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Roomer Landlord Form Inquiry Instruction

right now before we let people log on.schleich tell me real fast how was your.day today my friend.oh it was long and hot uh fixing some.floors.doing some hvac service calls normal.normal day.tell me about the subfloors for my.round-uppers that may not understand.that terminology.uh basically a hundred and.something-year-old house it's the.portion that your carpet or laminate.flooring goes on.um that kind of supports your structure.where you yeah exactly where you walk.um this one so happened to have that.rotten.and all the joists underneath it rotten.and it's just turned into a big.nightmare.was that a rental property or was that.uh something you're going to sail.south yeah well i don't we don't usually.sell very often this year is a little.bit different just because uh.prices kind of shot through the roof but.now it's definitely going to be our.first vacation rental.oh here in hampton uh yeah it's over i.bought row so the floor is 100.now i don't i'm scared of 100 year old.houses.mark tell me you don't mind doing that.stuff i'm presuming.oh i i mind doing it yes i absolutely.mind doing it.it's never a good day between that and.trees i'm just never a fan.um but no it's something that i will do.i mean we already owned the building um.hopefully the ends justify the means of.all the hard work of me.and obviously my amazing crew of guys.that work with me.um but no don't don't prefer.to do that um okay all right do you hear.me any better now i had the wrong.microphone on oh.you did tremendously oh my god sorry.mark.that's okay.i'm not buddy my mind i'm like you.shouldn't hear me.banging now i don't round it okay all.right.round up family thank you for joining us.tonight i have chased down as i do.i'm just a street reporter i'm a street.reporter i'm looking for value to bring.to you.tonight i've got a friend that we go.back to what two thousand and.six six six seven right in there.that's crazy mark long time huh.a long time good old good old the first.flip i ever did actually on bickford yep.really yeah absolutely so.i guess uh maybe i could get a referral.from you as we're live here.maybe i'm an okay guy yeah i can i can.vouch for you a little bit.okay round up this is chris haskins my.mission and ministries to raise your.financial literacy through.real estate investing in.entrepreneurship.doing that i get to bring you the people.that have affected me over time.mark and i have done uh we have done.partnerships in the past.i've seen him come and go he has uh 70.section 8 rentals so that's what we're.going to be talking about tonight.and as we're talking i i have to put a.shameless plug in tomorrow at noon it's.going to be.friday 12 o'clock come on back here for.the release of the landlord's guide to.section 8 housing i will be releasing it.tomorrow.friday september the 4th.the landlord's guide to section 8.housing roundup thank you so much for.supporting my mission.it is an honor to be able to bring this.to you you have no idea how hard this.has been with a crying baby in the house.it's no joke it's no joke marcus you're.martin your new father too that new baby.yep eight months today nice.congratulations.roundup we're gonna get to it so if.you're interested in learning more about.this landlord's guide.the link is in the video description as.mark and i go back and forth.probably for the next 40 minutes it's.going to go by this like very quickly.make sure you get your questions.answered put them in the chat box for.mark.as we talk about the section 8 thing.mark give us a back story of what.how how you kind of built your uh real.estate empire how did.you how did you get to real estate too.oh okay well i mean uh.sure i owned my first property i want to.say even before i moved to virginia back.in.2013 bought it as a second home.even though it was my first one um.[Music].mortgaged them worked hard and then just.slowly but surely kept.compounding the interest and living like.i was broke.and putting the sweat equity in and.below your means.oh still to this day i still one of my.favorite games is.with like i'm poor um.it works and the compound interest of it.just kind of accumulating accumulating.um having good contacts good.relationships.just kept growing it and growing it and.then it became a monster.nice nice so these seven now what.i want to talk i want to stay here for a.minute in the framework because i live.way below my means mark you know i mean.so i want to just.where did you get that philosophy that.lifestyle from mark.now a lot of different places a lot of.influences.um i shoot my my dad.big time though my grandma dorothy when.uh i was young.she was always lived by the mentality of.being very frugal.um hers was almost a sickness where.actually when she passed years ago we.found some i think it was 14 year olds.frozen something another in her freezer.that we couldn't tell if it was actually.meat or chocolate.um so i don't go to that extent of being.frugal but.i mean it just kind of made sense when.i'm thinking about it i mean.the more money i don't spend the more.money i'll have to reinvest into real.estate or equipment or other businesses.and.again i like the whole game of putting.my money out there and kind of.see what i can do it sounds like you.live by the mantra of.invest first and spend what's left as.opposed to.spending and investing what's left mark.um yes but.uh there's never really any left it's.just a problem that.i start running into so after you're.investing.you're so you're it sounds like you're a.long-haul guy i mean when you invest.go ahead i'll let you know yeah no no it.was definitely a.long haul back in the day yeah i mean i.put every every cent i had into.trying to achieve the dream um.it's changed a little bit now that i'm.further along in the whole.real estate game but um it used to be.like 99.9.of every disposable income went back.into real estate and now it's.it's not that aggressive well mark.that's the same for me.my life didn't change until i started.understanding that the dollars that come.in need to be allocated somewhere or i.will spend them.but i don't think we're born like that.mark what can you drop on my round.uppers.before we get into the 70 section 8.units because that that's a that's a.i think that's a muscle that is learned.it is it's an extreme.it ain't fun no it's don't feel good and.i.i i try preaching this to people i know.even friends family.um it's something that you actually have.to make a mental conscious decision.to do and once you make that decision.you have to be.honest with yourself and look at.yourself.hey am i taking my own advice here i.know what i'm supposed to do am i doing.it.and just keep building that muscle then.it does become second nature where i.now i i have trouble even not doing.it yeah exactly it's just it's just.secondary.it's so crazy marcus if one would have.told me that 15 years ago.i would have been like man i don't.believe that crap.you know it's like i don't want to spend.this money but i'm like now it's like.it's hard for me not i'm like when i get.10 grand in i'm like okay where's eight.of it going i don't know i don't.i don't even matter of fact most of it i.don't even want to spend it right.did you work for that money i mean you.worked for that money you made so many.sacrifices back in the day.but now that i mean it's nice that your.investment matured yeah but but what not.what can we do what.what can we make it mature into later.what how big did the street get.wow that is so i think that's i mean i.don't want to minimize that mark i think.that that's something that.that's not taught but.i don't want to minimize that it's not.taught it's not talked about regularly.at dinner.it's no sho shows everybody's talking.about spending.instant gratification where you're.saying and i'm i'm exactly like you i'm.like dude okay soon as it comes in.let's put it on the streets i think.that's like a boss owner move.absolutely i agree and it's.one of my favorite traits about myself.that i also don't like about myself or.other people may not like about me but.if you're going to build something like.i guess i mean we both have.almost in the exact same time frame yeah.you have to have that mentality you have.to really be disciplined.and i know this is all what they say in.all the books but it's facts.and it's a big part of how.i got to where i'm at now yeah say it.mark i mean i'm telling you even if.people know it it's always good to be.reminded from time to time.true true people save your extra money.put it into equipment tools anything to.make you more money.and then in 10 years it it just just.compounds.keeps getting bigger and bigger and then.you'll have lots of tools and lots of.properties and cars and money and.you won't want to spend it on anything.about that though that is the downside.it's still crazy for me and we got i.know roundup i'm i don't want to get too.deep.it was almost like one day i didn't feel.any different but i'm like.we got more passive coming in than we.got.okay all right now what that's that.for you yeah that's a