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Hand-in-Hand Teaching Guide to create Ohp Renewal Form

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How Do You Get Ohp Renewal Form and Sign It On Phone?

hello and welcome to the renewing OHP.coverage in one twenty nineteen required.training module this training module is.brought to you by the community partner.outreach program at the Oregon Health.Authority before we get started want to.make sure that you are in the right.place.this training it's part of our 2019 HP.certified Community Partner training.curriculum which means that it is a.required step for all new assisters who.are seeking certification and if you're.here is an existing assistor then that's.also great if you want to get a.refresher in renewals you're in the.right place if you're a new 'sister then.you're also in the right place but I.want to make sure that any new assisters.have taken the OHP application and.enrollment training before you embark on.this one because a lot of the.information here builds on what we went.over in that initial training that.initial training just to jog your memory.would have been either a live webinar.presented by our team or a classroom.style in-person training and it goes.over the basics of OHP eligibility we go.into the one system which is our online.portal and we go through an application.and we go over resources that you will.have as a community partner all of that.is very important information and this.isn't going to make a lot of sense.unless you've already taken that.training so if you don't know who to.reach out to on our team then our email.community outreach at DHS OHA dot states.dot o r dot us is a great place to start.so now that that caveats done this is.the second step of training.congratulations you've made it this far.you have another step right after this.which is to pass a short quiz that quiz.has information on the OHP application.enrollment training and this one that.you're in right now and I recommend you.take it as soon after this as possible.just so everything is fresh in your.memory and you have the highest.likelihood of passing with flying colors.and then yet.quickly on-boarded fully as a.fully-fledged community partner with the.community partner outreach program so.now that we've established that you are.in the right place.let's go over our objectives for today.today we will learn about well first.what is a no HP renewal and what are the.different pathways people may take when.it is time for them to renew their OHP.benefits we're also going to learn a few.tools to help you as a community partner.navigate the renewal process with OHP.members and we're going to go through a.few terms such as active renewal.automated renewal and the 90-day.reconsideration period.let's start at the beginning what is an.HP renewal every year we are required to.check eligibility for all Oh HP members.what this means is that we will interact.with people in one way or another to.verify their information and make sure.that people appear to still be eligible.so every single household will be pinged.in our databases with the information.that we have on file to see if.everything still seems to be the same.and if we're able to Rivera Phi that.information via our automated process.then what it's going to look like is.people will either get a letter that.says we checked our systems and.everything seems to be on the up-and-up.you are considered eligible for another.year please send any changes our way as.as you need to report them or people.will get a pend notice so that will say.we need probably income it's usually.income we need your income documentation.so that we can verify your income and.then complete our renewal process either.of those is called an automated renewal.or passive renewal sometimes our.databases are unable to be pinged as is.on a case-by-case basis usually uh gosh.no more than 10% at any given time then.we may need to send an entire renewal.packet which means essentially the.entire application will need to go over.it again and check every every aspect of.it for any changes.that's called an active renewal.so what this looks like from an HP.members perspective is that each.household will get a letter from OHP.what they need to do is to review that.letter see if there is any follow-up.required it may or may not be required.if we ask for any extra information then.we're also going to give a reply by or.due date for that information and we.need that on time in order to make sure.that benefits stay on throughout this.process if at the end of this we've.gotten all the information we need the.household and the members within it.still appear to qualify then that person.is renewed and the households renewed.and we're good for another year and.we'll start it over next year.now how do we help Oh HP members are new.as community partners step one is to get.a signed consent form step two is to.check your one system dashboard use the.search tool to see if you can find this.case if you can't and you know that.you've helped this person in the past or.know that this case is currently in.active mode and you want to be linked up.then you can send that consent form to.the OHP outreach email in order to get.linked up the OHP outreach email we.didn't list it here because this is a.publicly available webinar but in your.first training you received a client.advocacy guide as part of your getting.started packet and so the information on.this exact email and what you should.send to this email is in that packet if.you're having trouble getting to that.reach out to your regional outreach.coordinator or reach out to our.community outreach email and we can get.you set on the right track.so check one if you can find that person.in one you'll be able to see on their.dashboard whether they have a pend they.need to respond to whether there is any.recent correspondence in their message.center and you can read through the.correspondence preferably with the OHP.member and help them understand what.they need to do there may be necessary.documents that we have a reply by date.on the notice letter and we can help.people turn in via either upload