either using the iOS or Android operating system.

Below steps will help you to e-sign your To Review Tess's Completed Form 8949 And Schedule D IRS gov Apps Irs from your iPad or iPhone:

  1. Place the CocoSign application on your iOS device.
  2. Design your CocoSign account or login if you have a previous one.
  3. You can also sign in through Google and Facebook.
  4. From your internal storage, select the document you need to e-sign.
  5. Open the document and click the section you want to put your signatures.
  6. Design your electronic signatures and save them in your desired folder.
  7. Save the changes and email your To Review Tess's Completed Form 8949 And Schedule D IRS gov Apps Irs.
  8. You can also share it to other people or upload it to the cloud for future use.

Select CocoSign electronic signature solutions and enjoy flexible working on your iOS devices.

How to create an electronic signature for the To Review Tess's Completed Form 8949 And Schedule D IRS gov Apps Irs on Android?

In recent, Android gadgets are popular used. Therefore, to make convenience to its customers, CocoSign has developed the application for Android users. You can use the following steps to e-sign your To Review Tess's Completed Form 8949 And Schedule D IRS gov Apps Irs from Android:

  1. Place the CocoSign app from Google Play Store.
  2. Login to your CocoSign account from your device or signup if you have not been pre-registered.
  3. Press on the '+' option and add the document in which you want to put your electronic signatures.
  4. Go for the area you want to put your signatures.
  5. Design your e-signature in another pop-up window.
  6. Place it on the page and press '✓'.
  7. Save changes and email the file.
  8. You can also share this signed To Review Tess's Completed Form 8949 And Schedule D IRS gov Apps Irs with other people or upload it on the cloud.

CocoSign assists you to to design a lot electronic signatures whenever. Connect with us now to automate your document signing.

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