real problem i.mean right now and.i know this is just terrible i really.consider myself in the business to be.you know completely separate entities me.mark i'm broke.i live every day like i'm broke you want.to borrow 10 bucks.i'll see what i can do company on the.other hand i mean the company's doing.good the company's been very.smart over the years a lot of hard work.and the.company has some money what to do with.it is now really.the problem and i guess it's first world.problem or.uh i don't want to say rich person.problem because i just don't even feel.rich to this day.a wealthy problem is it's just a problem.of the business right now what to do.with this excess money that's.not doing anything it's laying around.just paper absolutely.you realize that money is like well my.mentor says money is the l.is the lowest form of to measure success.it's like the bottom right what do you.think about that one.to measure success well yeah i mean to.measure success.i'm talking about well not the low he.says listen.because you can get money right we're.talking about people providing value.philanthropy you know we could go on and.on.uh you know uh church whatever he's just.talking about aaron making making.earning money is like the.very the start oh yeah okay.yeah no i agree with that i mean.i don't know if i'm there yet where i.can say agree with him completely i see.where he's coming from.um.[Music].i see i always have to kind of bring it.back to video games i always use money.as kind of like my score.okay it is the score that's true it is.it's one way of measuring it.um now that i have a child and a family.things i'm starting to think about.things.differently but i guess in the business.world i mean.i don't know you never hear about jeff.bezos's uh.what is it um.[Music].pokemon card collection you hear about i.mean jeff bezos worth 2 800 million.dollars or whatever it is.that's true so i don't know if he was.meaning that more on a philosophical.level or because you get more on a.natural just philosophical.yeah okay philosophical yeah i mean we.can go down that path and.yes that can be argued very well all.right it's cool.so roundup we're going to go real fast i.want to now why.are you such a big proponent of section.8 mark as opposed to doing a bunch of.private pay rental properties.because i paid a very expensive.education in the school of.real estate and uh let's hear about it.i want to hear about it i guess it is.interesting because i mean a lot of.lessons were learned from paying for.them and trial and error i didn't go and.have a whole bunch of uh outside.influences other than just some.you know i mean you would be one of them.one of them.sheila no real direct.influence in the way i thought or the.way i tried to.make my business work.so i mean we have the regular rentals.third party people.regular joshua renting too you started.like that no doubt yeah oh absolutely no.no.that's what i want to hear about i.always had the stigmata of uh.the stigma that's sigma stigma section 8.tenants are going to destroy your.property.i mean that's the number one the number.one thing.i don't think that's any more true than.just a regular.straight pay tenant um.i i think that's not something that you.can necessarily control other than by.screening obviously.um getting i mean you know the gut.intuition.factor of it i didn't made a conscious.decision.after enough of my places were destroyed.what can i actually.control in this real estate game and in.my life.actually i i live live by this a lot.what can i control.in this whole business i can't control.what i mean the more things that you can.control the more things you can push.and hedge your bets make your luck.change.or succeed um i can't control.somebody paying i i can't i don't know.if they're gonna lose yeah i don't i.don't know they're gonna lose their job.next week or if they're gonna make a bad.decision.to go gamble all their money away in.vegas i can't control what they do with.their money.i can control repairing a place.okay so you know what let's take that.out of the equation.let's let the government pay the rent.and then i no longer have to worry about.that part.so let's try it we're good at repairs we.have the infrastructure in place oh.well they didn't really tear up the.place that bad these inspections really.aren't that bad.oh my check's there on the first every.single month don't get me wrong they.have their portion.sometimes you have a little bit of.issues with that but for the majority of.it.most my money is there on the first nice.so that's no longer part of the whole.business model we don't have to worry.about that section of it we have to.worry about passing inspections keeping.the tenants happy.making repairs me and my guys were.fantastic at it no issues.yeah you have such a positive mental.attitude mark where did you get that.from.i mean i haven't seen you lose your cool.you know.i don't want to i'm surprised you have.to have this can't let emotion dictate.any.of my decisions or they're usually going.to end up really bad.stay here for a minute mark for a lot of.my rounduppers.may not understand why i know people see.me in action when i go see the house.i don't smile i have no emotion i'm like.it's just a four walls go ahead it is.literally it's just another.i've been down that road with some of my.own house that i used to live in.getting destroyed in i mean it destroyed.me inside i mean absolutely.it's when you're emotionally attached to.something it really hurts when it's.taken away or it's damaged i.i mean you take it personally when it's.just business there's no more emotion in.it.it makes everything a lot.easier on the mind soul everything it's.just a lot better and i really it's.another one of those whole muscle.things like the uh living like you're.broke i try not to make any decisions.actions based on emotion is just.in in my experience in history they.usually just don't end up very well.matter of factly well i just want people.to know that i think that once again i.think that's a muscle because i remember.i used to be emotional i'm like i gotta.do this.i need i gotta do this deal i don't want.anybody.that's that's a problem that that's a.real emotion that's a real.strong emotion too.once you're able to get past that you.make a lot better smarter deals and you.make more money.and you can do right by the people that.are around you by making good decisions.not based on greed well i didn't say.great i'd say great but.the need to keep feeding the machine i.call it deal itis.do you like it i like that okay.so your section eight stuff i'm.presuming like me uh let me i don't want.to speak for you but.i felt like i went to las vegas every.month mark.before i got into the section 8.department now i want to know about your.life tell me about the transition.what really said you know what that what.for me i'm like i have to do this.i can i will i won't be in business any.longer if i keep doing private pay.what may what took you over the edge.really.well i think it was just a moment of.epiphany when i first started the.section 8 we got a couple of them.uh we started doing more work with the.va and then just figuring out.the section 8 game the nuances obviously.the jurisdictions.definitely that has definitely.definitely made a big difference.finding the right one um.then i would say probably about five.five years ago i'm not sure if there was.anything that just sparked in my head is.something.you know what these small little houses.making the exact same money as these big.houses.they cost a lot less.they take a lot less to turn over you.know what why don't i be a smart guy and.design every single one of them to be.indestructible.for section eight nice something that.i'm still living.but also be able to include utilities.where.i could be smart energy efficient and.that portion that would get credited.towards the utilities for them.i could actually maybe keep and make a.couple extra dollars on.um that's now my new business.model to an extent is i i don't want any.of the house that normal people want i.want i want 600 square foot house i want.a one bit i want a one bedroom house if.you can give me a whole bunch of.one-bedroom houses i'll i'll trade you.the three-bedroom.um just literally my.my kind of niche world of section 8 uh.va.that's usually a single male if it's a.one bedroom or a three bedroom i'm gonna.get paid the exact same amount of rent.so.why not keep the square footage down no.literally every single one of our places.has a list of what's supposed to be in.it.from the light fixtures all being the.integrated led lighting.hot water heaters the mini split um ac.system i mean i can tell you within a.couple of dollars.exactly what their utility bill should.be.yeah so obviously wanting the bottom at.the bottom of the barrel but.the unwanted and turning them into.wanteds has worked out very well for us.that is so cool mark you know i hear i.don't know about you but in my travels i.just hear so many.people that are just so negative to.section 8 and let's just say government.subsidized tenants in general right.then i think that goes a lot to