fax.mail and I'd say in that order or even.email to our specialty teams if that's.appropriate so that people do not get.their benefits turned off due to.non-response.so I mentioned very briefly consent form.is step one but we are going to return.to this because it is incredibly.important consent forms are required.consent forms that are current and.signed and are completely filled out we.need a consent form before you ask.anyone any identifiable information we.also need a consent form before anyone.at the state can give you any.information about a case and consent.forms as they currently stand.they have writing specifically on them.that states that they expire a year.after they are signed unless otherwise.stated.because renewals are an annual process.it's very likely that right as someone.comes to you for help with their renewal.process their consent form that they.have with you is also expiring we ask if.possible that the consent form be signed.by the primary applicant on the case.that is the person who originally filled.out the application as I mentioned.consent forms are valid for a year.unless otherwise specified and consent.forms really are the glue that connects.you and your clients in the one portal.it has legal aspects that are very.important it has system aspects that are.very important so if you are not.connected to someone and you need to be.then sending a signed consent form to.our OHP outreach email box is the the.best way to make sure that we have all.the connections we need that should take.one to three days if you email it and.don't do follow-up but if it is.something that is more immediate we do.have an option on our CP line and that.is our phone number that is exclusively.for commuter usage and so you can call.us up and ask for more immediate.assistance we ask that you keep all.consent forms as well as any other.documents that you have that will have.any personally identifiable information.for a client or a household keep it.securely either paper or digital format.for.six years and also just want to be.really clear in order to be linked at.least one person on the case needs to.have active benefits if the case is not.in active mode then we may have to do.some additional steps for her that.linkage can be solidified but concept.form regardless is going to be step.number one.here is an example of a consent form.consent forms may look a little.different depending on where you grabbed.it from there's one that is a it's an.appendix that's part of the paper.application we have we have consent.forms in many languages we have them in.PDF and Word formats this one that you.see here is in a Word format which means.these little grey boxes you can type.information in here instead of write it.and that actually can be really useful.because it is a lot easier to read a.typed a set of words than handwritten.and we want to make sure that we are.minimizing any errors or typos or.anything that's going to come up because.the person on the other end maybe can't.fully read though the words that are.written we do have a few things we want.to make sure that you're aware of when.it comes to completing and sending in.consent forms we've gotten a fair number.of consent forms that just aren't.completely filled out so that can be a.problem or it's completely filled out.but there are acronyms or initials or.shorthand instead of the full.organization name instead of your full.name as the assister we also want to.make sure that we have the assister ID.and your name this is pretty much when.it comes to OHP we're all solving the.same big puzzle we're trying to make the.right connections get the right.information into our systems so the more.complete our documents are then the.easier it is for us to connect those.dots sometimes we only have a client.name and not other information for that.client and that can be an issue as well.because let's say my name is Jane Doe I.am not the only one out there we want to.make sure we connect you to the correct.case not just any case that has a.matching name so that is something that.comes up from time to time we may need.to clarify more information about that.OHP member to make sure that we're.making the right connections we this is.less likely to come up now because now.we're into 2019.but we do still have some old versions.of the consent form floating around that.are not sufficient for our current needs.that probably means the consent form is.from early 2016 or even 2015 so if you.found a consent form lying around or an.old application lying around take a.quick look and make sure that it is.newer than 2015 and then you're good to.go.the phrase that we're looking for is.protected health information or inform.us Fiona salud for the heeta in Spanish.probably not likely to come up but just.in case we want to make sure that you.have that information and then also when.you are sending in a consent form via.email the more identifier is you can use.to help us connect the dots the better.so make sure you include information.like your name your organization if you.have a case number a prime number a.social security number that you are.sending and I will remind you we should.send these always securely because they.do have protected information on it we.can really use any tools that will help.us make the connection are good I would.almost never worry about sending in too.much information it's usually not having.enough information that is the issue.we have an example here of a consent.form and I want you to take a quick look.at it to see if there's any information.here that seems incorrect or incomplete.or that might cause some problems.here a few of those things that the red.circles actually aren't complete there.are some other things that cause me to.have a little bit of concern first of.all there's no assister ID a sister ID.is key it's a one of the main it is the.main way we we figure out on our end who.you are and if you have the the correct.certification and everything's on the.up-and-up for even interacting with us.to start with having an activist sister.ID we have information that is missing.we have potentially a misspelled name.but I'm not sure about that the