the.jurisdiction as well.i would say garbage in garbage out right.so i mean.we're very lucky where we're located.that are.we we really have really good hud people.i think in some of the more metropolitan.cities people are jaded.the social workers then also get jaded.towards the tenants and it just kind of.just.is an ongoing issue um yeah.and i mean that's why we pulled out of.norfolk and a couple other cities it's.just.it's not worth it usually not.so when i want to just paint this.picture here for me i'm thinking mark.i got a private paid tenant they tear my.place up i got no rent.even if the section 8 tenant tears my.place up at least i got the rent.so i want to say is that where you were.at um.well i as always i always figure they're.going to tear it up either way.at least exactly at least that's the.name of the game is getting the money.now if i can be smarter than them to.limit what they're able to damage.hey i'm ahead of the game but if i.always just went into it assuming.there would be damage and assuming the.worst and preparing for the worst.i'm always going to be happy yeah.because i'm usually.very very rarely the worst if any of my.guys are out there watching.you know what i'm talking about when i.come comes to the worst number five.but it doesn't happen very often nice.good round up if you're just joining us.i gotta make sure i.reintroduce you we're here with mark.schlick he is a landlord in the hampton.roads area friend of mine he's got 70.section 8 rentals and we're going to.continue to talk about his process.get your questions in the chat box if.you missed this live then put your.questions in the.video description below and join our.landlord's guide to section 8 housing.mailing list in the video description as.well mark i want to talk about your.screening process.i want to talk about how you screen.these people that come through your.pipeline.yep um.we're revamping that we have i mean we.have our.strengths and weaknesses and i can't.my property manager could probably speak.better to the actual screening process.um i don't really know okay so you have.a property manager that manages yours.yeah absolutely i mean i'm very very.involved in the day to days but the.actual.meeting with the tents i don't want any.of them to know who i am and i'm the.owner.i'm just i'm just a plumber let's stay.here for more cleaners let's stay there.for a minute.if you like this drink don't you like.that that's a section in my course in.the course.about i'm just the property manager or.i'm just whatever why is that important.for you mark.again it it can take the emotion out of.it you can.so many reasons i friends to hit it hit.it.they're not gonna hit you up i mean hey.i'm late and playing you're harsh.i do have a heart i'm a human if i see.somebody suffering and trying.i'm gonna want to try to help them it's.just in my nature.um this way if i'm just a plumber then i.mean.they're just not gonna even ask me why.would you ever ask the plumber about.your rental.i don't know i go go talk to your.property manager.or it just keeps that level of that.buffer zone.um.yeah i'm glad that's a whole section in.your in your book that really needs to.be addressed.that's a mistake i see a lot of people.make and i'm just i.it's a bad idea i remember when i first.started i'm like.i'm the owner oh yeah i'm like and you.have pride and pride and ownership is.fantastic.until oh come on i'm going to be a.couple days late.or can time maybe you know.take some of this out of my secure.deposit and not pay rent this month.something like.it's a lot harder than avoiding the.morning is definitely a much easier.situation but then if it does come back.around that you're not being asked.face-to-face.face-to-face versus going through an.intermediary.makes things a lot easier for you it.doesn't mean no i mean you're right it.keeps it more business for sure.it takes the emotion out of it right.takes you out of the equation ah.there's like circling back around the.emotion keep the emotion out of it.it's it's probably a good well it is a.good idea.mark says so great idea yeah i'm like it.doesn't need to come up they ask me.something i'm.well for me i'm like look i gotta check.on that.even with places i do i yeah i gotta go.talk to the owner i gotta run this up.the food.so make sure roundup there's an entire.section on this i thought it was so.important because that is a big thing.people will play on your heart.especially when you're a nice guy like.mark.yeah and then at round dippers we didn't.we didn't have a pre.uh pre-meeting about this conversation.this is.i know this is everything's live legit.real.there was no i i don't even know that.was a section in your book but.it's really i would like to say that i'm.successful in real estate.pretty successful other successful.people may see some patterns and some.certain things and.the emotion and being a third party.just just just listen that's that's good.info i wish you told me that when i.started.let me ask you were you uh were you the.owner at the beginning of your career.dealing with these tenants.and tell me tell us about that well.that's exactly why.and this again from just everything i've.learned is through.pure trial and error experience i mean i.used to own a property.over in foxhill a very nice.three-bedroom one-and-a-half bass that i.recently sold this year.um but i had tenants living there that.they knew i was the owner and they just.got away with absolute murder.and man you know it would be a lot.easier if.you just didn't know i was the owner and.that's when all of a sudden llc's.okay let's put everything into an llc.which is obviously good for many reasons.but now i have nothing to do with that.llc you know let's take it a step.further.i'm actually just going to be the repair.guy you know what that way.you're way down there.and it's still true i'm out there and.i'm never too big for going out there.and doing the work i was out snaking the.drain line just.was it yesterday evening good great yeah.and it is terrible it's terrible.i don't want anybody to be like me.necessarily but.yeah definitely still out there in the.field.snickerdoodle drink i don't even want to.get into that with feminine stuff and uh.that's that's the ugly side of uh.section 8 landlording.if that's any landlord people do.so your screening process you would.where you were screening them at the.beginning right i mean you did you.deal with that oh yeah absolutely i mean.i do know our screening process um.section eight has their screen process.where they have their criteria i don't.have it in front of me so i can't quote.it.um no i'm talking about what you look.what you're looking for when you see.people you know people come in like hey.here's my application.well that doesn't even really happen.anymore we just get all of.we get notified from the there's a.waiting list to get in our places we're.i'm not trying to tune our own horn but.we're one of the top three as far as va.providers now.yeah that's basically.hey check with these guys see if they.have a rental available hey you guys.have anything available.none of our places stay baking very long.i mean we have.literally two vacancies that happened in.the last two days.i have people waiting for them and they.you know we just got them back one.yesterday one.literally uh friday they're they're.lining up for them and they usually.know not to send us any bad ones anymore.and i say bad ones but.any ones that may cause trouble because.they don't want to actually hurt their.the relationship mutual both ways with.us because we do give a good product we.do know that.sometimes it's a little bit more.management intensive with the vets.um so they definitely.do some of the screening for us which.makes our life okay wow so it sounds.like you.you've built up to that point.absolutely i mean we've been doing this.now what is it.five six years it's just purely going ba.hud section eight and whenever i say va.hud but it's all part of the section.eight program just i guess upset.um but yeah they know now.that we continuously give a good product.we take care of the people.we're very reasonable um so yeah that.helps with our screening by them.pre-spending for us.wow roundup y'all hear that this man has.so many units with these people.they're calling you up wow that's.deep we we give a good product i mean.none of our houses i.live tell us about tell us about the.product what are you because.okay so in the course i have a four-page.pre-inspection checklist before the.inspector even gets there mark.and i was watching a couple of your your.shows you got to stop failing on the.first time.you don't have to do that there's easy.ways of avoiding it.go ahead no i mean it just literally we.go through the rooms the rooms.and watchers around the family of.chris's.and mine just be.we paint the ceilings the walls the trim.it's all semi-gloss white.just painted one color this cable it's.it's not that i'm being cheap.it's not that we're not trying to give.you time.it's time-intensive it helps for toner.but it helps for cost it helps for.getting secure deposits back to people.if you want to paint a wall you're more.than welcome it just just speeds up the.whole process.in that same room we have decorative.wall plates that go across the walls.not to try to be an eyesore we try to.make them pretty but you know what we're.not going to have any.more doorknobs going through the walls.when you slam them open.not saying everybody does that but.it's there all everything in them every.unit we have is all new replacement.vinyl windows we do.signing 10 or vital crap just because.it's got the lifetime glass.yeah i spend a little more money up.front but you know how many windows.break in 70 units a lot.780 a year easy so now we don't have.that cost anymore.always have nice fresh windows in there.glass breaks don't have to worry about.it calling the warranties.amazing um nice that is the great.feeling.it is i mean you pay for it once one.done.good to go one last thing you got to.think about right absolutely.um just trying to think of other things.we do i mean all of the fixtures we use.it's a niagara stealth poi.i mean we really get scientific in this.niagara stealth toilet.it's the only toilet that actually.flushes for under a gallon of water that.actually flushes.100 yeah i mean i know my prices.that are floating in my head um wow.yeah so we use everything that's very.consistent very thought out.so it sounds like you're doing you're.you're proactive before.the inspector gets there as opposed to.waiting for them to tell you what to fix.mark i just want to make sure.oh ab absolutely absolutely i mean we.even go above and beyond what the.inspectors even ask for.um in all of our stoves for instance.i've had two kitchen fires.uh over the years i don't like kitchen.fires fire stock they do a lot of damage.we actually go in oh smoke damage.melted carpet i mean it's a nightmare.and then yet again.if it gets condemned for having a fire.the whole process of that.and we can talk about the whole.condemning process later because that.just.yeah i got a story for you i got a story.um.but uh they're called fire out they.literally go in the stove two little.things.40 bucks stow fire happens they.automatically put it out.every kitchen has a fire extinguisher.mounted and it.some people may say it's tacky ugly but.it is in plain sight a fire extinguisher.in the middle of the wall.you're not going to miss it yeah we try.to be very very proactive.very proactive in the construction yeah.i mean it's.so far we've been able to really i have.two of my guys actually uh started.turning over one place um it should be.able to be turned over.to guys maybe a day it's not about after.a year.yeah that ain't bad so let me ask you.when the inspectors show up.mark i've asked them before about their.other uh interactions with other.landlords.and they say a lot of people try to.cover stuff up how is it when they show.up and they see your face tell me about.tell me about their relationship.i don't want to say there's any special.treatment but we are known for getting a.very good product um mommy.you know you're going to be known for.something in life.so i don't i can't i've never witnessed.them go in and inspect any other units.so i'm not gonna.say there's favoritism but i mean yeah.they they know that when we do something.it's done um and that's like whenever we.do any contracting work for anybody.i mean if you get me to do something.it's going to be done 100 my warranty is.work.you'll have peace of mind by it being.guaranteed by me.and that goes with our rentals too but.what i would what.in my experience when they see my face i.mean it's almost like i can tell they're.i want to ask you because i mean you got.you have a lot more than me.i mean and i make sure i go above and.beyond because i.i can imagine what they go through i.want to is this something on your mind.before they get there are you trying to.make sure that it's all done as well.yeah no we i wanna i i don't want them.to have to come back i want them to know.that they're gonna be able to go there.and have.i wanna have peace of mind that they.have the peace of mind that they're.gonna have to go there once there's not.gonna be a re-inspect.i want them to i want to make their job.easy too i mean.it just it saves us money in the long.run saves this time and we still have to.go meet them there i know it's not.new york where we're sitting the whole.day but i mean time is time.we don't get any more of it so you know.let's just do it right the first time.let's i want to be proactively.good to make your job easy so you make.my job easy.later on the reinspect and just in the.next time you're going to inspect one of.my units you're going to know.okay this unit's the same as the last.one i looked at so.i see some thought yep absolutely.i just think my i can't tell you so much.how much i think about that when they.show up because i mean you know.just everybody's trying to do well not.everybody the.american society our cultures do the.least and try to get the most.you know so i i just try to do the.opposite of that.the opposite i want to do what's right.i want to make it i want to give the.best product for i don't want to be.cost effective i'm not going to go out.and try to put travertine tile in any of.these places.um i want to be smart about it i mean.i don't even have a tankless hot water.heater in my house majority of my.rentals have the tankless hot water.heaters that literally you can take a.shower for days and it never runs out of.hot water.why you put those in there mark i can.get them at the same price as a regular.gas hot water heater.wow relationships sourcing your products.but yeah tankless hot water heater.um i get for like 525 bucks i figured.out after.what was it about 13 months it'll pay.for itself anyways and gas savings and.nice yeah it does you got that down.yeah you'd love it you.uh we're at 35 minutes mark i got a few.more questions and then we'll get to.some q a round up.please get your questions in here for my.friend mark we've got uh.he's been doing this for several years.he's got 70 we got 80 people online here.listening to you mark and you uh marcus.70 and i want to make sure i.remind you guys as we keep moving.tomorrow 12 o'clock.i will be releasing the landlord's guide.to section 8 housing.right here on my channel i'm going to go.over the full course and i'm going to.give you goodies you know i got some.goodies for you this if you come on and.join me live.thank you for allowing me to pour i'm.just honored that you guys let me pour.okay marcus mark so okay we have.somebody in there tell me about.turnover regarding your so i'm looking.when i move my people in i.you do some of the va stuff i haven't.done anything i've i've done a few of.those.i've done a few of those i'm looking for.now we do three year leases i do a one.year lease and then we do a two year.renewal.oh i like that i didn't even know you.could do that with the section eight.we have an automatic renewal feature in.our lease.but i know you could do it too the two.year yeah ours just kind of goes.indefinitely.um again it kind of goes with the giving.the products.we have very low turnover um you're.looking for long-term.oh well and we get long-term and it was.kind of actually uh.an accidental byproduct i didn't know.when we first started this.that um i still figured you know every.year or two.most of these people were going to be.the best that they have.and can get based on their credit and.the market don't have incomes.yeah in the market or in general that.they're able to even i mean a lot of.them are just completely.um they're 100 and so what is 100 mark.from a roundup family that doesn't know.100 means literally their tenant has no.portion.of their section a payment to the.government sends us one thousand.eighty dollars or one thousand fifty.dollars the entire voucher amount.straight into that all of it they pay.for the government pays a hundred.percent.100 and i know that there's mixed.feelings on that with having a skin in.the game.um what makes you say how do what.brought down a little bit more.yeah when i remember that uh i think was.last week you guys were having your.discussion about you like the tenant to.have a portion so they have some.responsibility.i'm not i don't really i don't.it doesn't matter to me one way or.another i actually prefer them not to.have a portion again because that just.takes one more element out of it where i.just don't have to worry about even.going after that portion.don't get it no and i already i know the.product.they're only gonna be able to damage the.product so much so.i'm really not too concerned about the.skin and the game.aspect of it so i mean it's just.different different point of views.mine's a little bit different um yeah.100 percenters i'm good with.so uh when they we were talking about.longevity i'm looking for people to stay.so uh when i when i talk to them before.they move in i want them to be there.and i let them know listen we look for.three years i want you to three years do.you discuss that with them or did you do.you just take them off the top.no it's kind of a byproduct of the uh.the whole hundred percenter.and the va um and i don't