address.in line 4 or item 4 should be the.organization's address.I understand it's confusing and also.there's no date on the signature which.means that this consent form is not.valid without a date we cannot figure.out when it would expire we cannot.figure out when someone is giving.consent and so that is really really.important as a note you can type out.every aspect of this other than the.signature so one really good way to do.it is to have this word document that I.mentioned and we'll circle back to where.you can find that and making sure that.everything is very clearly written out.and then some what you can print it and.then the person can sign it scan it in.and get it to us.we have another example that is a lot.more complete just to show you the.difference all the fields are filled it.is readable there are no acronyms.included it is signed and dated there.are still opportunities for improvement.we don't have the complete name for that.other adult on the case and this is.handwritten instead of typed so our.example is adequate but you also might.be able to get information to us that.makes it even easier for us to to make.those connections and to make sure that.you have success when you're working.with clients one last note on consent.forms thanks for hanging in here we'll.get back to renewals any second now is.that on group site which if you don't.yet have an invitation to group site.reach out to your regional outreach.coordinator or community outreach and.let us know you can pre fill it with.information you can get it in actually.in any language that the consent form is.offered in any language that application.is offered in but on group site we have.English and Spanish ready to roll and it.can really help to have that typed up.both for you so you know you have all.the information you need and that it is.easy to read and that you're being.consistent in writing you know write.your organization the same way every.time because if you I know a lot of us.you know we work for an organization but.it's doing business as another.organisation and maybe your paychecks.come from another organization and that.can get confusing so once you have.standardize on how you are defined with.us make sure you stick with it and.highly highly recommend using the word.version whenever possible typing in as.much information as possible and yet.having it prefilled can also make the.process go faster and easier when you.are sitting down with someone and.helping them.so let's get back to the one system.let's get back to renewals we want to.make sure that you have all the tools.you need to succeed when it comes to.using our search tool as well so you'll.see here is a screenshot of the one.system applicant portal this is your.community partner dashboard at the.bottom of the page after you login you.will see a search area.I want to point out that the search.defaults that are currently set in the.system are not great if you are looking.for someone for a renewal the really.important one that I have circled here.is that it defaults to the application.was submitted within the last month.which we mentioned renewals are an.annual process so probably this last.month if you were to put someone's first.name or partial first name last name or.any other search criteria in here and.click search.nothing would show up because those.people are they existed in our system.for much more than a month so we want to.make sure that we change that month to.all time so for auto renewals about half.of people who go through Auto renewal.will need to respond to an RFI a request.for information also known as a pent.so using that RFID date section and.putting it less than three months is a.great way make sure the submitted date.once again is all time instead of one.month and that can that can help you.find that the correct actually find them.because otherwise if the search terms.are not broad enough it may show up that.no one's there but they really are.available in your dashboard active.renewal is not necessarily tied to an.RFI so just keep that section blank just.really want to really want to hammer.home that submitted date all time for.both of these renewals the message.center is also useful tool you can look.through the message center on your.dashboard to look for all the cases that.are in renewal they happen in a batch.process every month and then also once.you get into a specific person.then you will be able to see if they.have any messages so you'll see here.this is what it would look like once.you've done a search you'll see names.those names are blue and underlined.which means they are links you can click.and like for example Norma is the first.person who shows up if I click Norma's.name I'll go to her dashboard and we'll.get information just on her case.so this is all assuming that someone is.on the dashboard.and we can find them but sometimes.that's not the case if your organization.has not helped this person in the past.then there is a good chance that you.would not be able to find them yet on.your dashboard because that is the admin.role that you have currently is that.anyone in your organization can see.anyone helped by anyone else in your.organization but not the rest of the.population at large every once in a.while someone might have gone to a.different community partner since last.seeing you sign a new consent form got.linked up to a different organization so.checking in about that getting a new.consent form is a great way to get that.resolved if the case is active then you.can send that consent form to our OHP.outreach email to get linked up but as I.mentioned it has to be an active case so.if there is no active case first of all.the renewal deadline has already passed.so cases don't close until after the.renewal due date in fact it'll be.sometime after that again so if someone.is not at all active in OHP and if you.have mmm is that is a tool you can use.to figure that out then you may need to.start from scratch or we may need to.take advantage of the 90 day.reconsideration period or return to that.there's a lot to learn I know.yeah there's there are good reasons why.people may not show up and why you may.not be