mean this to.be morbid or.disrespectful literally our tenants now.we have a few move out but most of them.stay until they pass away.oh wow our elective tennessee is.seven eight ten years it's i'm sorry.i have to go by i'm sorry six years i.don't want to say 10 years because we.haven't been doing the program but i.literally have tenants that moved in six.years ago.actually lots of them um yeah we don't.have very much turnover as strange as it.sounds 70 units our turnover is very.very very low.um wow i mean you get to figure out if.you have 80 units or.77 78 units total out of all of those we.have.two vacancies and this is the first two.vacancies.in the middle of a pandemic in the.middle of unemployment in the middle of.job shutting down you got two.where i'm not we.we built it smart diversified.um none of this is affecting us really.at all in the beginning let's stay here.let's talk about that let's talk about.that i want to know how this.how this is the fact it's not affecting.me at all i'm regarding regard that.i'm busier than i've ever been i'm not.necessarily in the rental.portion but uh we have laundromat uh.empire pest control is one of our other.companies pest control is booming right.now.um and you'd think during a pandemic you.wouldn't want.but i guess with pest control guys.running the mask just kind of goes with.it.uh but our construction we're getting uh.we've never been this busy with.construction.um and remodeling of other people's.properties and.the just again we don't do any.advertising it's just kind of word of.mouth.and we've never been busier i mean we.have never oh i'm dying right now.if anybody of you is looking for a job.out there.private message me we've got plenty of.work.um but let's keep you in the frame of.the section eight i want to know for.i'm just presuming i wanna first of all.i want to pray for my.private pay landlords i love you.i don't know what you're going through.but no doubt it's not gonna.it's gonna suck it's not good i i yeah.that's not good man i think there's a.these real estate prices i mean uh.i guess that's i don't know another.another time but yeah i feel for him.there's going to be.i i think there's going to be a wave of.private landlords having private pay.tenants that.are going to suffer and i don't wish.that on anybody i really don't.especially the.i mean some of those larger guys yeah i.don't want to lose.money but i can take a hit a little bit.better than somebody who has one or two.or just.just starting i mean for you out there.just starting.i'm not saying section 8 is the best way.for everyone i'm definitely saying as.far as my research.experience everything it takes the most.variables out of the equation as long as.you know the downsides to it.i think i i think chris i think section.8 is the best thing in the world.as far as real estate cash flow goes.i mean that's what our business model is.that's what i buy for when i look at a.property i'm buying knowing that i want.to make this into a va.section 8 property i mean that's that's.our business.that's the same thing that's kind of.that's like that's like the benchmark of.i know that.this this thing will make x based on the.programs.oh i i can tell you exactly what then a.hundred dollars exactly what i'll make.on it so when i'm going out there.seeing these prices right now i i don't.know how they're making money when.if i it was that good of a deal and.working with.my huge rent strategy.and i'm like it's not worth my time i.don't know how these other people are.doing it so.either i'm doing it really don't know.what i'm doing.i don't know if that's true but i have a.feeling some people are going to get.hurt out there and i'm sorry that.they're going to.they should have listened just a little.bit more podcasts some more.videos chris haskins.com and save.save some pain save some money um.[Music].that's it yeah well that's what makes my.mission so strong mark i mean because i.got hammered at the beginning and i'm.like i had no one.absolutely be the one it's tipping it's.either going to go really.good or it's going to go really bad and.somehow.yes absolutely so i got a few more.minutes mark then we get.i got a million questions coming in here.uh-oh hopefully.you can get them off brother we got 90.people on here mark.i want to ask you for.as do your tenants stay in your units.are you finding that they keep uh they.take care of them are they dogging in.their mouth how are you how.how is that experience.are they thankful for me like my tennis.they're thankful because i'm thankful.for they are.and they are until they're not yeah.they're they're very thankful in the.beginnings i mean.in the va and with the section 8 and.it's not all of them.i'm not going to generalize and say it's.every single one but 99.9 of them are.extremely thankful in the beginning.um coming out of the program from the va.a lot of them do get back into things.and it's just a matter of them making a.life decision again with their social.worker of.getting back things going well or not.going well.um.some it's this is where it does get.rough being a section 8 landlord.especially in my niche of it.um yeah it's very management intensive.very repair intensive.very drugs alcohol um.that's going to be on the va side yeah.drugs.the abuse um mental illness.um things i mean we really try to work.with them and help them with.but i mean that sometimes it is make it.a little bit more rough on this as uh.taking care of the property or yeah.absolutely if you have a whole bunch of.people partying over there or.causing a ruckus yeah it causes a little.bit of trouble.i guess i'm saying on the management.side but my thing is listen.a private paid tenant you got the.management stuff.and you may not get your money at least.with this you got the management stuff.and you still get your money i'm getting.well that's the thing i'm getting my.money no matter what.especially with 100 ones no matter what.and it goes back to the whole thought.process they can only do much so much of.my property um.they can only do so much right i.i know to other people out there well i.mean it can be tens of thousands i mean.what are you gonna do to a 600 square.foot house.it was not for this purpose we changed.out all the plumbing.you can't you really can't do that much.to it it's all.we're using the luxury vinyl plank now.you mess up some planks we have to.change.those things stick it down right and you.know what it may not even have to paint.the whole place because.everything's painted the same color so.i'm just going to dry wall this one.paint this wall and.yeah that is cool yeah all right well.that's all i've had you for 45 minutes.mark i feel like i gotta get this.round up we've got mark schlick hanging.out with us tonight he's got.70 section 8 tenants and i just want to.thank you so much for your time brother.that was for.everybody my pleasure this has been fun.so don't forget tomorrow i got to put my.shameless plug in tomorrow at 12 o'clock.noon you will we will be releasing the.landlord's guide to section 8 housing.please register at the the video.description below you will see a link.you can join our list that you will get.an email and you will get some goodies.whoever supports our mission uh for the.first.uh for the first day we'll get a we're.gonna give you some goodies and i'm.thankful to have you.as a member of my roundup network.let's get to some q a mark you ready oh.yeah absolutely.absolutely hopefully i can get some good.answers.mark uh adrian wants to know how long.did it take you to get to 70 units mark.let's see it's taken me.about 14 years i mean now yeah during.2007 to 2014 was definitely the bulk of.the time.um during that seven year period is.really when i accumulated a lot of.properties.um through networking and other good.people i was able to.really get in with a good source of uh.distressed housing where i was able to.consistently buy several per month.nice nice let me do this.cool now mark let's talk about what you.could do care to share some of the.financing.that you use to buy these before and now.i know it's different now obviously if.you get older you buy so.differently.uh yeah now now i i hate banks i i won't.be honest i not.i mean i i hate them the paperwork the.process is just a nightmare.um honestly begging to be inspired.it's true and then every five years.having to send them your financial is.man it takes a lot of time.a lot of time where i could be going out.and fixing toilets i mean the important.things.um so yeah now i mean if we can't buy.cash.yeah all we do is buy cash now so before.we coming up through the ranks mark you.had a local lender bank i know we used.the same.people i just wanted you to kind of say.it you know yeah.yeah we were using a union i mean he was.using banks i mean you know.just bank yet uh.but i mean i always have that whole.thing of not really.i use banks for some larger properties.the multi-families but.from any man i was getting houses for.eighteen twenty five thousand dollars.um wow yeah i mean i was blessed to find.a lot.i think the cheapest ever dollar one was.maybe fourteen.uh lord yeah and i was getting them.getting.and that that's another way how we got.them so fast i was getting them for a.really good price.and we were going in there and fixing.them up a lot of work a lot of years of.work.um getting them right but nice it's.really done.cool uh the seven of april how much does.the oh.abram wants to know mark how much do.your 70 units bring in all together.bringing gross net i mean i think the.check that we get.i can actually go check uh it's well.over fifty thousand dollars i know that.um i don't get to keep that i don't get.to keep that though i wish.i got a lot a lot of bills a lot of we.have a i mean yet again.with that many units the normal.maintenance staff is one guy for 120..we have five our our maintenance is.extremely heavy with what we do.that's where a lot of our money goes.they're full time guys.it's here yeah five full-time guys and.i'm.yeah actually we're four now we're five.including me and yeah.great guys can't say a job uh okay.so it's so weird i got this i gotta show.this guy.david merriman what is he doing over.here dave.yeah he's giving me a hard time with can.i find his comment here.dave what you doing for some reason my.uh facebook doesn't import.i'll read david david merriman wants to.know do you like uh.hold on what is damn come on you told.dan what is damn bulky doing all these.guys.oh man i can't wait to come read the.comments afterwards this is going to be.oh.yeah you can wait let me see okay we got.uh.dave dave merriman do you like va or.is it from facebook do you like the va.or section 8 better and why.mark i can't bring i can't get on.facebook yeah.me personally i like doing the dash.program um we know the social workers.there we just have the long-standing.relationship with them i also like that.it's usually.a single male um it's usually a lot.not as many families and with our.smaller footprint units it.just i mean it just works out better for.us to go that direction.gotcha and they do seem to stay longer.for some reason i still don't know why.100 percent i have my theories but i.definitely prefer to be.rude uh loriano hey loriano he wants to.know any multi-unit section 8 apartments.do you have more.section 8 for multi-units and can some.own a multi-unit building and not have.all the units under section 8 mark yeah.absolutely i have a.ted unit um where one's a salon.three of them are section eight i'm.sorry two of them are section eight and.one building then one's not.and then another building is six units.where right now one's vacant but.five were section eight and one uh was a.self-pay.so yeah absolutely you can mix and match.it doesn't matter as far as the city.where i currently invest goes.usually i do with the vets i do try to.keep them together so they can kind of.get rides together and.be more of a social thing so i would.like to try to keep them.more grouped together just um to help.each other out but it doesn't.necessarily matter.i think lauriano's thinking that i don't.know i feel like he.thinks he might need to do the whole.building he can't just piece it together.no you can definitely do yeah you can i.mean if you have a 20 unit building if.you just did one.section eight um we used to have an.eight unit in norfolk uh where we only.had one that was section eight the rest.was self pay.um yeah i don't think it matters yep.charles hey charles uh i want to say.thank you so much for all your help my.tenant is a section 8 tenant.and it has been going well.congratulations.brother congratulations charles said oh.yeah it's since april good.it's just moving in hey hester uh.calvin hey calvin chris isn't most.section 8 homes located in.bad areas mark i'll let you do that with.section 8 is located everywhere as far.as i know.um everywhere yeah i mean everywhere.in our area foxhole is considered a good.area there's section 8 there um.their section 8 wherever a landlord.would like to put them um where it.monetarily makes sense and.yep they're everywhere man yeah bad.areas calvin no way.matter of fact it's irrelevant there and.i mean you can have a 2 000 square.foot house or.mark has a 600 i don't i don't think it.matters no not at all.it's good oliver hester says it's good.to have a niche or niche.whatever you want to call it that may.not have a lot of competition i love it.it's called a blue.ocean they wrote a book about it blue.ocean.well the red ocean is the market right.where all the sharks are eating all the.fish and blood everywhere.blue ocean you're the shark you get to.swim and eat all the fish.this is called just my own little world.ocean where you go oh.same thing same thing oliver wants to.know his covet 19 affected your business.let's just let's stay on the rental side.let's don't talk about the other side.i think we had yes it has i had one.person that took a lot longer to evict.that was causing trouble back in.november before all of this.that that did kind of irk me a little.bit um having difficulty getting.that person out um but again one out of.77.i don't even know how many units we have.right now um that's.not bad so no not really no very very.minimal.yeah nothing noticeable 77 i mean that.was uh.what is that november man dude.i don't think that was a cold thing that.was more no it definitely wasn't a.covert thing.it wasn't damn bulky wants to know who.are your mentors i'm sure.please do that you know what.a gentleman named dan danbol that's.bulky or belgium i'm not sure.who this dude is man dan's dan's.like the hampton roads donald trump man.absolutely dan's the man.if you're still watching oh donald trump.not the new donald trump i'm sorry.the two the 2005 trump forgive me i.don't want.yeah i i wanted to clear that up be like.dan.um yeah i i look like a guppy converted.that guy.not not not not not feature-wise.i think i got the looks on them like.comments man i can't find these.how do you get the comments okay next.one is.baron property group hey he said the.rents are the same.how are all the rents the same if the.bedroom count is different it's a good.question.all right so in and again i'm not sure.if this is a national thing with section.eight.um but in our neck of the woods one.bedroom vouchers only pay.1050 i think it's a 1050 or 1054.dollars for a one bedroom voucher me.doing the whole va program there's not a.lot of two bedroom vouchers three.bedroom vouchers four bedroom vouchers.each voucher pays a larger amount.because more people larger house.we're focusing on the single one bedroom.vouchers.so whether i rented that voucher out to.a one bedroom unit or a four bedroom.unit.i can only get what that voucher amount.is legally.and that's all the type of the books so.whether it be one bedroom four bedroom.we're getting that specific number.occasionally you do get larger vouchers.and they do pay.substantially more but they're like.unicorns.nice to dream about but you just don't.see them often so don't forget round.up i want you to remember that mark has.a niche.he's doing the one person the va so.that's not.generally speaking that's not going to.be everywhere matter of fact i know.that program that you're doing isn't.everywhere no i.well it's still considered section 8.it's still.it is the hud it's still well you're.are you people it's the same people but.i'm saying.are you telling me that that va thing.isn't awesome.i know section 8 is but all right i'm.sorry i mean let me correct myself.go ahead i keep saying that it's bash.because it's like a subset i don't know.where.i mean yeah section 8 inspections.section 8 re-inspections.all the section 8 office we get a check.from section 8. the only difference is.i think there's a much shorter line for.the perspective um to get in through the.va.that way i don't really think it affects.too much on our end.you got to excuse me excuse me for that.one all right.yeah he wants to know what's finding a.trustworthy property management company.challenging for you.mark it was impossible for me um.same with the contractor if i'm being.honest um.yeah well i mean my experiences are you.get what you pay for.um and sometimes you pay for what you.think you're going to be getting and all.of a sudden your money's gone.so that's i mean i used to work for a.law firm i i traded debt.i wanted to get into real estate.investing i got tired of.getting duped so i learned how to do.construction and now we're.a contractor and i installed eight track.units um.it was out of necessity um i do know.very good property management companies.now but back when i was a small fry i.no i couldn't find any so i did it.myself.a lot of self-reliance is is it was.built into me a lot uh oliver for me.property management companies they're.hard to find brother they're.wow good one yeah i know and i do know.of one.yeah one look at me anyway i don't even.want to go there.it's not me i'm not i'm terrible yeah.chris burch what's up chris did mark uh.did you start out as a section 8 owner.what changed is what changed your course.as a property owner.i'm just tired of not getting paid um.