able to help them in the one.system maybe they're not showing up on.the dashboard because our search tool is.just being a little pickier than usual.try using a few different search.criteria try we can take partial names.so if someone's name is Smithson then.typing in Smith will turn up all Smiths.all Smiths ins all variations of that.last name so in general if you can't.find someone broadening the search terms.further may help you for most.organizations you are not helping so.very many people that those broader.search terms will make it impossible to.find someone so we want to make sure we.broaden.it um if you do have a lot of people.that you help then that might be a.little bit different and you should work.with your regional outreach coordinator.to sort of see what tools you can learn.to make your searching more effective.another thing is as I mentioned.sometimes one is not the best way to.help someone for a vast majority of.people it will be but sometimes either.something in our system has gone a.little sideways or someone is at a.certain stage of their of their renewal.of their application and it's really.going to need a human to get involved.we're gonna need to either call vaccine.documents email one of the outreach.teams and that's also and gosh that's.why we are here because if it were easy.for everyone to go into the system and.automatically get everything sorted out.our jobs would be a lot easier and we.wouldn't be as busy as we are but that's.not the world we live in so we know that.for community partners being creative.being flexible and adaptable and seeing.what other options are available it's.going to serve you well.you.and now we're finally circling back we.did a quick path down to consent forms.and their importance we did a quick.review of your search tool and now we.are back at renewals so let's see let's.refresh your memory active renewal is.one of the renewal pathways it used to.be how a hundred percent of people got.renewed so it used to be every single.person would be given an entire renewal.packet they would have to manually.verify all of their information either.in one on paper or via telephone and.then they'd have to send us that.information and one of our workers would.have to go through every single aspect.of that application this was the renewal.process until December of 2017 when.automated renewal is something that we.were able to make a reality so now a.majority of people are automatically.renewed instead of using that old active.manual process and that can result in an.immediate eligibility determination.without members having to do anything.and without our workers having to do.anything or we may need just a specific.piece of information instead of we need.all of your information.you.as I mentioned before one will check.databases and attempt to seamlessly.renew households for automated renewals.there are two potential outcomes of that.automated process either people will get.and a notice of eligibility that says.you are good for another year I am.paraphrasing here it says that in much.more formal language than I'm using or.it will say we verified your information.we just need this information as I.mentioned usually income it'll have a.reply by date and benefits will stay on.as we asked for that information if.everything can be verified.I mentioned that notice of eligibility.it will also send in fact for all of our.renewal pathways people will also get a.case summary the case summary in.addition to the notice of eligibility is.pretty important because it is the.responsibility of that OHP member to.verify that the information in that case.summary looks correct that the.information they gave us last time.around is still accurate if it does not.look correct then we're going to need to.report a change and we'll go over a few.ways that we can help people report.changes.well first we're going to talk about if.that automated renewal request for.information happens so things look like.they're on the up-and-up but we do.require verification then we are going.to send three documents to people a case.summary a request for information and.then either at the same time or after.that request for information has been.fully processed a notice of eligibility.gonna quickly talk about hard versus.soft pens a hard pen just something like.income we cannot process eligibility.until we've gotten that information back.and fully processed it for a soft pen.let's say we do not have a Social.Security number on file every once in a.while this happens that's called a soft.pend people can get or keep their.benefits while we asked for that.information it has a slightly longer.time line if you want to know more about.pens hard pen soft pens reach out to.your regional outreach coordinator and.they will be happy to give you a more.in-depth rundown in the case where we.need information if people do not give.us that information then benefits will.close so it is very important to read.through all of the documents that are.sent at time of renewal to make sure.that people are fully aware of their.responsibilities and what they need to.do once again that case summary is sent.if anything looks wrong or out-of-date.then we need to make sure that we get.that information updated to us when.solids in renewal mode and it's an auto.renewal the one system probably will not.let you report a change so you can do it.via email or you can call in for.reporting a change we ask that you have.some sort of proof that it comes from.the client so if you're calling in you.probably need that OHP member with you.to to vouch for the information you are.or a signed statement that you can send.in to us so that we know that you are.helping people report changes you are.not making changes on their behalf.without their knowledge.active renewals so for active renewals.there's a larger renewal package that is.mailed to the primary applicant and it.will also arrive in PDF format in the.one message Center it's a pretty similar.online to a new application but we're.gonna go over a few things just to be.aware of so that you if you are.presented with an active renewal or.someone who is in your dashboard you.know what to