[Music].i mean i really came i came to the the.conclusion i mean.if my house gets destroyed it gets.destroyed there's really not much i can.do about that other than be good at.fixing things um i was just tired of not.getting.rent um when you have a mortgage back in.the day.it definitely it's got to get paid one.way or another so let's.try to weed through it what what can i.control.or what can i change to have more.control over the process.or make it automatic where i don't have.to worry about that.portion of chasing and that actually.made my property management a lot easier.um i like that.i like that mark i like that.baron property group i will move from my.market.to his market of section 8 and the area.gives me the same rent regardless of.bedroom count.cool i'm sure there's more than enough.to go around well no no no.actually don't do that i don't want any.i i hear norfolk's really friendly with.uh.their areas i don't know where he is i'm.not sure either.oliver hester what is your average rent.per property mark i think you mentioned.that a second ago yeah my rent per.property.it's it's between 10 40 and 10 60. uh.one bedroom two bedroom.um if we i even i legitimately have some.four bedroom houses that i get.the exact same amount for um it's one of.those things we don't really rent out to.self pays anymore um and these.properties now i mean.we didn't pay very much for them back in.the day so it.i mean as far as dollar for dollar goes.could i get more out of a self pay.sure maybe if they pay it.or do i just get the guaranteed money.you know i'm gonna get the guaranteed.money and a single person.in a four bedroom really doesn't do too.much wear and tear you know it's weird.mark i'm like as i'm getting coming as.i'm getting older i'm like i would.rather.not push the envelope to the max take a.little bit less.but i get to get more with auto i mean.it's like it lasts longer is that where.you're at.man i have the 80 rule if i get oh there.it is there goes my camera.uh if i'm getting 80 and this is i mean.anything in my world if i'm getting 80.of what i expect i am pretty dang happy.80 percent yep.i'm okay with that i mean could i make.more money.absolutely but longevity.long term dan bulkey wants to know what.is your exit strategy.mark i know he's thinking big.well this is a good question because.i've actually been thinking a lot about.this.i don't know and i don't know what i'm.doing.very very good question um.i'm still trying to figure out what i.want to do when i grow up there's.something right.once you get your cash flow needs met.mark your life it kind of opens up you.get different things pop up in your mind.right.it was always the need to try to make.money in order to become financially.independent and.i'm now at a point in my life where why.why i guess a while ago i've been there.and i've just been again.tricking myself into thinking i'm broke.um.well i don't know the next step do i.just keep doing this just.for fun do i scale back.i retire and go.i i don't even i don't know and i'm.trying to figure that out.that's a good question damn making you.think huh.oh no i'm losing him round up shoot.i'm losing him i lost him yeah i lost.mark y'all.uh hopefully we'll get him back we got.80 people on here round up.hopefully we'll get him back get mark.back to keep the questions coming.round up as we're waiting for him to.join us don't forget tomorrow at 12.o'clock.say the landlord's guide to section 8.housing tomorrow.12 o'clock make sure you come back here.or just join our mailing list the link.is in the video description below.you can join the mailing list and we.will send you a notification in your.email.among some other unbelievable value ads.that we like to give.throughout the throughout the year.that's what we do right we provide value.so tomorrow there's a link in this video.description.go click the link join our mailing list.so you'll be notified when the.real estate with the landlord's guide to.section 8 housing comes.out mark you're back i'm back.that's maybe what i want to do as my.exit strategy is start a better.wi-fi cox.[Laughter].i think things change when you have well.my life didn't change until i got a.mission like on a purpose you know so.i'm like uh.i don't know maybe you'll you'll do some.philanthropy or something i don't know.i'm not sure right now i i'll be getting.back to you i also have.i'm having fun and i also have some.people.who work with me that i i want to see.that that's my mission my mission is to.try to enable them to better their lives.and.helping people why i think that's why i.think i'm sticking around right now is.because.there's people around me that i care.about and i want to see them succeed as.well.man you cannot lose helping people can't.lose.it sure makes me feel good oliver horses.drinks or not.who knows yeah did you do the brr.method to acquire your 70 properties.no gotcha john.mallets hey i know a little about being.a landlord just by renting from them.okay let's say you which is me.has a 300 has 300 in the bank i want to.keep my job.but want to get into buying houses.what's my first.move oh man that's a mark.three.i mean definitely you have 300 keep.saving.um i mean that's a really hard one man.300 bucks i think you need to get some.more cash flow what do you think mark.well absolutely needs cash for take that.300 and i mean this with respect john i.don't know what your job is but.side hustle i highly suggest i mean i.i even have side hustles take that money.go buy a lawnmower.try to make some extra money i'm big.into getting equipment i mean.and everybody jokes jokes me about this.all my hobbies.generate money indirectly i do a lot of.treasure hunting metal detecting.i get made fun of until they see all the.stuff that i found where i've made.thousands of dollars in gold rings and.other.treasures i find um gardening.until i start selling the plants and.start making money off of my gardening.hobby and selling vegetables.so every just a side hustle man john i.think you should have money investing.yourself in a side hustle.turn that 300 into 3 million and.then we'll talk again then yeah mark i.think.let me ask you i just feel like i'm just.a value-creating machine.i just try to create value is that where.you're at.me um when you're saying your hustle.makes money it's almost like.your side hustle makes money this is.just what we do i mean it's not like.we're trying to.make.i don't need any more money i'm good i'm.i'm great man i i.i live very modestly it doesn't take a.lot for me to.to survive um even at a nice level.um i just can't help it i mean i always.joked if you just kind of like sit next.to me if you could just pick up enough.money that i just kind of generate.um you can make a good living so let me.do this.we got some million questions john i.know oh.patricia wants to know you had fires.mark what did you say about.what it was that you put in the stove to.put out fires they're.they're literally called firestone i.mean i'm in my office where i could go.grab them they're.little canisters.go to the video description there's a.link to join.up to our mailing mailing list to find.out when the landlord's guide to section.8 housing.is going to be released tomorrow i am.honored to be able to.bring this to market for you i get to.bring this to market for you there was.nothing else that was out there.until your boy literally for the last.250 hours.put this together with a crying baby.lord i know how long it took to do this.tomorrow get signed up round up to go to.the video descript go to the link.there's a link in the video description.you can join our mailing list.and to be notified when we're going live.tomorrow 12 o'clock.what you got for us mark these go in.every single unit.um i mean they're they're pricey it.seems like about 40 bucks per stove but.it prevents.one fire and i don't know anything with.this company nothing.but prevents one fire they were money.well spent.yeah no more insurance claims those.insurance claims killed.this one's called auto out it literally.magnetized sticks in the range hood.there's two of them.you put it right over the center of uh.the burners.fire happens this catches fire and it.drops powder and it puts the fire out.you hang it over to under the microwave.or on the ceiling yeah they actually.have two different.definitely not the range hood um so if.you have a microwave they make them.specifically for microwaves.these ones are specifically made for.range hoods every single one of those.properties.standard put them in and they got the.fire extinguisher on the wall every.single one.that's a lot of value right there round.up so see what mark's doing to verify.until these fires.the fire is one thing but the smoke.in the basement and then the other.tenants complaining about it.it just pronounced prevention house of.prevention.figaro i have three houses that i bought.from the tax deed sale in my state my.question is should i put them all in my.llc before putting them on section 8.mark.i think it's six one way half a dozen.another as they say.um i would definitely put them in your.llc.either way get him out of his name yeah.absolutely.the whole animate and amenity aspect of.it but um.yeah get up get out of your name yeah i.put them in your llc and get them into.section 