do first of all if you.click initiate an application which is.how you would do a new application for.someone who's in renewal the one system.will kick you out pretty much.immediately and say this person already.exists we can't start a new application.there's a renewal button and that button.will show up in that client dashboard.and that's what we need to click to.start the renewal when you originally do.an application everything's blank but.for a renewal everything is preloaded.with the information that was most.recently submitted to us there are going.to be a few sections for an auto renaud.an auto for an act of renewal that.require you to check a box at the top.that says yes I verify this information.is still correct and you cannot move.forward until you've done so and if you.start a renewal and you have to step.away from it or if the one system times.out then it will not save the changes.you made so it's very important to do.renewals that are active full renewals.in in one sitting and make sure that you.you have that information the the system.cannot hold half old information half.new information which is why it cannot.be saved and returned to which is.another difference from that original.application because an original.application you can save it you can go.back to it as long as it's within the.60-day period renewals that is not the.case.so I mentioned that there is a renew.button for active renewals here is what.it looks like so this screen right here.is what it would look like if you click.someone's name after searching for them.we call this the client dashboard and.you can see that there is a message.center you can see there's a renew.button you Zeos ID download a new.application button that you want to.avoid instead you want to click the.renew button.you'll then be taken to a page that.looks like this where you select the.people who need to be renewed those are.the people who are still requesting.benefits and who are still in this.household and you would then click Next.as a note if you need to add someone.into a case they won't yet show up on.this screen and if someone is on the.case but not up for renewal or not.receiving benefits they won't show up on.this screen if you want to remove.someone from a household or remove.someone from getting benefits then you.just make sure that that box does not.get checked for that person before you.click Next.and now we're in the renewal I'm not.going to go over every single page.because a lot of it will mirror very.closely what you just learned for doing.new applications so instead we're gonna.focus on a few specific sections and.making sure you have the tools you need.to make sure they fill up the first.thing you'll be taken to is a review.screen you'll see that there are some.some sections that have little.exclamation points in little yellow.triangles those are the sections that it.is mandatory to go to however if you.have the client in there with you and.you want to look through the entire case.that's probably for the best because we.want to make sure everything is accurate.there are some required sections that.are pretty straightforward and there are.some non required sections that are very.important and less straightforward I can.tell you that the contact information.screen is not required but if we have.old mailing information or physical.address that's hugely important and we.want to make sure that we update that so.what you would do is you would click.into that first section and then go.through the renewal just like you would.a new application and instead of going.through every single screen because that.would take a long time and I think that.you have the tools to do it because you.know how to do a new application we're.gonna go through a few things currently.the system will not let you add coverage.for someone who is in the household but.did not request coverage so let's say.it's a household to parents to children.the parents were previously over income.but the children were requesting.benefits in order to add benefits for.those new parents let's say they're.their job income is now lower and they.are likely eligible as well we have to.do that after we've processed active.renewal you can add and remove new.household members however so that is.something you should be able to do.when you make any changes through an.active renewal it may then also generate.a request for information or RFI that.goes out and then also needs to be.resolved in the same way we're talking.about all the other ways that you can.send in RFI's it's going to apply to.active renewals as well.there's one last thing that I want to.share about the active renewal process.it is the most counterintuitive part of.active renewals the income page has a.few things that is that are a little.confusing there's a red X in the job.income section and in fact it's seen all.of the income sections but I'm just.showing you this one.none of these red X's should ever be.pressed they cause issues where income.gets incorrectly removed and has caused.issues never end an income from this.page you can always add the new income.here when you click forward to the other.sections self-employed income other.income expenses those have start and end.dates listed on them and for income that.has ended you want to add an end date.for job income it's a little more.confusing you have to go forward quite a.few pages so go through self-employment.income through other income through.expenses it'll take you to a page that.asks for job employer information and.you will see there is a start and end.date on that I recognize this is.confusing this is as confusing as active.renewal sketch but just make sure.instead of Xing out any income you want.to make sure you add an end date so that.we correctly capture when that income.ended otherwise we will assume it ended.on the day that it was reported which.can cause people to incorrectly look.like they have more income than they do.and then they get denied for being over.income and we want to avoid that I know.this is confusing and I know that this.is something that won't make sense until.you've had some experience so please.feel free to reach out to anyone on our.team or any other assisters who are.perhaps more experienced and they can.help you with this.just want to point it out so it's on.your radar and so that you're thinking.about this when you come to this page if.you're in an active renewal and most.people are passively renewed or Auto.renewed so it may not come up or it may.not come.much so why I'm belaboring this point.because when it does come up we want to.make sure that we are correctly updating.information for income.all right so we're almost done with the.active Renewable conversation and we're.gonna return one more time to the Auto.renewal conversation but what if.something goes wrong what if something.happens that you're in the one system.and it is doing something that you do.not expect it is giving you weird error.messages things like that doesn't happen.often but it does happen.we ask that you take a screenshot of.whatever's going on that looks funky.then you can fill out a one-issue.template we ask that you try to add as.much detail as possible you can call the.CP line we have an applicant portal.specific team to help you with any of.your applicant portal issues so that's.if it's an issue that is not eligibility.related but is related to the system you.can email our one issue template to OHP.outreach and we recommend you keep your.rock in the loop that's your regional.outreach coordinator so that we're able.to help you with any issues lack of.communication making sure things go.smoothly and you get resolution as.quickly as possible and if at any point.in the process you have an issue that is.unresolved and it's been two weeks and.it's still unresolved and you haven't.gotten an update we can also escalate.the issue on your behalf so please we're.here for you we want to help you give us.the information we need so that we can.do that and we will be hopefully more.effective together than trying to work.on our own separately this is what the.one issue template looks like and you.can find it on group site as a document.that you can grab this information is.just a screenshot so it's a little less.useful for you.but more completely you fill this out.the more likely we can resolve the issue.without having to do a lot of.back-and-forth which slows the process.down and as always screenshots are so.hugely helpful to understand exactly.what's going on.we've been talking so far about people.who at the time of renewal are found to.continue to be eligible but there will.be people who at time of renewal will be.found to be no longer eligible this can.happen either with the automated or.active renewal process what happens if.someone is trying to be no longer.eligible they'll be sent a notice of.eligibility that will include a closure.date on it this is most likely going to.be because someone is let's say they.were a child and they are now an adult.children are eligible at a higher income.level than adults so it's not that they.are newly over income because they have.more income it's because they now are in.a different demographic or someone was.pregnant and no longer is pregnant it's.past those two months post pregnancy.and so there are reasons that people are.no longer eligible but I want to really.stress that we do not close cases.without going through due process so we.won't ping our database and say hmm we.found income it looks like they're over.income this income wasn't reported to us.they're getting a closure notice no they.will get a pen to notice first asking to.verify that the information we see in.our system looks correct and only after.they either fail to reply which is.another reason that case is closed or.they reply and that income does get.verified as being over income that is.when the closure notice would be such.let's do a quick run-through of the.different types of correspondence I know.we're being repetitive but we really.want to drive this home so people may.get any of these forms and you can look.up these form numbers to get samples.we'll have a few that we're showing next.automated renewal notice of eligibility.and automated renewal request for.information or RFI or they would get an.act of renewal Part one and Part two.with either active or automated renewal.people will be sent a case summary as.well here is an example of what the.active renewal paperwork looks like you.will see that part one has just basic.information about hey it's time to renew.if you have no changes to report send.this in and you're good to go.part two is if you have any changes to.report then this is your opportunity to.do so now this is just the first page of.each these are larger pieces of.paperwork but we just want a quick.snapshot so you can sort of see based on.what you see here you can identify what.that looks like when you're looking at.it either because someone's brought in a.paper copy or because you see the PDF in.the in your one system.the automated renewal notice it has.sometimes people get a little confused.by this because it says your OHP at.renewal but people don't know if they.need to do anything or not so we have.updated this recently with information.that hopefully is a little more clear.says you know it is time to renew here's.what you need to do and it says if the.information here is correct and no.action is needed so this is for an.example where there is not an RFI if.there is an RFI they will get an item.that looks like this as we need more.information so we're trying really hard.to be clear with what we need there is a.lot of legalese in here so it's not.always as clear as we would like and.these are partial letters so there's.more information that follows about.exactly what we need for for RFI.automated renewal.and then here's an example of what that.case summary looks like it's a really.bare-bones.summary as the name would suggest of.exactly what was sent to us and what we.have in our systems as the current.information once again this is not.complete this is just a small snapshot.of a part of a case summary document.all right I mentioned we were going over.three terms today I hope that we have.successfully given you confidence in.what an active renewal is what an.automated renewal is and now I want to.talk