8..i would do that tomorrow gotcha yep.uh jenny l where do you find your homes.mark.tax lanes foreclosures now this is.actually uh.an issue these days um i haven't bought.in the house now.so we bought a couple earlier this year.from just a previous business partner.dealing.but it's been been a while since i found.any new inventory um.i had a lot of good con no no not for my.business model with what i'm doing.i don't care about appreciation i don't.care about any of that me neither.i i want what's this going to make me.why not tell me why you know.what does that mean to me i want this.because it generates one thousand fifty.dollars per month.cash flow i want my money i want i want.my money.um i mean i i guess i could always do.and i don't need any more money so the.refinancing to pull more out i can't.find anything to buy anymore.so until the market crashes i'm just.gonna keep bank.getting money and then go big again.leave it in there.did you did no doubt you didn't you.learned that over time as well.you've known me for a while now.absolutely.patricia why do three year leases.shouldn't you go month to month.is easier if you have to evict it's not.easier.i mean i think half in order to do.section 8 you have to have at least a.year lease.one year yeah that's the minimum.but we do two year renewal so i don't i.mean we get around that.that's kind of just that's interesting i.gotta have to get a copy of your leaks i.mean ours automatically renews every.year so we don't have to go through the.whole process.that's cool well it's in the course i'll.show you how to do it of course but uh.the thing with three years i never do i.used to be like month to month because i.want to get them out.no doesn't speed anything up nothing.the judge doesn't if anything one man.once told me you could do at least.occupancy but you have to move them.everything i'm not even going to that it.actually is.yeah so patricia.don't do months to month you want to.lock in your cash flow.see investors old guys like us we want.to take a calculator.and be able to type in what's coming in.right if you do it month to month.you might get a 30 day like i have a 60.to 90 day.for the tenant they have to let us know.i'm like look i need to know three.months.absolutely i need node i move slow my.joints are getting old.[Music].the owners the the owners far far away.they need they need this i mean.it's them so marcus we i feel like we're.both.damn we like veterans patricia what.paint.cut paint the product you said you paint.the crop property one coat that's smart.and patricia this is an amazing question.because i can tell you about this.and other than lumber because lumber's.crazy right now i can tell you what.everything in single one of my house.costs.almost within 10 percent i use sherman.williams.property solutions semi-gloss white it's.a package color.it's the same every single time you need.to go talk to sean williams and get.good pricing for it because off the.shelf it's it's absurd.um but right now i get it for 80 dollars.a five gallon bucket.and it is the best ever better than low.i'm telling you i used to think that.sheridan williams.was going to be high until i went there.that that same paint retail is like 170.for five gallon.um wow yeah yeah wow.yeah you gotta get a relationship over.time.i mean yeah you can't just walk in there.and uh they're not gonna give you the.best deal out the front but you stay.going long they'll give you good deals.uh yeah all right rw gentlemen who pays.for the hot water and the basic.utilities mark make sure you just uh.make sure you're very clear with your.two different types of tenants.i pay for them um and out of the 70s.section 8.we're i'm still learning and tweaking.and adjusting.anything new acquisition we include the.utilities 100.uh because we take the full voucher.amount which is the 1050 number.um and then we pay the utilities and.then.whatever's left over we get to keep we.make them very energy efficient.so i usually we usually make money off.the whole deal.mostly okay so that's what the va.tendency is dealing with because we.don't pay utilities.i want you to know who is at rw we don't.pay until none of them so.we have a family that's moving into our.units i also like the utilities to be on.at all times i've seen a lot of damage.happen with acn turned off power water.this way it just never and the whole.transfer fee is expensive so.just eliminate the whole thing that's.true good point good point.cosmic wisdom just did a property walk.through section 810 it keeps it spotless.good for you good for you uh how do you.get.uh adrian how do you get in with the va.paying for your tenants well it's not.the va it's.it's still so yeah it's still it's.section eight it's literally.it's section eight paying me every.single month yep section eight same.thing.no difference yeah patricia you have.multiple units as well mark.oh absolutely we have a ten unit seven.unit.six unit lots of duplexes uh a lot of.single family homes.um i would say we're maybe thirty forty.percent multi-family and then the rest.of several family.gotcha cosmic wisdom how can you get on.the vets how do you how do you focus on.vets he's got a house he or she.renovating a house 10 minutes from the.va go ahead mark.how do you huh that's a.just put it on the list yeah well well.it's not.no it's not i mean okay.relationships is i mean it's not some.special thing.um anybody can do it it's just finding.is extremely difficult.um and i wouldn't actually recommend.yeah put it on the list.and you might get lucky yeah but it's.mostly i'm getting two.really okay cool then yeah i i don't.really know.they come to us now yeah they come to.mark well i put mine at that they'll say.listen.i'm a veteran they'll tell me up front.i'm a disabled veteran and they pay all.of it so i had to.i had to make the decision do i want to.deal with.what comes with these people and there's.nothing bad i'm not saying.it can't be i mean there can't with.anybody though it's just yeah with.everybody.not just them i'm just saying it can be.right but a lot of drug abuse from my.opinion.from what i've seen drug abuse and.alcoholism that mark does more than me.yep well no it is a prevalent issue um.one thing i did like about the va.is they do have assigned social workers.from the va as well that are.from my understanding or switch to see.them monthly so we get a little more.interaction of people seeing inside and.more ways of communicating and helping.the tenants but don't again the va.the veteran thing it's very management.intensive i i don't think it's the.necessary the best place to start you.can do what i'm doing with.regular section 8. um just take the ba.out of the equation.yep yep mark i want to keep going but.i've got to get off this line here man i.gotta go see that baby.um yeah i got the baby i got another.live to do at 8 30 but promoting my.course.mark i want to just if you don't mind.give us a final thoughts roundup you.know i love you i'm so sorry i i have to.kind of.keep moving it's almost like we can do.it we can do a part two.yeah good point mark we're doing part.two brother.you down to come on with me again uh.yeah oh actually i really enjoyed this.this is kind of.all this knowledge that i've learned.through all the years i've never really.you didn't know you knew so much well i.know i.in my own head i think i know a lot and.some other people seem to have been.impressed with me in the past.uh with the way i kind of problem.but yeah i love sharing my knowledge and.anything i do to save you pain.suffering that i've already do.man and yet again i learn and listen to.everybody and take what works for you.and create your own niche.um it's definitely definitely.definitely good thank you so much mark.okay round up chris.i'm gonna let mark go one more time last.thing tomorrow at 12 o'clock make sure.you get signed up to the link.in the video description below the.landlord's guide to section 8 housing is.coming out friday 12 o'clock noon.i will give you a special link tomorrow.to get that at a discount you know i got.to give you guys some goodies mark.listen i'll be talking to you soon.thanks for coming on my pleasure.hey take care everybody okay yep make.sure you round up subscribe.uh subscribe to the channel hit the like.button share with any other investors.that are thinking about doing section.eight.and make sure you join us tomorrow.here's the thing oh.i can't get this oh i thought i could do.that.you could do this on your own but why.not sacrifice a few dollars to learn how.to get.fast forward through this section 8.system i promise you i've taken all the.bumps and bruises for you listen i'm.sorry i had to cut you guys off tonight.i'm doing a million.lives with a live broadcast with with.other people just promoting my course.listen i love you thank you for letting.me serve you tonight.i'll see you tomorrow 12 o'clock okay.bye everybody peace.you.

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Roomer Landlord Form FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the Roomer Landlord Form are:

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