about a cool tool we have called.the 90-day reconsideration period which.is we have essentially a grace period.that we can offer for a specific.scenario and that specific scenario is a.household is due to renew we need.information either that renewal packet.or that specific information say income.and let's say that the deadline has.passed so it says reply by March first.and now it's March 15th the case becomes.discontinued or inactive on the day.after that reply by date so if it was.due by the first this goes into.discontinued mode on the second however.benefits don't end until the last day of.the month of the renewal date so even.though the case is now inactive.benefits have not stopped yet and they.won't stop until the end of the month.once those benefits closed so that is.when the 90-day reconsideration period.starts so if people get us the.information that we asked for and it is.after the case has gone into.discontinued mode and even if it's after.benefits have formally closed.we still have an additional 90 days to.turn that case back on or to reactivate.it without having to start over and do a.brand new application the 90 days starts.the day following the benefit end date.and this only applies to renewals it.only applies when renewals have caused.cases to close because people did not.respond on time.so just really want to stress that there.are gonna be times where benefits.clothes and that's it we need to start.over if someone does a new application.it creates an RFI we need that document.the document doesn't arrive then we have.to start over but for renewals we have.this yeah.grace period some some wiggle room and.that is pretty awesome and I'm pretty.excited about this and to share it even.though it's a slightly because it only.applies a specific scenario it's a.slightly confusing thing to be learning.but it's it's super important so after.the reply by dates people can turn in.their information still and we very good.to do so you may or may not be able to.do it in the one system but as community.partners you have tools you can then put.it into an email and send it to us.through one of our specialty inboxes you.can call with the client and we can get.things sorted out information can be.faxed to us so there are other ways to.do it.if benefits have ended so it's already a.month past the month in which benefits.closed then it will create a new date of.request which means that there is a.small chance that someone may have a gap.in coverage so just to throw out some.dates let's say benefits closed at the.end of March all of April has passed and.now it is May someone comes to you and.you're able to help them get the income.information they needed to send in and.to send it to us in the month of May.let's say it arrives to us May 15th they.signed a new consent form May 14th May.14th is the new date of request their.eligibility will be back dated to May.1st automatically that's just how HP.works the month you apply.you get coverage at the beginning of the.month but we have all of April now that.is a gap people were officially not.covered in that month if someone had.medical bills in that month in which.they they did not have OHP we can.request retroactive coverage using the.retroactive coverage template that is.available on group site and we can help.people with those bills however once.these situations happen.CCO coverage will also have a gap and.that cannot be retro though the way that.we can retro our open card coverage so I.just want to be very specific about what.can be made retroactive and what cannot.so all of this is to say the 90 day.reconsideration period is an awesome.tool that you should use however it will.still create issues for people who are.trying to have that continuity of.medical care and so we want to make sure.that if there's anything we can do to.help people turn information in on time.we are doing that first and not letting.that 90 day reconsideration period.happen unless there's no other way to.avoid it.so you may be able to upload documents.or complete an active renewal in one you.have to be linked to the case before it.goes into renewal mode in order to do.this without involving a worker you can.also send us emails with this.information you can fax it in for all of.these make sure you have a signed.consent form that's a given and there's.always this CP line - if it comes down.to it if someone is having a really.tough time things are very confusing.especially if they're with you in the.room you can talk to a worker we can get.it sorted out you have options there's a.lot to navigate there's a lot for people.to navigate on their own and there's a.really good reason you are here to help.them and to make it easier so we want to.make sure we give you the tools you need.so you can give osep members and your.clients the tools they need I know this.was a very quick run-through less than.an hour of renewals of search tools of.consent forms I thank you so much for.hanging in here you may still have.questions it's very likely you still.have questions and we expect that about.this or about any other part of what.you've been learning reach out to your.regional outreach coordinator we are.here for you if you're not sure who that.person is you can always reach out to.community outreach at DHS OHA state - Oh.our US and I also want to remind you.that you do have a quiz next that quiz.is in Survey Monkey and hopefully you.have an email or something that has a.clickable link because that's not an.easy link to type out on your own and I.don't recommend it so once again if you.don't have the link handy community.outreach is a great place to start to.get that information and let them know.that you've just finished this recording.and that you are ready for your quiz and.we will help you with that thank you so.much thank you so much for becoming a.community partner we are so excited to.have you as part of our network and we.hope that you have a great day and that.you have a lot of success.renewals and with everything else that.you are doing in the world of OHP health.navigation and just generally be an.awesome thanks.

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